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Chapter Directory 220 Chapter Eighteen
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Eighteen Depraved

     Chapter Eighteen Depraved

     "Then according to your opinion, does Guild need to be reorganized next?". Bai Mo asked Ye Ci after a few bites of chicken.

     Ye Ci shook his head and smiled treacherously: "Dear cousin, this is not something I am good at, and Guild's management is you. I just say something irresponsible. As for how Guild will continue to manage these things It’s not my business, you still don’t ask me."

     Bai Mo seemed to have expected this result a long time ago. He didn't feel much disappointed. He just sighed and smiled slightly: "Yes, you have your division of labor, and I have my division of labor." Then he sighed again: " Ye Ci, I think I am a man, and you are a woman. You should be in charge of me, and you are right."

     "I'm not your wife'>, wait until you have a wife'>, this rhetoric will be better for her." Ye Ci rolled his eyes. For Guild, wherever she can help, she will definitely help, but if so It was something she was not good at, and she would never force herself to do it.The principle of Ye Ci is to use the most suitable people in the most suitable places. It’s just like she is never suitable to be bothered by these trivial matters of personnel management in Guild. If she must be asked to do this, I’m afraid it won’t be long before Ye Ci will be driven crazy by these things. That's strange.

     Ye Ci's words made Bai Mo laugh, uncontrollably: "How do I feel sour after hearing this."

     This made Ye Ci's eyes rolled up. She stood up and dropped the chicken bones in her hand on the plate: "If you feel sour, it's because you have a bottle of vinegar in your heart." She is about to leave.

     Bai Mo just laughed, "Where are you going now?"

     "That Epic Level Quest, I'm stuck. I'm probably going to be rushing about this issue recently." Ye Ci didn't look back, raised his hand and waved at Bai Mo behind him, walking happily. Chic.

     In the past few days, whether it's games or life, it's a bit uncomfortable to be calm. In fact, to be fair, these days are not much different from usual, but the calm these few days is a bit too calm compared to the storms and rains some time ago.The weekend is when Tan Polang comes home. This is the first time he has returned to his new home. This guy is very smart. He didn't go home directly from school. Instead, he took a bus of different routes and circled several times, and finally slipped through the back door of a shopping mall. Take a taxi back home.

     After I got home, it was already time for the lights to shine. The room was full of the scent of food, which was a warm and addictive scent. Tan Polang stood at the door and took a few breaths of the fragrance before jumping into the house, smiling happily: "Wow, this is our new home?"

     "Hurry up and wash your hands and eat. I'm waiting for you." Zuo Xiaolan just came out of the kitchen carrying the dishes, saw Tan Polang, and smiled very happily.


     Ye Ci was sitting in a wheelchair, sitting on the edge of the table, watching the happy scene of the family sitting on the edge of the table, her heart slowly hardened. This kind of happiness, this kind of warmth is something she has finally gotten, she has to protect it, no matter what means, no matter what the price, she has to protect it. And for those who try to destroy all of this, she will not leave any warmth.

     "Sister Ye Ci, eat pig's knuckles. Where can I make up? Get well soon." Tan Polang put a braised pig's knuckles for Ye Ci, holding one in his hand, smiling without shrewdness.

     Ye Ci also smiled with his smile.After dinner, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan went to play the game after packing up, and Tan Polang hadn't played the game for a week, so naturally the impatient climbed into the game.

     Bai Mo and Ye Ci are sitting on the balcony eating fruit. The night is very good, the stars are shining, the silver moon is bright, and tomorrow is a very good weather. Bai Mo grabbed a handful of cherries and threw it into his mouth. The sweet and juicy cherries made people feel greasy.

     "Is there no news from Moon Green Hill?". Suddenly Bai Mo asked.

     "No." Ye Ci didn't stop eating cherries, or stuffed one by one in his mouth: "Why are you so anxious?"

     "It's a bit anxious." Bai Mo squinted his eyes, and rarely showed an expression that Ye Ci felt strange. That expression was hard, calculated, and cold at the same time.

     "What?" Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo like this in a daze.

     "Xiao ci, even you know that Jacques must be reported. I am a big man, do you think I don't even have this blood?". When Bai Mo smiled, his smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, it seemed that the smile was so vain.Ye Ci was speechless. It was only then that she suddenly realized that she had only seen the beautiful side of Bai Mo, and she had never noticed the other side. In her impression, Bai Mo has always been gentle, considerate, and a man like a lake, but she did not expect that he also has a deep side.

     "Don't worry about me, I won't let myself hurt." Bai Mo saw the worry in Ye Ci's eyes, he stretched out his hand, brushed away the hair from her forehead, and smiled gently. Such a gentle smile, such a shrewdness smile, such a delicate smile, probably belongs only to Ye Ci. "It's as if you don't want me to be hurt, Xiao ci, I don't want you to be hurt either, but once you choose that path, I won't persuade you. I said, I will always be with you."

     Ye Ci finally let out a long sigh: "Well, I won't be bothering about it."

     Bai Mo nodded, looking very happy: "Moon Green Hill will tell me when I have news."

     "I know."Bai Mo stood up. For a long time, when two people talked or were together, Ye Ci got up and left first. Bai Mo was always the one looking at her back, but now, he stood up and walked towards his room. past. As he walked by Ye Ci, he put a warm hand on Ye Ci's shoulder gently, patted, and then patted again. His calm voice came down from the top of Ye Ci's head: "Xiao ci, there is nothing good or bad in this world. It only depends on how we look at it. We are just protecting ourselves and don't have any burdens in our hearts."

     Ye Ci's heart seemed to be hit hard by something. It turned out that Bai Mo had always been able to see what was buried deep in her heart. He didn't know it, he just had to wait until the most suitable time to say it. Lowering his head, Ye Ci stuffed another cherry into his mouth. The sweet and sour juice spread indefinitely from between her lips and tongue, and her heart was full of that kind of feeling called anxiety.

     Medicines are available.

     Food with added attributes is available.

     There are all grindstones for weapon attack in a short time.

     All kinds of arrows are available.Ye Ci lit the things he needed one by one, checking again and again, for fear that he might miss something, which might lead to unforeseen results after entering Andrei's treasury. It wasn't until she confirmed that she had all the things she should prepare, and Ye Ci went straight to the blade hills again.

     Although a few days have passed, Bella stayed at the place where she said goodbye to Ye Ci last time, floating there quietly, speechless, with a solemn expression. After Ye Ci talked to her, those two dialog boxes still appeared. Ye Ci chose the first one without hesitation this time, and was ready. Then I heard Bella quietly say: "Then I wish you have a pleasant journey, my dearest friend." Then the huge rock in front of Ye Ci turned into a light blue halo. Of the photomask.

     This kind of mask Ye Ci is very familiar, because this is the sign of entering Dungeon.

     This is actually a Dungeon? This is the last question Ye Ci can think of before entering this mask.

     It really is a Dungeon here. After entering the mask, Ye Ci immediately found himself in a dark cave, opened the map, and there was a clear sign belonging to Dungeon on the map. At this point, Ye Ci has completely determined that this is a Dungeon, and it is likely to be a single Dungeon.On the map, except for the point where Ye Ci is standing, the other parts are gray, which means that this is a map for exploration. This Dungeon is also a Dungeon that no one has ever entered. It seems that there is no clue on the map. Now Ye Ci gave up the map later and slowly explored the only way by himself.

     Ye Ci certainly did not ignore Bella's hint about this Dungeon. She said that this was once Andre's treasure house, but after Bella's death, it has become a habitat for the undead. The undead referred to by Bella, of course, cannot be the player’s racial undead, but a translucent floating monster like Bella. This kind of monster is called Xiangli in Western mythology, and in Eastern mythology, this It's a ghost.

     In Fate, all creatures are actually hierarchical. For example, the most inferior are those single-celled creatures with no thoughts, such as mud monsters, piranhas, and bark monsters. Above them are various animals, and above animals are undead, Humanoid monsters and so on, and above the monsters are monsters, and above the monsters are god-level creatures such as angels.The division of these monsters is directly related to the ability of the monsters. It is like saying that a first-level angel and a first-level mud monster are definitely not the same level in attack power, life and defense. Most of the monsters Ye Ci met before entering this Dungeon were humanoid or animal creatures. The undead met for the first time after being reborn. Although the undead-level creatures are at the same level as the humanoid creatures, they are much stronger than the humanoid creatures.

     Although their blood volume and attack power are similar, the undead creatures generally have a very annoying skill, that is, summoning the undead. This is especially true for the kind of high-level undead. After their companions fall, they can summon the undead again in their companion's body. Therefore, in general to fight against this undead Dungeon, basically rely on the violent Priest to lead the battle, otherwise the attack power of the entire team is very strong, otherwise, only the name of the group is destroyed.

     For hunters like Dungeon, if you can control the rhythm, the survivability is relatively large. After all, the undead are basically the attributes of close-range attacks, and the hunters are the attributes of long-distance. Whether it is a kite or a solo, it is very simple.Ye Ci knew from Bella’s tips that there were a lot of undead creatures in it, so he prepared a lot of flame arrows. Although, the best thing to deal with this undead creature is the holy light arrow, but that kind of arrow. They are too advanced, and Ye Ci will not make this kind of arrows until now, so they can only use flame arrows instead. Although the flame arrow cannot be fatal to the undead creatures like the light arrow, the flame will have additional damage to the undead creatures, so when there is no light arrow, the flame arrow is the best to deal with the undead creatures. replacement of.

     This is why when killing the dead creature Dungeon, there is no powerful Priest, and Sorcerer with powerful Fire Element is also a good alternative job.

     After entering the cave, a gust of yin wind blew over. The yin wind was not a normal cold wind, but a bone cold wind with a smell of decayed corpses. When it blows, you can immediately feel that the wind is going to blow. He became a deadly horror.The most terrifying thing about Dungeon is not these deliberately rendered atmospheres, but the monsters that you never know where they are buried. These monsters may cling to the mountain wall, or may be hidden in the mud. You have not yet reached it. When they passed by, they didn't think it was anything, but once they passed by, they would jump out of the ground and from the mountain wall, and quickly surround you with lightning speed, eat you, and then directly cause the player to be reimbursed.

     Ye Ci recruited Ol’ Four. Although the hunter’s long-range attack is very powerful, but the melee combat is a crispy skin, plus this Dungeon has not been made public in the previous life, I don’t know if it was the player who made this Epic Level Quest deliberately Concealment, or the player at all The Dungeon was not turned on. In short, the Dungeon's information did not exist in Ye Ci's memory at all. Faced with such a Dungeon, Ye Ci can only act like opening up wasteland, being extra careful.

     Compared to Ye Ci's cautious and timid, Ol’ Four is much more cheerful and generous.

     For this kind of Epic Level monster, it may be the dragon that can really surpass it. Therefore, even if the atmosphere here is dark and terrifying, Ol’ Four still doesn't take it seriously, and runs happily in front of Ye Ci.This kind of running is also the intention of Ye Ci, because there is Ol' Four running and jumping 360 degrees in front without dead ends, and soon those Concealment's undead appear, they are either semi-transparent undead, or It is simply a zombie whose limbs are already mutilated, facing Ol' Four, an illegal intruder, with his strongest attack on him to show his aggro.

     The levels of these monsters are basically around level 50, while Ye Ci and Ol' Four are both at level 45, so it’s a bit hard to beat them, but fortunately, Epic Level creatures have some advantages. Coupled with the additional fire damage power of the flame arrow, all the mobs that crawled out were turned into experience points and flowed into the experience slots of Ye Ci and Ol' Four.

     The so-called single Dungeon means that there is only one person in the entire Dungeon configuration. This kind of Dungeon is generally very popular with SOLO players. Because this kind of Dungeon can not only level up endlessly without anyone robbing the monsters, but also all the equipment is all-inclusive good luck, so as long as there is a single Dungeon, SOLO players basically want Only after brushing up until I feel like vomiting will I give up.

     Ye Ci is no exception.She hasn't played the game for a month. During this time, many people's levels have risen, furthermore, some of the level rushers have actually surpassed her. Ye Ci has to sigh, however strong you are, there is always someone stronger, more perverted above perverted. And as a rebirth, if she has no advantage at the top of the level, then it is estimated that she will have no advantage in other things. Therefore, Ye Ci decided that in this Dungeon, she would not give up any mobs, she must use this as her own leveling place, and make up for all the lost levels.

     In fact, she did the same.

     If you only focus on one thing all the time, time actually flies quickly. Ye Ci soon discovered that this Dungeon is not really difficult. Except that the blood of the undead is thicker, the others are really nothing remarkable. The only difficulty in the place where the mobs gather is the Necromancer Sorcerer. They are like summoners. If they don't kill them in the first time, they will hide in the back of the team and summon mobs endlessly. In addition, there are no special events in the area where the mobs are rampant.Because he is not familiar with Dungeon, and his level is still a certain distance from the monster, Ye Ci gave up the usual open and close attack method. On the way, he took extra care and allowed himself and Ol' Four. The damage is minimized.

     Four hours later, the flame arrows on Ye Ci had been consumed by half, and her level had climbed from forty-five to forty-ninth. When she sat down to rest, Ye Ci began to barbecue, and by the way, Ol’ Four, who was already hungry, could have a meal. She opened her character panel and looked at her level forty-nine and more than half and expressed her satisfaction. She even thought indifferently that even if Dungeon didn't show anything this time, her level improvement alone would have made her very satisfied.

     After Ol’ Four is full and his body gradually recovers from his fatigue value, he goes on the road again. It didn't take much time to go from more than half of the 49th level to the 50th level. Soon a golden light appeared on Ye Ci's body, which represented that she had officially stepped into the level fifty range. Before Ye Ci could be proud, he heard a cold voice echoing in the cave."I seem to smell something fresh, this is the smell of human flesh, it's really been a long time since I tasted such a smell..." The voice was awful, and it was hard to tell whether it was a man or a woman. It seemed to be changed with a voice changer. It’s the same, making it unclear what kind of person it came from. This sound didn't come from a specific direction, but came from all directions, making it impossible to tell where it appeared.

     However, at this moment, a message on Ye Ci's Dungeon message indicated: You have reached the level of exploring Dungeon, good luck.

     After seeing this message, Ye Ci felt black lines all over his face. She just said why she had been in this cave for more than four hours, how could she always feel that she was going in a circle, if she went to look at the map, there was no mark on the map, she just kept killing monsters and picking up corpses, except for this. There seems to be nothing else to do, and there is no substantive exploration for the entire Dungeon. After doing it for a long time, it turned out to be such a thing.

     When she entered this Dungeon, the system judged that her level was too low to complete this Dungeon alone, so the system automatically opened a leveling area where she could level up to level 50 before entering Dungeon. If it weren't for what she said, the monster experience here is so high, and there are very few things dropped.Thinking of this, Ye Ci opened the map again, and suddenly discovered that all the maps that could not be displayed just now have a clear context. And he is still standing in front of Dungeon's door...

     Although Ye Ci doesn't think that Dungeon, who is only at the forty-fifth level, will definitely fail if you go to SOLO, but the computer is not a human brain after all. For the planned program, their Leader mechanical implementation will never consider objective issues. Is it suitable?

     Regardless, who makes yourself a player?

     After looking at the remaining medicines and arrows, Ye Ci looked at the Dungeon map again and made a rough calculation. The things on his body should be able to persist until the end of Dungeon. After completing the calculations, Ye Ci started walking in front of Dungeon.

     Sure enough, after entering the official Dungeon, the difficulty suddenly increased, and all the monster levels suddenly changed from level 50 to level 55 and above. Not only that, these undead and zombies actually have a certain IQ. For example, if you can’t solve a wave of monsters in the fastest time, then Ol’ Four stepped forward to fight the monsters, and Ye Ci’s pattern of shooting with one arrow and one arrow in the back would soon be seen through by them, and they would continue to send attacks. Lower monsters besie Ol' Four, while monsters that attack high and thick blood will immediately abandon Ol' Four and head straight to Ye Ci.When encountering such a situation for the first time, Ye Ci was in a hurry. He could only tumbling and jumping while kite the monsters. It took extreme strength to kill them. And Ol’ Four was almost shot dead by these monsters.

     After such a situation, Ye Ci became extra careful when facing these slightly IQ monsters. She didn't want to die at the door of the boss with such a no cause and no reason.

     The undead creatures in Dungeon drop a wide variety of items, from medicines to money, from equipment to consumables, throwing knives and arrows, and some tattered ones specially used for selling money. In addition, there is another kind called " "Undead’s Medal" is a special item. This item is a bound item. Each grid can stack a thousand. The item description does not specify what this item is used for, and it cannot be sold. Ye Ci I don't know what it is for, but fortunately, this thing doesn't take up a lot of space, so Ye Ci just left it piled up.The biggest advantage of a single-player Dungeon is that all the items that are exploded are taken by the player, and the biggest disadvantage is that the exploded items are only held by you. If there is no NPC selling items in Dungeon, you just wait. Your own package will be broken. Soon Ye Ci also encountered this problem. Although she had emptied her equipment before entering Dungeon, and although she had not picked up anything in the previous leveling area, Ye Ci found that her package was almost full when the solo Dungeon came to SOLO halfway through.

     A single-player Dungeon like this generally does not have any NPCs for players to repair equipment and sell items in the middle. Therefore, for this kind of package that is already full, the player needs to integrate it to the maximum extent and leave it behind. The more expensive and valuable things, and the general and poorer things that cannot be sold at a price need to be thrown away.

     Ye Ci is very good at this kind of things. In the previous life, she was often alone solo. Therefore, this kind of trade-off will generally not cause too much trouble for Ye Ci. She will soon wrap her own package. Clean up, and then continue to move towards the inside of Dungeon.There are three deeper caves in Dungeon, and their arrangement is in the shape of "product", but there are surprisingly no BOSS in these three caves, but there are many mobs. Ye Ci cleaned up all the mobs one by one, but found that the entire Dungeon had been emptied by her.

     No boss?

     How could it be possible that there are all mobs in a Dungeon, no bosses

     This thing is too weird, and a veteran like Ye Ci will not figure out what happened for a while. I took Ol' Four and ran around the entire Dungeon, as empty as anything, the corpses of the mobs on the ground were basically brushed away, and only Ye Ci and Ol' Four were left in the entire Dungeon, without any other creatures. .

     Standing in the middle of the word "Pin", Ye Ci thought, something must have been wrong, which caused the BOSS not to appear, or he must have overlooked something. She wandered around the entire Dungeon again, carefully observed every corner, and finally discovered that there was a string of strange stones along the way. These stones are very dark, if you don't observe them carefully, you will definitely ignore them. They took the shape of arrows and led Ye Ci to the place where she first met the ambush.There was a small open space, and after Ye Ci's careful search, Ye Ci quickly discovered that there was a simple "rocking" puzzle. As long as you cracked this puzzle, you can see To the next arrow. After going through three puzzles in this way, the arrow led Ye Ci to the middle position of the "品" glyph. And there was already something like an organ protruding out there.

     Pressing the button, she immediately heard the strange and unpleasant voice that she had just heard: "What? Are you impatient as my dinner? If so, I will fulfill your idea..."

     Ye Ci only felt that the surrounding mountains were shaking. If she hadn't immediately squatted on the ground, she would have been thrown aside by the violent vibration.

     After the shaking ended, Ye Ci felt a violent wind blowing towards him before he stood up. The alarm bell rang in her heart, and she immediately rolled over to one side subconsciously, and then raised her head, only to see a tall skeleton in armor with a long-handled weapon in her hand, rushing towards her.On the skull's head is written the two words "Soul of the Sword". It seems that this is the name of this BOSS. When facing a BOSS that has never been in contact, the first thing you need to do is not a full attack, but a tentative small-scale attack. This will not only give you the most intuitive information in the fastest time, but also find the way to deal with the BOSS. Method. While the Leader Ol' Four stepped forward to entangle the Soul of the Sabre, Ye Ci relied on inertia to jump back and forth between the walls of the cave, and then released different skills towards him, and then quickly calculated what each skill would give The damage value brought by Soul Sword.

     Without spending too much time, Ye Ci has already mastered the injury-bearing status of Soul Sabre for all of his skills, and a plan to fight it has gradually formed in his mind. For the hunter, he is the king of eight yards. As long as he carries the enemy and pushes into the eight yards, then the hunter is basically abolished. Therefore, Ye Ci can only keep himself and the sword soul at a distance of more than eight yards. , Preferably within the farthest range.

     But it is not easy to do this, mainly because the height of Soul Sabre is too big, even if his moving speed is not fast, but its pace is too big, often he walks one step long enough for Ye Ci He flew for several steps, so keeping a distance of eight yards in attacking Soul Blade became the most important thing.Fortunately, the boss of this single Dungeon is not too difficult, and this Dungeon is also equivalent to a reward, so Ye Ci can quickly put the Soul of the Sabre down as long as he guarantees the speed of his gallop.

     After Soul Sword dies, there is nothing to drop except for a long-handled Quest Item called "Soul Soul". This made Ye Ci couldn't help feeling that he was being tricked. After working hard for so long, he didn't get anything? Is this a reward or a tired silly boy?

     Fortunately, after this day of hard work, Ye Ci's level has risen sharply and has reached level 55, which is a full eight levels higher than the player who is currently ranked first in the ranking list. This made her feel more comfortable. .

     After leaving Dungeon, Bella greeted Ye Ci enthusiastically: "Hey, dear friend, I am so happy to see you come back safely."

     Ye Ci exchanged a few words with her and took the Quest Item back to Andre. Ye Ci talked about it in every possible way. While cursing that Quest was really meaningless, he returned to the tin-silver vein and handed in Quest. Sure enough, Andre was very excited when he saw this knife and praised Ye Ci greatly. Naturally, Ye Ci's reputation in Dolan Rogue has improved a bit.Because the prestige in the Dolan Rogue meeting has reached closeness, Ye Ci can use all the NPCs in the bandit den. She found a merchant closest to her and exchanged all the trash on her body with gold coins, and watched that bright. Ye Ci felt that he was in a better mood.

     Just about to leave the bandit den, Ye Ci suddenly found a very strange NPC. She had never found this NPC before. This NPC was short in stature, obviously of the Dwarf race, and his head was marked: Special Goods businessman.

     After reaching a certain level of prestige with a power, you can purchase specific items of this power’s prestige. Ye Ci is very clear about this, but she has not found this merchant, and the special merchandise merchant that appears now is that she has always Are you looking for the NPC that sells certain items?

     After talking to the NPC, Ye Ci was stunned looking at the items inside. Until this time, she did not know the value of that single Dungeon...

     It really deserves to be an Epic Level Quest, even the second stage rewards are so rich

     I saw that all the items sold in this special merchandise merchant’s inventory were sets of level fifty-five and above. Equipment ranging from weapons to clothes, from jewelry to enchanted items, and many rare life skill recipes. A heaven-defying existenceAnd what is needed to buy the merchant’s goods is not only money, but Ye Ci doesn’t even know what it’s used for-the medal of the undead.

     The items in the Special Item Merchant require different numbers of undead medals according to the size and rarity of the items, from the highest weapons of more than 5,000 to more than 1,000 jewelry. As long as you have enough medals, you can buy them.

     Nima, is there anything more heaven-defying than this?

     Ye Ci looked at the medals for the undead in her hands. There were more than 3,000 medals, which could be exchanged for a cloak, so she changed it for a rude one. When the cloak was in his hand, Ye Ci's face began to cramp again. Of course, this cramp was not due to negative emotions such as anger, sadness, sorrow, etc., but a cramp caused by being over-excited.

     There is no other reason, just because this thing is not bound after being exchanged, but only after it needs to be equipped...

     Does that mean that as long as she has enough undead medals, she can sell all the equipment here? And the players facing the entire game say that the most important thing is probably money...Ye Ci felt that he had fallen. It turned out that she is so noble, how money is dung, but after the recent incident, she suddenly discovered that money is really a good thing, and rich people are fucking awesome. Especially after she had no money left after buying two houses, she even felt that money was a good thing. What's more, everything she needs to do now requires money, but she doesn't have much money on her own. It is really pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows.

     Seeing these equipment now, she suddenly felt as if she saw gold coins falling from the sky in Huālāla. She really wants to scream up to the sky, Nima, hurry up and use the money to kill me.

     However, Ye Ci soon woke up. She found a problem. Dungeon, who had walked by herself, had more than 3,000 dead medals, and she could only get more undead medals if she kept going in and brushing the books. , My dreams of getting rich are all based on the fact that I can repeatedly brush this Dungeon.

     But, what if, this Dungeon can only be swiped once?

     Chapter Eighteen Depraved

     Chapter Eighteen Depraved