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Chapter Directory 226 Mithril
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 24 Mithril

     Chapter 24 Mithril

     Ye Ci is offline, it's still early, there is still a while to eat. So she took a shower while Bai Mo was not offline. When she finished the shower, Bai Mo was already sitting in the living room waiting for her. Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan have not gone offline yet, and they are probably still studying how to avoid losing money online.

     Ye Ci wiped her hair while sitting on the sofa next to Bai Mo. She looked at Bai Mo's face, that face was very calm, so calm that it was impossible to predict what was going on in his heart. Ye Ci did not speak, and Bai Mo did not speak. The two people sat quietly, only the boring programs on the TV made noisy and disturbing noises, which added an inexplicable contrast to this silence. Tune.

     "Is the result what we suspected?". I don't know how long it took before Bai Mo asked no one else.

     "Yes, and..." Ye Ci paused slightly and did not continue.

     "Thousand Sunsets are also wrapped in it." Bai Mo smiled. In fact, he had already expected that a little girl who had lost his momentum and broke labor had such a great ability to buy and beat others. The relationship between the top and the bottom is so well managed, that characters like Bai Zixuan have not been found out."You knew it a long time ago." Ye Ci was not surprised at Bai Mo's foresight. Bai Mo's father was an official in a nearby city. This official was not a small official. Since Bai Mo was a child, Bai Zixuan had a smooth career. It can be said that Bai Mo was born in such an officialdom since he was a child. .

     Bai Mo has Bai Mo's past, those that Ye Ci doesn't know. And Ye Ci also has Ye Ci's past, which Bai Mo doesn't know. They were just pure brothers and sisters together, but they turned their backs, who was what ghost, and who was what spirit, only I knew best in my heart.

     Ye Ci sometimes thinks that, in fact, a child from a family background like Bai Mo is definitely not a child who has never seen him before. On the other hand, what Bai Mo looks like, Ye Ci can't guess, and doesn't want to guess.

     She only needs to know that Bai Mo is very good to her.

     "Moon Green Hill told me a very boring story. Would you like to listen to it?" Ye Ci used his fingers as a comb, gently shaved his hair, with a cool smile on his lips: "The result is very old-fashioned. , And the process is very bloody.""I'm just boring." Bai Mo did not know where he took out a pack of cigarettes and lightly lit one. I have been here with Ye Ci for so long. Actually Ye Ci has hardly seen Bai Mo smoke. But now that he is able to light and handle cigarettes, I know in my heart that I am afraid that Bai Mo smoking is not a day or two.

     She cocked her mouth, and then repeated the boring story that Moon Green Hill had told herself to Bai Mo. Bai Mo didn't speak from beginning to end, but kept a very serious listening attitude. After Ye Ci finally ended the story, he laughed: "No wonder you are boring, this story is really boring. "Then he twitched the corners of his mouth again: "I said that my dad can't do anything here. It turns out that the county magistrate is better off.

     "What do you want to do?" Ye Ci asked suddenly.

     "Don't worry about this." Bai Mo shook his head. He didn't want Ye Ci to know about some things.

     Ye Ci saw that Bai Mo insisted not to tell himself, and did not ask more. He just told Bai Mo what Moon Green Hill had advised him on: "Thousand Sunsets has a big family, not just having money. Ability, you may not be able to deal with him, and the Dong Yin family should also return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan now. They have to think again and again before acting whenever they do..."Bai Mo waved his hand and signaled Ye Ci to stop talking. It seemed that he didn't want to continue this topic, so Ye Ci stopped there and stopped talking.

     "Moon Star got a good enchantment recipe, but the materials are hard to get." Bai Mo turned the topic to the other side.

     "What formula for enchanting?" Moon Star is now Guild's only advanced casting master. Weapons, armor and enchanting formulas from him are by the thousands and tens of thousands. Every moonlight is what he makes, in the trading shop. It is one of the sources of money for Upward Ho to earn a lot of money.

     "The power is increased by 38, and the hit is an additional 50 weapon armor pieces. In addition, it is said that there is a mysterious attribute, but the formula is sold off." Bai Mo said about the game, the expression on his face looked good. Less, but after reporting the attributes of the piece, he sighed again: "However, there is a material shortage in it now. Even if it is our Upward Ho, the entire Guild has only two pieces."Ye Ci raised her eyebrows, she knew what Bai Mo was talking about. Although she paid little attention to what was in the Guild warehouse, Ye Ci knew what it was after only Bai Mo said the rarity of the item. Although Bai Mo only knows that this thing is not easy to get, he has no idea what vital role this thing will play in the future development of the game.

     "You mean mithril." Ye Ci smiled.

     "Hey, saying that you are a great god does not underestimate you. As long as I bring up anything in the whole game, you can actually know." Bai Mo originally wanted to leave a suspense and hang Ye Ci's appetite, but he didn't think of Ye Ci. Just saying the name of this thing directly surprised Bai Mo.

     Ye Ci just smiled bitterly, she knew everything about the details. If Bai Mo is also reborn, he will definitely not be unfamiliar with this thing. You should know that Fate almost broke down in the Flourishing World because of this thing.mithril is a very precious metal in Western mythology. It is not only light but also very tough. More importantly, mithril has a very mysterious attribute that can greatly help its own attribute improvement. In other words, mithril itself does not have any special effects, but it is like a magnifying glass. Use it to create equipment with fire attributes. Then the damage caused by the equipment’s fire attributes will be greatly magnified. Use it to create holy light attributes. The damage caused by his holy light attribute will also be greatly increased.

     More importantly, after the opening of the new expansion "New Continent", the role of the mithril mine has been infinitely magnified.

     By that time, all players will find that all equipment produced by Dungeon after level 70 must be worn with a close-fitting mithril shirt. As more and more players reach level 70, and more and more people lay down Dungeon, the demand for mithril is also higher and higher.

     You know, if you can't wear the equipment produced by the level 70 Dungeon, then even if you reach level 80, you can't enter the level 80 Dungeon for adventure. In this way, from the public's point of view, the role of mithril has been exerted to infinity.It is precisely because of this infinite enlargement that Fate almost collapsed. Of course, Ye Ci thinks that the purpose of planning to enlarge the mithril mine at the beginning was nothing more than the existence of a group of top players, but he did not expect that this was firmly grasped by Shengshi, and the mithril was swept away, which almost led to the death of the game .

     Although the mithril mine is very useful, but... this thing is not rubbish on the street after all, but a rare and rare material, so until now, the production of the mithril mine is basically the BOSS drop in the Dungeon, except for this. In addition, everyone did not know that there are other ways to obtain this precious thing.

     Of course, of course, in the current game, only a few players, or in other words, only the major Guilds with advanced life skills players understand the rarity and preciousness of this stuff. For the majority of ordinary players, let alone understand, they have not even heard of it.

     But is mithril really the only way to get it?

     Of course not. If Mithril can only be obtained through the BOSS drop, it is absolutely impossible for the later Shengshi to use him to do sky and the earth turning upside down. mithril, as a mysterious and precious mineral, has always been Concealment out of everyone's eyes.However, as long as it is a mineral, no matter how precious it is, then it has mineral veins, mines, and mines.

     mithril is no exception.

     This is how it is designed in the game. On the entire Fate continent, there are only four mithril veins, which are distributed on the four continents in the south, east, north, and west. This has not changed. Even if ten years later, new continents and new fields are opened, this has not changed at all. The plan at that time was actually designed so that the first four continents of southeast, northwest and northwest would not have no players on the four continents due to the opening of the following expansions, so the four mithril veins were only placed on these four continents. .

     However, none of them thought that after the prosperity came in, they didn't know what method they used to know the specific location of the four mithril veins, and then sent heavy soldiers to guard the veins and controlled all the mithril transactions in the entire game.

     Such a control means that the price of mithril is completely in the hands of Shengshi Guild. They set the price of mithril very high, to the point of horrifying. Big Guild players can soak in Dungeon all day, so there will be more or less mithril production, but what about retail players? In order to continue playing, I can only earn money desperately, and then exchange for a very rare mithril to use to continue the game.After all, retail players are redundant with Guild players, but the price of Mithril in the prosperous world has changed three times a day. It stays high. In order to make money, retail players have to switch to starting life careers. Once more players in life careers increase, the inherent economy in the market The pattern has been changed, things are getting cheaper, and the game currency in their hands is becoming less and less. Players have to inject a large amount of real currency into the game, and the large amount of real currency injection has led to various corporate consortia in reality. Put more money into the game...

     This is a terrible chain, the source is in the hands of Shengshi. Guild, who had always smashed the game by numbers and massacres, this time in Fate, he did not kill people, nor did he use human tactics. Instead, he used a more terrifying economic restriction than slaughter and human tactics. , The entire Fate almost fell apart.

     When the situation was almost irretrievable, Wang Jiangnan stepped forward and issued a military order. With one person, he finally managed to bear all the pressure in such a frenzy of anger. In the glory group of the previous life, this is a story that was widely circulated in private, and Ye Ci was also told by people within the glory group.It's just that this kind of story is wonderful to say, but people who have not really experienced it will never know how that dark storm started, how it spread, and how it ended in the end. For those who listen to the story, it will always be just a story. Only for those who have experienced it, it is a trembling heart alarmed, trembling in fear that people recall.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath, she didn't even want to remember the storm.

     Under such economic collapse, under such mixed theory, it seems that human nature has been given the greatest consideration.

     Sometimes Ye Ci thinks, maybe, in that storm, people can no longer distinguish between where is the game and where is the reality. And in the last life, isn't he just a person in this confusion?

     "What's the explosion rate of this thing?" Ye Ci took back his thoughts that had been far away, and looked at Bai Mo and asked."Don't mention it, the explosion rate of this thing is simply cheating. When the first piece came out, I found it was Purple Item, but there was no specific usage method on it, so I had to receive it from the Guild warehouse. I also kept forgetting it. After this incident, when Moon Star enthusiastically came to me for the mihril with the formula, I realized that this thing is so useful, so I have been paying great attention to collecting this thing, but unfortunately, the burst rate is too low. Yes, you see, we have also been playing Dungeon for half a year, and we have produced five yuan at most. I have already given three yuan to Moon Star, and only two yuan are left as decorations in the Guild warehouse." Things, Bai Mo was shaking his head, sighing.

     Ye Ci smiled, she didn't tell Bai Mo to rely on such a low-level Dungeon to earn mihril, it was simply a dream. She didn't even tell Bai Mo that she actually knew the specific location of the Eastern Continent mithril vein. Not only did she know the location of the Eastern Continent, she also knew the location of the mithril veins on the other four continents.

     It is best to pretend to discover these things by accident. However, time must be hurry, because the time for Guild to enter Fate is getting shorter and shorter. If they wait until they enter Fate, and do these things, she is afraid it will be too late."Don't worry, anyway, these things will definitely be where water flows, a canal is formed in the future. Since the game planner can design this stuff, it will definitely not let it go to war without just cause. Why bother. Besides, now this Although armor pieces are precious, isn’t it a waste to use weapons that we only have level 3 and 40 on average? Everyone quickly level up and upgrade to level 60. Wouldn’t it be better to use weapons with level sixty?" Ye Ci cleverly Unravel this Bai Mo, after all, this is something you want to worry about but you can't worry about it.

     Bai Mo took a deep breath and nodded.

     After Bai Mo learned that Dong Yin and Thousand Sunsets had jointly cleaned up the rise and fall of the terrain of Ye Ci, he seemed very calm, as if nothing happened. Since Ye Ci has agreed not to care about what he wants to do with Dong Yin and Thousand Sunsets, it is naturally impossible to ask again. She was just thinking carefully about how to use other people's hands to clean up all these disgusting people and things. For example, stealing the warehouse and making small troubles, although it was very refreshing at the time, it would leave too much trouble for oneself, and it could not make the other party suffer serious injury. More importantly, if these little tricks are used too much, they will inevitably attract the attention of the other party, so when you want to deal with the other party, I am afraid that they will be guarded.

     This time, Ye Ci has to do it or not, and do it as soon as it does--cut weeds and eliminate the rootsBefore that, she had to do only one thing, conceal one's strengths and bide one's time, preserve and nurture one's spirit, quietly waiting for the opportunity to come.

     The prosperous age is coming. But before the glorious Guild came, every player, every Guild would still live a normal life again, and no one would be unable to eat or sleep because of this news. Everyone's lives are still going on, so is Upward Ho, and so is Ye Ci.

     But it is worth mentioning that during this period, the official held a player photography contest. There are two categories, one is the video category, and the other is the photo category. The majority of players can actively contribute. For example, in the video category, there are three awards: drama, competition, and promotion. The photo category is divided into three categories: scenery, humanities team, and other miscellaneous items. This event is just an official test of the water, and it did not give players a lot of time, but even the official did not expect that there would be so many players participating, and the enthusiasm of the players would be so high, which also inspired the official to do it in the second year. The idea of the same activity. Of course, these are all things to come.

     The important thing is that in this year's event, several major categories of works really make people too much for the eye to take in.According to statistics, there are hundreds of thousands of works in the video category, and millions of works in the photo category. The government even organized a large panel of judges to watch these works every day, and it took a full two weeks before the final selection was made.

     Of course, the most concerned video category is the drama category. Whether it is men, women, young or old, naturally they pay special attention to stories of (of a person) sad beyond words, or comedy or tragedy. However, the sports category is no exception. Most of the videos in the sports category are videos of masters' tricks. Although the attention is not as good as the plot category, they are also particularly popular. After all, masters are scarce, and videos of masters' tricks are scarce. As for the propaganda category, it is not so popular in the other two categories.

     The most noticeable category in the photo category is the humanities team category. Most of this category is big and small Guild made some exquisite photos in order to promote his Guild, which is particularly eye-catching. And followed by the scenery category. In Fate, there are too many players whose goal is not how high their level is, what a fucking awesome strongman they are, they are more concerned about the mountains and rivers in Fate. Fate’s art works are really awesome, even in a bleak cemetery with dead bones, there is definitely a beautiful scenery that touches your heart.

     The common saying is well said, the world has never lacked beauty, only the eyes to discover beauty.And these players just acted as the eyes that discover beauty. Their footsteps are all over Fate, whether that map is extremely dangerous or not, and whether that map is barren or not. They took countless beautiful photos with their eyes of discovering beauty. This makes all the players, even the game artists, can't help but marvel, wow, it turns out that this map has such a beautiful scenery.

     It is for this reason that most of the comments after the first type of landscape photos are replies to the coordinates left by the player. It seems that many players can't help but go there to leave their best memories.

     It stands to reason that the photo category is not as popular as the video category. In the photo category, other miscellaneous categories are not as popular as the humanities team and the landscape category. However, this year is really a weird anomaly. Other miscellaneous categories have received extremely hot attention from players, and such attention has even affected the video category.

     This reason actually has something to do with Ye Ci. In the team where she and Fleeting Time met that day, there was an MM who was good at spotting gossip-yes, you remembered it correctly, she was full of moonlight.

     At that time, she filmed everything Ye Ci and Fleeting Time into a video and took a lot of photos.And the group of photos that attracted the most attention of the players is the continuous shooting of Fleeting Time and Ye Ci when they are about to end their duel. The above clearly recorded how Fleeting Time attacked childe'>you did not get kicked, and how he fell on the sand with childe'>you. If the photo here is only a recording of a duel between two people, then the following photo is enough to arouse the player's guess.

     The following photos are a series of more than a dozen shots, but the angles of the characters in the scene are exactly the same. Only the only difference is the time recorded by the system on the photo, as well as the words marked under the photo by the moonlight.

     The scene is like this: Fleeting Time is lying on the ground holding childe'>you ankle, and childe'>you also lying on the ground. The yellow sand billowed around the two of them, a desolate view.

     And this is the word marked in the moonlight below the photo. The first one: "childe'>you and Fleeting Time have been lying on the floor for five seconds, but they haven't moved. The situation in my team shows that childe'>you did not hang..."For the next dozen photos, the descriptions are basically the same, only the time is changed. Especially in the last few notes, it has vented the unbearable gossip heart of the photographer over the moonlight. She wrote: "What are they doing lying there? What are they talking about? I really want to know. Do you want to know?"

     "Oh my God, isn't this obviously a pushover, why are they lying on the ground and can't get up? The two great gods are looking at the stars and the moon. From wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject, when it comes to poetry, poetry, and then From chicken feathers and garlic skins to the ideal of life? I'm crazy, I really want to know"

     "How long do you have to lie down? If you have to lie down, can you stage some popular scenes, don't just lie down and stand upright, don't you hear the voice of the audience? We ask for extra drama, ask for extra drama."


     After sighing over these photos, the photo immediately following is the photo of two people standing up. The battle was over at that time, and the two seemed to run in the opposite direction to say goodbye. There is a comment on the photo at this time: "Do you think it's over here? Did you want to post it? Then you are definitely not a qualified gossip player. Remember, the highlight is always at the end."

     It is precisely because of this comment that the players who have dragged many posts to leave, have been patiently seeing the end of the photo.The last photo is actually a scene of Fleeting Time bending over and talking to Ye Ci, but because of the location of the Moonlight Station and the different shooting angles, it is easy to misunderstand. There are only a few words below this photo: "It can only be understood."

     This is the end of the photo, but the long moonlight made it clear that this group of photos was just taken by coincidence. If you want to watch the dynamic, you might as well find the video she posted at the same time under the video competition category.

     This was originally just a boring gossip that a little gossip girl couldn't bear to share with all the players. But in a story full of fictional screens, the real events brought about by such real characters are like a huge bomb suddenly exploded among the players, and the fluctuations caused can be described by stormy waves.

     Overnight, a hundred reply-to-one-page posts turned over dozens of pages, and there was a trend of superimposing geometric shapes step by step.

     And there is no shortage of hot spots in the reply.

     "Weak raised his hand and asked, are they in KISS for the last photo?"

     "Spoiler upstairs"



     "The MM god who took the photo commented"

     "Sure enough, full of adultery""Even the people of Eastern Continent and Western Continent can break through the resistance together, and even Fleeting Time and childe'>you can do the same. In an instant, I believe in love again."


     "I absolutely don't believe that Fleeting Time is the top god of our Western Continent. Such a person can look at childe'>you, childe'>you. The whole thing is the same. The Fleeting Time is big and not a foundation. It is impossible to find anyone. Find childe'>you'

     "Yes, we absolutely don't believe in this group of photos. You only took the last photo to be behind the childe'>you. It's just that the two people seem to have something from our perspective, but there is absolutely nothing. Time is big"


     "Childe'>Why is it not good? People are skinny and beautiful, which is not worthy of Fleting Time, this silver-haired bastard. Do you think you are a Western Continent bull X? Tell you that such characters as Fleeting Time are given to us childe'> I will want it"

     "Support our childe'>You never look down on Fleeting Time. You think, if the two of them team up, the equipment will conflict. Support childe.'> Lord You, the silver-haired bullies who despise Western Continent want to take this opportunity to beat us Eastern Continent’s idea"

     ...Any post, as long as it is too hot, can turn into a huge fight in the end. This post is no exception. From the very beginning of exposing gossip, it eventually became a player-to-play match between the east and west continents, while the north and south continents were irrelevant and pour oil on the fire.

     When Ye Ci knew about it, it was a bit outdated. At that time, three days had passed since the players on the East and West continents had been pinching each other. She looked at the post and only felt that the world was completely dark. With the idea of saying so many mistakes, she did not respond to the request of the majority of gossip players to clarify the matter, and Fleeting Time does not seem to have it.

     Faced with the huge gossip enthusiasm of the players throughout the game, the two people at the center of the vortex were surprisingly calm, as if dead. However, the more such silence, the more uncomfortable the player feels like a cat scratching.

     Ye Ci thinks that as long as this silence continues, this group of boring players will get tired of this sooner or later, so I don't care about them even more. Anyway, in Ye Ci's heart, the cleaner clears herself, she is just her, there is no need to live under the tongues of other players. What's more, she has more important things to do now.

     However, Ye Ci never thought that at the end of this farce, Fleeting Time unexpectedly jumped out unwilling to be lonely.

     In the post of that tall building, he posted three consecutive replies.The first one is: Yeah, the quality of the game warehouse of the host MM is not very good. The photos taken are obviously unclear and unprofessional~

     The second is: Why do you want to know what I discussed with the little childe'>? In fact, it's just a humble little agreement.

     The third article is: In addition, the host MM, have you solicited the opinions of the parties when posting videos and photos? If the little childe'> agree, I agree with both hands. If the little childe'> object, MM be careful not to let me see you, otherwise...

     It was these two replies that made the gossip photo incident that had come to an end once again set off a new incident, and this time the incident was even more violent than the previous one. It was so violent that Ye Ci had to unilaterally ask the official to delete posts.

     The reason is that these photos and videos were taken without their consent at all, so they requested their deletion. This point can actually delete the post, but obviously those official guys are also deeply interested in this gossip.

     When Ye Ci asked to delete the photo, the Customer Service MM who answered the phone asked quietly: "childe'>you, have you really kissed Fleeting Time? In the game."

     Ye Ci almost screamed at the time: "I have to complain if I don't have your job number."The little MM was so scared that he quickly called his Customer Service manager to deal with such things. Obviously, the Customer Service manager is much more skilled than the little MM in handling these things. He told Ye Ci that since there are two parties involved in the photo, the opinion of Fleeting Time should be sought. If Fleting Time agrees, the post will be deleted immediately. If Fleting Time disagrees, they can only wait until the two people reach an agreement. Do it.

     Such an answer made Ye Ci almost scolded his mother. Where is she going to find Fleeting Time? Isn't it obvious to be cheating?

     So, in the end, Ye Ci did not get what he wanted. This post became the tallest building in the Fate forum that year and was recorded in history. The end of the event was due to the fact that the entire photography contest finally came to an end, and the full moonlight became the biggest winner.

     She won the first place in other items in the photo category alone, with a generous bonus. And this video was originally a hot spot for competitions, but because it was repeated with the photo, it was not included in the awards ranking. However, Long Moonlight won another special award for this post-the "Annual Gossip Award".

     If this is just a big winner in the long moonlight, then the most surprising thing is that Fleeting Time was actually named the "Best Fanning Award" in this event...

     And Ye Ci also won an award-"Most Silent Protagonist Award".Although the award was officially given a very objective bonus, Ye Ci was entangled in her heart. This is probably the first time in her life that she feels that money is hot. Especially when she saw the money in the mailbox, she really felt sad.

     She obviously didn't do anything. Why is she now evasive as if she has done guilty of terrible crimes?

     For this matter, Fruit Jelly has a very insightful view: "What do you care about so much. As long as the money is available, everything else is a fart, don't mind."

     Well, all other things are farts.

     So, although this incident made Ye Ci very crazy, but in the end, it was really a fart. It's a small episode in her tight gaming life. Ye Ci has always been a person who is not likely to be affected by the environment. Therefore, even if this matter is upset, it does not affect Ye Ci's ability to earn the Medal of Undead and clear the veins of mithril.

     Just when the gossip incident was raging, Ye Ci has already brushed out a set of Bai Mo's set. When Bai Mo saw this set, his eyes were already straight. However, Bai Mo's current level is only forty-four. There is still a long way to go until he wears this set.As for the search for the mithril vein, Ye Ci did not slow down. It’s just that she only knew the specific location of the mithril mine in the previous life, but she didn’t know how to enter the mithril mine. In the previous life, Shengshi Guild never disclosed the secret of how to unearth the mithril mine. Even if Ci stood outside the mithril vein, she still couldn't find the way to get in.

     Sitting on a dead wood stump outside the mithril mine, Ye Ci took out the wine he brought with him and poured it into his mouth. She looked at this vein...

     Of course, it is a very big mountain now, and just after it is not there, it will become a huge mine, and from it, a steady flow will produce the rarest and more precious ore in the game-mithril. There will always be various killings and various PKs around this vein, and their purpose is the ore here.

     Ye Ci can almost see the blood-stained roads that happened on this map in his previous life. And this life? Will these reappear in this life? Back then, the prosperous age spent heavily to guard these mineral veins and constantly caused players to rob and fight. What about this life? The number of Upward Ho cannot be compared with that of Shengshi, so even if she discovers the mithril vein, how will Upward Ho defend it?Time is too tight, and Ye Ci feels unprecedented pressure when it is so tight.

     Chapter 24 Mithril

     Chapter 24 Mithril