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Chapter Directory 222 Chapter Twenty
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Twenty: The First Battle of Gulan Arena

     Chapter Twenty: The First Battle of Gulan Arena

     Sure enough, Dungeon can still be used again.

     Although I don't know how many times I can swipe it, Ye Ci holds the idea that I can swipe it once and never waste it. The next few days are all soaked in Dungeon. Life becomes simple all at once. She seems to have returned to a two-point-one-line life, every day from Red Lake City to Dungeon, and then from Dungeon to Red Lake City for supplies.

     Such a life is simple and simple, and she seems to have become an ordinary player. There is nothing else in life except for the issue of medals. What framed, what revenge, what storm, what flourishing age has become very far away.

     When Ye Ci finally saved 50,000 medals for the undead and came to the den of the bandits of the tin and silver veins, he found the special item merchant and prepared to buy it on a large scale. However, she soon discovered that the planners are definitely not the second thing, as long as the players can think of the loopholes, all the planners want.It's like Ye Ci originally had so many medals, enough to be able to exchange a lot of equipment to sell the idea, but waited for the real exchange to realize that this is simply impossible. It turns out that everything has restrictions. All she bought can only have one, that is to say, Ye Ci's idea of selling these heaven-defying Set equipment for money is simply impossible.

     Although this makes Ye Ci a little bit sigh, but it makes sense to plan to do so. Although it is impossible for everyone to do something like Epic Quest, if the people who do Epic Quest are too greedy, these equipment will flow into the game in large quantities. If nothing else, just the balance of the game will cause Great influence. No game planner would be willing to make a game that he made eventually become out of control due to his own negligence.

     After the fifty thousand undead medals in his hand were replaced by a hunter's set, a weapon, a few pieces of jewelry, and a special formula, there was not much left. It seemed that even if she just wanted to replace all the things in the merchant's place, it would be absolutely impossible without fifty-five undead medals.This is a long-term job and a huge project. Fortunately, these equipment can only be worn at level 55 and above, and the average level of current players is only at level 40. There is still a long way to reach level 55, so you can give her It takes a long time to prepare these things. What she hopes now is to get all these things in her hands before Guild officially enters Fate.

     There has been no news from Moon Green Hill, and Ye Ci did not take the initiative to ask. She believes in Moon Green Hill's ability to do things, and she also believes in Moon Green Hill's stability in doing things, so she will never urge him or put any pressure on him. All she needs to do is to work hard to prepare for everything before Moon Green Hill tells herself the answer. As for other things, she doesn't have to think too much.

     Because I have been brushing Dungeon, the monsters in Dungeon are also level 55. Therefore, after brushing Dungeon for so long, Ye Ci's level has finally reached level 60, which is the highest level that can be reached at this stage, reaching 60. After leveling up, it is obvious that the demand for equipment is becoming more and more urgent. Although the Venomous Scorpion set she is currently wearing is not bad, it is a level 30 equipment after all, and it is used to fight Dungeon when she wears it to level 60. It really feels less capable than desirable.No matter when, no matter what game, the main body of the game is still inseparable from the exchange of equipment. Fate is the same.

     Not only that, Fate is still a game that relies heavily on equipment. If the equipment is good enough, the enchantment is advanced enough, the gems are inlaid sharply, and the strengthening is abnormal enough, when playing Dungeon, although it is impossible to SOLO alone, it will be better than equipment. Poor, there is no gem inlay, and it's much easier without enhanced equipment.

     The Venomous Scorpion set that I had worn for a long time was finally changed, and replaced with this set.

     Because this set was purchased at the Dolan Rogue Club, the name of the set is also very vernacular. The hunter's helmet is called the Dolan Hunter's helmet, and the Warrior's armor is called the Dolan Warrior armor... It is really clear at a glance.

     The so-called Set, in addition to its good properties, the most important thing is that Set has Set properties.

     Just like the Dolan Hunter Set, it has a total of eight sets of helmets, shoulder pads, cloaks, coats, gloves, belts, pants, and shoes. Rings and necklaces are not included in the set. The Set property of this eight-piece set is also very good.If you accumulate two pieces, you can increase your PVE hit rate by 25. Accumulate enough four pieces to increase the base attack rate by 20. Accumulating enough six pieces can increase the PVE dodge rate by 30, and accumulating enough eight pieces can inspire a very abnormal skill-combat stealth.

     Because the profession of each Set is different, the Set attributes are also different. For example, the stealth combat skill Ye Ci in the Hunter Set has never been in contact before. Especially in the information of the previous life, it did not appear. She thought, probably the player who did this Epic Level Quest in the previous life was not a hunter, so he didn’t know these Set attributes, or even if he knew it, he didn’t plan to announce it, so he was a bystander who collected materials. Naturally, I don't know.

     After changing into weapons and jewelry, Ye Ci didn't turn on the fraud brooch. She looked down at the true face of this set, and it didn't feel gorgeous at all. Although you can see a faintly discernible dark gold pattern on the equipment when you look closely, people with a little game foundation know that it is not a common product, but its Set color determines that the equipment is really unobtrusive.The whole set of clothes is actually dark gray, a color that is slightly grayer than black. If you hide in the shadows, you will definitely be invisible. Fortunately, this suit is worn by Ye Ci. If a girl wears this suit, no matter how good its attributes are, it is estimated that it will be disliked. After all, it is not beautiful enough, too simple, and even some embarrassing head and face filthy with grime, it is not a look that a girl who loves beauty would like.

     However, for Ye Ci, this suit has another advantage.

     She often SOLO alone, so wearing this suit walking in the dark Dungeon and dense forest, even if you don't turn on the fraud brooch to conceal the color and style, you can achieve the best hidden effect. As for whether it looks good... Ye Ci really didn't think about it.

     Compared with Set's too simple. The Dolan Ghost Hunting Blade Bow is a lot more gorgeous, not only the workmanship is exquisite, but the color is also beautiful emerald green. She changed into a weapon, skillfully mounted an arrow, and fired a normal attack at a forty-level elite stag that was grazing in the distance.

     I thought I had to make up an arrow to kill it, but I didn't expect that the stag didn't even turn its head back, but fell to the ground with a scream from the sky.Drinking can kill a level 40 elite monster in a flash. You need to know that in Fate, even a level 60 player, it’s impossible to kill a level 40 elite monster in a flash, and this set actually kills it directly. , I really have to say heaven-defying.

     Because this set is really simple, and Ye Ci does not think that his cheating brooch can disguise a set that is more suitable for the SOLO effect than this set, so Ye Ci just dropped the attribute Concealment of this set, and Set The style did not change much, and then went back to Red Lake City.

     Because Ye Ci has been immersed in Dungeon recently, Ye Ci rarely pays attention to what happened in the game. Now she has just changed Set to a good one and is in a good mood, so she plans to take a walk in Red Lake City. As soon as she came out of the warehouse, she saw a lot of people shouting at the gate of the athletic hall not far from the warehouse.

     "Guran Arena, 5V5, need a DPS, require strong field control, by the way, require PVPSet to be above level 7"

     "3V3 is here. 3V3 is here. The corpse team does not require any operation. The corpse is lying down all the time. It is a whole afternoon. M sincerely, don’t harass anyone who comes in and out."

     "A 5V5 guy, come here with a Healer, he needs to be sharp, able to move, veteran, set level 8 or above~~"


     Guran Arena?This has been a long time, but Ye Ci has been busy with Epic Level Quest recently and has never had time to patronize. I have been here today. I would be a bit sorry for myself if I didn't go in for a stroll.

     Now that he has this idea, Ye Ci will first check in Guild to see if anyone wants to play Arena, but obviously everyone is playing Dungeon advancement equipment at this time, for the flame hell Dungeon group opened at level 40. Prepare, few people are distracted to play Arena. Such efforts made Ye Ci a little sweaty. She seems to have not been actively involved in this kind of promotion and acquisition of equipment. Of course, of course, the main problem is that she is too dark. If she often pushes Dungeon, she will be disgusted to the extreme.

     Recently, Ye Ci has often used this reason to persuade himself, telling him not to participate in the activities of promoting the equipment. However, she still felt a little uneasy because of everyone's hard work, so she cleared her throat and asked on the Guild channel.

     "Does any team need a substitute, let me push Dungeon?"

     Usually Ye Ci can get a positive response to her words, but today is different. After she said this, the entire Guild channel was dead calm. It was as if she was directly stuck in an endless black hole, without even responding at all.After being quiet for a full three minutes, Ye Ci felt unwilling to give up, and then asked again.

     "I have time now, is there a team that needs a substitute? I can wait."

     After another three minutes of freezing, Ye Ci was a little embarrassed. She was unwilling to continue to ask: "Is there anyone in Guild?"

     It didn't take long this time. About a minute later, I heard First Squadron's Ideal Height 1.7m replied dullly: "Aren't you busy lately? Why are you free again?"

     Ye Ci really wanted to hug the thighs of Ideal Height 1.7m and burst into tears. Someone finally took care of her. "Well, you are free now, do you need my help?".

     "I think, since you are free, just stay cool, don't go out and stroll around, especially the progress of Guild's Dungeon, just hit the First Kill, and the can do whatever you want." Then Fruit Jelly immediately He added a sentence and struck Ye Ci indignantly.

     However, before she had time to speak, a member of the second regiment Mininda who had played with Ye Ci in First Squadron whispered: "guild leader, I think it’s not easy for our second regiment to hit the elite right now. Please come..."

     "why?""Hey hey hey, Lao Mo, did you let this black man out? Hurry up and let her wander somewhere else, stop in Guild, we are afraid of her black hand halo." The little hand was cold. The loud voice answered Ye Ci's question directly.

     This time it’s Ye Ci’s turn to be silent, and her heart is almost full of sadness, Nima, what’s all this?

     Since the activities in Guild don't need her (actually, there is no need for black hands...), then she can go to Gulan Arena with peace of mind. After changing into the Honor Set, Ye Ci walked towards the arena hall.

     The Honor Set is a PVPSet that is exchanged for the honor of the Northern Continent players in the wild. It is not much different from the Arena Set in terms of Set attributes. But the style is more coquettish. For example, Ye Ci is currently wearing this set of marshals of the marshal level, which also has too much honor points with her, it is too much to use up, so simply change a set of the highest marshal set to play. Normally, when a war starts, it will be started directly. Whenever there is a chance, you will wait until you change your clothes before starting a fight.

     When you meet your opponent in the wild, you can't tell him, I'm sorry, but wait for me to change clothes first, so she really hasn't had a chance to wear this outfit. This is the first time.Although I knew that this suit was very fashionable in the previous life, Ye Ci really felt that when I was wearing it, this dress... is completely prepared for COSPLAY lovers, not only the color is glittering , Even the shape is exaggerated. Fortunately, you can move and not stop the harm, otherwise Ye Ci will really curse, but even so, when Ye Ci walked into the Arena hall wearing this suit, it immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

     Nonsense, if someone appears in front of you dressed like a golden armour, can you not look twice?

     Now it’s too late to use a fraud brooch, Ye Ci sighed and tried to ignore everyone’s lively gaze.

     "Wow, what kind of dress is that? It's so shiny"

     "Oh my God, the Marshal Set. I can't even buy a part of the Soldier Set for my honor. Someone can wear the Marshal Set. It's so handsome."

     "Nonsense, don't look at who is wearing it."


     "I gave up..."

     "Ah, childe'>You actually came to play Arena...Is this the first time I saw her, or did I never meet her when she came?"

     "Husband'>husband'>, I'll go to childe'>Stand next to You, hurry up and take a photo of me""I'm going first, you line up"


     Ye Ci stood in front of the Arena NPC with a face full of black lines. She originally wanted to choose a similar team to start the fight, but in the face of so many players' commotion, she didn't have any requirements. And then, after more than N players began to line up next to her to take pictures, her face was already black, and no matter what team was not the team, she directly selected random allocation, and was sent to the Arena in an instant. Inside.

     And the pity of the voice outside Arena, the grimacing voice, and the complaining voice suddenly rang in the whole hall at the moment Ye Ci disappeared.

     Fortunately, these Ye Ci can't be heard anymore. If you hear it, her face is estimated to be as black as coal. You must know that Ye Ci, who always likes low-key, is most afraid of being watched by players, not to mention It is said that it has become a background board for players to take photos...

     "Oh, there's someone here, there's someone here, don't shout." Ye Ci just entered the team and heard a very loli voice.

     "After shouting for a long time, finally someone came in. Why are so few people hitting Arena these days?" Another very loli voice rang.

     "It's not that few people play Arena, but our set level is too low, no one comes to play.""Ah, then I don't know who will join our team? Hurry up and have a look."

     "Don't go to see it, it must be the newbie who just came to play Arena just like me..."

     In front of Ye Ci's eyes was a dark small room with some wooden barrels and boxes and tattered chairs. The doors and windows were transparent, and the voice of speaking came from another room. She looked at the small house, the layout was very similar to many previous battle games-GS, but it was obviously Fate style. Since it was passed in and stood in this place, it meant that this room was the starting point of their team.

     When she came to an unfamiliar place, Ye Ci's habit was to open the map. She opened the map, and after carefully looking at the situation of the venue, she closed the map and planned to go to the next room to meet her teammates. Although only playing Arena, this is a 5V5 battle. Even if it is a temporary field team, she feels that she should respect her teammates and communicate with them about the style of play.

     But just after Ye Ci closed the map, he saw four Dwarf lined up in front of him. And all of them looked like little Lori, all of them stared at her in a daze.

     The height of the elves is relatively tall in all races, even if Ye Ci is not too tall, at least it is much taller than Dwarf.The situation now suddenly became a bit weird.

     Opposite an elf stood a row of four Dwarf. This contrast, this angle, is really a joke. As Ye Ci himself, he feels like he is reviewing the team now, this...this...

     After staring at each other with big eyes and small eyes for half a minute, Ye Ci wondered how to break the deadlock by opening his mouth? However, it was obvious that the other party moved faster than her. Just when Ye Ci was still considering from all angles on this issue, he heard the Dwarf on the far left yell: "Wow, what a beautiful dress."

     And the next three people seemed to be winding up, one of them yelled up here, down there.

     "Wow, what a tall elf"

     "Wow, it looks so high level"

     "Wow, it looks amazing"

     Ye Ci's mouth began to twitch, what and what? The disgusting feeling of being watched immediately attacked her again. She is not, she was watched outside the Arena, and now she is watched by teammates after entering the Arena, but fortunately, this group of Dwarf doesn't seem to express any sighs because she is a childe'>you.

     She cleared her throat and finally found her voice: "How do you want to fight in a while?"After saying this, Ye Ci realized that he seemed to be talking with the duck. The four Dwarf on the opposite side blinked big eyes together and looked at her without knowing it. After a while, a Dwarf Whispered: "It seems, she is a childe'>you ai......"

     "Yeah, it seems to be really a childe'>you ai......"

     "It's not like, it's really childe'>you"

     "Childe'>you childe'>you actually entered our team"

     "Take a photo, I want to take a photo"

     "Well, I want to upload the forum. It's too explosive. It's just too right to play Arena today."


     The four Dwarf began to scream again, and the temples of Ye Ci began to jump up suddenly. She finally waited until the Dwarf was a little quieter, then frowned and said, "I want to ask, how are we going to fight..."

     "How to fight?" The captain's Dwarf was called Xiaoxiaoqi, and she blinked as if it were a profound question: "How to fight?"

     "What's the tactics for a while?" Ye Ci's temples jumped even harder, and she felt a headache. Is there a problem with her expression or the other party's ability to understand?"We are a corpse team, we have no tactics." Standing at the very end, Dwarf named Little Bunny also blinked his eyes, very cute.

     "The Lying Corps..." Ye Ci suddenly felt that something was flying over her head, and flew over as if it was a crow. I have known that this kind of random selection of teams is not reliable at all. If she hadn't had to do it when she was being watched just now, she would never use this method. And now if you want to quit the team, you will be deducted from the battle points. If it is normal, there is nothing. The problem is that it is the first time Ye Ci has come to the Gulan Arena to participate in the battle, and she has no battle points at all. And when the battle score is negative, you can’t quit...

     In other words, whether Ye Ci is willing or not, in this first battle, she must definitely be tied to the four Dwarf. She feels a little speechless and tears...what's all this...

     "Yes, yeah, the corpse team is very good. The skill quickly solves the battle, and can get a lot of battle points. If it's not because our battle level is too low, you don't have to worry about finding it. Here comes the corpse team." Another Dwarf named Xiaoxiaobai spoke. She also blinked her eyes, looking innocent and cute, but what she said made Ye Ci want to cry."Doesn't lying down mean surrendering without a fight?" Ye Ci frowned. This was never Ye Ci's style, nor was it something Ye Ci would do. She is the kind of person who has diedbed struggle even if she knows that she will fail, and this kind of surrender without a fight has never appeared in Ye Ci's life, or the existence of this kind of word simply means A blasphemy of her life.

     "What did you surrender without a fight? God, you think too much, we just collect combat points, why bother to fight so tired?" The Dwarf who has never spoken, called Xiaoshuai, finally spoke, probably because of the habit of the Dwarf race. She blinked her eyes and pretended to be cute when she spoke. She also feasted on a few Dwarf habits, which made Ye Ci only feel that she was in a world where cuteness is everywhere.

     "..." Ye Ci only felt that he was completely unable to communicate with these Dwarf, and finally decided not to continue talking to them, so as not to get mad at him. She looked at a few people expressionlessly and said, "Which of you is the captain, go and start fighting.""Ah? Great God, do you agree to lie down?". Ye Ci's words surprised Xiao Xiaoshuai. After she said that, she began to take off her clothes clean, and only the underwear that came with the system was still hanging on her body. The other Dwarf also took off all their clothes in an instant. At first glance, they often do this kind of thing. The speed at which they take off their clothes is really gasp in amazement.

     A few of them not only took off by themselves but also looked at Ye Ci and said, "Great God, why don't you take it off? Your clothes look very high-end, if you kill it, the repair cost is very expensive."

     Ye Ci only felt that her face was going to be dark, she could only say in a calm voice, "I don't have this habit."

     "Oh..." After all, the other party is a childe'> You, since she herself doesn't want to, other people can't say anything, after all, the great god is the great god, and this little money is really nothing to her. With a stomach full of sigh for the great god not a common chord, the already stripped little handsome went to start the battle.

     As soon as he started the battle, Ye Ci immediately entered a state of invisibility and found a corner by the door to hide.

     The small house they are now in is located on a small hill, jumping from the door of the cabin, is a small steep slope, hidden in the doorway here, not only has a good view, but also an easy way for long-distance occupations. A good defensive position.Since this squad is a corpse corpse, as long as she doesn't move the place, the opponent will find this soon, and the opponent will take the initiative to attack. Ye Ci still doesn't know the opponent's strength, so he doesn't want to act blindly without thinking. Although it is not difficult to be one against five, but it is only when he is the only one. But now it’s different. It’s now 5V5, which means that if you can play against five players, even if you can play again, you can easily get caught up in one shot without the cooperation of others.

     This is the charm of teamwork.

     Of course, this is also the important reason why Ye Ci quit as soon as he heard that it was the corpse lying team.

     Waiting has always been not Ye Ci's habit. Compared to waiting, she prefers to take the initiative. But now it's different. Now with the four Dwarf who have been naked, she can only wait.As expected by Ye Ci, the opposing team soon discovered that their opponent was a corpse squad, so they were rude at all and ran towards the hut where Ye Ci was hiding. In the Guran Arena, each battle is only five minutes, and the party that can kill the opponent's member to the maximum within five minutes wins. The winning party will not only get the basic battle points for the victory of the battle, but also kill the enemy according to each person. The amount and the amount of treatment plus the corresponding battle points. The two battle points added together are the final battle points of a player who enters the Quran Arena.

     Of course, if it is a corpse team, then you can only get the basic battle points of the defeated side. Although there are few, but as long as you have time, you can still accumulate Many little things add up to sth great, and sooner or later you can change to the Arena Set. In the current Gulan Arena of the master Rulin, although most players hope to get combat points by killing enemies, there are also many players who have poor PVP capabilities and poor team coordination. And his equipment was very trash, so he finally embarked on the path of the corpse corpse.

     This is clearly the case with the Dwarf team that Ye Ci met today.

     I don't know if the opponent is a Western Continent or Northern Continent player. Anyway, they are speaking in the language of their own continent. Even if there is a voice coming, Ye Ci can't understand it.The first one that arrived was a Rogue. He Stealth went to the side of the room, then jumped into the room, walked out of the Stealth state, and after looking around, he said something to his teammates. But after a blink of an eye, four other people also ran to the side of the hut. The Rogue who came first walked towards the four Dwarf who had already been naked.

     The four Dwarf also seemed very calm. Obviously, such massacres were already a common occurrence for them. They have been able to face the butcher knife without blinking their eyes. However, for Ye Ci, the word waiting to die is simply the guilty of terrible crimes of wicked beyond redemption. She took advantage of that Rogue did not notice the back, raised the bow in her hand, pointed at his back, and threw it out. With a few skills, that Rogue simply reacted with a scream and turned into a corpse.He obviously said to his team that there was an ambush, and the other four players who were already close to the cabin immediately dispersed and prepared to outflank them. However, even if they did it too late, Ye Ci flew out from the door of the house immediately after solving the Rogue. In one Arrow Net, all four people were covered by the Arrow Net, and that was from the sky. The raindrop-like arrows fell on the four people like this, in addition to bringing out a patch of bright red injury numbers, it was just a few screams.

     Ye Ci's ability to kill a few people in seconds is not just because of his good operation, awareness, and rich PVP experience. More important is the level and equipment. At the moment when most players are only in their early forties, her 60th level is enough to look down on everyone. What's more, the Marshal Set on her body is not vegetarian, unless the opponent has an Arena Set of almost fourteenth level. You can resist it. If the Arena Set is lower than Level 5, it will basically be killed by a spike.

     Obviously, the other party did not expect the enemy to have such a powerful opponent, and it could solve all the members within a few strokes. After returning, I didn’t know whether to discuss countermeasures or what to do, so it didn’t move. Up.On Ye Ci's side, the four Dwarf obviously didn't expect Ye Ci would refuse to lie down, and directly took out all the other people. They all looked very excited and talked around Ye Ci. Non-stop. Ye Ci has a big head.

     "Just hit them and leave it to me. You guys can hide here and make sure that you won't die." Ye Ci was so quarreled by them that he didn't want to care about their life or death, so he jumped out of the hut and headed towards the place. The position rushed.

     The enemy’s starting point is actually very similar to the starting point here. They are both easy to defend and difficult to attack. However, there is one thing that is not as good as this one, that is, there is a staircase next to their hut for players to walk up. Ye Ci Stealth walked into the room step by step from the stairs. She originally thought she would encounter an ambush, but what she never expected was such a scene to greet her.

     In that small room, there were five naked players lying side by side.

     Judging from their calm expressions and completely abandoning actions, this is obviously also a corpse team...

     For a moment, Ye Ci only felt that he had been dealing with the black line all day long. She switched to a language that can be understood by both continents in the normal conversation channel and asked, "The Corpse Lying Team?"The undead Rogue closest to Ye Ci opened his eyes and looked at Ye Ci standing next to him, and nodded: "When we meet you, we don't want to lie down. What's more, we are the corpse team..."

     Nima, isn't this cheating?

     Ye Ci just wanted to roll his eyes.

     "Hurry up, childe'>you, so that you can kill us a few more times and save more points. You have to waste time. Five minutes will be there." Another werewolf Warrior kindly reminded himself that it's incomparable A powerful opponent, but his kindness seems more like a mockery in Ye Ci's eyes.

     After cursing lowly a few words that no one understood, she turned and left.

     "You won't kill us" A Cleric, who is also an elf, sat up from the ground and looked at the foggy Ye Ci who was leaving.

     Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth: "I have killed you anyway, and I have won this time."

     "We are giving you points""I generally don't want the items delivered to the door." Ye Ci walked towards his house without looking back. The time has come before reaching the position. In front of Ye Ci, a table of settlement results appeared. The winner must be Ye Ci. Everyone got two hundred points of basic battle points, and Ye Ci also killed five people, each of whom brought her three. Ten points of combat points. In this battle, she earned a total of three hundred and fifty points of combat points.

     However, Ye Ci has no sense of victory at all. On the contrary, the corners of her mouth are twitching, and her heart is despising.

     That huge feeling of suffocation made her swear that she must bloodbath her opponent in the following battle

     Chapter Twenty: The First Battle of Gulan Arena

     Chapter Twenty: The First Battle of Gulan Arena