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Chapter Directory 251 Chapter 49 Guild Matters
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 49 Guild Matters

     Chapter 49 Guild Matters

     It is much easier to get back to Eastern Continent from Gale City. Ye Ci bought a few flying fragments and walked towards the teleportation stone. There, you can return to Eastern Continent in the blink of an eye.

     As the main city of the southern mainland, Gale City is of course unparalleled by other small cities. It is different from the layout of Champion City, Champion City is like a gossip, the middle place is the administrative area, and the other areas are around the administrative area, roads open in all directions, people flow like water. Gale City is a basin. Its administrative area is in the middle of the basin. The other areas are all distributed on the slopes of the basin. From a distance, the administrative area appears to be a bit low.

     Although this distribution is a bit unfavorable for defense, Gale City’s fortifications are also the most complete of the four main cities, and it will definitely not allow players to easily find cheap. Therefore, when planning the entire game, the planners blocked almost all bugs, which also made it difficult to find bugs in Fate.Ye Ci followed the crowd towards the largest teleportation stone in front of the administrative district. The main teleport stone of this teleport stone Gale City, like her non-continental player, if you want to reach your destination in the fastest way, it is better to find the main teleport stone, because the main teleport stone covers almost all continents. Teleportation points in all larger cities.

     As a hunter, agility and balance are the top attributes, but the perception is slightly worse. However, despite this, although Ye Ci's perception is not as good as Rogue's, it is still very high among most of the players. She walks in the crowd, but she always feels that there is Who staring behind her and looked back several times. No figures were found. Is it because she feels wrong?

     Ye Ci groaned slightly, and still walked unhurriedly. She watched the guards patrolling in front come towards her, and immediately walked forward, and then there was a chance for the wrong body. , The figure dodged into the surrounding alleys and started the disguise technique. Immediately, her figure merged with the surrounding environment and colors, making it impossible to find out.

     Sure enough, not long after Ye Ci was disguised, he saw two Rogues quickly following up. Their faces Ye Ci were very strange and they had never seen them before."What about people?" The two Rogues are human and the undead. They stand together and look around. It is the undead Rogue who speaks. His skin was pale, and his eyes showed the unique gray of the undead clan, but he was very fierce. With the addition of at least purple equipment, he looked extraordinary.

     "I don't know, I just found out that she was gone when I was wrong with the patrol." Although the human Rogue is well equipped, it is still a bit worse than the undead Rogue. , This human Rogue should be a subordinate of the undead Rogue.

     "How did you follow it? That way," the undead Rogue frowned. Although there was no stern tone, it can be seen that he was still blaming the human Rogue.

     Human Rogue also appeared helpless: "Ghost cat boss, the other party is the top player of Eastern Continent..."

     The undead Rogue called the ghost cat waved impatiently and interrupted the human Rogue. He took a long breath and did not continue to blame the human Rogue. Indeed, human Rogue is telling the truth, the opponent is the top player of Eastern Continent, and is good at SOLO. Such a player's anti-reconnaissance ability must be very fucking awesome. Although he and this human Rogue's Stealth tracking ability are both ranked high in Guild, it is not guaranteed to be doubted.He bowed his head and thought for a while, and then said to the human Rogue: "Forest Lodge, you go back to Guild, and look for another twenty Rogues from the Rogue group. You must find childe'>you."

     "Ghost cat boss, childe'> Will You still be in Gale City? If she found us, would she have run away long ago?" The forest hut was a little worried.

     Ghost cat shook his head. He probed around cautiously, with a smile on his lips: "No."

     "Ah? Why are you so sure?" The forest hut looked at the ghost cat without understanding, how could he be so sure, and he didn't know childe'>you, how could he say that he knew her so well.

     "Because she is a top player. The creatures of top players are very strange, and their curiosity is much stronger than that of ordinary people. Especially in this situation, if she didn’t figure out why she was being followed, I’m afraid she wouldn’t He left so easily." The ghost cat played with the dagger in his hand, and the smile on his lips made his face look a little ghastly. As he spoke, he stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked his lips, his stern eyes were even more intense. Search in every corner nearby: "If I'm not mistaken, now childe'>you should be near us."

     "is it?". The forest hut also began to search immediately, but got nothing.Their level is not as high as Ye Ci, so it is not so easy to see through Ye Ci's disguise. This is also an important reason why Ye Ci can stay with these two people so confidently and boldly. Although the voices of the two of them were very soft, they still all penetrated Ye Ci's ears. She looked at the overly ordinary face of the ghost cat and smiled with interest. This undead thief, sure enough It's not that simple to deal with.

     Not only did he analyze clearly, but he was able to guarantee that he would not be disturbed by such annoying people, and he continued to search for Ye Ci calmly. From this point of view, if this person is not the top master of the southern continent, he is definitely one of the players who definitely hopes to become the top master of the southern continent.

     However, what makes people do not understand is how could such a highly potential Rogue focus on himself? Ye Ci is a little puzzled that Eastern Continent and Southern Continent players belong to an alliance. What conflicts usually exist between them. What's more, Ye Ci can't remember what he has done in the Southern Continent. How could it provoke a group of people to Own stalking? For Ye Ci, who just returned from the Western Continent in its entirety, there is really a difference between heaven and earth. What is this all about? Being regarded as a guest on the hostile continent and being watched by people on the Alliance Continent, is this a mess? Inverted?Ye Ci squatted in the corner, staring at the ghost cat and the forest hut. After receiving the ghost cat's order, the forest lodge immediately left Feiben, and the ghost cat entered the Stealth state.

     They are alliance continents, and it is more difficult to search for the opponent's location than for players who search for the enemy continent. What's more, Ye Ci is now in a disguised state and it is impossible to search and investigate. She closed her eyes, and felt the surrounding environment carefully. It was quiet and could not find a trace of danger. Could it be that the ghost cat is gone?

     It is absolutely impossible.

     Ye Ci can even be sure that when the ghost cat and the forest hut were talking, this person has already discovered his existence, but where is the ghost cat?

     Suddenly, Ye Ci only felt a hint of coolness coming towards the back of his head. The speed was so fast that it was too fast for people to dodge. Ye Ci knows that this is the most commonly used stun for Rogue. Once hit, it will not only take away a lot of health, but also be in a state of stun for a period of time. Although there is a level difference between the two people, when Rogue uses the back attack, the level difference will be reduced to negligible.Ghost Cat's eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a dark green color in his vision. In this color, he could clearly see the hiding and disguise of everyone. This skill is a must for advanced Rogue-exposure, but the production rate of this skill book is extremely low. He only found it accidentally. Under exposure, he has never met someone who can't find it. .

     However, meeting the childe'>you still made him come a croppers. He has been using exposure since he was talking to the forest hut, but he has never found the existence of childe'>you until he got close to the childe' just now. > Within twenty yards of Yu, she discovered her existence.

     Although she is not a Rogue, her concealment skills are already better than many Rogues. This makes Ghost Cat have to praise, she is a top expert, and it is not so easy to deal with. Although the guild leader only asked them to stare at the childe'>you, but the passion of meeting a master and longing for a battle made the ghost cat walk away from the forest hut, and the impatient attacked Ye Ci. In the Southern Continent's master list, the ghost cat is ranked top, but he is still a little short of the top master.Ghost cat had never played a game before, even Fate was the first game he came into contact with. However, some people are born with a talent for playing games. Soon, Ghost cat will polish his skills in non-stop battles. After practicing, although he has never been able to break through to become a top player, he has few opponents among the advanced players on the southern continent.

     Rogue has a half-and-half chance of winning against the hunter. Hunters are good at hiding, and Rogue is good at tangling, not to mention the agility of these two professions are similar, so it is not easy to get a distance. As long as you can stick to the hunters and prevent them from leaving your own eight yards, then Rogue hitting the hunters is really not difficult.

     This is the experience that the ghost cat gained after challenging several senior hunters in the southern continent. Of course, he also put this experience on Ye Ci. It's just that he has forgotten one point. Although there is only one word difference between advanced players and top players, the gap between them is not a little bit.

     The ghost cat’s dagger was thrust into the back of Ye Ci’s head, his eyes showed a bloodthirsty light, and he was hit.However, just as his dagger was about to be inserted into the back of Ye Ci's head, he saw that Ye Ci's body was slightly to the left as if unintentionally, but it was half a yard away. He was like this. Wiped it from her side. The ghost cat was surprised, what's going on? childe'>How did you do it, how did she flash past? Did it flash past or just happen to deviate

     Just when the ghost cat was surprised, he suddenly found that his wrist holding the dagger was being held. He looked down and saw that it was a plain white and slender hand with a worn-out hand on her thumb Very smooth finger, this is childe'>you hand

     Ghost cat horror

     How fast is he? He knew it himself. How fast is he attacking? This is even more unpredictable. But at such a high speed, Childe'>you not only escaped easily, but also grabbed his wrist easily. What kind of brilliant is this?Just when the ghost cat's heart was incomparably shocked, he only felt that his body was suddenly inertia, and then his body was thrown out like this. Until a person was thrown out, when severely fell to the ground, the ghost cat didn't want to understand how Childe'>you did it. He played back the picture just now in his mind over and over again, trying to find some details and clues from it, but no matter how much he thought, how many times he watched it, it was futile.

     "What do you do with me?" Ye Ci stood in front of the ghost cat, frowning, just to avoid being discovered. Not only did she not carry Ol' Four, she was also very low-key, but she still didn't expect it to happen. It was still discovered.

     The ghost cat sat on the ground and raised his eyes to look at the childe'>you, the huntress didn't mean to make a move. Yes, they are the Alliance Continent, and now they are in Gale City. If there is a fight, I am afraid that they will come on patrol soon, and they will immediately be sent to prison. He looked at the childe'>you, his mind was still thinking about what happened just now, so his expression was a little sluggish.And Ye Ci also found that the ghost cat did not cooperate with her question, and did not want to continue to pester him, now the southern continent surge like a gathering storm, although she really wants to see the mithril mineral vein in the southern continent, but at this time Obviously it is unwise. What's more, there are still many unidentified players following her. If she continues to stay, it is definitely not a good thing.

     She looked down at the Guild badge on the chest of Ghost Cat, which seemed to belong to the Island of Knight. Ye Ci groaned slightly and sneered. It seems that the southern continent is really turbulent. No wonder the Fluttering Red Feather will be held hostage by her. It turned out that the southern continent has already been fighting on its own, especially the Black Plum Guild and Xia Ke Island. But the clashes continue. After thinking about it, the people who had only entered Gale City on the Island of Knights focused on themselves, but they did not realize that their purpose must be the same as that of the Black Plum Guild.

     Ye Ci paused for a while. She thought that only Eastern Continent was the most chaotic on the four continents. It seemed that every continent was similar. With the advent of the flourishing age, all these players began to be impetuous. Now that she had guessed how much the other party's purpose was, Ye Ci didn't want to stay any longer. She turned around and quickly plunged her figure into the turbulent crowd, followed by a large number of players, and soon disappeared.The ghost cat slowly stood up, filled with shock, is this the difference between advanced players and top players? He took a deep breath, although he didn't know how childe'>you did it just now, but he must do it first

     Teleported from Gale City back to Red Lake City, Ye Ci stood on the edge of the teleportation stone and took a deep breath, and finally returned to Eastern Continent. Although the journey was only a few days, it seemed to Ye Ci that it was very long. Now she had too many things, and she didn't have much time to delay here, and immediately returned to Guild.

     Bai Mo has been online relatively few recently, and the entire Guild is basically handed over to Timely Rain, but it is also thanks to him that the inside and outside leaders take care of the entire Guild everything clear and orderly. Ye Ci's return obviously made Timely Rain very excited. Ye Ci knew that he and Bai Mo were not there during this time, and all the burdens were on Timely Rain's body. He was also quite tired.

     Since Ye Ci entered the Guild site, Timely Rain has followed Ye Ci and began to report one by one on various events in the recent period.

     "Guild’s First Squadron progress has already beaten all the Dungeons of level 45, including expert level difficulty, and is now helping the 2nd and 3rd regiments to fight all the Dungeons of the 45th level. Three regiments are still a bit difficult, but with the First Squadron guys there, there is no problem.""Guild now has 23,000 players, but only 2,000 have entered the elite team. Those who enter the elite team have signed an elite contract, and there are 123 core members. Remote Depths has already followed They all signed the core agreement. If these people want to leave, they will have to pay high compensation, and I have entrusted Moon Green Hill to investigate all of these people. There is no problem with their origins, plus their recognition of Guild They are all very tall, so although a few received invitations from other Guilds to dig into the walls, they flatly refused."

     "Guild still has 3.73 million gold coins at his disposal. Although it can meet the usual expenses, it is obviously not enough if it wants to expand."

     "The equipment and various materials in Guild's warehouse have been almost used, but now Eastern Continent has many large Guild private venues for collection of materials at various material points. We can only get scattered materials, and the current materials of the auction house The tide rises, the boat floats, Guild will be unable to make ends meet if he continues to buy. This has to be done quickly..."

     "Guild has only ninety-six players who have learned skills above forty-five level. The explosion rate of the skill book is too low, which greatly restricts our development.""Guild now has one senior pharmacist, forty-three intermediate pharmacists, two senior tailors, 37 intermediate tailors, one senior alchemist, 39 intermediate alchemists, and three senior blacksmiths. , Fifty-six intermediate blacksmiths, two senior cooks, 44 intermediate, one senior engineer, thirty-two intermediate engineers, one senior gem setter, eighteen intermediate, two senior enchanters, and intermediate enchanters Forty-one teachers..."

     Ye Ci is a hands-off shopkeeper in Guild and rarely cares about these Guild matters. Therefore, when she heard these things today, her temples couldn't help but feel a little bulging headache. However, despite this, she still finds that she is usually too idle. Many things in Guild are now managed by Bai Mo and Timely Rain. They are not reborn players, and a reborn player herself does not seem to play any special role. , Had to review myself.

     "Did the engineers in Guild learn goblin engineering?" Listening to the crackling reports of Timely Rain, Ye Ci found an entry point and started sorting these things. And this entry point is exactly what I need most urgently now."Yes, but the number is very small, only six, and none of them have reached the intermediate level. The recipes for goblin engineering are hard to find, and there are none on the market." Timely Rain said truthfully, there is no goblin engineering yet What really highlights his advantage is to create a repaired robot to save time when running Dungeon. The others are nothing special.

     Ye Ci pondered for a while. Goblin engineers are really not easy to find. Goblin engineers are already a branch of engineering. Even in the last life, after the siege mechanics were opened a few years later, these goblin engineers became popular. Before that, goblin engineers were basically mainly She specializes in engineering, even if she is transferred to goblin engineering, she is only upgraded by the way, and not many people value her. Thinking of this, Ye Ci suddenly remembered a person, counting time, this person should have just changed his profession as a goblin engineer, if he can get this person, then Upward Ho will really become an arsenal.

     She made up her mind to visit this person in the near future, but she still had some things to do before that. She lay on the table and wrote a lot of names, and then handed it to Timely Rain: "Let your team start sending invitations to the following people. Those who can be recruited must be recruited with the best treatment. To them."Timely Rain looked at the names written on the paper Ye Ci gave him. They were all people who didn't know him at all. Some didn't understand Ye Ci: "These people are..."

     "All life professional players." Ye Ci did not hide Timely Rain. The life professional players selected by Ye Ci are very special. They did not enter the game as soon as the server was opened, but the individual players who entered the game one after another after the server opened for half a year. At the beginning, they did not regard the life profession as a life occupation. Their own job is just playing, and in the later stage, they received a lot of legendary Quests of life professions before they became the masters of life professional players who burn your hand, feel the heat.

     Ye Ci naturally has his own considerations for choosing these people.

     The players who entered the game at the beginning were basically contracted by the big Guild when they were a little bit better. Now the major Guilds have collected a lot of professional life players, and they don’t care too much about this kind of Life Player who enters the game later. , Even if you care, they are too ordinary now, and there is no chance to enter these big Guild's eyes. The practice of life and occupation generally costs a lot of money. Small and medium-sized Guilds can't afford to support them, and large Guilds have too harsh conditions for entry. Therefore, these casual players should all be living very hard now.What's more, these people written by Ye Ci were not only famous in Eastern Continent in the previous life, but also have good character, so they came into Ye Ci's eyes. Unlike other Guild people, Guild’s guild leader chooses the best products among the players, and Ye Ci has experienced her last life and has her strong experience, so she can choose the best products from the best products, so as to maximize her own expansion. The strength of Guild.

     Not to mention anything else, it can be seen from Upward Ho’s Dungeon group that their main force, First Squadron’s progress can be compared to Tang Dynasty, Wolf Clan, Genesis and other established Guilds. This place has just been formed for half a year. As far as the small Guild is concerned, it is simply impossible.

     "Okay, I'll get people to contact them right away." Timely Rain did not ask Ye Ci too much. Ye Ci has always acted as if there is no organization, but he knows that behind these seemingly unorganized, there is a huge Concealment. Business opportunities and opportunities, so as long as Ye Ci confessed, Timely Rain has never asked too much.

     This kind of trust was built up after he teamed up with Ye Ci for the first time, and it has grown deeper and deeper, and has never changed."Also, I heard from Remote Depths that our Guild has a team dedicated to collecting intelligence, how is it formed?" Ye Ci did not pay special attention to this matter. It was done by Bai Mo. Bai Mo as a guild leader is not allowed. Not to mention that many places consider more than Ye Ci. What era is this? It is an age of information. The more people who can grasp the secret information prematurely, the more they can have the opportunity to do things.

     Each Guild actually has its own intelligence organization. Upward Ho is not the first to invent it. It’s just that the high-quality players of Upward Ho have a much higher share of players than other Guild players. Therefore, to form such an intelligence organization, you only need to grasp good people. , It is only stronger than other Guilds, but not weaker. If there is no intelligence organization, it is impossible for the people of Fluttering Red Feather and Xia Kedao to discover her existence as soon as she enters the southern continent. After passing through the southern continent, she increasingly feels that this piece must not be left behind, especially in the future prosperity. In the coming, if there is no intelligence organization of its own strength, relying on a Moon Green Hill alone is simply seeking death for oneself.

     "It has been running for a while. Everyone has gone through a running-in period and is getting better and better now." About this intelligence organization Timely Rain was very satisfied, so when Ye Ci asked about this intelligence organization, Timely Rain couldn't bear it. Live with a smile.Ye Ci reported a coordinate: "Send someone there to check if there is any other Guild's idea to hit this deserted city."

     The coordinates given by Ye Ci are a deserted city located near the ninety-level map. In historical records, the city here was once more prosperous than Champion City, but then it withered during the war, and now it has become the home of the devil. . The name of this deserted city was once called "Molai" which means prosperous in ancient lingua franca, but now his name is Sodom, which means sin.

     Sodom is one of the cities closest to the Central Continent in the entire Eastern Continent. Of course, this means that after being taken down, that map is a forbidden area for all players. There are more than sixty and ninety-level maps. More than forty maps with one hundred levels and thirty maps with more than one hundred levels tightly surrounded the city of Sodom, making players want to step into it as a delusion.This is also the main reason why Ye Ci abandoned the main city Champion City as a bound city. She doesn't want anyone to know that Upward Ho has the ambition to dominate the world. Before you have the ability to give your opponent a fatal blow, all you have to do is conceal one's strengths and bide one's time. What's more, in a capital city like Champion City, land is extremely expensive (in that area) everywhere. They made Upward Ho from scratch and are unwilling to be funded by a consortium. It is simply too difficult for Guild like this to survive in Champion City. take an alternate route.

     If Sodom City is captured, let’s not say that the surrounding high-level maps will become the main areas where players will concentrate in the future. Just talking about the teleportation stones from there to the Central Continent can bring people a strong income every day, and these are completely There is no tax on the system.

     Ye Ci clearly remembers that the city of Sodom in the previous life was captured by Wolf Clan and Stamina spent a lot of money. At that time, the whole game suffered a great loss of vitality during the Great World War. In order to prevent Tang Dynasty from taking the lead, it can be said that Wolf Clan exhausted everything to capture Sodom. Because there was no siege machine, Wolf Clan basically used an average of nine. Level 10 players piled Sodom City out. That battle was included in Fate's history and also pushed Wolf Clan into the ranks of Super Guild.

     However, after that, Wolf Clan has developed rapidly, but in half a year he has left Tang Dynasty, which was on par with himself, far behind, becoming the overlord of Eastern Continent fully deserving, without any reservations.Ye Ci didn't have the idea of hitting Sodom City at the beginning, after all, she was just a person, even if she had the ability of heaven-defying, she was still a person. But now it's different. With Upward Ho, and with mithril, with goblin engineering mechanics, she started to think about Sodom a little bit.

     In the last life, Sodom City was occupied by Wolf Clan after the game was opened for three years. In this life, if she can speed up the pace of restricting the prosperity, maybe she can take Sodom City before this time. Just thinking about it, Ye Ci couldn’t help but feel agitated. Rebirth is not only to compensate for mistakes, but more importantly to move forward.

     Timely Rain looked at the coordinates given to him by Ye Ci and checked it with a map finder. His heart almost stopped beating. He looked at Ye Ci with a pale face: "childe'>, this is a map above level ninety..."

     "Look for a Rogue who knows the shadow dance step, it’s best if the shadow dance step reaches the three poles." The shadow dance step is Rogue’s extremely advanced Stealth skill. There are very few two levels, but this skill Stealth can increase the concealment effect by 60, which is a skill that the Rogue of the intelligence organization must be equipped with. With this skill, Rogue can go to more maps that other players cannot reach.Shadow dance step...Timely Rain thought for a while. There are really a few people in the intelligence organization who know this, but there is only one person who reaches the three poles, but I don't know if he can do it alone.

     "Well, I'll find someone to try."

     Ye Ci took a look at Timely Rain and didn’t say anything about his uncertainty. She knew that this kind of thing was too risky for Timely Rain, who had always been well-behaved, and the level of risky could be said to be more than his heart could bear. Scope out.

     "Black Plum Guild used six million gold to order three hundred mobile cat claws with me. Can it be produced?"

     "So much" Timely Rain was taken aback, and he didn't know if he was talking about more cat's claws or more money. Anyway, he was quite surprised: "The money is enough to buy three thousand sticks. Why are they doing this?"

     "Because they want to buy with me for ten days." Ye Ci smiled slightly, the money is enough, no wonder Fluttering Red Feather feels so distressed.

     Timely Rain followed Ye Ci and Bai Mo for a long time, and naturally he could guess what she meant. He immediately understood: "You mean they bought us for ten days of late delivery of goods to Xia Ke Island for six million? "

     The pen in Ciwan's hand smiled slightly, and then issued another order: "This money, first bring up the level of the people who signed the agreement in Guild, and all reach the sixtieth level before the expansion is opened.""Will it be too reluctant, we are still driving Dungeon." Timely Rain forgot, the money used to upgrade the level of two thousand people can not be used up, but these people are now at level 50. , Would it be impossible to reach level sixty within twenty days?

     "I have found a few good positions for leveling, and I will tell you later, if you organize people to pass, Dungeon will not fight for the time being. Even these 20 days late is nothing, as long as you can do a good job before the new expansion is opened. Just be prepared for the prosperous age." Ye Ci took a deep breath. It is indeed a bit too urgent to arrange this thing at this time. However, as long as the main elite team can reach the sixtieth level, it is also very important to pull out, especially after Shengshi comes in, it will take at least ten months for them to catch up with this level. Using this time, Upward Ho can preempt. Absolute first opportunity.

     "Also, materials..." This embarrassed Ye Ci. She hadn't practiced life skills in her last life. She didn't remember the dense growth of these materials too clearly: "Let the intelligence team collect them, even if The map level is a little higher, as long as there is a fast, dense place, report it immediately, and then think of a way."Timely Rain recorded everything Ye Ci said. Ye Ci has always been a shopkeeper for Guild, even Dungeon is basically not coming. For Guild as a whole, she is just a sign, but when it comes to Guild management, no one will mention her, so Timely Rain has never There is no habit of asking Ye Ci what it means. If Bai Mo hadn't waved his hand for too long this time, Timely Rain would have nothing to do, and he would not come to Ye Ci.

     Originally, he only wanted to report on the recent situation, but he never thought that Ye Ci would take care of everything about Guild’s development. He suddenly knew that this woman was not She's only good, she just doesn't want to control it all the time, if she really wants to control, the momentum of pass like thunder and move like the wind is definitely not worse than any man.

     "Childe'>...I think you seem to be different." Timely Rain scratched his hair and couldn't tell the difference, but it was different.Ye Ci smiled bitterly, there was no difference, she was all forced. If it weren’t for a deal with Fluttering Red Feather in the southern continent, she would never have thought of developing Upward Ho in this way. She had always thought that Upward Ho would only need to protect herself, but now she knows that the weak are prey to In the era of the strong, self-protection alone is definitely not enough. She must be as strong as Upward Ho, as strong as anyone and any Guild fears.

     Chapter 49 Guild Matters

     Chapter 49 Guild Matters