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Chapter Directory 229 Chapter 27 All The Way Down
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 27 have a pleasant journey

     Chapter 27 have a pleasant journey

     The effect of that cloudgrass was really good, and Hal, who was dying just now, seemed to be a different person, and he jumped up with spirit trembling with excitement. He walked back and forth in front of Ye Ci, and then kept cursing the evil spirits on the plain. It seemed that although he had been here for many years, he did not like the aborigines here at all.

     "Oh, these nasty demons, these low-IQ monsters, I really don't want to mention their names." Hal waved his hands, and the mine hoe in his right hand made one after another bright trace in the air. At a glance, I knew it was Fun thing. But Ye Ci is not a miner, and is not at all interested in this kind of thing.

     After complaining for a long time, Hal said to Ye Ci: "Good elf, Hal’s good friend, the map that Hal has worked so hard to draw has been robbed by these nasty demons. Can you help Hal? Take it back?".

     Sure enough, Quest is here.

     "Of course there is no problem." Ye Ci stood up from the ground. She waited here for a long time, but it was for this Quest.

     "Then you have to move faster, otherwise these nasty guys will eat my map as food in their stomachs." Hal waved the mine hoe in his hand, sulking.

     "Ok.""They ran towards the abandoned mine to the north. You must be careful. Although the evil spirits are not smart, they are not vegetarians." Hal said as he took out a bag of things and handed it to Ye. Ci: "I have been here for so many years, knowing what they like to eat the most, I hope this thing can help you."

     Ye Ci took the bag and opened it to see that it was 20 pieces of dry wolf meat, and it was covered with anesthetics, which seemed to be used to paralyze the evil spirits.

     "Thank you, I will bring you good news." Ye Ci put the pack of wolf meat with anesthetics into the parcel, and recruited Ol' Four and rushed towards the northern abandoned mine without looking back. .

     Only Hal was left praying in place: "My ancestors, please bless Hal's good friends and let her bring good news to Hal."

     Compared with the dark evil spirits of Heifeng Mountain, the evil evil spirits in the plains are much more common. However, they are all Magic Attack. As a hunter, Ye Ci is not particularly resistant to magic. You also need to pay attention to it. Too much, otherwise you will treat yourself as dumplings.The bad demons along the way are sparse, not too many, after arriving in the northern mine, the number of bad demons here has suddenly risen several times. Although it has not yet reached the point of being densely packed, it is definitely very dense. If you draw them one by one, not only is time wasting, but it is easy to draw a bunch of them. In this case, group attacks like Arrow Net and Multi Arrows are really useful.

     Pieces of damage value floated from the bottom of the mine, and the wicked demon that was hit immediately made a sharp noise and ran in the direction of Ye Ci. Ye Ci released Ol' Four to pester the nearest wicked demon. , While taking them out of the mine, ran wildly on the plain in an "S" shape. Although the bad guys have fifty-five levels, they don't have any IQ. Their speed is not slow compared to Ye Ci, so they have been closely following Ye Ci and ran along Ye Ci's route.

     Running on the "S" type route actually has certain drawbacks, that is, when turning a corner, it is easy to get melee attacks by the evil spirits, but it is the best route to use for long-range attacks. In general, the low-level monsters in the game do not have the correct awareness of correcting the route of magic flying out by themselves. Simply put, their skill flying out is usually completed in a straight line parabola and will not correct the route, so just hide well , Basically won't hit the body.This is also the main reason why Ye Ci dare to fly such a large number of remote evil kites.

     If these evil demons are relatively advanced monsters today, Ye Ci would not have the guts to do so. While running, they would release group attacks in a timely manner. As long as they control the rhythm, they will basically not suffer any injuries. Ye Ci just ran and kite. Less than eighty yards out, a bunch of evil spirits had already been brought down behind him. It's a pity that she has reached the highest level at this stage, and there is no way to upgrade, otherwise, this method is a good way to level up.

     Going back along the corpses, Ye Ci has harvested a lot of things. Although it is impossible to have a purple outfit, there are still a lot of blue and green equipment. In the game, after all, there are only a few teams that can open a Dungeon team and quickly get equipment. The boss who can afford to play the Guild Gold Group is even more so. Compared with the majority of ordinary players, these ordinary players His blue and green equipment is still very useful, as long as it is thrown at the auction house, even if it can't sell for a high price, it is better than selling it in the store.

     After putting away the equipment, Ye Ci ran all the way towards the mine.Although Ye Ci has just attracted away a lot of evil spirits, the gathering of those evil spirits reserved in the mine is also a force that cannot be underestimated. In particular, Ye Ci did not find a map in the corpses of these evil spirits just now, so it can be concluded that the Quest map must be placed on a specific evil spirit. Moreover, with so many evil demons gathered here, there must be a head. Just now Ye Ci did not find a special monster when driving the train kiting. It can be seen that the monster must still be in the mine.

     Now only Ol’ Four is in the pit. Although he is an Epic Level creature, after all, two fists are hard to beat four hands. If she doesn’t go to the emergency, Ol’ Four will not last long.

     Strengthen the Guardian of the Cheetah

     In order to speed up his running speed, Ye Ci replaced his Falcon Protection with an enhanced cheetah guard with a 50 speed bonus, rushing towards the mine in a whirlwind.

     Seeing that he was at the side of the mad pump, Ye Ci jumped towards the bottom of the mine while changing the guardian of the hunter. Just as she was falling, she saw Ol' Four trapped by four or five evil demons. Although Ol' Four fought bravely, but only blood skin was left, she immediately released Ol' Four in the air. A healing guide pulled Ol' Four's blood skin.Hey, you really can’t underestimate these wicked demons. Although Ol' Four did not lead to the head of that wicked creature, seven or eight wicked demons made Ol' Four lose blood so badly. It seems, Ol' Four. Four, a pet specially used to deal with the Physical Attack profession, is indeed a bit less capable than desirable when facing Magic Attack pets.

     Ol’ Four noticed that his HP had suddenly increased, and as soon as he turned his head, he found Ye Ci who was falling at the bottom of the pit. He cried out excitedly, and the attack against the evil spirits became more fierce. As soon as Ye Ci got close to Ol’ Four, he threw him two pets for treatment, pulled his HP to around 80, and then began to help Ol’ Four solve the evil demons around him.

     With Ol’ Four in front of the monster, it is really simple for Ye Ci to deal with these half-blooded evil spirits. Basically, it didn't take much time, and these evil demons basically fell.

     Until this time, Ye Ci sat down and began to eat bread to restore his health and physical strength. She was resting while eating bread, but her eyes never calmed down. She looked around and found that the evil demons in the mine were almost wiped out as long as they were assembled, and only a few sparsely wandering around the edges, and a dozen evil demons clustered in the middle of the mine. magic.The dozen or so evil demons are very strange. Ye Ci's Arrow Net has already covered the area where they are now, and Ye Ci also confirmed that many of them have just ran out with her. Why are they still in this place now? After thinking about it, I can only say that these monsters got out of the battle halfway through, or there was something weird in this place.

     When he was well rested, Ye Ci took Ol’ Four and took Ol’ Four to eliminate all the evil demons wandering on the edge without spending much time. In the end, she finally stood in front of the dozen or so evil demons. These evil demons were so tight that they would attract all of them if they introduced one. However, she can’t stay in a stalemate for this reason. She raised her hand and used a concussion arrow to lead a bad demon out. As Ye Ci had expected, all the remaining bad demon ran towards Ye Ci. Come here.

     Ye Ci immediately released an Arrow Net, after hitting them all to half blood, they took them around the empty mine pit. However, she always felt that there was something cool behind her, as if she was being stared at by something.

     With the help of Ol’ Four, it’s much easier to drive the train kiting. In less than two minutes, all these evil demons fell.The entire northern mine suddenly became quiet, and the empty mine pit made Ye Ci feel a little desolate. She bent down and started picking up the corpses, but there was still no map.

     According to the Quest prompt, the map is in the northern mine, on the body of the evil demon, it is impossible to not have it. Ye Ci looked around and found that there were no evil spirits, and the place surrounded by these evil spirits just now was empty. There is no blame, no boxes, and nothing else. Stump Quest The prompt is wrong? Or did you find the wrong place by yourself?

     Ye Ci reconfirmed the Quest prompt and his own map again with some suspicion. There were no errors. So where is that map?

     Suddenly, with a move in her heart, she raised the bow in her hand and placed a Flash Shot toward the place where the evil demons had just gathered. The Fireball drew a beautiful arc in the sky, and finally landed on the designated position. In the dim mine pit, against the light of fire, Ye Ci finally saw an evil demon squatting in the deepest part of the pit. He was taller than the average evil demon and had a curved horn on his head. Ordinary monsters.

     Sure enough, there is one more.

     Ye Ci Harude immediately marked the enhancement Hunter's Mark on his head, and then released Ol’ Four. Taking advantage of this moment, Ye Ci began to bury traps, freezing traps, and frost traps.From the layman's point of view, these traps laid by Ye Ci are really casually dug, but the insider will never see it like this. Because these traps seem to be disordered and in a mess, but as long as someone who is a little familiar with hunters' actual combat experience can tell, the locations of these traps are very clever. The distance between each of them is about fifteen yards, just to avoid the trap's range of influence, which is ten yards away. After one trap takes effect, its effectiveness will affect another trap.

     After laying the trap, Ye Ci threw Ol’ Four several pets for treatment, while pouring a bottle of potion in his mouth to increase the attack strength, and rushed towards the evil demon.

     Bad Demon Centurion: Elite, level, fifty-five, blood volume 150,000

     This level of HP is actually not high, at least it’s nothing compared to the in the wild elite BOSS on the map. It’s just that when it’s more troublesome, the Centurion has two special skills. The ring of fire, the other is the devil whip.Its fire ring of resistance is the same as Sorcerer's fire ring of resistance. It can push all the players around you away, and its fire ring of resistance is significantly higher than Sorcerer's fire ring of resistance. Sorcerer’s ring of fire resistance cannot push players and monsters higher than his level, but the ring of fire resistance of the evil centurion obviously does not have this restriction. Even Ye Ci and Ol' Four have two higher levels than him. The creatures will also be pushed away by it. At the most annoying moment, after being pushed away by the ring of resistance, the evil demon centurion will follow the skill of a demon whip.

     This skill is actually that he uses the whip in his hand to draw towards the target, and the place where the whip passes will catch fire. If he encounters two demon whips in a row, then a large fire will start. Ye Ci and Ol' Four want It's hard to get close to this guy.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci is a long-range attack, even if it is pushed away, as long as it does not exceed the farthest attack range, it can always pull the evil centurion to run. Seeing that guy grinning behind her and swinging the whip, Ye Ci actually didn't think it was funny. After all, she didn't have a fire-resistant medicine on her body. If it was burned by the fire, she would continue to lose blood. Even if you can't die all of a sudden, if you get a continuous fire damage, it's not something to provoke. After all, it is the skill of elite monsters. Although it can't compare with the BOSS in Dungeon, it can't be underestimated.However, the IQ of this evil centurion was still not high, so he ran around with Ye Ci, slapped his whip and made fire everywhere in the mine. Ye Ci pulled him into his trap. The first step he stepped on was the Frost Trap, and immediately, the body of the Bad Demon Centurion turned blue. This was the effect of freezing, and it moved at an instant speed. It has dropped by 80, and even the speed of the whip is also slowed by 80. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Ci and Ol’ Four kept ruining him, and then led him to the next frozen trap.

     The ice trap will freeze the opponent in a huge ice block, but if attacked, the ice block will disappear and the opponent will regain the movement speed.

     Generally, hunters use this trap to increase the distance between them and their opponents to adjust the combat frequency again. However, for Ye Ci, using the frozen trap is entirely for a buff. After the ice trap freezes the prey into an ice block, if you don’t attack it, the ice block will collapse by itself after 8 seconds, but if the ice block is attacked before the ice block collapses by itself, then it will come out of the ice block. The opponent will bring a 5-second DEBUFF called cold.

     Cold: Reduce freezing resistance by 50, and use Ice Element Spell to have a 5 chance to deal fatal damage.This DEBUFF doesn't actually have much effect for hunters in the physics department, but it's different if the hunter has frozen weapons and arrows. Originally, the resistance of the evil demon to the frozen Spell was not high. Now if it is reduced by 50, it will be even more powerless to resist the ice arrow in Ye Ci's hand.

     5 seconds is short, but 5 seconds can do a lot of things.

     For example, for Ye Ci, she can release a combo skill in these five seconds, and lower the health bar of the evil centurion.

     Obviously, this kind of attack strategy is very effective. In addition, this evil centurion is really a bit hard to remember, and he has been controlled by Ye Ci's frost trap, the frost trap back and forth, even though he He had a blood volume of 150,000, but he couldn't withstand such a consumption, and he fell to the ground without much time.

     This battle is not that exciting, Ye Ci did not use any superb skills, everything is just to get a map, there is no need to spend too much Stamina. Looking at the time, it took about fifteen minutes in total, which is not too slow. At this time, the wicked demons in the mine have been gradually refreshed. While continuing to deal with these wicked demons, Ye Ci approached the body of the wicked centurion, touched it, and found a map. And skill book.The map is of course Quest Item, and what is the skill book?

     Ye Ci unfolded and looked at it, and he couldn't help but jump. It turned out to be a group therapy technique. And it's not Cleric's group therapy, but Priest's group therapy.

     In Fate, the careers with healing ability are Bright Cleric, Holy Word Priest, and Healing Druid. Of these three occupations, the strongest amount of healing is of course Guangming Cleric, but Guangming Cleric fucking awesome is only group healing and continuous healing. As far as single treatment is concerned, he is not as powerful as the holy word Priest. Not only that, in addition to the strong healing power of the single word Priest, there are many dispelling skills, and the deadly attack ability against undead creatures, so in general, the Holy Word Priest is regarded as a little superman in the team. Use, only under certain circumstances, the Holy Word Priest will use its own super single treatment. As for curing Druid, it is a very balanced profession from any angle. This kind of profession is also called a panacea. It is easy to use, but it is difficult to play well, and it is even more difficult to become a top master.Priest is not without group healing. However, Priest’s group healing is a rare skill at level 60 of the Holy Word Priest. Not only does the skill book produce very few, but also, it is basically produced on the BOSS of level 70, below level 70 There is basically only a one in a million chance that such a skill book will be produced by monsters. Not only that, but there are very few professional skill teachers who can upgrade this skill.

     It turns out that we have also discussed this probability issue.

     The so-called one-in-a-million probability is not to produce once every one million shots, you know.

     Ye Ci felt that she was wrong. She would not regard Cleric's group therapy as Priest's group therapy. So she rubbed her eyes vigorously, and looked at it carefully. It was indeed correct, it was indeed Priest's group therapy technique.

     For a moment, Ye Ci felt that God was probably dozing off now that he let this big pie hit his head. It was a bit inconceivable.

     How much can this book sell for? Ye Ci can't think of it, just don't think about ordinary Priest, just look at how much the major Guilds can offer. A Priest who knows how to heal the group, and the single treatment is fucking awesome than Cleric. This is simply a heaven-defying existence.

     Fortunately, for wasting such a long time, first of all, I would gain something. If it weren't for Ye Ci, I would really be depressed by this Quest.With the map, Ye Ci didn't want to stay for a moment, and immediately ran towards Hal. Now she just wants to quickly complete the Quest with these dark iron dwarves and quickly open the mithril mine. After all, the carrots hanging in front of her had been hanging for too long, and if they continued to hang, she thought she would lose interest.

     "Haha, good elf, Hal's good friend. I knew you would be able to do it." Hal was a little ecstatic with the map. He kept checking the map and looked into the distance as if he was locating the mithril vein. s position.

     Ye Ci was a little impatient while standing on the side. She finally said, "Mr. Hal, it seems like Miss Jasmine'> I'm still waiting for news from me. I don't know what clues you want me to bring back for you. ."

     Hal's memory is obviously bad. Hearing Ye Ci's words, he finally remembered that there was something like this. He was a little shy to explain to Ye Ci, and finally handed his mine hoe to him. Ye Ci, let Ye Ci take it back to Jasmine.After Jasmine got the mine hoe, she seemed very excited. This excitement obviously also affected Dudu. The two of them combined for a while and let Ye Ci lead them. On the way, they stopped and stopped, and it took more than three hours to walk from the camp to Hal's side. Then the Dark Iron dwarves celebrated again, and wasted more than an hour, and finally followed the markers on the map to find the mithril vein.

     Ye Ci never left them on the way, so when they went to explore the mithril vein, they naturally wouldn't let Ye Ci leave, so Ye Ci followed them to the dark mountain.

     It was late at night in the game. Although the moon cannot be seen in the habitat of the evil demon, Ye Ci, who is standing in the mithril vein money, still feels particularly comfortable. She didn't know which player was the prosperous world who discovered this mineral vein in the previous life, nor did she know whether he was in the same mood at the time.

     But one thing is certain, the players who discovered this vein at that time must not know that in the future, this vein will bring immeasurable turbulence to the entire Fate.

     And now? In this life? Although the Guild of Prosperity will still arrive as expected, how much will their influence change because of their appearance? Ye Ci didn't dare to think about this question, and even if he thought about it, it didn't make any sense at all.Don't worry about things that are unpredictable.

     Hal, Jasmine, and Dudu began to detect the mineral veins. This is a long process. Ye Ci looked at the end of their exploration of mineral veins and there were still ten days left, and it was real time. It seems that this mithril vein that can control the foreign Fate world is not so easy to mine. She took a closer look at her current Quest. There was only one line on the Quest prompt: "The dark iron dwarves are exploring the veins. Please wait patiently, or wait until the exploration is over and come and visit them. This is a long and too long time. , Maybe they don’t want you to bother.

     In addition, there is nothing else in the Quest prompt, that is, when several dark iron dwarves are exploring the veins, Ye Ci does not need the protection, so she does not need to spend these ten days here. So Ye Ci went offline. You must know that her game warehouse has received multiple external prompts. It's just that she has been working on Quest, so she has never had the opportunity to go offline to see what is going on.

     I got off the line and just got out of the house, I saw Zuo Xiaolan walking out while wiping the skin care products. I raised my eyes and saw Ye Ci coming out. She frowned and said, "You are willing to play games? I told you to eat so many times. Won't come out.""There is a Quest." Ye Ci stretched out. Even if the game compartment does not consume physical strength, it is tiring to keep lying down for a long time. "Just to tell me to come out for dinner?"

     "Well, Bai Mo seems to have something to tell you." Zuo Xiaolan said as she walked towards her bedroom: "Hurry up and eat. Bai Mo is sitting on the terrace. We are going to sleep first. You eat Go to bed early afterwards."

     "Got it." Ye Ci nodded, turned around and limped towards the kitchen, the pot still hot.

     "I'll come, you go and sit down." Bai Mo also followed Ye Ci into the kitchen, then helped her arrange the dishes, and then sat down with Ye Ci.

     The view from the balcony is very good, just in time to see the big moon, silver light streaming down.

     "What is it for me?" Ye Ci only feels hungry. She is the most intolerant of hunger, and today's Quest has been going on for too long. She is already hungry so much that her chest is on her back.

     Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci who was eating with his head down. His eyes were soft, but he didn't answer Ye Ci's words. He just smiled and said, "What Quest did you do today, I can't see you recently."

     "I found a vein." Ye Ci didn't conceal Bai Mo: "mithril vein.""Huh?" Bai Mo was stunned by Ye Ci's words. He looked at Ye Ci with a look of disbelief, seemingly unexpected. Then Bai Mo began to look at the sky, then at Ye Ci's face, then at the sky, and finally at Ye Ci and said: "Did you say something wrong, or I heard it wrong, mithril vein." "

     "I didn't say it wrong, and you didn't hear it wrong." Ye Ci took a chopsticks and stuffed it into her mouth. She looked at Bai Mo's sluggish expression and smiled.

     "Is the mithril you mentioned the same thing as the mithril I told you some time ago? I'm talking about the secret secret, the silver of silver, mithril." It seems that Bai Mo still doesn't believe what Ye Ci is saying. It's no wonder that no one would dare to believe such a thing on anyone.

     "The mithril I said is also the secret secret, the silver of silver." Ye Ci rolled his eyes: "Don't go around with me, it's the kind of rare material you said."

     "How did you find it?"

     Ye Ci smiled and told Bai Mo about the rise and fall of the terrain where she found the mithril vein. Of course, she couldn’t tell Bai Mo that she did it deliberately. She could only say that she was at the full level and she was fine. Turn and run into."You say you, everyone says you are a black hand. You are indeed dark enough. You don't get anything out of Dungeon, but if you say you are really dark, how can you run into so many good things? Epic Level Quest, Epic Level pets, and mithril mineral veins." Bai Mo rubbed his chin, watching Ye Ci's eyes filled with exclamation, and then he suddenly said: "You say you, Didn’t you come across? Few words?"

     "Cough cough cough" Ye Ci heard this, and the meal in her mouth almost spurted out. She blushed and coughed desperately, looking really embarrassed. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that she came through through, anyway, rebirth is not much different from through through. However, how could Ye Ci admit this kind of thing, after she finally calmed down her emotions, she put on a fake smile and said to Bai Mo: "Bai Mo, you are also a highly educated intellectual. Can you not say something that even a five-year-old Lolita would not believe?"

     Bai Mo was somewhat noncommittal about Ye Ci's answer, just shrugging his shoulders. When I was about to say something, I heard a person walking into the living room. He looked up and it turned out to be Tan Polang. He turned around and found Ye Ci and Bai Mo sitting on the veranda, and then he found that Ye Ci was full The meal, the eyes lit up, and he said happily: "Ah, Ye Ci, are you eating supper? Wait for me, I will eat too"Speaking, rushed into the kitchen, filled a bowl of rice, and came out.

     "What? You didn't have dinner either?" Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang who was wearing a big T-shirt, a little strange.

     "How can you think everyone is you? I am hungry after reading a book and doing my homework. I plan to eat more and then go to bed." Tan Polang sat down and looked at Ye Ci's legs again. , The cast was removed, but as you can see from the crutches on one side, it is still not clear: "Does the leg still hurt?"

     "One thing, it's just that you can't use it well, just exercise more." Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang's big bowl of rice, a little horrified: "You have to go to bed and eat so much, you are not afraid to grow into a pig."

     "What are you afraid of? How old am I? I mainly quarrel with vertical development. Unlike you, who are at the age of horizontal development, you only need to pay attention." Tan Polang gulped into his mouth. Then he said vaguely to Ye Ci: "Especially you, woman, woman, please pay special attention. If you are not careful, you will be kind and love one another with Little Fatty."

     Bai Mo quietly watched Ye Ci and Tan Polang quarrel. He cocked his mouth slightly, then stood up: "You eat, I will go to bed first." Then he confessed: "Polang, one Will wash the dishes, and then carry Xiao ci back to the room.""Don't worry, Brother Mo, I will do this if you don't say it." Tan Polang paid a military salute to Bai Mo, with a hippie smile: "Tomorrow have a pleasant journey."

     have a pleasant journey? Ye Ci frowned slightly, what's the matter? She quickly called Bai Mo: "Bai Mo, do you still have something to tell me?"

     "Nothing, I just have to go home tomorrow." Bai Mo turned and looked at Ye Ci with a smile, but looked very far away.

     Come back home? Ye Ci's heart began to worry inexplicably. She thought that maybe she was thinking too much, but she couldn't restrain her feelings otherwise. Is Bai Mo really just going home? Or, still, for Dong Yin and the others, is he finally going to do it?

     She wanted to say something, but she couldn't say anything. She frowned slightly, looked at Bai Mo quietly, and said, "Just go home?" after a while.

     Of course, Bai Mo understands what Ye Ci means, he still smiles, but I don’t know why, Ye Ci always feels that Bai Mo’s smile is like the morning scenery in the green hills, the clouds cover the mist, it is not clear to see exactly, and it is impossible to be accurate. To explore and learn how he feels in his heart.

     "Of course, it is also possible to meet a little relative, make an appointment for a short meeting, have a few fucks, why are you worried?" Bai Mo said half true and half false.But Ye Ci didn't believe it. After looking at Bai Mo for a long time, she lowered her eyes, looked at the food in front of her, took a chopstick, and said quietly: "A rabbit will bite people if it has anxious eyes, and a dog has anxious eyes. I will jump over the wall, and everything will be one degree.

     The smile on Bai Mo's face faded. He took a deep breath, then stretched out his hand and rubbed Ye Ci's hair: "I know."

     "heads up."

     "So are you." Ye Ci never looked up again, she could feel Bai Mo's warm hands finally withdraw from her hair, and then she heard Bai Mo's steady footsteps, step by step towards herself Walked to his room, and then, he opened the door, and then, he closed the door.

     Deathly silence.

     Bai Mo will be fine. Ye Ci took a deep breath. The events of the previous life entangled her like a nightmare, making her feel like a big rock pressed against her chest all the time.

     Suddenly her hands warmed up, and a hand with slightly wheaten skin covered her trembling hand, and then Tan Polang's voice rang: "There will be nothing wrong with Brother Mo."Ye Ci raised his head and looked at Tan Polang in front of him. He just smiled quietly, his smile was as quiet as moonlight. Then he repeated it again: "Sister Ye Ci, Brother Mo is much more powerful than you think, and he is more mature and calm than you think. He will be fine. You have to trust him, as if you do He believes you in everything."

     Ye Ci was a little stunned. She really couldn't believe that such words would come out of Tan Polang's mouth. She always thought that in this family, Tan Polang was the one who knew the least about this matter, but she was wrong. In fact, Tan Polang has always been so clear about this, but he never said it. Or, this boy is not as innocent as Ye Ci seems. In fact, he is much clearer than he thought, but she has always ignored it.

     Chapter 27 have a pleasant journey

     Chapter 27 have a pleasant journey