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Chapter Directory 246 Chapter 44. Life Stone Scepter
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 44 The Gem of Life Scepter

     Chapter 44 The Gem of Life Scepter

     Seeing the flashing red light and listening to the clamoring voice, De Feilai looked very excited. He grabbed the goblin compass hard, feeling very excited: "Ortus is still alive, Ortus is still alive..."

     "De Philae, what are you doing, do you want to show friendly friendship to these despicable white elves? Do you know that this is in the guilty of terrible crimes? I order you to stand up immediately and start the Iron Warrior Immediately, immediately" Chel looked at De Feilai and Fleeting Time Ye Ci together, and he became more irritable. He kept waving his scepter, emitting a dazzling light from the huge blue gem. There was a sound of electric current, and it sounded unconsciously with an unknown premonition.

     "Ortus, let us fight and save you, dear Mr. De Philae, I don’t know what you think, do you want to stay or leave?" The situation is urgent now, naturally there is not much time to talk nonsense with De Philae , Ye Ci can only go straight to the subject to find De Feilai’s opinions. Moreover, she also wants to know what it means in the system guidance message that De Feilai will help them?"What? Did Ortus let you come to rescue me? Oh my god, this silly boy, doesn't he know how dangerous this is?". Hearing Ye Ci's words, De Feila looked very surprised: "As long as he can live, it is already the greatest happiness for me. Why does he take this risk?"

     Ye Ci couldn't help but want to roll his eyes. What is Ortus to take a risk? It is obvious that they are here to take the risk to die, okay? Why do these NPCs never forget to cover themselves with some good things and always push on the players when they have some bad things? Really shameless.

     "Mr. de Philae, do you want to follow us or continue to stay?" Not far away, the scepter in Chel's hand was crackling. At first sight, something was going to happen. Philae actually continued to kowtow with the two people. Ye Ci was very calm. At this time, I had to worry about it. You must know that if Chel does any action later, it is her who is dead. Moreover, this is still the west. On the mainland, if she hangs up here, not only will she run away, but the death penalty will be heavier than in Eastern Continent, so it's not worth it. Therefore, Ye Ci somewhat urged De Feilai to make a decision quickly.De Feilai looked very confused when he heard Ye Ci's urging, and mutter to self in his mouth: "Whether to leave or stay, whether to leave or stay..."

     When Fleeting Time saw this, he also spoke: "Dear Mr. De Philae, if you continue to stay, you may still be asked by Chel to do things you don't like to do."

     "But...but..." De Philae seemed very difficult to make a decision: "But, this is Wasoko, the home of goblins."

     "Wosoko has disappeared on the map. Now this is just a ruin occupied by the undead and the orcs." Fleeting Time quietly told the truth: "This is the reality, maybe the reality is cruel, but, De Feilai Sir, Chel is already the lackey of Demon King Naga. If you continue to stay, it will be no different from becoming Demon King Naga's minion."

     "What's more, Ortus has been waiting for you." Ye Ci also promptly threw out the most tempting conditions for De Feilai.

     Sure enough, De Filai's turbid eyes became brighter, and his emotions became more excited: "Yes, Ortus is still waiting for me, our goblin engineering course has not been completed yet, I want to leave this damn underground , I'm going to find Ortus""De Philae don't let me get angry again, you know what the consequences of my anger are. I now order you to immediately activate the Iron Warrior and manipulate it, so that it will send these two evil spirits to hell and never turn back. "Cheer's face has a lingering expression, and bloodthirsty light is emitted from those red eyes. It seems that this guy has completely lost his mind.

     "Well, elves, I need your help. Now Chel is completely crazy. He just wants to resurrect his wife, the damn drow Resniffin, regardless of how the goblins live now. What kind of life, in that case, I am leaving here. But, elves, have you seen that steel Warrior? It was the painstaking effort of my life, but it has not been completed yet, but Chel let me be here deeply Such a steel Warrior was built in the underground, not for Wasoko’s future, but for the drow demon king Naga who needed the steel Warrior. Therefore, it took away the drow’s soul and only delivered the steel Warrior. The drow will be resurrected, but..." De Philae has already sat up by himself, his face has a distorted look, which actually looks a bit scary.

     "But what?""However, once this steel Warrior is activated, for the current Wasoko, it is an eternal ruined palace. All the homes will disappear. What a terrible thing." De Feilai stood up and turned his head to face Ye Ci. Say to Fleeting Time: "Now that you know how terrible it is, do you decide to take me away?"

     "Of course, respectable Mr. De Feilai, our white elves are the most trustworthy race. You can trust us." Ye Ci is very trustworthy to express himself, and even salutes De Feilai.

     "Well, in that case, elves, I will start this steel Warrior in a while. One of you must aim at the vital part of its chest. This steel Warrior is not completely completed, so its The power is not particularly great, but what needs to be remembered is that you only have one hour to defeat the steel Warrior. If you exceed this time, we will not be able to get out." De Feilai looked at the two people and said cautiously. ."You said that one person wants to target the vital part of his chest to attack, what about the other person?" When there are more than a dozen people, any NPC in Quest can't let go of anything, otherwise , You may miss a lot of things, which requires players to be very careful and have a certain analytical ability. Ye Ci has always listened to De Feilai very carefully, and naturally will not miss such a small detail. When De Philae stopped, she immediately asked.

     De Philae raised his head and looked at Chel, who was still clamoring on the stage, and then said: "Wosoko is the fertile soil left behind by the gods, and what has always supported Wasoko's richness is nothing else, that is. The scepter in his hand. The sceptre in his hand is the most important treasure of the entire goblin kingdom. Because of the gem of life on that scepter, we can continuously produce impressive wealth and resources. In the same way, the current Steel Warrior has not been completely completed. If you want him to run normally, Chel will definitely use the scepter in his hand as its energy source. And the Quest of your other person is to grab Take the scepter in his hand, so that the Iron Warrior cannot operate normally."

     Speaking of this, De Feilay took a few steps forward and said in a loud voice to Chel: "My most respected Majesty the King, are you sure you must force the Iron Warrior to start at this time?"."Of course, am I joking? De Philae, stop talking nonsense with me, hurry up and start my strongest Warrior" Chel's attitude is still very bad, but compared to just now When I saw De Feilai and Ye Ci staying with Fleeting Time, they seemed to get better.

     "Well, my most respected Majesty the King, as a citizen, I will unconditionally fulfill your wishes." De Feilai respectfully saluted at Chelby, then turned to face Ye Ci and Fleeting Time Envoy. After a wink, the evil severely said: "You damned elves, die."

     As soon as he spoke, Ye Ci was surprised to find that De Feilai's figure had rushed to the top of the steel Warrior's head in a flash.

     "Hey, I can teleport. If I had this skill, it would be fine." Fleeting Time looked at the teleporting De Philae and blew a whistle, without concealing his coveting for this skill. Facing the upcoming battle, he was very relaxed. He even smiled at Ye Ci: "Little childe'>, I will pull the blame in a while, you can get the scepter."

     "Why?" Ye Ci glanced at Fleeting Time in a puzzled way, and then continued to cast his gaze on the swaying Iron Warrior that was about to start."I am a man, you are a woman, and Chel is also a man. The so-called opposite sex attracts each other. I think he will start off leniently to you more." Just when he said this, the Steel Warrior was already activated. He slowly stood up, which was higher than the height seen by the two people just now. It carried a bazooka-like thing on its shoulders. The caliber was at least Ten yards, if shells or something were shot inside, it is estimated that the entire palace would collapse.

     "Don't say more, you will get the scepter in a moment, and I will deal with it." Flying Time looked at the Iron Warrior, and then measured the distance between himself and the Iron Warrior's chest, and while Ye Ci hadn’t spoken yet, direct And plainspoken's narrative is dead.

     In fact, Ye Ci doesn't know the meaning of Fleeting Time. Compared with Steel Warrior Chel, Chel is relatively safer. After all, Chel is only a level sixty monster, while Steel Warrior is a level sixty five. Fleeting Time is afraid that Ye Ci will die in the process of dealing with the steel Warrior. In this case, for Ye Ci, it is the gains do not make up for the losses. Therefore, it leaves the most dangerous thing to itself and let Ye Ci does something relatively safe. Although he doesn't say that, Ye Ci understands what he means. Naturally, this is not the time to shirk this kind of thing, so Ye Ci no longer refutes: "Okay."Lowering their bodies, the two officially entered a state of full combat.

     "Oh, my strongest Warrior, my strongest Warrior" Chel was very excited when he saw the Iron Warrior move. "Hurry up, baby, let me see your power before handing it over to the king. Let me see how you killed these craps."

     The Iron Warrior stood up, but it was not stable, his whole body swayed, and sparks crackled at the knee joints. It seemed that the situation was not optimistic. Sure enough, the Iron Warrior stood up for less than three seconds. Ye Ci and Fleeting Time only heard a loud rumbling noise. The Iron Warrior sat down again, with the arm shut down on its knees and inside his stomach. There was thick billowing smoke, and for a time billowing smoke throughout the palace.

     Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. Fortunately, they each drank a bottle of mint-flavored fragrance just now. Refresh and clear the mind worked well. Otherwise, you have to be choked by the dense smoke.

     "What's wrong, what's wrong with Defilee, what's wrong with my baby?" Chel then jumped into a rage again, calling Defilee's name loudly.

     While sitting far away on the head of the Iron Warrior, De Feilai said with his throat: "His Majesty the King, I have just said that the Iron Warrior is not yet fully completed. Many parts of it are not yet complete. Very good...""Fool, what do you big fool say you are the most knowledgeable person among the goblins, I think it is a lie" Chel roared, and then began to wave the scepter in his hand: "Go away, let me give Cheer my baby"

     Strings of jerky, incomprehensible notes popped out of Chel’s mouth, and the light on the huge blue life gem on the scepter in his hand became brighter and brighter. The electric current sounded louder and louder, and finally the dazzling light turned into a white light on the top of the scepter and rushed straight towards the steel Warrior. In an instant, this light wrapped the huge steel Warrior, and the magical thing was, The Steel Warrior, who was still braving the thick smoke just now, stood up steadily, and rushed towards Fleeting Time and Ye Ci step by step.

     Because of its huge size, the Iron Warrior has a huge damage, but its movement speed is very slow. Especially in the palace, its range of movement is actually very limited. It is actually very difficult to keep up with the dexterity of the hunter. What's more, the white elves are much smaller than the steel Warrior. In this case, the white elves jumping around will make the steel Warrior miss the position. However, the steel giant's attack is very fierce, and the range of attack is very large. Although it takes a long time to charge up a skill, it is still very scary when it is shot out. If you are not careful, you will die in its skill. under.In the beginning, both Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were jumping around continuously following the attack of the Iron Warrior to disrupt the target of the Iron Warrior. However, this is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to find a Feign Death opportunity for Ye Ci. Although it was said at the beginning that Ye Ci will deal with Chel and Fleeting Time will deal with this big guy. However, Chel doesn’t know the plan of the two people. He is now staring at the two in the palace and the Iron Warrior. People, if someone rushes to climb the platform at this time, they will be spotted by Chel immediately. Therefore, they need an opportunity to let Chel relax his vigilance, and Feign Death is this opportunity.

     "It's starting to read the skill." Ye Ci stared at the reading under the steel Warrior's head.

     "Well, I'll lead him, be careful." When Fleeting Time said so, his body was already rushing towards the other side like the most dexterous bobcat, while he was rushing towards the steel Warrior. The special pattern on the chest kept aiming and shooting, causing one Critical Hit damage after another. Although the Steel Warrior doesn't know the pain, but being repeatedly attacked on his vital part, even if he piles up scrap iron, he will be angry. Therefore, the Steel Warrior slowly raised the bazooka on his shoulders, aiming in the direction of Fleeting Time.The range of the rocket launcher is very long. However, because the target is small, the Steel Warrior often needs to be aimed closer to the ground when aiming, so that the hit can be higher. Although it does not have IQ, the attack style and attack method of the robot are automatically set by the system, which is perfect. Fleeting Time naturally knows this. Therefore, he has been running fast against the ground. When the skill read the article to the last second, he suddenly jumped up, and his whole body seemed to be out of gravity. Flying towards the heights

     Ye Ci looked down and couldn't help but applaud this jump. Time, opportunity, and complete control are just right, as if they were set by a computer.

     Although Ye Ci praised the actions of Fleeting Time, she has not forgotten her own affairs. When the steel Warrior released the skill toward the Fleeting Time, the whole person flew a few steps in the direction of releasing the skill, and then there was a piece of it. The blasted stone flew towards the platform on which Chel was standing.

     This series of movements are blocky and accurate. It doesn't look like the movements designed for a long time. Instead, it's like Ye Ci is ejected by the splashed rocks and impact force.

     When Ye Ci was about to hit the table, his legs bend slightly to reduce the huge damage he would cause when he fell to the ground. At the same time, she opened Feign Death at this time.After a while, Ye Ci was already lying under the table, her body curled up, there was no breath, it looked as if she was really dead. Chel saw this moment and was very happy. He laughed loudly and yelled at Fleeting Time by the way: "Haha, damn white elf, did you see how your companion died? Don't resist dying, honestly I won't make you very painful at all."

     Fleeting Time forgot to glance at Ye Ci lying on the edge of the table. I couldn’t help but feel a little worried. The series of actions just now seemed too real. If it hadn’t been for Ye Ci’s profile picture in the team hadn’t turned gray, Fleeting Time had almost Think Ye Ci is dead.

     "How is it? How much blood is there?" Fleeting Time continued to jump in front of the steel Warrior's eyes like a dexterous lynx to attack the vital part on its chest, and asked Ye Ci who was lying on the ground with concern.

     "Eighteen percent." Ye Ci lay on the ground. Although her breathing and heartbeat stopped all, Ye Ci could still observe the whole situation. She watched the Fleeting Time dexterously deal with the Iron Warrior. Fleeting Time is somewhat admired. This person deserves to be called the Hunter God in the previous life. This kind of movement, this kind of position, this kind of operation, it is impossible for anyone to achieve such perfection. Maybe she can, but she is not 100% sure.This person is indeed an opponent worth surpassing.

     "Drink a bottle of slow recovery potion after getting up for a while, don't use instant recovery potion, that aggro should be higher, lest Chel find you." Fleeting Time dodged while not forgetting to tell Ye Ci some details.

     "I know."

     As the current situation is very tense, the two people don't talk much, after all, it is not a good opportunity for small talk in this situation. After lying down for about three minutes, Chel had focused all of her attention on the battle between Flying Time and Steel Warrior. Ye Ci was carefully resurrected, and then immediately entered the Stealth state. She took it from the package. She took out a bottle of advanced slow recovery potion and poured it into her mouth, and her health bar immediately began to slowly recover.

     And Ye Ci also walked up the stairs at this time.

     The stairs up to the platform are behind the platform, and the place where Chel is standing is in front of the platform, so if you climb the stairs from the back to the platform, Chel will basically not find it. But Chel has a problem. Every three minutes or so of fighting, it will look back at Resniffin, who is placed in the waterscape coffin behind him, and will turn its head to continue fighting after confirming her integrity and condition.Hunter's Stealth has a certain chance to develop when climbing stairs. This is related to the hunter's professional characteristics. If it is Rogue, there is no such worry at all. After all, Rogue is the ancestor of investigating in the team, and the hunter is only doing this part-time job.

     It is precisely because there is a certain chance of development that Ye Ci walks very slowly when climbing stairs. After all, if you are so close to Chel, if you develop it at this time, Chel’s aggro will be attracted immediately, then waste all one's previous efforts.

     However, it took nearly ten minutes for Ye Ci to climb onto the stage with just a few dozen steps. When she arrived on the stage, she squatted down first. After all, when Stealth, squatting down was the time when she could play the most potential. At this time, even if Chel looked back, the chance of finding Ye Ci was very low.

     It's very low, but it doesn't mean it won't be found.

     Ye Ci squatted on the edge of the table, leaning against a pillar, trying to get himself close to the pillar. In this way, the blind corner brought by the pillar would prevent Chel from discovering Ye Ci.

     She just squatted there, looking at Chel’s back quietly, and then her eyes fell into the crystal coffin again. Suddenly, a strange idea appeared. She asked Fleeting Time: "Fleeting Time, just now we After entering the palace, what was the first thing Chell said to us?"Ye Ci asked with no head and no brain, and Fleeting Time did not respond for a while. He thought for a while before he said uncertainly: "It seems that we interrupted his Priest or something. Anyway, what I mean is that. I don't remember anymore."

     That's right, that's the sentence. Interrupted his Priest. If she remembered correctly, when she just came in, she saw light in Chel's hand, which seemed to be the light of the gem of life, covering Resniffin's body. Ye Ci's heart moved, the gem of life can re-fight the almost scrapped steel Warrior, can it also bring a dead elf back to life?

     Then, she remembered De Philae's words just now that Resniffin's soul was taken away by Naga. If all of these are true, then it means that Chel’s Priest just now was in vain. There is no way for his gem of life to resurrect Resniffin. If you want to resurrect Resniffin, you can only use the finished steel Warrior. Exchange with Naga. And now the drow in the coffin is just Resniffin's ***, Chel's protecting her *** so carefully, must want to resurrect her.Now that this was confirmed, an idea slowly formed in Ye Ci's heart. In fact, she was not sure to get the scepter from Chel’s hands. Although Chel was only at level sixty, he was the king of a race after all. Ye Ci didn’t dare to say that he was inferior to the behemoth below. How much, but if there is Resniffin, maybe Chel is really easy to deal with.

     When Ye Ci thought this way, Chel turned his head. He stared closely at Ye Ci's hidden place, as if he wanted to see through. Ye Ci became very nervous, not only his heart was lifted. Even the muscles on his body became stiff. If it is seen through at this time, it is really ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.

     However, fortunately, Chel quickly turned his gaze back and continued to focus on the entanglement with the Fleeting Time. This white elf was so good at jumping that Chel was badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire), the steel Warrior’s laser cannon has exploded into the palace, but the elf is still walking on the ground like a flea like a flea in the dead ends of the steel Warrior attacking him. vital part. This makes Chel even more angry. Long-term anger will make people's thinking become more or less confusing. It is like Chel now starts to recite jerky spells again, and it is longer than the original, which seems to strengthen life. Gems bring energy to the steel Warrior.Ye Ci told Fleeting Time about the situation while quietly approaching Resniffin's coffin.

     But only a dozen yards away made Ye Ci walk for a full two minutes. Her heart had already touched her throat and her eyes were staring at Chel closely. Finally, she was only one step away from Resniffin's coffin. , She immediately rolled into the back of the coffin and hid it. At this moment, Chel seemed to feel some danger. He turned around and carefully looked at the surroundings. However, because Ye Ci was hiding now. Behind the coffin, Chel’s gaze was just in the blind spot, so even if Chel had been observing it for so long, he still didn’t find any signs. So, he abandoned the little anxiety he had just now, and continued to struggle with Fleeting Time. stand up.

     After confirming that Chel turned her head, Ye Ci got up. She squatted on the edge of the coffin, stretched out her hand and couldn't help laughing. God helped me. There is no coffin lid on this crystal coffin, and there is no special barrier. In other words, as long as she stretches out her hand, she can directly touch Resniffin.Ye Ci looked down at Resniffin in the crystal coffin. She was a very beautiful woman, but probably because of her death for too long, her dark skin turned a little bit blue. Ye Ci cautious and solemn touched the coffin and there was no magic rune. She stretched out her hand boldly and touched Resniffin’s fingers, but there was no abnormal reaction. It seems that Resniffin It was simply placed in the coffin, and nothing else was added.

     After confirming this information, Ye Ci took a deep breath and whispered sorry to the beautiful corpse, and then suddenly pulled Resniffin's corpse at a lightning speed. Came out and sneered at Chel's back.

     Although this sneer was not loud, it was as terrible as a ghost symbol of hell when Cheer heard it. He immediately turned his head back, and the scepter in his hand also pointed to Ye Ci, the one on the scepter. The gem of life was making a creaking electric noise, which looked terrifying.

     Ye Ci is actually still nervous. In case, his own method does not work, then it is equivalent to waste all one's previous efforts. In case, Resniffin is not as important to Chel as in the Quest narrative, is it himself? Is it too stupid to do all this today?However, nowadays, thinking about these is meaningless. Although Ye Ci was nervous, she didn't show it at all. Her calm face had a faint mocking smile: "Great Goblin King, Your Majesty Chel, we meet again."

     Chel froze for a moment, and immediately understood. He screamed: "So you are lying to me, you despicable spirit, I am going to kill you." The light of the gem of life on the scepter in his hand became more intense .

     But all of this seemed to be no threat to Ye Ci. She swung the dagger in her hand, gently stuck it on Resniffin's neck, and slowly laughed out: "Your Majesty, I don't know if it is your gem of life that emits faster light, or is my dagger faster?"

     "Despicable White Elf, I'm going to kill you" Chel screamed, and began to chant a magic spell that Ye Ci didn't understand.

     Ye Ci has been laughing, the dagger in her hand has cut the skin of Resniffin's neck. Resniffin has been dead for many years. Even if he cuts his skin, no blood will flow out at all. However, after the dark skin is cut away, the bluish-grey muscles inside have already turned out: "Chel Your Majesty, you must know that no matter what race, if the head is dropped, no matter how many souls there are, it will not be able to recover...""No, no, no." Chel naturally saw that Ye Ci had cut the skin on Resniffin's neck. He was terrified, and he forgot to continue singing Spell, just standing there holding his head and pointing at him. Ye Ci screamed in surprise: "Elf, good elf, I beg you, never, never"

     Until this time, Ye Ci finally let out a sigh of relief. It was finally a bet. Just now De Philae has been between the words and the lines and reminded that Chel actually loves Resniffin. But Ye Ci has never dared to confirm. After all, one of these two people's identities is a king and the other is a beauty. Is the love between them a true love between a man and a woman, or is a ruler who sets up on high loves a pet?

     And now, she has completely understood that although Chel and Resniffin are not the same race, he really loves her. That kind of love is not the pity of the ruler, but the love of a man for a woman.

     Although Chel was a little crazy and could even give up the entire kingdom for Resniffin, from the perspective of a woman, this kind of man is full of charm for any woman."What do you need? What do you need? As long as you are willing to speak, as long as you say it, I can satisfy you. I only need you not to hurt Resniffin." There is nothing on Chel's face. , There is only a sad plea.

     Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked into the distance. Because Chel’s support for the steel Warrior’s gemstones was completely cut off, the current steel Warrior was not able to withstand a single blow. Not only was it slow, but it also started to emit thick smoke. It can be seen that soon, this steel Warrior will collapse. .

     "Give me your scepter" Ye Ci looked at Quest's prompt and needed to defeat the Iron Warrior and Life Gem Scepter, so he said in a low voice.

     "No, this is the most important thing for our goblins. It can't fall into other races." Although Chel is a prodigal king, he is more or less intensely proud of his blood, so when he heard Ye Ci's request was immediately opposed without even thinking about it.

     "Your Majesty Chel, there is no Wasoko now, and the remaining goblins on the continent are not considered a race. What use is it for you to hold this and the scepter? Why don't you give it to me? Give me the scepter, and I will return Resniffin to you"

     "No..." Apparently Ye Ci's proposal made Chel's heart quite moving, but as a king, he still had the last insistence."Your Majesty, you have to think carefully. Look, your palace is about to collapse. Don't you know that after your palace collapses, the entire Wausoko will collapse? What are you still holding the scepter for? This time is not the transfer of power, but the moment when love bursts out. Do you have to give up your lover at the end?". Ye Ci's voice slowly, slowly, matched with the constantly shaking palace, like an Asura crawling out of hell, very charming.

     "But, but..."

     "Come on, hand the scepter to me." Ye Ci stretched out his hand and moved in Chel's direction, while the other was still tightly stuck on Resniffin's neck.

     "Neffen, my neffen..." Chel raised his head and looked at the woman in Ye Ci's arms, and then at the white elf woman behind her. For a while, he had an illusion, as if his lover was still there. It's the same alive. He slowly stood up and walked towards Ye Ci with the scepter.

     "Stop and throw the scepter here." As long as the scepter is still in Chel's hand, it is full of danger.

     Chel was very obedient now, he really stopped, and then threw the scepter in the direction of Ye Ci. The scepter shining with blue light showed a parabolic drop slowly, falling...

     In the end, it fell into the hands of Ye Ci.Chapter 44 The Gem of Life Scepter

     Chapter 44 The Gem of Life Scepter