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Chapter Directory 223 Chapter 21 Top Players
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 21 Top Players

     Chapter 21 Top Players

     After the battle, Ye Ci hurriedly bid farewell to the four Dwarf and left the team immediately. She really didn't want to continue to mix with the Corpse Lying Team.

     Withdrawing from the team, she stood in the Arena hall again, where many people were shouting on the screen, all looking for the team. Ye Ci is not looking for NPCs to choose to join the team this time, but first stand in front of the big screen to see what kind of team needs and what kind of profession. Although she was really eye-catching standing in the hall with her golden clothes, Ye Ci couldn't care about other players watching her in order to find a good team.

     Among the several competitive modes of Guran Arena, 1V1 will not call the team, this kind of direct entry is good, and 2V2 is basically a fixed team, so just a very few calling people. The teams that call the most people are 3V3 and 5V5, because this kind of team changes the most, and it is relatively difficult to find a fixed team. As for 10V10, it is basically the Guild organization, which is invisible on this large screen. Therefore, the shouting teams scrolling on the big screen are basically 3V3 and 5V5, and among the shouting of these two teams, 5V5 is the most.In fact, in Gulan Arena, the best way to earn points is 1V1. However, the 1V1 battle mode is only two minutes and thirty seconds. There are two decisive factors for determining the outcome. The first is to kill the opponent three times to death, then no matter whether the time is up or not, the winner will be determined. The other is to waste time. Within two minutes and thirty seconds, the player who gives the opponent the most accumulated damage is judged as a victory. To put it bluntly, 1V1 is a battle mode that completely relies on personal skills to kill opponents. As long as you are sharp enough, and only you are coquettish enough, you can solve the opponent in tens of seconds, and then get 300 points of points. But if the strength of the two sides is equal, then we have to wait to waste time.

     Therefore, although 1V1 is the fastest mode for accumulating points in the Quran Arena, unless players who are very coquettish in operation will choose this mode, other players basically choose 2V2, 3V3, and 5V5.

     However, 2V2 has relatively high technical requirements, and the battle time is only minutes, and most non-fixed team players will not choose this mode. This leads to a very large number of 3V3 and 5V5 teams. If everyone is lucky, can meet a good team, and play very smoothly, winning more than a dozen games in a row, the accumulated points will be very high.The opening of Gulan Arena is actually a signal. It indicates that players from the four continents will soon face-to-face battles. This kind of battle does not rely on teleportation or Arena, but a direct face-to-face battle. This is also the centerpiece of Fate's second expansion, "The New Continent". Because of the opening of the expansion "New Continent", the Central Continent that has always been located in Yunshan Mist will reveal his mysterious face. At that time, players from all continents can board the Central Continent. In the Central Continent, except for the main city, which is a safe zone where no combat is possible, all other places are neutral areas. In other words, all neutral areas can be killed endlessly.

     It is for this reason that, in addition to accumulating PVP equipment for everyone, the Gulan Arena is now open, and it is also very important for everyone to hone their PVP skills. No one is willing to be the target of others, so improving one's abilities has become an urgent goal.

     And for this purpose, most players don't realize it. They just think that Guran Arena's battle points are for everyone to exchange for PVP equipment, and what exactly is PVP equipment used for? It seems that they have never thought about it too much, and this has also led to the reason why there are so many corpse lying teams.Although everyone has their own way of playing the game, as Ye Ci, he still spurns the existence of the corpse team. This kind of team is obviously the representative of reap without sowing. This kind of players who are not enterprising and do not want to improve their PVP skills, after the new expansion is opened, it is bound to usher in a storm-like internal cleaning of the game. Only the players who survive this baptism can finally become the mainstay players of Fate.

     Ye Ci basically played 1V1 in her previous life, and her PVP skills were also honed from this. She remembers that her best result was to win 279 consecutive games. This result is a high score that has made many players jaw-dropping, and even this result has been hanging on the leaderboard of the Guran Arena for a long time. For this reason, Ye Ci is quite confident about her PVP technology, which is also the main reason why she does not want to choose 1V1 after rebirth.

     What she needs now is the training of the team's skills, not the demonstration of her own skills. Therefore, choosing the wild team's 5V5 battle became her best choice. In this battle mode, she can't help but face the enemies of a variety of professional combinations, and can even meet her own side of a variety of professional combinations. She believes that as long as there are more people, nothing can happen, so this has become the best way for her to hone and adapt.There are too many teams shouting people on the big screen, but it is still easy to tell whether it is a pre-formed team or a wild team. If it is a team that has been formed in advance, but there is only one person missing, they will have a fixed team name before they speak, but if it is a temporary wild team, the team name in front will have two "random". word. This arrangement allows players who choose a team to choose the team they are looking for more intuitively and in a more comprehensive way, and it also greatly saves the time for players looking for teams and people. It is really a good way.

     Ye Ci filtered out the random teams, and only found people in the shouts of the fixed teams.

     Fighter in "Mobile">: The sharp 5V5 team, the team is equipped with an average of 8 or more, the highest record is 34 consecutive games, and a sharp DPS of forty plus, don't come if it is not sharp

     "Why is the name so difficult to pick: Professional Arena team, 3V3, come to a coquettish and aware Healer, please accurately assess your ability

     "Little Yellow Duck under the Bridge: Yesterday’s winning streak forty games. The Bull X team asked for a sharp DPS, demanded to be coquettish and aware of the position. Set is above level 8, and above level 38 is best from yesterday’s Warlock

     "Peerless Warriors: 5V5 team comes to a coquettish DPS, requires awareness, above level 40, can quickly close the team beat, do not have confidence in their PVP strengths don’t come

     ...Although the wild team is filtered out, there are really a lot of people in this fixed team. Think about it, right now, Fate’s players are about 1 billion, even if there are 250 million on each continent, if you remove Dungeon, Life Player, and players with insufficient levels, at least 20 million players are left on each continent. Playing Arena, in this way, more teams can be understood.

     Ye Ci looked for a while in front of the big screen, but felt a little dazzled. You have to know that she has always played 1V1, and she has no experience with this kind of 5V5 team selection, and she doesn't know how to choose to find a suitable team. After hesitating for a while, she finally chose a team with a Level Requirement of 40 or above, a level 8 or higher equipment requirement, and a high level of operation requirement. She feels that since the opponent's requirements are high anyway, it means that her team's ability is also relatively high, and it should be more worry-free to be with such a team.

     Therefore, she joined the team without hesitation.

     The name of this team is "Aisheli Perfume. The current team configuration is a Cleric, a Sorcerer, a Warrior and a Rogue, plus Ye Ci, it happens to be two long-range, two melee and one Healer, which is the most standard team configuration. Up. This kind of team, as long as it doesn't meet the opposing team and the whole team is a professional team, it is easy to win.However, Ye Ci is a bit unsatisfied. She always feels that this kind of well-defined professional configuration is a bit too easy. According to her idea, she prefers to go to the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom) team. If it does, she opposes that her teamwork has been greatly improved.

     However, Ye Ci didn't have the habit of leaving the team after joining the team. She was just like the corpse team in the last game, let alone the team that looked very good.

     It's just that players like childe'>you will cause quite a stir if they enter any team. Just like Ye Ci is now, she just heard a few exclamations when she joined the team. "Is it right? I misunderstood that the player who joined the team is called childe'>you ah"

     "It won't be that childe'>you're it"

     "Our Eastern Continent has only one childe'>you bar and the whole Fate has only one childe'>you bar"

     "I had a big luck today, but I can shout to the childe'>you my god, I will go offline and buy lottery tickets later

     A few people were chattering, which made Ye Ci not good at talking, and not good at not answering, so I had to stand there quietly and watch a few people. The first person who walked over was a human Cleric, a male. He introduced himself: "I am looking north to Jiangshan, Cleric, and also the captain of this team."After Beiwang Jiangshan made a self-introduction, the other three people did not wait for Ye Ci to speak, and started to introduce themselves: "My name is Beauty Mound, Warrior."

     "My name is Manman Moonlight, Sorcerer."

     "I'm back from the wind, Rogue."

     After waiting for the introduction of several people, Ye Ci said: "Hello, I am childe'>you, hunter."

     "Are you the childe'>you who often takes First Kill? The childe'>you who defeated the witch doctor Bulu last time?" Long Moonlight is the only girl, and girls are obviously more interested in gossip Interested, she held an attitude of breaking the casserole and asking questions, and immediately began to ask familiar questions: “It was the child who was in Steel Blooded Battle Spear and then went to Upward Ho? It’s the one who was in Steel Blooded Battle Spear. The childe'>you who splashed dirty water on the forum? Is it the childe'>you who was named by Customer Service No.094 at the dragon dance conference? Isn't the childe'>you who played against the Western Continent's Fleeting Time God? Is it the childe'>you who is rumored to have an affair with that name not found in the classics Zhenshui Wuxiang? Is it the childe'>you who is rumored to have been AFK for a month for some ulterior reason?"Manman Moonlight is a very capable elf, very beautiful, and her mouth is even more powerful. Her tongue is like a rolling ball in her mouth. In just a few moments, she crackled and talked a lot, even with breath. Without breathing, I sorted out the various gossip that happened when Ye Ci entered the game.

     Ye Ci's mouth twitched, his head was full of black lines, and he didn't know how to return.

     It's faster than lip service, she doesn't have the ability to catch up with the long moonlight, but she doesn't envy this ability at all.

     The long moonlight is not only quick-mouthed, but also obviously impatient. She saw Ye Ci not answer, and asked again and again: "Are you that childe'>you, are you?"

     Although the problem of the long moonlight is also a problem that the Beauty Tomb, Wang Jiangshan, and Fengyun Return want to know, but in this case, not only Ye Ci is covered with black lines, but even the other three people have started to have black lines crawling to their faces. on. Beiwang Jiangshan quickly touched the moonlight with her elbow, hoping that she would not continue to talk nonsense. You must know that the person standing opposite is not an ordinary player, but the top hunter god who is famous for the entire game, how much is still to be given to the other party A bit of face, right?"Oh, Jiangshan, why are you hitting me." The long moonlight obviously didn't respond to the meaning of looking north towards Jiangshan. She just turned her head and glared at him, and then looked at him with an eager, confused, and excited look. With Ye Ci, it seems that the existence of Ye Ci has now become her biggest goal and pleasure. "Are you that childe'> You ah"

     Ye Ci's mouth was twitching and she was about to cramp. She finally replied stiffly under the eager gaze of the long moonlight: "It seems that the same name is not allowed in the game."

     This answer has actually confirmed all the problems of Long Moonlight. Originally Ye Ci could only answer the word "um", but she was awkward. If she answered and nodded directly, wouldn't it be the same as admitting the unbearable past that this female Sorcerer said? It's terrible

     "That said, you are childe'>you're the real childe'>you'e" Long Moonlight became more and more excited, she immediately rushed over, took Ye Ci's hand, and held it tightly. , Watching Ye Ci with an unstoppable enthusiasm.

     Ye Ci has never been accustomed to this kind of enthusiasm, let alone that this kind of enthusiasm comes from a stranger she doesn't even know, which makes her a little back. She subconsciously began to pull her hand, but the long moonlight held it so tightly that she couldn't pull it out at all."I have been thinking, if I meet a real childe'>you one day, I must ask her a question"

     "What's the problem?" Ye Ci also began to surrender helplessly under such a fire that seemed to be a prairie fire. She felt that the best way now is to quickly dismiss the gossip Sorcerer, or there would be no fighting for a while. Way to fight.

     "After you and Fleeting Time got married, did you marry to Western Continent? Or did Fleeting Time come to Eastern Continent?" The moonlight blinked those beautiful green eyes and asked a question that almost made Ye Ci vomit blood. .

     For a moment, Ye Ci only felt that all the blood rushed to the top of her head, and then she was about to burst her blood vessels. Her eyes became a little blood red, but she looked at the innocent face of the moonlight, Ye Ci There is always no way to lose temper on a stranger. She could only take two deep breaths, and after pressing down the nameless fire, she took out her hand abruptly, and said coldly to the eager face of the moonlight, "I don’t have any relationship with Fleting Time. Cooked."

     "Oh, celebrities generally don't know their lovers in order to avoid gossip", but the long moonlight has an expression that I already know.

     This made Ye Ci mad. She looked at the long moonlight and the eyes of a few people also cooled down: "Are you playing Arena or are you going to continue talking nonsense?"A strong warning has been worn in the words, and anyone with a little emotional intelligence can feel the upset of this female hunter known as the Great God. Beiwang Jiangshan immediately nodded, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and smiled dryly and said: "Don't talk nonsense, I'm going to war."

     Wang Jiangshan's movements were very fast, and immediately opened the countdown to the battle. And everyone immediately entered a state of preparation. Don't look at the gossip of the moonlight, but it is indeed a good position in the team PVP. Even if Ye Ci, who was once a top Sorcerer, saw her position, he couldn't help but say a good word.

     The five jumped off the starting point and rushed towards the plain in the middle of the field.

     There are more than 500 pieces of venues in Gulan Arena. Each map is different, and every time you enter the Arena, you are randomly assigned to a map. In these maps, there will be some BUFFs that are beneficial to the player's battles, and of course there will be some DEBUFFs that are harmful to the player's battles. As for what they are, it all depends on personal luck.The map that Ye Ci encountered this time was a very simple map, a basin. The two teams started to fight from their starting point to the middle basin. Such a map has a limited area and is flat land one could gallop straight across. In fact, it is a test of the player's cooperation and awareness of position. And on the high platform by the basin, there are many luminous balls. These are all kinds of buffs. There are good ones and bad ones. You only know after you eat them.

     As Ye Ci, these buffs are generally not eaten. Although eating beneficial buffs is extremely helpful for victory in battle, the distribution of buffs on the map is half and half. In other words, you only have 50 chances to eat BUFF, and the remaining 50 you will eat will be DEBUFF. Although it means high risk and high return, but in this case only five minutes to end the battle, Ye Ci will do nothing at all. Don't want to take this risk.

     So, when everyone in the team was eating BUFF, she had already jumped into the basin.

     Find an open position, then Stealth. These were all done in the blink of an eye, and at this time the other four people were still eating BUFF on the table.

     "Childe'>Great God, why don't you eat BUFF?" The full moonlight found that Ye Ci jumped into the basin without eating BUFF, and quickly reminded her: "The path from the side there can come up and eat... "She didn't finish her words, and a line of golden words jumped out of everyone's eyes.

     "The player childe'>you successfully killed the opponent"

     The few people who were still eating BUFF glanced at each other subconsciously, and couldn't believe how fast it was. They just saw Ye Ci jump into the basin from their eyes, how could they have killed a person in just a dozen seconds.

     "The player childe'>you successfully killed the opponent"

     "The player childe'>you successfully killed the opponent"

     When the four of them were still in a daze, two golden fonts flashed in front of them again, making them look at each other in dismay. No, it's too fast. They don't care about eating BUFF anymore, so they immediately jumped down.

     And the moment they jumped down, two words flashed before their eyes again, one golden and the other red.

     "The player childe'>you successfully killed the opponent"

     "The player Wang Jiangshan from the north was successfully killed by the opponent player Fleting Time"

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, Fleeting Time?

     It’s too evil to be able to run into him in this place, but in fact she can’t allow her to think too much. She found the place where the mountains and rivers were hanging from the north, and then quickly looked in the opposite direction, sure enough, on the platform. I saw a small figure running quickly in her direction.She immediately ran in the opposite direction. A joke, if you are posted too close to Fleeting Time, you will be entangled in him at all. From the current running direction of Fleeting Time, his goal is not only himself, but also the remaining teammates.

     The death of North Wang Jiangshan is fatal for a team, especially for a team that often relies on milk. Obviously, after Beiwang Jiangshan fell, the remaining three people immediately panicked and ran without any purpose.

     Ye Ci knew that they weren't actually PVP veterans, at least they were definitely not veterans in dealing with emergencies. In fact, if Ye Ci thinks this way, it's a bit wronged by this team. After all, which team can not mess up after being killed by a top hunter like Fleeting Time in the treatment of his team?

     "Rogue and Warrior are on the stage and fight him personally. You can't run around with hunters, you can only fight personally. Don't you have any common sense?". Seeing the three people running more and more chaotic, Ye Ci could only shoot at Fleeting Time while running, while shouting in the team channel.

     "The opponent is Fleting Time..." Long Moonlight obviously did not expect that he would meet the top god on the Western Continent who was comparable to childe'>you. He was in a hurry and even felt like giving up: "How can we fight ...""What's wrong with Fleting Time? He is a hunter and not a god. Why don't you scare yourself when you are so nervous." The long moonlight made Ye Ci's evaluation of this Sorcerer immediately lower by two levels. This kind of bullying and afraid of hardship mentality, what kind of Arena "Warrior, Rogue hurry up and stick to your body"

     "Received" Compared to the discouragement of the full moon, Beauty Tomb and Fengyun's Return are much calmer. Under Ye Ci's cold voice, they quickly recovered their usual level and quickly climbed up. The table, moved towards Fleeting Time and followed up.

     Fleeting Time obviously only realized after Ye Ci killed his first teammate that his opponent in this game actually had a childe'>you, he immediately became very excited, and his sluggish movements became full. With passion and strength, he quickly rushed towards the basin. Then he heard that two of his teammates were killed again, which made him quicken his pace and rushed to the mouth of the basin. Before he found the childe, he chose a player directly. Kill him in a second.

     In the consciousness of Fleeting Time, since childe'>you greeted himself, if he didn't say hello, it would be a bit sad, wouldn't it? What's more, he has always been a polite person.Just now Ye Ci was able to kill four players so smoothly, a large part of the reason was that Fleeting Time didn't pay attention at all. And when Fleeting Time wants to follow the recipe and kill the other four players under Ye Ci's nose, it is not so easy.

     After playing with childe'> Youzuzu for half a minute, he took out the air to kill the Sorcerer who had been interfering with him. The remaining two melee careers caused Fleeting Time a headache. It is not difficult to be one enemy to three, but now the time is too short, it is not easy to play against childe'>you in the remaining less than three minutes and determine the outcome.

     Fortunately, Hunter's agility and speed are higher than Warrior, and balance is higher than Rogue. Therefore, even if Warrior and Rogue are closely attached, it is not particularly difficult for him to leave.

     Ye Ci has been tightly locking the Fleting Time. However, she soon discovered that unlike attacking other players, there is no level penalty when she is fighting against Fleeting Time. This also shows that the current level of Fleeting Time is not much different from her. It can even be said that they may both It's the same level, reaching the sixtieth level.

     This does not surprise Ye Ci at all. You know, she hasn't played the game for a full month. If Fleeting Time hasn't rushed to the level in this month, this person would be the Hunter God in the last life. The name does not reflect the reality.Ye Ci’s attack was very powerful, but Fleeting Time did not show any signs of defeat. Even if he was beside him, Beauty Tomb and Fengyun’s Return had always not to overlook, nor spare him. He didn’t mess up his hands and feet. The positioning becomes more accurate and steady. Suddenly, Fleeting Time's footsteps halted, as if a flaw was revealed. Ye Ci immediately followed, trying to put the other party to death, but did not expect that Fleeting Time did not give her this opportunity at all. His footsteps flickered, and the whole person jumped back a long distance quickly, and during the course of his jump, all the attacks were ineffective.

     Back jump

     Ye Ci was surprised that Fleeting Time actually got this skill bookThe back jump can be said to be a magical skill in PK. The cooling time is 25 seconds, that is, it stops fast and then jumps 20 feet quickly, and can ignore all attacks during the jump. The skill that fell into the hands of the hunter is not only a PK skill, but also a life-saving skill. Just like the current situation, Fleeting Time jumped twenty feet and jumped out of Ye Ci's attack range, and Ye Ci wanted to rush to put Fleeting Time into her attack range again, which meant she had to organize one time. Attack, this obviously interrupted Ye Ci's attack fluency. For Fleeting Time, after he has jumped twenty feet behind him, he can also immediately organize an attack. If the attack is strong enough and lucky enough, he can now directly integrate a Warrior and a Rogue that were close to him. Solved.

     In fact, he did that too,

     After jumping twenty feet after Fleeting Time, he immediately retreated back quickly. While retreating, he made a combo skill towards the Warrior who was rushing up. Without waiting for the Warrior to get close, he fell directly to the ground. . At this time Ye Ci also followed, and he was about to be included in the attack range, but Fleeting Time was calm and unhurried and called out the bat Xiaowu, letting it whizz and fly towards Ye Ci.Taking advantage of Ye Ci's summoning Ol' Four to come out to play against Xiao Wu, Fleeting Time has evaded Rogue's attack with a few flicks and dodges. By the way, he cut the limbs of this Rogue with melee daggers and short swords. After a few knives, after he was crippled and lost blood, he rushed towards Ye Ci

     This series of actions was too fast, so fast that Beauty Tomb and Fengyun Gui could see clearly, and they fell alive. Until they fell, they didn't actually figure out how Fleeting Time dodged their attacks and brought them down.

     This is the difference between high-level and top-level.

     In Fate, the proficiency of skills can only be regarded as having the basic qualities of an advanced player, but to be able to use the body's own qualities to achieve some subtle dodges in the game, this is a must for top players.

     It's as if Beauty Tomb and Fengyun Return never figured out how Fleeting Time killed themselves. They deeply understood one thing, that is, the gap between themselves and the so-called top players is really a bottomless gully. same.The fact that Beauty Tomb and Fengyun Return did not see the movements of Fleeting Time clearly does not mean that Ye Ci did not understand. In fact, even though they are far apart, thanks to the good eyesight of the elves and the professional expertise of the hunters, Ye Ci sees the series of movements of Fleeting Time clearly and plainly. She can know the back leaps, and naturally she can also know the flickering and flickering that can only be learned by top players.

     Although she has always regarded Fleeting Time as the number one rival, at this moment, she also has to admit that Fleeting Time is indeed worthy of the title Hunter God. He grows faster than he can imagine. You must know that in the last match, Fleeting Time was completely free from the two instinct skills of flickering and flickering, but when we met this time, he not only knew it, but also could use it. Have to be so seamless heavenly clothes

     This month's time has always been delayed by myself.

     Now that both sides have put all the resistance down, there is no reason not to fight a good battle.Ol’ Four and Xiao Wu are actually old acquaintances. Now that they meet again, they are extremely jealous when they meet each other. Before Fleeting Time and Ye Ci Leader, they fought together. Fleeting Time's skills are good, and Xiao Wu has also become more powerful. After several battles, Xiao Wu clearly knows that this ugly looking fierce guy can't fly, which has greatly increased his pride invisibly. , It is even more hateful to circle Ol' Four around, completely flying Ol' Four as a kite.

     And Ol' Four is not a vegetarian, pretending to be kite-flyed by Xiao Wu, but all the skills that Xiao Wu throws were dodged by it. Instead, when Xiao Wu dived down, he jumped up and bite. This guy flying around, taught him a solid lesson.

     It’s not the same as Ol’ Four’s small five has already played fiercely.

     Fleeting Time and Ye Ci both jumped to the bottom of the basin. No one went to war. They stood quietly at the farthest attack distance of both sides, looking at each other with the ability to take one's eyes off. Although they are standing there, their muscles, their blood, and every piece of their bones are all clamoring and charging.

     The so-called duel between the real top players does not actually have so many gimmicks. It is often just one or two tricks that will determine the outcome.Fleeting Time wears a dark golden set, which looks like an absolutely advanced PVPSet, while Ye Ci wears a golden set. The two clothes have a dazzling brilliance of make people at the bottom of the basin filled with yellow sand.

     A leaf that didn't know where it came from blew over and passed between the two.

     As if they were given instructions, when the leaf flickered by, the two of them almost moved together. They all flew up and jumped, the arrows in their hands quickly approached each other

     too fast

     Feng Yun, who was sitting on the high platform because he was crippled, witnessed the duel between the top hunters. He didn't even dare to blink his eyes, for fear of missing something. However, he still felt that it was too fast. Whether it is their position, the deployment of their skills, or even the way of attack, people are too much for the eye to take in.Feng Yun has always felt that he is actually a good player, whether it is PVE or PVP, even if he does not reach the top master, at least the master is also considered. Therefore, his fascination with the so-called top gods does not actually exist. He has always felt that there is not much difference between top players and their players. The real difference is only in actual experience or proficiency in skill. As long as you work hard, you will be able to achieve that one day. degree.

     However, today he witnessed the battle between Fleeting Time and childe'>you with his own eyes, only to realize how wrong he was.

     Suddenly, a thought appeared in the mind of returning: the so-called top players may not be reached by hard work.

     Watching the scene and watching the video of this kind of top-level master battle is definitely not a conceptual one. The scene will be more shocking, more heart alarmed, trembling in fear. Although he is a Rogue, even though he is a melee, but in the face of Fleeting Time and childe'>you fight, he can still feel what kind of mystery this is.

     Obviously watching the attack that will surely hit, but it just flashed past. The position he obviously thought was bound to happen, but it just swayed like this.The two of them have reached the level of accuracy in their predictions of each other's skills and actions. Just looking at it, Fengyun returned and even felt that it was impossible for the two to tell the difference in just five minutes.

     At this moment, the outcome suddenly became less important. Fengyun returns and feels that the most important thing now is that he can learn more skills about top players from these two people. This is the biggest gain.

     The wind seemed to have no intention of stopping.

     Chapter 21 Top Players

     Chapter 21 Top Players