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Chapter Directory 225 Chapter 23 Ins And Outs
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 23 the rise and fall of the terrain

     Chapter 23 the rise and fall of the terrain

     Absalom clutched his nose, so he was not wronged, "What did I say? What did I say? I didn't say anything, OK? I just state the facts, OK? You already have bad habits, you always like to molest other people's childe'>you , Where did I say wrong, where did I have indulge in fantasy, where did I have assessments the head and discuss the feet, I only said from beginning to end, how are you?"

     Before Absalom had finished speaking, he saw Fleeting Time flying towards his door with a fist. But this time Absalom was a good student, and immediately dodged, even a little proud: "I tell you, anyone who falls twice in the same place is a fool..."

     Fleeting Time watched Absalom raised his eyebrows, as if giving up, and then do sth when least expected to hit Absalom's face with another fist severely. Absalom's scream was only heard, and the hand covering his nose covered his eyes again.

     "What are you doing, Fleeting Time, do you believe it or not, I chopped you" Absalom glared at Fleeting Time with the other eye of only remaining of the great, and yelled. It is not difficult to tell from his appearance that this time he is real. A little hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat."It's nothing, I just remind you, I don't like childe'>you three words come out of your gossip sending station's mouth." Fleeting Time laughed happily, and blew a whistle by the way, which seemed to be in a very moody mood. Great. After speaking, he didn't care what Absalom's expression was and what his mood was now, so he walked past him unrestrainedly. Really waved his sleeves without taking away a cloud.

     "I obviously didn't say anything..." Absalom felt very wronged, he really didn't say anything, why did he get two fists from Fleeting Time for nothing. Although in the early game, these two fists did not leave any damage or traces, but for Fate, who has the lowest pain value of 30, it is very, very painful to be sturdy and hard. "Like to molest childe'> You are your business, why am I the one who gets beaten?

     Fleeting Time suddenly stopped and turned to look at Absalom with a sullen smile. Absalom was so scared that he turned his head and looked elsewhere, pretending to say nothing, and even played a song that was out of tune.

     Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows, satisfied that Absalom had surrendered to his own lust, so he walked towards the Guild Hall.Until this time, the deputy guild leader of Guild who had been watching the excitement sang and whispered before looking at Absalom. He sighed and said, "Little dragon, you seem to be very awkward when you meet Fleeting Time. You seem to be from the west. The number one Sorcerer in the mainland, you don’t give this title a long face."

     Absalom glared and sang and whispered: "You have the ability to provoke that evil star, go and provoke one to show me, I want to know if you are counseling in front of him."

     Religiously groaned, remembering the scene of his fiasco in Fleeting Time's hands, shrank his head, and shook his head: "I didn't say anything."

     But everyone likes to listen to gossip, the difference is just like more or less. Absalom is the kind of person who likes a little bit more, and the soft chanting is the kind of person who likes a little bit less than a little more...

     Based on this situation, Sing Sing and whisper will certainly not let go of all opportunities to ask Absalom, the gossip sending station, to ask gossip: "By the way, Xiaolong, I just saw a lot of noise in the world, is it Fleeting Time playing Arena? Lost to childe'>you?""According to the world's statement, it should be that the team of Fleeting Time lost to the team where childe'>you belongs, but Fleeting Time and childe'>you did not tell the difference." It is rare for someone to dare to discuss Fleeting Time with themselves. Absalom, of course, the gossip of this slut guy will not let go of this opportunity.

     So I saw Absalom, the guild leader of Genesis, the largest Guild leader in the western continent, and his deputy guild leader, chanting and whispering, sitting on the edge of the square at Guild’s resident, huddling their heads together, and whispering Up.

     "Ahsiee" Ye Ci sneezed into a big sneeze. I don't know why, but since she left the Arena hall, her ears have been so hot, as if there was a fire. After the battle with Fleeting Time, she suddenly felt very tired, so she planned to park the number in the Quest lobby and then offline to take a rest.

     Before people walked to the Quest lobby, her private channel rang. After connecting, it was Moon Green Hill.

     "Is there any news?" Ye Ci didn't greet him, and went straight to the subject.

     "Ok.""I'm waiting for you in a private room in the lobby of the Red Lake City Quest. You know how to come. Come here by yourself." Ye Ci exhaled deeply. It seems that the only thing you want to go offline is to put it aside temporarily. Up. In fact, she is quite contradictory now. On the one hand, she is looking forward to hearing about Moon Green Hill soon, so that she can also prepare as soon as possible. But on the other hand, she doesn't expect Moon Green Hill to come. After all, as long as Moon Green Hill contacts her, it means that her recent good days of comfort are over.

     This is the case now, her heart is really contradictory.

     As a well-known person in Honghu City, Ye Ci's house naturally has a lot of good things. It's like a goblet inlaid with various gems on this table, like an extremely expensive wine placed in the cabinet, together with all the extravagant furnishings and decorations, there is nothing that does not indicate that Ye Ci is in Red Lake City. Status.

     When Moon Green Hill pushed away Ye Ci's house, only Ye Ci was sitting on the high-backed chair with gorgeous embroidery, quietly looking out the window. She rarely has such a quiet and silent expression. In Moon Green Hill’s memory, Ye Ci’s expression is not domineering or pretentious, but she seems to be the other side of a person, quiet. Quiet Chen is placed in the sun.It turns out that everyone has two sides, as if there must be a shadow under the sun, even the childe'>you who always gives people a cold feeling.

     Hearing Moon Green Hill coming in, Ye Ci turned his head slowly, glanced at him, and then said with a sense of dismay, "Sit down. You know where you want to eat and what you want to drink, do it yourself. Right."

     Moon Green Hill's brows raised slightly, and the corners of his lips had a big smile: "What? Seeing you like this, it doesn't seem to welcome me."

     "Isn't it, seeing you, I will find out how poor I am. When I see you, I know that money will make the Devil turn millstones in this world, and I am a pauper." Ye Ci ridiculed himself. He raised the corner of his mouth, reached out and picked up the wine bottle on the table, and poured a glass of wine into the goblet placed in front of the opposite seat.

     The color of deep amber reflects the devastating light in the wine glass. It makes people feel dazzling and beautiful.

     Moon Green Hill and rude sat down, and then picked up the glass of wine that Ye Ci poured for him. He was not in a hurry to drink, but shook it first, and then leaned in front of him and took a sip, a peculiar smell of wine immediately spread over the surface, he took a deep breath, and then opened it. He looked at Ye Ci and said, "How much do you think this wine would sell in reality?"Ye Ci put on a fake smile: "I can't afford it anyway."

     Moon Green Hill hooked his mouth and said nothing. Instead, drain the cup in one gulp and put down the cup.

     Ye Ci looked at his drinking posture and smiled: "You guy, looking at the first half, you have a good taste in drinking, but what about the second half? Where are you tasting, totally..." She did not continue Going on, just paused there, Moon Green Hill already understood what she meant anyway.

     "So what?" Moon Green Hill laughed haha: "Being a human being, as long as you feel happy, what kind of taste is used to pretend to be deceiving, so I won't follow the prescribed order. , It’s simply to find sin for yourself."

     This is quite to Ye Ci's appetite. Probably, she is the so-called wild boar who can't eat fine chaff.

     "Don't talk about it, let's say you asked me to do it." Moon Green Hill squinted his eyes, and then opened the chatterbox: "The relationship between Sunny Weizhao and Thousand Sunsets is very strange recently."

     "strange?""Yes, it's weird." Moon Green Hill nodded. "Although I am not interested in the little-named little person named Sunny Weizhao, I still checked everything about her carefully because of you." When he got here, he paused: "Including, real life." When he said this, he kept his eyes fixed on Ye Ci, wanting to see some different emotions and subtle clues on her face. However, he was a little disappointed.

     Ye Ci in front of Moon Green Hill has always maintained the posture he had just walked in, and that expression, calmly seemed to be a wax statue that had been carved a long time ago, and there has never been a life. Even when she heard that she was investigating the real life of Sunny Weizhao, she didn't even shake her eyelashes.

     Moon Green Hill had to admire the calmness of this woman.

     She absolutely knows the inextricable relationship between Qingri Weizhao's real life and herself, and she also absolutely knows what it means when a person's game life is connected to real life. However, even so, she was still so peaceful, and Furui Bubo's dead silence."Childe'>you, you have to know, if I find out the real life under the sunshine, it means..." Moon Green Hill paused after talking about this, and then slowly, slowly, with A very gentle tone, as if telling something that has nothing to do with everyone in this room: "I also know your real life."

     Ye Ci looked at Moon Green Hill like this, she didn't want to explore what Moon Green Hill was thinking. If her memory is correct, Moon Green Hill is a businessman, but in essence it is indeed a worthy person. Because of this, she is not afraid that Moon Green Hill will miss anything.

     She just twitched the corner of her mouth faintly, revealing a slight arc: "So what?"

     Yeah, so what?

     Moon Green Hill was blocked by this question for a while, and was stunned, not knowing how to answer Ye Ci. After a while, he was quite surprised and said: "What? You are not surprised at all."

     "What's surprising." Ye Ci didn't seem to care about what Moon Green Hill said. She was just quietly stating a fact: "When I asked you for the first time, I had already expected it. Today’s matter. Since I dare to invite you, I am not afraid of the consequences after I invite you."Ye Ci's words also gave Moon Green Hill an admiring feeling. The woman in front of him felt completely different from the information he had investigated. He just looked at her in a daze.

     "What? I disappoint you in real life?"

     Moon Green Hill looked at Ye Ci carefully and confirmed her calmness, her open-mindedness was all from the bones, and then slowly exhaled, and after a long time, she smiled bitterly and said: " Not disappointed, just..."


     "It's just that you in the game and you in reality make me feel that you are not alone."

     "Where did you say this?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows: "It's hard for you to investigate the wrong person?"

     "You are doubting my professionalism." Moon Green Hill shook his head, then smiled: "Are you really only nineteen years old?".

     "What?" Ye Ci smiled faintly. The question for Moon Green Hill is still serene: "Don't I look like nineteen years old?".

     Moon Green Hill shook his head firmly in response to Ye Ci's rhetorical question: "It's not like, it's not like at all. From the first time I saw you, you gave me the feeling that you are a stubborn and simple person, you are smooth and snobbish. His character will definitely not be nineteen years old. At least he can only reach twenty-nine years old."Ye Ci laughed out loud this time, she propped her head and looked at Moon Green Hill. Isn't it twenty-nine? Counting the days in her last life, she is more than twenty-nine years old, she has almost reached the 30-year-old mark. What's more, she has experienced the life and death of Samsara in the previous life, and she has long looked down on many things.

     She easily changed the subject: "Are you here to talk to me about my age?".

     "No, let's say that the sunny day is better." Moon Green Hill felt from Ye Ci's calm and unwavering expression that she was not interested in the current topic, so he followed her and changed the topic. And when he changed the topic, he cut directly into the main point, "The person who hurt you and Bai Mo is actually not just Dong Yin."

     "Is there still He Xiao?".


     Ye Ci frowned, thought for a while, then sighed and said, "Moon Green Hill, I actually have a problem that I don't understand."

     "what is the problem.""Although, my relationship with Thousand Sunsets has been very bad, but it hasn't been to the point of tearing my face, but why does he want to interfere with me and Dong Yin this time? Is it just because Dong Yin is his girlfriend?" Ye Ci shook his head: "As far as I know about Thousand Sunsets, this person is definitely not someone who will make trouble for the benefit of a woman and himself. Although, I have been reluctant to talk to him in the game, but he also knows that the game is As long as we keep moving forward, as long as we don't tear our skin apart, then we must still have a chance to cooperate, but why is he going to deal with me now?"

     "Do you know the principle of two evils, whichever is the lesser?". Moon Green Hill did not directly answer Ye Ci's words, but instead threw a question.

     "Of course I understand this, but what does it have to do with this matter?"

     "Because you are the lesser side after the two evils."

     "Oh?" Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. She was suddenly interested in this matter, so she motioned to Moon Green Hill to continue.

     "I just said that there is something strange between Thousand Sunsets and the sunny day, do you remember?".

     "remember.""Do you think it would be strange between these two people, what is the main reason?" Moon Green Hill suddenly became a tempting guide, guiding Ye Ci step by step towards the final answer.

     What could it be? Ye Ci lowered his eyes and thought about it carefully. In fact, it is not difficult to get the answer: "There are two questions surrounding Thousand Sunsets and Dong Yin. The first is feelings. The second is money."

     "It's no wonder that Dong Yin wants to deal with you, you really see it well."

     "It's just that I'm familiar enough with her."

     "They broke up." Moon Green Hill suddenly threw out an answer that could blow Ye Ci stunned.

     This answer made Ye Ci, who was originally calm, stunned, and it took him a long time to twitch his lips: "I want it."

     "You do want to get the end, but you can't think of the process." Moon Green Hill poured himself a glass of wine. He felt that he was talking too much, and he should use such a good wine to treat himself well: "The end Very popular, but the process is really terrible."

     "You have a great appetite. When you say this, I, who has always been not interested in gossip, are also interested in this matter.""You are not interested because you are interested in this matter, but because this matter has something to do with you, you are interested." When it comes to bite words and chew characters, Moon Green Hill is a Top two.

     However, it is clear that such bite words and chew characters make Ye Ci very upset. She frowned and said, "Is it interesting?".

     "Okay, let's talk about the point." Moon Green Hill chuckled a few times: "Last time I had the Dungeon battle with Mad Willow, Thousand Sunsets lost in the end. I think you know this. Then the Steel Blooded Battle Spear was divided into I have two Guilds, one is Iron Blood and the other is Zhan Ge. It turned out that Zero Arsenic, the deputy guild leader of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, went to the Guild where Mad Willow was located.

     Ye Ci tapped the arm of the chair with his fingers impatiently, and looked at Moon Green Hill quietly.

     "And I also said that the old man will not give up Thousand Sunsets so quickly. Although this person is not as good as Mad Willow's potential, but, after all, he is a person who has been with the old man for so many years. venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time is comparable to Mad Willow. Therefore, the old man decided to set up a long-term plan. In this long-term plan, whoever wins in the end can finally inherit the position of the old man." Moon Green Hill Smiled slightly: "So, the old man gave each of them a sum of money, the same amount of money.""I suddenly felt that I was watching a TV series. The plot of the TV series is so bad." Ye Ci is really a little sleepy. She is a flat-headed commoner, even if one day is rich, at best, she will be a nouveau riche. She will definitely be involved in these things for a lifetime. It doesn't matter.

     "This is what you said when we first met, remember how I answered your no? Art works are derived from life and are higher than life, but the real real life is more bloody than art works. Thousands of times."

     Ye Ci sighed, she remembered in a daze that she and Moon Green Hill seemed to have said this. Although she is not interested in this kind of wealthy grudges at all, but since this matter is linked to her life, she still has to be patient and listen to all these things. "and then?"

     "Then?" Moon Green Hill poured himself another glass of wine, and smiled: "I just said that Thousand Sunsets has a very wide network and a wide range of money. This is his advantage. It is definitely not a venturing from Mad Willow. One's thatched hut for the first time can be compared, right?" He didn't wait for Ye Ci's answer, and went on to say: "Then...venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time. It’s not necessarily a benefit at all. At least compared with Thousand Sunsets, one thing is good."


     "He doesn't have that many contacts and money?""Didn't you just say that this is an advantage?". Ye Ci was so fainted by Moon Green Hill, what else did this guy say.

     Moon Green Hill laughed haha: "From the perspective of dialectical materialism, everything has two sides. Once it has an S side, it must have a B side. You can’t just see the S side. Just ignore his SB side, okay?".

     Ye Ci followed Moon Green Hill and laughed a few times. This guy is not funny at all when he speaks.

     "Thousand Sunsets has a wide network of contacts and money, and he is doomed to spend more money to maintain these contacts and money, otherwise he will waste all one's previous efforts. And Mad Willow does not need to spend this wrong money. ."

     Ye Ci understands what Moon Green Hill means: "You wouldn’t mean that the money that the old man gave was actually not too much. The money given to Thousand Sunsets was not enough for him to fill in those connections and money holes, but for Mad Willow’s words are a big deal."

     "Yes, that's what I meant." Moon Green Hill looked at Ye Ci with a very approving look: "You said just now, Thousand Sunsets will never ruin your future for a woman, and vice versa. It can also be said that Thousand Sunsets is a man who can sell everything for his own future. In order to get more money, in order to be able to defeat Mad Willow, Thousand Sunsets has the last trump card.""This trump card will not be Dong Yin."

     "How could it be Dong Yin. The Dong Yin family's money was lost in the battle between Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets." Moon Green Hill suddenly said unkindly: "Women marry a rich man It's called a sparrow to become a phoenix. What is it called if a man marries a rich woman? Those who eat soft food."

     Ye Ci seemed to understand the rise and fall of the terrain all at once, but she did not even change her expression: "Thousand Sunsets is not a poor man, even if he wants to marry a rich woman, it is also called the families are well-matched. in terms of social status Okay."

     "You are right. In short, the last trump card of Thousand Sunsets is his single status. It is undeniable that Thousand Sunsets himself is still very attractive, at least for a large number of women, he has all the prince charming. Advantages." Moon Green Hill smiled a little take joy in calamity and delight in disaster: "Since we are all here, you might as well guess, who is the woman Thousand Sunsets will marry?"

     "How would I know."

     "Give you a hint, this person, you know."This made Ye Ci stunned. How could Thousand Sunsets marry someone she knows? Since it is not Dong Yin, who is it? It won't be one of those boring guys in Upward Ho. Ye Ci shook her head. What on earth was she guessing, how could she guess that Upward Ho was inside? Suddenly, someone climbed into her mind. She couldn't help but exclaimed: "It won't be peacock blue, right?"

     "Hey, childe'>you, has anyone ever said that you can actually be a detective?"

     "It's really her" Ye Ci still doesn't quite believe it: "She has a lot of money at home." It's really hard to tell, but I think about it, if it wasn't for the wealth of the family, how could she raise it like this? A princess who doesn't know the heights of the sky?

     "Of course I am rich, but I have a relationship with the old man. Although Thousand Sunsets doesn't like Peacock Blue very much, Peacock Blue is the only daughter. If you marry her, wouldn't it be equivalent to marrying a golden mountain?". Moon Green Hill said as it should be by rights.

     Ye Ci suddenly felt that these wealthy people were really sad, and even marriage had to be put together with calculations. Although she didn't think she was a good person, she still regarded marriage very sacred. At least, it can't be based on this calculation."Then Dong Yin can agree?". Ye Ci started to feel a headache. She stretched out her hand and gently rubbed her temples. According to her understanding of Dong Yin, although she has many human bad habits, her feelings for Thousand Sunsets are absolutely true. From her gaze looking at Thousand Sunsets, she can read her emotions that are as hot as the fire in her heart.

     "Thousand Sunsets actually doesn't really like Dong Yin. If I didn't make a mistake in the investigation, Thousand Sunsets first dated Dong Yin, but because Dong Yin and you are good friends, I want to hold you back." Moon Green Hill smiled Laughing: "It's a pity that I couldn't directly associate with you at the time. If he could directly associate with you, he probably wouldn't pay attention to Dong Yin."

     Ye Ci is not at all angry about Moon Green Hill's ridicule. This is indeed a fact. Thousand Sunsets is such a person and can definitely do such a thing.

     "So, now that he has a better choice, of course he won't be asking for Dong Yin." Moon Green Hill sighed: "It's a pity Dong Yin, so Baba likes Thousand Sunsets, but in the end it still ends up like this. After Thousand Sunsets proposed to break up, Dong Yin did a lot of retention, and naturally it was of no use. At this time, you don’t know why, and you seem to be in a deadlock."Ye Ci sighed, how this happened so coincidental, it was in a hurry, there was originally no great thing, why did it become like this in the end.

     "Seeing that Dong Yin could never keep Thousand Sunsets anymore, she made two requests. First, return her all the money invested in her family. Peacock Blue is very neat and agreed. Peacock Blue loves Thousand Sunsets, so Dong Yin’s entanglement also made her very upset. This time, Dong Yin’s request, Peacock Lan, naturally agreed immediately, only asking Dong Yin not to entangle Thousand Sunsets. And the second point..." Moon Green Hill said this, looked up at Ye Ci, and did not continue.

     Ye Ci already knew everything, she exhaled heavily, and continued to follow Moon Green Hill's words: "And the second point is to teach me a good meal, right?"

     "You are really smart."

     "It has nothing to do with being smart or not. If you can't guess at this point, it's mentally retarded." Ye Ci rolled his eyes."You just asked me why Thousand Sunsets could promise Dong Yin to retaliate against you. That's why. Although you are important to his development in the game, it is in sight but unattainable after all. The most important thing for him now is the The funding of fire burns one's eyebrows naturally pays more attention to peacock blue things. And you, compared with peacock blue, are really not that important. What's more, Thousand Sunsets has done this very well, and I have also paid for it. Only after finding out that the tremendous strength has something to do with him, if you change someone to investigate, it is estimated that you will not be able to get the current answer." Moon Green Hill shrugged, having said that, he promised Ye Ci to investigate the matter. All investigations are clear.

     "You are probably very angry right now." Moon Green Hill looked at Ye Ci's face and asked suddenly.

     The word knows what Moon Green Hill refers to: "Actually, I guessed the result the day I was beaten, but I couldn’t confirm the things that I couldn’t confirm. I didn’t dare to jump to conclusions. Now, in fact, the result is suddenly not very important to me."

     "You want to retaliate against them."

     Moon Green Hill did not question, but said affirmatively. Although his contact with Ye Ci was only buying news and selling news, as a Moon Green Hill business, he was still very proud of his ability to see people.Ye Ci didn't answer, and was uncommitted.

     "As a friend, I would advise you. In real life, your current ability is not the opponent of Thousand Sunsets at all, and even for Dong Yin, you are also impotent. If you really want revenge, it is better to take other ways "Moon Green Hill pushed aside the cup, put his hands on the table, and quietly looked at Ye Ci who was lying in the chair opposite, speaking very sincerely and sincerely.

     Ye Ci nodded: "I know, I'm not that stupid. I know my own weight."

     Moon Green Hill nodded and let out a relieved breath, he stood up: "Thank you for the good wine, I have something to do, so I'll leave."

     "No." Ye Ci said lightly, turning his head to the other side and looking out the window. It's strange that she didn't feel any heavy feeling in her mood, but rather calm, as calm as the sea before the storm.

     Moon Green Hill walked to the door. When he reached the doorknob with both hands, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Ye Ci and said, "By the way, childe'>, do you know Shengshi?".

     "That Guild, the largest locust in the world of online games?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows."Yes, it's the locust Guild. They took money from the rival of the Honor Group and wanted to enter Fate. The goal is to destroy Fate." Moon Green Hill's eyes were sad. It’s been too long."

     Ye Ci laughed. She said half true and half false: "Why be so sad? What will happen tomorrow? You will know it the day after tomorrow. If you think about it now, there is no use at all."

     For Ye Ci's comfort, Moon Green Hill didn't feel the slightest relaxation, he smiled bitterly: "if only it were so."

     After all, he didn't stay anymore, opened it, and went out. After the door was closed, Ye Ci turned his head and looked out the window he had just stared at, where the sun was shining brightly. Now everyone in the game can't predict that in the near future, that one will bring Fate and the majority of players a storm of almost extinction.

     I don't know how long I have been sitting there, Ye Ci contacted Bai Mo.

     "I'm tired, I want to go offline."

     "What's the matter?" Bai Mo is pushing Dungeon. Although it is Main Tank, he is very busy, but for Ye Ci, he has always answered questions.

     "It's okay, it just feels very tired." Ye Ci closed her eyes and pressed her fingers heavily on her temples. She had to think about how to face the storm in the future to be alone."I thought you were tired of molesting Fleeting Time." Bai Mo started talking nonsense with a bad mouth.

     "what are you saying?"

     "The world has been in trouble for almost an hour, don't you know?" Although Bai Mo is working as a Main Tank in Dungeon, he is the eyes watch six roads and the ears listen in all directions for everything that happens in the world. , There will never be any news.

     Ye Ci immediately opened the world, and sure enough, there are still a large group of people in gossip. They have added the enthusiasm of the encounter between Ye Ci and Fleeting Time today into a very beautiful love story, only the end of the enduring while the world lasts.

     It’s fine if you don’t read this kind of news. Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth after reading it. What is this? There are too many people in the world. She really can’t complain, so she had to point her finger at that. criminal ringleader, main offender. In an instant, she remembered what Fleeting Time had said to herself when she left the Arena. She suddenly jumped up from the stool like a firecracker that was lit, and the empty hand, empty fist waved in the air. , It seems that every punch can hit the hateful smiling face of Fleeting Time.

     After masturbating herself for a while, she sat down again panting. And Bai Mo's news came in at the right time: "How's it? Did you swear at the air just now? Or a violent fight?"Ye Ci looked around in surprise, did Bai Mo install a camera in his house? How can I know my actions so clearly.

     "No need to look around, I know it's because I am your brother and I understand your virtues." Bai Mo smiled quite proudly.

     Such pride really made Ye Ci feel very upset. She raised her eyebrows, then snorted and said, "I just have a news to tell you."


     "Moon Green Hill came to see me just now." Ye Ci looked out the window faintly, speaking like serene.

     Chapter 23 the rise and fall of the terrain

     Chapter 23 the rise and fall of the terrain