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Chapter Directory 247 Chapter 45—End Of Mission
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 45 The End of Quest

     Chapter 45 The End of Quest

     "Things are in hand." The moment the scepter of life gem fell into Ye Ci's hands, Ye Ci immediately pushed Resniffin in his arms into Chel's arms, who was walking towards her, no matter what. Can Chel be able to hold Resniffin, then lowered his body, rolled on the platform, and stood up at the moment, his body turned to the left side, his right leg slammed on the ground, the whole body With inertia, he rushed forward. When she rushed out of the platform, her left leg kicked on the edge of the platform again. The power at this time was combined with the force of rushing forward. After a while, her figure was like an off-string arrow toward the bottom of the platform. Rushed down.

     "There is no flat place below. Be careful about the location, otherwise you will lose blood." The distance from the platform to the ground is about 30 yards. This distance, if it is a professional jump with relatively poor agility and balance, It's easy to be thrown into empty blood, but for hunters, Rogue and Rangers with high agility and high balance, as long as you choose the focus, it is not easy to fall to death.Although Fleting Time said so, Ye Ci had fallen on the ground when he was talking. It was a protruding stone slab, which looked very sharp. If you step on it, you will still be on the ground even if you don’t fall somersault. Grunt twice. However, the place Ye Ci stepped on is indeed very clever. She avoided the sharpest tip, but cushioned the strong inertia of her body on the relatively gentle oblique side, and then quickly moved in the direction of Fleeting Time. Ran away.

     She moved extremely fast, almost in the blink of an eye, she rushed to the side of the Iron Warrior, raised the bow in her hand, and aimed at the strange pattern on the Iron Warrior's chest to attack.

     Without the charge of the life gem, the steel Warrior is like a paper tiger. Not only does he automatically lose blood, but even his defense and attack are much weaker. Although this is good news, it is obviously not good news in the current environment.

     The entire Wasoko’s palace was shaking, as if it was about to collapse. There were constantly large and small rubbles falling from the roof of the palace, raindrops on the ground, if you accidentally Will be smashed to death.Fleeting Time and Ye Ci not only have to continue to fight the Iron Warrior, but also avoid the falling rocks. There is indeed no particularly easy time. But Ye Ci remembered one thing: "Where did that de Philae go? Just before driving this big guy, didn't he scream fiercely? Where did he go now?"

     Ye Ci has been fighting with Chel just now, so he didn’t pay too much attention to the whereabouts of De Feilai, but Fleting Time. Because he has been fighting Steel Warrior, he knows sth like the back of one's hand. of. While walking regular and thorough among the falling stones, he said: "Look at the top of this steel Warrior, is there a fainted goblin."

     Ye Ci took a closer look, and it really was. There is a decorative crown on the head of a steel Warrior, but this crown appears to Ye Ci to play a beautiful role, but its actual meaning is a console, which is specially used by people who operate the steel Warrior. . However, Chel arbitrarily increased the energy filling of the Iron Warrior, which caused a huge impact of the Iron Warrior. Although De Philae was not thrown out, he was obviously stunned by the impact, and he has not woken up until now. ."I think if this steel Warrior hangs down, this palace is about to collapse, then how do we get out?" Ye Ci is very concerned about this issue. If it is not an emergency, she does not want to be in the western continent anyway. Dedicating your precious life, not to mention that when the entire Dungeon is about to be completed, if you die at this time, isn't it a bit too fucking?

     "De Feilai is about to wake up." Fleeting Time was not in a hurry.

     "how do you know?"

     "You climbed onto the stage just now. I'm dealing with the Steel Warrior below. The system gave me a countdown to the awakening of De Feilai, and it will wake up in ten seconds. I will look at it when the time comes. I want to plan It’s silly* that it’s impossible to let the player die to count as the entire Dungeon Clearance." Fleeting Time is still dealing with the Iron Warrior, but his tone is calm and calm, just listening like this, it can be infinite. Endless courage in general.But Ye Ci can only refute him in his heart. You say this because you AFK is too early. Fate has only been open for three years and you are a flash. If you can persist until five years later, you will find the plan. Evil taste is going offline completely beyond the player's imagination. Ye Ci remembers that there is a large Dungeon. If you want to break through the normal mode, you must die in it and have to die more than three times. The entire group must live a very speechless achievement before Clearance. Later, This Dungeon is called the "distribution center for being forced to commit suicide." In that Dungeon, even players who pass through without injury have to take off their clothes and commit suicide three times. Isn't this setting very gnashing one's teeth?

     So, in comparison, if Dungeon, Wasoko, had such an indicator, it really wouldn't be a big deal.

     Just when Ye Ci was still indulge in flights of fancy in his heart, he saw De Feilai sitting on the head of the steel Warrior staggeringly. "Oh my god, where am I? Oh my god, what the hell is going on?"In Dungeon, there is a special NPC channel for NPCs to speak, and players use this channel to talk to NPCs. This channel can not only hear the NPC’s voice, but also find out what the NPC has said in the channel, even if You set a special option, and you can see the dialogue bubbles on the head of the NPC, which is very human. This is a very beneficial thing for many players who want to study Quest.

     "Dear Mr. De Philae, you finally woke up. We have got the scepter of life gems, and the Iron Warrior is about to die. The Quest you handed over to us will be completed soon. However, look at the current palace at any time. It may collapse, you hurry up and think of a way for us.” Ye Ci told De Philae about the current situation according to the fixed answer mode in the game.

     "What? You have achieved this level?" When De Feilay shouted, the person had already come down from the top of the steel Warrior a few times and stood in front of Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. He turned his head. Looking at the Steel Warrior who was still fighting with the two people, there was a trace of sadness on his face."My most proud work, it seems that no one else will be able to see your demeanor again." After all, he did not know where he took out a small switch and pressed it hard, Seeing a huge mask, the Iron Warrior was surrounded. The Iron Warrior immediately lost all his life, sitting on the ground softly with his riddled body.

     The entire palace was shaking more violently, and it seemed that it was about to collapse. Mutter to self in De Feilai's mouth, there was an aperture of five yards in diameter on the uneven ground. He said to the two of them: "Let's go. , Let's get out of here."

     But Ye Ci moved in her heart. She looked up at Chel who was holding Resniffin on the stage. Suddenly she had an idea in her mind, can Cheer go out? On their Quest list, the Life Gem Scepter has been obtained, and the Iron Warrior has been killed. According to the general thinking, Quest can be regarded as over. However, what would happen if the Goblin King who had not yet died was rescued at this time?

     Thinking of this, she quickly said to De Philae: "Please wait a moment, I'll be back soon."

     Fleeting Time also understood Ye Ci's thoughts. He immediately followed Ye Ci and flew towards the platform: "Do you want to take Chel away?""I wonder, although Quest Completed is now complete, I am still wondering if I take away Chel and Resniffin, will it have any different impact on the reward." Ye Ci City’s told Fleting Time of his own idea.

     "To take an NPC away is to promote some conditions. Try to find it and see if you can take him away." Fleeting Time raised his hands in favor of Ye Ci's proposal. The only thing that can get a higher reward is a fool. Will refuse.

     The two figures, like two fleeting remnant shadows, quickly swept towards the platform. If the hunter wants to run fast, he won't be slow at all, but in the blink of an eye, the two have already stood on the platform. On the platform, I only saw Chel sitting there quietly holding Resniffin's body, as if the shaking of the entire palace could not have one thread, one hair effect on him, he still sat idly. There, what was grunting in his mouth was the ancient goblin language that Ye Ci couldn't understand.

     "Your Majesty Chel, now the palace is about to collapse, hurry up and go with us." At this time, there was no time to talk nonsense and be particular with Chel, Ye Ci squatted down facing Chel, and then He directly expressed his thoughts.

     "Go? Where to go?" Chel raised his eyes blankly and looked at Ye Ci. There was no arrogance and arrogance just now, all that was left was a walking corpse."It doesn't matter where it is, as long as you don't stay here." While Ye Ci was talking, a huge stone fell on the top of the palace, and it almost fell on Ye Ci's body. Fortunately, Fleting Time had quick eyes and quick hands. , Grabbed Ye Ci's arm and rolled aside.

     However, when Ye Ci looked up again, Chel continued to sit there, but his head was in the direction of Ye Ci. He shook his head gently, and said in a slow, bleak tone: "No , I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to stay here, I’m the Goblin King, I’m going to stay in Wasoko."

     Ye Ci gritted his teeth, took out the scepter of life gems from his arms, and said to Chel: "As long as you go with us, I will return this scepter to you."

     This is a bold move. If the scepter is given to Chel and Chel does not return it to Ye Ci, I am afraid that Quest will not be able to hand it. However, Fleeting Time didn't disagree with this. He still stood on the side, watching the interaction between Ye Ci and Chel quietly, and his narrowed eyes seemed to be calculating something.

     "No, I don't want it. I will never give Resniffin to you." It seems that Chel still deeply remembers Ye Ci's exchange of his scepter with Resniffin, so for this transaction He obviously didn't buy it."Elves, hurry up, the palace is about to collapse and if you don't hurry up, we won't be able to get out." While Ye Ci was still negotiating Haggle with Chel, De Feilai, who was not far away, was already anxiously urging. In just such a short time, the shaking of the palace became more obvious, and it seemed that it would not last much longer.

     Ye Ci was also a little discouraged, and it seemed that she was really going to give up. She shook her head at Fleeting Time with a pity: "Let's go."

     Fleeting Time took her arm, and then smiled faintly: "Wait."

     "What?" Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time strangely, but found that Fleeting Time turned to look at Chel and said: "His Majesty Chel, don't you want Resniffin to be resurrected?".

     "Resurrection?" Chel was obviously interested in this topic, but the light of excitement was only fleeting in his eyes, and he shook his head desperately: "No, there is no way, the steel Warrior is useless. , What shall I exchange with Naga? It is impossible."

     "Have you never heard that dragons have the ability to rise from the dead?" Fleeting Time smiled like a fox, and then he sighed: "It seems that His Majesty Chel didn't really want Resniffin to resurrect, otherwise , Why not try to go to the far central continent and try to find the queen of the dragon clan to see?"Chel was stunned, without a word or expression. Fleeting Time turned his head and stopped looking at her, and pulled Ye Ci's arm and said, "Let's go."

     "Is it gone?" Ye Ci clearly saw hope, but didn't expect Fleeting Time to say he was leaving.

     "Of course I have to go." Fleeting Time gave Ye Ci a sly smile, then jumped off the platform and rushed towards De Feilai.

     Ye Ci immediately understood the meaning of Fleeting Time. She smiled and said in the squad message: "Anyway, how sure are you?"

     "Half and half. I just contacted Quest's cause and effects, and after listening to your conversation just now, I thought it would be easier to start with the resurrection of the drow, but the ghost knows whether it can be done or not." Fleeting Time is actually an opportunistic trick. If this method is not too tight, Ye Ci could have thought of it, but he just happened to find it.

     "It seems that someone bought your opportunistic tricks." The two were talking in tandem while rushing towards De Philae, but in the blink of an eye they saw Cheer holding Resniffin's body standing already. In front of De Philae.

     Afterwards, the two have also arrived.Although de Feila didn’t know what Ye Ci and Fleeting Time and Chel were doing, it’s obviously not the time to discuss this issue. Just when several people had gathered together, they immediately jumped up the teleportation array. , De Feilai quickly chanted the spell.

     With a rumbling noise above his head, Ye Ci looked up and saw that a huge rock had been loosened, and it fell directly on the heads of several people.

     Is it to escape, or to be smashed to death?

     At that moment, countless thoughts flooded Ye Ci's heart, but it was strange that she didn't have a trace of tension, as if all this had nothing to do with her.

     Just when the stone was about to touch a few people, De Feilai had finished reciting the spell, and the teleportation array flashed a dazzling white light and disappeared into the fallen goblin palace. And that huge rock, unbiasedly, hit the place where a few people had just stood.

     After a while, the two and two NOCs and a dead NPC had been reported out of the Goblin Palace, standing on the hillside on the border of Wasoko. Ye Ci looked up, and this is where she and Fleeting Time stayed after entering Wasoko Dungeon. However, it is not as quiet as if they are dead now, and there is also a violent vibration.Looking from a distance, in the center of Wasoko, smoke billowed, yellow smoke filled the sky, I couldn't see anything clearly, and I didn't know what it would become after the dust has settled.

     The mood of players like Ye Ci and Fleeting Time is different from the mood of the two goblins, De Feilai and Chel. Regardless of their identities, and regardless of their position, they are all goblins, and this is the homeland of the goblins once, and watched that their home was destroyed like this, and it was still destroyed by their own hands, probably no one It will feel too good.

     Chel sat on the ground, quietly looking at the dust, muttering in his mouth in ancient goblin language: "It's over, it's all over, it's all over..."

     And De Philae stood in front of everyone, looking at all of this, shaking his shoulders, it seemed that he was really sad. After a while, he raised his hand, covered his face, and cried silently. Seeing this, Ye Ci stepped forward and patted De Feilai on the shoulder, and said in as calm as possible: "Dear Mr. De Feilai, I understand your feelings, please don't be too sad.""You don't understand at all, how can you understand the heartbreaking of me ruining my home with my best works? I am a goblin sinner, why should I live." De Feilai put his hand in his hand. His face was crying like a child, and he stubbornly blamed all these faults on his head, guilty.

     "How do you know we don't understand?" Fleeting Time also walked to De Feilai and said quietly: "Although your home is destroyed, but as long as your goblin hearts are together, you can build a new one again. A new Wasoko, but what about us elves? Our Elven King slept forever during the war with Naga. We don’t know when he will wake up. We can’t even find his tomb. Without Dole The elves are already a group of wanderers whose faces cannot be kept in their homeland. How can you say that we don't understand your sadness?"

     De Feilai turned his head and faced Fleeting Time and Ye Ci with tears on his face. Although he did not answer anything, he can see from his expression that he is quite comforted by what Fleeting Time said. .Ye Ci smiled slightly. It seems that the person who has spent a long time in the library is not only himself, but also the one in front of him. However, Fleeting Time's books are all read in this life, and his own books are all read in the previous life. It also shows invisibly that in the Fleeting Time word game, he has worked harder than Ye Ci imagined. Otherwise, he could not be in Talk freely here. She couldn't help but have some respect for Fleeting Time. He really has the qualities to become a top master. Not only does he operate well, but he also studies the entire game earnestly and carefully.

     It seems that the appearance of every top master is not accidental.

     She continued on Fleeting Time's words: "Although our elves are so bumpy, we have never given up looking for Elven King Dole for a moment, nor have we given up our desire to find our homeland. Why are you goblins sad? ?" Having said that, she turned to look at Chel, and Chel didn't know when she was listening attentively to the conversation between the two and De Philae. Ye Ci pointed to Chel and said, "Look, your goblin king still exists. Although he has made mistakes, who has not made any mistakes? As long as he is still there, your goblin will never regret that the dragon has no leader. What can Wasoko? According to the wisdom of your goblins, are you still worried that another Wasoko will not be built?".De Philae also slowly turned his gaze on Chel, and he didn’t know how long it took before he looked at Ye Ci and Fleeting Time again, and deeply performed the ancient etiquette of a goblin. This is The courtesy the goblin will show to the king and the most respected people, he slowly said: "Thank you, spirit, you are our goblin's eternal friend."

     After De Feilai finished speaking, he saw Chel stand up too. Like De Feilai, he performed an ancient etiquette towards Fleeting Time and Ye Ci, slowly and calmly said: "Elves, thank you for helping us. Everything the goblins make, you will be our most noble and eternal friends."

     Although Chel had given the Scepter of Life Gem to Ye Ci, his name always showed "Goblin King Chel", so when Chel said this sentence, Ye Ci and Fleting Time heard it immediately The system information reminded me: "Your reputation in the end of the goblin has reached esteem."

     This is really a touch of magic, but Ye Ci didn't expect that by being a Quest, a Dungeon can raise the prestige of a race to respect. This is the most unexpected harvest of this Western Continent trip. She turned her head and looked at Fleeting Time. Fleeting Time was also looking at her. She could see that Fleeting Time was quite surprised by this reward. He even blew a whistle to express his good mood.A reminder that he can pay for Quest appeared on De Philae's head. Ye Ci gave him the scepter of life gems, and the system showed that Quest was completed. De Philae took out two packages and handed them to Ye Ci and Fleeting Time: "I have nothing special and no treasure to express my gratitude. Therefore, please do not refuse this thing. I am very grateful. You brought me out of the Goblin Palace."

     The things are the same, they are all a book, carefully wrapped in rough leather, and on top of the book is "De Philae's Work Notes" written in ancient goblin language. It's just that the one by Ye Ci is the first volume, and the one by Fleeting Time is the second volume. When Ye Ci opened the book, she heard the system remind her again: "An ancient and mysterious voice came into your ears. You just feel moved in your heart. You have learned the language of the ancient goblin. "

     Unexpectedly, reading De Feilai's book still has this advantage.

     After Ye Ci learned the ancient goblin language, she could naturally understand the words on it. She frowned and looked at the words on the book, not very happy. My own book is the first volume, and the Fleeting Time is the second volume. Doesn't it mean that she will never get all of the books?Fleeting Time seemed to see Ye Ci's thoughts, and he smiled slightly: "By the way, little childe'>, do you remember the bet we made before entering the palace? My bet is ready."

     Ye Ci doesn't have the thought of discussing this matter now. She is only entangled in how to put the two books together into one book, so her tone seems a little absent: "What is your bet?"

     "My bet is pretty simple. Why not do this. After the opening of the Central Continent, how about we ask the academics in the main city to copy the upper and lower volumes of this book and exchange them?"

     This proposal is naturally the best, but Ye Ci will not believe it so easily. You know, they will soon return to their original relationship. By that time, this thing can still happen? "Sign the contract and I will trust you."

     Fleeting Time didn't care about Ye Ci's careful look. Instead, he smiled happily. He patted the book in his hand: "Just so, I don't really believe that you will be delighted to (do sth, idiom) and give it to me. "

     Ye Ci squinted at Fleeting Time. There was a black line on his head. This bitch, his mouth would never be cheaper for others. However, signing a contract is the best way. In this case, there is no fear that the other party will deny it. After all, after a systematic and fair contract, if one party breaches the contract, the penalty is very heavy.After a few tens of seconds, the system automatically generated a contract according to what the two people meant. Ye Ci looked at it and said that there was no difference with Fleeting Time, and the two parties signed the contract. After closing the respective contracts, Fleeting Time extended a hand to Ye Ci: "Well, little childe'>, for our future cooperation, don't you think you should shake hands with me?"

     Ye Ci glanced at Fleeting Time strangely. Why does it feel so strange?

     Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes: "Do you think that cooperation with Absalom is called cooperation, and cooperation with me is not called cooperation?".

     Ye Ci twitched the corners of her mouth, and she didn't eat the lie of Fleeting Time. She put her hands on her chest: "I don't think any cooperation between us needs a handshake to be established. A contract is enough." , She snorted, turned her head and looked at De Feilai again. When they signed the contract and nonsense, De Feilai and Chel had a plot, but it didn’t seem to be particularly important. Yes, it seems to be almost finished now.

     Fleeting Time touched his nose, looked at Ye Ci's back, and muttered amusedly: "I knew it was like this, so I might as well stay in Dungeon. It's not cute at all.""What are you talking about?" Ye Ci moved her long pointed ears. Although she didn't hear what Fleeting Time said more clearly, she had a certain premonition that this guy must say nothing good.

     Fleeting Time pointed to De Philae with a smile: "There is Quest."

     Ye Ci turned his head again and picked up De Feilai's Quest. This Quest is for Ye Ci to return the scepter of life gem to Chel. Just now Kung Fu Ye Ci looked at the dialogue channel of the NPC, and found that it was a discussion between the two people about Wausoko's fall to the point where it is today. Of course, Chel was remorseful, and his confession made De Feilay willing to Give him the scepter of life gems.

     Chel received the scepter of the gem of life. He quietly looked at the scepter in his hand for a while before he sighed and said: "Wasoko is a country given to the elves by the gods, but we don’t have Cherish, now it is ruined, my God, please lead your children on the journey to find a new home again. This time, your children will be humble and obedient, and will not rebel against your decision." He waved The scepter of life gemstone was chanted, and a string of extremely long spells was chanted in his mouth, and the scepter of fame gemstone emits a red light, the red color seems to be about to bleed blood, which makes people can’t help but have a trace of badness. Hunch.Ye Ci took a step back subconsciously and stood behind Chel, standing in a row with Fleeting Time and De Feilai, and let Chel stand at the forefront of the team.

     After a very long period of chanting of a spell, the red light on the scepter of the gemstone of life seemed to be alive, and a red light group was formed about half a yard above the scepter, and the light group grew more and more. The bigger, the brighter.

     At this moment, the secret language channel of Fleeting Time rang. Although it was uncomfortable that someone sent a secret word to himself at this tense moment, it was from the guy Absalom, and Fleeting Time did not hesitate to answer it. pass. Fleeting Time hadn’t spoken yet, but I heard Absalom’s excited shouting and screaming on the opposite side: “Fleeting Time Fleeting Time, that mithril mine is real. It’s true. Our prerequisite Quest has been done. The Dark Iron Dwarf is exploring the veins.”"Oh, that's not a very good thing." Fleeting Time is not like Absalom who has been suspicious of Ye Ci's words from the beginning to the end, when he heard Ye Ci said that he would use the mithril vein and Absalom for trading. At the time, Fleeting Time had already believed that everything Ye Ci said was true. Was this because Fleeting Time’s favor for Ye Ci determined his blindness, but he believed that Ye Ci was definitely not stupid enough. People who use this kind of thing to do transactions, let alone, childe'>you is a smart person, extremely bright woman, so she will not conflict with her future great interests.

     "Are you still in Dungeon?". Absalom was so excited that he was almost flying, so now even if Fleting Time slapped him twice, he would bear it with a smile, not to mention that Fleeting Time was just absent-minded.

     Fleeting Time Look at where you are now. If you say it is inside Dungeon, it is, but he is no longer in the key part of Dungeon. It is only a step away from Dungeon. If it is not in Dungeon, he seems to have not been there now. That point. After thinking about it, he honestly said his situation: "Well, I'm in Dungeon."

     "How long can you come out?"Fleeting Time looked up at the huge red ball of light on the scepter of life gemstone. There was nothing in my heart. Originally, the two-person Quest was finished, but looking at Chel’s posture, it seemed that there was something else. , And how much time these things will take, God knows.

     "I don't know." Fleeting Time replied slowly: "What are you doing?"

     "I just answered Holy Light City just now. In order to express my gratitude to childe'>you, I invite her to dinner." Absalom seemed to be excited and had forgotten that Ye Ci couldn't enter Holy Light City at all. "This time I want to It’s not because of childe'>you. We don’t know how passive we were after the prosperity came in. It’s fine now. With such a mithril vein, at least the economic lifeline of the western continent is in our hands."

     "She is from Eastern Continent and can't enter the Holy Light City." Fleeting Time faintly pointed out that Absalom's current excitement is pure excitement.

     "Oh, I forgot about this, so how can I thank her? Although it is a cooperation, but, you and I know, we still took a big advantage." Absalom's voice was very happy, and even made a hearty voice. laughter."Go to the warehouse and bring me a copy of Hawkeye. It's your thank you." I don't know if this Dungeon doesn't use Hawkeye. Anyway, the Dungeon that Ye Ci and Fleeting Time walked was from beginning to end. I haven't published a skill book, let alone any eagle eye technique. As for what the first two people said when entering Dungeon, I don’t know if Ye Ci remembers it or not. Anyway, Fleeting Time always keeps in mind: "After I leave Dungeon for a while, you find someone to send it to me, remember, it’s better to be you Bring it by yourself."

     "Well, you will contact me out of Dungeon in a while."

     Just when the two of them were talking nonsense, they saw that the huge red ball of light had expanded to a diameter of seven or eight yards. Chel shouted in the ancient goblin language: "Go" and the ball of light moved at the speed of light. The smoke and dust flew towards the Wasoko Palace. Then only a loud noise was heard, and the whole earth shook violently.

     Flying sand and rocks, vast smoke and dust.

     Ye Ci had long known what something red light would bring, but she didn't expect this to happen at all, and she subconsciously hid. But she didn't want to crash into a generous embrace. Before she could react, she was thrown down by the embrace and buried her face deeply on the ground.Being pressed by someone on his back, Ye Ci didn't feel how uncomfortable, his bare arm was stinged by the fine sand, and his health dropped rapidly. Although every gravel hit on the body is only 1 point of life loss, it can't stand it much. After a while, Ye Ci saw his health bar dropped by a quarter.

     At the team's head, Ye Ci saw the health bar of Fleeting Time, and it was down to only one-fifth of it.

     He guarded himself tightly, without words or any other actions, as if it were just a piece of armor on Ye Ci's body.

     Boom boom boom.

     Although it was in the midst of a huge explosion, Ye Ci still heard that powerful heartbeat, constantly coming from behind...

     I am officially pregnant for seven months today. My belly is getting bigger and bigger. No matter whether it is sitting, standing or lying down, I feel uncomfortable. Codewords are getting harder and harder. It takes longer. At this time, I can feel my mother. Thanks to my mother for the hard work when giving birth to me.

     Thank you for your continued support. By the way, everyone is calling for pink tickets. I'm cheeky and point out. Anyway, I will be tenth and get some milk powder money for the baby~~O(_)O~

     Chapter 45 The End of Quest

     Chapter 45 The End of Quest