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Chapter Directory 232 Chapter 30 Passing By
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Thirty Passing By

     Chapter Thirty Passing By

     After a while, Ortus's emotions were almost vented, and he finally calmed down. He turned around, looked at Ye Ci who was standing on the side, and exhaled deeply: "Elf, are you interested in listening to a story that is not beautiful?"

     "Of course, Mr. Ortus, if you are willing to tell, I am willing to be the most qualified listener." Ye Ci gave another salute. She did not choose to skip the conversation because she knew that in such an epic Quest, NPC The stories told generally have very important clues, and these clues are not only Concealment in the language, but sometimes also Concealment in the tone and action of the NPC. If skipped, it is likely to skip some minor details. Clues, this will have a great impact on the completion rate and completion of Quest, and more importantly, it will also have a great impact on the final reward.

     Obviously, Ye Ci's answer made Ortus very satisfied. He walked around in front of Ye Ci again, but this time his speed slowed down a lot, and his two too long hands were behind his back. It looks very old and pedantic.

     Ye Ci stood quietly on the side. She is actually a very patient person, especially when meeting this kind of Epic Level Quest, her patience is often longer than ordinary people.After walking for a while, Ortus jumped on a broken wooden stake, and then sat down. He looked at the distant sky, where a bright moon was in the sky, but the bright light could not illuminate this piece of a dark In the mass land, only a piece of silver that looks very desolate can be left hanging in the sky.

     Ye Ci checked the map just now. This is the Fragrant Wilderness of the Western Continent. The monsters here are mainly distributed between 50 and 60. However, the monsters are mostly non-active attacking monsters. Therefore, there are still many players who team up to level up here. And Ye Ci's stop here is actually a very dangerous thing. If they are discovered by players in the Western Continent, they will face more than simple things like massacres and pursuits.

     However, even if it is dangerous here, Ortus chose to release Quest here, which Ye Ci cannot change. Ortus is a goblin, no matter which continent it is a neutral race, so it will not be attacked by the player, and only himself is left.However, for Ye Ci, it is not difficult to hide from other hostile players searching for it. Therefore, even if Ye Ci is standing quietly in front of Ortus, she is still watching all directions. , As long as there is a little bit of wind and grass, she will immediately take corresponding measures, and she will definitely not let her land just set foot on the western mainland be damaged here.

     Ortus looked at Ye Ci, who was standing quietly on the side. She was respectful and quiet, which made Ortus very satisfied. Goblins are a kind of high IQ and very proud creatures. Before the mainland was divided, they dealt with various races. However, goblins did not like these races. In the eyes of goblins, the most noble race in the world was fully deserving. , without any reservations is the goblin himself, and the other races are either too stupid, or too stupid, and have no ability to discuss two disparate things together with them.

     As for Ortus, he is even more a faithful pedigree theory. He despises ordinary races more than ordinary goblins. This is true of any race, but he rarely shows it. In fact, he doesn’t really like the elf in front of him, but compared with ordinary people, this elf seems to be very polite, without much ambition and ambition, and he didn’t try to get anything from him. It made Ortus more satisfied, so he became gentle even when talking to her."A long, long time ago, in fact, I don’t know how long it was. You know, the life span of our goblins is generally very long, so the time is actually a thing for us to remember. It didn’t matter. At that time, the goblins did not live underground or in secret places. They lived in a place called Wasoko. It was full of all the energy, ores, energy gems, and all the goblins needed. It’s too much to plant precious black oil. You must think that since there are these things, it must be a place of billowing smoke, but you are wrong, there are green trees everywhere, wild flowers and weeds everywhere. There are many, many small animals on the grass and many, many fishes in the river. It’s so beautiful. And I was born there."

     Ortus has entered his own memories, his voice is low and gentle, his eyes are shining with blurred light, it is not difficult to tell from the intoxicated expression on his face, that memory is the best in Ortus's memory a part of."I don't know who my parents are, because my teacher, De Feilai, rescued me from the grass. The teacher said that when he went to bed that day, he heard the sound of another baby crying outside the house, and he went out and saw I was in the swaddling clothes. And I was crying a lot, but when the teacher picked me up, I laughed at him. In the world of goblins, if no one adopts orphans, they will be slaves. , The teacher couldn’t bear to see me face the tragic future, so he adopted me and named me Ortus. By the way, in goblin language, Ortus means beloved companion. So, I’m not just a teacher’s child, The student is still his most beloved companion."

     When Ortus talked about De Feilai, the expression on his face became more gentle. Just looking at it, Ortus's unsightly face was not so disgusting."I have been with the teacher for a long, long time, since I was a baby, and have been growing up. The teacher is the smartest wise man of the goblin clan. Although everyone says that goblin engineering is the basic talent of the goblin, you outsiders are simply I don’t know, the real goblin engineering is not enough for ordinary goblins. The so-called engineering of the general goblin society is just some deceptive tricks in our eyes. Only you stupid foreigners can. Being so superstitious, he gave a lot of money to the bastards who have nothing to do." Ortus snorted. He has an old pedantic smell on his body, and he always looks down on ordinary goblins, but he does. There is also this capital.

     It is recorded in the book that because the goblin is keen to make money, there are less and less people willing to study the essence of goblin engineering, and the real inheritors are De Philae and his student Ortus. Apart from other things, it can be seen from the mechanical carving just now that if it is made by a general goblin, it will never fly so smoothly or so fast. The most important thing is to fly. So far, I'm afraid it would fall apart long ago.

     "My teacher is the last Great Grandmaster of goblin engineering, and I only reached the Grandmaster stage, and I didn't ascend." The gentle light on Ortus's face suddenly dimmed, looking very sad. Look like."Why?" Ye Ci asked timely to guide the next Quest.

     "Because, I left Wasoko." Ortus's voice seemed deep.

     "Isn't Wasoko a very suitable place for goblin engineering research? Since you are the Grandmaster of goblin engineering, why did you leave there? Did you find a better place?"

     "Wusoko is my hometown, what place in the world is better than my own hometown?" Ortus's face showed a very sad and sad expression: "I left Wasoko to avoid hunting down."

     "Hunting?" This is strange, it has never been recorded in the book, and it was the first time Ye Ci heard of it."Yes, I have been studying with my teacher. The long lifespan of goblins gives us endless time to support our research. I even thought that my whole life would be spent like this." Ortus' eyes flashed a gentle light again, but there was more or less sadness in this gentle light. "But, I didn't expect that one day, the continent would split, and the demon king Naga's claws extended to this continent and also to Wasoko. Goblins are a race proficient in engineering. Regardless, there are things made by ordinary goblins. How rough, in the eyes of you outsiders, it is the most sophisticated technology. Of course, in the eyes of the demon king Naga. The demon king Naga launched a war against the god king Cordele, and the god king called on the mainland All races resisted his aggression. In that war, the heroes of all races paid a heavy price." Ortus said this, turned his head to look at Ye Ci and said, "It's like Elven King Dole of your race. , Was also slaughtered, and even the soul was imprisoned by Naga."Ye Ci's heart jumped suddenly when she heard this. Elven King Dole was a racial branch line Quest she received. Because Dole's map fragments had not been found complete, she never handed in this Quest. Regarding the history of these battles on the continent, there is no book recorded in the National Library, even if it is recorded, there are only a few. Ye Ci thinks that this may be related to the main dark line of the game, Quest, so the game did not give it. Direct prompts and guidance require players to explore slowly by themselves during the adventure.

     "Where is Dole's soul imprisoned?" Ye Ci couldn't help but ask Ortus with the excitement in his heart.

     Ortus didn't seem to be satisfied that his narration was interrupted. He frowned, "Aren't you listening to the story? What do you ask this for?"

     Ye Ci looked at Ortus’s expression and knew that this goblin was a little dissatisfied with what he did, so he quickly said tactfully: “Dear Mr. Ortus, after that war, our elves have no kings anymore. The elves are split, so..."Ye Ci's low, sad tone made Ortus empathize. After all, he was an NPC who had gone through that war. He sighed: "Yeah, your elves are also very poor. They are split like this. I just know Dole’s soul is imprisoned, but I don’t know where the imprisonment is. This is Naga’s secret. How can we know Naga’s secret?"

     Ye Ci nodded, thinking about it. Since Quest is the main part of the game, it is an important background that supports the game's continuous advancement. How can it be possible to float up the answer so quickly? Now that she knows that Dole's soul is imprisoned by Naga, other things are slowly waiting for opportunity. "Sorry, Mr. Ortus, interrupted your story. Go on."Ortus nodded: "In that battle, our goblin’s advanced technology caused Naga to suffer a big loss, so after that battle, his leader took control of Wasoko with his minions, bloodthirsty undead and sinful orcs. When it came to this, Ortus became angry: "It's not that they controlled Wasoko, but they controlled Che, the bastard Chel, he was not worthy of being the king of goblins. In order to save his own life he sold the entire race Naga for Get the secrets of the most sophisticated goblin engineering, and Chel captured my teacher, Mr. De Feilai, and left me a message before he took it, so that I was not and I was in jail. I escaped from Wo Soko, but the teacher was imprisoned in the deepest part of Cher’s palace.”

     Ortus's emotions became more and more excited: "The teacher is my father, my benefactor, my closest partner and relative in this world, but I left him and wandered on this wilderness continent for so long. I couldn’t find a way to save him. In the end, I had to reach an agreement with Moore. He helped me find someone to rescue the teacher, and I..." Ortus paused here. Obviously, he didn’t want to tell. What kind of agreement did Ye Ci reach with Moore, the lord of Hei Ni City?

     He narrowed his eyes and continued: "After a long wait, I finally waited for you, spirit.""I am willing to help you, Mr. Ortus." After such a long Quest story, Ye Ci finally received Quest. "But where is Mr. De Philae? How do I find him?"

     "If I remember correctly, he should still be in Wasoko's Goblin Palace." He took out a compass and handed it to Ye Ci: "This is my exclusive goblin compass, as long as you hold it. After stepping into Wasoko’s field, it will always take you to my teacher."

     Ye Ci took the goblin compass and took a closer look. It turned out that it was produced by a Grandmaster-level goblin engineering, and it was many times more sophisticated than the general goblin compasses sold in the market.

     "Go, fairy, if you can bring out my teacher, I won't treat you badly." Ortus stood up from the stake, and then reached out a finger to Ye Ci and said, "As long as you blow the spoon , I will appear soon. Good luck, spirit."

     After speaking, Ortus's small figure gradually disappeared into the night, and even the mechanical sculpture disappeared. Only Ye Ci was left standing alone in the Youxiang Wilderness.On the current four continents, there is actually no Wasoko map. Ye Ci can conclude that Wasoko has fallen after the war, but where is Wasoko now? She turned to Quest's prompts and read them page by page. I finally found this sentence in the corner of Quest: Wasoko used to be a beautiful place, but now it has disappeared. Those who want to pursue it may wish to go to the bloody wilderness to find clues.

     The bloody wilderness.

     That is a huge map near the main city of the western mainland, Shengguang City. It has a complex terrain, many monsters and high levels. It is not a good place for players to level up. Not only that, but because there are no supply points there, players Generally, I would not choose to practice in that place.

     However, players generally do not choose to practice there, which does not mean that there are no players there. Ye Ci believes that Fate now has one billion players. Even if there are 250 million players on each continent, it is unlikely that each of these 250 million players will not choose the bloody wilderness to level up. After all, there are a lot of weirdness, refresh and fast, as long as you can find a suitable method, but it is a good place to soar. However, there are relatively few people there, which is a good help for Ye Ci to sneak into the bloody wilderness.On the western continent, Ye Ci couldn't open the teleportation point, nor could he blatantly ride Ol’ Four hurricaneously. The only way to go from one map to another was to walk over.

     Fortunately, Youxiang Wilderness is also on the edge of Holy Light City. As long as Ye Ci carefully touches it from the edge of the map, it will not take a few hours to enter the map of Holy Light City-Kodolin.

     Hunter’s Stealth is not as concealed as Rogue’s Stealth, especially on the Western Continent, where players from the Western Continent are everywhere, and she will never initiate anything with players from these Western Continents without only when absolutely essential. conflicting. What's more, the more entanglement with players in the Western Continent, the more time it takes to spend on the Western Continent, and Ye Ci has not forgotten that the exploration time of her mithril vein is only ten days, and the new expansion will be open. There are still thirty days before Guild of Shengshi enters Fate and is pressing in on one's eyelashes. She has no time to waste at all.

     It is for this reason that Ye Ci dare not take the big road. Although walking from the big road in the middle of the map will not be a surprise, it is too dangerous. She Stealth, leaning on the edge of the map towards Kodolin. If she doesn't meet the player on the road, she can kill two monsters easily, but if she meets the player, whether it is a single or a group, she will go around.After Stealth for a few hours, Ye Ci finally touched the intersection of Kodolin and Youxiang Wilderness. There is a very sturdy stone bridge. The gentle river flows under the stone bridge. There are also many wild flowers and plants growing on the banks and in the river. It looks peaceful and quiet. After all, this is near the main city of the western mainland, where there are high-level guards everywhere, and it couldn't be safer.

     However, such a peaceful and peaceful appearance is extremely fierce to Ye Ci. On the huge stone bridge that can accommodate four carriages to pass in parallel, three steps and one post, two steps and one sentry account for more than one health. There are sixty-five million elite guards, and all of them are triggered. As long as Ye Ci accidentally leads to one, hundreds of guards on this bridge will rush over. At that time, Ye Ci thought that even if he had wings, he might not be able to fly.

     Not only that, but their levels are all five levels higher than Ye Ci. At this level, the general concealment and Stealth can't fool them. What's more, these guards all have the ability to detect, even if Ye Ci can Stealth under their noses, I'm afraid they can't dodge that ability.

     From this point of view, it is simply impossible to pass through the bridge.

     The only way to go is under the bridge.But there was river water under the bridge, and Ye Ci couldn't Stealth if he jumped into it. She had to swim over it. It’s just that there are a lot of patrolling soldiers and monster-killing players by the river, although they didn’t expect an Eastern Continent hunter to hide by their side now, but after jumping into the water, what happened to them That kind of dazzling red light, wanting not to be noticed, is simply a dream.

     Ye Ci just squatted in a cluster of low plants by the bridge, thinking carefully about how to pass this level. After thinking for a while, there was still no way. Finally, in desperation, Ye Ci could only use the fraud brooch. The deception brooch can disguise the player as a player on a hostile continent, but it has a limitation. It can only be used once a day, and can only be used for half an hour each time. Not only that, it cannot enter the main city because the main city’s guards are Can't be deceived.

     Ye Ci originally wanted to keep the effect of this fraud brooch for half an hour. Today, when there are no medicines and consumables, he finds a small town to replenish it, but now it seems impossible. If she didn't use the fraud brooch now, she would be spending it here today.After weighing this, Ye Ci didn't hesitate anymore, turned the fraud brooch directly, disguised himself as a human Rogue from the western continent, and calmly stood up from the low plants. Rogue was originally a hidden profession, so there were too many things to hide, and her appearance did not attract the attention of other players and guards. In order to speed up the journey, Ye Ci recruited the little red horse. Although the speed of the little red horse is really slow, it is faster than two legs at any rate. She doesn't have the guts to recruit Ol’ Four in this place. So, slow down.

     Climbing neatly on the horseback, Ye Ci tried to restrain his inner tension and walked towards the bridge.

     The deception brooch can deceive NPCs. This is an experiment, but it is still unknown whether the deception brooch can deceive the NPC of the hostile camp. Ye Ci held a heart and tried to make himself extremely calm, like an ordinary player, riding a horse and whip across the middle of the bridge.

     In fact, fraud brooches are still very effective. When Ye Ci ran past the hundreds of guards in the middle of the bridge, none of the guards found that Ye Ci was a counterfeit. They were still standing there, majestic and majestic. No one noticed that an Eastern Continent player had entered the map of the main city, Holy Light City, Kodolin.

     "You found the Yake Bridge.""You found Kodolin."

     As Ye Ci galloped on his horse, the system continued to carry Ye Ci to explore the western continent more and more. There are high rewards for exploring maps on hostile continents, especially where you can get close to the maps of the main city. When you explore the maps here, you can often get a lot of money and honor in addition to considerable experience. Therefore, as long as you have the courage and confidence that you are not dead, you can explore the map of the hostile continent. It is not difficult to upgrade based on that experience and honor.

     Since the fraud brooch can't enter the Holy Light City, Ye Ci will not get closer to the Holy Light City do more than is required. She opened the map and ran towards the nearest place in the Wilderness of Blood. She only has half an hour, and she can't waste it at all. It's best to arrive in the Wilderness of Blood before the deception effect of the deception brooch expires.

     There are obviously more players in Kodolin than in Youxiang Wilderness, and more densely. Ye Ci could meet one or a few players in almost two steps, and there was a scream in front of him, really shaking one to the core.To reach the Blood Wilderness from Kodolin is to follow a winding road in the western part of Kodolin. Because this trail is close to the Blood Wilderness, there are also many high-level monsters. However, the players here are obviously groups. The team came, guarding the refresh points and staring quietly at the arrival of the ghouls. In the last life, Ye Ci visited the Holy Light City several times, and also went to the Wilderness of Blood several times, so she still had some memories of the terrain here. Such memories kept her from taking any detours and quickly reached this path.

     It is different from the sun shines brightly in the city of Holy Light. As soon as you step on this path, the light immediately dims, as if you have entered the dark underworld of all black, no daylight.

     "You found a rotten path." The system reminded Ye Ci to explore another map.

     Ye Ci looked up and saw that there were dead trees on both sides of the rotten path. Many dead bodies hung on the trees. Under these trees, ghouls often crawled out of the ground and climbed. Go to the tree to eat those corpses. The whole atmosphere is disgusting and terrifying, and it is impossible to think that such a map is actually on the edge of the Holy Light City, and people have to feel that this is really a kind of irony.Most of the players who have just entered the Fate game will be scared by the eerie horror of some of his maps. There are many male players and more female players. However, as the game progresses, the players' courage seems to have been tempered more and more. Ye Ci even saw many seemingly weak female players expressing their skills towards the terrifying and abominable ghouls expressionlessly. , And calmly stepped forward to search for the loot from their bodies.

     If you just started the game, this situation must be very scary, but after a year of cultivating the game, it seems that all players have become numb.

     The monsters here refresh very quickly, and the experience is very objective. Even if the players in the team are killed together, everyone's experience points are very thin, but the refresh quickly makes up for everyone's shortcomings. It is for this reason that on the rotten trail, a team of five or six people gathers at each refresh point, guarding this refresh point.

     When other players are found on the rotten path, these teams will tell each other that there is already someone here.

     When Ye Ci rode across the rotten path, she immediately heard such a prompt. The players on the Western Continent said: "Please let me, there are already people here. If you want to kill monsters, please find another refresh point."

     "Let let, let let, the sword is merciless, and the wrongdoing is irresponsible.""There are people at this refresh point, and you need to go to another place to level up."


     Along the way, the propaganda to declare his sovereignty up here, down there, it seems that in order to be able to upgrade faster, the so-called friendship between mainland players is actually a fart. Ye Ci used his riding whip to slap the little red horse's ass vigorously, hoping that this guy could run faster, because she had less than three minutes of cheating time left.

     The players on the rotten trail are so dense, and the terrain on both sides is not suitable for battle. If the cheating brooch fails here, then what awaits her is not a good result.

     "Hey, is that Rogue going to the Wilderness of Blood?"

     "No, I dared to go to the bloody wilderness alone without Healer, looking for death."

     "Maybe they are rich and carry a backpack of blood bottles."

     "Cut, do you think that kind of place can be visited by everyone? Think of yourself as a heaven-defying player."


     Seeing Ye Ci's back figure did not stop, but ran all the way towards the bloody wilderness, and many leveling players began to whisper. After all, the degree of danger in the bloody wilderness is not comparable to that of the rotten down the road. There are really too few players like Ye Ci who are alone.

     Ye Ci couldn't pay attention to what these players said, but rushed towards the bloody wilderness with a sigh of relief.In fifty seconds, the Wilderness of Blood was near, and Ye Ci had even seen the blood-red sky in the Wilderness of Blood.

     Time is approaching, approaching, and the feet of the little red horse are really weak. Ye Ci can't help but regret it. If only then had to spend some money to buy a better horse, she never thought of her. One day I can’t ride Ol' Four...

     There are still dozens of yards away from the Wilderness of Blood, and Ye Ci's time is still thirty-seven seconds.

     It should be enough. There are no players on this rotten trail, and even if there is not enough time, there will be no players to discover.

     There are still twelve seconds, a few yards from the bloody wilderness. Ye Ci's heart almost touched his throat. Don't meet players passing by, don't meet players passing by. If you meet players passing by, it will easily alarm other players on the rotten lane, then they will look for them. Come unnecessary trouble.

     Thinking of this, Ye Ci suddenly saw a player riding a unicorn flying across from him. This person's speed is extremely fast, but this person's face seems to be carved into Ye Ci's eyes with a knife, and her breathing suddenly stops.

     She wouldn't be so unlucky, would she actually meet the person she least wants to meet in this placeAlthough Ye Ci had known for a long time that as long as she set foot on the land of the western mainland, she would have a high chance of meeting this person, but after all, she still had a bit of luck in her heart. This Western Continent is so big, she is only doing Quest, how could she meet him so badly?

     However, it turns out that she was indeed unlucky, and when she was unlucky, all the bad things got together. If the person she meets now is not this person, maybe she can deal with it a little bit, but if she meets this person, Ye Ci only feels that her day is dark...

     ***, what kind of shit luck is this

     Yes, this person is Fleeting Time.

     Although Fleeting Time is already level sixty, gems with Critical Hit will be dropped on the Blood Plain. Fleeting Time is still very keen to brush gems when there is nothing to do. Now his package is full, and the durability of his equipment is almost lost. The most important thing is that there are not many arrows left on him, and Xiao Wu has no food. If you continue to fight, it is estimated that not only will he be out of ammunition and no food left, Xiao Wu will also go on strike to protest. So Fleeting Time tidied up and prepared to go back to the Holy Light City to replenish it.The Blood Plain is a place where Fleeting Time often comes. It is safer to go where and how to go, and it won't lead to too many strange things. He has long been familiar with it. He recruited his white unicorn, turned on his horse neatly, and then rushed towards the city of Holy Light.

     Today, the harvest of Fleeting Time is very good. Not only did I pick up four minor Critical Hit gems, but I also picked up a flawless power gem. Take it back to the Holy Light City to find synthetic NPCs and synthesize it. Maybe you can get higher quality. Gem. When I thought that my bow could soon be inlaid with the perfect Critical Hit gemstone, Fleeting Time's heart was thrilled. As soon as he was happy, the running pace became lighter.

     Soon, he saw the rotten path from the wilderness of blood. There is a narrow pass. Looking over from the wilderness of blood, I only think of a dark mass over there. The rancid trail is probably the least favorite place of Fleeting Time. The environment there is dark and smelly, which is really annoying, but he also admires the players there. He can actually spawn and level up in such a rotten place. , And it has been brushing for many days, it's... it's great.

     Just as he was about to rush into the rancid path, Fleeting Time suddenly saw a player running across from him. This is a male Rogue, his equipment is dark, and he can't see what is good or bad at a glance, but the horse under his crotch is not a good thing, it looks like a bad street goods.He has no companions.

     Enter the wilderness of blood alone?

     Rogue should do it. But it needs to be very good. Although there are not many players single-spinning monsters in the Wilderness of Blood, there are still fifty or sixty. They are each guarding a place, and Fleting Time is more or less recognized, but this person has a very bad face, as if he has never seen it before.

     However, Fleeting Time has no doubt. After all, there are so many players in the western mainland, and everyone has a different way of playing the game. Even if this Rogue wants to chase the excitement and send it to death by the way, Fleeting Time can't stop it.

     After all, the same rice raises hundreds of people, and besides, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time has never been a nosy person, just saw this Rogue from a distance, analyzed it according to common sense, and didn't think much about it. His unicorn was extremely fast, and he quickly passed that Rogue.

     Suddenly, in a flash, he seemed to see something...

     Chapter Thirty Passing By

     Chapter Thirty Passing By