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Chapter Directory 245 Chapter 43 Discovering De Feilai
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 43 The Discovery of De Philae

     Chapter 43 The Discovery of De Philae

     "I said, for this kind of Quest, you should call Fleeting Time. Why don't you call that pervert?" The black iron dwarf rose again ordered a very tricky Quest, sang and whispered and quickly ordered the other three people to run errands. He himself sat next to Absalom and started drinking spring water to moisturize his throat, which was too dry.

     "If you call him, childe'>you won't be seen?". Absalom yawned. He was a little sleepy. He hasn't been offline today. He really missed his soft bed.

     "Childe'>What storms are caused by Nether Energy, she is the only one." Qian sang and murmured and did not believe Absalom's statement: "It must be the guy Flying Time paying more attention to a lover than friends."

     "If you know it, don't order it. If you click it, I will feel very sad. Why do I call such a guy a brother for so many years? I express my unprecedented sadness at my level of judging people." Absalom laughed.Singing and groaning and laughed, he actually didn’t really blame Fleeting Time, but, compared with Fleeting Time, he was not familiar with the collections of the National Library. Such unfamiliarity would be invisible. Slow down the speed of doing Quest. If you change into the guy Fleeting Time, maybe they will have done their current progress in one day. Singing and moaning also followed Absalom and yawned, leaning on a wooden box in the camp, preparing to sleep for a while, suddenly, he remembered something: "By the way, I seem to remember that the white fairy tale is always pursuing Fleting Time, right? ."

     "Such a well-known thing, you actually use the word like? You are really sorry for your gossip heart." Absalom sang a low voice, expressing extreme disdain for his deliberately pretending to be pure.

     Singing and whispering, it doesn't matter to Absalom's disdain: "I don't usually care about things without scores." He paused: "Fleeting Time is really childe'> secluded."

     "It should be." Absalom sniffed: "If this kid can hook up childe'> to the Western Continent, I will be prosperous."

     Singing and rolling his eyes in a low voice, he obviously didn't take Absalom's daydreaming words to his heart at all. He just said his feelings: "I just said something, I just thought of it."

     "what?""If the white fairy knew about Fleting Time, would there be any backlash in his mind?"

     "Who knows." Absalom is obviously not interested in the emotional issues of this kind of woman: "I think you have to go to Apple to discuss a lot of secret things on this topic. If you ask me, you are asking me for nothing. There is no explosion. Ah, there is no passion, I said dry hair?"

     Singing in a low voice, I saw that Absalom hadn't thought about it in this direction at all, and after a slight groan, he said slowly: "I'm not interested in her feelings. I just think the white fairy tale is a bit extreme. I kind of like honing a bull's horn. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Anyway, everyone has their own problems, but when it comes to this matter, I’m always a little uneasy.”

     "Uneasy?" Absalom also noticed that the meaning of chanting and whispering is definitely not simple. He raised his spirit and watched chanting and whispered: "What do you mean by..."

     "I seem to hear from Apple once that the white fairy tale has loved Fleeting Time for 13 years, but has been unable to ask for it. This kind of emotion that the more expectation, the more desperate, will make a person very crazy. If this time, she She knows that Fleeting Time is together with childe'>you, or she knows that Fleeting Time likes childe'>you......

     "You mean..." Absalom's brows were already frowned.Singing and nodding in a low voice: "Don't forget, she is a member of the main team. Although she is not a manager, but she has a good relationship with Apple, it is impossible to guarantee that she knows a lot of Guild's secrets. If she knows this , Can let nature take its course, that is definitely the best solution. It is the best outcome for Fleeting Time or for her, but... what if she will be extreme then? Revenge for Fleeting Time?"

     "Now that Genesis occupies half of the western continent, it doesn't show that our position is very stable. In addition, the prosperous age is coming soon. In case they choose to land on the western continent, this is add to us. The thing about hail to snow.” Singing and whispering has always been very meticulous. In the words of Fleeting Time, Singing and whistling is a pessimist. He must take the worst of all things into consideration when doing anything. Then make the corresponding deployment before the action.

     "Are you afraid of the white fairy tale turning back to the bone?"

     "Usually, I don't think she won't, but at this time, I can't guarantee it." Qian Sang whispered and saw members of his team running towards them from a distance, and stood up: "Although, I knew it before. It’s impossible for her to forget things, but at least it’s better to guard her a little bit later, especially Apple. Don’t say anything.""I have to think of a way to transfer her out of the main force." Absalom also began to realize the seriousness of this problem. He also stood up, put his hands on his chest, and thought about the problem carefully. What extra thoughts does the white fairy tale have? This is not an easy thing to do.

     "By the way, I have been contacted by several consortiums regarding the capital injection of the consortium. Take a look at them. I always feel that none of them are particularly ideal. Should we wait a little longer or make a decision?"

     "Wait a little longer, I always feel that the wind direction is about to change." Absalom took a deep breath: "If this mithril vein is real... I think the entire game pattern will be rewritten for our Genesis."

     There is no doubt about this point.

     Ye Ci received a message from Fleeting Time as soon as it went online: "Go straight ahead, there is nothing strange in front of it."

     "How far do you want to go?" Ye Ci saw the countless herself radiated by the countless mirrors as soon as she went online, and felt that her head was about to explode, and it hurt a lot.

     "You'll know if you keep going." Fleeting Time smiled, and did not directly answer Ye Ci's question, but told her an ambiguous answer.This made Ye Ci feel a little strange, but he didn't feel uneasy. For childe'>you, under any circumstances, she will not be upset, nor will she be impetuous, because the negative emotions such as restlessness and impetuousness often bring the worst situation to people. After experiencing the last life and this life, Ye Ci has already calmed down a lot, and it seems that nothing can make her feel truly nervous.

     She took a group of people and cleaned out a few more monsters, only to find that the mirror corridor seemed to have come to the end. The front is very bright, like sunlight, but it does not seem to be sunlight.

     Ye Ci ran quickly and rushed out of the corridor of the mirror. There was another turn in front of him, facing to the right. With this calculation, she has actually gone through four turns to the right. In other words, her current direction is actually the same as the direction she had just entered the iron gate.

     After turning the corner, Ye Ci was stunned.

     A lot of lights were lit on that long and straight corridor, and the floor was covered with high-end jacquard carpets. Although many years have passed, the patterns on it can still be clearly seen, (of houses etc) sumptuous. At the end of the road, Ye Ci saw a man sitting there quietly, listening to a dark red bat on his shoulder.I don't know why, Ye Ci suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart, it was a warm, soft, and comfortable emotion. It was like a person who had been walking in the dark for too long, suddenly saw a glimmer of light, and her mood was a little joyful.

     This is really a strange and unfamiliar feeling.

     Ye Ci has never felt this way before, and she can't tell which category it belongs to. But she doesn't want to think too much. Sometimes she keeps thinking about problems that she doesn't know much about. Instead, she gets into a dead end. This is never something Ye Ci would do. Ye Ci sometimes does things based on intuition, because human intuition is often more accurate than the result of your rational analysis, which is a special ability that humans are born with. It's like she knows where there are traps and where is safe without thinking about something. This is instinct.

     And now, her instinct is to let her walk over.

     Ye Ci did exactly this, she walked slowly towards Fleeting Time, getting closer, closer.

     Finally, she stopped close to Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time looked up at her with a bright smile, that smile really resembled the proudest and enchanting peach blossom on the branch in spring, indescribably bright and seductive.Ye Ci exhaled slowly, but that breath condensed into a white mist in front of her and stuck between the two. She stretched out her finger, tapped the transparent glass in front of her lightly, and it bounced and looked thick.

     "I guess we can't open this thing." Fleeting Time shrugged his shoulders and reached out and tapped on the cold glass: "I have tried it just now, and it is all MISS."

     Ye Ci turned his head and looked around, and found a huge majestic palace gate not far away: "It should be the boss over there."

     "Mostly." Fleeting Time moved his shoulders, stood up, stretched his waist, "I didn't drive, I'm afraid that after I drive, I will go straight into the fight." Then he turned his head and looked at Ye. Ci smiled and said: "Let's go, little childe'>, open that palace gate and see, what's behind?"

     Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time with a smile on her lips unconsciously, she nodded, turned her head and walked towards the palace gate.The speeds of Ye Ci and Fleeting Time are basically the same. When standing at the gate of the palace, two people stretched out their hands to push the gate at the same time, but they were prompted by the system message: "This is a gorgeous Every trace on the gate of the palace records the great past of the goblin. From behind the gate, there seems to be a faint feeling of danger. You don’t know if you want to move forward when you stand in front of the gate, but the machinery you manipulate People have become sluggish under this powerful danger. What is there that can make robots without brains so terrifying? Although the back of the palace gate seems to be full of dangers, your heart is full of curiosity. With this curiosity, you pushed open the palace gate without hesitation. Oh, my God, all the robots collapsed the moment you opened the palace gate. Looking at the machine that just helped you fight together. Human, now it has become a pile of scrap copper and rotten iron, your heart is full of pity..."

     Since entering the Dungeon of Wasoko, there will be such a guide message in the system every time you have to experience something important. This message cannot be skipped. However, if you can listen to this message with your heart If you do, you can often find the key points of what you will encounter next from this information.

     "Is there a powerful goblin or a powerful robot in it?" Fleeting Time asked."Robot." Ye Ci is not sure what will happen from the guidance message, but she still answers according to her instinct.

     "I think it's a goblin." Fleeting Time has a different opinion: "Should we make a bet?"

     "You seem to love gambling, are you a gambler?" Ye Ci glanced at Fleeting Time, and didn't say yes or no, but there was a slight curve on his lips.

     "Aren't you a gambler?" Fleeting Time was not surprised by Ye Ci's words.

     Ye Ci listened to Fleeting Time's rhetorical question and did not answer, but raised his eyebrows, as if rebutting Fleeting Time's determination.

     "If you were not a gambler, you would not come to the Western Continent. If you were not a gambler, you would not continue to wander in the bloody wilderness after meeting me. If you were not a gambler, you would not use the mithril vein to threaten Absalom. …" Fleeting Time’s eyebrows were filled with a thick smile. He put his hands on his chest, looking at Ye Ci on the other side of the glass, and continued: "If you are not a gambler, you would not agree to come with me. Wasoko."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows higher. Thinking about Fleeting Time, it seems that he didn't say anything wrong.

     "Admit it, little childe'>, you are actually a gambler from head to tail just like me.""Maybe you make a little sense." Ye Ci seemed to be in a good mood. She did not refute Fleeting Time. "So, what is your bet?"

     Fleeting Time didn't speak, he tilted his head and thought for a while, "I haven't thought of it yet."

     Ye Ci turned his head and said nothing, pushed the door vigorously, and walked in first.

     Fleeting Time saw the moment her back disappeared behind the palace gate, took a deep breath, pushed open the palace gate and walked in.

     Fleeting Time and Ye Ci had just entered the palace gate, they heard that palace gate suddenly closed and shut them in the confined space. Ye Ci looked back and knew that the palace gate would not open again. Unless you can destroy the BOSS in front of you.

     But which one is the boss in front of him?

     In front of Ye Ci and Fleeting Time, there are a row of machines. Although these machines are silent now, they are full of power. Even if they stand in front of them, they can feel their danger. The physiques of these robots are different from all the robots I have encountered before. They are taller, and the materials on their bodies are very good. Just now, under the lights of the palace, there was a cold metal light.Behind this row of robots, Ye Ci saw another goblin in an imperial robe. He stood on a platform with his back facing two people, holding a scepter in his hand, and in front of him there was a crystal coffin, in the coffin. There was a corpse with dark skin and thin ears. At first glance, it was the remains of a drow. The goblin in the imperial robe stood in front of the coffin, with a bright light on his right hand, and the light directly shrouded the top of the coffin. His mouth was mutter to self, as if he was doing a Priest.

     And behind the coffin, there is a very big robot, it is seventy or eighty yards high, so Ye Ci and Fleeting Time need to look up to see it. So many strangers, are they all bosses? If they are all BOSS, then this Dungeon is really cheating. I never met a BOSS along the way. In the end, I met such a bunch of BOSS. Does the system treat them as fun?

     "Discover De Philae, find De Philae" Just as Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were looking at everything in front of them, Ye Ci heard the goblin compass and began to give out prompts, she quickly took out the goblin compass from the package, and then followed Looking at the directions and distances above, it turned out that on the head of the biggest mechanical giant, a goblin was busy doing something. It seemed that that was her goal.The two had just entered the palace, and it seemed that they had not entered the battle range. Therefore, everything in the palace was as usual, and nothing special appeared, so the two of them could also take this opportunity to look at the environment here.

     As usual, this is Wasoko's palace and the residence of Goblin King Chel. Judging from the previous gold and jade in glorious splendor and the unique style, it is difficult to connect here with the palace. This is not so much a palace as it is a machinery factory. There are many parts and unfinished machinery scattered everywhere, but under these greasy parts, it seems that the original imperial palace can be seen. But looking at it now, Ye Ci feels that there is not much difference between this and a car repair car.

     The air was full of the smell of engine oil. Ye Ci was a little uncomfortable. She lowered her head and pressed her nose gently. The smell of engine oil made her head dizzy. Fleeting Time, who was standing next to Ye Ci, looked at her, took out a bottle of green potion from the package and threw it to her: "Drink this."

     Ye Ci took the potion and took a look, and saw that it was a fragrance.In Fate, in addition to some normal potions, pharmacists can also make some weird things. For example, this scent fragrance is one of them. This thing has no other use, but it can make your body after drinking it. It becomes more fragrant. And according to the different scents, scent fragrances also have different effects. For example, rose flavor can increase women’s intimacy during courtship, night scent can attract more designated monsters at night, and mint flavor The one that can refresh and clear the mind... Generally speaking, the fragrance is a perfume that can be drunk, and each bottle lasts for two hours.

     These things seem to be boring use, but the price is scary, so ordinary people will never own these luxury goods.

     The bottle that Fleeting Time gave to Ye Ci happened to be mint scented. She looked at the bottle of scented fragrance in her hand and was very strange: "You still carry this thing with you?"

     "Anyway, it's in the Guild warehouse. I take it casually. Who knows it's really useful." Fleeting Time shrugged, seemingly not at all feeling wrong with it. Ye Ci is full of black lines. This guy must not know that this stuff is expensive..."Do you know how much this thing is?". Ye Ci opened the lid, and a fresh smell came out of the small bottle, wrapped around Ye Ci's nose, and her dizziness suddenly felt a lot better.

     "About thirty thousand gold a bottle." Fleeting Time smiled at Ye Ci and drank the bottle of fragrance.

     Ye Ci almost didn't spray out the scented fragrance that she drank, her face flushed, and after swallowing hard, she stared at Fleeting Time: "You know the price is back to me"

     "The so-called medicines are produced for people to eat. If they are not used or used to perform their due role, but if they are put in a warehouse for people to see, the medicines will cry." Fleeting When Time talked about misconceptions, he spread his hands: "Besides, I'm willing to give you, what's the matter?"

     Fleeting Time is such an argument that Ye Ci only feels full of black lines. She suddenly felt that she and Fleeting Time must not be from the same planet, otherwise why would it be so difficult for the two to communicate? She was stunned for a while before she twitched her mouth helplessly: "Well, you don't need to pay me for the last thing you sold. Anyway, it's almost worth tens of thousands of gold. You can top this bottle of medicine money."Fleeting Time just laughed, but the light in his eyes was extremely disapproving, but before he had time to speak, a huge alarm sounded: "There is foreign enemy invading, there is foreign enemy invading" Next, I don't know where it came from. There are a lot of small robots rushing in like a tide, they are not high in level, basically around forty, but there are too many. Ye Ci and Fleeting Time had to start fighting immediately, using a large area of damage skills to clean up these little robots.

     Don't look down on these little robots. Ye Ci played very hard with Fleeting Time. In the process, they also ate two bottles of expensive high-level instant recovery potion, which finally restrained these guys. Fortunately, there is only one wave of these tide-like little robots. Otherwise, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time have to hang up here.

     Just after dealing with these little robots, before the two of them had time to rest, they heard a sharp and thin voice from directly in front of the two of them: "Look, what kind of person broke into me. The palace interrupted my Priest"The two raised their heads and looked in the direction of the sound. It turned out that the person who spoke was the goblin standing in front of the crystal coffin. He had been facing the two people with his back just now, making it unclear what it looked like, but now it’s waiting for him. Turning around, his appearance was immediately clear. When it was different from a normal goblin, there were two strange horns on the top of this goblin's head. They were not too big or small, probably the length of his fingers, and a gorgeous crown was placed on the outside of the horns.

     This person, no one else, is the king of the entire Wasoko, who sold the future of the goblin and Fate to the goblin king-Chel, the bloodthirsty undead and evil orcs.

     "It turned out to be two white elves, hypocritical white elves" Cheer looked at Ye Ci and Fleeting Time and let out a sharp laugh: "I hate you white elves. It is you who are hateful, selfish and threatening white elves who let My Resniffin has fallen asleep forever." Chel stood on the high platform and waved the scepter in his hand: "Guards, guards, hurry up and kill them and don't want them to disturb the soul of Restifan."

     This is the BOSS, the overbearing one didn't give Fleeting Time and Ye Ci a chance to react at all, so they launched the battle.With the wave of Chel’s scepter, the row of robots standing in the front began to light up in red. The one on the far right stood up and took a vigorous pace toward the two of them. Rushed over. Ye Ci and Fleeting Time glanced at each other, then nodded, and quickly separated, recruiting the pet to disrupt the robot's attack, and then the two started attacking the robot from left to right. But this guy is much more difficult to deal with than the guys outside. His eyes are red bulbs. Ol' Four and Xiaowu keep messing up, making the guy agitated, and he can only hear a loud buzzing noise. His right hand turned into a giant chainsaw and began to swing towards Ol' Four.

     "That's it." Ye Ci sank. This guy's saw, although he wouldn't kill Ol' Four in seconds, it would definitely cause a lot of damage to Ol' Four, so she hurriedly blew a whistle to greet Ol' Four came over, but she was a step too late. When Ol' Four retreated, she was still cut by the saw, and only heard Ol' Four scream, his body cracked but a deep hole, gurgling The blood is bleeding. Ye Ci felt distressed for a while, and hurriedly gave up the attack in his hand and began to treat Ol’ Four. Although the blood volume was increased, the wound would still heal after being covered with gold sore medicine.Although Ol' Four was badly injured, Ol' Four is also an Epic Level creature anyway. It's a bit of a bad temper. How could he let others bully like this and only saw him run up quickly and jumped violently. When he got up, he kicked the robot's chest with an extremely powerful backlash. After falling on the ground, the thick tail swept across and hit his leg directly.

     These robots have not yet been completely completed, so they are not the best combat power. Although their attack power is very fierce, their defense power is still somewhat lacking. This allows Ol' Four to take advantage of the loopholes and cover them twice. The robot fell directly to the ground and struggled ceaselessly.

     "You can solve this quickly, I'll set the trap." Fleeting Time calculated the time. Just now, the two robots took about forty seconds. Although it has not been completely settled, it still has no attack power. And the next robot will stand up in about ten seconds. He immediately rushed to a group of robots to bury a few traps, then retreated, and continued to attack the robot that had fallen. After a short time, the robot became a pile of broken parts.There was no time for the two to rest. Ol' Four’s injuries were not healed. He heard the sound of rumbling. Another robot also stood up and rushed towards the two of them. However, they did not rush out a few steps. A frost trap slowed down. As it slowly moved forward, two people and two pets kept throwing skills towards it.

     Frost traps to control the speed of the robot is obviously a highly feasible method, and there is not much time before the second robot is brought down again. The next robot was constantly releasing traps and concentration of firepower during Fleeting Time and Ye Ci, and soon fell down.

     "Damn white elves, you actually destroyed my guards. I am angry. I am angry. Are you still going to destroy my love with Resniffin? I tell you, you are delusional, Resniffin will always be me. Chel’s bride is the queen of my goblin kingdom. She will never go back to the filthy forest. The most suitable place in the world for her is here, right here." Chel saw that his robots were all Falling down, in a state of anger, he swore his scepter and cursed.At this time, the system guidance message rang again: "You exhausted the sufferer untold hardships and finally killed all of Chel’s guards. They turned into a pile of scrap copper and rotten iron. Chel was very angry. You regard it as an honor guard, so he vowed to retaliate, he will detonate the strongest Warrior to destroy you. You look up, my God, how can there be such a tall robot in the world, you stand by it In front of him is as small as an ant. You feel the horror, an unprecedented horror, but, at this time, there is no chance to feel horror for you anymore. You look at Chel in a panic. Could it be that you are about to die here today? But, at this moment, you suddenly saw a familiar figure, and your spirit suddenly lifted. Isn’t this the most famous engineer in the goblin kingdom, De Philae? You lower your head and think, maybe you can finally overcome with his help. This terrible monster..."

     "You nasty white elves, I want to let you know the consequences of disturbing my meeting with Resniffin, and I want to turn all of you into mud, my strongest Warrior, tell them what is death and what is. Fear, what is always all black, no daylight?” Chel continued to clamor for the face. Flying Time and Ye Ci watched Chel’s performance while listening to the guide message, and began to discuss how to get rid of this big guy."That guy is a level 65 monster. If we add a level penalty, will we get 50 hits?" Fleting Time looked at the giant robot and frowned.

     "There should be." This hit is really not high, it will greatly reduce the attack power, Ye Ci also feels unprecedented pressure. Can this huge thing be brought down by the abilities of the two of them?

     "That de Philae came out." Fleeting Time suddenly saw a goblin jump off the giant robot's head. He must be equipped with FeatherFall technique. He fell on the ground lightly like a feather, and then Ran towards Chel.

     "My most respected Majesty the King, the Iron Warrior has not been finalized yet, and it is really not suitable for operation at this time..." De Feilai looked very melancholy.

     "De Feilai, this is my kingdom. What I said is what I said. Don’t give me nonsense. Hurry up and start the Steel Warrior.” Chel must kill Ye Ci and Fleeting Time now, so she doesn’t care about De Feilai. The persuasion.

     "But, my most respected Majesty the King, if this matter is forced to start the Steel Warrior, it will bring losses to the entire palace and the kingdom.""So what? My dearest Resniffin has left me, I don't care about the others. I only want them to die now, they interrupted my reunion with Resniffin." Chel's eyes changed. It was red, and it seemed that he was on the verge of anger.

     "Your Majesty..." De Feilai was still begging Chel, but apparently his plea could not shake Chel anymore. Chel even waved the Magic Staff towards De Feilai, the golden one. The huge blue gem on the top of Magic Staff gave out a dazzling light, which turned into a powerful force, and it rushed towards De Feilai, rushing De Feilai far, and fell heavily to the ground.

     "Go here, you are not a big engineer, you are just my slave and must be obedient" Chel seemed to be crazy.

     De Philae seemed to be injured, lying on the ground shivering, Ye Ci ran over and helped him up: "Dear Mr. De Philae, how are you doing?"

     De Feilai obviously fell hard with this blow. Hearing Ye Ci's eager questioning, he opened his eyes hard to see who was talking to him. Finally, he pulled his divergent gaze back and turned the focus to the person in front of him. These were two hunters and two white elf hunters, and this female elf had an aura that made him familiar."Ah, it's an elf..." De Philae breathed out slowly. He seemed to be very old. Although the lifespan of goblins is long, it does not mean that goblins will not die. On the contrary, there are many goblins even Did not live to adulthood and died. Goblin as old as De Philae is really rare. "I haven't seen an elf for a long, long time, especially... the white elf."

     "Mr. de Philae, do you know a goblin named Ortus?". Ye Ci looked at De Feilai, cautious and solemn asking.

     When De Philae heard the name, a gleam of light suddenly flashed in his muddy eyes. He looked a little excited. He grabbed Ye Ci's hand and asked eagerly: "Elf, my elf, please Tell me, how did you know the name Ortus?"

     Although de Philae asked this, it is obviously not like an opportunity to talk about it at this time, but how do you explain it? Ye Ci suddenly thought of the goblin compass. Perhaps this thing would let De Philae know the relationship between himself and Ortus. She reached out and took out the goblin compass from the package, put it in De Philae's hand, and then asked: "Dear Mr. De Philae, do you see this thing?".

     "Discover de Philae, find de Philae" The goblin compass flashed red in De Philae's hand, yelling non-stop...Chapter 43 The Discovery of De Philae

     Chapter 43 The Discovery of De Philae