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Chapter Directory 233 Is Chapter 31 Possible?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 31 Is it possible?

     Chapter 31 Is it possible?

     Hunter is a very unique profession. In the absence of Rogue, they have to act as a team of investigative work. Moreover, the hunter is a profession capable of offensive and defensive, so there are many opportunities to SOLO alone. Therefore, an excellent hunter definitely has keen senses that no other profession has ever possessed.

     This is the most basic of seeing all directions and listening to all directions. More importantly, they have to find some vital clues from the minutiae. The more excellent the hunter, the more superb his ability, just like Fleting Time, his observation of the surroundings is habitual, and it is deeply imprinted in his bones.

     What is there, what will Who, even if he didn't deliberately explore these things, he would subconsciously remember these things. Speaking of it, this is also a tiring thing, but you never know when these tiring things will surprise you.

     It's like now, when passing by that Rogue, Fleeting Time accidentally skimmed an inconspicuous ornament on his chest's leather armor.

     Very familiar.The ornament is a brooch, the shape is ordinary, even a bit rough, the color is also very dark, almost fuse together with the color of the leather armor, there are many such brooches on the street, and you can often see players wearing similar things. However, Fleeting Time just felt something was wrong. He seemed to have seen that thing. But where did you see it?

     Can't think of it at all.

     Fleeting Time looked back and saw that the Rogue's figure had disappeared into the pass in the bloody wilderness, leaving only the wind blowing into the pass and blowing on Fleeting Time. He didn't pause, turned his head back and ran along the rotten path towards the Holy Light City, but the look of the brooch has been lingering in his mind.

     How long is it for an instant?

     I remember that there was a record in the Sanskrit "The Law of the Monks": One moment is one thought, twenty moments are one moment, twenty moments are one flick, twenty flicks are one pinnacle, and twenty pinnacles are one moment, day and night. There are thirty minutes.

     If you are a textual player, you might as well convert it.

     One day and night = 24 hours = 86400 seconds.

     Then, a short period of time=86400/30=2880 seconds

     Then, one Luoding=2880 seconds/20=144 seconds.

     Then, a flick=14

     Then, in a second

     In the end, it can be concluded that in an instant.How long is 0018 seconds? It’s not clear, maybe you won’t even blink. What can you do in an instant? do not know. However, one thing is certain, the moment Fleeting Time and Ye Ci passed by, it was only an instant.

     Ye Ci felt that her heartbeat had stopped, her breathing had stopped, and even all her vital signs had become deadly silent at this moment. She just looked ahead quietly, watching the pass of the bloody wilderness appear in front of her, and the vision in front of her suddenly widened. As for the Fleeting Time passing by in an instant? She didn't dare to look, she didn't dare to look back, she didn't even dare to even think.

     There is a cluster of low plants on the side of the pass that connects the bloody wilderness and the rotten path. It grows very densely, and one crouched inside will never be found. Ye Ci rode a horse across the pass and saw the low plants. Without thinking about it, he immediately flew off the horse and jumped off, hiding in the low plants as he rolled. The little red horse is not Ol’ Four, it is just a simple ride, so as long as the player disappears from its back, it will also disappear automatically.

     In the blink of an eye, Ye Ci and the little red horse all disappeared into the wilderness of blood.Hidden in the low plant, Ye Ci opened Stealth. Fortunately, her talent points added enhanced Stealth highlights, which made her more difficult to find in the process of Stealth. However, despite this, Ye Ci is still very careful. After all, the person who just passed by is not an ordinary player, but the Fleeting Time that she doesn't dare to underestimate. If she doesn't pay attention to it a little bit. If that is the case, I'm afraid it will be discovered by that guy.

     Ye Ci hid quietly among the low plants, listening to the howling wind passing over his head and ears. And time seemed to pass by her with the sound of the wind.

     In Stealth, players on the hostile continent could not see the red light from her body, that is to say, as long as she is not found, Stealth can go on. However, Ye Ci is just a hunter, not a Rogue. In the case of Stealth, it is inherently inadequate. Although she has already given full points to strengthen Stealth, this does not mean that her current Stealth will not be discovered by advanced Rogues. .Although the most eye-catching enemy in the Western Continent is Fleeting Time, it does not mean that there are no other top masters in the Western Continent. Just like in Eastern Continent, Ye Ci lives in a relatively small area, so the top masters he meets are also relatively small, but this does not mean that she is the only top master in Eastern Continent. She believes that only those masters have not been discovered by her. That's it. For this reason, Ye Ci needs cautious and timid even more in the unfamiliar western continent, otherwise his life will not be saved.

     Waited quietly for a while.

     Ye Ci originally thought that waiting for the dark time in the southern mainland would be difficult, but he didn't expect the current time to be even more difficult. She kept looking at the time, that one minute seemed to be stretched into a year's time as long as it was finally five minutes later, she slowly exhaled.

     From the crevices of the low plants, Ye Ci kept staring at the situation outside, refusing to let go of the slightest clues. In these five minutes, in the bloody wilderness that she could touch, except for the howling wind that was constantly raging, no player passed through that pass.

     Nor does Fleeting Time.Maybe Fleeting Time didn't notice itself at all. After all, the attribute of the fraud brooch is heaven-defying. In this game, no one knows its existence except for the plans of Wang Jiangnan. Rao is a top player like Fleeting Time, and probably wouldn't think of the effect of fraud brooches.

     Ye Ci analyzed it rationally for a while, and felt that Fleeting Time could not find anything, so he let go of his heart, slowly straightened up, Stealth walked out of the low plants, and then took out the goblin compass. Begin to determine the location of Wausoko.

     Wasoko was the former home of the goblins. After the various races of the Celestial Leader and the demon king, Wasoko was captured by bloodthirsty undead and sinful orcs. Since then, the entire Wasoko has fallen from the mainland, and even the map of the western continent There is no label for this place.

     The compass in his hand was given to Ye Ci by Ortus and he needed to find his teacher De Feilai. According to Ortus, the compass must be stepped into Wausoko's map to be effective. According to the Quest prompt, you can come to the Wilderness of Blood to find Wasoko, so when Ye Ci stood in the Wilderness of Blood, she took out the compass.Judging from the map boundary line that has not yet been explored, the map of Blood Wilderness is very big and it is very dangerous. Ye Ci is not sure that he can walk on the map without injury. Wasoko's location can be found smoothly, so the best way now is to quickly determine Wasoko's location and direction, which can save a lot of unnecessary time and consumption.

     However, obviously, this goblin compass did not intend to start working in the wilderness of blood. When Ye Ci took it out, its hands were swaying everywhere, and it didn’t find a direction to stop. It just kept spinning. Awesome.

     It seems that it is impossible to confirm Wasoko's position with the goblin compass.

     Ye Ci sighed. Epic Level's Quest really couldn't be completed so easily, and it was impossible to take advantage of it. Putting away the compass, Ye Ci bent down, and while Stealth chose a random direction, he headed toward the depths of the bloody wilderness.

     The scenery of the Bloody Wilderness is not bad, at least not as bloody as its name. There are low mosses growing on the black dirt ground, and occasionally some shrubs appear on the dirt ground. If it is said that the only thing that can be associated with blood is the sky.In the wilderness of blood, no matter what season, no matter what weather it is, its sky is always red, red like blood. It is precisely because of this kind of sky that everything here is dyed red. It seemed that it was like bleeding, and that was how the name of the Bloody Wilderness got its name.

     The monsters wandering in the bloody wilderness basically have no ordinary monsters, all of them are elite monsters. Not only that, but all of them are humanoid monsters, with high blood and thick skin, and have a certain IQ, all of which are around sixty. This kind of strangeness can barely be solved by encountering two Ye Ci, but if there are more than two, she will only run away.

     In particular, there are not only these high-level humanoid monsters all over the Blood Wilderness, but more importantly, there are many Eastern Continent rushers here. They are either one person or a group of people, scattered in the bloody wilderness. If Ye Ci is not careful, they will be easily spotted by the other party.

     For this reason, the area that Ye Ci can explore becomes very limited. She often encounters a single monster and kills it without hesitation. If there are more than two monsters, she will first observe her surroundings. If there are no extra monsters or no Eastern Continent players nearby, she will kill them. If one of these two conditions is not met, Ye Ci will bypass these monsters.No supplies, no consumables, and being in a foreign land are not the best conditions for fighting a war of attrition. What's more, Ye Ci is here to find Wasoko, not for honor points. If too many arrows and blood bottles are consumed on players and monsters, then after entering Wasoko, She obviously lacks stamina. What's the difference between this and wasting your time?

     And time is precisely what Ye Ci can't afford to waste.

     Stealth's speed is only one-half of normal running, and Ye Ci has played a lot of monsters in the bloody wilderness. Look at the time, when she feels a little hungry, it has been six hours. She killed the last bloodthirsty undead scout, then hid in the low arbor once again, and hurried off the line to eat.

     After eating, Ye Ci told his parents that he recently had a very important Quest to do, so he would not go offline for dinner. Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian also belong to players now, knowing that there are some special circumstances in the game that will not be able to go offline. Although they are worried, they still find two bottles of the best nutrient solution for Ye Ci and install them in the game compartment. She was told to pay more attention to her body, and once Quest reached a stage, she would go offline and rest.Ye Ci took a shower while agreeing to his parents, and then climbed into the game. She didn’t know how long it would take to go online this time, just as she didn’t know how long it would take to leave the Western Continent, so in order to save time, choosing not to go offline became a must-do for pressing in on one's eyelashes. road.

     On the game, a low arbor appeared in front of Ye Ci's eyes. She did not forget that when she was offline, she hid her character in a low arbor. However, although she started Stealth when she was offline, Stealth will end on her own after she goes online, and she must perform Stealth again.

     Ye Ci didn't care if there were Eastern Continent players around, and Stealth was already turned on when the arbor appeared in front of him. She squatted quietly in the arbor for a long time, confirming that only a few undead scouts were wandering outside the arbor, and then slowly walked out of the arbor.

     I don't know when dark clouds were piled up in the sky, against the blood-red sky, giving people a feeling of boredom. The muffled thunder continued to roll across the dark clouds, rumbling, and from time to time there were a few lightning bolts that pierced the sky, making the seemingly peaceful map of the Bloody Wilderness a little more bleak.

     It seems that it is going to rain.

     This is really bad.Fate is a 100 simulation of real life, so weather changes are also very common in the game. Not only that, in Fate, changes in the weather actually affect players. I won't say anything about sunny and cloudy days, because they are more common and will not have any impact on the game and the players. But for some other weathers, it's different.

     For example, on rainy days, it will greatly reduce the player’s visible distance, and it will also wet the player’s clothes. This has nothing to do with leather armor, lock armor, and plate armor, but it has a big impact on cloth armor . If in the wild encounters a rainy day, the robes of the cloth-armored profession will be affixed to the body exactly as in real life, which greatly restricts the action and skill of the cloth-armored profession.

     If it encounters windy weather, the remote profession will be unlucky, because the wind will have a great influence on the skill cast by the remote profession. If the player himself does not correct the deviation of his skill based on the wind speed, then he wants to hit one The goal is too difficult.But if you meet Xuetian, the lock armor and plate armor classes will be too unfortunate. Because they are all metal, they will be turned into ice cubes in snowy weather. Even if the players themselves take cold medicine, in theory, they will not have any effect on their skills when equipped with ice cubes. But... if the equipment is frozen into ice, it will increase the player's own load, and the consequence is that the movement speed will slow down and the attack efficiency will be lower.

     This is different from all the original holographic games. Therefore, even after players who used to be masters in holographic games come to Fate, the weather influence system has to adapt to the weather for a long time to fully master the various different In the weather, how can one's effective attack be greatly improved.

     It is going to rain.

     Rain will definitely cause muddy soil on the ground, which is very bad for Stealth's Ye Ci. Because she will leave footprints on the ground, and once it rains, Ye Ci's visible distance will be greatly shortened. Originally, the visible distance of the bloody wilderness was not far away, but now she has to be more careful if it rains.

     It's really unfulfilled.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath and opened the map while the rain hadn't come down, and started to continue Stealth toward the unexplored position of the bloody wilderness, hoping that she could find Wasoko before it rained.The sky was getting darker and darker, and the original bright red sky gradually turned dark red. The dark red hue is actually very easy to make your heart irritable, just like Ye Ci now. Listening to the rumble of thunder and looking at the dark red sky, her heart is like a cat's claw.

     He kept taking out the goblin compass to determine the direction, but the compass has never reached the position of Wausoko.

     "Hu" Ye Ci's stamina will soon be exhausted. She looked around and found a huge piece of dead wood, so she walked down there, concealed, and then took out the food and began to eat. She no longer knows how many times she has refilled, but Stealth consumes more energy than normal running. Therefore, she must sit down and eat frequently. Otherwise, the energy consumption will be too large and the characters will be extremely tired and unable to run. Stealth and the use of skill.

     Looking up at the sky that was almost full of dark clouds, Ye Ci's heart sank.

     Fleeting Time is standing in the synthesis workshop of Holy Light City. This place has always been one of the places with the most players.As the player’s level gets higher and higher, and as the equipment gets better, the probability of monsters dropping gems gets higher and higher, and the business here gets better and better. In Fate, different gems have different effects. There are power, agility, critical hit, heal, acceleration, etc. etc.

     Gems are divided into broken, cracked, cracked, complete, flawed, slightly flawed, flawless, and perfect according to their grades.

     Every nine low-level gems can synthesize a high-level gem by synthesizing NPCs. The success rate of this synthesis is 100, but it costs a lot of money. However, despite this, there are still many players to synthesize gems. . After all, the holes that can be drilled in the equipment are very limited. The more advanced gems that can be inlaid, the more the attributes of the equipment can be improved.

     The explosion rate of low-level gems is very high. The mobs in Dungeon, in the wild monsters above level 30, can be seen by hitting them casually. However, high-level gems are not so easy to appear, not only high-level monsters. In order to be dropped, it must be a monster above the elite level to drop, and the drop probability is very low.

     Fleeting Time's gems harvested today can have such a burst rate thanks to a bottle of blessing oil. It would be good if he had a hard day and could produce a slightly flawed gem.There are three synthetic gem NPCs, and there are hundreds of players around them. With so many players crowded, it is not easy to squeeze in to find them synthetic gem knights.

     Although Fleeting Time is a well-known figure in the Western Continent, it is not easy to use the identity of a great god who squeezes in and synthesizes things like synthetic gems. Usually, Fleeting Time can always squeeze into the crowd quickly with his agility, but today he has been thinking about where the brooch on Rogue's chest has been seen, it doesn't seem to be squeezed with everyone.

     He was thinking about where he saw this brooch in his mind, and Absalom sent a message: "Where are you now?"

     "Here is the synthesizer."

     "You have been there for more than an hour, why are you still with the synthesizer? Do you have so many gems to synthesize?"

     "I'm still queuing, there are so many people here." He was a little depressed when Absalom interrupted his thoughts, "Fleeting Time", he was about to think about it, but when he was interrupted by this guy, he didn't know where to think of it.

     "A hunter still queuing? Your agility is for you to watch." Absalom expressed contempt, and then said: "My wife'> asked me, will you come back this year for the New Year?"Fleeting Time froze for a moment. When did Absalom's wife care so much about her schedule? It should be someone else.

     "Don't go around in circles when you talk to me."

     "Hey, you know, who, who..." Absalom was obviously driven by his wife'>drive a duck onto a perch. This topic made him a little bit difficult to talk about. He grabbed his hair and asked embarrassedly. .

     "She hasn't married yet?" Fleeting Time rarely seemed a little impatient. Sluggishness was the most annoying thing in his life.

     "People like you for more than ten years, do you give you a response? It's not easy. Since I was a little girl, I have no one else in my heart. Would you always be like this too hurt? "Fleeting Time's indifference and venomous snakes had long been expected by Absalom, and he couldn't help but sighed a little regretfully.

     "If a pig has liked you since its birth, do you want to respond if you have liked you for more than ten years?" Fleeting Time hummed softly, thinking that this kind of time consumption warfare is the worst way to persuade you."Hey, they are not pigs, they are a big girl who delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade, OK? Fleeting Time, if you usually overdo it, can you keep a little ethics?" After all, it's my wife'> Good friend, Absalom still has to say something nice to the other person on the face of his wife. "In the game, you don't need to pay attention to others. In reality, you can talk a little bit about love, my wife'> is still there, don't make me bothersome."

     "In my opinion, there is no difference between people and pigs for things that are not of interest." Having been entangled with topics that he doesn't care about at all is a waste of time for Fleeting Time, so he changed the subject without rude. "By the way, I have something to ask you."

     "What?" Absalom's embarrassment now is how to explain to his wife'> adults, so annoying, women are so annoying

     "There are not many players with brooches in the game, right."


     "Do you have any impression of this brooch?" Fleeting Time carefully described the brooch on Rogue's chest that he saw in that glance with Absalom."How do I know that if you are interested in jewelry, you and my wife will have a better discussion." In Absalom's view, no matter how detailed the Fleeting Time is depicted, it is an ordinary brooch. For jewelry He has never been sensitive to such things. He just thinks that everything is the same. Of course, it is impossible to help Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time immediately hung up the conversation with Absalom. He never hesitated to say one more word for such a guy who couldn't help.

     Absalom listened to the beeping sound in the earphones with a black line on his face. Who, if you can use it, would say a few more words to you. If it is not useful, it doesn't matter whether you live or die. Quietly ending the conversation, Absalom bit his head and turned his head to look at the fire Sorcerer in a red robe standing next to him, and scratched his hair.

     "How about it? He said he will come back for the New Year this year?" This Sorcerer is not someone else but Absalom's wife'> Sour Apple. She was looking at Absalom expectantly now, the light in her eyes made Absalom feel so stressed.

     "Wife'>, it's only September now, saying whether the New Year is too early." Absalom hummed for a long time and finally squeezed out a word.

     "Why is it early in September, and the Chinese New Year is coming soon, so prepare early..." Sour Apple glared and pouted."Okay, Apple... don't ask." Standing behind the sour apple was Cleric in a moon-white robe-a white fairy tale. Listening to Absalom's words, she felt empty in her heart. Does it hurt? Maybe, but it's numb long ago.

     She and Fleeting Time, Absalom and Sour Apple are all junior high school classmates. She has liked this boy who doesn't care about anything since the first time she saw Fleeting Time. At the beginning, she felt that it was just a little girl's beauty, but as she got older, her feelings for Fleeting Time didn't fade away, but got deeper and deeper. Seeing that Absalom and Sour Apple can be together, she often can't help but imagine that one day she and Fleeting Time can be like them.

     It's just that Fleeting Time has been indifferent to her since knowing her mind. At that time, Sour Apple said, "Fleeting Time is just embarrassed, and White Fairy Tale himself thinks so too, just thinking that he will accept himself when Fleeting Time gets used to it." However, after so many years, Fleeting Time has not become familiar with her, but has become more and more strange. She was kind to him, he never accepted, his attitude towards her was just a little better than strangers, because she used to be his junior high school classmate.However, from the alienated and indifferent gaze of Fleeting Time, the white fairy tales often couldn't help but feel heartbroken. In fact, if possible, for Fleeting Time, it is best for them to not even have this relationship. Right.

     She always thought, maybe in this life, she will continue to love so humblely. Even if one day he gets married and she is married, she will love him so humblely in her heart. However, every time she thought of this, her left chest would hurt so much that she couldn't even breathe. She didn't dare to think about the future.

     The sour apple of the white fairy tale has always known it, and Absalom has always known it. For being able to match two people, Sour Apple has thought of a lot of methods, but Fleting Time completely ignored these methods, making Sour Apple very depressed, and can only hold Absalom to vent its anger.

     Last year Sour Apple heard that Fleeting Time was going to play Fate, so I wanted to match the two of them in the game. But afraid of Fleeting Time's defense, she secretly inquired about the career that Fleeting Time was going to play-Warrior, so she immediately let the white fairy play a Cleric, after all, Warrior and Cleric are the best team combination. But just when Sour Apple thought that his careful thoughts were successful, I didn't expect to enter the game until I realized that Fleeting Time actually chose the Hunter, which almost made Sour Apple vomit three liters of blood.She will never forget it. When she found Fleeting Time who was practicing solo by her spitting anger and asked him why he didn't play Warrior, Fleeting Time squinted and chuckled and replied, "I like it."

     That's right. Just these three words, almost fainted at the time when he was so angry with the sour apple. This man was obviously to prevent himself from matching him with the white fairy tale. He didn't tell the truth from beginning to end, and he actually said that as it should be by rights. From then on Afterwards, Sour Apple stopped working against Fleeting Time. She knew that the man whose mind was like that of the fox was not of the same level. Therefore, Absalom became the best microphone. It was just because of the hard work of Absalom. Guys too.

     "Don't ask anything, it's just right for him to come back, we can all go out and play together..." Sour Apple winked at the white fairy tale.

     The white fairy smiled sadly, her heart was contradictory. On the one hand, she has become more and more desperate about the future of herself and Fleeting Time, on the other hand, she can't help burning small hopes again and again because of the matchmaking of sour apples.

     After hearing Sour Apple's words, the white fairy did not speak, and she could see that she was looking forward to it.

     It's just that Absalom feels helpless. He knows the character of Fleeting Time best. The white fairy tale may not have a little bit of Fleeting Time at all, but the white fairy tale is so infatuated and will only hurt himself in the end."By the way, at night, we drove Dungeon and let you be a group with Fleeting Time, and you focused on his blood." Sour Apple smiled, very cute.

     The white fairy's face was very ugly. There is a secret that even the sour apple does not know. Because Genesis strictly manages ineffective treatments, every Cleric must learn to apply each treatment to the most suitable person. Since they formed Dungeon, she has been assigned to the Fleeting Time group, but she never had the opportunity to give Fleeting Time heal once. Because Fleeting Time didn't give her a chance at all, and never let herself hurt...

     "I still have something to go to auction, and I will contact you at night..." The White Fairy tale turned his head and left quickly.

     Absalom looked at her lonely back and couldn't bear it. He called out, "Fairy Tale."

     The white fairy stopped and looked back at Absalom.

     "In fact, Fleeting Time is a bad man. What's good? Look at so many outstanding men in the union, who you like, and tell your brother...Oh," Absalom was hit on the head hard by the acid apple before he finished speaking.

     Absalom didn't know how the white fairy tale didn't know if she didn't finish her words. She smiled bitterly and said nothing, turned and left, her footsteps were extremely lonely."What are you doing?" Sour Apple glared at Absalom. "Don't you see how sad she is? How can you say such a thing."

     "Wife'>, don't you think that you give her hope again and again, and it would be the cruelest for her to pierce her by Fleeting Time?". Absalom sighed at the sour apple, very sincere.

     Sour Apple doesn't know this. She bit her lower lip, a little helpless: "I know, but if you see how deeply she loves Fleeting Time, you can't help but help her."

     A person suddenly appeared in Absalom's mind, that sharp figure, a woman as sharp as Fleeting Time. Is Fleeting Time true to her or false? Or is it just a game?

     "Anyway, you don't want to mix things up with them anymore. It's boring." Absalom reminded the sour apple absently, but his head was filled with Fleeting Time talking about the woman's in high spirits.

     Where have you seen it?

     Fleeting Time threw the gems in his hand to the synthesizer, wrapped his hands in front of his chest, his fingers dexterously beating on his arms. Lifting his head, he saw an elf huntress with a ponytail running across the street not far away, as if she was anoint your head with the purest cream in her mind.

     He finally remembered where he saw this brooch

     On the childe'> secluded chestWhen they first met in the dragon dance competition, he saw the brooch, but he never took it to heart, so he didn't react at all when he saw the same brooch on that Rogue.

     Now I think about it, that brooch childe'>you has worn it for a long time. For nearly ten months, she had never changed that brooch. And the brooch is extremely concealed. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t find it at all. He thought, people who have been in contact with her, if they don’t look closely, it’s impossible to find the brooch, not to mention the location of the brooch. It's really hard to look at.

     The brooch that can keep childe'> quiet for ten months will definitely not be a common commodity. How could such an unusual commodity appear on an ordinary Rogue? Then what luck did Rogue get to hit this thing?


     Fleeting Time was stunned, he couldn't believe what he was thinking now.

     is it possible? is it possible

     Is it possible to come to the hostile mainland alone? And he went deep into the bloody wilderness on the edge of Holy Light City

     No, it is possible

     As long as this person is a childe'>you, there is nothing impossible

     Chapter 31 Is it possible?

     Chapter 31 Is it possible?