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Chapter Directory 243 Chapter 41—Bai Mo
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 41 Bai Mo

     Chapter 41 Bai Mo

     Bai Mo smiled and sat in the office of the president of Hua Xia Bank's City A branch. He was wearing an extremely slim-fitting casual suit, his snow-white shirt was loosened with two buttons, and the tie was crossed around his neck. It seemed that he was cautious and unruly, elegant and somewhat scornful.

     Shi Changshu, the president of Huaxia Bank Division A branch, was in a meeting. He was taken aback when he heard Bai Mo coming, and then asked the secretary to arrange for him to wait in his office for a while. The meeting here can only come to the end of a phase. Afterwards, he rushed over to the office immediately.

     Before entering the office, Shi Changshu immediately greeted his secretary when he entered his office area. The secretary is called Hu Xiao. She has been following Shi Changshu for many years. She looks beautiful and has a good figure. But if she thinks that she is a vase, it would be gravely mistaken. Her work experience and abilities are absolutely convincing.Hu Xiao just sent Bai Mo a good cup of Tieguanyin, and then slowly exited the president's office, gently closing the gorgeous and beautiful carved wooden door. I just turned around and saw Shi Changshu standing outside the office area and beckoning to her, she nodded gently, neither too fast nor too slow walking towards Shi Changshu, no general secretary met the boss The time is rush, and there is no subordinate's flattery to see the boss, as she always is.

     This is also the reason why Shi Changshu likes Hu Xiao so much. She can always maintain a calm mood and a safe attitude in life, so that she will never make unreasonable actions, and naturally she will not make mistakes.

     Subordinates who make no mistakes sound inconceivable, but Hu Xiao is such a person.

     She walked up to Shi Changshu either too fast nor too slow, and neither servile nor overbearing said hello: "Bank manager, are you looking for me?"

     Shi Changshu nodded, then frowned slightly, appearing a little uneasy: "Why did he come?""I don't know this, Mr. Bai didn't mention it to me." Hu Xiao apologized. In fact, according to her identity, many people who came to Shi Changshu for work would first confuse Hu Xiao with what they were going to do. Please Hu Xiao advises herself on whether it is possible to do it, and Hu Xiao will help them analyze objectively. Of course, at the same time, she will tell Shi Changshu with due diligence and tell Shi Changshu with her own analysis. Try to help him analyze the situation clearly.

     It is precisely because Hu Xiao has such an important role that he can even influence Shi Changshu's decision sometimes, and people who come to Shi Changshu for work will surely please Hu Xiao in every possible way. Shi Changshu will also know the purpose of the people who come to him from Hu Xiao in advance, so that he will be fully prepared.

     However, this time it was strange. Bai Mo came to Shi Changshu and said nothing, which made Shi Changshu a little uneasy.

     The Bai family, in fact, can't afford to offend.

     Although Bai Zixuan has no brothers and Bai Mo is an only son, the Bai family just can't afford to offend him.Hua Xia Bank is just a private bank that has only emerged for seven or eighty years, but now, its scale has been able to catch up with the National Bank, and even surpasses many national banks in gold reserves, fully deserving, without any reservations. It is China's first private bank. The bank was facing bankruptcy when it had been in operation for five or six years.

     Just when the assets had been evaluated for auction, a person signed a long-term contract with the chairman of Hua Xia Bank at the time. The so-called permanent contract means that as long as Hua Xia Bank is in one day, the contract will remain valid. Even if one day Hua Xia Bank goes bankrupt and is acquired by another bank or country, the contract will still be valid.

     In fact, from the perspective of the time limit, this is already an unequal contract, not to mention that the terms in the contract are even more unfair. However, such an unfair contract is actually legal and established. This, of course, is related to the treaty that the chairman of Hua Xia Bank signed at the same time as the contract, which forever waived the legality of the contract.No one wants to be a fool, and so is the chairman of Hua Xia Bank. The reason why he was willing to do this was because that person had a wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation. He promised to deposit all of this wealth in Hua Xia Bank, and he would not ask Hua Xia Bank about this wealth within ten years. I have to say that at the time, this was an extremely risky decision. It is true that Hua Xia Bank went from death to life because of this huge wealth, but what if Hua Xia Bank was still one stumble, unable to rise back then? Isn't this money squandered?

     Therefore, I have to say that that person was still very visionary.

     In the contract that was signed that year, that person only had 49 shares of Hua Xia Bank and did not participate in the management. In the eyes of outsiders, these 49 shares are also Hua Xia Bank’s own. However, only Hua Xia Bank knows that, no matter when, if This person took away the shares, and then Hua Xia Bank immediately left nothing but empty shelves.

     Many years have passed, and the person never reappears. The huge wealth he handed over to Hua Xia Bank turned into Hua Xia Bank’s astonishing and increasingly astonishing gold, which was quietly stored in the underground vault of Hua Xia Bank. There was also the contract that saved the life of Hua Xia Bank in the underground vault of Hua Xia Bank along with the gold.

     That person back then was named Bai. And he is none other than Bai Zixuan's grandfather and Bai Mo's great-grandfather.No one knows where the money came from the Bai family, because the Bai family now is just an ordinary people. In fact, this is probably related to the character of the Bai family. Compared with the thrilling and thrilling upper-class people, they prefer to live an ordinary life.

     Bai Mo learned about it when he was twenty years old. At that time, Bai Zixuan gave the contract and seal to Bai Mo, and also told him that after the first ten years, the Bai family can use the money as long as they rely on the seal and the identification of the Bai family's blood. However, it seems that the Bai family have forgotten about this, or that the Bai family for several generations has become accustomed to such short days as the parents of ordinary people. No one has ever gone to Hua Xia Bank to get the money. However, if the Bai family didn't take the money, it didn't mean that the money went back to Hua Xia Bank in vain. On the contrary, even though the money is getting bigger and bigger in Huaxia Bank like a snowball, Huaxia Bank is eagerly waiting for the Bai family to withdraw the money, and fear that the Bai family will withdraw the money.

     I hope that the Bai family will withdraw this money because the long-term pain of Hua Xia Bank is not as good as the short-term pain. As long as the money is taken away, the Hua Xia Bank will not have to think about dividing a large chunk of the money earned by the Bai family in the future.I am afraid that the Bai family will come to withdraw the money because the current chairman of Hua Xia Bank holds 63 shares, of which the Bai family accounts for 49. If the Bai family withdraws the money, it will be invisible. Hua Xia Bank wants to change ownership. Therefore, Hua Xia Bank is also afraid that the Bai family will take the money. If it is taken away, Hua Xia Bank’s decades of foundation business will only be destroyed.

     As Hua Xia Bank’s plate gets bigger and bigger, this fear is getting bigger and bigger, but the Bai family hasn’t shown up for decades, which makes Hua Xia Bank a little bit of luck. Perhaps, the Bai family hasn’t been there for a long time. People.

     This kind of luck was completely broken when Bai Mo appeared.

     Hua Xia Bank is a private bank, in fact, it is also a family business. The chairman of the first generation Hua Xia Bank, whose surname is Shi, is Shi Changshu's grandfather. Unlike the Bai family, the Shi family has spread out over the past few decades and has many children and grandchildren. However, they can be regarded as well-managed, even if they are family businesses, they have not embarked on the old path of wealth never survives three generations. Shi Changshu’s generation of uncles and brothers has a total of six, but according to ability, in fact, only three people have sat in the position of the current branch president like Shi Changshu. As for the other three, because they have no ability, they can only divide some. There are not many possessions, and life is bleak.Five years ago, when Bai Mo appeared in Shi Changshu's office with his seal and academy certificate, Shi Changshu could not believe his eyes. Because, they actually knew about the Bai family since they were young, but they had never seen the Bai family before, and they even thought that the Bai family would die or the incident would simply be a non-existent joke.

     Therefore, when Bai Mo living spirit, living image appeared in front of Shi Changshu, he did not say a word for three full minutes.

     At that time, his entire brain was blank, and he even thought that Huaxia Bank would be over. However, the 20-year-old boy said to him with a smile: "I came here not to withdraw money first, and second, I don’t want to know how many assets the Bai family has in Huaxia Bank. I’m here, The only purpose is to tell you that the Bai family still has descendants."

     This is really light.

     Moreover, Bai Mo left Huaxia Bank after Shi Changshu and the entire Huaxia Bank confirmed that the seal and blood affiliation in his hand were authentic. However, that night, none of the Shi family fell asleep, and they all spent the night in a torment.

     Then, the Bai family disappeared again.Bai Mo really did as he said, he had never withdrawn money, let alone the only white diamond account belonging to Hua Xia Bank, he was just like what he said and never appeared again.

     In this way, another five years passed.

     Although during the past five years, Hua Xia Bank had thought of many ways to transfer property, but it was unable to move at all, because, the day after Bai Mo appeared, they received comprehensive monitoring by the Economic Court. In such a situation Next, they can only continue to operate Hua Xia Bank, and there is no other way.

     In the past five years, Shi Changshu often wondered what kind of posture Bai Mo would appear in, whether he was arrogant or cautious. However, he never thought that the white family who appeared and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost would appear again so suddenly that he even felt a little at a loss to know what to do.

     Why is he here this time?

     Shi Changshu took a long breath, trying to calm his mood.

     No one can be completely calm when he knows that someone is stuck in his neck, even Shi Changshu who has been in the criss-crossed mall for many years. He stood in front of the carved gate for a long time before opening the door and walking in.

     Five years later, that handsome boy has become more mature. At this moment, he was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window, holding a tea cup quietly looking at this prosperous city."Mr. Bai." Shi Changshu looked at Bai Mo's back with a professional smile on his face.

     Bai Mo turned his head and looked at Shi Changshu standing at the door with a cultured and refined smile: "Mr. Shi, it's been a long time."

     "Yes, five years in a flash, time is really like a white steed flits past a crack." Although Shi Changshu is a businessman, because Shi's family is from a family with a literary reputation, he has a kind of literary reputation in his bones. Refined.

     "I finally know why the bank has to be built so high." Bai Mo turned his face again, lowered his eyes, took a sip of the white mist on the cup, raised the cup, and drank to his lips. A bite.

     "Why?" Shi Changshu walked to Bai Mo's side and looked down at the bustling city with him.

     Bai Mo did not answer Shi Changshu, but smiled slightly: "Mr. Shi, don't you want to know what I am here for?".

     "Since Mr. Bai is coming, even if I don't ask, I'll definitely tell me. Why should I rush for a while." Bai Mo has a peaceful ability, even if Shi Changshu is uncertain before entering the office, but Now, standing by Bai Mo's side, I don't know why his heart suddenly calmed down."Let’s do it, I’ll give you a reassurance." Bai Mo smiled: "I will not take the money, never will. As long as we cooperate happily, I think, the money will always be released. In Hua Xia Bank, it can become Hua Xia Bank's life-saving money at any time."

     Shi Changshu was taken aback by Bai Mo's words. It seemed that this too young and gentle young man was not as innocent and without scheming as he appeared on the surface. Because from Bai Mo's elusive smile, he seemed to see some mystery.

     However, Shi Changshu didn’t say anything. He was not a young man, let alone a rookie who was new to shopping malls. Of course he wouldn’t mind what Bai Mo said. Even if Bai Mo knew something about Hua Xia Bank’s disadvantages, it wouldn’t matter, after all. Shi Changshu still feels confident about dealing with such a young man who doesn't even have a full-length hair.

     "Thank you Mr. Bai first." Although he was a little unhappy with Bai Mo's words, Shi Changshu did not show it, but turned around with a smile and walked towards his huge desk. As he walked, he stretched out his hand towards the chair next to the desk: "Mr. Bai, please sit down."Bai Mo still stood on the spot, quietly looking at Shi Changshu, and did not sit down. He smiled and looked at the chairs, then walked towards the sofa in the reception area, and then sat in Changsha gracefully. Sent. His two slender legs were elegantly overlapped, and a twin cultivation hand was quietly placed on his knee with the cup of tea, and his face was still smiling.

     Shi Changshu was slightly startled at the desk, this was a result he hadn't expected. Bai Mo did not sit in the position he designated, but went back to the couch and sat down. This seems to be a very ordinary action, but in Shi Changshu's view, it is not so ordinary.

     Most people who come to him for work will have a master-slave mentality. He is Shi Changshu as the master, and those who ask him for work are slaves. Even if it wasn't this kind of psychology, after sitting opposite Shi Changshu, he would have this kind of psychology more or less.

     This is a normal phenomenon. When two people are sitting opposite each other, the side with a slightly higher seat will be psychologically higher than the side with a lower seat. Even if the conversation between the two parties is equal at the beginning, in the end, they will be more or less psychologically hinted There will be some deviation when making judgments.Today, he also invited Bai Mo to sit on the chair opposite to him as usual, but to his surprise, Bai Mo managed to sit on the sofa in the reception area ten meters away from him, and still smiled. Look at him.

     It’s impossible for Shi Changshu to sit on his boss’s chair and talk to Bai Mo at such a distance. It’s not good for him to capture Bai Mo’s expression. However, he can’t drag a chair to the opposite side of Bai Mo, because in Bai There is a short sofa next to Mo. If he drags a chair at this time, it will look too abrupt.

     After hesitating slightly, Shi Changshu walked to the sofa next to Bai Mo and sat down. Invisibly, the distance between the two people has become much closer, and their positions have become much more equal, but Shi Changshu is a little uncomfortable.

     "Mr. Shi has a lot of good tea here." Bai Mo smiled and took another sip of tea before placing the teacup on the table. He does not intend to go around with Shi Changshu, after all, it is better than rigorous schemes and deep foresight. He is not as old as Shi Changshu. Shi Changshu is about the same age as Bai Zixuan. Bai Mo doesn't think that so many years are imaginary. Since he can sit where he is today, he must not be a waiter, and it is better to go straight to such a person.

     "If you like Mr. Bai, you might as well take some home." Shi Changshu was not anxious, and continued to chat with Bai Mo."Hua Xia Bank already has funds invested in Fate. In other words, Mr. Shi has already invested some of the money from the branch of City A in Fate." Bai Mo still smiled, but what he said was nothing. It's hard to deal with.

     Shi Changshu's hand shook. How did Bai Mo know about this? But Shi Changshu is Shi Changshu, how could he be frightened by Bai Mo's words? He immediately laughed: "Fate is such a hot game, and in the future, it will definitely become the mainstay of the virtual economy. I think not only me, as long as a businessman with a little bit of perspective, will not give up investing money in Fate ."

     "This is natural." Bai Mo nodded: "So, I also want to withdraw some money to invest in Fate."

     Shi Changshu finally let go of his heart. He thought it was a big deal for Bai Mo to come to him. It turned out that he was just taking some money to invest in Fate. His smile suddenly became more sincere: "This is no problem. I will arrange for someone to help Mr. Bai handle it. I don't know how much Mr. Bai has to invest?"

     "China, 49 equity. All the assets under my Bai family." Bai Mo still smiled like that, but what he said has changed Shi Changshu's face.

     He frowned: "Mr. Bai, what do you think it is?""I'll say everything." Bai Mo still smiled like that, as if he was talking about only a few dollars of chicken feathers and garlic skins.

     "Mr. Bai, you seem to have just told me that you will never take this money." Shi Changshu knew that he was a little uncomfortable, even a little impetuous, but who could hear such news continue to calm down. He even felt a little angry. He was so old that he was juggled by this kid between applause.

     "Yeah, it is based on the fact that Mr. Shi is also very sincere to me, so that I will return sincerely." Facing Shi Changshu's anger, Bai Mo was not moved at all.

     "I'm not sincere? Since I entered the office, I didn't seem to say anything to Mr. Bai. How can there be any sincerity or dishonesty?"

     "Are you sincere?"

     Shi Changshu was embarrassed by Bai Mo's rhetorical question. He suddenly sneered: "Mr. Bai, there is no need to scare me like this. Do you know how much the money is?"

     Bai Mo shook his head honestly: "I don't know."

     Shi Changshu can't help but mocking: "If you don't know, you dare to invest all your money in Fate? Do you think that Shi Changshu is a three-year-old child, and I was scared? How can there be such a thing in the world that does not look at the consequences? Fool.""Back then, the Bai family invested money in Hua Xia Bank. Didn't they do things without looking at the consequences?". Bai Mo only faintly responded to Shi Changshu's ridicule.

     Shi Changshu seemed to be choked by something. He couldn't say anything. He could only stare at Bai Mo in a daze. He looked at Bai Mo’s face quietly, and seemed to think that Bai Mo’s words were true and false. However, Bai Mo still smiled since entering the house, making him simply Can't guess what Bai Mo is thinking.

     Finally, Shi Changshu sighed: "Ming people don't talk secretly, Mr. Bai, what on earth do you want me to do?"

     Bai Mo seemed to really laugh after hearing this sentence. He took out two pieces of paper from his suit jacket and put them on the coffee table: "What I want is very simple, I just hope that you will stop the loan of the two of them and pursue the loan of the two of them."

     Shi Changshu picked up the two pieces of paper with the names of two people written on them, one is Lei Man and the other is Yizhong. As the president of the market is naturally not quite clear about handling loans, he can only ask Bai Mo to sit down first, and then call'> to the credit department and ask the staff there to check it. After a while, the credit department had already reported the news back. However, Hu Xiao picked up the call outside the office, and then Hu Xiao made the call again and came in to Shi Changshu.When Shi Changshu listened to the phone, he just agreed from beginning to end, without substantive answer. Bai Mo couldn't guess what Hu Xiao said to him, but he became more and more cautious. Judging from his expression, this shouldn't be good news.

     Bai Mo just sat quietly on the sofa, turning his fingers on the teacup, looking at Shi Changshu's expression not a word or movement, no one could tell what he was thinking.

     After a while, Shi Changshu put down the phone'>, looked down at the two pieces of paper, and after reading it for a while, he raised his head with a smile, and walked towards Bai Mo, smiling more and more as he walked. Be cordial: "Oh, oh, these people below are unhappy, so Mr. Bai has been waiting for a long time, don't be angry."


     Shi Changshu walked from his desk to the sofa Bai Mo was sitting on. Along the way, although he was smiling, his gaze had been fixed on Bai Mo's face, quietly looking at the expression on his face. For fear of missing a little clue, he now wants to know what Bai Mo is thinking, but he is a little disappointed, Bai Mo still looks quiet. Even if I am not in a hurry, I am not looking forward to it, as if Shi Changshu made a call just now,'> it has nothing to do with himself.Such a calm mood will affect Shi Changshu’s judgment more or less. He sat down, put the two pieces of paper in his hand on the table, pondered slightly, and then smiled. Said: "Mr. Bai, I just asked the people in the credit department to check that these two people did borrow money from our bank, and the amount is not small. I'm just wondering, did these two people have any feasts with Mr. Bai? ".

     Bai Mo blinked: "What? Does this have anything to do with what I asked Mr. Shi to do?".


     "Or, Mr. Shi is not a banker, but a superman who saves the world? If I say that they have a feast with me, Mr. Shi will immediately vent my anger. If I say no, Mr. Shi will persuade me and let me where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them, besides, is it someone who has nothing to do with him?" Bai Mo smiled relaxedly: "Is that so?".

     Shi Changshu laughed awkwardly: "Mr. Bai is joking."

     "I just like to make jokes. Don't be offended by Mr. Shi." Bai Mo's nice eyes narrowed, and no one could see the real emotions in those narrowed eyes.Shi Changshu secretly exhaled, this Bai Mo is really not easy to deal with. He originally wanted to probe his tone, to know what kind of feast he and these two people are like, and what he must do, but now it is impossible to see it. This Bai Mo's mouth is tighter than their bank's vault, and it is impossible to poke a little out of his mouth.

     After thinking for a while, he felt that he still shouldn't continue to circle with this young man, although he didn't want to admit it, but at this time he still had to say that it was really uncomfortable for others to get stuck in their necks. "The loan for these two people is actually a bit troublesome."

     "Oh?""Their loan is guaranteed by the He Group, and the whole process is legal and reasonable. If we want to forcibly recover their loan, we will definitely offend the He Group..." Shi Changshu said this, deeply. He glanced at Bai Mo, but he found that Bai Mo seemed a little absent-minded, as if he was not listening to him seriously. The expression of Bai Mo made Shi Changshu a little angry. However, under the eaves, he had to bow his head. In view of his current situation, he still couldn't just fall out with Bai Mo, he could only speak nicely. To coax this young man, let him sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat. "Mr. Bai may not know that we are very close partners with the He Group, and there are several good cooperation projects between us now. If, at this time, there is a stalemate because of this little thing, I'm afraid..."

     Bai Mo didn't read Shi Changshu, his eyes kept falling outside the huge floor-to-ceiling glass.In this city, gorgeous high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere, and the bustling life is filled with the smell of money. However, although there are many high-rise buildings in this city, there are really not too many skyscrapers like Huaxia Bank. Just now Bai Mo stood in front of the window and looked out, only to see the entire city under his feet. He suddenly understood why so many people were crazy about money. In fact, it is not how attractive the money is, but the feeling of being set up on high and looking down on sentient beings is really fascinating.

     A small person like him who has been buried in the dust may not be able to understand at once how the kind of set up on high person is obsessed with this feeling, but he wants him to understand, if this kind of set up on high What is the feeling that life is better than death after the cornerstone of China collapsed suddenlyI remember in a daze that when he was twelve or thirteen years old, he saw on TV that various buildings could be built with matchsticks. He was happy and excited to try. He chose a very difficult target-the Eiffel Tower. I don't remember how many matches he used, anyway, after eating, sleeping and going to school, he put all of his Stamina on the Eiffel Tower. It took a full semester. When this piece of his spit out one's heart and spill blood was finally about to be completed, because of a small mistake of his own, the Eiffel Tower was in a few seconds. The inside collapsed completely.

     Bai Mo still remembers how he felt when the Eiffel Tower collapsed. He was stunned, his mind was blank, as if all the time had been static, he couldn't even breathe. Then, an indescribable pain came from his left chest. He fell from the chair and trembled, but he couldn't cry.

     That feeling is probably called death better than life.

     He picked up the teacup and thought quietly, if he took out all the money at this time, would it be like the feeling of Shi Changshu and Huaxia Bank when the Eiffel Tower collapsed? Life is better than death? Or even more.

     However, whatever it is, it doesn't seem to have much to do with Bai Mo."Mr. Shi, what is that building over there?" Bai Mo suddenly raised his hand, pointed to another skyscraper about the same height as Hua Xia Bank, and then easily interrupted Shi Changshu's chatter.

     Shi Changshu was baffling by Bai Mo, but he still subconsciously turned his head and looked at the direction that Bai Mo's fingers had passed. However, after seeing the skyscraper that Bai Mo was pointing to, a subconscious trace of intriguing disdain appeared on his face. "It's the Empire State Building, the Wall Bank's building."

     Don’t look at Wall Bank and Hua Xia Bank as having only one word difference, but they are two rivals. They were established in the same time and developed at the same speed. Now they are both indispensable predators in the Chinese banking industry. Their strengths are almost the same, and their rankings are also similar. The two families really want to step on each other. Shi Changshu and the president of the Wall Bank City A branch are still acquaintances. However, the friendship between them has long since disappeared after years of battle in shopping malls.

     So, it's no wonder that when Bai Mo asked, he would subconsciously show such emotions."Oh, it turns out that the Empire State Building looks like this from above." Bai Mo smiled softly, then lowered his head and drank a sip of tea, and then softly said to Shi Changshu: "This is the first time I have learned from this Looking at the Empire State Building from a high level, it's really beautiful."

     "If Hua Xia Bank was able to build a little higher then, maybe the roof of the Empire State Building that Mr. Bai sees now has a different feeling." Shi Changshu's humble and polite answer, more or less a kind of respect for the opponent Hostility.

     Bai Mo laughed out loud.

     When Bai Mo entered Shi Changshu’s office, he always had a faint smile. He never had another expression. But now he suddenly laughed, which made Shi Changshu a little surprised. He paused slightly. With a little caution, I asked, "Is there something wrong with me that makes Mr. Bai feel so funny?"

     Bai Mo shook his head, and then looked at Shi Changshu with a pair of deep black eyes: "I just thought, if I take out all the money and deposit it in the Wall Bank, will the president of the Wall Bank tell me? The same thing? That's it, nothing else."

     When Bai Mo said this, the wind was calm and calm, like a joke.

     However, just such a sentence in Sketch in light shades changed Shi Changshu's face: "Mr. Bai...""Mr. Shi, do you think it's funny?" Bai Mo didn't catch Li Shi Changshu's changed face, but continued to look at the man with a smile, and asked Shi Changshu like a joke. Suffocated. He just looked at Bai Mo. He didn't know whether Bai Mo really had such thoughts or was fake. He only knew one thing. If Bai Mo withdrew the money, then he was finished. If Bai Mo withdrew the money After depositing into Wall Bank, Hua Xia Bank will be finished.

     His father would never allow this to happen, and he himself would never allow it to happen.

     Therefore, no matter what method is used, Bai Mo's request must be met. Even if there is a small friction with the He Group, it is better than the collapse of the entire financial building, isn't it?

     Shi Changshu sat there for a long time before he was relieved. He smiled softly: "I also feel that the advantages of these two loans are unclear. I want to thank Mr. Bai for his contribution to the operation of Huaxia Bank. Of course, this is also Mr. Bai's responsibility for his property, and Mr. Bai will continue to ask Mr. Bai to supervise our work in the future."

     Bai Mo just sat on the sofa, and the smile never seemed to leave his face.Turning his head and looking over, the sunlight outside was extremely dazzling. The sunlight shone on the glass above the Empire State Building, reflecting the light of destruction. Bai Mo thought, this is probably the light of money and power.

     Chapter 41 Bai Mo

     Chapter 41 Bai Mo