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Chapter Directory 228 Chapter 26 Flash Flash
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 26 Flash Shot

     Chapter 26 Flash Shot

     When the old black dwarf said this, he stopped suddenly, gasping for breath. The gasping was not over yet, and even started coughing again. The cough was so large that it seemed to cough up the lungs. Out. Ye Ci looked at him like this, and even felt that his lungs were hurting.

     "Oh, I can't do it, I can't do it, I'm sick. I need medicine. I need medicine." The old black iron dwarf suddenly widened his eyes, with red bloodshot eyes. One hand was holding the clothes on his chest. I took Ye Ci in his hand: "Good fairy, go to the nearby Heifeng Mountain and bring me some cloudgrass, otherwise I won't be able to say anything when it's too late."

     Having said that, the old black iron dwarf rolled his eyes and fell into Ye Ci's arms with his head tilted.

     It's not dead, right... Ye Ci reached out and put his hand under the nose of the old black iron dwarf, and found a faint sniffle, confirming that he had just passed out, not died. So he placed him in the crack of the stone, carefully covered it with some straw, and then prepared to go to the Black Wind Mountain to collect some cloud grass for him.

     This dark iron dwarf, who had so much energy to speak so much just now, didn't tell her the clues directly, and controlled her to make a Gathering Quest. These plans were really choking.Ye Ci couldn't help but slander, and then recruited Ol’ Four and ran towards Heifeng Mountain.

     Because everyone's level is not up at this time, and the evil demon habitat is a small inconspicuous map near the hinterland of Eastern Continent, so neither Eastern Continent players nor other mainland players can see here. Ye Ci is riding Ol' Four on the hot plains of the evil demon's habitat. The hot wind blows through the air, and there are magic bullets thrown by the little demon from time to time around her. Less desolation.

     Although Ye Ci has basically been alone in the game since entering the game, she always has a sense of desolation that she cannot get rid of at this time, as if she is a person in the game from beginning to end, repeating it or not. Things that don't make much sense can be a little bit tired.

     Just when he was about to step into the boundaries of Heifeng Mountain, Ye Ci stopped, bent down, patted Ol' Four on the neck, and said lowly: "Ol' Four, you have always been alone, you Do you feel lonely?"Ol' Four tilted his head and looked at Ye Ci who was sitting on him. There was a weird gurgling sound in his throat, and his golden eyes became a little gentle. He stood there and moved a bit. Footsteps, whispering in a low voice. In fact, it didn't understand what Ye Ci was talking about, but the strong negative feelings emanating from the owner made it feel a little low.

     Ol’ Four's low chirping sound seemed to comfort Ye Ci.

     Simply is that Ye Ci is not a person who is particularly full of emotions. Her gaffe today is mostly related to the desolation of the map here. So I have to say that Fate is doing really well, like this kind of map, if you turn on the background music, in addition to hearing the realistic sound effects in this map, you can also hear the music that makes people cry. When Ye Ci first entered the game in his last life, he didn't know that the background music could be turned off, and he didn't care much.

     But with the improvement of the level and the more proficient technology, she gradually discovered that these background music can actually affect people's mood. This will affect the normal technical performance, so Ye Ci's background music has never been turned on since then.He patted Lao Tzu on the neck again, Ye Ci took out a few pieces of high-grade barbecue from the package and threw them to Ol’ Four. Now as her level increases, Ol' Four's level has also increased, and this guy’s taste has also improved. General food can no longer arouse her interest, even if she is fed, it can’t improve her mood. Favorability.

     Heifeng Mountain is a small mountain range located in the northwest of the evil demon habitat. The situation here is completely different from the evil demon habitat. Not only is the light dim, but even the dead trees on the rocks are also very annoying. Although the light in the habitat of the evil demon is not necessarily bright, at least it feels that the visibility is relatively high. It is just that the smoke and dust are heavier. It is not like this at all. If the player with poor night vision walks here, it will be light. This path full of potholes can also make people fall a lot of blood.The elf's night vision is pretty good, but Ye Ci jumped off Ol’ Four's back when he walked into Heifeng Mountain, cautious and solemn began to walk. There is not much complicated terrain here, there is only a narrow path in and out, the ground is full of large and small gravel and potholes, if you are not careful, you can easily fall into the potholes, although the health value will not drop much. , However, the pain that follows will last for a long time. In the DPS of the holographic game, their weapon is their body, so any master will not let his body suffer any damage before the battle. It is important to know that pain can be accumulated, and the accumulated pain will directly affect the speed and continuity of the attack in battle, and thus directly affect the outcome of the battle.

     This article is the same whether it is for DPS or other professions, but it is more prominent for DPS.

     In the last life, because Ye Ci seldom came to wander in the habitat of evil spirits, the chance to come to Heifeng Mountain was even rarer. Therefore, Ye Ci cannot move clouds and flowing water like on other maps when walking in the Black Wind Mountain. She needs to move forward while checking the map. Nevertheless, Ye Ci still has the most basic understanding of Heifeng Mountain.Heifeng Mountain used to be a derelict mine pit, and the environment is worse than the habitat of evil spirits. Therefore, after the evil demon's habitat was occupied by the evil demon army, those young, strong, old, weak or inherently disabled evil demon were exiled to the harsh environment of Black Wind Mountain, and let them emerge and perish on. its own. However, life is fragile, and at the same time, life is strong, which is the same for any race.

     The evil demons who were exiled in Heifeng Mountain did not die like this. After generations of evolution and growth, they became more powerful evil demons than the evil demons in the habitat of the evil demons-the dark evil demons. This kind of evil spirit not only has stronger attack power and higher defense power, but also has stealth skill.

     They often hide in every corner of Heifeng Mountain in a Concealment posture, quietly waiting for the arrival of their prey.

     It is for this reason that Ye Ci jumped off Ol’ Four. She was afraid that Ol’ Four would rush too far, and suddenly entered the encirclement of evil spirits, then she might be hanging here.

     Although the level of evil demon is only fifty-five to fifty-eight, they are a kind of creatures that are used to living in groups. In addition, dark evil demon are more fierce than ordinary evil demon, which makes Ye Ci also have to be careful.Even though Ye Ci has reached level 60 at this time, there are still many skills she hasn't learned. This is because she hasn't used Dungeon or BOSS for a long time, so she hasn't seen what a skill book is for a long time.

     Skills are not necessarily as many as possible. Only the more efficient the integration, the more powerful the potential behind the skills can be stimulated. However, if there are more skills, the more experts can find the most suitable skills for their integration from these skills. However, if you meet a rookie, I'm afraid that the more skills you have, the less you don't know how to use them, and these skills are wasted.

     Sometimes, masters and rookies can tell in one move.

     Heifeng Mountain has only one narrow passage, and the front and back of the mountain are all plains. Therefore, there are winds flowing in here at all times throughout the year. The wind that is not originally considered as violent, after it has been poured into Heifeng Mountain. After being squeezed through the narrow passage, it became sharp and sharp, blowing on people's skin with a sharp pain.Ye Ci stood on the edge of the mountain, quietly looking at the narrow passage. Because there are plains on the front and rear, left and right, so the wind blowing in the passage of Heifeng Mountain also has smoke and dust. The smoke and dust Concealment is under dim light In fact, it's not obvious. If you don't have night vision capabilities or observe carefully, you won't be able to find that the wind blowing from the passageway is actually colored.

     Ye Ci also just found out that the wind had cut a hole on the edge of his face when he tried to pass through the passage. After losing blood, he noticed that the wind was different, otherwise he would not be so careful.

     The passage here is like a gourd waist. The middle is especially thin, so Ol’ Four can’t go through many times, so Ye Ci has to recruit him back and call out Ol’ Three. Compared with the huge Ol’ Four, Ol’ Three is actually more suitable for fighting in this place. Although Ol’ Four is an Epic Level creature, even an Epic Level creature is not as useful as an ordinary creature in an environment where it cannot use any skills. Ol’ Three hasn’t been out for a long time. It’s obviously very happy to be called out this time. He stretched his waist beside Ye Ci, let out a low roar in his throat, venting his bloodthirsty excitement.Ye Ci has traveled about five minutes since entering Heifeng Mountain, but until now, Ye Ci has never seen a monster. This has to be said to be a very abnormal situation. Of course, it is impossible for Ye Ci to think that there is no surprise here, and can only judge that she has not penetrated into the monster area.

     The dark evil spirits are much quieter than the ordinary evil spirits. Ordinary evil spirits will make cooing sounds at any time. As long as you hear this sound, you can basically judge how far you are from the evil evil spirits. However, the dark evil evil spirits in the Black Wind Mountain are quiet like It's the same as death.

     Ye Ci calculated the time it took for him to pass through the gourd mouth. If he bowed down and lowered his center of gravity, it should only take one or two seconds to pass in the Stealth state. Ol’ Three’s height on all fours is only a little higher than Ye Ci’s knees. When he reaches the middle of his thigh, he shouldn’t touch a lethal vent. Therefore, it is relatively simple for the two of them to pass through. However, Ye Ci is thinking about one thing. The appearance of this tuyere is very strange. It seems to indicate that the road in the future will not be as flat as the front. If there are most of the dark evil spirits behind the tuyere, how will she get off? Is it more convenient to walk through this vent?Standing on the side of the mountain thinking for a few seconds, Ye Ci decided not to hesitate anymore. Sometimes the best solution can only be found after encountering a problem. If you keep standing still without advancing, you will not be able to move forward for a lifetime.

     After making up his mind, Ye Ci immediately lowered his center of gravity and fixed Ol’ Three in place. He entered the Stealth state and wanted to take a look through the air vent.

     Hunters are not Rogues and have no skills in detection, so when encountering this kind of danger lurking, they can only rely on their own experience and physical quality to increase their perception of danger and the ability to judge Concealment's enemies in the dark. .

     Ye Ci concentrate one's attention completely. From the moment she passed the air vent, all the muscles on her body became tense, and she was divided randomly by an explosive state at any time.

     "Guck quack..." Suddenly a sharp and hoarse voice rang against Ye Ci. Ye Ci was shocked by the sudden sound, and his body paused slightly. In the battle, sometimes the victory or defeat was in this instant, because Ye Ci's body was so tempted, she immediately saw a dark evil demon appeared in front of her. Not only that, but as soon as it appeared, Ye Ci immediately put a trembling DEBUFF on.


     Tremor: It can make the hitter unable to move, unable to release the skill, and tremble all over.In Fate, there are many control skills like this, such as dizziness, fear, trembling, paralysis, freezing, etc. However, as a pure DPS profession like Hunter, it does not have many Control Skills, and there is no control skill at all. This is why the hunter has an eight-yard restricted area in the battle.

     Eight yards is a very peculiar distance. This is the minimum attack distance of a hunter's bow and arrow, and it is also the farthest control range of some skills with Control Skills. In other words, if the hunter does not enter the eight yards with the opponent, the hunter will basically not hit the Control Skill, but once it enters the eight yards, the hunter can only rely on his strong dodge probability to dodge the opponent's Control Skill. If faced with a strong opponent, once the dodge fails, the hunter will simply give up the chance of survival.

     And now, for Ye Ci, it's probably the worst situation. Because she was Sorcerer in the previous life and had a lot of Control Skills, she didn’t have to deal with these dark evil spirits as hard as she is now. Now, she has directly rushed to the side of the evil spirits with insufficient detection ability. I haven’t noticed it, it’s shameful enough. I didn’t expect that the hot pot was directly covered by others.Although Ye Ci is now at level sixty, her luck is not so good. The first dark evil demon I encountered today was actually a small captain-level monster. Although it is only level fifty-eight, she will directly Ye Ci's two-level advantage is ignored.

     The shuddering time is 6 seconds. Really long

     The squad leader-level dark evil demon has a very high attack power. Attacking Ye Ci can kill her 1,2000 blood. This is already very bad for Ye Ci, who is not much blood. But this is not the most terrifying thing. The most terrifying thing is that dark evil spirits are not creatures that live alone. They prefer to live in groups...

     Ye Ci believes that even if there is only this dark evil demon in front of him, there will be more dark evil demon rushing to help him after he makes a quack. It will be too bad if it is really under that situation.

     Calm down, be calm.

     The more you encounter such a situation, the more you need to calm down.

     Although the dark evil spirits had already begun to attack Ye Ci in trembling, Ye Ci immediately glanced at all his skills and equipment. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, this is it

     Darkness dispels

     It can dispel all negative states on the body, including trembling of courseAlthough it takes three minutes to activate the skill attached to Bru's ring, it is absolutely not a pity to use it in such a situation.

     In an instant, Ye Ci regained her mobility. She lowered her body, rolled on the ground, and then turned and rushed towards the side of the mountain where Ol’ Three stood. All this happened too fast, that is, a matter of 1 second and 2 seconds, the dark evil squad leader did not react at all, and found that the prey in front of him had disappeared. It froze for a moment, and then immediately screamed. Because of living in the dark for a long time, the night vision ability of the dark evil spirit is much stronger than that of the elves. Even if Ye Ci rolls on a donkey and dodges his attack and shrinks to the wind, it can clearly see it, so , It immediately rushed in the direction of Ye Ci.

     The tuyere that Ye Ci hides in is very concealed. It is not only concealed, but also very narrow. It is close to the tuyere and forms a narrow dead angle of 30 degrees with the mountain. It is very safe to get stuck here. The dark evil squad leader spotted Ye Ci and rushed towards her, regardless of whether his body was exposed to the wind. The only thing he thought about now was that he must not let the food in his mouth be enough. Escaped so vainly.

     Ye Ci poured a bottle of red into his mouth, while drew out his short sword and quietly waited for the arrival of the dark evil demon.Being stuck in this position has the advantage that it can expose the opponent to the wind. According to the height of the dark evil demon, the sharp wind will cause damage to it. Although it is not very high, it is better than nothing, and The chance of the opponent's injury to himself is only 50. However, being stuck in this position also has a disadvantage, that is, being too close to the opponent and losing the eight-yard advantage, she can only use the short sword and Ol’ Three to kill monsters.

     Such an attack is naturally not as refreshing as shooting with a bow and arrow, but it can also kill the opponent alive.

     This kind of card position attack is actually not uncommon in the game, as long as it is used well, it can increase the speed of killing the enemy. Especially for hunters, in such a narrow place, if you don't need to use a card to kill monsters, and you want to use a bow and arrow, you can basically not play much damage.




     Fail again

     Tripping is one of the few Control Skills that hunters have in close combat. They can throw an enemy to the ground and cannot get up within 6 seconds. However, because Ye Ci rarely makes close attacks, her trip success rate is very low, only 30. Now when facing the dark evil squad leader, Ye Ci tripped one by one in five seconds, and Ye Ci failed to use a few, which made Ye Ci a little gnashing one's teeth.

     What kind of bad luck is this?

     The skill has cooled down.Trip


     Finally succeeded, Ye Ci immediately released a raptor blow. This skill is the most effective skill for the hunter in melee attacks. It has a 3 second cooldown. In addition to 200 melee damage, it also comes with a 150 damage bonus. And because the dark evil squad leader fell to the ground, Ye Ci’s bird of prey received a critical hit bonus, and the ribs on both sides of its back pulled out two deep wounds, taking away a lot of it. ’S health. And Ol’ Three was rude, biting and bleeding, and took away the last health of the dark evil squad leader who was already bloodless.

     The squad leader howled sadly, and then turned into a cold corpse. The whole battle lasted less than twenty-five seconds. Although it was relatively long for Ye Ci, it was her close combat after all. Although it was a bit clumsy, it was not too ugly. It's a pity that just when she attacked the leader of the evil demon squad, the dark evil demon attracted from behind had already arrived one after another. As they ran and jumped, they made a peculiar croaking noise, and they were blocked behind the team leader.Either the evil demon or the dark evil demon is actually just the lowest creature of the demon race. There is not much IQ, and only knows that the desperate attack on the coveted food has never considered tactics. Ye Ci is close to such a narrow air outlet, and they can only pass through a dark evil demon at a time. They are like waiting in line to be slaughtered. One died, and the other followed.

     Seven or eight bad demons came, all of them were killed by Ye Ci in melee combat.

     After all these wicked demons died, Ye Ci exhaled, which was too tired. If it weren't for the more potion she had on her body, I'm afraid she would not be able to support such a wheel fight. After sitting down to rest for a while, and filling the blood, Ye Ci started to touch the corpse.

     I don't know if she has been very dark recently, and the computer thinks she is rather pitiful, but these wicked demons have given her something. And all of them are of high-quality blue and green outfits. Although they are not used by hunters, these fifty-odd level equipment is thrown in the trading house and will soon be able to sell at a price. Although the grasshopper is small, it is meat. For Ye Ci, who is short of money now, she will never dislike anything that gives her the opportunity to make money.The location of the air outlet is narrow, and the corpses of these dark evil spirits are stacked together, causing Ye Ci a lot of trouble touching the corpses. She could only start from the top, and after touching one, she pushed the corpse into the pit on one side, and after touching one, she pushed the corpse into the pit on the side. He touched it until he was overwhelmed by the bottom of the evil demon squad leader's body.

     The team leader did not equip Ye Ci, but Ye Ci touched a thick book. The familiar touch made Ye Ci's heart tremble. It was a skill book.

     But it's a hunter's skill book

     She thought about it in her heart, and then pulled out the skill book, looked at it in the dim light, and saw it read: Flash Shot.


     It really is a hunter's skill book

     Flash Shot: Launch a Flash Shot at any position, which can illuminate 20 yards away. All invisible and hidden within the illuminated range will have nowhere to hide, without aggro attraction, duration 20 seconds, cooling time 30 seconds.This is a rare detective skill book for hunters, and it can be said to be of great use in actual combat. When the expansion was not open, the monsters on the four continents in the southeast, northwest and northwest were all low-level creatures of various races, and there was no comparative ability, so it was not too difficult for players to deal with, but after the expansion was opened. The monsters behind are getting more and more advanced, and they have more and more skills. For example, Stealth, stealth, which are considered advanced skills for now, almost became a common skill at that time.

     Therefore, at that time, whether you are leveling or playing Quest or Dungeon, you must bring a Rogue. The stronger the Rogue, the stronger the team's survivability. However, if you encounter yourself spawning monsters, or a single spawning profession like a hunter, you must have some investigative abilities.

     For example, Flash Shot is an investigation skill tailored specifically for hunters.

     This Flash Shot is launched with a bow and arrow, so it can reach the hunter's farthest range. In this way, it is of great help for the hunter to judge how to use the terrain based on the enemy's number.

     It’s really great. She’s having a headache. How can she continue to fight these invisible dark evil spirits? She dropped such a book. It’s great.After learning this skill without hesitation, Ye Ci opened his bow and arrow and placed the detection range of Flash Shot near the team leader he had just encountered.


     Flash Shot came out of the sheath with a peculiar sound, and flew in the direction specified by Ye Ci. It turned a very beautiful arc in the air, and finally landed on the designated position, emitting a dim flame. Although the fire light is not very bright, but the fire light can illuminate a full distance of 20 feet, and all the invisible dark evil demons within this 20 yard distance can't hide all the obvious.

     How about saying that a monster is a monster, and there is never a way to fight the player? If a player is illuminated by such a fire, I'm afraid they will start attacking Ye Ci as quickly as possible, but the dark evil spirits that are illuminated are still stupidly staying in place, motionless, at all There was no reaction.

     Twenty seconds is enough for Ye Ci to see all the dark evil spirits in that range clearly. There are always seven, but instead of squatting together, they are divided into two, two and three. The distance between them is more than five yards. As long as Ye Ci hits one of them, it will only attract at most. Go to the other one in the same team without affecting the other two piles.

     In this way, the difficulty is greatly reduced.Ye Ci first applied the enhanced Hunter's Mark to the evil demon closest to him, and then shot a concussion arrow at the other evil demon on his team.

     Concussion Arrow can stun the opponent for 12 seconds, and its movement speed will be reduced by 80, but as long as it is attacked, it will immediately wake up. The dark evil demon hit by the concussion arrow immediately stood up, dizzy and staggered towards Ye Ci slowly. And the other dark evil demon who strengthened Hunter's Mark quacked and rushed towards Ye Ci.

     Ol' Three immediately rushed to meet it, and Ye Ci stood there, arranged all the single skills in one word, and used them next to each other. Before the evil demon rushed to Ye Ci, he suddenly fell down. To the ground. The remaining dark evil demon has not recovered from the vertigo at this time. The enhanced Hunter's Mark has been placed on his head, and Ol' Three is also close to it. Its fall will be a story without any suspense. .

     The next two teams, Ye Ci, also follow the recipe, but when fighting three dark wicked squads, Ye Ci needs to continuously shake the two dark wicked monsters, which invisibly loses one second of fighting time, and This time is just right enough for the evil demons to wake up, but for Ye Ci, this is not a difficult task, as long as you pay attention to make up the shock arrow.Because of Flash Shot, Ye Ci feels a lot easier when walking into Heifeng Mountain. The dark evil spirits here are more advanced than the ordinary evil spirits outside, so the refresh is not fast. Ye Ci went all the way in, but picked A lot of equipment. Soon she walked to the end of Heifeng Mountain, where there was a single-person high hole, where the piercing cold wind was blowing outside, and the broken track and several vehicles that had long been rusted out of shape were visible at the entrance of the hole. Minecart.

     It seems that this was once a mine.

     A few faint purple herbs grew on the edge of the mine. Ye Ci saw that it was the cloud grass that the old black iron dwarf needed, and she hurriedly bowed and picked a few. Just about to leave, I suddenly heard a stern cry from the mine. The sound was sharp and sharp, very loud. In such a breezy environment, if you change into a cowardly player, you will probably be scared and sweaty. However, Ye Ci seems to be accustomed to this environment. When she heard the cry, she turned her head towards the hole subconsciously. one look.

     I'm afraid there is something weird in it.

     All walked here, if it is really not Ye Ci's character to give up in vain, she turned around and wanted to walk towards the entrance of the cave, but at this moment, she heard the system prompt ringing.

     "The cloud grass leaves the environment in which it grows, and it seems that there will be signs of withering."Ye Ci quickly looked at the upper left corner of his screen, and sure enough, there was a countdown of time.

     There is a time limit

     Forget it, in that case, Ye Ci can only temporarily release the mine, and then quickly return to the old dark iron dwarf to hand in Quest. After all, this Quest is related to the life and death of the mithril mine. Compared with this mine that doesn't know what it has, Ye Ci will of course choose the mithril vein with that great potential value without hesitation.

     The dark evil spirit hasn't been fully brushed out yet, Ye Ci called Ol' Four out, jumped on his back, and rushed out all the way. Although the rugged rock was scraped on Ol' Four, Ol' Four was really there. The skin is rough and thick enough, especially the hard scale armor, it didn't cause these rocks to cause any damage.

     Out of the Black Wind Mountain, Ye Ci ran all the way, and soon returned to the hiding place of the old black iron dwarf. She pushed aside the straw and stuffed the cloud grass into his mouth. Soon, the old black iron dwarf The gray face became soothed, although it was still swarthy, it was already the skin color of the Dark Iron Dwarf itself.

     "Oh, elf, my good elf. I didn't expect you to bring back cloudgrass for me." The old black iron dwarf exhaled a long breath: "You got the trust of Hal, you got the black iron dwarf Trust."It turned out that the old black iron dwarf was called Hal. After he finished speaking, Ye Ci heard a prompt from the system.

     "Your reputation among the Dark Iron dwarves has reached friendly."

     Obediently, reach friendly directly? It turns out that her reputation with the Dark Iron Dwarves is only neutral. She did not expect to save a Hal, and her reputation directly rose to friendly. It seems that this Hal has a high status among the Dark Iron Dwarves, otherwise she would be so. After running errands for Jasmine for so long, she hadn't achieved such a fast reputation. He actually achieved it in an instant with him.

     Dark iron dwarves are the most enthusiastic race for mineral veins. If they can improve their reputation, it is equivalent to getting inexhaustible mineral vein information. Although the mithril veins are very tight now, there will still be more advanced veins in the later stage of Fate. Now she only needs to have a good relationship with these dark iron savages, and she won't worry about the future.

     As a result, Ye Ci became more respectful of Hal's attitude.

     "You are a hero, Hal. It is my honor to be able to do something as far as one's capabilities extend for the hero." Ye Ci looked at Hal and flattered sincerely. Ye Ci thought that such a sloppy flattery was only aimed at the NPC. If another player is changed, no matter how great the benefits can be brought to her, she probably can't tell."Hero, you say I am a hero." Hal was obviously very appreciative of Ye Ci's flattery, and his eyes lit up immediately: "Elf, why do you praise me as a hero? I'm just an ordinary miner."

     "You must not be the only one who left your hometown to search for that precious mineral vein back then." Nonsense, this game prompt has been made clear enough. Ye Ci smiled: "But you seem to be the only one who can stick to it. The person who can hold on to his dream for a lifetime is a hero."

     "Oh, oh oh, good fairy, you are really a good friend of Hal." As he said, Hal was so moved that he cried: "Everyone says Hal is a fool, but only you understand Hal, Hal I'm so touched."

     "Hal's affection for you is close."

     "Your reputation among the Dark Iron dwarves increases by 1000 points."

     There were two more system prompts, which made Ye Ci's spirits shocked. It seems that this Hal can not help but be an important NPC looking for mineral veins, and a living treasure that can improve the life of the Dark Iron Dwarf.

     Ye Ci comforted Hal for a while, and Hal patted his head and said, "Ah, Hal actually forgot the most important thing on the map I drew."


     Just the map

     Ye Ci's spirit also shook, yes, she came for this map.Chapter 26 Flash Shot

     Chapter 26 Flash Shot