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Chapter Directory 219 Chapter Seventeen
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Seventeen First five

     Chapter Seventeen First five

     Ye Ci looked up at Bai Mo, then looked at the teammates around him. Although everyone didn't say anything and didn't have the slightest opinion on this matter, it seems that the things that Bai Mo can ask about in person must have caused a lot of burden on everyone. She retracted her gaze and looked straight at Bai Mo, then smiled bitterly: "Is it so obvious?"

     "It's more than obvious. It's as if you have changed individuals. You make mistakes where you should make mistakes, and make mistakes where you shouldn't make mistakes. I'm all worried that you will affect the team if you beat the fifth person in this way." Bai Mo Smiled, he and Ye Ci have always been rude, and this is naturally the same.

     Ye Ci listened to Bai Mo's words, only felt that the temples were bulging and painful. She stretched out her hand, gently pressed it on the temples on both sides, gently pressed it, and then slowly breathed : "I know I can't go on like this, but I'm very upset."

     "What's the matter?" Bai Mo saw Ye Ci look like this, knowing that something must be happening.

     "Liu Chang found me just now." Ye Ci closed his eyes and muttered for a long time before speaking slowly."Liu Chang?" Bai Mo was slightly taken aback. Liu Chang is actually a very sensitive person. Although she and Yi Cang have broken up, they still have some face with Dong Yin. So, sometimes as long as you get in touch with her, it's probably the same as getting in touch with Dong Yin. "Is it Dong Yin's business?"

     "Not all. She knew about the fact that we were beaten, but she didn't know the specific rise and fall of the terrain, and I didn't tell her about the mobile phone number when I moved." Ye Ci sighed He took a sigh of relief: "It's not that I'm guarding her. Actually, Liu Chang knows who is right and who is wrong. She naturally won't tell Dong Yin about our affairs, but if we communicate too closely, it is impossible to guarantee It will cause some trouble to her and her family. I don’t want to get too many people involved in this matter. In this case, it is not very convenient to deal with.” Although Bai Mo has always been amiable to Dong Yin, Ye Ci knows Bai Mo. In fact, he was still guarded against Liu Chang, and after the incident, Bai Mo was more polite to Liu Chang but not intimate enough.

     Now she explained the matter just hoping that Bai Mo would not care too much about Liu Chang, after all, she was also a small victim.Bai Mo naturally knew what Ye Ci meant. He smiled: "Look at yourself, now that your own affairs are in a mess, and you are still busy looking after others, and you don't know if you will feel a heavy burden." Then he narrowed his smile: "Liu Chang can't just chat with you, there must be something else, don't hide it from me."

     "I didn't want to hide it from you." Ye Ci frowned, "It's just that I'm not sure if it's like this yet."


     "Eighty percent of the things we guess are true." Ye Ci felt more headache when talking about this.

     "You mean, Dong Yin did 80% of this." Bai Mo was not surprised by this. Anyway, he and Ye Ci had already speculated on the first person to bury funerary dolls of this matter. Dong Yin has become the biggest suspect, but they are not sure. Just as the warehouse of Steel Blooded Battle Spear was stolen at that time, Ye Ci is the biggest suspect, but it is not certain. Because there is no evidence.

     For things like this, if you don't have a full grasp of it, if you rush into it, I'm afraid it's not so easy to get out of. What's more, this is still related to the relationship between twisted roots and intertwined joints in real life, and it is not easy to do it.Ye Ci told Bai Mo about his conversation with Liu Chang, and Bai Mo frowned slightly: "Do you suspect that this incident was not only done by Dong Yin, but also related to Thousand Sunsets."

     "This is what upsets me." Ye Ci sighed long: "In the game, we are just a new Guild. Although we took a lot of First Kills, we are still a little Guild after all. , And Steel Blooded Battle Spear is different. Even if Jie Xue and Zhan Ge are now divided into two Guilds, but even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse, Thousand Sunsets is behind the support of large consortia, and there are many small retail investors. Support. If our little Guild wants to fight against them alone, it is tantamount to strike a stone with egg. In real life, it’s even worse. The most terrible thing is that Thousand Sunsets is in the same city as us, and In addition, I completely tore my face with Dong Yin. This woman got mixed up in the middle. Little people like us, we have no money but no power and no power. When facing them, we really can only stretch our heads and shrink our heads. One knife."

     "Then what are you going to do now?" Although Ye Ci is very anxious, but from her very methodical analysis, Bai Mo still understands that she actually has a plan now."If you don't cut weeds and eliminate the roots, it would be even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass-it grows again when the breeze blows." Ye Ci raised his head and looked at the slightly hazy sky in Dungeon, feeling quite quite. Heavy: "It's really unexpected."

     "Can't think of anything?" Sometimes Ye Ci would suddenly make some baffling words, which Bai Mo couldn't understand. Bai Mo also understands that Ye Ci keeps a huge secret in his heart. This secret is so deep that no one can touch and dig it, even oneself.

     "Nothing." Ye Ci hooked his mouth, smiling helplessly. She looked at Bai Mo, but she didn't know where she went.

     Yes, it's really unexpected. In the previous life, Dong Yin's family ethics was also in decline. Her final ending was very bad, but these had nothing to do with Ye Ci. She just ruthlessly rejected the opportunity to help her turn over. And this life? Was it you who sent her to this ending in the end? She suddenly felt that the world was really ridiculous, and Fate was even more ridiculous. The last life, this life, went round and round, but it seemed that nothing changed in the end.

     "All units are paying attention, and we are about to start preparing. I will send a team confirmation now. If the students are ready, click to confirm." At this time, Qing Yanmo has already started to talk in the Leader channel.Bai Mo looked at the teams that had begun to gather from a distance, and stood up. He stretched out his hand and gently patted Ye Ci on the shoulder: "How is it? How is the emotional adjustment?"

     Ye Ci took a deep breath, then patted his face vigorously with both hands, trying to clear himself up and concentrate. Then she opened her eyes and looked at Bai Mo and smiled: "Don't worry, I won't affect the team."

     Bai Mo nodded and looked at her softly and said: "Don't put everything on your shoulders, you must remember that I have always been there, even if the future is a dirty and hypocritical ending, I will always stand By your side."

     Bai Mo's words meant something, Ye Ci certainly wouldn't fail to understand it, but she felt a little melancholy inexplicably. Will someone like Bai Mo fall in love with her in the end? Infinite bitterness grew in the corners of her mouth, spreading from the tip of the tongue to the entire mouth and then to the entire body. She thought she could protect everyone after she was born again, but in the end, she still couldn't do it?Bai Mo just quietly looked at Ye Ci's helpless, bitter face. The bottom of his heart seemed to be pierced by something, the slight but long pain spreading like ripples. He raised a hand, pulled Ye Ci into his arms, patted her back lightly, and then whispered in her ear: "Xiao ci, don't be such a face, your expression There shouldn’t be such bitterness in China. I know what you think, don’t worry about me, I am actually not as clean as you think, nor as white and flawless as you think."

     "Bai Mo..." Ye Ci was taken aback, but Bai Mo's words surprised her a bit.

     "Xiao ci, don't always look at others with your own eyes. You should look at everyone from an objective perspective." Bai Mo let go of Ye Ci and rubbed his hair, smiling like the most in the spring breeze. A brilliant rose flower. Then he turned his head and left and ran towards the team, leaving Ye Ci alone, a little sad.

     "What are you doing? Why are you in a daze? I have to send the team to confirm. Why are you still standing here?" Fruit Jelly walked to Ye Ci and patted her on the shoulder, reminding kindly.

     Ye Ci came back to her senses. She looked at Fruit Jelly and nodded, then took a deep breath, forced all the things in disorder out of her head, and stabilized her emotions.Qing Yanmo's team confirmed that they arrived. Ye Ci quietly clicked "Ready" and stood with all his teammates in the position before the battle.

     "Open" under Qing Yanmo's order, all the team members rushed into the pool at the fastest speed. To be honest, the fifth in the elite book has a little more blood and more aggressive attacks, but nothing else has changed in particular. However, because the whole team is the first time to play the fifth of the elite, so this time is not a real battle, just try firepower before the battle. Everyone's monomers, medicines, grindstones and other things that improve attributes and attacks are not included.

     "Let’s relax, everyone. We’re just trying out this time. Let’s take a look at the firepower. After all, the elite fifth is the first time we face it. The specific attack is not yet clear, so don’t worry. Just quit and get out of the game, don't be stressed." Qing Yanmo told everyone in advance when he started the first stage. He spoke very lightly, and everyone listened very lightly.

     I heard that the four Guilds who have now got the First five have actually been entangled here in the fifth, so everyone did not have the illusory luxury of having a one-time pass. Everyone's idea is to be familiar with the battle and prepare for future struggles.Under such circumstances, everyone’s attacks seem to be very relaxed. There will be no nervousness as usual, and there is no necessary pressure. There is a happy and harmonious atmosphere in the whole team, and there are even people humming. After the small song, it didn't seem like pushing Dungeon at all, but it was like a team running Dungeon to hold a sorority meeting with the fifth boss.

     However, it is strange to say that everyone is very powerful in the attack in this situation. In this way, I didn’t get anything, and actually hit the third stage. Such a process made Ye Ci a little surprised. She wanted to estimate that when she was not online for a month, everyone was playing this book every day, and she was already familiar with this BOSS. If you know it. In combination with seamless heavenly clothes, even the positions are very accurate, which looks really sharp.

     With this kind of firepower attack and perfect cooperation, Ye Ci feels that everyone, the youngest fifth, may be able to pass all at once. At this moment, I heard Qing Yanmo say: "You should eat blue, eat blue, and BUFF should be BUFF. Don't worry, everyone, just come back when you die."

     This Leader is really casual... Ye Ci was a little surprised by what Qing Yanmo said. He didn't expect that it was in the third stage. He was so calm, I have to say that Qing Yanmo has grown a lot in this month. .In this tepid process, it reached the fourth stage. Qing Yanmo suddenly seemed to be a different person, he suddenly screamed in the Leader channel: "I'm going to list it, it's true, it's actually the fourth stage and no one has died, I'm not Dreaming."

     In fact, this is not only what Qing Yanmo wants to say, even other people want to say the same. He became excited and yelled like a chicken blood: "If you have the name, hurry into the circle, take a small medicine, and fire with all your strength. It's best to pass it all at once."

     "Understand" Even if the leader doesn't say this, everyone actually thinks the same way. If you know that you can fight to the fourth stage without taking any medicine, you have to fight it anyway.

     Ye Ci looked down at the time. More than 40 minutes have passed since the start of the fight. Look at the countdown below the boss's avatar. There are more than ten minutes left. If the boss is not killed in these ten minutes, it would be a waste of this. Once time is over, all have to be reopened. If that were the case, she would not be reconciled at all. Hurriedly stuffed a few monomers to increase the attack, Ye Ci turned on full firepowerI have to say that sometimes God just dozes off suddenly. It's like a team that is serious and hardworking and has to struggle for a long time, and it's like Upward Ho. This time it's just having nothing to do. Same, God must have yawned at this time, causing some people to take damn shit luck.

     Before the fight started again, no one thought that this would be the result, and the facts did pass all at once.

     When the old fifth dragged his exhausted body to her throne and did the nonsense of deathbed struggle, the whole Dungeon was extremely quiet. Everyone stood there quietly, thinking completely outside of reality. Facing this result, everyone was a little surprised, until they heard the information released by the system in the world, did they really have such a sense of reality.

     "Congratulations to ‘Upward Ho’ Guild for successfully killing the elite 100-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Guild with 4000 reputation, 20,000 reputation with major cities in the world, and 15,000 gold coins. Let us remember the name of the hero.”

     "Congratulations to'Remote Depths' for leading the'Upward Ho' team to complete the killing of the elite 100-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Blackrock City with 500 prestige points and 5 talent points. Achieving the achievement'Og Elite Ruined Castle First five' his name Will be included in the history of Fate""Congratulations to the'Upward Ho' team where'Qing Yanmo' is located for completing the killing of the elite 100-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Blackrock City with 500 prestige points and 5 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ruined Castle First five' of his The name will be recorded in Fate's history"

     "Congratulations to the'Upward Ho' team where'Milu' is located for completing the killing of the elite 100-person team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Blackrock City with 500 prestige and 5 talent points. He achieved the achievement'Ruined Castle First five' with his name Will be included in the history of Fate"

     "Congratulations to the'Upward Ho' team where'Fruit Jelly' is located for completing the killing of the elite 100-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding 500 Blackrock City reputation and 5 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ruined Castle First five' for her The name will be recorded in Fate's history"

     "Congratulations to the'Upward Ho' team where'Let Go of Sister' is located for completing the killing of the elite 100-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding 500 Blackrock City reputation and 5 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ruined Castle First five' His name will be recorded in the history of Fate"


     "Congratulations to the'Upward Ho' team where'childe'> 幽'is located for killing the elite 100-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding 500 Blackrock City reputation and 5 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ruined Castle First five' Her name will be recorded in Fate's history"

     ...just as in the past, as long as the First five team gets a refresh of the world, this time is no exception, but this time belongs to the last few players who entered the team, not only, not the captain, so her name It is not ranked first, but ranked last in the entire team. If you are not paying attention, you will be ignored.

     However, Ye Ci will ignore it, which does not mean that other players in the world will be ignored. Soon a sharp-eyed person discovered that the First five team that Upward Ho got this time had the name of Ye Ci, so the following discussions began in the world.

     "Raise my hand, did my eyes dizzy? I seemed to have seen childe'>you name just now."

     "Oh, I have seen it too, but the world information is updated too fast, I am not sure if I read it wrong."

     "Really or fake, how is it possible? Didn’t it say that childe'>you AFK? How come out suddenly, are you wrong? You don’t want to think about how many fakes come out after childe'>you disappears childe'>Secure?"

     "But, I seem to have seen childe'>you's name too, it doesn't seem to be a fake."

     "What's the joke upstairs, will the name of childe'> appear in Upward Ho be a fake? Even if the whole world is in a cottage, it is impossible to copy in Upward Ho, right?""Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh today is childe'>hhhhh?

     "Your eyes are gone, childe'>You are already dead? The dead will come out to play games."

     "Who said that childe'> died quietly, our Eastern Continent god-level figure will die?"

     "It has been analyzed on the forum. Childe'>you is a professional player. It is impossible to AFK casually. If AFK only has one situation, it is either dead or dead."

     "What a shit, you guys from Western Northern Continent don't want to die childe'>you can't do this kind of boring inference childe'>you can't die."

     "That's it, childe'> Long live Yu childe'> Long live Yu return"


     While the members of Upward Ho were still surprised by this shit luck, the whole world was in a mess. From the beginning, everyone was surprised at the appearance of Ye Ci, and finally it has developed into a battle of saliva in which the four continents of the southeast, northwest and northwest spit each other.As the center of all these vortexes, Ye Ci has no habit of seeing the world, so he doesn't know what is happening outside. Now she is standing beside the corpse and praying prayerfully, hoping that God can give some good equipment. It doesn’t matter whether she takes it or not. Anyway, she doesn’t care about the equipment issue, but if there is a team with her, there will be no hunter equipment Then, she will definitely become Upward Ho's biggest sinner.

     Fruit Jelly, known as the Little Red Hand, stood beside Ye Ci and found that this person was praying devoutly, so she said to her with a smirk: "I said childe'>, temporarily clasp the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense) is useless. I told you a long time ago to go to the High Priest and take a bath in the holy water spring to get rid of the black hand aura."

     Ye Ci whited Fruit Jelly with a glance: "If you don't talk, no one will treat you as dumb."

     "Okay, okay, I won't speak, I won't give you this kind of good advice." Fruit Jelly sighed, then waved at Ye Ci in a rather disgusting tone: "Go and go , While standing, your standing here affects my luck with the equipment."

     "Hey hey hey." Ye Ci's face was twitched."Don't threaten me, look. All the hunters are staring at you. In order not to be divided the body for a while, you still stand a little farther." Guo said badly at the nine who shrank in the corner. A hunter, they seem to be particularly gloomy, looking at Ye Ci standing next to the body of the BOSS, everyone's mood seems to have fallen to the bottom.

     Ye Ci glanced at the hunters in the team shrunk in the dark corner, looked at their grudge eyes and expressions, suddenly felt that she was sb condemned by history, and her heart was silently full of inner cows. She really didn't want to be so dark, she really wanted to touch the red once.

     "Guild leader, can you stay away from the corpse?". Just when Ye Ci was full of bulls, a little Rogue who had never spoken much in Guild, Jin Si Jujube said to Ye Ci timidly. Suddenly, as the last straw overwhelming Ye Ci's confidence, she silently lowered her head and walked to the corner to draw circles.

     It's too shocking...

     She also wants to be red, and she also wants to become a little red immediately. Cry...

     Unlike Ye Ci’s gloomy background, everyone was surrounded by Fruit Jelly, and some even started burning incense at the body of the BOSS. Obviously, everyone was concerned about the production of First five’s elite Dungeon this time. Things are extremely hopeful.Ye Ci glanced at everyone angrily, and said darkly: "I curse all of you can't get equipment, I curse all of your LL points are no more than 10, I curse all of your skill books are hunters..."

     Just before Ye Ci cursed, she didn’t say anything. She only felt that all the surrounding temperatures had suddenly dropped below freezing point, and only saw everyone turning their heads and looking at her with a sad and indignant stare. She didn’t know what to do. Well, I'm already very far away from the corpse"

     Let Go of Sister turned his head to look at Bai Mo and said, "I propose that before touching the corpse in the future, seal her mouth."

     "Hey hey hey" Ye Ci protested immediately.

     But it was obvious that the protest was invalid. Everyone nodded and said yes. Ye Ci felt like baffling: "What are you doing? What's wrong with me? I have been deprived of the right to stay next to the corpse, so what are you doing?"

     Before she could finish her words, she saw nine hunters walking up to Ye Ci's side, staring at her in admiration. It made Ye Ci feel like, "What are you doing?"

     "Guild leader, before touching the equipment in the future, you must have all the equipment out of the hunter." Natural Meng looked at Ye Ci with a red heart. Her words were immediately approved by all the hunters, and they all said to Ye Ci in a very disgusting voice: "Yes, guild leader, please."Ye Ci twitched the corners of her mouth, and she realized one thing: "It's true that all the skill books are hunters..."

     "Yes, all of them are out of Hunter's Mark. It just happens that we Guild don't have Hunter's. Now we have nine copies out of it. It just so happens that we each have one." Naturally Meng raised the skill book in his hand, with excited eyes. Turned into laser light.

     Ye Ci turned his head silently, unable to express his inner grief and anger with crying. What is this? The probability that all the skill books are of the same profession is originally small enough, and it appears that all the books are the same. Is this like the probability of the same person being struck by lightning twice...

     After the equipment is divided, this is really a joy and a worry for a few families. Bai Mo patted Ye Ci on the shoulder, expressing his deepest sympathy for her black hand halo that has been black to the end.After this elite level of Dungeon, Upward Ho began to fight this Dungeon. According to Upward Ho's situation, as long as one month after Dungeon, they will officially start playing the Gold Group. Therefore, in this month, they have to play as many Dungeon as possible and upgrade the equipment of the players in the group in order to help the future. Play the Gold Group and be the best prepared. As the leader of the 2nd regiment, Zhenshui Wuxiang has also taken the 2nd regiment's hundred-member team quite proficiently. They have successfully upgraded the ordinary Ruined Castle Clearance, and have upgraded the equipment of all members, and now they have begun to play the elite. Ranked Ruined Castle.

     When it comes to the second group, you have to say that the water is not fragrant. Since Zhen Shui Wuxiang entered Upward Ho, he has not had much contact with Ye Ci, and Ye Ci has not been online for a month because of his own reasons, so he has listened to Let Go of Sister's narration for his current situation.

     In fact, compared with Zhenshui Wuxiang Airborne, Upward Ho directly served as the general leader of the second regiment, which made many high-level and middle-level members of Guild and most of the players not so satisfied. After all, because of the sad swamp incident, Upward Ho is still quite repulsive to him.Ye Ci was worried at the beginning that this person would not be able to pass the gossip is a fearful thing level in the Upward Ho Guild. He still squeezed a cold sweat for him and paid close attention to him all the time. It's a pity that she herself was injured and she didn't go online for a month, so she couldn't pay attention to this matter. What she didn't expect was that Let Go of Sister, who used to be the most disgusted and unscented, is now full of praise for this person. This change really makes people surprised.

     "That kid, really good. Can bear the anger, suffer, and work hard." This is Let Go of Sister's evaluation of real water without fragrance. At that time, Zhenshui Wuxiang was placed in the Second Regiment. The first is indeed because First Squadron already has two Leaders, and the third is not needed temporarily. The second is because the main members of First Squadron are management and Guild elites. I’m afraid They fight with Zhen Shui Wuxiang, and the third and most important one is that Upward Ho wants to develop. It is just one regiment, which is definitely not enough. The second regiment has not yet decided. People come and go, very scattered, and need A courageous and visionary leader to organize.Based on these three reasons, Zhen Shui Wuxiang was assigned to the second group after entering Upward Ho. Zhen Shui Wuxiang, who had just arrived in the second group, really encountered an unprecedented problem. The quality of the people here is variable, and there is no organizational discipline at all. All of them think that First Squadron is the main force of Guild, and they are just a substitute, so many people give up on themselves. Faced with this situation, Zhen Shui Wuxiang didn't even frown. He personally selected members, personally guided, and personally wrote plans for the team construction. It took two weeks to finally fix the members of the second group. And in another two weeks, they not only quickly improved the equipment construction of the entire team, but also opened up the ordinary-level Ruined Castle of a hundred people.

     On the day that the second group broke through Ruined Castle, all the people in the second group were crying tears of joy, and Zhen Shui Wuxiang burst into tears. All the members of the team hugged him. The scene was very touching. Unfortunately, Ye Ci could only watch the video at that time, not at the scene. However, in spite of this, Ye Ci still feels True Water Wuxiang's intentions for this team.

     She thought, choosing True Water Wuxiang to enter Upward Ho is probably the most right thing she has done recently.However, when the second group beat Ruined Castle, there was actually an episode. Qing Yanmo and Milu were very coveted for several very sharp professions in the second group, so they had looked for real water without fragrance, and wanted to make this Several people dug up First Squadron. Although Zhen Shui Wuxiang couldn't bear it, she didn't refuse in the end. It's just that when Qing Yanmo and Milu went to discuss with these people, they didn't expect something they thought would be successful.

     "We are from the second regiment, we don't go to First Squadron." This is the answer given by those few people.

     Ye Ci smiled when he heard this. Zhen Shui Wuxiang is a person who deserves to be treated with sincerity. However, after Bai Mo heard about this incident, he was quite worried about it.

     "Isn't this a good thing? Why worry." Ye Ci didn't understand Bai Mo's worry too much.

     "From a Leader's point of view, it is really good. Such a leader is a successful leader, which also shows that you have a vision. But from the perspective of Guild's long-term development, it is not necessarily a good thing." Bai Mo is eating at this time. A roast chicken has an advantage in the game, that is, what kind of food you want to eat, you can eat authentic and delicious food for a small amount of money. But in reality, even if you pay, you may not be able to do it."What do you say?" Ye Ci saw Bai Mo gnawing the roast chicken deliciously, and couldn't help snatching a chicken leg from him.

     "Although Qing Yanmo and Milu are really not very authentic in asking people like this, but the players do not want to come to First Squadron but only want to stay in the second group, which shows that they have the budding tendency of small groups, although it is very slight, it is nothing. It's serious, but if you let it go on like this, sooner or later it will be a bad thing."

     Bai Mo's words made Ye Ci think about it. But put forward a different point of view from Bai Mo. "From this point of view, you really have no problem with what you said, but from another point of view, does it not reveal that First Squadron has a small group problem?".

     Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci strangely: "Why do you think so?""First Squadron is our Guild elite group, a wasteland reclamation group, so everyone as it should be by rights believes that this group is Guild's most powerful force, and the difficulty has not caused the current First Squadron people to look down on other Guild members. ?". Ye Ci snorted coldly. This kind of mentality of raising and stepping on lower is something that everyone will have. She has tasted this taste in her last life. Of course, she would not naively think that as long as she is reborn, she just re-enters. With a Guild, there is peace in this Guild. There will be absolutely no inequality, and there will be no dog-seeing people inferior.

     In fact, no matter how she was born again. As long as there are people, then the weakness of human nature has always existed and has never been changed. It's nothing more than me who is changing, willing to see or unwilling to see it.

     After listening to Ye Ci's Ye Ci, Bai Mo fell into deep thought. He did not speak immediately.

     But Ye Ci continued: "Go and ask those people if they want to come to First Squadron, why did they refuse? Don't they know that First Squadron is the main force of Guild, are First Squadron the elite? They are not fools, of course. Knowing that it must be better in First Squadron than in the second group, but why do you refuse? You just said that they have a tendency to be a small group, don’t you see that First Squadron once treated these people or other Guild members emotionally Hurt?".Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci quietly, and after a while, he said slowly: "Xiao ci, you always like to point out the fatal part of the problem sharply. This will actually make everyone very miserable."

     "It's not that I am sharp. Bai Mo, what I lack most in human nature is kindness. Therefore, I like to look at the problem from the ugly side most from the selfish side. There may be a lot of ugliness in what I see. , But you can’t deny that it can see more weaknesses in the problem.”

     Chapter Seventeen First five

     Chapter Seventeen First five