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Chapter Directory 238 Chapter 36—The Truth
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 36 The Truth

     Chapter 36 The Truth

     "My energy cores are almost running out." Fleeting Time suddenly said to Ye Ci, the energy cores on the tank flickered continuously, indicating that the energy was about to be exhausted.

     Ye Ci looked at the energy core on his tank: "Mine is almost the same. I can hit it again at most. It's probably going to be turned off."

     "After finishing a large number of concentrated fights, let's clean up the scattered ones manually."

     "no problem."

     As the two people work together on Quest longer and longer, and the cooperation is getting better and better, sometimes two people can understand each other's meaning with just a few words. Moreover, since both parties are hunters, they are more able to use others' strengths to make up for one's weak points (idiom from Mencius) in the process of controlling and killing monsters.

     After chasing and blocking a wave of monsters, the two tanks completely lost power, and they all turned off dumbly. The two jumped out of the car and stood beside the car.

     Fleeting Time looked at the undead and orcs remaining in the square, and roughly estimated that there were about two to three hundred left, so he smiled and proposed: "How about the two of us playing? One person on the side, ten minutes time limit Inside, who can kill more?"

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. In the boring Dungeon, this seemed like a good suggestion: "Okay, you turn on the counter.""Then start from where we are standing now." Fleeting Time looked to both sides and felt that the position where they were standing now was just a starting point.

     Ci evoked Ol' Four, facing to the left, ready to attack, only waited for Fleeting Time to give an order to attack, but did not want to, Fleeting Time did not move, she looked back at Fleeting Time, "Why? Adjusted?"

     "Of course not." Fleeting Time stood in place with a relaxed look. He looked at Ye Ci, like a smile yet not a smile: "Little childe'>, since it is a competition, there is always a winner or loser. There is always a reward and punishment for winning or losing. Tell me, what kind of reward and punishment would be better?"

     "Reward and punishment?" Ye Ci looked up and down at Fleeting Time, what the hell was this rascal man making?

     "What? Little childe'>Don't know what rewards and punishments are?". Fleeting Time moved to Ye Ci's side, and the smile on his face was really charming: "Would you like me to explain it to you?"

     "If you win, go to Eastern Continent and I will spare you one time. If I win..." Ye Ci thought for a while. If he wins, it seems that he really has nothing to want.

     "How did you win?" Fleeting Time's eyes brightened. He bent down slightly, his face getting closer and closer to Ye Ci's face.Fleeting Time’s breathing was hot, blowing on Ye Ci’s face, making her feel unspeakable. She raised her hand, pressed it on Fleeting Time’s face, pushed him out, and then hummed. He snorted and sneered: "If I win, you stay away from me."

     Fleeting Time's face was pushed away by Ye Ci, but he was not angry at all. He just held his face and looked at Ye Ci with a smile: "Little childe'>, your proposal is not good at all. Do you want to listen to me? What’s your proposal?"

     "Fun" Ye Ci turned around and ignored Fleeting Time's brazen faced.

     "Oh, little childe'>, you are really boring." Fleeting Time looked at childe'> quiet back, but the corners of his eyes raised slightly: "Such an interesting thing, but making such a boring bet, and Do not listen to other suggestions, how subjective?"

     "If you talk nonsense, I'll sew your mouth." Ye Ci finally frowned at the noise of Fleting Time. She turned half of her face, fiends glaring at the peachy man angrily.

     "Okay, okay, if you insist on doing this, I will follow you." Fleeting Time looked helpless, but his eyes were indeed full of smiles.

     "You..." Ye Ci's eyes widened, this bitch, what else did he say?"Start", but Fleeting Time didn't wait for Ye Ci's anger to come out, and directly turned on the timer, and his people rushed out to the right like an arrow from the string, and with a scream, Xiao Wu was also horizontal. Born into the world, with Fleeting Time, it went straight to the enemy camp like a sword out of its sheath.

     This "beginning" came too abruptly. When Ye Ci reacted and rushed out, after all, it was a lot later than Fleeting Time. She rushed towards the undead and the orcs while the leader, Ol’ Four. She ran with a bow, and attacked the nearest undead, while turning her head to look at Fleeting Time and gnashing one's teeth.

     One day, one day she will get the man’s muscles and skin off the man’s skin to relieve her hatred.

     While Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were enjoying killing monsters in Dungeon, Absalom was also very busy at Guild's station in Holy Light City.

     childe'>you only told him the coordinates of the mithril vein, and at the same time told him that the current mithril vein is definitely just a mountain, and must be guided by a prerequisite Quest to discover the mithril vein, but childe'>you did not tell him What kind of Quest is he going to do. He also contacted Fleeting Time for this, and wanted to ask the childe about what kind of Quest is Yu. However, the system told him that the other party is busy and cannot be contacted.

     This makes Absalom very depressed. Then I couldn't help but start indulge in flights of fancy.This is busy, why are you busy? Even in battle, the system generally does not intercept the secret words, unless the two are in a game, or, or, when it is that or that, the system will carefully intercept the secret words.

     So what are they up to?

     Lonely man and widow, and concubine in love, will it be the only thing...

     Of course, of course, this is just Absalom's own obscene fantasy. In fact, he himself knows that Eastern Continent and the players on the Western Continent are hostile, and there is absolutely no intimacy between them. In this case, the system absolutely does not allow anything to happen between the two parties. Besides, because of the rapid development of holographic games, the protection of women in holographic games is in place. If men force women to do something unclear, they will definitely be criticized by the system announcement and must be strictly accepted. Harsh punishment.

     However, even if he knew this, Absalom himself couldn't help but go to obscene fantasy what would happen between these two people.Absalom sat in the conference room, propped his chin with one hand, and tapped quickly on the table with the other hand, but his mind was wandering around Kyushu. childe'>you are so powerful, will Fleeting Time be harder? However, just now in the bloody wilderness, childe'>you has been caught by Fleeting Time? So it shouldn't be too difficult... he was thinking about looking at the world information, for fear that he would miss the excitement of Fleeting Time being criticized by the announcement.

     Oh, what are these two people doing? It would be great if I insisted on following them just now, what a pity.

     "Absalom" was when Absalom was still here too imaginary, infinitely obscene fantasy gossip, the lioness from Hedong roars directly shook him back to his senses.

     "Ah my wife'>" Absalom sat up in a spirited spirit and found that the sour apple was standing at the door with his hands on his hips, presenting a huge teapot shape, and he quickly smiled.

     "Didn't you tell me that you have important things to deal with? This is your important thing, so you can handle it to the Guild meeting room to be lazy." Sour Apple has a ring today, LL is the lowest, and I feel very upset, so , Absalom became the best punching bag.

     "Didn't I come back from work?" As soon as Absalom saw the appearance of Sour Apple, she knew that she was definitely not equipped today, so he hurriedly smiled and stepped forward to comfort."What are you going to do?" Sour Apple was curious.

     Absalom groaned slightly, then shook his head with a serious face: "For the time being, you still don't want to know."

     Although Sour Apple usually likes to play a little kid's temper, but it is still clear about major events. Absalom's general expressions show that this matter has an absolute relationship with Guild's interests, and it has not been settled yet. Under such circumstances Not only would Absalom not tell himself, even Guild’s management would not even be known to a few people. She blinked, and then asked tentatively: "Is it important?"

     "If it's true...very important." When Absalom thought of the mithril vein that childe said quietly, his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

     Sour Apple nodded, stretched out his arms to embrace Absalom, and smiled to encourage him: "Husband, don't worry, I believe you, and you won't be bothered by difficult things."

     Absalom's nose is sour and sour, how about his wife'> it's still his own, it will hurt people more. It’s like those guys Fleeting Time childe'>you, who always only use him and bully him, such a comparison makes Absalom tearful: "Wife'>...""By the way, where did the dead man go, Fleeting Time" Suddenly Apple suddenly remembered something, and she immediately put away the gentleness, and directed at Absalom fiends. "Didn't you say that you are going to be with us Dungeon today? Why didn't you come in the end?"

     Just when Sour Apple was looking for Absalom to settle the accounts, the White Fairy happened to look for Sour Apple. She wanted to send a secret message, but when she found Sour Apple had entered the meeting room, she simply came to her directly. As soon as she walked to the door of the conference room, she wanted to open the door, but when she heard Sour Apple talking to Absalom about Fleting Time, she couldn't help putting down her hand, hiding by the door and listening quietly. She also knows that it is very immoral to listen to it, but as long as it is related to Fleeting Time, she can't take care of that much.

     "The legs are on him, how can I manage to get him." The sour apple has been investigated once, but apparently it has not passed, and Absalom had to sigh.

     "Today, the fairy tale waited for him for nothing all night. I couldn't bear to tell her what the dead man was thinking. With such a good girl as a fairy tale here, what else would he want to do?" By the way, does he dislike women..."Absalom almost wanted to squirt out a mouthful of blood. He doesn't like women... Then childe'> Is Yu a man? It doesn't seem to be right. Although childe'>you is thinner, she still has some places where women should be. Fleeting Time's eyes are not quite right when looking at her. Would a man with such eyes dislike women?

     Although he thought so, Absalom didn't have the guts to tell Sour Apple like that. He had to tactfully tell her: "I said, can you stop worrying about the white fairy tale and the Fleeting Time? If they fall in love with each other Concubine has fate, so why wait for so many years for the white fairy tale. You don’t understand Fleeting Time. If he is interested in people and things, he would have tried his best to post them shamelessly. If he is not interested in people and things... …" Absalom said here, he paused, only to find it really annoying: "You still don't want to mix up, be careful that you will not be human inside and outside in the future.""What do you mean by not being inside or outside?" Sour Apple was very dissatisfied with Absalom's description. She frowned and looked at Absalom: "Fleeting Time doesn't have a girlfriend yet? Since he is still single, make do with him and fairy tales. What's wrong? Don’t think about it. We are all classmates. We have known each other for so many years. We all know each other. If they can make it, wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing? When others talk about it, oh, you at the same table. Ah, how beautiful is it?” When Sour Apple said so, pink bubbles started to appear in her eyes. It seemed that she was very keen on being a matchmaker.

     "It's okay for you to have a pair of us at the same table. You don't have to make the whole world follow this model?" Absalom frowned, looked at the enthusiastic look of the sour apple, and remembered Fleeting Time for childe' >You are so slimy, Absalom only thinks that if he is making his wife'> such a mess of mandarin ducks, he may be cut off by Fleeting Time. Therefore, for the sake of his own life, he still has to work hard to let Sour Apple dispel this unreliable idea.

     "Why have you been persuading me to do? Are you unwilling to be with the fairy tale and Fleeting Time?" Sour Apple is not a fool. Absalom has been persuaded a lot. Of course, she can feel the meaning in Absalom's heart, and she frowns. , Looked at Absalom a little dissatisfied."This doesn't seem to be a question of whether I am willing or not." Absalom scratched his hair. "I am a crowd of onlookers at best. It seems that I don't have any right to say. If you are willing or not, Fleting Time counts, don't you? "

     "Fleeting Time did you say you don't want it?". Sour Apple snorted, and faced Absalom's obstruction, she felt a little upset.

     "Why not?" Absalom is absolutely certain of this: "I remember that when I was in the first year of high school, White Fairy confessed, didn't Fleeting Time reject it at the time? Did you have a bad memory? You still scolded him back then. After a meal, it's just that Fleeting Time didn't pay any attention to you. You turned your head and asked for my trouble..." When it comes to turning over the past, Absalom's courage is no worse than a sour apple.

     "As you said, those were all things in high school, ten years ago, ten years ago, Fleeting Time was a kid at that time, he knew a shit, he only knew that he was playing football on the basketball court at that time. Running in a stinky sweat, do you know what a woman is? Do you know what a girlfriend is? So his refusal at that time is regarded as a fart. Now it is different. It has been ten years. He has matured and secreted male hormones. It's time to get a little bit of amorous feelings, and now they have a very high rate of success in matching them." Sour Apple absolutely denies Absalom's statement: "Furthermore, Fleeting Time has not said that it is unwilling.""He didn't say that it was for you to give you a fairy tale and to save face for me. He didn't show it clearly enough." Absalom was almost driven crazy by the sour apple: "Not to mention too much, we all enter the game together. It’s been a year, how many times have you matched them together, and have they succeeded? Have you forget past pains once the wound has healed, have you forgotten what you said by him, why do you have to make everyone connected? I was only delighted to (do sth, idiom) that my friends didn't do." Absalom's voice finally became louder.

     "Why are you doing so loudly, am I not anxious for them? If it weren't because of your friends, why would I do this kind of arduous and thankless task?" Of course, Sour Apple knew that what Absalom said was true, and she felt a little bit in her heart. He was guilty, but he didn't want to be soft on his mouth, so he pulled his neck and shouted and screaming with Absalom like this.

     Fortunately, as long as these two people are in the conference room, the others have always retreat three day's march. Otherwise, the video of the two of them is estimated to be enough to circle the earth and a half.

     "If you really want to hello everyone, let me tell you, immediately put away your nosy mind for me, you can beat the drum, if you want to be a month old, die as soon as possible." Absalom really didn't want to. This matter has been exhausted.

     "Then what do you do with fairy tales? From twelve years old like Fleeting Time to now, thirteen years ah thirteen years""That's someone else's business." Absalom frowned. "It has nothing to do with you."

     "Don't you think Fleeting Time is too ruthless?". Perhaps is Because women think differently from men, Sour Apple thinks Absalom is a bit impervious to reason.

     "Relentless?" Absalom felt that his temples were hurting. He raised his hand, grabbed the shoulders of the sour apple, and took a deep breath: "Wife'>, about this, I will talk to you for the last time today. Say, please listen carefully to me. If you want to mix up with this in the future, I beg you, don’t drag me into the water. You think you and the white fairy tale are best friends, and I’m still living and dying with Fleeting Time. Brother, I don’t want to ruin the relationship between Fleeting Time and me because of this kind of thing.”

     Absalom was serious and serious when she spoke. Such an expression is unfamiliar to Sour Apple, because except for the things in Guild, Absalom would never use this expression to talk to himself in other trivial things in life. Absalom has always been a carefree person, with a real heart. He is never stingy, and even if he is silly, he rarely gets angry. In reality, he faces everything with a smile, and such a serious and cautious attitude is really too rare.Such an attitude made Sour Apple suddenly feel a lot of pressure, and she also had to put away the bare fangs and brandish claws attitude, and looked at Absalom honestly, and agreed: "Then you talk about it. "

     "Well, I admit that the white fairy has liked Fleeting Time for thirteen years. This is a great thing, and it is not easy to do. Especially when the other party has not responded yet, she still likes it for thirteen years. , This kind of relationship is too rare and precious, too rare in the world." Absalom took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions almost driven mad by the sour apple.

     "Yeah." She was very happy with Absalom's statement of Sour Apple, and she nodded with such an expression.

     "But, just because the feelings of the white fairy tale are commendable, and because the white fairy tale has liked Fleeting Time for thirteen years, should Fleeting Time respond regardless? Whether he wants it or not, likes it or not, it's just Because of the long period of 13 years, will he accept the white fairy tale?".

     "Shouldn't it? The fairy tale paid so much, shouldn't he have a little response?".

     "You just make trouble without reason. Did a pig like you for thirteen years. In order to thank him for his love, do you want to marry a pig too?". Absalom frowned and unconsciously quoted the Fleeting Time metaphor."What are you talking about? How can this, this, this be the same"

     "Why is this different?" Absalom took a deep breath and waved his hand: "You shut up and listen to me honestly, don't interrupt anymore."

     Sour Apple originally wanted to refute, but looking at Absalom's black face, she pouted and stopped talking.

     "If you like or dislike Fleeting Time, the Fleeting Time you've enjoyed for so long is the White Fairy's own business, and the response does not respond to the White Fairy's liking, and how to respond is the Fleeting Time's matter. All this has nothing to do with you." Absalom sighed , Then said: “I don’t comment on whether the white fairy tale likes Fleeting Time so silently for so many years is a good thing or a bad thing, but from my perspective, I definitely don’t think it’s a good thing. Although feelings are involuntary. People control it by themselves, but when others reject your feelings and you have to make persistent choices, then you have to bear the results of your choices yourself. Such results may be sweet or miserable, but they are all It’s your choice. I don’t want to be too ugly, but if I like a woman and are rejected by her, and rejected completely, I will withdraw my feelings. Even if I still like it, it’s not so obvious, because, I don't want to be cheap.""Why do you say that..." Sour Apple felt very uncomfortable, not knowing whether it was for the white fairy tale or for himself.

     "Then what do you want me to say? That's the truth. We grew up with Fleting Time. I know his virtues best. If he likes white fairy tales a little bit, he won't let her wait. For many years. Although Fleeting Time doesn’t care about appearances, it doesn’t care about anything, but, I know, he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. No one knows better than himself. A white fairy tale is a good woman. She is gentle, kind, beautiful, considerate, good at cooking, in short, she has all the standards of a good wife. But why does Fleeting Time still don’t care about her, it doesn’t matter? That’s because she is not the person that Fleeting Time wants in her heart. "

     Absalom's words were like drumsticks, smashing into Sour Apple's heart. In fact, she didn't know many things, she just didn't want to admit it. In the 13 years of time, she shared all the love and growth of the white fairy tale, so much sadness and suffering, it seems that they have become part of her life, but now, the reality has been so cruelly stripped away, she feels a little bit I can't accept it, not for myself, but to take the past 13 years.

     "Emotions can be cultivated." Her voice was much smaller, and it seemed less capable than desirable."It depends on Who." Absalom shook his head: "Fleeting Time is not that kind of person. Fleeting Time's feelings are like a safe. If the key password is correct, he will open and take out all the emotional altogether. If the key password is wrong, Even if you let him soak in this gentle watery affection, even if his appearance is corroded, his heart is still fit tightly, and no one can get in."

     "According to you, isn't it a terrible loss for fairy tales in these 13 years?".

     "Isn't it better to choose to leave now? Is it necessary to wait for Fleeting Time to marry and have children, and walk in front of her happily before she gives up? How old was she at that time? A woman's age is just like a blooming flower, not good Cherish, when it's over, no one will bear all the miserable consequences with her. You, including you, can't afford this responsibility." Absalom said everything: "Wife'>, if you really do it for The fairy tale is good, persuade her, Fleeting Time is definitely not her home, so turn around as soon as possible." Absalom patted Sour Apple on the shoulder."Fleeting Time and I are both professional players, especially me, you know, how much I have on my shoulders. Genesis was supported by me and Fleeting Time together, my wife. I don’t want to let me and Fleeting because of this. There is a rift between Time, and I don't want to cause Genesis to suffer any damage because of this, especially..." Absalom paused: "Especially, when the Prosperity is about to enter Fate."

     Although Sour Apple is not an absolutely qualified professional player, of course she knows what Prosperity is after having been with Absalom for so many years. When Absalom said this, his body shook heavily. "We women shouldn't these things be irrelevant?"

     "It doesn't matter, but it's very annoying." Absalom looked at the sour apple, and told her her innermost feelings one by one: "I still feel this way, what do you think of Fleting Time?"

     "I just think Fleeting Time is still single, so it's better to give each other a chance..." Sour Apple lost its energy, sat down, and sighed slowly.

     "Even if Fleeting Time is single, there is no chance for the white fairy tale. Besides, how do you know that there is no one else in Fleeting Time?""Is there someone else in Fleeting Time?" Sour Apple shuddered. She quickly sorted out the performance of Fleeting Time in her mind, but she didn't find anything special. It was just in the game... Her heart suddenly tightened: "You are talking about that childe'>you"

     Regarding Fleeting Time and childe'> secluded scandal, the sour apple never cared. The common saying says that meeting three points of love. These two people are not only rivals but also don't know each other in reality. How can they not have any relationship. So from the first day of the scandal, Sour Apple didn't believe it at all. But now listening to Absalom's words, it doesn't seem to be the same.

     "This is a matter of Fleeting Time, I don't know." Although Absalom wentsip, he still knew that there were some things that could be said and some things that could not be said, so he shook his head and didn't give Sour Apple any answer.

     The white fairy stood at the door listening to the conversation between Absalom and Sour Apple, as if someone was holding a knife and poking her heart again and again, piercing her already riddled heart with blood. This is not counted. , And even grabbed a handful of salt and sprinkled it on it, causing her to faint with pain.She has always known that her love is not paid attention to by Fleeting Time. She has always worked hard to do better and be more humble, not to affect Fleeting Time, just standing still and waiting for him to look back one day to see herself. However, she never thought that even if she was so humble, she still couldn't get any trace in Fleeting Time's heart, and even annoyed him. Is this the result of her 13 years of love?

     Is there anyone in this world more sad than her?

     She wanted to leave, wanted to leave these heartbreaking conversations, but she just couldn't go, as if her feet were covered with roots, firmly nailed to the ground, unable to move. When she kept hearing the name of another woman, she suddenly felt like she wanted to collapse.

     Although in her heart, she had always thought that the worst result of her love was that Fleeting Time would eventually fall in love with someone else, and she would still love him in place in the end. But she never thought that this day would really come, even if she knew that it was not confirmed at all now, but, just thinking about it, she was already sad and about to die. Although Fleeting Time did not accept her before, but he had never had anyone else in his heart beside him. Although she worked hard, she finally felt hopeful, but what about now? What is all of her now?She was unwilling, she was really unwilling.

     The white fairy leaned against the wall outside the meeting room, biting her lips severely, but didn't feel any pain at all.

     Today, Absalom was absent from Dungeon, the elite of the night, and did not take the initiative to tell him where he was going. This made the deputy guild leader a little worried. This was never Absalom’s style, so he came out from Dungeon and took the spoils and finances this time. After handing in the database, he planned to go to Absalom to ask what happened.

     For some reason, his left eyelid jumped fiercely, and he didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

     When he walked outside the Guild meeting room, he saw the white fairy standing at the door, leaning against the wall, his face pale, and there seemed to be faint tears in the corners of his eyes, a little strange: "Fairytale, what's wrong with you? Why are you standing here?"

     The White Fairy was originally immersed in her sad emotions. When asked about this suddenly, she only felt that she lost one's head out of fear. She seemed to be taken aback, and she immediately ran away, covering her mouth.

     Sour Apple and Absalom, who were still talking in the room, were shocked as soon as they heard the murmurs, especially Sour Apple, their face suddenly lost blood, and she stared at Absalom: "how come……""Why don't you chase it?" Absalom curled his eyebrows. He just wanted to educate his wife'>Don't be nosy, but he didn't expect that the white fairy knew about it, and he didn't know how it was for a while. Great.

     "Oh." Sour Apple was even more stupid, and quickly turned around and ran outside.

     I sang and whispered and wondered what happened to this white fairy tale. I just wanted to reach out and open the door but saw a flustered sour apple rushing out of the meeting room. I couldn’t even greet him, so I grabbed him and asked: "Fairytale What"

     "Over there..." Qian Sing pointed in the direction where the white fairy tale ran away, throwing away the sour apple and chasing him. Only the second monk who sang and sang and yinzhang couldn't figure it out, stood in place and baffling: "What's this for?"

     "Shallow singing, are you here?" Absalom took a few deep breaths. Although this matter was not humane for the white fairy tale, the so-called long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. If he could completely let go of Fleeting because of this matter. Time, it's not necessarily a bad thing to let go of yourself. Thinking of this, he also walked towards the door of the conference room, and when he looked up, he saw Qian Sing and Moan holding his hair and watching the two people running away with a strange look.

     "Well, what's wrong?"

     "who knows."Since Absalom didn't want to talk, he wouldn't ask more if he sang and chanted. Anyway, things that can be related to sour apples and white fairy tales are mostly related to Fleeting Time, so don't ask. "What happened today? What happened? Why did Dungeon leave without finishing playing."

     "You came just right, I have something to discuss with you." Absalom looked outside vigilantly, and then murmured to Qian Sang into the secret room of the conference room.

     Ye Ci stood on the palace square and stared at Fleeting Time out of breath. How did this guy do? He obviously doesn't have a wide range of lethal skills like Arrow Net, how can he do more than himself? It was so inconceivable that I was so tired that I was so tired, and in the end I was three less than him. How could this make Ye Ci feel happy.

     Fleeting Time stood aside and sighed: "Little childe'>, if I go to Eastern Continent next time, you have to treat me well~"

     Ye Ci is gnashing one's teeth. Now she really can't wait to have a sniper rifle in her hand, so she will headshot the man directly and never see it again. What else did she say next time, next time she won't want to have any contact with him for the rest of her life.

     "Don't be so great bitterness, deep hatred, I actually don't want to win, but when I think that if I lose, I will be far away from you, I am much saddened to kill a few monsters, so..." Ye Ci smiled awkwardly: "You know...""Fleeting Time." Ye Ci's face turned black. She took out a bottle of wine and began to replenish her energy. Under Western Continent, Dungeon didn't have enough energy at any time.

     "What?" Fleeting Time's eyebrows were filled with a spring-like smile.

     "Has anyone ever said that you are really annoying" Ye Ci sighed sincerely. It is really unfortunate that he has done something to be tied to this kind of person.

     Fleeting Time was not angry at all, stretched out his hand, and quickly rubbed Ye Ci's hair. When Ye Ci reached out to fight back, he already retracted his hand: "You are just talking."

     "You..." Ye Ci only felt speechless and asked the sky, is this guy's head made of meat, why does she always feel that talking to Fleeting Time is simply wrong?

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's dying expression, and the big curvature of his lips revealed his overly good mood.

     Chapter 36 The Truth

     Chapter 36 The Truth