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Chapter Directory 253 Chapter 51 Task Lock
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 51 Quest Lock

     Chapter 51 Quest Lock

     "Let's go, you can just mine for yourself, don't worry about the others." Ye Ci cleared his throat, concealed his gaffe, and then followed Ol’ Four to clear the blame.

     Kazuki Huakai did not miss the embarrassment of Ye Ci. He found that, in fact, the SOLO king of Eastern Continent was not as demonized as said on the forum.

     "Hurry up, we will clean up the monsters later." Ye Ci walked out a long way, and found that Kazuki was still standing in bloom, so he turned his head and shouted at him.

     Kazuki blossomed back to his senses, and immediately rushed all the way: "Here is here."

     This is probably the best time for Kazuki to dig a mine. He doesn't have to worry about whether he will be in danger or that the ore will be robbed. He just needs to dig with his head buried. It's just that he was a little strange while mining, why did childe'>you bring him to mine?Kazuki Huakai sat beside a selenium-silver mine and ate bread to replenish his strength. He quietly looked up, and saw childe sitting not far from him, her eyes quietly sweeping. In this area, as long as any monster is brushed out at this time, she will definitely not be able to escape the bow and arrow in her hand. There is also that huge dinosaur standing next to Childe'>you, panting heavily, his red eyes are a little scary, especially when he faces himself with an ugly face, Kazuki Hana This guy who can feel it right away is not friendly to him at all.

     He was eating bread, and two dark porcupines came out not far behind him. Ye Ci immediately led Ol’ Four to solve the trouble. Then she picked up some general equipment and a twenty-square backpack from the corpse, and she traded the backpack to Kazuki Huakai casually.

     Kazuki Huakai was stunned looking at the backpack. He glanced at Ye Ci, a little bit embarrassed: "I, I don't have money to buy it."

     "You don't need money, just hold it." Ye Ci threw the backpack to Kazuki Huakai: "A life professional player, the important thing is to have a big backpack. Wouldn't it be a waste to come out?"."But... our contract says that all the spoils belong to you..." Kazuki Hanakai is a relatively honest person who will not go over the rules in the system contract at all.

     Ye Ci couldn't help but laugh. This Kazuki blossoms is really pedantic, "Since the trophy is mine, I can give it to whoever I want, and you just have to hold it."

     Now that Ye Ci had already spoken to this point, Kazuki couldn't be embarrassed to continue to refuse.

     Time passed quickly. Five or six hours passed just like that. Kazuki blossoms, the more he digs, the more disturbed he is. While he digs, he looks at childe'>you. The nervous expression on his face is in sharp contrast to Ye Ci's request for peace of mind.

     "What do you want to say?" Ye Ci is not a stone either, she finally asked when Kazuki blossomed with such horrified eyes for several hours.

     Hearing childe'>you talking, Kazuki blossomed and felt that he could finally breathe out a long breath. He turned his head to look at childe'>you, and asked with a little uneasiness: "I, I only have one hundred gold. "

     "I know."

     "You took me to dig a mine here for so long, but it's very, very at a loss." Kazuki Huakai straightened her chest quickly and summoned the courage to say, "I, I don't have any extra money for you."Ye Ci squinted his eyes, looked up and down the tree blossoms, and then smiled gently: "I am indeed very depressed. If you don't tell me, I forgot it."

     "I just said, I, I, I don't have any extra money for you..." Kazuki Huakai's courage was destroyed because of Ye Ci's serene and not in the least concerned attitude. He is an honest person, most afraid of taking advantage of others. Now that Childe'>you has spoken, he has no courage to say the following.

     Kazuki knew that today childe'>you not only lost, but also lost a lot. Although Kazuki Huakai didn’t know the value of childe'>you's worth, but once he saw from the forum that big Guild would ask childe'>you next time for Dungeon, the bid was all hundreds of thousands of gold coins, and childe' >You may not go there yet. But today, he bought childe for 100 gold'>you basically a day...this, this account...

     If calculated according to the market price on the forum, childe'>you is worth at least 300,000 gold today, even if they are not playing Dungeon today, you can make a half discount, it is also 150,000 gold.

     150,000 goldKazuki blossomed in his heart, holding his fingers in his heart. His total net worth did not add up to a thousand gold, and one hundred fifty thousand gold was a fantasy for him. Suddenly, he felt that he was losing money today... If it wasn't because of the name childe'>you that he was stunned, he is still in the town of Blair calling for a team, even if he was cast aside. It doesn’t matter if you are ridiculed, but you won’t be burdened with a debt of hundreds of thousands...

     Tears full of tears...

     Ye Ci certainly didn’t know how many thoughts Kazuki had in her heart to intimidate herself during such a short period of time. She just noticed that Kazuki’s flowers suddenly became very depressed. He sniffed and sat down. On the ground, I don’t even want to dig a mine.

     "Your backpack is full?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. It shouldn't be full so soon.

     "No." Kazuki made a muffled voice.

     "Then you continue. Could it be that I can dig for you?" Ye Ci baffling watched Kazuki blossom. What happened to this person? Why did it feel like someone had a spine pulled in an instant?

     "I'm out of the mood."

     "Ok?"Kazuki Hua bloomed and sniffed again, raised his head, and looked at Ye Ci pitifully: "childe'>you, I really only have one hundred gold, I only have one hundred and twenty gold in my possessions, I can pay it. I only have one hundred gold, and I have to rent the laboratory for the remaining 20 gold...For money, I can only make things and pay you back slowly."

     "What's the money?" Ye Ci was baffling by Kazuki. Although Ye Ci must be punished, he never thinks too much about doing things, because that would be a waste of time for Ye Ci. Of course, there is no way to know the thoughts of Kazuki's flowers blooming in such a short period of time.

     "I owe you 150,000..." Kazuki almost cried out.

     "One hundred and fifty thousand?" Ye Ci didn't understand what Kazuki said. She even wondered if she had seen this guy before and borrowed a large sum of money for him. Otherwise, where's the ten? fifty thousand? However, it shouldn't, why she has no memory at all.

     "You have to say that you are a childe'>you, I don't beg you to form a team..." Kazuki couldn't help but feel sad when she thought that her gaming career hadn't started long before she had carried such heavy debt From this, he was extremely sad.

     "Oh?" Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, just watching Kazuki blossoms faintly. She wanted to know what was thinking in this guy's head."According to the forum, your Dungeon is worth 300,000. I rented you for one day today. Although it is not Dungeon, it will cost at least 150,000. 150,000 gold coins. What should I pay... "The more I talked, the more sad Kazuki blossomed, and he was blindly immersed in his emotions.

     Ye Ci quietly watched Kazuki blossoming, and she suddenly felt that this was a pretty good person. Moreover, he is an honest and two-faced person. There are really not enough people like this in today's society. Such a person is actually quite simple, as long as he is looking for things, he will always move forward, and he rarely cares about other things. Therefore, such a person is more likely to succeed. Ye Ci doesn’t know how Sir Ditty in the last life finally reached an agreement with this honest and a little bit innocent, but if the words just now were the truth of Kazuki, she thought, she There is a way to incorporate this guy into his own Guild.

     This is really dozing off when I meet a pillow.

     If she encounters such a thing, she can't even trick Kazuki Hana into signing a contract with herself, then she will have to wonder who the second person is.

     "What to pay for?" Ye Ci's eyes narrowed, and the corners of her mouth even raised a calculated arc. She quietly watched Kazuki's sad look, and said indifferently: "Taking people It's okay."Kazuki bloomed for a moment, and then choked with saliva. He coughed violently and flushed, as if he was about to cough up his lungs.

     Ye Ci didn't understand, did she say something wrong?

     Kazuki Hana bloomed suddenly stood up, took a few steps back, and then tightly grasped the collar of his somewhat tattered rookie uniform, looked at Ye Ci with a vigilant face, with a flushed face With an indignant look, he looked at the childe'>you in the distance, every word, if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, the answer: "I have my bottom line, no matter how poor I am, I absolutely, No, sell, body"

     Seeing Kazuki Hua blooming with such a cautious expression and listening to his sonorous words, Ye Ci's face went dark. Where did this guy think of going...

     Kazuki blossomed watching Ye Ci with a dark face, sitting there not saying a word, and biting his lip severely: "Even if this is a game, I will never do this kind of offending public morals thing. , I won't promise you"

     Ye Ci's face became darker. She really wants to be a Warrior now, so she can split this guy's head with a big knife and see what's inside. In addition to two in his mind, is there a device that the Who class doesn't understand? Why can't he and him go together at all?

     "Hey Hey hey……""I will never succumb." Kazuki Huakai interrupted Ye Ci's words even harder, her expression is no different from that of Liu Hulan. "Even if you are the SOLO king, you absolutely can't force oneself upon sb"

     "Did you think too much?" Ye Ci's face was blacked out, and Fleeting Time suddenly popped up in her mind. What would happen if it was Fleeting Time that met this situation? I should just let Xiao Wu go up and kill this guy directly, regardless of whether he is a Grandmaster-level national treasure in the future, as long as he can shut up immediately.

     "I didn't ask me to pay people's debts as you said." Kazuki shook her head, very angry.

     Ye Ci only felt that she was talking like a chicken and a duck. Finally, she rolled her eyes and said, "Kazuki blossoms, do you have delusions of persecution?"


     "I just want to recruit you into Guild. Didn't you say that you owe me 150,000? Then you can join the trade union and work for me. I'll be fine. What nasty thoughts are hidden in your mind, and you actually get to the ends of the world. Yes." Ye Ci folded his hands on his chest and frowned as Kazuki blossomed."Huh?" Kazuki Huakai felt embarrassed when he heard Ye Ci's explanation. He was so embarrassed that he almost wanted to find a place to sew down. His face changed from red to white, from white to black, and from black to green. In the end, he became blue, and he was ashamed of wanting to hit him to death. However, he still felt that he had to argue for himself: "It's you who spoke too badly."

     "A nasty person looks nasty at everything." Ye Ci hasn't lost a few people, not to mention that Kazuki, who is a bit distressed, is blooming.

     Kazuki blossoms more feel ashamed, and can only change the subject: "What did you just say? Enter Guild?"

     Life Player can enter Guild, Kazuki blossoms only recently, but the purpose of Kazuki blossoms to enter Guild is actually quite simple. He heard that Guild can be helped by someone to bring the collection materials, so he doesn't have to spend the 100 gold to find someone to bring himself, which is great. Therefore, he still recommended a few Guilds, but when others heard of his junior life skills, they all shook their heads and rejected him. So now when Ye Ci mentions entering Guild, Kazuki is still very enthusiastic about blooming."Don't you owe me 150,000? I don't want to ask you for it. Anyway, you can't afford it." Ye Ci was in the right and self when he said that Kazuki Huakai owed himself 150,000 gold coins. -confident, anyway, someone has already proposed this, and she doesn't lose, so she doesn't even feel guilty and justifies this non-existent debt.

     Kazuki bloomed his head down, he really couldn't afford it.

     "Then you come to Upward Ho to be a professional Life Player. I can provide you with all the materials you need. You only use your skills, and then I will pay you according to your output, you see how is it?"

     "Can you still be paid?" Kazuki blinked and looked surprised. Fate was the first game he played. He heard that playing Life Player makes a lot of money in the later stage, but he hasn't heard of it. Can get a salary. "You don't ask me to collect debts, and you pay me back. Is there such a good thing in this world?"

     Ye Ci frowned. What kind of weird did she talk to? Does he understand what the economic system of the game is like? Why are their conversations always full of so many gimmicks..."Why are you doing it?" Ye Ci felt that he had no patience to continue spending time with Kazuki. He is different from Not a Vegetarian and Pea Cake. He seems to have no concept of the entire game, just a good engineering. Xiaobai, if you continue to spread basic common sense to him like this, Ye Ci thinks that a day and a night may not be enough. After thinking for a while, she decided to throw this baggage to Timely Rain, who are very patient and very patient.

     "Can you really pay wages?"


     "Okay, okay" Kazuki was very excited when the flowers bloomed, and he thought that it would take him at least a few years before he could make money, but he didn't expect to be able to get a salary now. go with……"

     Looking at the excitement of Kazuki blooming, Ye Ci suddenly felt a faint sense of guilt. She seemed to be lying to a game boy and a second game boy... she would do so. Will not be retributed? However, this kind of guilt has just come to my heart, and Ye Ci immediately got rid of it. She even felt like a tree with flowers blooming. If we continue to stay in the game without being raised in captivity, it will definitely harm many people . Maybe Sir Ditty'> also thought so...

     See how great she is.Bringing Kazuki Huakai to the Guild station, Ye Ci immediately handed over the hot potato to Timely Rain and told Timely Rain that he must give Kazuki Huakai a very generous treatment and sign a long-term contract. In view of Kazuki Huakai This person is more afraid of debts. Therefore, Kazuki Huakai’s contract is the highest penalty in the entire Upward Ho Guild...

     Of course, after many years, when Kazuki blossomed and reacted, he strongly condemned his innocence and childe'>you shameless, but at that time he had no hope of looking back, only in childe' > Under the secluded "exploitation", continue to walk to the dark, and enjoy it...

     Of course, it's just a later story.

     After sending a tree of flowers to bloom, Ye Ci headed to the habitat of the evil demon. Counting time, it is time for the Dark Iron Dwarf to explore the mithril mine. It is time for her to collect her own battle fruits. After tossing among several teleporting stones, Ye Ci soon came to the habitat of the evil demon. She recruited Ol’ Four and ran all the way towards the mithril vein.

     The habitat of the evil demon is still just as in the past desolate, not even a player, walking on the hot sand, Ye Ci only feels a little hot, and the rising air makes the whole plain filled with thick. The smoke has a choking sulfur smell.Soon I arrived at the coordinates of the mithril vein. About one or two hundred yards from the destination, Ye Ci got off Ol’ Four and threw an eagle eye technique toward the coordinates of the mithril vein to observe the surrounding situation. Then she found out what she didn't want to see. From a distance, I saw a few dark iron dwarves bustling in front of the mithril mine, and beside them, there was a team of about a dozen players who didn't know what they were doing.

     Eagle Eye can only see but can’t hear, so Ye Ci entered the Stealth state and moved towards the mithril mine. About twenty yards away from these players, she found a rock and hid it and observed closely. Follow the movements of these players.

     These dozen players have Warriors, Knights, Rogues, Healer, Sorcerer, and Hunters, and they are all well equipped. However, there is no Dungeon near here, only a mine in the Black Mountain Canyon. Ye Ci can't guess what they are doing here.

     Looking at those players from a distance surrounding the three dark iron dwarves, Ye Ci couldn't help but sink. Could they have discovered the mithril mine first step and harvested their own results?

     When these players turned around, Ye Ci could see from the Guild badge on their chest that they were actually iron-blooded people.

     This is really destiny will make enemies meetAlthough she was very worried about the situation of the mithril vein, Ye Ci calmed down. She had to find out what happened here and deal with it. If she didn’t care about anything, she would kill them first. If nothing happened, it would be reported. What is going on, that's a big bad thing.

     So Ye Ci got closer. Her actions made the team's Rogue feel something. He looked back, but found nothing.

     "What's the matter?" The Sorcerer of the team quickly asked, seeing Rogue being wary.

     "It's nothing, I felt wrong. The fog here is too heavy and it is easy to interfere with perception." Rogue said to Sorcerer after making sure that no one was there.

     Sorcerer nodded and said to Cleric, "Hidden Dragon, did you find anything?"

     "It's really weird, I talked to them, and all of them answered "have nothing to say with me."" Cleric, the Hidden Dragon, was holding his hair very strange.

     "I said, you are." The Warrior in the talking team, holding a big sword, yawned: "You also said that you found it by accident a few months ago, and you just had a glimpse at the time. ""No." Hidden Dragon was also quite puzzled: "But I clearly remembered that this female dwarf named Jasmine was in the camp, why did she come here this time? This is not normal... and this The female dwarf ignores me completely, I always feel that something is wrong in the middle.” Hidden Dragon is a person who is very sensitive to NPC and Quest. Although he doesn’t know what’s wrong, he always thinks what’s wrong with it, just let him analyze it. He couldn't analyze it either.

     "I thought it was Hidden Quest, it wouldn't be a fart for a long time..." The hunter grunted lowly, looking very dissatisfied.

     Hidden Dragon's face flushed, and it was obvious that he was also a little lacking in confidence. And the other Cleric of the same team also snorted: "Alright, there is a level 50 map nearby, let's go to leveling." Then he turned his head and said to the hidden dragon standing there: "Some things are not clear. Don't talk nonsense. Everyone will come to see you, but nothing can be achieved. You think everyone is like you. Have nothing to do. If you do this again, be careful that our team fires you. what"Hidden Dragon couldn't lift his head even when the Cleric said it, but stood there silently. Then all the players recruited their mounts and left, while the Hidden Dragon was still standing there, unwilling to talk to Jasmine and the others, but apparently he didn’t do a prerequisite Quest, Jasmine and the others would not care about it at all, so, let’s go again. After a while, he could only recruit the mount, and left in the direction where the team had left.

     Ye Ci was still hiding behind the stone. After these players had left, he threw an eagle eye technique and looked around. After not finding anyone, he walked towards a few dark iron dwarves.

     "Ha, look, who is this?" Ye Ci appeared. The first person to spot her was Hal. He greeted Ye Ci enthusiastically, not counting, and even put down the exploration equipment in his hand. , Walked towards Ye Ci: "My good friend, I have a good news that I must share with you""Dear Mr. Hall, seeing you so happy must be a very pleasant thing to make people. I am willing to listen to them." Ye Ci is actually very good at dealing with these NPCs. Some people are born for games. Just like the line lyrics, although she is not very good at dealing with people in reality, she seems to have her own unique set of skills with the NPCs in the game. Sometimes, as long as she gets along with them for a few minutes, she has a way to know how. The best way to get close to this NPC.

     Just like the three NPCs in front of him, Jasmine is a bit like a child venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time. She is full of curiosity about everything and will never stop until she reaches her goal. Dudu is a somewhat timid guy. , He is very excited when he encounters good things, but if he encounters bad things, or continuously hits his enthusiasm, he will easily become negative. Fortunately, he is more afraid of Jasmine and Hal. And Hal is a guy who has a passion for mining. The most important thing in his life is mining. As for other aspects, it is not bother about trifles.

     When facing the three of them, it is necessary to pay attention to different speaking skills and methods in order to get the most benefit."It's about that mysterious mineral vein, you know what this really makes me so excited, I must tell you well" Hal haha smiled, his voice is very loud, as if thundering . When he said this, Ye Ci suddenly jumped out of two options: Do you want to listen to Hal telling his findings?

     One, listen right away.

     Second, listen to it later.

     Ye Ci didn't hesitate to choose to listen right away, but when she had to choose, she paused and didn't continue. One thing she suddenly thought of was the Cleric named Hidden Dragon. Now that the player has noticed the changes here, although no one believes it, and he himself is very hesitant, he still won't deny his judgment so easily.

     This is human nature.

     Human beings are very difficult to persuade, even if they are to convince themselves, it is quite difficult.

     That Hidden Dragon was able to bring so many people here to look for Jasmine at the beginning, which shows that he believed in his own ideas at first, and although he is now suspected, he still sees his expressions and unwilling words. It can be seen that he simply recognized the denial of him by other players.Even if he leaves now, no one can guarantee that he will not come back again. Even if his heart is shaken now, no one can guarantee that he can completely change his views. If he doesn’t come back, it’s a good thing to admit other players’ claims, but what if he doesn’t?

     Although I don’t know what Guild’s process of mining prerequisite Quest was for mithril in the last prosperous age, it can be seen from the fact that the Hidden Dragon players have not found Quest for so long with Jasmine and they have not found the gap to continue. Quest has already been blocked at this point. locked.

     There are many types of Quests in Fate. Quests like the mithril vein belong to the only Quest, and each unique Quest will bring its own Quest lock. The so-called Quest lock means that the Quest will be locked every time it reaches a stage, and only those who meet various conditions can open it, and the most important one of these various conditions is that it can only be performed by the player who triggered the Quest. Unlock. Once the Quest lock is unlocked, it cannot be locked unless the Quest lock is automatically locked until the next Quest phase arrives. Otherwise, any player is accepting this unique Quest.The only Quest, as the name suggests, is that it can only be accepted by one player once. Therefore, once the player accepted the only Quest in the previous life, it would take a lot of time and experience to complete the Quest at this stage. After this stage Quest Completed, Quest It will rest after the lock is locked. Otherwise, once the Quest lock is unlocked, if someone robs the only Quest, it will be unsuccessful every day.

     Now it is obvious that this Quest is locked. Although he has reached the conditions that can be triggered, Ye Ci hesitated for a while and absolutely will not unlock it temporarily. After all, this Quest is safe now. She is the only candidate to unlock this Quest. As long as she does not unlock this Quest, the mihril of Eastern Continent will always be locked underground and cannot be mined, even if it is a flourishing age, the same result will be obtained.

     And if she triggers the Quest lock now, it would be a trivial matter to be discovered by the Hidden Dragon. The important thing is how the current Upward Ho can hold this ore vein even though she and Wolf Clan Tang Dynasty, World Conqueror, etc. Guild's relationship is good, but the relationship is good because they have no conflict of interest. If once the secret of the mithril vein is known to outsiders, but she cannot have a huge deterrent to defend it, then this mithril vein will make her a wedding dress for others.She doesn’t believe that the old Guilds like Tang Dynasty, Wolf Clan, World Conqueror will not be tempted to see the mithril vein, and she doesn’t believe that the future prosperity will have such a piece of fat in her mouth and will not take a bite.

     After thinking about it, Ye Ci finally chose the second option. She decided to lock the mithril vein underground before Upward Ho was unable to protect it. She even made up her mind to take the time to go to the southern continent and lock the prerequisite Quest of the mithril vein there. It is best to do the same with Northern Continent.

     Now that she had told Genesis about the mineral veins of the western continent, Ye Ci had no intention of getting it back. She is personally strong and cannot compete with a Guild, especially a veteran Guild with millions of people like Genesis. She will never be stupid enough to be old: to reap the consequences of one's words (idiom, from Mencius).

     As long as she locks all the mithril veins of the remaining three continents on Quest, then she has mastered the economic lifeline of Fate in the future.

     Thinking of this, Ye Ci couldn't help but the blood was surging. She squinted her eyes and clenched her fists tightly, as if what was pinched in there was no longer nothing but the powerful Fate in the future."Hal, I just went to the southern continent and brought back a lot of dark beer for you. I wonder if you are interested?" Although Ye Ci refused to listen to Hal's account, he heard that there was a dark beer. And the food, Hal, Jasmine, and Dudu all seemed very happy.

     They are not the highest in NPC's IQ, but they are not low, so naturally there is no way to know the twists and turns in Ye Ci's heart, but there is one thing they can feel, that is Ye Ci. Ci is very polite and friendly to them, and has also helped them complete a lot of Quests, so this is a friend worth making.

     Under such thinking, the intimacy of the three people for Ye Ci has increased, and even Ye Ci's reputation among the Dark Iron Dwarves has also increased.

     Ye Ci only thought that she was really smart. Before she left Hurricane City, demons and gods at work remembered these NPCs and brought back dozens of bottles of dark beer. Although they needed hundreds of gold, for these beers The huge effect produced is not something that a few hundred gold can buy.

     After a few people had eaten and drank enough, Ye Ci promised a few people to visit them again for a while. The three drunk dark iron dwarves had obviously forgotten to share the mithril vein with Ye Ci and leaned on the rock. Sleeping soundly, very pleasant.And Ye Ci turned to stealth Stealth into the mist of the evil demon habitat. She is hiding near the three dark iron dwarves, waiting quietly. She needs to make a final judgment on her guess. Will the player named Hidden Dragon return?

     Waiting is a very painful thing, especially when Ye Ci itself has a lot of things to do, waiting is even more a torment. Several times Ye Ci could not help but give up, but changed his mind. , She still calmed down, although other things are also very important, but obviously this matter is related to the height that Upward Ho's development can reach in the future, and she absolutely must stick to it.

     She took a deep breath, the impetuosity in her heart left her like this, she just squatted in a hidden place and waited quietly. I don't know how long it took, Ye Ci heard the sound of Ta Ta Ta's horse hooves running from a distance.

     The sound like this was originally not loud, but the plain of evil demon is too quiet, and Ye Ci's perception is so high, at least one or two hundred yards away from him, Ye Ci has already heard the horseshoe. There was a crisp sound on the hard rock.She bowed her body further, looking through the cracks in the rock, she saw the three dark iron dwarves exposed to her sight, and Ye Ci could see everything happening there. But her location is something that ordinary players can't find and perceive at all. It is precisely because of this that Ye Ci can more confidently observe people.

     As the sound of horse hooves approached, Ye Ci saw a cleric in a robe rushing into the field of vision. This person was not the hidden dragon who had just gone to Black Wind Mountain with the group members. After seeing him rush into Ye Ci's field of vision, he dismounted.

     There are three dark iron dwarves lying in disorder on the ground. The three of them are so drunk that they won't wake up for a while. And beside them, there are a few as empty as anything beer glasses, explaining what the criminal ringleader and main offender are that make these people like this.

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     Chapter 51 Quest Lock

     Chapter 51 Quest Lock