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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 33 Transactions

     Chapter 33 Transactions

     Fleeting Time never does things according to the card. After so many years of friendship, Absalom has become accustomed to his virtue. However, despite being used to it, it does not mean that Absalom can figure out what medicine is sold in the Fleeting Time gourd every time. Absalom is a person who likes to follow the prescribed order, regular and thorough in doing things, but Fleeting Time never follows Absalom’s habit, thinking and doing things, and often makes Absalom baffling. Fortunately, two people are brothers, otherwise, Absalom was driven crazy by Fleeting Time.

     "I am in Dungeon now, do you know that it is Dungeon, a hundred-person elite, what are you doing, suddenly you threw me an address to let me pass, I am now the leader" Many years of habit made Absalom quickly understand Fleeting Time. What, he certainly didn't want to, he just joined Dungeon. Of course, the most important reason is that he knows that the bloody wilderness is raining heavily now. He is a Sorcerer and a cloth armor profession. If he goes to the bloody wilderness alone, it will be so uncomfortable that the clothes are attached to his body.

     "You are the leader in Genesis?" There is no reason for Absalom's refusal of Fleeting Time.

     "If you don't go or the heavy rain, I won't go." Absalom shook his head."You are not curious at all, why did I let you over?" Absalom has a weakness, that is, he is too curious. Although he has always covered up very well in front of outsiders, he has never covered up in front of Fleeting Time. People who are too curious are often tempted easily. Therefore, Absalom sometimes knows that Fleeting Time is uneasy, but he is still fooled by this guy out of curiosity.

     "I'm not coming, then you are willing to tell me, don't you?" Absalom was hooked up by Fleeting Time, and the curiosity in his heart that was originally very good by Concealment was immediately magnified infinitely. Although I knew it was impossible, I still asked Fleeting Time cheeky.

     It's just that he didn't expect that this time not only did Fleeting Time tell him, but he didn't make any detours to tell him.

     "Someone wants to see you."



     Absalom is sometimes very afraid of Fleeting Time. This guy often speaks unceasingly and does not take into account the other party's ability to bear it. It's like when he rejected the white fairy tale, he didn't seem to have thought about whether the white fairy tale would be hurt by listening to his ruthless language, as if he told himself childe'>you appeared in the western continent, and it seemed that he never thought about it. What a terrifying topic this is.Absalom was almost choked by these three words by Fleeting Time and fainted. It took him a long time before he passed away: "Who are you talking about?"

     "Childe'>you." Fleeting Time is in a good mood today, he doesn't mind repeating it to Absalom a few more times.

     "You are talking about the childe'>you from Eastern Continent? It is the childe'>you who was brazen faced one day molesting people? It was the childe'>you who killed many of us when we counterattacked Eastern Continent." Absalom thinks this problem is too serious.

     "Is there anyone called childe'>you besides her?". Fleeting Time thought about the whiteness of surprise on Absalom's face, and felt that Absalom was really bad mentally, wasn't it just a childe'>you, why did it make it seem like the end of the world is coming.

     "She, how come the people who came to the Western Continent are in the wilderness of blood?". Although Absalom was surprised by the sudden appearance of childe'>you, he is after all the guild leader of Guild of nearly a million people. He quickly sorted out his emotions and thoughts: "Is she here to find the way or do it?" What? I immediately contact other Guilds..."

     "It's not as complicated as you think, she just wants to see you." Fleeting Time glanced at Ye Ci who was sitting next to him, and smiled faintly. His breeze is still, waves are quiet voice quickly dispelled Absalom. Nervous emotions.

     "Isn't Eastern Continent counterattack?""No."

     "Why did she want to see me? She should have come to see you. Why did she find me, a married man." After confirming that there was no counterattack, Absalom's mood became lighter, and he even joked with Fleeting Time. : "I don't have as much taste as you, and I can't control this kind of queen-type guy at all."

     Anyway, Fleeting Time is no longer around him anyway. Absalom is joking arrogantly, not afraid of being beaten, he is very proud.

     Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes, with a warning tone in his tone: "It seems that your memory is not good at all, and I need me to keep it for you."

     "I was wrong, I was wrong." Absalom quickly admitted: "I'm just weird. It seems that you are the only one dealing with her often. I saw her at the Dragon Dance Conference during the Chinese New Year from beginning to end. I didn't have much friendship with her. Well, she is a solo king who is hostile to the mainland. Why are we here? Traveling? Even if you are looking for a tour guide, you are looking for you, why are you looking for me."

     "Mithril." Fleeting Time didn't want to continue to circle with Absalom, spit out two words faintly.

     These two words are like a single egg that choked Absalom's throat so hard that he couldn't say a word, and his mind just buzzed back with these two words.After a long time, Absalom calmed down slowly. He thought about it and asked, "Is she talking about mithril? That's the mithril."

     Fleeting Time did not answer. It seems that anyone who knows its value will be absolutely interested in this thing. Fleeting Time's unanswered silence made Absalom himself understand what Fleeting Time means. He then took a deep breath and asked, "How much is there on her?"

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci, then smiled Absalom: "I don't know."

     "What? You don't know?"

     "I really don't know." Fleeting Time shrugged, to understand that he didn't know anything from beginning to end, he was just a microphone, and the others had nothing to do with him.

     "You don't even know if she is framing you?" Absalom was a little mad: "Then you just listen to her, and she asks you to find me, you will find me, if she wants to take this opportunity to restrain you What do you do with me?"

     Although Absalom's consideration is reasonable, Fleeting Time still feels that he is a little small belly, chicken's gut: "Then you don't come." After all, he no longer cared about Absalom's state and cut off his voice. , And blocked Absalom, so that this guy couldn't contact him temporarily, and died anxiously.Sure enough, when Absalom saw Fleeting Time hung up the conversation, he almost jumped his feet in a hurry, and then failed to contact Fleeting Time many times, just like an ant on a hot pot. mithril, mithril didn't know what was going on in the bloody wilderness, but these two words made Absalom almost crazy.

     Maybe other people don't know what benefits mihril has, but Absalom is definitely not included among these people. There is no reason for him, just because he has a rough mithril shirt that can be worn at level 0. Wearing this shirt, his magic injury is obviously higher than his own attributes. There has never been a mithril mine, so Absalom himself felt that the mithril shirt is just a precious piece of equipment that can be and cannot be sought, although its properties are only green. However, when their team acquired the first mithril mine, Absalom didn't think so.

     Years of gaming experience and a keen sense of smell as a professional player told Absalom that the mithril shirt is definitely not the only one. Since the mithril mine can be produced, there must be a recipe for making the mithril shirt. If you get the recipe, you can make the entire Genesis If the players of Guild each have a mithril shirt, that would be a perverted thing.However, the subsequent game process casts a lot of shadow over Absalom's thoughts. The explosion rate of mithril is too low. Even with the formula for making mithril shirts, it is impossible to satisfy everyone in Guild with a mithril shirt. It has been a year since it was opened for service. In the entire Genesis Guild, Guild has nearly a million people. The mithril saved is only more than 40 yuan, and many of them are not of high quality. It seems that they cannot make high-end equipment.

     Under such suffering, suddenly someone tells you that she knows Mithril and Absalom is very excited no matter what it is about. Such excitement and such uncontrollability made it impossible for him to continue to be the leader. Although childe'>you is a character hostile to the mainland, although childe'>you's intention is unknown, although he doesn't even know what the Fleeting Time is doing, Absalom still decides to go there.

     This is the western continent. Childe'>you doesn’t account for the favourable geographical and social conditions at all. Even if she has all the advantages, Absalom will not be afraid of childe'>you. His only concern now is whether the Fleting Time will stand. Which side. On the surface, Fleeting Time is 100% impossible to unite with childe'>you, but what if childe'>you use Fleeting Time to do some small actions?He doesn't understand childe'>you, he has only seen this woman once, and it is certain that he has doubts about all her qualities and personality. What's more, behind him is a huge Guild, and he must be responsible for his own Guild. He can't let the slightest damage to Guild's interests occur.

     Not at all.

     "The night is clear." Absalom turned his head and called the deputy leader of the elite group.

     "What? Boss?" Ye Jintianming is a Priest, and there is nothing wrong with the Qing mobs, just paddling with the experience, and suddenly heard Absalom call him, and walked over.

     "Dungeon today is your leader." Absalom made a decision.

     "Ah? I'm not prepared?" Although this Dungeon Legend of the Century has been played several times, but for the disciplined Ye Jintianming, no matter how many Dungeon has been played, he must be carefully prepared when he is the leader. , Otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.

     "You can't play freely once." Absalom rolled his eyes, this man's obsessive-compulsive disorder is really annoying: "You will be looking for a Sorcerer to take my place.""Where are you going?" Absalom is definitely not the kind of person who enters Dungeon and still pays out casually. Ye Jintianming has followed Absalom for several games, and naturally he can't understand his habits. Absalom would not let go of his team if it weren't for the big things, but now...Ye Jin Tianming is a little nervous, is it possible that something crisis has happened? "What's wrong? Boss? Did something happen?"

     "No, just organize the leader. I'll go out." Absalom has never been a person who has a big mouth before things are not done, not to mention that the thing facing him now is mithril, he is reluctant to speak about it. No matter what Ye Jintianming thought, Absalom left the team and got out of Dungeon.

     This temporary change of Leader is actually not a big deal. The members of the elite group were surprised to continue doing their own things for a while. But Sour Apple felt baffling, and quickly contacted Absalom: "Husband'>, what's the matter? How did you get out of Dungeon? Did something big happen?"

     "I'm not sure yet, just to confirm now, you continue to fight Dungeon, what should you do, don't talk nonsense to others."Although Sour Apple is a little pester endlessly in the white fairy tale, she still can handle other things clearly. After hearing Absalom's words, she won't ask more: "Don't worry, I know."

     Absalom had just walked out of Dungeon and recruited a mount to run towards the bloody wilderness, but then received a message from Fleeting Time: "I said, you can go to the Guild warehouse and get me some arrows."

     "How much do you want?"

     "Forty sets of black ling arrows."

     "You have to finish so much." Absalom was sweating profusely, knowing that the hunter can only carry 20 sets of arrows before there is no big quiver, and this Fleeting Time requires forty sets with one mouth. He wants to burn

     "Childe'>you want to point."

     Absalom wanted to vomit blood. "What do you say childe?> You she is hostile to the mainland..."

     "Oh, both love and non-attack, a harmonious society, what do you do every day? The visitor is a guest, don't be so stingy." Fleeting Time's smiled answer made Absalom's heart mad, this dead man, is it too long? I haven’t seen a woman. Why did I make a big turn when I saw an airport? What kind of love and non-attack, what a harmonious society, what family of players in the world, what comer is a guest, what is this nonsense? Haven't heard of Fleeting Time?Hasn't this guy always regarded players in the southeast continent as a mobile device for honoring honors? What is this set now?

     "Fleeting Time, you are not sick."

     "Oh, by the way, bring replenish health and replenishment supplies." Fleeting Time is even more demanding from win an inch, want a foot, completely treating Absalom as a living driving transporter.

     "Or give childe'>you?"

     "Come here quickly, waiting for you." Fleeting Time didn't answer Absalom directly, and turned off the voice with a smile. Absalom was left alone, and he almost died of vomiting blood when standing alone. What and what?

     "You seem to be in a good mood." Ye Ci looked at the corners of Fleeting Time's cocked mouth and the corners of his eyes, and said objectively.

     "It's not bad." Fleeting Time was thinking about Absalom's current madness. It was a pity that he didn't use the recording function to record. He raised his eyes to look at Ye Ci who was silent and smiled: "What? Little childe'> not in the mood Great?"

     "If someone is caught, no one will be in a good mood." This is Ye Ci telling the truth, and the person who caught him is Fleeting Time. Ye Ci feels very upset.

     "That's not necessarily true." Fleeting Time changed to a more comfortable position.Ye Ci took a white look at Fleeting Time. She felt that there was no topic in common with this man, because they seemed to have different ways of dealing with people, so there was basically no possibility to go on discussing these issues. The lock armor on his body seemed to be dry, and the bonfire in front of him was burning warm, dispelling a lot of the cold brought by the rainstorm. Ye Ci gradually felt a little sleepy, and the stamina of the night was not small. Drinking too much will make people feel dizzy.

     She sat back a little bit, leaned on the rock and closed her eyes to take a nap.

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's peaceful look, and couldn't help feeling very good. He sat up slowly, leaning forward slightly, wanting to get closer to the childe'>, but didn't want to, the next moment a cold dagger stuck to his throat.

     Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows, looked at the dagger sticking to his throat, and looked at the childe'>you who still had his eyes closed, and laughed: "Hey, what are you doing?"

     "You are four yards away from my main hand. I am now at level sixty. My fatal damage can cause you a 200 attack. In other words, if you move a little bit and wait, you will drop one level." Ye Ci said When I got here, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Fleeting Time like a smile yet not a smile and said: "What? Do you still want to try it?".Fleeting Time shrugged his shoulders and leaned back to the original position: "I thought you were sitting anywhere, but I didn't expect you to think so much..."

     "If I don't want to think much, it depends on who I am in the same room with." Ye Ci retracted the dagger.

     Fleeting Time was still smiling, looking at the childe'> there was something inexplicable in his secluded eyes.

     The atmosphere fell silent like this, it seemed that both of them were drowsy, and there was only a bonfire under the stone wall that made popping noises from time to time. The heavy rain outside was still falling endlessly, but inside the cave was so warm that there was an intoxicating smell.

     I don't know how long it took, and there was a sound of popping in the distance. It was not the sound that should be made in the rain, but the rapid footsteps. Ye Ci opened his eyes and looked at Fleeting Time first, only to see that he was still lazily leaning on the stone, quietly closing his eyes, as if The same as falling asleep. Then she turned her gaze to the outside of the cave.

     The torrential rain made the bloody wilderness, which was originally not highly visible, closer to where you could see. Passing through the cascading rain curtains, Ye Ci only saw a vague shadow running towards this far away.

     Is it Absalom, or another player?"The person you want to meet is here." Fleeting Time seems to have a celestial eye. Even if this is what Ye Ci is thinking, he can see it. He still maintained his original posture, sighed comfortably, and answered Ye Ci's questions in a hurry.

     Ye Ci turned his head and looked at Fleeting Time again, without saying a word.

     Absalom's footsteps were getting closer, and finally he rushed into the cave.

     Under the heavy rain, the cloth armor profession is obviously more embarrassed than the lock armor profession. Although Absalom’s outfits are not ordinary, but the clothes made of cloth are now all attached to his body, and there is not much noble quality to be seen, and his hair has no shape at all. It hung completely on the forehead, beside the cheek. The water on the face, the water on the body, the water was still flowing down the robe to the ground, and after a while, a large area of the ground was wet.

     Regardless of his identity and his rank, Absalom's current image alone feels embarrassing.

     When he entered the hole, the first sentence was: "Fleeting Time is this horrible weather, don't you know how despicable it is to let a cloth professional travel in such bad weather?".

     Fleeting Time only then narrowed his eyes to look at Absalom in a panic, from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, and then nodded contentedly: "Not bad, worse than I thought.""Hey, you guy" Absalom reached out and drew his hair, trying to say something, and in a blink of an eye he saw a woman sitting across from him.

     She is extremely young, she should not be more than twenty years old from the modeling. With long silver hair, pointed ears, amber eyes, and pale skin, he looked like a standard elf. Her appearance is not outstanding, even if she chooses the elf race, she is not so beautiful, but there is a kind of light on her body that makes people unable to look away, dazzling, brilliant. This kind of light made her originally somewhat dull appearance become breathtaking. But those eyes, those amber eyes did not conceal the cold and sharp estrangement, just looking at him quietly, without fear, without courting, not even the curiosity that should be, and calm as It's like a frozen lake, with no billows.Her body was glowing with red light, which indicated that this was a player who was hostile to the mainland, but the aura emanating from her body was extremely calm, not hostile, let alone murderous, it seemed to be the most ordinary still life. Fleeting Time didn't mean to introduce the two of them, and the woman kept looking at herself, which made Absalom a little embarrassed, but for Absalom, who had always been familiar with her, this seemed nothing remarkable. He sat down, and smiled heartily with a mouthful of white teeth at the woman opposite.

     "Hello, this is Absalom."

     Ye Ci looked at Absalom's hand stretched towards him, and after a while he raised his hand, shook his finger lightly, and replied faintly: "childe'>you."

     "Sure enough, knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person." Absalom approached a bonfire and started to bake the water on the clothes. Fortunately, the clothes wet by rain in the game do not need to be like in reality. To take it off and dry it, just get near the campfire and it will dry soon. "I don't know if childe'>you come here to travel or what to do? If you are traveling, I can arrange a tour guide for you and try to make the best of the landlord.Ye Ci just smiled at Absalom's remarks, this kind of joke, no one will take it to heart. She looked at Absalom quietly, and the light in her eyes became more and more calm. Nonsense has never been Ye Ci's specialty. She is not interested in the meaningless greetings. Listening to Absalom's calming words, Ye Ci only interrupted slightly: "How many mithril mines does Genesis Guild have?"

     Absalom didn't expect this childe'> tryst to open the door and see the mountain, direct and plainspoken as the entry topic, and the entry point is still the most taboo to talk about. He tapped the corner of his mouth, and didn't directly answer: "This requires me to go back to see the Guild warehouse. I don't have a good memory."

     Ye Ci also knew that Absalom couldn't tell himself how much Mithril had in Guild's inventory. Even if Absalom doesn't know what kind of huge impact Mithril will have in the future, just because this is Guild's material, he can't tell outsiders casually, let alone a player who is hostile to the mainland. However, she was not in a hurry, she just smiled: "Our Upward Ho now has no more than ten dollars. I think, Guild with a million people like Genesis should have dozens of dollars, more than one hundred dollars. Piece."The woman really guessed well enough. Absalom's heart moved slightly, but his face was not a word or movement, and smiled: "I forgot, childe'>you is the deputy guild leader of Upward Ho." At this point, he paused slightly, and then laughed again. : "Why? You tell me Guild's supplies so generously, so you are not afraid of me talking nonsense?"

     Fleeting Time interrupted and smiled at this moment: "Yes, that's right, little childe'>, I tell you, Absalom is a big mouth from head to tail. Whatever happens to his mouth is equivalent to telling the TV station. Soon Everyone knows it."

     Ye Ci is not taboo at all. Her body leaned forward slightly, with a confident and determined smile on her lips: "I dare to say, I'm sure you dare not talk about it everywhere."

     "Ha" Ye Ci's words made Absalom sneer. He didn't know if this woman had a problem with his head, so he dared to say such arrogant words in front of him: "Isn't it Upward Ho? Isn't it just a few pieces of broken mithril? ? And there is no inevitable connection with me, there is something I dare not talk about everywhere"

     Ye Ci seemed to expect Absalom to react like this. She didn't care at all, but slowly said, "If, I said, I have a mithril vein?"All Absalom's laughter disappeared. Although he wanted to maintain a calm expression, the light of surprise in his eyes betrayed his surprise. Fleeting Time also narrowed his smile, quietly looking at the childe'>you side, he narrowed his eyes, how many secrets did she have?

     "You say, do I believe it?".

     "It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not." Ye Ci raised his eyebrows: "I was thinking that if Eastern Continent occupied Western Continent's Holy Light, it would not be too far when I had this mineral vein."

     "Huh, idiot dream, you think it's great to have a mithril, you are a vegetarian when so many Western Continent players..."

     Before Absalom finished speaking, Ye Ci interrupted him: "Dare you take off your shirt and say this again?"

     Absalom stopped abruptly, he couldn't say a word. He thought that childe'>you young, he always thought that childe'>you was just a PK. He even thought that this was just a little girl who was arrogant and young, but only now did he feel that he was wrong. Not only was this woman deep-minded, but even the thoughts in her heart couldn't escape her eyes. When she first entered the hole, she kept staring at herself, turning out to be looking at her shirt...

     This woman is a tough guy.Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. She didn't intend to continue this topic. She just said slowly: "Of course, I can't arm the entire continent with my own veins. I don't have this ability. You can say that. Not bad. So Eastern Continent wants to occupy the Holy Light City in the Western Continent, which is something that will not be possible in the near future." At this point, there was a heart alarmed, body leaping smile on her lips: "However, I know a secret."

     Absalom knew that he shouldn't ask, as long as he asked, he would be led by the nose by this woman. However, now, he has to ask, because he wants to know what medicine is sold in this woman's gourd.

     "What's the secret?"

     Ye Ci lowered his voice and said softly: "I know the location of the mithril vein in the western continent."

     Absalom only felt that his heart was severely pinched. He couldn't even breathe, his face flushed, and he could see that his emotions were already quite ups and downs. He took a deep breath and turned to look at Fleeting Time, only to see Fleeting Time still leaning there lazily, but the deep light in his eyes showed that he was not indifferent."Do you think, think, just talk about it, I will believe it? My mouth is no more than two skins, and I can talk about this kind of thing." Absalom took a few deep breaths and worked hard. After calming down, he watched Ye Ci respond quietly.

     "You don't need to believe it, but do you think Shengshi would believe this?" Ye Ci smiled.

     "You are threatening me" Absalom was startled, glaring at the woman in front of him.

     "I'm threatening you." Ye Ci Harude responded to Absalom. She knew that the arrival of the prosperous age had an impact not only on herself, but also on Upward Ho, and had a profound impact on the established Guild of Genesis. A tall tree attracts the wind, they are not like Upward Ho, but there are more than 20,000 people. It is very simple to save their own strength. They are too large. If Shengshi enters Fate, the first to bear the brunt is to deal with them. Although it is impossible for Shengshi to contend with Genesis in a short period of time, but... he knows Shengshi's ability. As long as they set their goal on Genesis, it is not so easy for them to get away.

     If childe'>you is all true now, the western continent also has the mithril ore vein, as long as he gets the hand, does it mean that he has a huge advantage in dealing with the prosperous world?

     It's just... it's just, childe'> Why did you take this out."Did you come to Western Continent this time to look for mineral veins?" Absalom is now not quite sure whether he can accurately guess the woman's mind. Although his appearance makes people think that she is not big, but this kind of mind, this kind of scheming, makes Absalom more or less afraid of the consequences.

     "I would be so stupid? Come to Western Continent alone to find the veins? Even if I find it, how can I dig it? Even if I dig it, how can I transport it away?" Ye Ci rolled his eyes, a bit disdain as beneath Absalom's stupid question contempt.

     "After all, little childe'>, what is the purpose of you going around such a big circle?" Fleeting Time, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said. He smiled and looked at the childe'> with a quiet look of Absalom. The blazing heat I have never seen before.

     "Let's make a deal." Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time, but was talking to Absalom. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were smiling, and they looked as beautiful as *bright.

     "What deal?"

     "How about our alliance after Shengshi entered Fate?" Ye Ci smiled slightly, and the confident brilliance on his face made people unable to remove his eyes: "The location of the alliance is in the Central Continent. I am waiting for you. As the sincerity of the alliance, I will tell you the location of the mineral veins in the western continent.""How do you know the location of the vein?" Absalom wanted to know this question, although he knew that Childe'> You might not answer her.

     "This has nothing to do with you, you just have to choose, agree to form an alliance, or refuse, and it's fine."

     Absalom was silent, he thought for a while before he breathed a sigh of relief, "childe'>you, I want to know, why you want to form an alliance with us, we are not the same continent, as far as I know, your relationship with Wolf Clan It’s also great, why don’t you know Sir Ditty'>?"

     "It's easy to talk about the same continent, but a strong alliance only consumes its own resources. Unlike your alliance, you have new resources, which is equivalent to expanding the number of alliances, equal to..." Ye Ci's smile on his face Slightly restrained: "There is more power to deal with the prosperous age."

     Ye Ci's answer is reasonable and fair, and sincere, Absalom doesn't doubt it, because if he and Ye Ci swap positions, he will make the same choice: "You have hatred with Shengshi?"


     "Then why are you...""Why Shengshi entered Fate? Everyone knows." Ye Ci sighed and watched Absalom's eyes soften, making her appear incredibly sincere: "To be honest, I am a professional player, and I have all my All of his net worth is invested in Fate. The Shengshi came to destroy Fate. Although Upward Ho is very small, but there are no eggs under the covered nest? If the Shengshi succeeds, my everything will be in vain. This is what I don’t want. Yes. And since I have the secret of the mithril mineral vein, I naturally can’t let this secret commit to the waters. Before Shengshi enters Fate and before Shengshi grows, I think, at least in the best equipment, control them, we drag The longer it takes, the more time the Honor Group will have to come up with countermeasures. Therefore, I am looking for you." These words 90 are true, but there is still some water, but it doesn’t matter. It is used as a reason to persuade the other party. Perfect.

     "To keep yourself, you want to pull us?" Absalom laughed, this woman is really not easy. "You are really incredible."

     "Aren't you tempted? Absalom, any transaction requires both parties to make a profit in the city. If the light is good for me, you are not a fool. Why do you agree to me?" Ye Ci squinted and narrowed his eyes. Li that ambitious light. She knew that she had almost convinced the man.Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci, and the smile on his lips became brighter.

     This woman is simply too appetite for him.

     Chapter 33 Transactions

     Chapter 33 Transactions