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Chapter Directory 234 Chapter 32—Ambition
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 32 Ambition

     Chapter 32 Ambition

     Nima, what kind of weather is this?

     Ye Ci moved his body toward the secret part of the dry tree trunk, so that he would not be exposed to the rainstorm.

     This rain is really coming. Since the beginning of the dark clouds, thunder rumbling, and lightning thunder more than an hour ago, Ye Ci has specified that it will definitely rain. However, she waited for the rain not to come down on the left, and waited for the rain on the right to not come down. When she ran out of stamina and just sat down to eat to replenish her stamina, the damn rain actually fell on Huālāla. It’s not. What is cheating?

     Although the rain will not have any effect on high-level hunters wearing chain armor, it is still very uncomfortable for rainwater to flow into the clothes. More importantly, the rain is heavy and the face is covered with water, so I can't see things far away.

     Because of the heavy rain, players who are leveling in the Blood Wilderness either take this opportunity to return to the Holy Light City to replenish them, or they simply find a place to hide from the rain. Anyway, in such a ghostly weather, it affects the player's operation, but it does not affect the strange skills and attacks at all. This is simply unfair.

     The bloody wilderness became extremely silent, and only the sound of rushing rain and the sound of lightning and thunder were sandwiched together.Ye Ci stretched out his hand to wipe the rain off his face again, this tangled in his heart. Nima, the rain lasts no more than early or late, but now it’s raining, making the bread in her hand soaked and she can’t eat it at all, so she can only change the roasted chicken legs and stuff it into her mouth.

     Finally, the stamina level rose slowly, but Ye Ci was already drenched by the rain, and all her silver hair was attached to her neck, and water was dripping all over her body, which was no different from just a soup chicken.

     Although there is no cold in the game, bad weather will affect the player’s physical strength. Ye Ci does not have so much food on her body. If she continues to pour in this place, it is estimated that the food she just ate is wasted. . Ye Ci hesitated and decided to change the place.

     Anyway, this bloody wilderness is really vast enough, and with heavy rain, the players basically go to hide from the rain, and the chances of finding her should be small.

     So Ye Ci was not in Stealth, and it was revealed that his body rushed towards a low gap formed by a few boulders not far away. There was a place where she had already investigated when she was eating. There is no strangeness nearby, and there are no players, and the location is very hidden, so it is perfect to hide from the rain.Just when Ye Ci made sure that there was no one around and ran towards the boulders, her long pointed ears moved, her body flashed to one side subconsciously, and then she heard that she was in the majestic rain. Flew towards her with a sharp and screaming voice, and she just escaped the sound when she flashed.

     Just an arrow.

     As a hunter, the most sensitive thing is the sound of arrows. Although the heavy rain has now made the entire environment shadowy, and the sound is very noisy, but the moment the arrow flew over, Ye Ci's body still subconsciously flashed past, only letting the arrow fly against his neck. Get out.

     She turned her head and saw that at a distance she didn't want, an arrow was stuck on the ground, and the black tail feathers were trembling constantly because of the huge momentum. Turning his head and looking in the direction where the arrows were flying, he saw a man standing in the majestic rain. He was slender and holding a long bow. He had a breathtaking look in the rain.

     Ye Ci squinted her eyes, this person, even if she turns to ashes, she won’t admit it wrong

     In order to prove his idea, Fleeting Time immediately ran from the Holy Light City towards the Wilderness of Blood. If that person is really a childe'>you, she must have had an important thing to come from Eastern Continent to the hinterland of the Western Continent.On this point, Fleeting Time is very sure. Moreover, this matter must also be related to the improvement of an attribute of the childe'>you itself, or something. Fleeting Time boldly guessed that childe'>you came to the western continent for an epic Quest, if not for this epic Quest, he thought, childe'>you would not be able to do so much trouble.

     After all, if he meets an epic Quest, even if the place to complete the Quest is in Eastern Continent's Champion City, he will find a way to go.

     Epic Quest, not everyone can touch it, what a temptation.

     Players of Eastern Continent are in the Western Continent. If you open the map, you will see only the boundary lines of each map, and all the details in the map are blank. If you want to open these maps, you need to go to that area by yourself. explore. childe'>You should have never been to Eastern Continent, let alone the Wilderness of Blood, so the first thing she did when she came to the Wilderness of Blood was to explore the map.The Wilderness of Blood is a huge map. There is no Dungeon on this map. There are elite humanoid monsters of about 60th level. They have high attack and high blood defense. They are not comparable to the level and skill of ordinary players. Therefore, in the blood There are not many players in the wilderness. With such a huge map, even with SOLO and a team, the total number will not exceed two hundred people. However, even if there are only such a small number of people, even if the distribution of everyone is very scattered, it is still more dangerous for players on the hostile mainland.

     Fleeting Time has no doubt about childe'>you's PK ability, and absolutely believes in her ability to react. Moreover, she also carries an annoying dinosaur. If you want to deal with players who are leveling in the bloody wilderness, it is not at all. Not difficult. As for those strange human figures, it's even more so.However, Fleeting Time concluded that childe'> will definitely explore the map very quietly in the bloody wilderness, and will definitely not conflict with any stubborn diseases, let alone the arrogant things of Who blocks killing people and Buddha blocks killing Buddhas. This is because players in the Western Continent cannot supply supplies in Eastern Continent. Although Fleeting Time does not know where childe'>you entered the Western Continent from, she can touch places like the Blood Wilderness from the border. A lot of supplies must have been consumed. She still has to do Quest, and she is here to do Quest, so before she can find supplies, childe'>you will never massacre, she will always be in Stealth, for the players she meets, whether it is a team or She would go around when she was alone.

     If her current Quest has been completed, then the situation will definitely change qualitatively, and she will never let go of any chance to brush honor in this bloody wilderness. The above points let Fleeting Time determine that childe'>you must be still in the bloody wilderness and must still be exploring the map. What he has to do now is to find her in the bloody wilderness

     The reason Fleeting Time is so certain is because he would do the same under the same circumstances.

     Sometimes, as a top player, the way of thinking about problems is quite the same...Just one thing, Fleeting Time feels that the uncertainty is too great. The childe'>you he just saw is the appearance of a male Rogue in the Western Continent. Does this mean that there is something special on her that can be used to disguise her from being discovered by players in the Western Continent? Is there a time limit for this thing? If there is no time limit, then all the assumptions he just made are all false.

     Despite this suspicion in my heart, Fleeting Time will not give up any tiny opportunity to find a childe'>you.

     Stepping onto the bloody wilderness, the unicorn under Fleeting Time's crotch is a little anxious. Unicorns were originally divine beasts that lived in the purest forests. They had a pure heart and were most sensitive to evil and blood. Therefore, they would not be quiet in a place full of evil.

     Fleeting Time gently stroked the unicorn's mane, soothing its emotions, and the unicorn obviously felt the comfort of its owner, and it raised its head and neighed.

     "Which direction will she go?" Standing on the pass, Fleeting Time looked up, the whole bloody wilderness was vast and there seemed to be no specific direction. After thinking for a while, Fleeting Time simply turned on the detection skill of the humanoid monster search, and started to run in a random direction.However, starting a search for humanoid monsters in such a place is actually a helpless thing. After all, there are humanoid monsters everywhere in the bloody wilderness (hostile mainland players default to humanoid monsters in the system). It is simply too difficult to find a Stealth childe among so many humanoid monsters.

     Fleeting Time ran a lot of places, and I have never seen a childe'> quiet figure, but occasionally a few humanoid corpses will be seen in the wilderness, and there are no players around, and it is not refreshing. Points, and the location is also at the corners. Fleeting Time Sitting on the back of the unicorn, slowly approaching the corpses, looking at the wounds on them, there are only arrows wounds, and no pet wounds. Although it may be killed by Rangers, it is more likely to be a childe. > You left behind.

     Because the wounds are clean and neat, and they are basically in the fatal place of the monster, Rangers who can control the direction of their arrows so accurately, on the western continent, Fleeting Time has not been seen for the time being, so it can be concluded that this is done by a hunter. Yes, and this hunter didn't use pets, it could only be a childe'> secluded. After all, such a behemoth dinosaur can easily be seen by nearby players.

     However, Fleeting Time did not see any footprints near the corpse. It seems that childe'>you pays great attention to avoid detection.At the same time, this also proves that the disguised device is not timeless. Its time limit must have passed. Concealment to be so concealed and careful, his childe'>you must be the same now.

     Fleeting Time raised his head, and a smile appeared on his lips. Interesting, really interesting.

     The sky was boring and thunder was rolling, Fleeting Time looked at the dark clouds that gathered in the distance, and frowned slightly. It was really annoying. It was going to rain again in this bloody wilderness. The map of the Wilderness of Blood is probably one of the maps with the most rain on the western continent. If it is the kind of drizzle like in the tropical rain forest, it will not affect anything. However, when it rains in the Wilderness of Blood, it is a torrential rain, and within an hour or two, this torrential rain will never stop, and this matter is cheating.

     We must know that heavy rain has a great impact on physical occupations such as hunters who attack from a distance.With a hard effort to pinch the horse's belly, Fleeting Time began to dash in the bloody wilderness again. He had to find the childe'>you as soon as possible. If you haven't found her before the rainstorm, it will be too difficult to find her. He doesn’t know what Quest childe'>Youlai Blood Wilderness is for. He only knows that if the delay is longer, then it means childe'>you have a greater chance of completing Quest. If, once she completes Quest, I’m afraid If you want to find this person again, it is impossible.

     More than an hour passed, Fleeting Time still did not find the childe'>you.

     However, the rain in the sky began to crackle down below. The rain is getting heavier, and the visibility is quickly reduced, making the distance for Fleeting Time to look into the distance very short. Standing in the rain, Fleeting Time was watching everywhere. He had already traveled all over the map of Bloody Wilderness 80, but childe'>you still didn't see it, and this woman was hiding too well.

     He lowered his eyelids gently, and the rain fell down his eyelashes, but a light of excitement flowed in his eyes. It’s good if you can’t find it. It’s too easy to find. Isn’t that meaningless?

     "Fleeting Time, there is still half an hour left for the team to assemble, why are you not yet?" Absalom's urging message came.

     "I'm not going." Fleeting Time rudely refused Absalom's call."Why don't you go? Today is an elite game. If you want something good, you don't go." Absalom almost jumped up.

     "If Genesis is missing my Fleeting Time, I won't play Dungeon?" Fleeting Time doesn't believe this at all. In fact, it depends on team cooperation. Genesis's excellent hunters are mostly all, and they won't be without him. Can't go down anymore.

     "That's not what I said..." Absalom grabbed his hair. After all, today's Dungeon was Sour Apple and pointed out that a set of White Fairy and Fleeting Time was arranged. If Fleeting Time is a temporary scumbag, it is himself who will be scolded in the end.

     "I have something to do now, I will go again for the next elite." Fleeting Time is now looking around for childe'>you, in a good mood, so I talk a lot with Absalom.

     "What's the matter with you?" It's the ruffian of Fleeting Time. If someone else said that, Absalom would have been kicked out of the elite group a long time ago: "It's more important than playing the elite Dungeon."

     "Elite Dungeon can go anytime, but if this matter is missed, there will be no chance again." Suddenly Fleeting Time saw a huge dead wood in the distance, and there seemed to be a shadowy figure under the dead wood. Is it the player or the monster?Because of the rain screen, Fleeting Time couldn't see clearly, but he didn't dare to move forward rashly. He jumped off the unicorn, then entered the Stealth state, moved a little closer in that direction, and then quietly looked at the shadow.

     The shadow quickly stood up. She looked around and made sure that there was no one around before rushing towards a few huge rocks not far away.

     She had pale skin and long silver hair wet by rain. She was dispirited and downcast attached to her lock armor, although the action was still as sharp as an out-of-sheathed sword. Although her figure appeared thinner and thinner in the heavy rain, there was an unconcealable brilliance from her body.

     Fleeting Time looked at this weak figure quietly, smiling slightly, he guessed that there was nothing wrong with it, this person is really a childe'>you

     Fleeting Time has never thought that one day, he will see this person on his own continent, but the scene in front of him now has to be said that people are not as good as the sky.

     Calculating the time, from the time I passed by with Childe'>you to now, childe'>you has stayed in the bloody wilderness for more than eight hours. Such a long time of hiding and avoiding, coupled with the majestic heavy rain, must have reduced the childe's perception of greatness, which led to her not discovering her own existence.Standing up slowly, Fleeting Time drew a black feather arrow from the quiver behind him. After correcting the shooting deviation, it aimed at the childe'>you who was walking through the rain.

     Long time no see, he has to say hello, right?

     Fleeting Time did not shoot the second arrow continuously. He was standing in the rain screen, his expression on his face could not be seen clearly. However, judging from his movements, he had no intention of shooting a second arrow for the time being. Ye Ci stood up slowly, raised her eyebrows, she still looked at this guy lightly.

     She thought that if he didn't catch up after passing by just now, there would be no more danger, and no intersection with this man, but she didn't expect that he would appear again like a ghost.

     The location where they are now is not the monster's refresh point, and it is very hidden on the map. Ye Ci absolutely doesn't believe that Fleeting Time is here to find the refresh point to level up. She dare to be 100% sure, this man is just aiming Come by yourself.

     Taking a deep breath, Ye Ci cocked the corners of his mouth, which is interesting.

     Opened her bag and took a look. She didn't have much arrows left, and she didn't have much supplies. If she had to go to war, then she would never have the opportunity to continue searching the map below today. However, if you don't fight under such circumstances, it is definitely not Ye Ci's own character.Fight or not?

     After thinking about it for a while, Ye Ci still decided to fight. If it doesn't work, she will waste a day waiting for the deception brooch to cool down, and then go to replenish it. Anyway, she has already checked the replenishment route on the way here. When going back, she only needs to hide well without encountering the elite guards. There will be no danger.

     And what she has to do now is to clean up the Fleeting Time before she runs out of arrows, and then go offline quickly.

     Fleeting Time stood there and didn't move. He looked at the childe'>you in the distance, she just stood up, and did not move, Fleeting Time knew that now childe'>you was analyzing the pros and cons of fighting against herself. He smiled, waiting patiently for the childe'>you's final decision.

     He is a gentleman. For things like this kind of war or no war, of course, the choice is left to the lady.

     The two of them didn't know how long they stood in the rain. Fleeting Time saw Ye Ci slowly take down the bow from behind, put it in his hands, and made an attacking posture.

     After blinking... the two figures in the rain screen flew out like arrows from the string

     The rain is getting heavier. It's as if the sky is going to leak.Because of the heavy rain, it actually has a great impact on the operation of Fleeting Time and Ye Ci. The lock armor was attached to the body, and the rain water on the body was constantly pouring down, which was very uncomfortable. In such heavy rain, the shooting hit rate of both people has dropped a lot. Ye Ci felt distressed as never before listening to his arrows hit the ground.

     The rain finally poured down like a pouring water, and a duel in such rain water is definitely a major test of physical strength. Ye Ci looked at his arrows, there were not many, and his physical strength was red. And Fleeting Time can obviously stick to it for a while, in this case, it is not beneficial to me at all.

     But if this is stopped, will Fleeting Time agree? Even if Fleeting Time would agree, what reason would she use to stop it?

     Suddenly, a bright idea suddenly occurs. That's it. If you use this method, you can not only get rid of the current crisis of Fleeting Time, but there may be countless benefits for yourself to do Quest next.Ye Ci really wants to compete with Fleeting Time, but he will continue to do so even when the situation is not good for him. He can only say that he is stupid. If she died in Western Continent now, it would only be the gains do not make up for the losses. Time and Stamina didn't allow Ye Ci to do this. What's more, she didn't confirm that if she died and returned to Eastern Continent, would the Quest in her hand be counted as a failure?

     Under various scruples, Ye Ci finally made the most unwilling decision since entering the game.

     She lowered her longbow and walked towards Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time originally wanted to continue attacking, but saw that childe'>you gave up the attack, walked slowly towards him, stopped the attack and looked at her quietly, but he did not put away the longbow and kept fighting. Preparing posture.

     "Why?" At a distance of about ten yards from him, Childe stopped. In the heavy rain, her face became paler and paler, but her amber eyes were so bright and seductive. soul. Fleeting Time looked at childe'>you, she didn't mean to pull out the dagger around her waist, nor did she mean to continue fighting. As if in an instant, that compelling murderous aura completely disappeared from her body, leaving only a calm body."I admit defeat." Ye Ci slowly said, her voice is not too loud, and she can't hear her clearly in this torrential rain.

     But Fleeting Time heard it anyway, but it surprised him by hearing such words. childe'>Is you someone who can admit defeat? Absolutely not. She is the kind of person who has to struggle in the deathbed even when it is impossible. How can she give up when she has enough energy?

     Yes, Ye Ci is the kind of person who will never admit defeat. The current surrender is definitely not what she wants from the bottom of her heart, but sometimes, external pressure forces you to retreat. As if now, she felt that there was absolutely no better way than to admit defeat.

     People who patronize their own face and cut off all retreats are definitely not heroes. They are reckless men. To achieve great things, they must be able to stretch and shrink. Compared with the price that he has to pay for continuing to fight, Ye Ci doesn't feel that there is anything wrong with the current surrender. After all, it takes a longer time to see things. It is the most stupid thing to lose the future by taking the courage for a while.

     Fleeting Time put away his bow and arrow and raised his eyebrows. This statement really made him a little strange: "Why?"

     "I don't have any supplies." Ye Ci said calmly and didn't look anxious at all. He seemed to be just talking about how bad the weather is now.Fleeting Time squinted his eyes, which he had expected a long time ago, but he believed that this was definitely not the main reason for childe'>you surrendered. Childe'>you's pet was not recruited, and he still remembers that childe'>you had a very lethal bomb on his body, not to mention that even if there were no arrows, she could still fight melee with herself, but these tricks did her She gave in without any use, so she could only explain one thing, she definitely had another purpose.

     After thinking about this, the corners of Fleeting Time’s lips smiled, and those eyes seemed to glow with dazzling brilliance, peach blossom-like brilliance: "Ah, didn’t we talk last time? If you lose, you I want to drink with me. It's just right now, can I have a drink with me? Few words"

     Sure enough, he saw childe'>you on the originally calm face, and his eyebrows twitched slightly, which meant that the woman was a little bit upset in her heart, but she did not get angry as usual, but was quiet and faint. Answer: "I didn't carry these useless things with me."

     Oh oh oh, sure enough, there is another purpose, otherwise she would be crazy if she said that. Fleeting Time feels more and more fun. He put away the bow and walked to Ye Ci's side, looking at her firm eyebrows, calm expression, and those deep and unmeasurable eyes, making people unable to guess with a smile."I have brought it." Fleeting Time looked around and saw that Ye Ci was going to the destination just now, and then he walked towards that side generously: "It's good to hide from the rain here. Let's go and drink with me. A cup."

     Seeing Fleeting Time unabashedly leaving his back to himself, Ye Ci's heart moved. If he stabbed him with a sword and pierced his heart now, he would definitely die. Fleeting Time can't help but know this, but even if he knows this, he still leaves his back so generous to the enemy, if he is not a fool, he is simply sure that he can't kill him.

     Obviously, Fleeting Time is the latter kind of person.

     Not only did he confirm that the current childe'>you can't kill himself, he also confirmed that childe'>you won't kill himself at all.

     Drinking under such circumstances makes Ye Ci happy at all. Especially, if there is Fleeting Time, she doesn't think there is anything to celebrate. However, she did not say that there is actually nothing to mind about these outside matters.

     Fleeting Time is a respectable opponent. Although his mouth is relatively bad, he never uses tricks, let alone take advantage of sb's difficulties. As two rivals on the mainland, not many people can do this. Therefore, drinking with such an opponent is actually not bad.The wine handed to Ye Ci by Fleeting Time is good wine. It is the best wine in the western mainland. This wine is brewed from the raspberries of the Changchun land in the Ma'ao Snow Mountain behind the Holy Light City. Not only the materials are rare, but the number of brews is also extremely small. It is definitely a worthy good thing. .

     At least, this thing is not available in Eastern Continent.

     Ye Ci put the mouth of the wine bottle close to her nose and sniffed it carefully, and then determined the origin of the wine. She looked at Fleeting Time and this guy would enjoy it. "Yelan wine in Shengguang City, this wine is not cheap."

     "You are quite good at game things." Fleeting Time was already surprised when Ye Ci could accurately name the wine. The woman really hid it. He smiled, "Since it’s a little childe’> to drink, of course you have to use the best." Fleting Time doesn’t care how difficult it is to get the wine and how expensive it is. As long as the drinker is right, So expensive wine is just a tool for fun.

     Sweet and mellow. The sweet and sour taste spreads from Ye Ci's tongue to the whole mouth, and the wine rippling under the stone wall with an intoxicating aroma. Ye Lan Jiu is not only a valuable wine, but also a good thing to restore physical strength, but after a few sips of wine, Ye Ci's reddish physical strength has been fully restored.Fleeting Time leaned lazily on a rock, squinting at Ye Ci, his slender fingers tapped gently on his arched knee, with a weird smile on his lips.

     Ye Ci turned a blind eye to Fleeting Time. He just sat cross-legged on the ground with his back straight, and looked at the campfire beside him quietly, as if he was not thinking about anything, and as if he was full of thoughts.

     "Little childe'>, why bother to be polite to me, just say it." After a while, Fleeting Time opened his mouth like a smile yet not a smile.

     Ye Ci paused slightly and turned back to look at Fleeting Time, only to find a sharp light in the man's squinted eyes. Under this light, everything seemed impossible to hide. She also squinted her eyes. It seems that Fleeting Time is definitely not a good guy to deal with. She hooked her mouth, not in circles: "I want to see Absalom."

     As soon as the words came out, Fleeting Time's fingers paused slightly, and then he continued to tap his knees. He sighed and looked a little sad: "Little childe'>, you hurt my heart too much. I thought you came to Western Continent to see me, but you came to see that guy. You really made me It's so sad."

     Ye Ci didn't get angry because of Fleeting Time's ridicule. She still did it quietly, but raised one eyebrow slightly and smiled lightly. It seems that she didn't hear anything about Fleeting Time just now.This is rare. Childe'> You did not explode her hair because of his own teasing. It can be seen that this woman is definitely not as simple as he usually imagined. But, why does she want to see Absalom? These two people don't seem to know each other at all.

     After a little joking, Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci and said quietly: "If you don't mind, can you tell me, what do you want to see Absalom do?"

     "What I want to meet is not Absalom, but the guild leader of Guild, the number one Guild in the Western Continent. It's just that this person happens to be Absalom." Ye Ci smiled, the curvature of his lips had a calculated taste.

     This is the first time Flying Time has seen a childe'>you look like this. When they met before, it was either oppose each other with equal harshness or you die, I live, or they were molested by themselves and the other party exploded. Other than that, it seemed like He has never seen childe'>you other looks. And today’s expression, I have to say, makes Fleeting Time very interesting.

     Her eyes flowed and the corners of her lips were smiling, but Fleeting Time felt full of ambition on a calm face. I have to say that this ambitious face made Fleeting Time feel particularly tempted. He tapped his knee fingers faster, and his eyes narrowed: "Little childe'>, you are not honest, I just asked what you want to see Absalom, but I didn't ask why you want to see Absalom. The difference is between heaven and earth.""Mithril." There is a downside to dealing with smart people, that is, it is very tiring. Especially when dealing with a smart person who is on the opposite side of you, it will be even more tiring. Ye Ci exhaled and didn't bother to go around with Fleeting Time again, and directly said his trump card.

     This thing, mithril, told an ordinary player at this time that he would never think it was great, anyway, it was a metal. However, if the opponent is a master like Fleeting Time, or a guild leader of a big Guild like Absalom, what they see is definitely another aspect.

     Sure enough, Fleeting Time's fingers flicked happily on his knees, but after hearing these two words, they stopped abruptly. He still leaned lazily on the stone, squinting his eyes to look at Ye Ci, but the corners of his humorous lips were gradually pursed, and the ridiculous light in his eyes also converged, and replaced by a kind of deep. and unmeasurable deep. After a while, he slowly said, "You mean, mithril?"

     "Why? Fleeting Time's longevity can't hear me anymore?" Ye Ci laughed, innocent and without shrewdness, but it was really disgusting.However, Fleeting Time was not angry at all when facing Ye Ci's little ridicule. Instead, she also laughed at her. She really liked him like this. After thinking about it for a while, Fleeting Time agreed with Ye Ci's proposal: "Well, wait a while, I will let him see you."

     I have long known that Fleeting Time is the person who passed on Guild of the century, but I did not expect that the relationship between Fleeting Time and Absalom is also very familiar. Otherwise, the guild leader of Western Continent’s largest Guild would be called to the guild leader, who can do it. ? Ye Ci raised her eyebrows slightly, and then recovered her peace. She had a hunch that the goddess of luck had been standing by her side and never stayed away.

     "He can only come by himself." Ye Ci asked again.

     Fleeting Time's smile was even stronger, his eyes even had a taste of indulgent: "Okay, let him come alone."

     At this moment, Absalom was leading the team and had just entered the 100-person team elite Dungeon. He was still clearing the mobs and did not reach the old one. He suddenly received the news of Fleeting Time. Thinking of being pour dog's blood on by his wife'> just now, he was full of resentment at this first person to bury funerary dolls, and he angrily said: "Want to enter Dungeon? Humph, you treat me as no substitute? Please be early after three days of the position"Regarding Absalom's complaining about her husband's complaint, Fleeting Time, he didn't care at all. He just smiled: "Come to the Wilderness of Blood 7831:4691:23."

     "What?" Absalom heard the words Fleeting Time, and only felt baffling: "Hey, hey, you are."

     Fleeting Time repeated it again: "Only you are here."

     "Hey, hey, what are you doing?"

     Chapter 32 Ambition

     Chapter 32 Ambition