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Chapter Directory 231 Altus
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 29 Ortus

     Chapter Twenty Nine

     While the Dark Iron dwarves are exploring the mineral veins, Ye Ci continues to make his own epic Quest.

     She brought the feedback from Dolan Rogue to her again. As usual, she still didn't see the lord Moore, only the mayor of the city received her.

     "Very good, very good, fairy, your completed Quest is very good." The mayor unfolded the letter and read it carefully, then raised his head to look at Ye Ci, narrowed the triangular eyes and smiled. Ye Ci has to have one's hair stand on end. "I will convey your sincerity to City Lord Moore. I think City Lord Moore will be very happy after knowing this. You also know that City Lord Moore’s health has always been poor, but he has to worry about trivial things around him. This makes those of us subordinates very uneasy. I wonder if you can help us again?"

     Sure enough, the third stage of Quest has started. Although Ye Ci doesn't know how many loops this epic Quest has, since it has gone deep, it is impossible to stop.

     "Of course, it is my honor." Ye Ci saluted. But I can’t help but laugh at myself for being too hypocritical. I am obviously forced to do Quest, and I am honored and honored."However, this journey will be far away, are you really willing?". Hearing Ye Ci's answer, the mayor of Hei Ni City was obviously very satisfied, but he didn't know why, he asked Ye Ci again.

     "As long as I can share the worries and problems for City Lord Moore, I will do my best." Ye Ci nodded.

     "Well, this is a long journey. You may be far away from your hometown for a long time. I hope you don't miss home too much." The mayor of Hei Nicheng nodded, but from his expression, Ye Ci has nothing to do with him whether he wants to have a family or not. "Go to Gale Canyon, where there is a broken iron bridge. At twelve o'clock in the evening, you will blow this whistle, and someone from the other side will pick you up. And he will tell you what you need to do."

     The mayor of Hei Ni took out a very simple bone whistle from his body. This whistle has been stroked smoothly and has a light brown color. At first glance, it has been used for a very long time. He handed the whistle to Ye Ci, and then said slightly sincerely: "May God always be with you, and Lord Moll will wait for your return."Ye Ci took the bone whistle, but his brows wrinkled slightly. If she remembers correctly, Gale Canyon is a map bordering the southern and western continents, with a deep trench in the middle, dividing the entire Gale Canyon into two parts, one on the southern continent and the other on the western continent.

     The mayor of this black mud city will not let her go to the Western Continent...

     In fact, this is the same thing. Ye Ci quit the game and checked the official map, and she saw that there seemed to be something connected in the narrowest part of the Gale Canyon. On the other side is the western continent.

     It seems that this trip must go.

     Ye Ci confessed to Guild’s senior management that she was leaving Eastern Continent for a while. Although Bai Mo went home, she still played games every night. She left him a message and then gave it to her parents. Prepared some spare funds, filled all the arrows on his body, and then left Eastern Continent and set off for the southern continent.

     Because he was an epic Quest, Ye Ci didn't contact Fluttering Red Feather when he arrived in the southern continent. He just teleported all the way, and it didn't take much time to reach Gale Canyon.Gale Canyon is a long and narrow map, because there is a deep and long valley in the middle, which divides the map into two parts. The southern side of the continent is called Upper Gale Canyon, and the western side of the continent is called Lower Gale Canyon.

     Before the four continents of southeast, northwest and north were divided, there was an iron bridge connecting the two sides of the canyon for people on both sides to pass through. However, after the four continents were divided, the NPCs on both sides removed the wooden boards on the iron bridge. , And built extremely tough towers and arrow castles on both sides of the bridge to defend against the enemy.

     Now, above the Gale Gorge, you can only see the towering towers and a dilapidated chain bridge...

     Standing at the mouth of the gorge, Ye Ci looked to the opposite side, only saw a piece of red people moving. You don't have to guess, it's definitely the same bridge guarding elite here. All levels are above 60, with thick skin and a lot of blood. Ye Ci just has to deal with all of them, let alone deal with this piece.

     She stroked the bone whistle in her hand, and it seemed that she could only wait until twelve o'clock in the evening.

     The NPCs guarding the bridge are actually a bit weird. They will not prohibit players from the Alliance Continent from going to local positions. As long as you can live past, they will behave calmly, but if the players or NPCs on the opposite side want to come over, then absolutely It's a man who has become a member of the government.Ye Ci sat by the bridge, quietly waiting for the sun to go down.

     She looked at the scenery on the opposite side, and her heart was as calm as a lake without waves. What will you meet after passing? Will everything go well in Western Continent? How long will she delay to return to Eastern Continent? These issues are left to the future to think about, and she, as long as she waits until twelve o'clock, it will go smoothly.

     The guards guarding the bridge from the southern mainland walked around behind Ye Ci, batch after batch, the interval between each batch was no more than 30 seconds, and each batch had four to six soldiers. It seemed , Even if a player on the opposite continent ran over, it would be impossible to slip past their eyes smoothly. In the same way, Ye Ci had little chance to think that the other side would slip past the guards.

     She flipped the bone whistle in her hand up and down, and found nothing magical. She really couldn’t think of it. When twelve o’clock, the NPC summoned by the whistle would have any way to bring her there. Go to the other side.

     Time is a strange thing.

     When you don't care, it quickly slips away, but the feeling of a moment has actually flown away a lot. However, when you really care, it flies very slowly, as if a world-shaking event can be done in one second.Just like Ye Ci now, she is sitting on a wooden stake on the edge of the canyon, with a dog's tail grass in her mouth, holding her cheeks in her hands and watching the sunset quietly in the distance, hoping that time will pass faster, but , Time seems to have failed her intentions, it has been so consuming, it seems that it won't move. She didn't know how many times she called up that time to see it, or that point, such a boring time, how long does it really take until twelve o'clock?

     Sure enough, just waiting and consuming time is definitely not something Ye Ci will do. Since her people can't do anything here, they don't want to do something else on the line. Now that he had made up his mind, Ye Ci went offline, and the house was quiet. Bai Mo went home, Tan Polang went to school, his parents were playing skills in the game, and there was nothing to do for a while.

     Ye Ci walked into the living room with a cane, and the sunlight streaming in from outside the window, it was very brilliant. Ye Ci sat on the sofa and turned on the TV boringly. A boring interface is playing on the TV, Ye Ci is holding the remote control in his hand, switching channels one after another because of lack of interest.

     I don’t know if her mental age is too mature or the current TV shows are really meaningless. After going to so many channels, Ye Ci actually has no show to watch. If this goes on, what exactly will she use? Things to kill this afternoon?"According to the news that our reporter just received, the Honor Group officially opened the "Fate OL's First Expansion" in the National Stadium-"The Countdown Ceremony of the New Continent, "Fate OL as an emerging roll out in 2050 Holographic games are different from previous holographic games. It uses the world's most advanced light and shadow technology and human micro-sensory technology. 100 simulates all the environments of the entire real world, and it also integrates the culture and game background of many countries around the world. Perfectly combined together, it can be called an epoch-making holographic game. Since the start of the test, "Fate OL has always maintained the record of the highest number of online people, and this number of online people has increased with the development of "Fate OL... …"

     I was transferred to a news channel, and the host in the news was smiling and broadcasting the news about the new Fate OL expansion. In fact, it’s not surprising at all about the news on Fate. Nowadays, games have become very popular. Various countries have evolved from simply categorizing games as entertainment items to economic, political, military, and so on. Functions are stationed in games, and games have become more and more related to humans.

     Therefore, the news about the introduction of the game is a common occurrence in itself.If, in normal times, Ye Ci probably wouldn't notice this news, anyway, there are too many introductions to Fate in all aspects, and she doesn't have the mind and time to pay attention to it one by one. This news is different. Ye Ci stopped the remote control in his hand and watched the news quietly.

     The first expansion film "The New Continent has entered the 30-day countdown, so it means that the official will release a series of major continent Quest and expansion Quest related to the expansion. In this series of Quests, players' level and equipment will be improved by leaps and bounds, so the next 30-50 Dungeon group will be relatively easier to fight. Not only that, Ye Ci also knows that as long as the expansion is opened, it also indicates one point-Shengshi Guild is about to land on Fate

     In fact, Ye Ci doesn't quite understand what these plans are thinking.Shengshi Guild was bought by the rival company of the Glory Group and wanted to enter Fate OL to combat the current Fate's momentum. This news, even Ye Ci, an ordinary player already knew, she didn’t believe it. The leaders of the Glory Group’s planning and chief executives Do not you know? Now that they know, they must understand how horrible the game will be when Guild enters the game. Isn't it an unwise decision to risk opening an expansion under such circumstances? But why do they still do this? Is it because your head is flooded? Or does Ye Ci never understand the stand tall and see far of this matter?

     However, things have developed to this point. What the leaders of the Honor Group think is no longer within Ye Ci's consideration. All she has to think about is one thing, and that is how to do it before the opening of the new expansion. Shengshi Guild tried his best to keep everything as possible before entering the game.

     This is a real headache.

     Suddenly, she thought of someone.

     After playing the game, Ye Ci started to contact Customer Service and indicated that he was looking for Customer Service No. 094. Although Customer Service *** is a bit embarrassed, it is not an excessive request for the players and they cannot refuse. Therefore, even if there is some trouble, she quickly found Ye Ci to look at Jiangnan.

     Wang Jiangnan was a little strange: "Why did you find me through here?""I'm a player looking for a plan, what method should I use if I don't use this method?" Ye Ci was a little funny about Wang Jiangnan's problem.

     "I'm in Gale Canyon, coordinates 1893:47:3652, are you free? Come here." Ye Ci knows that this kind of Customer Service calls will be recorded, and she certainly won't be stupid to follow here Jiangnan discusses certain things. Even to deal with Wang Jiangnan's leadership, she thought of an excuse for Wang Jiangnan: "I found a suspected bug, please come and take a look."

     Wang Jiangnan does not doubt that he has him. Although today's shift manager is not him, as far as his relationship with Ye Ci is concerned, there is nothing wrong with this trip: "Okay, you wait for me for a minute."

     Turning off the Customer Service phone'>, Ye Ci sat on the wooden stake and waited quietly. Soon, a Level 1 player wearing a rookie uniform appeared next to her. This person is not Wang Jiangnan or someone. Wang Jiangnan really focuses on work. The first sentence when I saw Ye Ci was: "What bug did you find?"

     Ye Ci smiled, patted another stake next to him and said, "Sit down and speak slowly."

     Wang Jiangnan sat down, he looked at the environment here, and quickly understood the reason why Ye Ci appeared here: "Have you received an epic Quest?"

     Ci squinted his eyes: "Can you tell me, what will be waiting for me?"Wang Jiangnan shook his head: "What I told you, wouldn't you find it boring? Moreover, this epic Quest was not designed by me. I did not participate in the test. I am not too clear about the specific links." After all, he still Continue to pay attention to the problem of BUG: "Didn't you say that there is a BUG? What kind of BUG? The BUG that can be caught must be very bad."

     "It's not a BUG, I'm looking for you but an excuse." Ye Ci pulled the dog's tail grass from the corner of his mouth, and dangled it with nothing to do: "Something else."

     Wang Jiangnan's eyebrows raised slightly: "This is surprising, you will find me something? I remember, you don't really hate dealing with our plans."

     "It depends on when. When the crisis hits my own interests, I still like your plans very much." Ye Ci Rude said, in front of Wang Jiangnan, she did not conceal her own nature of use.

     Wang Jiangnan started to be a little curious, childe'>you is the top character of Eastern Continent, and is also the top figure on the four continents. It is rare to see her own interests at risk: "Hey, the more you are With that said, the more I am curious, what situation can threaten your interests?""Why did you open the expansion pack so early?" Ye Ci didn't want to circle Wangjiangnan, and directly asked his own question: "Don't you know that Shengshi is going to be stationed in the game?".

     It has to be said that everyone knows the name of the prosperous age. They are like a huge locust, wherever they go, they will leave a mess there.

     Wang Jiangnan was taken aback when he heard Ye Ci's question, and then the expression on his face was slightly unnatural: "These are high-level decisions. I'm just an ordinary plan, and I can't control much."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows: "Show me a clear road, how to deal with this storm? Our people in Guild are generally only at a level of 40. If you open a new expansion, the upper limit of the level will be opened. What should we do? ?"

     "You are really asking me, I'm thinking about this question too, but I haven't found a way." Wang Jiangnan smiled bitterly at Ye Ci: "I also know that opening up the expansion is a bit too hasty, but..." At this point he sighed: "Why don't you give me a suggestion, how to deal with it better?"Seeing Wang Jiangnan like this, Ye Ci was a little frustrated. It seemed that this storm could no longer be stopped. As the expansion of the expansion approached, she could only passively endure all this: "Suggestion? Are you asking me the suggestion to wait until the flourishing age enters the game and ruin Fate?"

     "Ha, don't be so pessimistic." Although Wang Jiangnan is smiling, he can see that his heart is also very heavy.

     "Pessimistic? Pessimistic talents change the world." Ye Ci gave Jiangnan a blank look.

     "Well, if you were me at that time, what should you do?" Wang Jiangnan looked at Ye Ci very sincerely. He thought about this problem more than once. He even thought that by that time, the entire game will definitely have sky and the earth turning upside down changes, and their planned Fate is just like the game, sky and the earth turning upside down. And his dream, his Fate, I don't know if he will break his wings because of this incident.

     "You have two paths. First, pack and leave. Second, live in embarrassment." Ye Ci put up two fingers. In fact, these are the two paths that all players will face in the future.

     "Is there a third one." Wang Jiangnan had known these two roads a long time ago, but he was not reconciled.

     Ye Ci squinted her eyes. The third...The third is also she wants to do, not knowing if she can do it."Yes..." Ye Ci's lips overflowed with an almost inaudible sigh, "Of course there is."


     "Death to the young." Ye Ci looked into the distance and sighed again. Her body was full of contradictions. On the one hand, she didn't want the prosperity to come, on the other hand, she hoped that the prosperity would come soon. It's best to come right away. Because no matter what you imagine, you will never know exactly what will happen in the future.

     Even if you know the outcome of the event, but if you don't know the course of the event, the outcome will be unpredictable.

     In the past, Wang Jiangnan carried the tripod in adversity to put his death on the next life, but now Ye Ci started to excavate the mithril vein ahead of time, isn’t it because he put his death on the next life? There is only one month, and during this month she must obtain the mining rights from the Dark Iron Dwarf who has detected the specific location of the mineral vein. Even if she has the right to mine, where would she go to find so many people to mine? Even if she finds so many people to mine, how can she protect such a large vein? The current Upward Ho is just a small meeting of no more than 100,000 people, even if all members are deployed, it may not be able to hold this vein.

     Even if the prosperous age doesn't come to grab it, won't those big Guilds who have millions of people come to grab it?She never thinks that there is really any friendship between herself and the guild leaders of those big Guilds. Only interests in this world are permanent.

     Starting from the day she decided to mine the mithril vein, she thought, she had already placed herself in a dead place, but she had no way of knowing whether this dead place could be an afterlife.

     Night had fallen, and Wang Jiangnan had already left. Ye Ci sat in the dark, quietly stroking the bone whistle in his hand, and took a last look at the time. It was ten seconds before twelve.

     Ten, nine, eight... three, two, one.

     "Hamm--" The sound from the bone whistle was a peculiar, sharp sound, which Ye Ci had never heard on any whistle. This peculiar sharp sound resembled a sharp dagger in the dark night sky, tearing away the tranquility alive.

     Ye Ci pressed her ears gently, the sound made her eardrum a little bit painful, and then she stood up and started looking for someone who would come out to meet her. However, in the night breeze, she never saw anyone except herself.

     It's not that his Quest remembered it wrong, Ye Ci was a little strange, and quickly started looking through his Quest log, but found nothing. Just as Ye Ci stood in place and looked around, he heard a hoarse voice at a high place and laughed lowly: "It's actually an elf."Ye Ci followed the prestige and saw a black shadow squatting on the pillar at the head of the bridge. He was covered with Concealment in the thick shadow. Except for his voice, Ye Ci could not find him at all. All attributes.

     Race, unknown. Occupation, unknown. Friends and enemies, unknown.

     Although it is stated on Quest that this person will lead Ye Ci and will also hand over the following Quest to Ye Ci, but the uncertainty of Epic Quest is too great, as long as one link does not meet the predetermined requirements, it is likely to be Inspire other consequences. Ye Ci has never dared to make arbitrary decisions about things that are uncontrollable, so as not to cause irreversible results.

     "Hello, the mayor of Hei Nicheng gave me a whistle." Ye Ci bowed respectfully: "He said that this whistle will give me further tips." Ye Ci was working on Quest. , It’s wonderful to speak, and often put oneself in a passive position, and put the NPC who delivered the Quest in an active position. In this way, it seems that there is not much to talk about, but when dealing with NPCs But it can get a lot of bargain.

     The black shadow squatting on the pillar at the end of the bridge laughed strangely after hearing Ye Ci saying this: "He is not dead yet?"Ye Ci was taken aback by this. She seemed to have caught some strange feeling, but after thinking about it carefully, she didn't catch anything. However, she did not respond casually to Sombra’s words. The NPCs of these epic Quests are very difficult to deal with. They have higher IQ than ordinary NPCs and are more thoughtful than ordinary NPCs, so if you are not careful In response, these NPCs can easily be put in their pockets. However, the best way to prevent yourself from being put into a bag by an NPC is to put your ears up, but close your mouth tightly. It is too much wrong to say, this is a truth of unchanging since times immemorial.

     Sombra seemed satisfied that Ye Ci didn't talk too much. He had two weird laughs, his voice was very strange, and he looked extraordinarily human in this silent night. "You are an elf who doesn't talk too much."

     Can this be regarded as a compliment?

     "Come on, come with me, and I will take you there." The dark shadow jumped off the pillar, and the silver-white moonlight immediately covered his whole body, allowing Ye Ci to see his true face clearly. Turns out this is a goblin.He has green skin, pointed ears, and protruding eyeballs, which looks a little strange, but the most strange thing is that this goblin’s arms are obviously much longer than other goblins, and they have already dragged their knees . It is not very tall, only reaching the waist of the elf, but its physique is small, and it can move very lightly.

     Goblins are a peculiar race. They have an ugly face, but they have a very high IQ. They can make the most sophisticated machinery and the most advanced medicines on the mainland. Moreover, they are also very good at making money. Therefore, in On the entire continent, goblins are probably the richest race. However, this race does not like to deal with other races, and has a cool personality. It is a neutral race. Before the mainland was split, goblins often interacted with other races. However, after the mainland was split, the goblins were all Concealmented, and only a few merchants could find them, and exchange high prices for those seniors from their hands. Engineering products and high-quality medicines.

     Seeing this goblin, Ye Ci moved slightly in his heart. Goblins are a good race, especially in siege battles. The help of goblins is almost like a tiger that has grown wings. However, how do you deal with goblins? This is indeed a problem.Following this goblin, Ye Ci has been thinking about ways to approach this goblin, but he has not found anything suitable. Goblins are different from Dwarf, who is also proficient in engineering. They have a much higher EQ than Dwarf. If they don't go to their best, they will easily be disgusted by them.

     "Elf, are you thinking how to get the benefits of goblins from me?". The goblin who had not spoken gave a hehe smile.

     Ye Ci was slightly surprised, but she didn't show any hurried expression on her face. She just said faintly: "Elves are never a greedy race."

     "That's the truth, you are different from the orcs and the dwarves." The goblin agreed on this point. He suddenly stopped and blew a loud whistle. There was a sound of wings flapping from far to near in the sky. . Ye Ci looked up and saw a huge bird flying towards them from a distance.

     It seems to be a eagle. Ye Ci squinted. The elf’s night vision is not bad. From the physical aspect, it looks like a eagle, but when he flies closer, Ye Ci has a surprise. Only alive to carve, is a machine carve built out of machine partsThis goblin seemed to have been watching Ye Ci's expression all the time, and when he saw the surprised expression on Ye Ci's face, his expression immediately added a few hints of complacency. He showed off a bit and said: "How? It looks good, right."

     "Very wonderful." Ye Ci did not hesitate to praise, and nodded at the goblin. "It's really a goblin's engineering, so beautiful."

     These words changed the look on the goblin's face, and then he snorted, "Goblin's engineering? Without me, Ortus, can goblin engineering doesn't really matter?"

     "Ortus?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, she was really surprised to hear the name. According to the Chronicles of Goblin Masters in the National Library, Ortus is a direct disciple of the Great Grandmaster of Goblin Engineering, De Philae. After De Philae disappeared, Ortus seems to have gradually faded out of the goblin world, and finally disappeared in the Chronicles of Goblin Masters. In the record. When Ye Ci was reading the book, she was quite regretful. In this way, the last inheritance of the so-called most exquisite goblin engineering disappeared in the mainland, but she did not expect good fortune to make people. Actually ran into Ortus.

     "What? Have you heard my name?"

     "Yes, I once saw the record about you in the National Library, and of course the record of your master De Philae." Ye Ci told the truth."Oh? This is surprising. The descendants of the goblin don't remember me and my master anymore, and an elf still knows." Ortus's face showed a kind of indifferent mockery, and he moved towards the mechanical sculpture in the sky. He waved, let it fly to the edge of the cliff, and then jumped onto its back. Then, Ortus turned his head and said to Ye Ci: "Elf, jump on it, I'll take you there."

     Ye Ci nodded and jumped onto the back of the mechanical sculpture. Then he heard Ortus yell: "Sit down." The mechanical sculpture suddenly accelerated and rushed towards the sky.

     This is not the first time Ye Ci has taken a flying machine, but it is definitely the fastest and smoothest flying machine Ye Ci has ever taken. Although there was a strong air current passing under the wings of the mechanical sculpture, the mechanical sculpture did not become bumpy because of this. Instead, it flew higher and higher by this air current, seeming to pass through the clouds.

     "What is that crazy goblin doing with its broken bird again?" The guards guarding the bridge in the western mainland looked towards the mechanical sculpture in the distance, as if it had already been a common occurrence for this kind of thing.

     "Who knows about it. He guards the broken bird every day and doesn't let us get close. The last time I wanted to sit down, I almost got beaten by him.""Hahaha, are you afraid of that goblin? How painful it can hit you? If you let the captain know this, you will definitely be punished severely."

     "You know what a shit, goblins are a neutral race. If I fight him, I might get revenge." The guard guarding the bridge snorted, "That old man can make that kind of broken bird. Come out with something else, in case you suffer a big loss, that would be unlucky."


     The guards of the two western continents guarding the bridge were patrolling and talking lowly, not knowing that Ortus had actually brought an Eastern Continent player to his land through this big bird.

     Ye Ci looked down at the bottom, a perplexed red light, which means that they are now at a very high altitude. But what makes Ye Ci strange is: "Can't those guards who guard the bridge see us?".

     "How could I not see, they are not blind." Ortus rolled his eyes.

     "Then how can you fly over with me?"

     "This is a secret." Ortus obviously didn't want Ye Ci to know too much about the secrets of mechanical carvings, but hummed proudly.Since Ortus had this attitude, Ye Ci didn't want to say anything. She stood quietly behind Ortus, waiting for the moment when the mechanical sculpture landed. The speed of the mechanical sculpture is extremely fast, and I don't know how long it takes, Ye Ci began to feel the mechanical sculpture began to slide downwards, which means it is about to land. Ye Ci lowered his body and lowered his center of gravity to avoid falling down due to inertia when the mechanical sculpture landed.

     The mechanical sculpture is worthy of being made by Ortus. It landed very smoothly and silently. After it landed, it immediately became lifeless, like a pile of dead steel.

     Ortus jumped off the mechanical sculptor, and Ye Ci also jumped off.

     Ortus stood facing Ye Ci and said to Ye Ci: "Since you know my teacher and me, then I don't have to bother to introduce myself to you. Next, you have to do very simple, find me Teacher, and rescue him."

     This Quest makes Ye Ci a bit baffling, because in the Goblin Chronicles it only says that De Philae is missing, but it doesn't say why it disappeared.Because this is an important part of Quest, Ye Ci must ask clearly: "Dear Mr. Ortus, please wait. Although I know that Master De Philae also knows you, the book only records you. The teacher of is missing, and nothing else is said. Where shall I go to find your teacher?"

     "There is no record in the book?" Ortus looked strange, but soon he was relieved: "Hmph, if it would be strange to record such a nasty thing, of course they would not record it in the book."

     It can be seen that Ortus is very upset and very emotional. He walked back and forth in place, waving his fists and cursing as he walked: "Those damn goblins, those damn goblins, and damn Chel, you all deserve to go to hell."

     Ye Ci looked at Ortus quietly, waiting until the moment when Quest was triggered.

     Chapter 29 Ortus

     Chapter 29 Ortus