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Chapter Directory 244 Take A Break
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 42—Resting for a while

     Chapter Forty Two

     Obviously, the robots in the depths of the goblin palace have a much higher level than the robots at the entrance and exit of the palace. Although the robots that Ye Ci brought were very useful outside, they obviously didn't work much after seeing them. Fortunately, these robots are not linked. Fight one, lead one, and then a bunch of robots plus Ye Ci and Ol' Four go up to besiege. Even if the robot is very fucking awesome, it can't be so much. How long did the thugs persisted, and soon fell down.

     When these elite-level robots fell, Ye Ci quickly took out his energy core and installed it on his body, so that a new elite robot could be manipulated by him. At this speed, after about half an hour, Ye Ci replaced all the robots in his hands with elite level.

     Bringing elite-level robots to deal with these elite robot armies would be a lot easier, and Ye Ci soon wiped out all the robots on this road. She is now at level sixty, and of course it is impossible to have that experience screen, but there is another kind of prestige that continues to screen.

     Wasoko prestige.Ye Ci took a look. Since entering the Wasoko map, there is a certain increase in Wasoko's reputation without killing a monster. The goblin is the least, probably only 1 or 2 points, while the robot has 3 points, and the orcs and the undead are both It's four points. Although I don't know what benefits Wausoko's reputation can bring to me, the higher the reputation of this various forces or races, the better, maybe you will discover its benefits at any time.

     After all the densely packed robots turned into prestige and loot, Ye Ci sat on the ground or the floor and began to eat to regain strength.

     "What's going on with you?"

     "The robot is emptied, how about you?"

     Because the two people are not in the same place now, they need to be in touch at any time, especially now that Dungeon seems to have organs all the time. If the two people don’t communicate and contact at any time, there may be some problems.

     "My side is also cleared. But there is a corner in front." Fleeting Time replied Ye Ci. Since they are not together, every fairy tale will describe the place where both sides are now very clearly. "The direction I am standing now is facing north. The corner is on my left. Do you have it there?"After hearing the description of Fleeting Time, Ye Ci also stood up, stood facing north, and said, "I also have a corner here, but my corner is on the right hand side."

     Fleeting Time lowered his head and thought for a while, then said, "Go on, be careful along the way, keep in touch with you, and don't be too reluctant when there is any special situation."

     "So are you." Ye Ci's physical strength has almost recovered. While talking to Fleeting Time, she started walking along the corridor towards the corner.

     The next thing is mechanical, but it is no longer a robot, but a mechanical spider. These mechanical spiders will put webs just like ordinary spiders. Their webs are made of a very peculiar slime. If touched, they will be anchored for 8 seconds. When they are anchored, the spiders will definitely Many small spiders came up to eat the fixed target, so the biggest trick to fight these spiders is not to let her put the web, even if you put the web, don't let her touch it easily.For Ye Ci, this is fairly simple to do. After all, just be careful to avoid unnecessary tragedies. But it’s not easy for Ol’ Four and other elite robots. There is no other reason, just because there are too many, they can't completely walk along a specified route. Therefore, it is easy to cause congestion, which is terrifying. Because it is crowded at this time, once it is trapped by the net, it means that a bunch of elite robots are frozen. At this time, the little spiders will pounce at extremely fast.

     In fact, the attack power of these little spiders is not high, but the terrible thing is that they will explode. If a self-detonation can only take one-tenth of the blood of an elite robot, then ten little spiders will explode in a row, then These robots are basically scrapped and unusable.

     Under such circumstances, Ye Ci had to start to release a large area of skills, such as Multi Arrows, such as Arrow Net. Only in this way, under the threat of a large area of high lethality skill, can the damage of the small spiders to Ye Ci's existing robots be greatly reduced. However, the consequence of this is that Ye Ci's physical strength will be exhausted in about fifteen minutes, and she has to sit down to recover her strength.

     Sure enough, before the expansion was opened, the punishment for players on the hostile mainland was still very high.After all, at this stage, it is the time to accumulate strength for the majority of players, so there are many protective measures, and the punishment for players from the hostile mainland is relatively high. Although Ye Ci found a way to kill spiders, she often needed to sit down and rest, and the speed of killing monsters was greatly reduced. When Fleeting Time sent another message to confirm her movements, Ye Ci was sitting on the ground eating bread. It.

     "How is it? Have you finished killing the spider?"

     "No, the spontaneous explosion of the little spider is terrible. I keep zooming in and my physical strength is exhausted too quickly." Ye Ci took another sip of the cool spring water, a little helpless, to be honest, even if her physical strength came , But after such a long time of high-load operation, her character has already experienced fatigue. Although it is not high, it is really a bit dazzling.

     "Are you tired?" Fleeting Time groaned slightly when Ye Ci said so, and then boldly speculated.The word is not Concealment Fleeting Time. Fatigue is mainly a restrictive measure for game characters, and it has little to do with real characters. Because Fate is a 24-hour open system, if there is a madman who wants to level up or regain equipment, it can be non-stop 24 hours a day. This is actually unfair to most players. Therefore, there is fatigue in the system. As long as the player is engaged in Dungeon, production, leveling, or other activities in the game for a long time, it will treat the game characters Produce a kind of fatigue value, the fatigue value is not the same as the physical strength value. The physical strength can be recovered only by eating something or drinking something, but the fatigue value can only be recovered by offline or the game character taking a rest.

     However, if the player uses the nutrient solution, it will delay the generation of fatigue to a certain extent.

     Of course, this will also be unfair to some players, but there is no absolute fairness in this world, and the game can only be relatively fair.

     "How many are there?"

     "Twenty-eight o'clock." Ye Ci looked at his fatigue and answered honestly to Fleeting Time.

     "It's twenty eight o'clock, it's a bit too high." Fleeting Time's brows wrinkled, which is a bit difficult to handle.In Fate, the player’s fatigue level is 100 points in total. Generally speaking, when the fatigue level reaches 30 points, the player’s character will feel a little tired, but this kind of tiredness will not affect too much, only Decrease the player’s own attribute by 5. After fatigue reaches 50 points, fatigue will reduce the player’s attribute by 15. After reaching 70 points, it will reduce the player’s attribute by 50, and the player will feel slow in action, and the skill’s hit rate will decrease. The success rate of production skills will also be greatly reduced. Generally, when the fatigue level reaches 30, the player will basically take a break consciously, but there are also some special circumstances that make the player unable to rest, such as the current Ye Ci, which cannot be rested anyway.

     However, once the fatigue level exceeds seventy points and the player does not rest, the player will die from exhaustion. For example, when Ye Ci fought against the witch doctor Bulu, this was actually the case. If at the end she still If she can maintain the fatigue level of 30 o'clock, in fact, she wouldn't have played so hard."It’s okay, mainly because I’m attacking spiders now. I’m doing large-scale attacks. Naturally, I will get more fatigued. If I don’t have to fight spiders, I will give it to the puppet robot and Ol' Four. My fatigue will not increase. It’s so fast.” Ye Ci also knows that if the fatigue is too high, it will definitely affect the progress of Dungeon, especially if the two people are still separated, if they have to rest due to fatigue. , Would be a very bad thing.

     "It can only be so. There is another corner in front of me. I still turn to the left. You should still turn to the right. I will continue to see what is going on and explore the way for you in advance." Fleting Time knows himself Now that I am not with Ye Ci, I can't help anything. The only thing I can do is to get through myself quickly and give Ye Ci some tips so that she doesn't need to make detours and save time as much as possible.

     "Okay." Ye Ci took a deep breath. This is actually the best way for her to master the information and situation in front of her as much as possible, so that she can plan her fatigue in the most comprehensive way. And physical strength, this is the best way for normal combat.Due to the effect of fatigue, the recovery of physical strength is getting slower and slower. Ye Ci sat quietly on the ground, closed his eyes, and prepared to take a break. She just closed her eyes, and the system prompt came: "This is not a safe place. Are you sure you want to rest here?".

     Ye Ci looked at her fatigue. There was no way. She actually didn't want to rest here, but if she didn't rest here, I was afraid that the road below her would be difficult. So she contacted Fleeting Time first: "I plan to sleep for five minutes. You will wake me up in the team after five minutes."

     "Okay, you can rest."

     After Ye Ci explained the Fleeting Time, he moved Ol’ Four and all the robots around him, and then chose to rest. In Fate, the characters in the game need to rest, but they don’t need to be like in reality Quest. If something happens, they will suffer from insomnia, and the quality of sleep will be poor. In the game, as long as you choose to sleep and rest, then in the next second, the game The character will fall asleep and will not wake up again until the time you set is up, or when someone wakes up.

     Five minutes passed very quickly, and she felt that she had just closed her eyes and she had been woken up by the Fleeting Time in the squad channel. Looking at the fatigue level, it has dropped by two points, which is quite fast. If these monsters are all cleaned up, how much time she can rest?He didn't have much time, Ye Ci didn't waste time, jumped up, took Ol’ Four and the robot to clean up all the remaining spiders, and then continued to run down the road.

     Ye Ci's fatigue is getting higher and higher, she has to retreat to the second line, handing all the monsters to the Ol' Four and the robots, she just hides behind them and occasionally puts cold arrows, or just like that Follow the reputation value, pick up things by the way.

     Although this speed is relatively slow, it is relatively safe. After walking all the way, she actually changed the robots under her again. This time the team was more complicated. There were big men like cutting machines and abnormal machines like mechanical spiders. In short, this team is really strong. A lot. Ol’ Four walked at the forefront of them, like the vanguard leading the team, while Ye Ci walked at the end. As he walked, he was vigilant and watched whether there was a patrol monster behind him. No time to deal with it.

     In this way, under the guidance of Ye Ci's slow advancement and Fleeting Time's meticulous path-finding, Ye Ci will have a lot of trouble along the way, but it will soon catch up with the progress of Fleeting Time."The front is very strange, it seems to be a huge glass." Fleeting Time continued to explore the way as he walked. When I got here, I don't know why the monsters are obviously less, but the surrounding environment is full of alluring. The marble wall seems to have disappeared, replaced by countless transparent glass.

     Fleeting Time stood far away, always feeling that the glass was not normal, he was cautious not to go forward, and the leader used a robot to explore the way. After all, according to normal people's thinking, all have come to this time, if it is so easy to pass, it is really a bit too weird.

     The robot swallowed slowly and staggered along the route of the leader of Fleeting Time. No traps were found along the way, which made Fleeting Time more surprising. However, soon, he laughed, and he said that at such a time, it is impossible for the system not to arrange for a more difficult situation to occur, otherwise, it is not a game.

     I saw that the robot continued to move forward, and countless reflections of the robot appeared on the huge glass that Fleeting Time believed in front. It turned out that this is not glass at all, but a tortuous corridor made up of countless mirrors. The reason why there are not many strange things here is also because of these mirrors.When there are more mirrors, it has a deceptive effect. In the hallway full of monster shadows, it is difficult to find which one is the monster's real body and which one is the shadow of the monster reflected on the mirror.

     This design is indeed very clever, but this design is really good for other professions, but for hunters, it is really not difficult at all. There is no other reason. Hunters have pets. All pets have a sense of smell. As long as they launch an attack, they will find the monster's real body to attack. Just let other robots follow the pet to fight.

     Fleeting Time immediately told Ye Ci of the situation found here, but he had already discovered that Ye Ci's profile was a little red on the team profile picture, not only that, but it was still flickering. This situation generally means that the player’s health is relatively low, or the fatigue is high, but Ye Ci’s health is full. It can only be said that her fatigue is getting higher and higher. If two people don’t want to do it anymore If they are together, Fleeting Time does not know what will happen next.

     "If the fatigue level is higher than seventy, then go offline and rest, and go online again after six hours." Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's constantly flashing profile picture, and gave Ye Ci a death order."I want to hold on again." Ye Ci has also walked to the mirror corridor, and is faster than the speed of Fleeting Time. Several monsters have been wiped out. I don't know why, she always feels that this long corridor is about to come. The end is over, if she goes offline at this time, she is really a bit unwilling.

     "Don't hold on anymore. If you die from exhaustion, you will be punished even more. I don't know what you will encounter below. Please go offline." Fleeting Time was a little worried.

     Ye Ci naturally knew that Fleeting Time was true, but he was still a little unwilling. "If I have been offline for too long, Dungeon will reset it."

     "Don't worry, I won't be offline. I will rest in Dungeon soon." Fleeting Time knew Ye Ci's worries, and he immediately dispelled Ye Ci's thoughts: "I always feel that this road has come to an end. It’s the boss’s nest. If you don’t go to rest now, when you fight the boss, you will definitely gain the gains do not make up for the losses."

     Now that Fleeting Time has spoken to this point, Ye Ci can't keep going anymore. After all, insisting now is very unwise, so she went offline after saying goodbye to Fleeting Time. Seeing that childe'>you's head turned gray, Fleeting Time gently hooked the corner of his mouth, and continued the robot and Xiao Wu in Leader's hand pushing forward, as if Ye Ci was still the same, there was nothing because of Ye Ci The attitude of slack off the assembly line.Because of the nutrient solution, Ye Ci did not feel particularly tired after she went offline. However, with only six hours of rest time, she still intends to relax and rest. When I entered the kitchen, just after the food was warmed up by my parents, I heard the key ring outside. I stretched my head to see that it was Tan Polang who was back.

     "What day of the week is today, why did you come back?" Ye Ci seems to be a little less sensitive to the real time because he has been fighting in the game for many days. She looked at the electronic clock on the wall and turned out to be It's Friday.

     "Weekends, weekends, Ye Ci, do you mean, I have to stay in school even on weekends and be a student of twenty-four filial piety. I can't go home once?" Tan Polang smiled and drove with Ye Ci while changing shoes. joke.

     "I didn't say that. Don't mess with my head." When Ye Ci saw Tan Polang came back, he also made the food hotter by the way. I want to come back. Tan Polang must have no food when he comes back.

     "Brother Mo hasn't come back yet?" Tan Polang dropped his schoolbag on the sofa and went into the kitchen to wash his hands. By the way, he took over the job of Ye Ci and continued to heat up the food."No." Ye Ci shook his head. Bai Mo has been walking for a week, and he had no news at all during this week. In addition, he was in the western continent and couldn't contact Guild of Eastern Continent, so he didn't know him normally. Is it online? Although there was a little worry in his heart, Ye Ci still chose to believe in Bai Mo's approach. She knew that Bai Mo had some things she didn't know, but since Bai Mo didn't want her to know about these things, she wouldn't ask her.

     "Will you really go on a date to pick up girls?" Tan Polang smiled happily, and put the hot food on the table.

     Ye Ci smiled lightly: "That's what it should be. Bai Mo is already twenty-four or five years old, so he should fall in love, get married and have children."

     "Then Ye Ci should be faster too."

     "Me? I'm only a few months away from reaching twenty years old. Isn't it too early to say this?" Although Ye Ci knows that she is at least thirty years old now, but based on the calculation after rebirth, she is indeed true. I'm not even twenty years old, but he's really very young.

     The two talked about this and that again, and then they sat down to eat."Are you still in Western Continent?". Tan Polang was picking rice in his mouth while asking not a word or movement. After all, Western Continent is the continent he has been living in since he entered the game, and it is also the place where he has the deepest feelings. That day, in the game, he heard several senior executives say that Ye Ci went to Western Continent to do Quest, and he kept it in his heart. I couldn't get in touch with her, how could she not ask if I saw her now.

     Ye Ci felt a headache when she came to Western Continent for so many days. However, she still couldn't find De Feilai. When will she be trapped in the all black, no daylight underground?

     "What did you do in Western Continent?"

     "An epic Quest." Ye Ci did not hide the truth from Tan Polang, and told him exactly why he went to Western Continent.

     Hearing Tan Polang was very excited. He was holding a bowl and screamed: "Epic Quest, Epic Quest, Ye Ci, sister, you are too fucking awesome, where did you get the epic Quest? Why do I go everywhere? Didn't you get an epic Quest?"

     "It depends on luck." Ye Ci grabbed her hair and found an excuse to stop Tan Polang. She couldn't tell Tan Polang that this epic Quest could only be met by her luck. In addition to the relationship between mimi, the more important thing is that she is a reborn person, so know where to pick up Quest."Unexpectedly, your hands are so dark when playing Dungeon. Quest is good." Tan Polang is quite dissatisfied. "I also think that Dungeon has a darker hand. When I was a Quest, I was a big red hand. When I opened Quest, it was an epic Quest. That’s cool.” Despite what he said, Tan Polang remembered his time in the Western Continent. At that time, Fleeting Time seemed to often encounter good Quests. Although he hadn’t heard of epic Quests, he was an ordinary elite. Quest, the expert Quest still did a lot, and the rewards he got were simply a drain on the population.

     Thinking of Western Continent, thinking of Fleeting Time, thinking of Fleeting Time, Tan Polang could not help but mumble secretly, perverted.

     Tan Polang's eyes were rolling while eating. Ye Ci didn't even think about guarding him, he didn't even know what horrible idea he was making. He asked not a word or movement: "Sister Ye Ci, is Epic Level Quest difficult?""The Epic Level Quest is relatively open and random. Of course, it is also very dangerous, but as long as you make the most of your own skills and all the knowledge you know, it is not difficult to become an Epic Level Quest. "This is Ye Ci's heartfelt words, but her heartfelt words do not mean that everyone can control all the equipment and skills in their hands as easily as she does, not to mention the various emergencies that require strong random abilities. Up.

     "What you said is not difficult, why I don't think it's credible at all..." Tan Polang twitched his mouth. If Ye Ci tells him that it is difficult, he may not feel that way yet, but Ye Ci tells him that it is not. If it’s difficult, why does he always think Ye Ci is framing him? It’s like when he asked Fleeting Time whether it’s difficult to be an elite Quest alone, and that guy said with a careless voice, “It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult at all. Try." Then I really tried two hundred and five, and the result, of course, was conceivable, and I failed and wiped over the floor.

     Later, he figured it out. For people like Fleeting Time and Ye Ci, what they say is not difficult. It is measured by their own ability, not by the ability of an ordinary player. So, what they said is simply not credible

     "What?" Tan Polang's mutter, Ye Ci did not hear clearly."Oh, I mean, if you are doing Quest on the Western Continent alone, even if Quest is not difficult, you will definitely encounter a lot of trouble. After all, there are players from the Western Continent everywhere. If they find out, they I should form a group to deal with you.” Tan Polang said that this is also a serious matter, if any Western Continent player sees Eastern Continent's childe'>walking around on Western Continent, and she is not besieged to stop her. You know, can kill the childe'>you, this is the honor of fucking awesome. "Are you still safe?"

     "It's still safe. I'm in Dungeon now." Ye Ci thinks that when she first arrived in the western continent, it was indeed dangers spring up all around. She didn't dare to show her true face at all. She could only keep Stealth and, moreover, Avoid occupations such as Cleric, because these occupations have a high perception, and it is easy to find her existence. Thinking of it, it can be considered hard.

     "Ah, you go to Dungeon Ye Ci of Epic Level Quest by yourself. I really admire you more and more." Tan Polang heard Ye Ci say that, he was very surprised. He was still thinking about whether or not to inform Fleeting. Time childe'> came to Eastern Continent and let him seize the opportunity. He didn't expect that Ye Ci would have entered Dungeon in just a few words. It seems that Fleeting Time is really out of luck."No, there is an acquaintance." Ye Ci said lightly, it seemed to be a very common thing, but it stopped in Tan Polang's ears but it was completely different.

     At this stage, Eastern Continent and Western Continent cannot send secret words, nor can they add friends to each other, and it is even impossible to form a team. The only communication is to use ordinary chat on the same map, or on the world channel. Speaking, apart from that, there is no way to communicate at all.

     The relationship between two people must be known as familiar, not to mention whether they need to know each other in real life, at least in the game, you must often communicate in teams in order to be familiar. And the two continents of the East and the West simply cannot have such an opportunity. If you really want to say there is, it is only when they are fighting each other. What's more, according to Tan Polang's understanding of Ye Ci, she is not a person who is particularly good at making friends and communicating. Such a person, who is not even familiar with people on Eastern Continent, how can she have anything to do with people on the western continent? connection?

     If you really have to say something, then there is probably only one person Tan Polang can think of-Fleeting Time.Although these two people are really not right, he is the only Western mainland player who has a relationship with Ye Ci. Of course, if Ye Ci has any ulterior secrets, it is not listed here. Tan Polang squinted his eyes. Although he was very suspicious in his heart, he was still not sure. He looked at Ye Ci with a slightly surprised tone: "Hey? Do you know any acquaintances in Western Continent?"

     In his speech, Tan Polang specifically deepened the word acquaintance to express his surprise and inconceivable.

     Ye Ci couldn't hear the meaning of Tan Polang's words, she turned her eyes, just looked at Tan Polang like this, and then gave him a blank look: "Why? No?"

     "Who is that? Let's listen."

     Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang's mouth and I wanted to know the gossip's mouth. Suddenly I felt the atmosphere was strange. Why Tan Polang didn't feel right to her. It didn't seem to be talking about how fucking awesome the Epic Level Quest was. It seems to be a paparazzi who is thinking of a way to put some insignificant questions from her mouth?

     "Why are you asking so much?" In order to avoid saying too many mistakes, Ye Ci decided it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble, resolutely not to talk about this topic and continue, she naturally changed the topic: "Eat your meal , Have you finished your homework?"."Sister Ye Ci, don't change the subject. It is suspicious that you change the subject so bluntly." Tan Polang squinted his eyes, like a smile yet not a smile: "Acquaintances in the Western Continent... if I am not mistaken. , Won’t it be the Fleeting Time children’s shoes that kill you every day.

     Tan Polang's words were so fast that Ye Ci, who was already eating, sprayed all his face on his face in one mouthful, making him feel very embarrassed. Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang's blackened face covered with rice grains, calmly picked up the water and took a sip, as if it had nothing to do with him. She just glanced at Tan Polang with a murderous look: "It is indeed Fleeting Time, but what's the matter with that love and killing? Where did you get such a strange word?"

     Tan Polang silently picked up a piece of tissue and began to wipe his face, feeling extremely sad and angry. He feels that he is too unlucky. Shouldn't it be better for two people to say something together when Bai Mo is here? Why do you want to owe you to ask now, okay, now that the female evil star actually looks at herself with that horrible look. That's not a big deal, Brother Fleeting Time, Brother Fleeting Time, you hooked up with her, please say hello to me in advance, so I almost sacrificed it again now."I still have homework. After I have eaten, I will do my homework." Tan Polang was so sad that he couldn't restrain himself. He wiped his face silently, picked up the bowl and started eating. Paparazzi’s life is not easy. Paparazzi’s money is not easy to make, and gossip is not easy to inquire... He really wants to go back to the Western Continent and deal with the old fox in Fleeting Time. The female evil star who wants your life is better, she can save her life anyway...

     Seeing Tan Polang being honest, Ye Ci was very satisfied. She got up and walked towards the bathroom. She wanted to take a good bath. These days, she felt like she was stinking.

     Before entering the bathroom, Ye Ci seemed to think of something. She turned around and said to Tan Polang who was still sitting silently at the table for dinner, "Polang, do you want to go online after you finish the game?"

     "I want it." Tan Polang turned his head to look at Ye Ci: "What's the matter?"

     "Don't go with Quest for the time being, you go to the habitat of the evil demon." Tan Polang is a Rogue, and it is safer for him to go to the 60th level map than other professions.

     "What are you going to do there?" Tan Polang didn't understand: "A sixty-level map, you are not afraid that my life will stop.""Go to this coordinate." Ye Ci reported a coordinate: "You go and see how long it will take for the Dark Iron dwarves there to explore the veins, and then tell me, if I'm in the game, you just hit the game. Go to the warehouse.” Ye Ci prepared the golden bathroom to take a shower after explaining this, leaving only Tan Polang baffling sitting there and wondering what was going on.

     "Hey Sister Ye Ci, what mineral veins is the black iron dwarf exploring at that coordinate?" Tan Polang rarely sees Ye Ci's cautious expression, and naturally knows that this is definitely not a small matter.

     Ye Ci put his hand on the door frame, then slowly turned his head, looked at Tan Polang quietly, and said in a calm tone: "mithril."

     Tan Polang was stunned there at the time. mithril mithril He is not an ordinary player who has never seen the world. Anyway, when he was in the Western Continent, if he was the main team member of Genesis, he would definitely be no stranger to things like mithril. However, mithril has been produced very rarely, so how come there are mineral veins?

     "Really?" Tan Polang was astonished.

     "Don't you know if you go and see for yourself?" Ye Ci smiled, no longer cared about Tan Polang, and went into the bathroom. Tan Polang was still holding his rice bowl in the whole room, dizzy in the clouds.

     God, mithril, mithrilAbsalom was sitting in the Western Wilderness. He propped his head on one side, watching the sang and groaning and continuing to talk nonsense with the black iron dwarf named Rose, so tired that he just wanted to sleep. It's been three days since their five-person Quest team arrived here. In these three days, they have battled wits and courage with these dark iron dwarves, but it seems that no information about the mithril vein has appeared yet. Absalom was very frustrated.

     Could it be that childe'>you is false? Isn’t it a bit too silly to believe in this way?

     Chapter 42—Resting for a while

     Chapter 42 Rest