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Chapter Directory 250 Chapter 48 Cooperation
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 48 Cooperation

     Chapter 48 Cooperation

     Returning from the southern continent to Eastern Continent will not be a hindrance, but it will take a lot of time. Ye Ci was traveling between cities in the southern continent, and when she was about to return to Eastern Continent, she suddenly received news from an acquaintance.

     Ye Ci saw that it was actually Fluttering Red Feather. This guy is usually One doesn't visit a temple without a cause. Especially after the last time that Dungeon, he even hides away from himself, and he usually has something to do. Ye Ci took the initiative to find him, what happened today? Actually let this guy take the initiative to find himself.

     "Oh, this is really red rain in the world, Yang Yu's guild leader actually took the initiative to look for me. Could it be that the sun has come out to the west?" Ye Ci connected to Fluttering Red Feather and couldn't help but joke him.

     On the other side, Fluttering Red Feather made a big red face: "I have been looking for you for several days, but I have not been able to contact you. Just now I saw the system prompt that you should contact you as soon as you are in the southern continent."

     "Is something to do with me?" Ye Ci doesn't believe that Fluttering Red Feather is looking for himself at this time to narrate the old and other nonsense. Although everyone is familiar, they are usually discussing business interests. If there is nothing special, Presumably Fluttering Red Feather will not find himself.Yu Hongchen didn't go around the corners, and directly explained his intention: "I heard that you Guild has an engineering player who can do mobile cat claws."

     Mobile cat claw? When she left Eastern Continent, a Pea Cake didn't seem to be good enough. How could it be done in a few days? Ye Ci pondered slightly and told the truth: "I have been working on Quest, and I haven't returned to Guild for the time being. I don't know what happened. What's wrong?"

     "Oh, then you plan to return to Eastern Continent now?"

     "I have such a plan." Ye Ci couldn't help but yawned. Actually, it wasn't physically tired, but she didn't go offline for many days. She really missed her bed.

     "Take time to come to our Guild station." Fluttering Red Feather did not say what to do at the end, but he still warmly invited Ye Ci to his Guild station. "We are already Level 6 Guild. In Gale City, you come over and I will pick you up."

     Fluttering Red Feather must have something to do, otherwise, he would not be able to find himself so actively. But what will happen? Ye Ci couldn't think of it temporarily, but she didn't want to think about it. This kind of thing will soon be known. After finding a small city and paying a lot of transmission fees, Ye Ci arrived at Gale City.Gale City is the main city of the southern continent. It is the same level as the Champion City of Eastern Continent, the Holy Light City of the Western Continent and the Warrior City of Northern Continent. This is a huge map that can accommodate nearly tens of millions of players at the same time. However, if war is declared, the number of people on this map will generally be greatly reduced.

     It's only a year since the entire game started. Guilds are all in the development stage. Although many Guilds are already strong enough to lead the way, they can't just say it. It is as if Ye Ci walked into the Guild station of Gale City, and the first thing he saw was not the level six Guild station of the Black Plum Guild, but the level seven Guild station of Xia Ke Island, which surprised Ye Ci slightly.

     If I remember correctly, the acquaintance between her and Fluttering Red Feather in this life is closely related to Xia Ke Island. At that time, I could see that Xia Ke Island and Black Plum Guild were rivals, but I didn't expect the rivals to reach this point. Not only did they bind their own Guild in Gale City, they even made Guild's residence face to face.Ye Ci stood in front of Guild's residence on Xia Ke Island and watched for a while, only to hear someone call her. She turned around and saw that there was a Priest in a white robe standing not far behind her. The golden pattern was woven with complicated patterns on the robe. Standing in the sun, she only felt dazzling and beautiful. Don't worry about the other equipment of this female Priest, just the robe on her body is probably expensive.

     The female Priest saw Ye Ci looking back at her, and quickly walked up to her, showing a generous and gentle smile at Ye Ci: "Is it childe'>you?".

     "I am." Ye Ci not a word or movement looked at the female Priest in front of him, a human being, with long golden hair, blue eyes, and deep facial features. According to the rules of Fate's facial adjustment system, even the appearance of 30 up and down. Floating, but it will not change the basic facial attributes, so fixed attributes such as age and race will always be preserved. Although the appearance of this female Priest looks a bit oriental, it can be seen that this should be a foreign player.There are many foreign players in Fate. They are distributed on various continents like Chinese players. It is not surprising, because Fate’s game warehouse has its own translation system, and there is no player who does not understand the other party’s language. What's more, the languages in the game are not divided according to nationality, but according to race. In other words, Ye Ci is a player of Eastern Continent. She has mastered three basic languages since she was born. Elvish, Eastern Continent Common Language, and Continental Common Language.

     As the name suggests, Elvish is a language only limited to the internal use of Elvish races, and only elves and players who have learned Elvish can understand it. Eastern Continent is the language used by Eastern Continent players to communicate with each other. Language is a common language used by players on all four continents. Generally speaking, if players from different continents want to communicate, they can only use the common language of the mainland. In addition to the most common languages, there are various other languages in Fate according to the system.

     For example, ancient goblin language, ancient orc language, ancient elven language, ancient human language, dragon language, etc., these languages can be learned without spending a certain amount of money in each library, or a certain opportunity can be learned. Arrived."Hello, I'm Priest Laura from the Black Plum Guild, Yang Yu asked me to pick you up." Laura stretched out her hand towards Ye Ci, she was extremely beautiful, and she smiled even more dazzlingly. Don't talk about men, even Ye Ci thinks this woman is truly stunning.

     Ye Ci also stretched out his hand and shook Laura politely, then let go. Laura should not be an idle status in the Black Plum Guild. After all, her interaction with Fluttering Red Feather is not well known. Only a few people know her existence. Today, Fluttering Red Feather invites herself to visit the Guild station. If there is something to tell myself, under such circumstances, this big beautiful girl will pick up herself, and that means that Laura is definitely not an ordinary person.

     "Where is Yang Yu?" Ye Ci looked at Laura's smile and smiled back, but she wanted to know what Fluttering Red Feather was doing now and what she was looking for."Please come with me." Laura nodded and took Ye Ci towards the Guild station of the Black Plum Guild. When the Guild station is moved out of the special map, it will not be so big. The area of the Guild station will be reduced to about the size of the first-level Guild station. However, Guild can purchase the pavement bound to the city, which is very Big gains. Moreover, the purchase of pavements is actually related to the level of the Guild resident. For example, a six-level resident can buy three pavements, and a seven-level resident can buy five pavements.

     It’s just that to upgrade the Guild station, it needs real money. Although the purchase of the shop can greatly increase the income of the economy, the initial investment is really not to be underestimated. It is based on the current strength of each Guild. , If there is no real consortium injecting capital, it would be difficult to upgrade to Level 6 Guild in the game by relying on your own ability.

     Even someone like Upward Ho who owns Ye Ci after such a rebirth never dared to upgrade Guild to level six rashly. Therefore, Black Plum Guild and that knight island must have received capital injection from the reality consortium to be able to do so. Quickly set up a Guild station of this size.Followed Laura into Guild's residence, which is not very big. Players come in and out, and they all greet Laura respectfully. This allowed Ye Ci to confirm that Laura's identity was definitely not necessarily true. Not only that, she still felt that the name was very familiar, but she never remembered what she had heard.

     The two quickly walked to the Guild meeting room, and Laura knocked gently on the door: "Yang Yu, your guest is here."

     Fluttering Red Feather was obviously in a meeting with various senior executives in the conference room. He heard Laura's voice and signaled everyone to take a break for a while, and he quickly walked outside the conference room.

     "Childe'>, long time no see." Fluttering Red Feather smiled brightly as soon as he saw Ye Ci: "Did I help you with the dark beer I gave you last time?".

     "Thank you for your dark beer. If it weren't for your dark beer, I guess I wouldn't have the ability to complete that Quest." Ye Ci didn't explain what Quest is, but just said it. Fluttering Red Feather knew that Ye Ci is a personal thing. , I guessed it was a not-so-simple Quest, but killing him would never think that this Quest was actually a Quest related to the mithril vein."Just help. Let's go. Let's sit in our Guild pub, where there is good wine." Fluttering Red Feather also didn't want to pull Ye Ci to talk about things in such a crowded place, so hurry up He took Ye Ci and walked towards Guild's tavern.

     And Laura followed them and walked towards the tavern.

     At the tavern, Fluttering Red Feather, Ye Ci and Laura sat in a corner, greeted a few bottles of good wine and some good dishes. Ye Ci has been in Dungeon recently and eats some ordinary barbecue. Now that someone invites herself to eat such a good meal, she is naturally not polite.

     Raising the glass, the three clinked them.

     "Childe'>, depending on your equipment, at least level 50 or above." Now players on all continents are rushing, so there are more and more players above level forty-five, and there are even many people. Already on fifty, according to Fluttering Red Feather's understanding of childe'>you, it is expected that Ye Ci's level will not be too low.

     Ye Ci just smiled. He neither admitted nor denied what Fluttering Red Feather said. He just said faintly: "Hong Chen, it’s not the first day we met. Just say anything. Don’t sell it, I still have things Hurry back to Eastern Continent, but there is not much time to waste saliva with you here."Fluttering Red Feather is also very familiar with Ye Ci. He understands Ye Ci's habits. Although this habit makes Laura somewhat unpleasant, she did not say anything when she saw that Fluttering Red Feather didn't care. Fluttering Red Feather sighed, lowered his voice and said, "When you entered the city, you saw Guild's residence on Xia Ke Island."

     "Well, the seventh-level resident is very beautiful." Ye Ci nodded, not stingy with his compliment: "They have the support of a large consortium behind them. It is impossible to build such a large resident without real money. "

     "It's such a thing." Fluttering Red Feather nodded: "However, I am not looking for you today for this."

     "What is it for?" Ye Ci didn't understand. If it wasn't for the Kaleidoscope, why did Fluttering Red Feather mention it again?

     "According to reliable reports, you already have an engineering player in Guild who has made a mobile cat's claw." Fluttering Red Feather didn't go around the circle and said directly: "Although engineering players are not uncommon, but look at the entire continent. You are really the only player who can make mobile cat claws.""What? You want to buy it?" Ye Ci has just contacted Timely Rain, and the news he got is indeed like this. Some time ago, when Ye Ci was doing Quest on the western continent, Upward Ho actually touched a red hand. The formula of a mobile cat's claw, a Pea Cake, as the chief engineering player who signed the contract with Upward Ho, did his part to learn this formula.

     The mobile cat's claw is similar to the cat's claw, but it is more advanced than the general cat's claw. Not only does it have a large scale, it does not require the player to climb manually because there is a live button on the mobile cat's claw. Hold that thing and it will automatically lead the player to climb. With this thing, before there is no siege machine, climbing the wall over the hurdle is an absolute weapon.

     Fluttering Red Feather asked about this at this time, there must be some deserted city or fortress to be captured, otherwise, he would not contact himself in such a hurry.

     "Yes, I want to buy, and I want to buy in large quantities..." Fluttering Red Feather said here, his eyes paused slightly, and then he said: "Furthermore, I want to cooperate with you and become the only purchaser on the southern continent. Guild of this machine."Ye Ci's eyes narrowed, and she began to think about this issue in her heart. There is no doubt that if the Black Plum Guild of Fluttering Red Feather becomes the only Guild in the entire southern continent to buy this, then they must pay a high price. From the benefit point of view, it is definitely worth it. However, if you look at the long-term benefits, this is definitely not a good thing. You have to know that Ye Ci has two mechanical engineering books in hand. In the future, Upward Ho can make a fortune by selling arms. If it is for this benefit now And if you cooperate with Black Plum Guild, you will invisibly lose other potential customers in the southern continent.

     If Black Plum Guild is now the only one in the southern mainland, there is nothing wrong with it. Anyway, Ye Ci will never cooperate with Shengshi, and it is reasonable to cooperate with Black Plum Guild. However, the bad is the bad. The southern continent is now a hundred flowers bloom. Although the strength of each Guild is variable, the Black Plum Guild definitely does not dare to pat his chest and call himself the boss. In such a situation, Ye Ci would lose out if he agreed to Fluttering Red Feather's request.This cooperation is a multiple choice question for Ye Ci, but it is the only opportunity for Fluttering Red Feather, so no matter what point of view, Ye Ci has the absolute initiative in this cooperation. Although Fluttering Red Feather seemed very calm, there was too much anxiety in his eyes. Compared with his getting up, Ye Ci seemed much quieter. She just sat there quietly and poured a glass of wine. Squinted and tasted.

     This is a two-person game, or rather, it is a measurement of future benefits. Ye Ci, as a person standing on the commanding heights, has to measure how this transaction can maximize benefits.

     The tavern is very lively, many players are drinking, and many players are gambling at the corner gaming table. There are certain restrictions on this kind of gambling. Generally, the betting is within the range that the player can bear. If it exceeds the gambling player's bearing capacity, the system will automatically prohibit it. So it's still harmonious, but this small game will become a powerful money-making machine in the near future. It's just that no one knows it now.

     Ye Ci sat on the chair, her eyes falling on the gaming table over there, she seemed careless.Such Ye Ci is in stark contrast to the extremely nervous Fluttering Red Feather, but neither of them speaks. The liveliness of the tavern and the quietness of the two people are as different as clouds and mud. Laura sitting in the middle of the two cannot sit still. She and Ye Ci are not familiar. Although she knows she is a top player, Laura is not Buy it. In her mind, no matter the top players or ordinary players, not more than so-so, as long as they are people who can't get along with the Black Plum Guild, they are all enemies.

     But now Ye Ci is too calm, making her a little angry at Ye Ci, "childe'>you, do you agree or disagree with this matter, always say it, just sit here like this , Did we invite you to have a drink and watch the show?".

     "Laura" don't think Laura is a beautiful beauty, but her temper has always been bad, her personality is also straightforward, and she has a high status in Guild, and she can do it herself, so she always goes straight and doesn’t understand. What kind of tact, it will inevitably bring some trouble in this kind of occasion. But because Fluttering Red Feather has a good relationship with Ye Ci, Fluttering Red Feather took Laura. However, she had repeatedly warned her not to talk nonsense, but she didn't expect that Ye Ci's silence still caused Laura's angry temper.Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Laura, only to see that she was a little dissatisfied with Fluttering Red Feather's blocking her from speaking, and she was sitting on the side sulking. Her delicate features were more vivid because of her anger. Ye Ci suddenly remembered who Laura is. Isn't she the most famous High Priest Laura in the previous life? However, in the previous life, her operation and temper were as famous as her beauty. Players in Fate were more accustomed to calling her a popular Priest. Her real name was rarely mentioned by players. Over time, Ye Ci also forgot her. Name, so when I saw her just now, I felt familiar, but I couldn't remember where I saw her.

     I remember in a daze that Ye Ci had played against her several times, but neither side took advantage of it. Not only did Laura operate well, but more importantly, she could give herself a heal. Therefore, Ye Ci, who is also a commoner professional Ci inevitably suffers when he fights with her. It's just that Ye Ci is a top player. Although it was very hard to fight against Laura, he didn't lose in the end. Not only that, although Laura has a hot temper, her character is very good. If she loses, she loses. Although many of Laura’s suitors are not in harmony with Ye Ci because of Laura’s defeat, Laura has always Ye Ci has never been hunted down because of this.

     For this alone, Laura is a respectable opponent.However, the two people have very little intersection, so there is no friendship. Before Ye Ci is reborn, Laura is already a famous figure in the southern continent.

     I didn't expect to meet her under such circumstances in this life and this life. Although Laura's words were rude just now, Ye Ci was not angry. If she spoke politely, it would probably not be the popular Priest Laura.

     Ye Ci smiled and glanced at Laura again, then put his gaze on Fluttering Red Feather's face: "Let me guess, Yang Yu, you must have found a deserted city or a fortress. Besides, what I discovered with you is Xia Ke Island, right."

     Fluttering Red Feather raised her eyebrows slightly, without appearing too surprised, childe'>you Who, that is the top player in Fate, and she is a smart person, it is not difficult to guess these.Fluttering Red Feather didn’t answer, but he didn’t refute it. This shows that he acquiesced in this matter, so Ye Ci went on to say: "It’s just that your two Guilds met a very big one while fighting for this deserted city or fortress. Difficult. If I'm not mistaken, this deserted city or fortress must have a lot of monsters in it, and the barriers are strong, so you can't start, you can only use cat claws to climb up. However, ordinary cat claws move too slowly and extend and retract Not enough, the success rate is not high. At this time, our Guild produced mobile cat claws, so... you come to me."

     Fluttering Red Feather did not speak, but just slapped his hands, "Yes, you guessed nothing wrong, not even a little error. Childe'>, since you can guess this, then for my request for cooperation, you How are you thinking about it?"

     Ye Ci put down the wine glass and looked at the Fluttering Red Feather quietly: "Hong Chen, we have a good relationship, but we are two Guilds, you and I are both guild leaders, so we are bound to consider our own Guild interests."

     There is nothing wrong with this statement. The personal relationship is good, but now the two people are not only personal relationships, because they are mixed with Guild things, so some things may not be as simple as personal and personal transactions."So what do you mean..." Ye Ci's answer to Fluttering Red Feather is not surprising. After all, from the perspective of long-term interests, this is not necessarily a good deal. However, Fluttering Red Feather didn't know that Ye Ci still had two books about goblin machinery, so all he saw was the mobile cat's claw. Although Fluttering Red Feather knows that if Ye Ci cooperates with him, Fluttering Red Feather knows that if Ye Ci cooperates with him, he will inevitably lose the business of other Guilds in the southern continent, but he does not think Upward Ho can come up with anything better in the future. Come to deal with other Guilds in the southern continent, so even if I sign this buyout contract with myself now, in terms of long-term interests, there is actually no impact.

     "Sorry, Yang Yu, I can't agree to your cooperation request." Ye Ci refused Fluttering Red Feather's cooperation request without hesitation.

     Ye Ci's refusal was obviously expected by Fluttering Red Feather. He calmly and unhurried smiled: "Childe'>, did you refuse too quickly."

     "What?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows.

     "You are unwilling to cooperate because you are afraid that if you sell things to us this time, you will lose the entire southern mainland market, right?" Fluttering Red Feather cut the vital part straight and said what Ye Ci cares most about.

     Ye Ci did not deny: "Yes.""But, childe'>, have you ever thought about what to do if you can't make a good formula in the future?" Fluttering Red Feather smiled slightly. If you want to calculate the benefits, he is not a vegetarian: " Maybe you would say, why are you so unlucky, even if you can't call it, you can still buy it." He smiled softly: "There is nothing wrong with saying that, but, childe'>, if I remember correctly If you, Upward Ho, you don’t have a consortium to inject capital... How can a Guild without a consortium inject capital? So, I think it’s better for you to earn money now and make more money. Although the future is important, but Seeing too far away, on the contrary, planning is not as fast as changing, the gains do not make up for the losses."

     Ye Ci laughed. Fluttering Red Feather is not a vegetarian. I have to say that what he said is really Upward Ho's pain point, but she does not intend to continue arguing with Fluttering Red Feather on this issue. She stood up: "Yang Yu, you are right, but how do you know that I don't have a formula?"

     Fluttering Red Feather looked at Ye Ci's smile for a moment, didn't he inquire something?

     Ye Ci took advantage of Fluttering Red Feather's daze and said, "If I didn't guess wrong, you are looking for me in such a hurry, I'm afraid...Xia Ke Island is already preparing to contact Timely Rain and them."This matter was originally extremely secretive, and only a few people in the entire southern continent knew about it, and now Timely Rain has not been contacted by Xia Ke Island, so Fluttering Red Feather wanted to take this list before Xia Ke Island. According to reason, Timely Rain didn't know this, so childe'>you didn't even know it, but the woman guessed it all at once.

     "You want to use the relationship between us, take advantage of the fact that Xia Ke Island and Timely Rain did not have a good deal before taking down this list, and then you can take down the deserted city or fortress before Xia Ke Island, fight a beautiful battle, and improve by the way. Look at the level of Guild, not bad." Ye Ci stood there, live high and look down at the Fluttering Red Feather.

     His face was slightly ugly, and it seemed that he didn't guess wrong. Ye Ci nodded: "It's good that you have this kind of idea. If I were you, I would do the same. However, Yang Yu, it is still the same sentence. Our personal friendship is personal friendship, and Guild's interests are Guild's interests. One of the two. There is nothing to say between. The dispute between Black Plum Guild and Kaleidoscope Island has nothing to do with Upward Ho. Our current relationship is just a friend, not a collaborator, nor an alliance. Therefore, I don’t have to sacrifice for the Black Plum Guild. Upward Ho's interests, are you right?""Childe'>, if you think about it, the price I will give this time will definitely not be low. This is a rare opportunity for you Upward Ho." Fluttering Red Feather took a deep breath. Decided not to work hard on friendship, and it is more convenient to talk to the childe'> about things directly or directly about interests. "With this money, the scale of your Upward Ho..."

     Fluttering Red Feather saw Ye Ci shaking his hand before he finished speaking, and interrupted him: "Yang Yu, you know, in the near future, the flourishing age will come. I think you know the purpose of the flourishing age to Fate. If you want to If you continue to walk in Fate and earn a lot of money, it is absolutely impossible for you to cooperate with the money-consuming machine of Shengshi. We are small, indeed, but, under the iron hoof of Shengshi, the chance of little Guild’s survival is much lower. Guild is much bigger than yours. Especially the Black Plum Guild. Now the Southern Continent is not the only one. If you don’t take a step back now, then the battle between you and the Knight Island may soon endure. When you want to turn over, it’s too difficult."

     Fluttering Red Feather's complexion became a little ugly. In fact, he was so anxious to find Ye Ci for this reason. He wanted to get that deserted city, and he wanted to become the No. 1 in the southern continent. Only in this way can he have enough strength. To deal with the upcoming flourishing age."In this cooperation, Yang Yu, you have no right to choose. The right to choose is in my hands. Of course, we have a good relationship. I can't pit you, but if I don’t pit you, it doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice my interests. You understand. Do I mean?". Ye Ci's voice was faint and cold, as if there were not too many emotional fluctuations, which made Laura feel chills while sitting aside. This woman is really not a good guy to deal with.

     Fluttering Red Feather thought for a long time before slowly saying: "What is your request?"

     "I will definitely not agree to your monopoly requirement. However, I can provide you with 300 to 500 mobile cat claws at once, and postpone the delivery time of other southern mainland Guild mobile cat claws. It is just my price. Not low, at least the price you monopolize."

     "This is too expensive." Laura is the chief financial officer of Black Plum Guild. For Ye Ci, she was the first to jump up. If there is no monopoly, then the price they prepared to buy these things is simply a sky-high price.

     "Think about long-term benefits, it's nothing." Ye Ci smiled: "Furthermore, Yang Yu, you are right, we Upward Ho need this money, but this money is taken by everyone, I You don’t have to take it here, right?"Fluttering Red Feather only felt the pain, but Ye Ci was absolutely right when he said it. If he missed this opportunity, he would seize the number one position in the southern continent, I am afraid it would be impossible. He looked up at Ye Ci and smiled bitterly: "childe'>, your mouth is cruel enough."

     Ye Ci still looks like a serene. She smiled and said, "I just happened to be hungry, so you will offer a piece of good meat. If I don't take a bite, doesn't it seem that I am too insincere?"

     "Yang Yu? Do you want to agree? The price is a bit too expensive..." Laura frowned. Although she could not stop Fluttering Red Feather from making a decision, Guild definitely has a voice that cannot be ignored. Although what she said can't influence the final result, it can greatly correct the adverse effects brought about by the final result.

     Fluttering Red Feather shook his head and signaled Laura to stop speaking. He just looked at Ye Ci quietly: "I ask you to postpone the time for other Guild mobile cat claws in the southern continent by fifteen days."

     "Up to ten days." Ye Ci shook his head.

     "Childe'>, you can't bully me again and again.""Yang Yu, I can't hinder my own development. I have to let others taste the sweetness before the prosperous age, so that I have the opportunity to do business in the future, right?" Ye Ci smiled: "Only ten days, I believe With the abilities of your Black Plum Guild, you should win that deserted city within ten days."

     "However, it is definitely not easy for us to deal with other Guild's sneak attacks while taking down the deserted city." Fluttering Red Feather frowned.

     "If you can't do this, what do you want to be No. 1 in the Southern Continent?" Ye Ci smiled softly: "As much as your heart is, you have to give as much." She lowered her eyes and poured herself a glass of wine. , And then lifted it up: "I wish we have a happy cooperation."

     By now, the Black Plum Guild has no retreat. Although Fluttering Red Feather is a bit unwilling, he can only bite the bullet and agree to Ye Ci's proposal. He raised the cup and touched Ye Ci with a heavy heart: "I hope the cooperation is happy."

     Ye Ci is in a good mood, drain the cup in one gulp, put down the cup, and walk outside: "You can draw up the contract, and when it is done, I will find Timely Rain, and I will urge Guild’s people to make it for you. Stuff."

     Her voice got farther and farther, and finally walked out of the tavern and disappeared into the gloomy night."This woman..." Laura gnashing one's teeth, this bite was so painful to be bitten by Childe'>you, she was not reconciled to think about the money: "Yang Yu, why did you promise him, you can drag her a bit ."

     "She holds it up, we can't afford it." Fluttering Red Feather sat down, took a deep breath, looked at the light on the top of the tavern, frowning: "The prosperous age is coming. If we are not happy, Guild Strengthen yourself, we will be the first to be strangled by Sheng Shi, Laura, we can't afford it...

     Laura sighed deeply as she listened to Fluttering Red Feather's words. She stretched out her hand and patted Fluttering Red Feather's hand, showing a comforting smile: "Yang Yu, it will be good, it will be good." ."

     "If only it were so." Fluttering Red Feather only felt tired, physically and mentally exhausted. Really, too tired.


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     Chapter 48 Cooperation

     Chapter 48 Cooperation