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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 37 The Liar

     Chapter Thirty Seven

     "Are you sure childe'> You are telling the truth?" This was the first sentence Qian Sang whispered to wake up from the huge shock, and this was also his heartfelt question. The value of mithril is now priceless, what about the future? No one can know. If you own the mithril vein, you have the greatest right to develop in the future. This kind of thing is absolutely impossible to be a trivial matter. For such an important event, you can't believe in childe'> You don't know. Now that she knows, why should she tell Absalom?

     "She has no reason to lie to me, but I don't dare to confirm it." The question of humming is exactly what Absalom is worried about: "After all, things from a meat pie falls from the sky are not something that anyone can encounter. Even if When I met, I thought that this kind of thing would fall on my head. It's too inconceivable."

     "Then why don't you question her?" Qian sang and whispered, only feeling that the mess in his mind is not enough. What is going on here, why he has no sense of reality at all.

     "is it necessary?". Absalom exhaled deeply: "She was caught by Fleeting Time. If she doesn't want to die, she must show her sincerity, and this vein has become her biggest life saver. Not only that, she said something about me. believe firmly without any doubt."

     "what?""We must be prepared for the coming of the heyday, otherwise, there will be no eggs under the cover?" Absalom twitched his mouth, and he could see that his heart was still agitated until now.

     Singing and groaning thinking about Absalom's approach, indeed, in this case, Absalom's approach is understandable, this is the best way. If childe'>you lied to them, she would definitely die. For Genesis, it was no more than a few points of honor, but for childe'>you, it was a great loss. Childe'>you is not a fool, so there is no need to do so. If childe'>you is telling the truth, Genesis has not only harvested a mithril vein, but also a powerful ally who also owns the mithril vein in Eastern Continent. They have a greater chance of winning when facing the prosperity in the future.

     Regardless of the calculation, Genesis only spent seven days and some indifferent supplies, and they did not lose success or failure.

     "Then what do we do now?""Childe'>Youlai Western Continent should be a Quest, otherwise, she will not take the initiative to ask people to watch. In this case, we can rule out the possibility that Eastern Continent is preparing to attack the Western Continent, so we don’t need to contact for the time being. Other Guilds. However, childe'> Youlai should be a limited time Quest for this Quest. She only gave herself seven days. Although, she gave me the coordinates of the mithril vein, but at the same time she also said that now the coordinates are only A mountain requires a prerequisite Quest to search for mineral veins, but what kind of prerequisite Quest is, I don’t know, childe'>you did not say. I have a headache here, in seven days, how can I find this prerequisite Quest? And completed? If, when childe'>you left the western continent, I have not found the prerequisite Quest or have not completed the prerequisite Quest, what should we do? You know, put her back in Eastern Continent, unless there is something in reality Contact, otherwise, we will not be able to contact her. And childe'>you this person, it is absolutely impossible to tell us the contact information in reality."Absalom was clear and organized, and stated clearly one by one the things he was worried about now. What he said made Qian sing and whisper and have to think about it. It's not wrong. Although on the surface, Childe'>you suffered a big loss in this matter, but it is not necessarily true. First of all, during her time in the Western Continent, although someone monitored her every move, from another angle, is this not a protection? Secondly, childe'>you came to the Western Continent to be a Quest. She must not have enough supplies. She has to stay here for so many days. The supply of her body is a big problem, but now, it means Genesis has completely solved her fears of trouble in the rear. Finally, even if this vein is real, no one can guarantee that this prerequisite Quest is so easy to complete. After all, it is such a precious thing. I don’t believe that its prerequisite Quest can be completed simply. of. And childe'>you stay in the western continent for a limited time, if in the limited time, they did not complete the prerequisite Quest, Genesis could not forcefully leave the childe'>you, it does not make sense, but let go of childe ' >You, who is this unfinished prerequisite Quest going to look for?

     Finally, he breathed out a long breath in a low voice, and he smiled bitterly: "childe'>you, this woman is really not easy. Now it seems that we have spent a big pie on paper. I am happy to pay for her.""Yes." Absalom had a terrible headache. "Fortunately, Fleeting Time followed her. Childe'>you seems to have a headache for Fleeting Time, so for the time being, she won't make any other movements. If I change someone, I I really don't know what the final result will be."

     "Fleeting Time is following her?" Because Absalom hadn't mentioned this at all just now, I was really surprised to hear this now suddenly and whispered: "Did you arrange it?"

     Absalom snorted, "I am half willing and half unwilling."

     "What do you mean?" Qian sang and murmured a little bit puzzled: "Could it be that Fleeting Time asked for it?"

     "He didn't take the initiative to say, but he already gave me an absolute hint. If I don't go on the road anymore, I guess I haven't waited for the childe'> to leave, I will be classified as a peach blossom tree by Fleeting Time." Absalom said about this. Things are very dissatisfied.

     "Why do I feel that one thing is good, as long as you get involved with Fleeting Time, you will be raping..." Singing groaned and touched his chin, a little unconsciously began to obscene fantasy.

     "Listen to your tone, it seems that Fleeting Time is like a pervert who desires and dissatisfied..." Absalom was full of black lines. If Fleeting Time hears these words, it is estimated that tomorrow will be able to sing and whisper and will not even be able to get up in bed."Recently, I always feel that he wants the spring flowers to bloom. There is no other meaning." Sing sang and shook his head quickly, not wanting to take the charge of Absalom indiscriminately: "Since it is Fleting Time following the childe'>you, let him do it for Guild Dedicated to your interests once, I don’t think Fleeting Time will refuse. From the childe'>you, I'm covering the prerequisite Quest question."

     Absalom snorted and chuckled. Obviously, he agrees very much with the idea of humming.

     Fleeting Time and Ye Ci were sitting in the Palace Square resting, and Fleeting Time suddenly received a secret word from Absalom. This makes Fleeting Time very unpleasant, and it feels really annoying for Absalom. He frowned and connected to Absalom's secret words: "If you have something to say, just let it go."

     "Yeah, it got through? You were busy just now? What are you busy? Isn't that one? You move so fast..."

     "Absalom, if you want to die, you can just say it, I don't mind making a move to help you." Listening to Absalom's voice full of bad smiles, Fleeting Time's eyebrows frowned.

     "Don't don't, I'm wrong, I have something else." Of course Absalom wouldn't be joking with Fleeting Time at this time, a joke, now Fleeting Time is a beautiful man of Genesis (this matter, it seems that Fleeting Time doesn't know it at all. ……)'S key protection object, can't irritate him. "You ask childe'>you, what is the prerequisite Quest of the mithril vein?"Although Fleeting Time hated Absalom disturbing himself at this time, it was another matter related to the mithril vein. He immediately asked Ye Ci about it. Ye Ci took a bite of the apple, narrowed his eyes, thought about it, and answered honestly: "I don't know."

     "Huh?" Ye Ci's answer surprised Fleeting Time. Judging from her expression, she didn't seem to lie at all, but she really didn't know: "Then prerequisite Quest..."

     "I also found the prerequisite Quest of Eastern Continent by accident." Ye Ci sighed: "That Quest is very secretive. If you are not careful or are not sensitive to Quest, you will miss it."

     Fleeting Time pondered for a while, then raised his head and continued to ask: "Can you tell me something? It's a suggestion."

     "Suggestions..." Ye Ci thought about it for a while, and then said: "By the way, you look for all the NPCs on that map, and you have done all the Quests you can do, but pay special attention to the dwarves Race Quest. Eastern Continent’s prerequisite Quest was released by the Dark Iron Dwarf. I’m not sure what race the prerequisite Quest on the Western Continent was released. However, according to the tips from the books in the National Library, the only race to find mihril on the continent is Dwarf, so... just pay more attention to dwarves.""Is it open-ended to inspire Quest?" Fleting Time is indeed the ashes of the game. After hearing a few words from Ye Ci, I already guessed how Quest stimulated.

     "Yeah, it is." Anyway, he has made up his mind to form an alliance with Genesis. There is no need for Ye Ci to go around with them anymore, and to provide them with more news as far as one's capabilities extend is actually to make the biggest alliance for himself in the future. s hard work.

     "Okay, I see." Fleeting Time smiled, "Thank you."

     Thank you……

     This is really not like what the cheeky Fleeting Time would say. Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then there was an invisible curve on his lips. In fact, Fleeting Time, who talked well, didn't look so disgusting.

     "I have done the map Quest. Pay more attention to the Quest released by the dwarves. The way to inspire prerequisite Quest is open. People who do Quest must be sensitive to Quest, and it is best to read the collections of the National Library." Fleeting Time has summed up all the prerequisite Quest precautions in the shortest time and told Absalom.

     "Ah... this is all childe'> You said?" Absalom didn't expect to get so much information."Yes." Fleeting Time was a little surprised by Absalom, but Absalom and childe were originally players on the opposite continent, and they were suspected as it should be by rights, so he didn't care about it.

     "Childe'>You won’t let you get it done so soon, right? Such secret things can speak bluntly to you..." Absalom sighed from the bottom of his heart, although he also knew that childe'>The secret meeting was so honest, definitely because of two things. A matter of Guild's alliance after he entered Fate in Flourishing Age, but, for human nature, he just couldn't help thinking about it in terms of gossip, there was no way.

     "What did you say?" Fleeting Time heard Absalom's mutter, but did not hear clearly.

     "It's nothing, we went to do Quest in a team, you protect the childe'>you, see you when you are free." Absalom didn't have the guts to repeat what he said just now, and after a few words of Fleeting Time, he hurriedly panicked. Hung up the conversation.

     "Absalom is ready to do prerequisite Quest?" Ye Ci squinted his eyes.

     Looking at Ye Ci's fox-like smile, Nian couldn't bear it and laughed: "Do you have anything to tell them?"

     Ye Ci cocked his mouth and thought about it when he was tossed, take joy in calamity and delight in disaster: "please ask for more blessings."Fleeting Time was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed loudly, showing no signs of anger at all. As if he was not from Genesis Guild at all, and Absalom's life and death had nothing to do with him.

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows: "I said it was funny?"

     "No, I was thinking, after relaying your words to Absalom, the expression on his gossip face is wonderful." Fleeting Time told the truth.

     Ye Ci was a little surprised. For throwing stones at sb who fell down a well like Flying Time, she really didn't expect: "I thought you would be angry."

     "Why are you angry? I'm telling the truth. It's actually very interesting to make Absalom this idiot entangled." Fleeting Time leaned on the chariot and looked at Ye Ci's surprised expression, with a gentle smile on his face.

     "You said he was a fool?"

     "Isn't it? A fool who makes people want to clean up the mess after him at any time." Fleeting Time has a warm smile on the corner of his mouth. Although all he says are nasty things, Ye Ci said from his words. I heard the brotherhood that could not be parted.

     Such friendship is so enviable.

     The monsters in Dungeon will not be refreshed. Therefore, after the undead and orcs on the Palace Square are turned into a pile of corpses, there is nothing left except for the countless trophies left for the two people that there is no way to pick them up one by one. Down."This is a high-yield gemstone, but the grade is not too high." After just such a short time, Fleeting Time has picked up more than a hundred different gems.

     "It's a pity, I can't take so many gems." Since there are no advanced tailors, there are no advanced backpacks in the market. Even people like Ye Ci often pull on the lapels exposes the elbows of their backpacks.

     "If it weren't for you to give me the gems, I will help you get them to the Holy Light City and combine them, and then bring them back to you?" Ye Ci is not wrong. The number of stacked gems is only 20. So many gems all in the package does take up a lot of space. And she can't enter the Holy Light City, and can't synthesize gems. To bring all the gems back to Eastern Continent's Champion City and then synthesize them, it is not a good deal. So Fleeting Time simply and generously proposed to Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci thought for a while, and shook his head: "Forget it, synthetic gems are too expensive. I am a poor man now, and I can't afford so much money. Please help me synthesize it."This is the truth. After Ye Ci's money bought the two houses, they were basically as empty as anything. The rent in Red Lake City and the salary of Upward Ho were not yet paid. Although the goods sold at the auction house have been sold, Ye Ci in the western mainland has not seen the mailbox or the postman. Take it out, so now Ye Ci is lifting his feet upside down and shaking three times, it may not be possible to drop a copper plate.

     "What kind of money should we talk about based on the relationship between us? That would hurt feelings." Fleeting Time cocked his mouth when listening to Ye Ci's words.

     "Don't talk to me about feelings or hurt money." Ye Ci rolled his eyes, but after thinking about it, he said, "Well, I will give you the gems, and then you will draw a few synthetic gems for synthesis. cost."

     Fleeting Time stood still looking at Ye Ci's face with a little surprise. Ye Ci was frowned upon by him, and raised his eyebrows: "What do you look at, there are flowers on my face?"

     "No." Fleeting Time shook his head: "It is so difficult for me to show the friendship of the landlord?""Your money didn't come from a strong wind. I don't need to be at ease. Besides, I have never liked to owe favors." Ye Ci had already packed up the gems, and altogether handed it over to Fleeting Time. She looked at Fleeting Time’s raised eyebrows, and continued to explain: “I just said, don’t talk about feelings. Talking about feelings hurts money, and human debt is the most hurtful of all relationships. I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. Pay the bill. Besides, I am now a poor person who is as poor as Ding Dang. Don’t bother me about everything that costs money.”

     Fleeting Time was stunned, and then laughed lowly, no longer insisting on paying the bill by himself. He picked up a small pocket of gems that Ye Ci gave him: "Well, I'll take a few gems as a synthesis fee."

     After tidying up the corpses in the Palace Square, the two rushed towards the southernmost corner. There was an undead captain, level sixty-two, elite monster, and just behind it was the package of Nicky. . If it is only Fleeting Time or Ye Ci, it is still a little bit difficult to deal with the elite monsters in this Dungeon, but if two people are playing together, it is really too simple. This undead squad leader is a melee career, there is no long-range attack, the best method is Kiting.Fleeting Time rushed over first, and then several skills pulled the undead captain out, and Ye Ci snatched aggro from the other direction, causing the undead captain to turn his head before he rushed to Fleeting Time. Run towards Ye Ci. At this time, Fleeting Time snatched aggro again, and when the undead squad leader was about to get close to him, Ye Ci snatched aggro back again.

     Usually two hunter Kitings have to exercise their retreat, and when facing two hunters with similar abilities and attacks, Kiting becomes a brainless stance output, as long as the skill and time of grabbing aggro are well controlled. , The whole scene is boring and want people to sleep.

     The undead squad leader felt very aggrieved. In any case, he is a level 62 elite monster, how can he be regarded as a small BOSS, although he is not very ranked in Dungeon, but he was born by two hunters like this. Kiting was let go, this is really a cheating thing.

     After just kiteing like this for about ten minutes, the team leader finally fell to the ground with a scream, and confessed his really frustrated life to two shameless hunters. It's not fair, it's not fair, he didn't even touch the two people, let alone shoot them off a little bit of blood.The undead captain dropped a few good equipment, but none of them belonged to the hunter. Ye Ci couldn't carry so much to leave the Western Continent, so he had to choose valuable things as much as possible, and all the general equipment was handed over to Fleeting Time. After killing the undead squad leader, the two people successfully got the package belonging to Niki from the corner guarded by the undead squad leader. This package looks very old and not worth any money, but it is so bulging that people can't help but want to open it. Unfortunately, this is a Quest Item, even if two people are curious about the contents of this package, there is no way to open it.

     With packages, the two of them ran all the way towards the streets of the city. On the way back, they met the orc patrol. Fortunately, the goblin compass gave an early reminder, so that the two of them avoided them smoothly. The package was delivered to Nicky.

     "Oh, look, what is this?" Niqi took the package found by Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. His eyes, which were already big, are now brighter. He held the package in his hand. Inside, he immediately pressed his cheek to the package, rubbing his face intoxicated, as if rubbing his lover: "My dear baby, actually was brought back by the elves."Nicky said some nonsense. Although it was very happy, Ye Ci found it very boring. She stood aside and lacked interest. This Quest was picked up by Fleeting Time at first, and she did not see the previous Quest. So, Ye Ci has no way to find out what important things will happen after finishing this Quest, so they have to leave all of this to Fleeting Time. In fact, it's the same. Nickey obviously wants to be more enthusiastic about Fleeting Time, but he doesn't make sense for Ye Ci, which is only online later. Even if he speaks, he just nods.

     "Well, Elf, to thank you and your companions, I will do you a favor." Nicky said a lot with Fleeting Time. Fleeting Time can be called one of the top players of Western Continent, not just because of his good operation skills.In fact, the reason why every top player can be called a top player does not only mean that they have good skills. Of course, excellent operation and superb technology are the most important characteristics of top players, but in addition, top players must have the observation power and sensitivity to each Quest that others do not have. After holographic games have officially replaced traditional online games, there will be more or less Hidden Quests in holographic games. The discovery of these Quests requires not only luck, but more importantly, insight and sensitivity. Therefore, the development of holographic games to the present, this sensitivity to Quest and observation of the environment has become one of the important criteria for measuring whether a player is high-end.

     Perhaps every player can see Hidden Quest, but whether they can find more clues from Hidden Quest and get more and better rewards depends on their personal understanding and character.

     These two abilities are naturally good for Ye Ci to become a top player, and Fleeting Time is no exception. Although Ye Ci is not particularly interested in the conversation between Fleeting Time and Nicky, he still carefully observes everything that happens during the conversation between the two people. Fleeting Time is indeed a very powerful player. When dealing with Quest process and openness, his method is different from Ye Ci.Ye Ci often uses a sincere and touching method. Although this method is relatively hard, it is safe. Basically, every NPC will not be irritated by this method. And Fleeting Time is to use the method that suits its own needs, using easy language and means to tell the most clues by yin*NPC. Although this method is very fast and convenient, it depends on the user's ability. They have a very high IQ. Once they are seen through, it will leave a very bad impression on them, and will also cause immeasurable losses to the subsequent Quest.

     However, Fleeting Time is obviously a guy who is naturally proficient in this kind of talk and talk. At least as far as Nick is concerned, he likes Fleeting Time very much. Ye Ci doesn't need to open Niqi's character attributes. You can guess with his heels. Niqi's intimacy with Fleeting Time must be very high.

     Alas, in this world, honest people suffer. Ye Ci looked at the happy and excited look of Fleeting Time and Nicky, and couldn't help sighing. It is precisely because of the existence of people like Fleeting Time that honest people like her live a lot. Hard work... Hurry up and wipe away the tears for yourself.

     While Ye Ci was still wandering, Fleeting Time and Nicky had reached an agreement on Quest Reward. Judging from the expressions of both smile spread across the face, this agreement must be very satisfactory to both parties."Nicky is a goblin postman. He promised us that we can deliver things to us and the outside world before we leave Dungeon." Fleeting Time smiled and looked at Ye Ci: "Now, you don't have to worry about what you get with you. Don’t leave, you can choose to hand it over to Absalom and sell it to the auction house and get the money directly, or you can choose to mail it to a friend of Eastern Continent.” Looking at Ye Ci’s surprised expression, Fleeting Time said again: “I think The best thing is, you are the same as me, give it all to Absalom, let this guy sell it, you want to bring the money back to Eastern Continent, how happy you are, without occupying the position of the package, and feeling fulfilled.

     "The postman? How did you know?" Ye Ci had a feeling that Fleeting Time definitely didn't know that Nicky was a postman. He must have discovered something.

     "Oh, the post office is written on the sign outside the place where you are hiding. Of course it is the language of the ancient goblin. Moreover, when this guy just told me about Quest, I took a look from his mouth, although he didn't answer directly. , But it is enough to prove that he is a postman. Since he is a postman, one of the rewards of this Quest must be to enable the mailing function inside and outside Dungeon, so I tried it, but I didn’t expect it to be "Fleeting Time shrugged, speaking easily.However, Ye Ci knows how much gaming experience and sensitivity to Quest is behind the sketch in light shades description.

     "Why do you have to choose this reward?" Ye Ci didn't understand this. According to the skill of Fleeting Time, there must be other choices, but why did he choose such a reward that was irrelevant to him?

     "Ha, am I lazy? How troublesome it is to get in and out of Dungeon." Fleeting Time's eyes narrowed, and he said relaxedly. It seems that this is the reason. With a bright smile on his face, he turned and walked towards Nicky. go with. "Okay, send something to Absalom, let him get me some supplies by the way."

     Ye Ci was stunned, then a small corner in his heart became soft.

     This liar.

     Is it troublesome for Western Continent to get in and out of this Dungeon? Not at all, as long as she is in Dungeon, Fleeting Time only needs to spend one silver coin from the Dungeon Teleporter in the city to come back here after Fleeting Time returns to the city. It is fast, can repair equipment, and is safe. It's not troublesome at all.This guy made this postman for his own Eastern Continent players. Why did you take all the equipment you picked up to Absalom for auction? Is this guy short of money? How could it be lacking? Judging from the degree of luxury he uses, this person has absolutely no sense of quantity for money. It must be because he just said that he was short of money. He came up with this method in order not to hurt his face.

     Ye Ci looked at the back standing in front of Niqi, bit his lip, and slowly exhaled, but the corner of his lips was gently lifted.

     This, liar.

     Does he think these are made into seamless heavenly clothes? In fact, it is indeed seamless heavenly clothes. If she is an ordinary person like him, she will definitely believe his statement, but it is a pity that she is a reborn person. Naturally, she would not absolutely believe what Fleeting Time said, but she couldn't help but feel that the snack machine of Fleeting Time was very warm.

     Now that Fleeting Time has spent so much thought about her feelings, she doesn't need to continue to be unacceptable. Ye Ci has never been troubled by her own interests, even if the opponent is a rival, but under the guidance of the most profitable ideological guidance, she will not let the term rival be a stumbling block to hinder her advancement."You are right, then you can sell all the things you picked up just now, and then I will pay half of the money." Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, looking like a profiteer with his clothes.

     Fleeting Time just turned his face to look at her, with a satisfied expression.

     The Royal Palace, located in the center of Wasoko, is the only building constructed of stone in Wasoko. It is huge, majestic, and majestic. It is built entirely of white marble. Although Wasoko has been abandoned for many years, the palace is still magnificent at first glance. It's hard to imagine how a creature like a goblin that is not much taller than Dwarf used to build such a gold and jade in glorious splendor palace.

     The interior of the palace is in the shape of a ring. In ancient times, such architectural styles rarely appeared. Ye Ci remembers that the most famous is the Colosseum in ancient Rome. And the architectural style of this palace is probably inspired by the ancient Roman Colosseum drawn by the artist. Entering the first floor of the palace, Ye Ci suddenly discovered the biggest difference between this palace and other palaces.

     As I said earlier, the inside of the palace is in a circular shape, but I didn't expect that the inside of the palace is actually a funnel-shaped ring. From top to bottom, each layer is smaller than the previous one.The first floor where Ye Ci and Fleeting Time are located is actually the top floor. Looking up, there is a huge transparent glass-like roof on top of this floor, covering the entire palace. Through the transparent roof, Ye Ci can see the bright red sky and dull clouds outside. .

     This kind of light penetrated from the roof and hit every floor, with an indescribable feeling of deepness.

     Unlike the two people, there was no monster in the first level they were fighting. Quietly a little scary, only the wind blowing constantly, blowing up the two silver hair, bare fangs and brandish claws fluttering in the wind.

     Ye Ci looked around and then walked forward. She walked to the edge of the first floor and saw a circle of railings. Standing by the railings and looking down, she felt dizzy. The circle of floors that are smaller than a circle is set together. From the highest point, there is a feeling of faint with blurred vision, as if you have entered an endless ring tunnel, with no end or end.

     "Hey, how many floors are there? I feel dizzy when I look at it." Fleeting Time also stood by the railing, stretched his head to look at it, and frowned.

     "I don't know." Ye Ci shook his head and hurriedly left his current position. This Dungeon design is really evil."Let's search for the entrance of the next floor first." Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci and said, this is the only way now.

     Although the hunter's ability to detect and open roads is not as good as Rogue's, but because of the long-range distance, this ability to respond is stronger than Rogue, let alone two hunters. Although the Goblin Palace in Wasoko is full of unknown and uncertain dangers, there is nothing under the cooperation of Fleeting Time and Ye Ci. The two searched the first floor in a circle, and finally sent down the stairs of the second floor in an unobtrusive corner.

     Compared with the first floor with moss and dead branches everywhere, the second floor looks much cleaner from the stairs. Although the white marble floor has long lost its luster, it is still relatively tidy.

     However, it was this neatness that caused Fleeting Time and Ye Ci to stop at the top of the stairs and did not continue.

     Ye Ci looked up and saw that there were some black marks on the wall that had become a little mottled. She stretched out her hand to touch it, but she had some problems with her height. Just when she was paddling her toes to reach the black marks, she found that her other hand had stretched over, over her head, and touched the black mark closest to her.Turning his head and looking, he saw Fleeting Time standing behind him, close to him, almost sticking to him. Ye Ci hurriedly took a step back without showing a trace, and stretched the distance between the two again.

     It seems that small movements like Ye Ci did not attract Fleeting Time's attention, and all his attention is now on the black trace that he just touched in his hand. He gently twisted the black marks with his fingers, and then carefully identified them for a while, then raised his head and said to Ye Ci: "It's traces of fire."


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     Chapter 37 The Liar

     Chapter 37 The Liar