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Chapter Directory 218 Chapter 16 Moving
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 16 Moving

     Chapter 16 Moving

     Sure enough, I checked in empty-handed.

     Ye Ci woke up early in the morning and found that Zuo Xiaolan had packed everything at home, and immediately said to her: "Mom, put everything back in place, we won't take anything away."

     "Ah? Why?" Zuo Xiaolan looked at the things she had worked so hard to pack, and she didn't understand.

     Bai Mo also got up, saw so many things Zuo Xiaolan had packed, and shook his head in disapproval: "Auntie, we can’t take these things. We don’t know what the people outside are doing, and they probably figure out what we do every day. We have to go out for a walk, so they don’t follow us when we go out. This period of time gives us the best chance. Now that you bring so many things, it is equivalent to telling others that we are going to be a flashing person. This is not to trouble yourself. ."

     "But, these things cost a lot of money..." Zuo Xiaolan heard Bai Mo say so and understood Ye Ci's Ye Ci, but if she let her let go of these things, she wouldn't be delighted to (do sth , idiom).

     "Mom, bring your valuable jewelry and passbook, nothing else."

     "I don't want to change clothes?" Zuo Xiaolan touched the packed bag, looking at her daughter cautious and solemn, a little unwilling."I mean don't bring anything, Mom, do you know what anything means?". Ye Ci narrowed his eyes. At this time, Ye Nantian also bought it and came back early. When he saw a few people standing in the bedroom door talking, he said, "Hurry up and have breakfast."

     "Dad, do you help mom put these things from where and where, remember, as usual, don't bring something, and then put on your most usual clothes, we are ready to move." Ye Ci took it. With the bun in his father's hand, he turned around and entered the house in a wheelchair, and took out his memory card from the game compartment. For her, now except for this thing, everything can be given up.

     Ye Nantian still has a better way to deal with Zuo Xiaolan. When Ye Ci came out early after eating, he saw Bai Mo helping them put all the big and small bags back.

     It took half an hour to complete this busy schedule. When all three of them were tired and sweating, they sat down to eat breakfast. Zuo Xiaolan couldn't help wiping tears while eating breakfast.

     "Why are you crying?" Ye Nantian looked at Zuo Xiaolan and sighed: "Moving is a good thing.""I know it's a good thing, but I have lived here for so many years, and now I can't take anything away when I move. It feels like my past has been cut off in my heart. It's so uncomfortable and uncomfortable. "Zuo Xiaolan sniffed. She knew that her daughter was making sense, but she really had an indescribable feeling for this family and the house in her heart. She seems to be able to see the footprints of Ye Ci's growth in this house as soon as she raises her eyes, and see the happy past of the family in this house, but now they are all going to let go.

     Ye Ci understood Zuo Xiaolan’s feelings. She sighed, turned her wheelchair and walked to her side. She stretched out her arms around her and said, “Mom, don’t be sad, we just won’t take it away for the time being. When the matter is completely resolved, we will come back. When you want to move things, come and move things, if you want to come back, you will come back to live."

     Zuo Xiaolan sniffed and showed a smile. She patted Ye Ci and smiled with her arms around her shoulders: "Good boy, mom knows, mom is not ignorant, mom just can't bear it. But, she will never go out. What's wrong."After the three of them had finished their breakfast and Zuo Xiaolan's mood stabilized, as usual, the four of them went out. As usual, Zuo Xiaolan walked to close the door at the end. When closing the door, her hands were a little trembling, and she couldn't even insert the key into the socket. After taking a few deep breaths, she finished these actions smoothly.

     As usual, the family went out to greet acquaintances in the yard.

     As usual, the family pushed Ye Ci towards the nearby park when they left the complex.

     ... After entering the park, the family immediately walked out from the side exit and took a taxi straight to the new house.

     Within the agreed time, Ye Ci and the seller completed the final formalities of the house. When the seller went downstairs, Ye Ci immediately asked his father to change the lock cylinder that he bought a long time ago to the current door, and then replaced his mobile phone'>card, and plugged in a new mobile phone'>card.

     After all this was done, Ye Ci took a long breath. Zuo Xiaolan sat on the sofa a little stiffly and looked at the new house that was already fully equipped, but she didn't feel like her own home. This is an inevitable process, Ye Ci understands. Therefore, she did not spend too much time persuading Zuo Xiaolan. The more persuasion of this kind of thing, the more it makes people feel uneasy, it is better to let her go by herself. Digesting and unraveling, it works better than anything else.While Ye Ci was busy at home, Bai Mo had gone to Fate's service station in this city and ordered five game warehouses back. Because the residents in this community have just started to move in, they generally don’t know each other. In addition, now the game warehouse has become a must-have for every family, so these actions by Bai Mo did not attract anyone’s attention. Even real estate felt that it was too commonplace.

     While Ye Ci and Bai Mo were busy with these things, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan also started to be busy. Although the furniture and electrical appliances in the house are all available, the house is completely as empty as anything except for these, so the two people went straight to the supermarket closest to the community and moved home one by one. thing.

     From daily necessities to clothes and shoes, from food and beverages to various knick-knacks, everything that should be here is here.

     And when Ye Ci and Bai Mo climbed into the game warehouse, they were still making an all-out effort placement for the placement of these little things.Calculating the time, the two have not played games for a full month. Although in this month, Bai Mo commissioned Timely Rain, Let Go of Sister, Xiaoshou Bingliang, and pickled pepper chicken feet to jointly manage the union, but the guild leader and deputy guild leader have not played the game for a long time. Has a certain impact on the reputation of the entire Guild. Many newbies have retired, but it is simply that none of the main team members left Guild.

     So, when Bai Mo and Ye Ci climbed into the game, the whole Guild suddenly boiled.

     "Wow, wow, did I have eyesight? I actually saw two people who were almost determined to disappear online. Is this called God Kaiyan?" Fruit Jelly was the first to find two people online, and she was immediately there. The Guild channel called.

     When she called, everyone saw two people. No matter what they were doing, everyone put down everything in their hands and talked to Ye Ci and Bai Mo. They either laughed or ridiculed, but No matter what the tone is, it can't conceal the deep concern in everyone's hearts.

     "The big guild leader and the deputy guild leader disappear at the same time. This is too puzzling. Did you guys go out?"

     "That's right, did you elope or why did you go?""It disappeared for a month, and ran away without saying a word. It was definitely not an elopement, but a honeymoon."

     "I agree with this statement, I agree with my hands and feet"

     "Childe'>, this month when you are away, Eastern Continent is so lonely, there is no gossip to listen to. You have to know that as long as you are there, there will be various rumors and gossip at all times."

     "Why not?" Ye Ci couldn't help but laugh when he heard everyone's concern: "I disappeared for a month. It is estimated that many people are wondering if I am dead."

     "Bah, baah, you can talk nonsense about this kind of thing, it's really nonsense..."

     ...Just as everyone continued to care about the two people so much and discussed these things with the two people, Liu Chang sent a message to Ye Ci.

     "I called you yesterday'> can't get through, you changed your number."

     "Well, I changed it yesterday." There is nothing about Liu Chang Ye Ci. She is the only person besides her family who knows about Ye Ci and Bai Mo, so Ye Ci never lied to Liu Chang.

     "Are your legs still serious?" Liu Chang sighed, "So are you. You won't let me go to your house to see you after you leave the hospital. What are you doing?"Ye Ci thought for a while, but still didn't tell Liu Chang about someone watching in his family, but asked, "Liu Chang, are you still in touch with Dong Yin?".

     "I don't contact her, but she and I don't have the same tears as Yi Cang, so she will still contact me, especially during this period, she will often call'> to me." Liu Chang also I don't understand why Ye Ci suddenly asked this: "Why do you ask this suddenly? Are you looking for her for something?".

     "No, no." Ye Ci narrowed her eyes when she heard Liu Chang's words. She paused, and then asked, "Dong Yin often contact you recently?"

     "Well, I don't know what kind of medicine she sells in the gourd. She often contacts me recently, but there is nothing important, just turning the corner to ask about your situation."

     "Did you tell her?"

     "No, how could I tell her. I don't have that much to say to her now." Liu Chang was already very disgusted with Dong Yin because of the last meal. He didn't tear his face and just thought that everyone grew up together. Affection, but there is no emotion at all for this person.

     Speaking of this, Liu Chang seemed to think of something, she suddenly said, "I remembered one thing."

     "what?""She called me the other day'>, I don’t know why, she suddenly mentioned you and said that you were hospitalized, and I felt strange. How did she know that you were hospitalized, and then asked casually, but she didn’t expect her to be flustered. , I don't know what happened, so I called ">hang up." Liu Chang remembered the phone call between herself and Dong Yin that day. She didn't even want to understand what this was because of today.

     She doesn't understand doesn't mean Ye Ci doesn't understand. After she said this, Ye Ci verified her own thoughts, but this matter could not be completely settled like this, because Ye Ci suspected that this matter was not just a Dong Yin mixed in.

     "Liu Chang, you still don't come to my house to find me recently." Ye Ci finally said to Liu Chang.

     "Why?" Liu Chang really didn't understand. In her opinion, Ye Ci is depressed enough now that Ye Ci is injured at home. It is also good to go to see her accompany her often. But why did Ye Ci refuse to go to hot twice then three times?

     "Liu Chang, I will tell you this reason later, but don't ask now. If you treat me as a friend, don't come to our house recently, otherwise I will have trouble." Ye Ci thought for a while and told Liu Chang to ask. Note: "Also, whether in or outside the game, try not to contact Dong Yin and Yi Cang. Tell your parents about this, so please remember.""Xiao ci, what happened?" The more Ye Ci said that, the more Liu Chang's heart felt uneasy. She was faintly disturbed, but she didn't know where to find the answer, so she had no choice. Stopped asking Ye Ci and asked her for confirmation.

     "I promise, I will not harm you, and I promise you will feel terrible if you know the cause and effects. Therefore, Liu Chang, if you believe me, don't ask anything, and don't come to me." Ye Ci Repeating the last time, she thought, Liu Chang would definitely understand after she said it so carefully.

     Sure enough, Ye Ci knew Liu Chang. When Ye Ci said this, Liu Chang was still very upset, but he did not continue to question. She sighed for a long time: "Xiao ci, you have been like this since you were a child. You have to bear everything yourself and never tell me. I know you are good for me, but I will also worry about you."

     Liu Chang's tone was a little lonely, and Ye Ci was not very comfortable when she heard it, and she couldn't help but wonder if she sometimes did a little too take complete charge. However, she heard Liu Chang say again before she spoke: "Xiao ci, don't say anything, because I know what you want to say, you just have to listen to me."

     "you said.""You must have identified something this time. I even know that you have identified something related to Dong Yin. I don't want to say good things to Dong Yin, but I want to tell you, don't do something for people who don't need to care. Meaningful things, this would be very cost-effective. Dong Yin and Yi Cang have done this with all of us. If you can let it go, let it go. Everyone who struggles like this will suffer in the end. I'm afraid you will suffer their losses in the end. ..."

     Ye Ci feels that her heart is a little soft. Facing Liu Chang's kindness and keep the peace, she has an unspeakable sorrow in her heart. She wanted to tell Liu Chang that this is not her style of doing things, but she couldn't say it. After hesitating for a while, she smiled relievedly: "Don't worry, I won't continue to entangle Dong Yin with them, and you don't want to Give them a match, I never want to know them."

     "Don't worry about this."

     "Remember what I told you just now, and be careful." Although Ye Ci promised Liu Chang, he couldn't help but remind him in the end.

     "I know, Dong Yin and Yi Cang's parents are all from the same family. They..." Liu Chang sighed, "For them, there is nothing worth noting about our kind of family, and nothing worth taking advantage of. Yes, and my parents have completely stopped interacting with them, so don't worry."After finishing the conversation with Liu Chang, Ye Ci only felt bored, with an indescribable anger stuck in it. She thinks this matter must be inseparable from Dong Yin and Yi Cang, but what about Thousand Sunsets? I don't know how much the relationship is.

     She can deal with Dong Yin easily now, but what about Thousand Sunsets? She was not sure of that, and Guild also had no qualifications to fight the iron-blooded Guild, this feeling was really uncomfortable. She took a few deep breaths, and then contacted Moon Green Hill.

     For Ye Ci’s contact, Moon Green Hill seemed surprised: "Wow, childe'>, why are you like the ghost and when did you go online?"


     "Where have you been in the last month, do you know? The entire Eastern Continent, the entire game is discussing that you are not AFK, even I thought you were AFK, but you suddenly came out now, it’s too frightening. Right." Although Moon Green Hill was surprised, he was still very happy with the appearance of Ye Ci. childe'>you is a big customer for him, but also a friend who can make friends. To be honest, he doesn't want to see childe'>you just left like this. What's more, for professional players like childe'>you, if you leave Fate now, you probably won't find such a potential game again."Something happened to me, so I wasted a little time." Ye Ci said vaguely.

     "Nothing big, right? Few words." Moon Green Hill is so smart. Although Ye Ci said it implicitly, he still guessed that it would never be a trivial matter.

     "No." Ye Ci squinted his eyes and turned to the subject: "I came to you today because I wanted you to check things out for me."

     "This is no problem, as long as you talk about people and check what, I will do it for you as soon as possible." Now Moon Green Hill is also a well-known know-how in the game, so many people come to him to check things, but if it is When he meets Ye Ci, he will undoubtedly put everything down and handle Ye Ci first.

     "However, I'm kind of unrelenting." Ye Ci was a little embarrassed to talk about this. She always gave money with one hand and one song, but recently because she raised all the money in her hand. I bought two houses, so she is temporarily empty, and she hasn't been online in the last month. Except for a fixed salary in Guild, she has no extra income. But now I ask someone to do something, and I can't get the money, and I don't know if it will be done.

     "what's up?"

     "I am a little empty now..."Ye Ci was interrupted by Moon Green Hill before he finished speaking. He smiled and said, "Childe'>, we don't talk about money. You can order anything you have, money, these things are convenient for you Besides, we won’t mention this when it’s inconvenient."

     The words of Moon Green Hill made Ye Ci's heart warm. If it were in the previous life, Moon Green Hill in the previous life would never say that. However, Ye Ci from the previous life will definitely not speak in embarrassment. She exhaled and smiled, her voice no longer indifference for the first time, but a little warmth: "Thank you."

     "Don't say that, don't tell me that." Moon Green Hill shook his head and smiled: "Are we friends, what is this between friends?"

     Are we friends?

     What a simple sentence, but infinite ripples appeared in Ye Ci's heart. This sentence is really beautiful and warm. In the last life, Ye Ci had never expected this, nor had he ever expected it, but in this life, it has become a reality. This gives Ye Ci a very unreal feeling. She stood under the sunlight of Red Lake City and stretched out her fingers, the sun shines brightly on her palm, and all the lines on her palm were clearly illuminated, as if she had nowhere to hide now. The snacks are so-so."Childe'>?" Moon Green Hill saw that Ye Ci hadn't said a word for a long time, and was a little worried about her, so he couldn't help but shouted, hoping to draw her attention.

     "What?" Ye Ci came back to his senses.

     "Oh, I just saw that you didn't speak, and worried that you said something wrong, you were angry."

     "No, there is no such thing."

     "Then what do you want to check."

     "I want to check the affairs of Zuomian and Qingri Weizhao, what they have done recently, what happened. Especially Qingri Weizhao, I want to know everything about her, especially..." Ye Ci gave a slight pause. : "The matter between her and Thousand Sunsets."

     Moon Green Hill did not ask Ye Ci the reason, which is not within the scope of his knowledge. But there will still be some speculations in his heart. childe'>you just went online today and started looking for the information of these two people. Then it can only explain one problem. The month she disappeared will have an inseparable relationship with these two people. And there is some ambiguity between that sunny day and Thousand Sunsets, which means that there is a relationship between the disappearance of childe'> and Thousand Sunsets.

     But the identity of Thousand Sunsets...

     Thinking of this, Moon Green Hill felt that his identity as a friend should remind Ye Ci."Childe'>, I know that if I only act as a private detective, these things are not in my control, but from the standpoint of a friend, I want to advise you."


     "Thousand Sunsets is not something that ordinary players like us can do against. Even if you are a great god, you are just a game player, and you can't head-to-head with them." Moon Green Hill knew that this was a bit hurtful, but he must To say, because if he doesn't remind childe'>you about some things, I'm afraid she will stumble on this.

     There was a warm current flowing in Ye Ci's heart, and she nodded: "I will have a sense of measure. I will definitely not let myself fall into a turbulent vortex."

     Although Ye Ci promised so much, Moon Green Hill was still a little worried. He sighed, "Within the scope of my as far as one's capabilities extend, I will definitely help you." He said this. After a slight pause, he said: "By the way, Wandering Cloud and Black Night White Day seem to have fallen out recently. Wandering Cloud has a wife of Black Night White Day. Many people already know about it, but it's not. Spread it out. You Wandering Cloud was driven out of Tang Dynasty by Black Night White Day. This guy is like a mad dog biting people everywhere. You used to be tied to him. You have to be careful with him."Yo Wandering Cloud was driven out of Tang Dynasty by Black Night White Day? Ye Ci was a little surprised by the news. Although it was all expected, Ye Ci still felt that it happened a little too soon. In the month when he was not online, such a thing happened. It is really a world event. Unexpected.

     "Okay, I will pay attention."

     Moon Green Hill thought for a while, but couldn't help but said: "By the way, I have been wondering, have you known about Yu Wandering Cloud and Lu Xiaomu Xiangwan a long time ago?"

     "Hehe." Ye Ci just laughed a few times and didn't answer Moon Green Hill: "Okay, I'm online, and there are still a lot of things to do. I will contact you when I'm done." After speaking, she hurriedly Busily hung up the connection. After all, it’s not that Ye Ci doesn’t believe in Moon Green Hill when talking to someone as smart as Moon Green Hill. It’s just that Ye Ci is a person with many secrets. If others know her more secrets, she The less safe it is, so Ye Ci is always cautious and timid when talking to Moon Green Hill.

     After entrusting the matter to Moon Green Hill, Ye Ci's heart was temporarily relieved. Now she can do nothing but wait, just respond to the changes with the same.In the month when Ye Ci and Bai Mo were absent, the entire game seemed to have undergone a lot of changes. First of all, everyone’s average level has increased to about 40. Ye Ci thinks that at this time, the level of Fleeting Time must be higher than that of himself. Therefore, in Ye Ci’s recent schedule, the most important thing is leveling. Up. The second is that the major Guilds basically have Ruined Castle Clearance of a hundred ordinary people. And Upward Ho’s main group is already an elite hundred people Ruined Castle who are already pioneering wasteland. It is now past Ol’ Four, only five years old.

     And Wolf Clan is faster than Upward Ho this time. They have a lot of people, they have a lot of groups, and there are many candidates for the elite, so the speed of pushing the book is much faster than that of Ye Ci. In addition, the elite book only adds some difficulty on the basis of the general book. The main test is the cooperation and the use and familiarity of the skills of each profession. As long as the team is hard enough, it is still easy to pass.

     It is for this reason that this time the Elite Book’s First Kill of Ruined Castle fell into Wolf Clan’s pocket. Regarding this point, although Upward Ho was a bit unbalanced, everyone didn't show it, but each one was holding back his energy, preparing to overwhelm Wolf Clan in the Dungeon behind.While Ye Ci and Bai Mo returned to the first night of the game, the most important Quest was to lead Upward Ho towards the elite Dungeon. Strive to win the last position on the elite Ruined Castle First five list within today.

     Everyone is preparing for this. The preparation of enchanting equipment, attribute medicine and food, the strengthening of weapons, the inlay of gems, everyone is holding a sigh of relief for all of this, and must be taken at once

     Prior to this, Ye Ci went to the Blade's Edge Hills. Although the recent focus is on leveling and pushing Dungeon, Ye Ci still remembers his Epic Level Quest. I don't know if after I haven't been online for this month, did that very second-class Bella think of everything about that strange medal?

     The answer is, I thought of it.

     Although I don't know when Bella thought of it, it is clear that after this month, Bella has clearly thought about the rise and fall of the terrain of the medal. So when Ye Ci appeared in front of her again, she waved to Ye Ci very affectionately, and then said: "Dear friend, I have been waiting for you here, what happened to you? Didn't even come to find me? I thought you forgot about Bella.""Sorry Bella, it's my reason. I have something to worry about." Ye Ci smiled apologetically. Fortunately, his reputation in Dolan Rogue has surpassed intimacy, so Bella will talk to him again. When I spoke, I was very close relation, no gap, and I didn't show any upset because of my delay.

     After hearing Ye Ci's apology, Bella waved her hand and directly told her the meaning of the medal. This medal turned out to be Andre’s most precious medal. Andre was very respected as the Grand Marshal of the royal court who thought he was brave and good at fighting. This medal was bestowed on him by the previous king. Things, Andre has always cherished, but unfortunately, after the death of the old king, the current king obeyed the instigation of treacherous officials, persecuted Andre, let Andre fall as a bandit, and became a leader of the Dolan Rogue Club. In addition to being a symbol of honor, this medal is more importantly that it is the key to Andre's treasure house.

     Unfortunately, this treasure house became a habitat for the undead after Bella's death.

     Andre is now showing this medal to let Ye Ci open his treasure trove from Bella, and from where to take out his former weapon."So, where do I go to take this weapon out?" Ye Ci is not newbie, but he won't get excited when he hears the word treasure. She knows that the so-called treasure house in the game is actually a hill of shiny gems and gold coins, but the player can’t take it away. Even if it can take it, it’s just ordinary things. It’s true. Wouldn't it be the kind of situation that everyone imagined, and you will get rich when you meet a treasure house.

     "What? Are you going?" Bella was very surprised at Ye Ci's request. She raised her eyebrows and looked at her unexpectedly.

     Ci nodded firmly.

     "But, it has become a paradise for the undead, but it is very dangerous." Bella sighed: "I had the ability to exorcise demons when I was alive, but this ability has disappeared after my death. Apart from being able to tell you the location of that place, I can no longer help you. If this is the case, would you still go?"

     "Of course." Ye Ci nodded. She actually doesn't want to go, but this is Quest, the reward for the second stage of Epic Level Quest. If she doesn't go, how will she know what she will get? Besides, no matter if the NPC is worried about the player, it will still require the player to actively respond to the matter of death. So she really didn't need to take Bella's worries to heart, it was just a procedural production."Since you are so persistent, I don't have anything to say, I'll take you there." Bella said, dragging her translucent body and carrying Ye Ci towards an extremely secret mountain col. Well, you read that right, she just floated past. Who is the soul? Who calls someone a female ghost?

     Ye Ci walked and stopped behind Bella and listened to Bella's nonsense. It took a full half an hour to get to the side of Andre's treasure house. And open the map and look at it, I'll go, this is a real waste of time. Because the place where Bella just talked to the place where Bella stopped now is just the front and back of a mountain, if you follow Ye Ci’s idea, you can climb directly from the mountain and use the FeatherFall technique on the mysterious ring. Just fall in this place, the time before and after will definitely not exceed five minutes. And now it took Bella half an hour to get here...

     It turns out that NPCs are not only smart players doing useless farts, but they also have another deceptive role, which is a waste of players' time. You must know that Ye Ci is now waiting to play the elite version of the team Dungeon. There is so much time wasted here with her."Okay, you see here." Bella finally stopped. She pointed to a dark rock and said: "Behind this stone is Andre's treasure house, but now it is estimated that it has become the dead. It’s a breeding ground."

     Ye Ci looked up at this rock, it was quite hidden, and she didn't see where there was a stone to concealment any treasure.

     Bella saw that Ye Ci did not speak, nor did she pay any attention to her. She just continued to say, "Now you can prepare by yourself. If you are ready, come and find me."

     After saying this, Bella floated there and stopped talking. When Ye Ci clicked on it to talk, only a dialog box would pop up. Bella asked, "Are you ready for this dangerous trip?". And there are two options below, one is ready, the other is please wait, I don’t think I’m ready yet.

     Ye Ci originally wanted to choose and was ready, so he went in to see what he would encounter. However, after another thought, it is not the time yet, because it is about to push elite Dungeon. She thought so, and Bai Mo had already sent a secret phrase: "Where is it, I'm going to pay for it, come here quickly."

     "Okay, I'll be back soon."Compared with Guild's interests, Ye Ci feels that it is not a big deal to give up the things in her hands for now, not to mention, she doesn't know how much time will be spent here. So she immediately rubbed the stone back to Red Lake City.

     I don’t know if I haven’t cooperated with everyone for too long, or because I haven’t played games for a month, and some places are unfamiliar. Anyway, everyone cooperated perfectly along the way, but Ye Ci made a few minor mistakes. Although it did not affect Guild's team, it still caused a little commotion.

     In front of the fifth child, Qing Yanmo announced to take a break. Bai Mo sat next to Ye Ci. He looked at Ye Ci: "What's the matter? I think your state is wrong today."

     Chapter 16 Moving

     Chapter 16 Moving