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Chapter Directory 230 Chapter 28 Come On
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 28 Come on

     Chapter 28 Come on

     You have to believe him, as if he believes in you no matter what you do.

     Tan Polang's words are like the sound of a gong ringing in an empty valley. The vibrating echo has been constantly echoing in his entire tympanic membrane, in her entire blood, and in her entire life force. Never stopped.

     Does she distrust Bai Mo too much, or distrust herself too much? Or is she too distrustful of this reborn Fate?

     Ye Ci didn't know it clearly, but one thing is certain, Tan Polang's words are like the sharpest dagger, piercing the most uneasy softness in her heart.

     She smiled bitterly: "I don't believe him? Is there?".

     "are not there?". Tan Polang blinked his eyes and smiled shrewdness: "Actually, I found that smart people are better at honoring a bull's horn. You, I always feel that only when you become stronger can you treat your family and yourself. 'S friends are more helpful, but, Ye Ci, have you ever thought that when you continue to grow, not everyone is standing in place, everyone is getting stronger, and everyone is growing. "

     Ye Ci was dumb, she had never thought about this problem."Just like in the game, you are the fully deserving, without any reservations god of Eastern Continent, and the idol of all hunters. However, sister Ye Ci, it is probably because you are too strong. This kind of light makes others, even Let your own eyes be blinded, and you will always feel that others need your protection. Actually, this is not the case." Tan Polang shook his head: "It's like Brother Mo, maybe Brother Mo is just a cousin in your heart. , Just a man who treats you very well, but definitely not a very strong player. But, I want to tell you that you are wrong."

     Tan Polang's words were like a dagger that peeled Ye Ci's wounds raw, so he didn't even have the courage to refute it. Tan Polang is not wrong. She is very strong. This is recognized by others, and she herself admits that she just always feels that she is not strong enough, because the strong in her eyes has always been only Fleeting Time. He has always been in front of her, it seems It is a mountain that can never be super far. Besides, she didn't think anyone was a master, and even Bai Mo was not...

     "I'm wrong?""Of course Ye Ci sister, in fact, Mo Ge is also very strong. He is one of Eastern Continent's top ten strongest MTs. Maybe you haven't played with him in Arena. Did you know that Mo Ge has an unbeaten record of 197 games? It’s just a MT. He’s not a DPS. He can actually be unbeaten in 197 games. Can you imagine that this is a kind of toughness? You can definitely think of it. You are a hardcore player, you are a top expert, just listen to this number, you It should be understood that Brother Mo is never weak." When Tan Polang talked about Bai Mo, his eyes were full of appreciation. "Furthermore, he is a restrained man. When standing with you, no one can see him, but he never cares. However, this does not mean that you can ignore his toughness."

     "is it?". Ye Ci murmured, is Bai Mo so strong? She has always had the impression of Bai Mo only in the unranked MT in the previous life, and also the guild leader of Upward Ho. Besides, she really team Bai Mo not knowing anything at all.

     "So, trust him as if he believed in you" Tan Polang smiled.

     Ye Ci listened to Tan Polang's words, and an indescribable bitterness grew in her mouth. She tugged at the corner of her mouth without a loud voice: "Trust is an amazing talent, I don't seem to have it."Tan Polang paused after hearing this, but didn't know what to say. He looked at Ye Ci in front of him, lowered his head, slowly holding the dish closest to her, and then mechanically put it in his mouth, and started chewing mechanically. He suddenly discovered that, in fact, the great god of Eastern Continent, childe'>you, is not as powerful as everyone imagined. Behind her radiant radiance, there is actually a soul afraid of harm.

     Because I was afraid, I refused to give.

     Because I was afraid, I refused to trust.

     This fear does not only affect her past, it may have affected her present, or will affect her future.

     He tilted his head and thought for a while, and then quietly said: "Trust is not a talent, but a skill. It is a skill that everyone needs to learn."

     "Skill?" This statement made Ye Ci feel quite new. "What are you kidding? It is natural to trust a person. Some people are born to trust others easily, just like Liu Chang, and some people are born to distrust others, like me. This is predestined for a long time. Skill is not skill." Ye Ci chuckled lightly: "Boy, talent and skill are two different things.""Who said no? After a child is born, if he does not study, how does he know what trust is and what is not trust? People who trust others easily are not necessarily good things, and people who are not easy to trust others are not necessarily what they are. Bad thing. But people who can learn this skill are undoubtedly happy."

     Ye Ci didn't speak, but looked at Tan Polang quietly.

     "It's like we play Dungeon, you are just a DPS, even if you are coquettish, you fucking awesome, but you must have a boss that you can't face alone? At this time, you can only choose your teammates. Your charge was handed over to MT, and you handed your back to the treatment. This is a kind of trust. It is because of trust that Dungeon can be pushed down. If you can’t trust it... Have you thought about what this Dungeon becomes? Looks like?"

     Ye Ci frowned, "Is it different?""It's all the same, it's all trust. It's just that what I said about trust is very macro, and what you said about trust is very micro. Sister Ye Ci, you are a smart person, why do you always honor a bull's horn? I admit that you are very strong, but , You can’t just because you’re strong, you question the abilities of everyone, you don’t believe everyone, right? You can’t just put all the responsibilities on your shoulders because you don’t trust, remember, you are just you, You are just Ye Ci, you are not omnipotent, you are hard to carry everything, are you not tired?".

     Ye Ci couldn't help shaking the hand holding the bowl. She put the bowl down and sat there quietly, without speaking, just inhaling deeply, as if to calm down some mood.

     "Try to trust others."

     "I didn't believe Bai Mo."

     "But I didn't completely believe it."

     Ye Ci dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     After a while, Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang and smiled bitterly: "Why didn't I find out that your lips are so powerful?""It's not that I'm a bad tongue, it's that the problem I'm talking about is on the point, so you can't refute it, otherwise, you probably won't pay attention to me." Tan Polang knows Ye Ci's character very well, and he smiles very much. Good-looking: "Actually, Ye Ci, you have to think so. In this world, everyone is important. It is not only you that is the center of the world. The earth will not stop without you. So, you Very ordinary, ordinary people need help from others." He said and laughed, revealing a beautiful Lima: "Is this a big deal?".

     This is really not a big deal.

     Ye Ci suddenly opens up to a wide panorama in her heart, just like being anointed your head with the purest cream, she is still too subjective in the end. I'm always too worried that others can't do this thing or that thing. You have to do everything by yourself before you can rest assured. In fact, this is the most stupid thing.

     Bai Mo believes in himself so much, shouldn't he trust Bai Mo? Of course it should, and it should be unconditional. Thinking of this, her heart inexplicably relaxed, and then, that kind of relieved smile finally bloomed on his face.

     Tan Polang looked at Ye Ci's smile, and suddenly thought of a question: "I heard Brother Mo say, Ye Ci, you have always had an unsurpassable opponent in your mind, who is it?"Ye Ci glanced at Tan Polang and didn't hide it from him: "Fleeting Time."

     This answer made Tan Polang look at Ye Ci a few glances more, but the deep things in his eyes were not what Ye Ci could read clearly. In fact, Tan Polang did not expect that Ye Ci would say the name of Fleeting Time so frankly. After all, according to the various performances of childe'>you in the game, and the meaning of Bai Mo between the words and the lines, It seems that you cannot mention Fleeting Time in front of Ye Ci, otherwise, there will be unforeseen consequences.

     It was precisely for this reason that before he asked this sentence, he hesitated and then hesitated, considered and considered, but he couldn't suppress the curiosity in his heart before asking. But I never thought that Ye Ci could be so peaceful.

     It seems that the rumor that Fleeting Time Ye Ci will explode is not necessarily true. Tan Polang looked at Ye Ci with interest, and suddenly wondered, in the hearts of Eastern Continent's top masters, what does the Western Continent top master look like? So, he quietly said: "Fleeting Time, is it great?".

     Is Fleeting Time great? Ye Ci has never thought about this problem. It seems that she has never realized this problem. Isn't it great? It has never been the focus of her concern. What she cares about is whether she can stand on top of the Fleeting Time, or she will always stay away from it."I really haven't thought about this issue." Ye Ci looked a little distressed: "What kind of standard you said is great."

     Tan Polang really wants to vomit blood, is this all the tone of the great god's speech? What's the standard of greatness? How does he know what the standard is for excellence? No one will set this standard, and this standard will never be set, okay?

     "It's very powerful... It's probably the standard that you can't win anyway." Tan Polang scratched his hair, thinking for a while before he came up with this one.

     Ye Ci raised her brows when she heard this standard, and she snorted softly: "Then he is not very good, anyway, I can beat him."

     I don't know why, the more Ye Ci said so, the less Tan Polang didn't believe it. He squinted at Ye Ci, and then asked a little skeptically, "Are you sure?"

     "Of course, I still hung up on him, did he hung up on me?". Hearing Tan Polang's questioning words, Ye Ci gave him a blank look, and then said angrily. Of course, she didn't say the second half, that is, although it was pure luck that time..."Yes, yes, according to the news of the gossip group in the world, Fleeting Time really hasn't linked you." This is a fact that I have to admit. However, the so-called gossip, how much moisture is in it, and how much is the fact. , Only God knows. Although Tan Polang followed Ye Ci's words like this, he quickly turned the corner: "No, Ye Ci, since he can't beat you, why is he still an insurmountable opponent in your mind? what?"

     "Uh..." Ye Ci was choked there, staring at Tan Polang for a long time and couldn't say a word. Then, Tan Polang found that Ye Ci's white cheeks suddenly flashed with a faint flush, and she did it. After a few dry laughs, he said to Tan Polang fiercely: "Dead kid, no one will treat you as dumb if you don't speak."

     "Oh oh oh." Tan Polang smiled as if I knew what the truth was, and started to lower his head to continue eating.

     "Hey hey hey, what's your expression do you think I'm lying to you? Do you think I can't beat that second-rate guy? Do you think I will lose to that bitch?". Ye Ci had a guilty conscience, but when Tan Polang said so, she felt a little embarrassed. She stared at Tan Polang fiercely, some trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous.Ye Ci lied to him? Of course not, not to mention the fact that Fleeting Time was in the hands of Ye Ci at the time was admitted by Fleeting Time himself and confirmed by Absalom. Tan Polang certainly did not doubt it. He just kept thinking, what method did Ye Ci use to win Fleeting Time? On this point, Fleeting Time reluctant to speak about it, never mentioned it, and Absalom didn't even know it.

     So, if you want to know this secret, you can only ask Ye Ci.

     "I didn't say anything, okay?" Tan Polang just felt more funny after hearing Ye Ci's continuous questioning. In fact, Ye Ci was quite cute when trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous.

     "Then what are you?" Ye Ci angrily picked up the bowl, took a big bite of rice, and glared at Tan Polang.

     Tan Polang looked at Ye Ci's vivid expression and suddenly felt that he could understand the motive of Fleeting Time. Ye Ci rarely expresses emotions such as happiness. Her expression has always been so light, dry, and calm, making people feel a little desperate. However, once she gets angry, the light bursting from her eyes and the expression on her face are so bright that people can't look away. Ye Ci at this time does not make people feel so far away, but extremely close, as if it can be touched by reaching out.It's just that Fleeting Time really plays childe'>you again and again for this reason? I'm afraid it's not. Tan Polang suddenly narrowed his eyes. He remembered his speaking evasively statement when he and Fleeting Time last met, as well as the unnatural expression on his face. There is a taste of trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous. . If he guessed correctly, what does Ye Ci say about Fleeting Time? He suddenly wanted to know.

     "Fleeting Time is somehow the top master of Western Continent, the best husband in the hearts of countless girls'> Candidate, why do you always say that people are bitches." Tan Polang grabbed a bite of rice: "That's not good, girls should be reserved , How can you keep swearing?"

     "Some people are born to be cheap." Ye Ci snorted, but she couldn't help remembering what Fleeting Time had said that day when she was close to her, and then she thought of the post by the little gossip in the moonlight, and then she Thinking of what she had been asked by the Customer Service sister again, she finally thought of the award she had gotten that almost stunned her, and the fire in her heart burned endlessly.Suddenly, she slapped her chopsticks on the table. The movement was so loud that the ribs that had already been caught in Tan Polang's mouth were so scared that they fell into the bowl with a grunt. Tan Polang also looked at Ye Ci with an agitated look. He looked at the ribs in his bowl again, a little aggrieved: "If you want to eat this ribs, you don't have to scare me so..."

     But he didn't finish his words, he heard Ye Ci start talking like a gunner: "What top master or the best husband?">The candidate for Fleeting Time is a from head to tail slut. Does the operation mean that the character is good? Does the great god mean that he is a good man? You even told me that he is the best husband in the hearts of countless girls'> These people have never played games, right? I don’t know online games. In fact, the great gods in China are all wretched men in reality, and they are all wretched women, right?"

     "You are also a great god in online games..." Tan Polang tried very hard to struggle with this statement. If according to Ye Ci's statement, she is a wretched man, and she is a gangster girl. However, how could he overshadow Ye Ci's voice? His argument was quickly overwhelmed by Ye Ci's quick and quick statement. He can only sigh and look at Ye Ci quietly."What’s great about fucking awesome in the game, it’s just the game. Look at how many practical people in real life play games, hum, this kind of person, if you do it well, you dare to climb my nose, I don’t have it. When you speak, you dare to slap me on the nose. It’s not a thing. Look at what he said. Look at what he did. Can a good man do things? Such a man should be dragged out. Dip the pig cage, you should beheaded at Caishikou to show the public.

     Looking at Ye Ci's generous statement, Tan Polang swallowed with difficulty, eager to refute, but at this moment, he didn't even dare to make a loud voice.

     If you don’t know what’s in between, Tan Polang almost thinks that Ye Ci is a big bad guy wicked beyond redemption, how could it be Fleeting Time? Moreover, many people are playing games now, who is not at ease in real life... Ye Ci's range of strikes is too wide. Not only that, but the most important thing is that Tan Polang started to feel sad for Fleeting Time. According to Ye Ci's angry mentality, if Fleeting Time has any special thoughts about childe'>you, I am afraid that it will be a long way. Xi ah.

     A good the pig cage...Tan Polang silently thought about what Ye Ci said just now, and couldn't help but want to laugh, "Fleeting Time" and "Fleeting Time", what kind of impression do you leave in the childe'> Youxin...However, ridicule goes to ridicule, Tan Polang still wants to help Fleting Time to get his reputation right, after all, now his little of noble character and unquestionable integrity has become in Ye Ci's mouth into a ridiculous second-rate, anyway, Fleting Time He is also Tan Polang’s idol. How much saddened my own idol is so ruined...

     "Actually, it’s a bit unfair for you to say that. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Fleeting Time? You have also handed over several times, and there are no more than three conversations in the world. He doesn’t seem to say anything excessive, just the bottom line. There are too many gossip people, and he has misunderstood his meaning. If you pile these mistakes on the head of Fleeting Time, would you be a bit biased?" Tan Polang looked at Ye Ci's already dark face, big Be brave and start to say good things for Fleeting Time.

     Brother Fleeting Time, Brother Fleeting Time, if you have not yet succeeded in the future, you must remember that Tan Polang, the cannon fodder who died before he became a master, was almost moved by his noble morals.After listening to Tan Polang's words, Ye Ci didn't say anything. In fact, she knew that Tan Polang didn't make much mistakes. Many times, it was indeed made by the entertainment public. However, it does not mean that Fleeting Time is not at all at fault. If he hadn't said something ambiguous, would she be so embarrassed and passive now? She just wanted to fight this man and defeat him. What a simple and simple purpose, it has become the biggest scandal in the Fate game...

     This makes Ye Ci how can this be endured! Ah

     "What's more, Fleting Time has an innocent background and a very innocent relationship life. He is a man who works hard to make progress. No matter how you look at it, he is definitely a four-good young man, Ye Ci, don't buckle your hat." Tan Polang sees Ye Ci no Speak, continue to bleach the image of spectacle too horrible to endure in Ye Ci's mind for Fleeting Time.

     Ye Ci squinted at Tan Polang, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth: "Tan Polang, why do I think you know that guy?""Uh" Ye Ci's words immediately blocked all Tan Polang's defenses. He looked at Ye Ci's black face and thought, if now he honestly admitted that he was a Western Continent player. Just a Guild with Fleeting Time. If you knew Fleeting Time before, would you lose sight of the sun tomorrow? He turned his head and looked at the bright moon, ah, how beautiful the world is and how happy life is. After weighing it again and again, he felt very spineless and felt that he was still more afraid of death. As for Fleeting Time and so on...just let him roll aside...

     "Well..." Tan Polang smiled dryly, with a full face accompanied by caution: "I'm not going to school and can't play games. I can only care about gossip on the forum to solve gluttons. So, so, I have all these things. Seen from the forum..."

     "From the gossip you saw on the forum, did you take it seriously? Don't you know that everything on the forum is fake?" Speaking of the forum, Ye Ci immediately remembered the post in the moonlight, and thought The anger is rising up.

     "Hmm, Ye Ci's lesson is." Tan Polang still dare not say anything, but under the high-pressure policy, he nodded hurriedly.

     "Anyway, don't say good things to that guy""Yes, yes, I will resolutely not say such things in the future." Looking at Ye Ci's expression, which is basically the same as a fried chicken, Tan Polang can only accompany his smiling face to smooth the hair.

     Ye Ci is not interested in eating anymore, so the leader and Tan Polang help him take out the cherries from the refrigerator, and start to stuff it severely into his mouth as an enemy that should be eliminated.

     Tan Polang cautious and solemn's eating, cautious and solemn thinking about the moonlight post a few days ago, feeling a little sorry. If he is still in Western Continent now, he will definitely get a lot of inside information from Absalom's mouth, where it is like now, guarding the fierce Ye Ci, he can't ask for a fart.

     However, if a person has any thoughts, it will not fade so easily. It's like Tan Polang. The more Ye Ci has this attitude, the more he wants to know the truthfulness of the moonlight post. In the end, he really couldn't help it. He put life and death on both sides, gossip in the middle, and boldly asked: "Sister Ye Ci, I want to ask you something, but can you not be angry?"

     "Do I look bad-tempered?". Ye Ci raised one eyebrow and said badly.

     "Of course not." Joke, can you say it now? Although in Tan Polang's eyes, Ye Ci was originally a fried chicken from head to tail, but he can only say negative words against his conscience."Then tell me, there are so many things in this world that make you angry." Ye Ci nodded, his expression very calm.

     "Oh, then I asked, you must not get angry."


     Tan Polang suddenly felt that he was so great that he dared to pluck the hair on the tigress's mouth. He began to admire himself. He cleared his throat and emboldened himself, and then asked in a trembling voice: "Sister Ye Ci, that day, did you get kissed by Fleeting's..."

     Tan Polang could hardly continue, because after he mentioned the two Fleeting Time, Ye Ci, who had been calmly looking at the moon, suddenly turned his head and looked at him quietly with a cold and biting gaze. After Tan Polang expressed his meaning under such palpitating gaze, he felt that he should go to receive the lunch.

     "Tan Polang, do you want to die?" Ye Ci's soft voice overflowed from the corners of his lips. The voice was as light as feathers without any weight, but it was as heavy as Tarzan. Press Tan Polang into meatloaf.

     "I'm full, I'm going to wash the dishes." Tan Polang immediately stood up and started to clean up the dishes and chopsticks neatly. At this time, those who continue to stay here are fools. .Looking at Tan Polang's mouse looking like a cat from the back, Ye Ci hummed to himself, not remembering what he said on the side of his face that Fleeting Time was close to. At that time, his nose was blowing on his face like this, warm and soft, he said: "Little childe'>, drink with me at the bar."

     Nima, Fate is a broken game, because Mao wants to make the micro senses so lifelike. If it's not like the original game, there are no micro senses, so it's just like the real one.

     Nima drinks your sister's wine, little your sister's childe'>

     Ye Ci severely grabbed the cherry and stuffed it into his mouth. It seemed that only this way could he bury the shock that Fleeting Time brought to him that day.

     Bitch bitch

     "Sister Ye Ci, are you okay, why is your face a little red?" Tan Polang finished washing the dishes and came to wipe the table. As soon as he looked up, he saw Ye Ci with a cannibalistic face and slightly red cheeks. He couldn't help but care. . Ye Ci’s leg injury is still not healed. If he gets sick again, I’m afraid it will affect the healing of the leg injury.

     "I'm fine to carry me back to the room." Ye Ci felt empty, and quickly put the pot of cherries on the table.

     Tan Polang arched his waist and carried Ye Ci on his back together. She is not heavy, or very light. It seems that there is only a handful of bone weight all over his body. Tan Polang is a little confused. How can such a light weight contain so much energy?"You have to exercise more, eat more, don't even have a bit of strength, Bai Mo just hugged me and walked." Ye Ci put his arm around Tan Polang's shoulder, thinking that the child is a little thin, but he is embarrassed to go straight If you are concerned, he can only snort awkwardly.

     Tan Polang understands Ye Ci's awkward character. He doesn't care about it at all. He just mumbles: "I'm a minor. If I change to Fleeting Time, Fleeting Time can also hold you."

     "What did you say?" Tan Polang mumbled not loudly. Ye Ci didn't understand it, just as if he heard the words "Fleeting Time"...

     "It's nothing, you go to bed quickly." Tan Polang didn't have the guts to repeat it. He put Ye Ci on the bed, and then went out of her room and closed the door. After finishing everything, Tan Polang stretched and was about to go back to the room to sleep, but when passing by Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan’s room, their door opened with a creak, and Zuo Xiaolan’s face was attached to it. On the door, he whispered to Tan Polang: "Polang, come here, come here"

     Originally, the night was already deep, and Tan Polang's footsteps were extremely light. Suddenly heard such a light and fluttering sound, Tan Polang staggered against the wall in fright, clutching his heart, and whispered to Zuo Xiaolan, "Godmother, It’s scary and terrifying”Zuo Xiaolan was a little bit embarrassed, she laughed happily, and continued to whisper: "Polang, keep your voice down, come here, come to Godmother."

     Tan Polang looked strangely at Zuo Xiaolan's mysterious appearance, and walked into their room. Just after entering the room, Zuo Xiaolan closed the door, and then took Tan Polang to sit on the bed with a thief expression: "Polang, what did you and Xiao ci talk about outside?"

     "I didn't say anything." Tan Polang looked at Zuo Xiaolan, and at Ye Nantian, who was also curious about knowledge, scratched his head, wondering what they were saying.

     "Why didn't your godmother clearly hear what you are talking about? Xiao ci also said about soaking the pig cage..." Zuo Xiaolan was killed and didn't believe Tan Polang's statement.

     "Yes, that is, what durian do I still hear, durian?" Ye Nantian also looked curious: "You want to eat durian?"

     "No, godfather, it's not like that..." Tan Polang looked at the way the two people broke the casserole and asked them to the end. He only felt that the sky was going to kill him.

     "What the hell is that? What is it?" Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian asked almost with different mouths, same voice.Tan Polang took a deep breath. Anyway, things have reached this point. So let's just do it. There is no difference between saying and not saying: "Okay, okay, don't ask, I'll tell you it."

     Then the three people sat on the edge of the bed, and said all the rise and fall of the terrain.

     After speaking, Tan Polang did not forget to explain to the two people: "I said, you must keep it secret, otherwise..." He said, raising a hand and scratching his neck, "I'm going to be Ye Sister Ci killed her alive."

     "Oh, no, no, my daughter, I know..." Zuo Xiaolan said with a grin, then she paused, looked at Tan Polang's heavy expression, and nodded: "Well, we absolutely Keep it secret."

     "Then I can go, you guys remember it." This is simply Longtan Tiger's Den. Tan Polang didn't want to stay for a minute. He saw his own business and quickly got up to say goodbye, in case Ye Ci found out. He doesn't have to wait until tomorrow, he can stop confidently today.

     Shrinking his head and leaving the house, Tan Polang confirmed that everyone was asleep on the left and right, then the mouse slipped back into his house like a mouse.

     "Oh, Xiao ci is looking for someone, so fast." Zuo Xiaolan sat on the edge of the bed with emotion.Ye Nantian just read the book for himself, and didn't pay attention to Zuo Xiaolan.

     "Hey, you said, what does the Fleeting Time look like? If it weren't for Polang's lead, come to our house for dinner someday" Zuo Xiaolan looked very anxious.

     But Ye Nantian heard Zuo Xiaolan’s words and rolled his eyes: "I said, you have considered too far, right now, there is no word in the character, just some scandals of believe in the rain on hearing the wind, how can there be such a scandal? Many things. Later, Xiao ci mentioned it to me."

     "It's also." Zuo Xiaolan turned to think, it seems that the same reason: "However, in the future, we can see what Fleeting Time is in the game..."

     "I'm a Western Continent player and can't come to us." Ye Nantian closed the book and lay down on the bed: "Don't think about it, go to bed, and I will continue to buy ingredients to practice cooking tomorrow."

     Looking at Ye Nantian's back, Zuo Xiaolan still wanted to say something, but at the end, she didn't say anything and lay down and went to sleep.

     Wan Lai is silent, no one is asleep tonight.

     Bai Mo left early the next day. Ye Ci couldn't send him off because of inconvenient legs and feet, so he could only say goodbye to him at home.Last night, after listening to Tan Polang's enlightenment, Ye Ci also thought a lot. Since she has been born again, she should try her best to avoid those sad past events from happening. After all, the days will pass the better, and other things should not be thought of.

     Although Ye Ci is still Ye Ci, the last life is the last life after all, and this life will always be this life.

     Ye Ci thought that she would never carry the mistakes of the previous life to live this life again. Because in this life, every day is brand new, and every day is worth grasping.

     So, leaning on a cane, she stood at the door and hugged Bai Mo lightly. She said, "Bai Mo, come on."

     Bai Mo hugged Ye Ci vigorously, took a deep breath, and smiled as bright as the sun outside the window. He said, "Xiao ci, you have to come on."

     Yes, everyone, have to come on

     Chapter 28 Come on

     Chapter 28 Come on