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Chapter Directory 236 Chapter 34 Discovering Wasoko
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 34 The Discovery of Wausoko

     Chapter 34 The Discovery of Wausoko

     All the reasons for childe'>you are so reasonable and fair, and they are so irrefutable. But Absalom still couldn't believe it completely, for no other reason, there is no knowing what is in a man's heart, childe'>You are Eastern Continent, even if Shengshi is the enemy of the future, but it is after a month after all. Now childe'>you can believe these things? You know, now she is out of ammunition and no food left, and is caught by Fleeting Time without any threat. Under this circumstance, in order to keep her level and keep her equipment, is she more credible?

     Absalom spoke out his question without hesitation.

     "Why should I believe you?"

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows: "Well, let's make another deal."

     "Oh? What else do you have worthy of our trade?" Absalom was taken aback for a moment, this woman wouldn't have anything to dumbstruck him."I will stay here as a hostage for seven days. During these seven days, you can send someone to watch me and follow me to prevent me from risking any bad water. And I tell you the location of the mithril vein, you do the prerequisite Quest yourself, if If you find the mineral vein, then our alliance is established. If I lie to you, it’s easy for you to kill me. No matter how powerful I am, I’m just a person?” Ye Ci opened his hands and looked very sincere. She thought, she Absalom could not refuse this condition.

     If he refuses, he is a fool from head to tail. This kind of thing, of course, is better to believe that it is there or not. To know the charm of mithril, not everyone can resist.

     "Besides, don't you, Guild of millions of people, can't draw out an elite team dedicated to Quest?".

     Absalom took a breath. Indeed, childe'>you were all on the point, and he didn't have to refuse. However, he was still a little uncomfortable secretly, this matter, from beginning to end, he was led by the nose by this woman before walking, even if the conditions she proposed were too generous, but this could not dispel Absalom's depressed mood. . He glanced at Fleeting Time, and saw that the guy's gaze fell on Childe'>you, motionless.So, he sent a secret phrase to Fleeting Time: "What do you look at? Such a scheming woman is still so fond of you? I told you, look for someone who is suitable for the room and IKEA, and find a wife.'> Look for that kind of gentle and generous, this childe'>you better not to provoke her, she is too powerful to deal with."

     Nian smiled indifferently: "Isuro IKEA, is this term suitable for women who can cause trouble and toss with sour apples?".

     "Hey, hey, don't get involved with me. I'm from the standpoint of a friend to persuade you, this kind of woman is really not suitable for being a wife'>."

     "You haven't looked for it again, you know." Fleeting Time doesn't care about Absalom's evaluation at all. This guy never looks at people accurately. Otherwise, why would he be attracted to sour apples, otherwise he would be bullied by himself. Over ten years?

     "You really don’t want to persuade the white fairy tale to be so gentle and kind. You can go to the hall and go to the kitchen. The most important thing is that you like you so much. She has to eat even the bones of her belt and want to take advantage of her. It's really raining." Absalom felt wronged, how could there be such a terrible woman in the world.

     "Don't force me to beat you."Absalom rolled his eyes. Not only did he take care of it, this Fleeting Time was to make him suffer a bit before he knew that the small pot was beaten by iron. Looking at the light in his eyes, looking at the way childe'>you that oil and salt were not entering, he sighed, afraid that the Fleeting Time would have time to waste.

     "I'm just afraid you were hooked up and eloped to Eastern Continent." Absalom murmured, and then said to Ye Ci: "Well, I agree with your proposal. During your seven days in the Western Continent, I will send People are watching you. As for the candidate..." Absalom looked at Fleeting Time again, alas, there is no choice, only this one. Because he didn't know that apart from Fleeting Time and Who could consume this woman, if two people, the goal is too big, and it is easy to get rid of, if one person, only this guy can carry it.

     When Absalom was thinking about candidates, Ye Ci told Absalom the coordinates of the Western Continent vein in order to show his sincerity, and Absalom quickly took it down.

     Then, he said: "If you choose that candidate, it's Fleeting Time. Anyway, you are very familiar."

     Absalom's comments made Ye Ci a little dark line, she twitched the corner of her mouth: "Which eye do you see us very familiar?"

     "Uh..." Absalom scratched his hair, and then said righteously: "Now you are a hostage. It is my business to send Who to monitor you. Besides, apart from Fleeting Time, we Guild don't have such idle people."This evaluation...

     Ye Ci felt that his face was dark. She took a glance at Fleeting Time from the corner of her light, and saw that this person seemed to be indifferent to this evaluation. He was still smiling, shrewdness, and innocent. That peach blossom-like beautiful face made a smile. People really want to go up and beat him up.

     This person is actually the most idle person in Genesis...Think about it, a big Guild like Genesis should be very busy all day for his own Guild's benefit and expansion of the territory, and this person is actually the most idle...

     Think about it too, if he is not the most idle, how could he catch himself in the bloody wilderness after passing by for a few hours. If he had something to do, he would probably not do such a boring thing. Right.

     Fleeting Time didn't know what Ye Ci was thinking. He still smiled brightly, and even sat down beside Ye Ci: "Little childe'>Ah, for the next seven days, we will be mutually dependent. For life~" As he said, he stretched out his hand and turned towards Ye Ci: "Come on, let's shake hands and make sure we get along well."

     Ye Ci rolled her eyes, no matter how she looked at it, she felt that this guy was not very kind. shake hands? Thinking beautifully, she turned her head and snorted coldly.But how could such refusal stop the cheeky of Fleeting Time? He stretched out his hand and grabbed Ye Ci's hand, which was the one she and Absalom had shook just now, and shook it vigorously, then turned his head while Ye Ci When he went crazy, he let go and stood up grinning, "I'll send Absalom off."

     "Ah? Where are you going to send me to such a heavy rain?" Absalom was originally looking at gossip with interest, but now he heard the words of Fleeting Time, and was shocked in a cold sweat. The inhuman fellow, Fleeting Time, would not think about it Just drive yourself away

     Fleeting Time picked up Absalom who was sitting on the ground, put his arm around his shoulders, and walked out of the hole. As he walked, he smiled and said, "Aren't you supposed to find someone to get mineral veins? Still free to sit here?"

     "You should at least wait for the rain to stop, and don't rush for a while." Absalom watched the heavy rain outside and protested.

     "What about the things I asked you to bring?" Fleeting Time and Absalom have never been polite. He stretched out his hands with Absalom in a rude manner. Just now he made it very clear that Absalom should not forget to bring things.

     "It's all here." Absalom didn't say anything about making a big fuss over a minor issue, but very neatly handed over all the things to be brought by Fleeting Time to Fleeting Time, and then he lowered his question by the way. : "Childe'>You can't supply supplies in the western continent?"Nian snorted absently. He squinted his eyes, but what he thought of was the image of a male Rogue when Childe'>you passed him by. What kind of skill is that? Is that skill always available? If she didn't run into herself, does this woman want to use that skill to go to town for supplies?

     Absalom didn't see Fleeting Time's absent-mindedness, but felt that there was a black line. He glanced at Ye Ci sitting in the hole, and then asked quietly, "Then, she depends on you for all the supplies these days?"

     "It's all up to you." Fleeting Time put on a fake smile.

     "I" Absalom's eyes widened: "Do you think I have nothing to do every day like you? How come this kind of trouble comes to me?"

     "Or, do you want more people to see her? Or, do you want Guild's people to misunderstand that you are colluding with Eastern Continent?" Fleeting Time has always spoken casually, and some of the things are just joking and deceiving people. , But from his mouth, it is so true. It stands to reason that Absalom has dealt with him for so many years. Such things have long been accustomed to him. His virtue should also be know sth like the back of one's hand, and he won’t be deceived anymore, but I don’t know why. When Fleeting Time was so speaking without thinking, Absalom was fooled the most.......=. =Sure enough, this time, Absalom once again believed the reason that Fleeting Time said casually. He thought about it for a while and felt that it was indeed possible. Although the mithril vein has a very attractive charm, he really did not want to let more people know about the existence of this matter before it happened, or in other words, he did not want to let the fourth person know about the mithril vein or childe'>you The presence.

     Although it was a bit too annoying to send supplies to these two men every day, but within a few days, he couldn't leave Childe'>you alone in Western Continent. This kind of person, since he can touch the hinterland of Western Continent unscathed and unknowingly, and know the veins of Western Continent, I don’t know what else she can do. If you don’t let people stare at her. It is too dangerous.

     But... Thinking of this, Absalom turned his head and glanced at Fleeting Time, the black line on his head became heavier. But is it really appropriate to let this guy stare at the childe'>you?

     "It was the hand held by this hand just now..." Fleeting Time lowered his head, grabbed Absalom's right hand, and slammed. Which Sorcerer can withstand the hunter's strength, so that Absalom screamed in pain, which caused Ye Ci to look sideways, looking at the back of the two people baffling.

     "what are you doing""I'm just telling you, what does it mean to be ashamed" Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows, stood at the entrance of the cave, patted Absalom's shoulder, and then pushed Absalom into the rain with a rude force. Absalom, who had been able to do his clothes after hard work, immediately turned into a chicken. "The other thing is, being a human being has a bit of foresight, now you should disappear."

     "Fleeting Time, you guy paying more attention to a lover than friends, I curse that you will have children in the future. There will be no children." Absalom yelled, but the heavy rain made him really uncomfortable. Guangcheng rushed all the way. But his heart was so excited that his whole body was trembling.

     Is it possible for the mithril vein?

     Fleeting Time put the arrows and altogether beside Ye Ci and said, "This is your thing."

     Ye Ci looked down at the arrows on the ground, black ling arrows, good things. This is the arrow with the strongest attack and the highest damage value among all the arrows at this stage. Although it does not come with various special attribute BUFFs, its high damage is enough to make up for it. This item is not sold at NPC. It requires advanced crafting Arrow Crafting to make it. Although the materials are very common, the formula is very rare. Even Ye Ci doesn’t have this item, but he didn’t expect it to be given to Fleeting Time. With twenty barrels himself, he is generous."You have a lot of good things." Ye Ci was not polite to Fleeting Time, or even thanked him, so he put the black ling arrow into his quiver.

     Obviously, Fleeting Time didn't want Ye Ci to thank him. Her open-minded personality was quite appetizing for him. He nodded and smiled: "You have a lot of good things."

     Ye Ci thought that Fleeting Time was probably talking about fraudulent brooches, but she didn't plan to honestly confess it. After all, it had nothing to do with her coming here, so she stopped talking.

     Fleeting Time saw that Ye Ci didn't respond to his words, and shrugged his shoulders. Although he was curious about what happened to that male Rogue, he wouldn't ask more since Childe'>you didn't want to say anything. He has never been so curious.

     "Okay, Absalom is gone, let's talk about it, what are you looking for here?" Fleeting Time open the door and see the mountain.

     And Ye Ci turned her head and squinted her eyes to look at the beautiful face of Fleeting Time without saying a word. After a while, she neither servile nor overbearing said: "You just ask me, it's better to tell me how much you guessed it. ?""Okay." Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows and began to talk about his own speculation: "You came to the Western Continent to be a Quest. If I guess right, it is an Epic Level Quest." His face was confident. Smile, "If I didn't guess wrong, the key to the Quest you want to do is in the Wilderness of Blood, otherwise you can't stay here for so many hours and let me catch it."

     Ye Ci was not surprised that Fleeting Time would guess this. This man is very smart and he is very good at disguising his cleverness. He can see through such a simple thing at a glance, but it doesn't make him feel weird at a glance. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

     "And you asked to see Absalom to protect yourself, but also to ensure that your Epic Level Quest can be completed in the shortest possible time. From the beginning, you actually made your mind to ask Absalom to find a nanny to take you on the map. And to send supplies. You’re right, you can’t take away the mithril vein in the western continent, so you can use this to be a good favor and maximize your own interests. Isn’t this the best thing?" Fleting Time laughed At that time, there was an unignorable brilliance in his eyes, which was extremely dazzling.

     Ye Ci sighed, this person...he had guessed all of them, and he didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing."It's weird why I guessed correctly?" Although Ye Ci didn't speak, Fleeting Time still saw the correct answer from her expression, "That's because if I were you, I would do it too. Because there is only this way. To protect yourself."

     "I'm looking for a place in Wasoko, do you know where it is?". Now that Fleeting Time has all been expected, Ye Ci doesn't need to continue to Concealment everything. Simply, she also opened the skylight to speak up, and directly asked Fleeting Time where she was looking for.

     "Wusoko?" Fleeting Time paused when Ye Ci said the answer.

     "Yes, my Quest prompt said that this place is in a wilderness of blood. It seems that you often hang out here, you don't know it."

     Ye Ci's questioning words made Fleeting Time smile slightly. He stood up and looked at the rain that was gradually getting smaller outside the cave: "The home of the goblin?"

     "How do you know it's the home of the goblin?"

     "As long as you often go to the National Library to read books, everyone knows these minutiae." Fleeting Time is not surprised at this: "The rain will stop, let's prepare. If it is smaller, we will leave."Ye Ci is a bit strange, why not wait for the rain to stop before leaving, and at this time Fleeting Time just turned around, he seems to be able to see through Ye Ci's mind: "The most leveled in the bloody wilderness is the commoner profession. If the rain stops, they They all ran out. At that time, it was not easy to walk under their noses generously."

     "It's good if you lead the way." Ye Ci was relieved when Fleeting Time said so. Indeed, in the current situation, it is best not to have too many contacts with players from the Western Continent.

     Wasoko was in the southeast of the Wilderness of Blood. This was a huge sinkhole. Wide cracks lay across here, like wounds that could never heal on the ground. Such wounds seem to be a long time old, and the trees that have died long ago are still vines all over this land sinking and cracks. Countless parasitic plants grow on dead trees, but in the bright red weather of the bloody wilderness, this kind of growth does not feel vibrant, but makes people feel ghastly.

     The rain was still dripping, but it wasn't too big, it was just lingering and it was annoying.It was very quiet here, and when you listened carefully, you could only hear the sound of raindrops hitting the trees or parasitic plants. Other than that, there was no sound. Although it is quiet here, Ye Ci, who has been in the Fate game for many years, understands a truth. The quieter the place, the greater the potential danger.

     "What's the strange distribution here? No one is leveling, so the level should not be low, right? Few words" Ye Ci said her own inference. In her previous life, she hadn't practiced in the Wilderness of Blood, but just came to visit. I haven’t been to this place before, so I don’t know anything about the situation here.

     "I don't know, no one has been in." Fleeting Time shook his head. He had been to this place many times, but every time he wanted to go in, he was blocked by a huge force and bounced him out of this area. , So he didn't know what was in it.

     "Then how do you know this is Wasoko?"

     Fleeting Time didn't say a word, just raised his finger and pointed to a piece of crumbling fences and dilapidated walls not far away, where something was written in a strange text, but Ye Ci couldn't understand it. Fleeting Time said: "That's an ancient goblin language. You can learn it at the National Library of the Western Continent for a thousand gold coins. Don't you Eastern Continent?"Ye Ci shook her head: "The National Library of Eastern Continent only has ancient orc languages to learn." She looked at the stone tablet and asked, "What is written on it?"

     "Wusoko, goblin's paradise..." Fleeting Time raised the corner of his mouth. "There are some words written in black ore on the back, Wausoko, the land of sin."

     It seems that it should be here. Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time and wanted to sink down there, but soon she found that she was bounced back by a huge force, and she was staggered by that inertia. Push far. Fleeting Time stretched out her hand and took her arm. If it weren't for his pull, Ye Ci would probably fall to the ground.

     "Is it popped up?" Fleeting Time said: "A lot of us have been here, but we can't get in. I thought you had Quest, it might go smoothly, but I didn't expect to get in. go with."

     "The front is a ruin full of weeds. It seems to have been abandoned for many years. When you look at this ruin, there is a feeling of emotion in your heart. You want to go in and find something, but, really It’s a pity that there seems to be a huge protective cover outside the ruins, preventing you from entering. Think about it quickly, how do you get in?" An old voice was strangely thought of in the system, which seemed to be telling. What's going on.Listening to the narration in the system, Ye Ci remembered something, and she quickly took out the goblin compass from the package. I saw that the originally swaying pointer did not continue to sway at this moment. He emitted a bright red light, followed by a beeping signal, and then a mechanical voice rang: "Found Wasoko, we are locating De Philae... the location is too far away. Please enter Wasoko and locate it again."

     Fleeting Time looked at the compass in Ye Ci's hand and listened to the sound of the compass, "This is Quest Item."

     "Yes." Ye Ci nodded: "I just don't know if I can go in with this thing."

     "Try it close." Fleeting Time took the lead to walk towards the protective cover. Although the protective cover was transparent, Fleeting Time seemed to be able to see where it was. After a few steps, it was half way from the protective cover. At the position of the yard, he stopped, and then waved to Ye Ci: "Come here, this place won't be ejected."Ye Ci nodded, then walked over and stood beside Fleeting Time. At this time, the old voice rang again: "You searched your package, and finally found a dusty thing in the corner of the package. You took it out and blown it off. Hehe, God, how long have you left this thing unused? Such a thick dust fell? However, you soon discovered that this is a compass, or a beautiful, exquisite goblin compass, With this thing, it seems to be able to enter the protective cover. Your heart is full of excitement, oh, this is it"

     Listening to the Quest narrative, Ye Ci didn't feel so happy at all...Where did she put this compass in the corner? She also used it a few hours ago. These Quest narratives are not at all comforting.

     Quest’s narrative just stopped, and another system prompt was heard: “Now two players are trying to enter this area. You are a hostile player. According to the rules of goblins, there is no hostile force in Wasoko. You can proceed. Team up, may I ask, do you want to team up?".

     This system prompt rang on the channels of both people. It seems that the system is more humane, and there is no dogma to say yes or no, and it still gives players a lot of choice.Fleeting Time did not hesitate and chose to confirm. But Ye Ci looked at the peach blossom-like profile of Fleeting Time from the corner of the eye, and then slowly chose to confirm it. After Ye Ci confirmed the selection, the two were formed into a team. Moreover, this team is organized systematically and can be disbanded only after leaving Wasoko.

     It seems that he is really tied to this guy. Ye Ci sighed, she didn't worry that Fleeting Time would drag her back.

     A boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent, this kind of thing will not happen to them, but Ye Ci doesn't know why, staying alone with the guy Fleting Time makes everything wrong. Don't they fight and kill each other as soon as they meet, you die, I live? But now they are doing Quest together in such a peaceful and harmonious way, how awkward and awkward to think, and how things are wrong.

     "Let's go, go in." The Goblin Compass will make a cue in the team, and now it has been whistling for a while.

     The two walked forward, but were not bounced off again this time. Instead, such a prompt sounded in his system message: "You have found a place forgotten."Obviously, this is a Dungeon. And it is a Concealment Dungeon. Concealment Dungeon generally requires certain conditions to be opened, either Quest Item or Quest guidance, and then you can enter. Concealment Dungeon is usually completed with a time limit, ranging from one day to one month. After completing the Concealment Dungeon, the system will choose to cancel the Concealment Dungeon or convert it to a normal Dungeon according to the player's degree of completion of the Concealment Dungeon. Generally, as long as the completion level of the Concealment Dungeon reaches 90, then the Concealment Dungeon will be transformed into a normal Dungeon. If it is lower than the completion level, the system will randomly choose to trigger the Dungeon again or simply unblock the Dungeon directly.

     It’s like the little Concealment Dungeon that Ye Ci and a Golden Man did together. It was probably a good relationship. Later it became an ordinary Dungeon. Because there are many monsters, it refreshes quickly and intensively, isn’t it? One of the Dungeons that young novice players must use.

     As soon as they entered Wasoko, the two realized that it was a Concealment Dungeon, so they were somewhat agitated. After all, the chance of encountering Concealment Dungeon in Fate is really too small. Concealment Dungeon is generally more difficult than ordinary Dungeon, which adds to the fun of exploration.Ye Ci found that Fleeting Time was playing with a dagger in his offhand. The dagger seemed to be alive, flying up and down on his slender fingers, jumping like an elf, but his eyes were full of excitement. , It is as happy as a child who has discovered a new toy. She paused slightly, excited, this feeling is really good.

     "It turns out that it's not called Wasoko now, it's called the Forgotten Land." Fleeting Time smiled, he suddenly stopped, and said to Ye Ci: "Do you have Hawkeye?"

     "Not yet." Speaking of this, Ye Ci felt very annoyed. She often hit the skill book when she entered the game at the beginning, and basically missed this thing later. Hawkeye is one of the few investigative skills that hunters have.

     Ye Ci’s voice is a bit muffled. Of course, Fleeting Time understands what she’s angry about, so she smiled and said, “The book Western Continent has exploded a lot. If you haven’t got it by the time you finish the Quest, I’ll go back to the Guild warehouse to get it. One for you."

     "Give me your Guild's things?" Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time as if he heard the tale of the heavens, "I'm from Eastern Continent, do you trouble yourself with this thing? The less skill you have, the better for you. Did you get water in your head by doing this.""As long as the childe'> lacks things, I am willing to give it. I am willing to cause trouble for myself. It doesn't matter if my brain is flooded." Fleeting Time squinted his eyes and smiled like a fox on his lips. "Can't be bought for one thousand in gold I am willing."

     Ye Ci only feels a black line when he hears Fleeting Time. Let’s not talk about what this guy is thinking about. The contents of the Guild warehouse in Genesis shouldn’t be taken as much as you want. Even in the small Guild warehouse like Upward Ho, she can’t take things casually, let alone. Genesis is out. Why does Fleeting Time say the same as taking things from home: "There are fewer things in Guild's warehouse, don't you care about finances?"

     "Finance?" Fleeting Time seemed strange when he heard this word. He thought about it carefully, as if there really are such a group of people in Guild who eat idle and nosy.

     Fleeting Time's serious thinking expression is equivalent to telling Ye Ci directly that this guy has never regarded those finances as a thing at all. It can even be said that he has no such awareness from beginning to end. This can only explain two problems. First, Fleeting Time never picks up items in the Guild warehouse, so I don't know that there is such a thing at all. Second, Fleeting Time has always had people picking up the mess in the Guild warehouse, so he has never dealt with finances.According to my current understanding of Fleeting Time, this ruffian is basically the second kind of person...

     Sure enough, the ruffian Fleeting Time thought for a while, then spread his hands and said: "It's just a book, Absalom will settle it by himself."

     "If you are from Guild, I will definitely not give you permission to get Guild warehouse..." Ye Ci looked at the nasty expression on Fleeting Time, and suddenly felt that Absalom was really pitiful. What a mess. She sighed and told Fleeting Time very sincerely that if he was from Eastern Continent, his own decision.

     It was Fleeting Time who didn't care at all. He even skipped the topic: "You are waiting here, I will go scouting and pay attention to the hidden."

     Having said that, Fleeting Time has moved swiftly towards a higher place, and Ye Ci has also directly squatted in the same place, watching the surroundings vigilantly.Hawkeye can see from one hundred to two hundred yards away from oneself. It is a unique skill for hunters. This skill is very useful for hunters as open-route scouts in the team. If a hunter without Hawkeye is basically just a turret, but a hunter with Hawkeye is a mobile watchtower plus a turret, the position in the team is obviously different. The detection time of Hawkeye is 30 seconds, the cooling time is 1 minute, and there is a certain chance of seeing through stealth and hiding these Stealth skills. It can be said to be a very practical skill.

     Fleeting Time stood on a high place to observe for a while, then jumped down and ran to Ye Ci's side, and said in detail and methodically: "This is an abandoned city, but most of this city is made of huge trees. The composition is very similar to the birthplace of the elves. There are still many goblins living here, but their friends and enemies are unknown. When the Eagle Eye was released just now, I saw that their names were neutral yellow, but I didn’t confirm it. Is there anything special that will inspire them to become hostile. From forty-five degrees in front of us, there is a small road that can go down to the city. However, judging from the overgrown situation on the road, it has been abandoned for many years, so trap In the end, no bloodthirsty undead and evil orcs have been found here, and this should not be their area of activity."Fleeting Time really deserves to be a top expert. With only 30 seconds of Hawkeye, it has collected all the information that two people need most now, and judged by these information, if there is such a person in a team. If the vanguard opens the way, it will invisibly increase a lot of survival rates.

     "The goblins are best at engineering. Even if the general goblins are not proficient in engineering, the things they make are very lethal. I don't have mechanical exploration, do you have?" Ye Ci thought for a while, according to Analysis of the prompts given by Quest.

     "Yes, but this is the first time I have used it." Fleeting Time scratched his hair. Before the sixtieth level, mechanical monsters rarely appeared. Therefore, most of the mechanical exploration and learning were idle skills.

     "I'm exploring the way, you're behind me, don't recruit pets for now." Fleeting Time opened the machine to explore, then bent down, entered Stealth, and moved forward slowly. Ye Ci also entered the state of Stealth, followed behind him, and headed towards the huge Wasoko, all black, no daylight.

     This is really a wonderful journey. Baffling’s Quest, baffling’s Dungeon, baffling’s teammate.

     However, doesn't the meaning of life lie in the combination of these baffling factors?

     Chapter 34 The Discovery of WasokoChapter 34 The Discovery of Wasoko