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Chapter Directory 255 Chapter 53 Moore
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 53 Moore

     Chapter 53 Moore

     Thousands of crimson fingers flicked gently on the tabletop of the conference room in a very slow, but very orderly rhythm. His fingers had nails that were not too long, and they hit the tabletop. The sound of "Knock Knock", although the sound is small, it stops in the ears of the Hidden Dragon, and it seems like a ghost charm shaking one to the core.

     He was sitting there bound hand and foot, and he didn't dare to look at the thousands of fingers on the table. Hidden dragons are very scared of the thousands of crimsons. In addition to his good skills and equipment, he is the elite player of Guild and the senior management of Guild, he always feels that there is a deep mystery in the thousands of crimsons. , Thoughtful, people can not see through. Although he and his former deputy guild leader Zero Arsenic are not alone, sometimes Hidden Dragon feels that they are definitely a kind of person, and sitting there just smiles can make people frightened.

     Thousands of thousands of crimsons thought carefully about the details of what the Tibetan dragon said. After a while, his fingers stopped, and then his gaze swept to the Tibetan dragon again: "You confirm that you are at level 40. Have you seen that black iron dwarf named Jasmine in the camp of the evil demon habitat?"."I...I..." Hidden Dragon actually doesn't remember this, and the frequent blows from the group members made him completely lose the ability to judge this matter. He can only stare blankly. There are thousands of them, and I don’t know how to answer his question.

     "I want to hear a more objective answer, but I must be honest." Thousands of thousands looked at the expression of the hidden dragon, reminding him not to speak big words, let alone lies.

     Hidden Dragon only felt a sudden cold on his back, as if there was a huge pressure that was suppressed in this way, making it difficult for him to breathe. He listened to the thousands of warnings, nodded hurriedly, took a deep breath, and then said: "That was when I was at level 40. At that time, my level was in the habitat of evil spirits. I got the Quest. I went there because I got lost on the map next to me and broke in accidentally. I wanted to see if I could get the Quest, but after asking around, I didn’t get the Quest. I remember that At that time, Jasmine was sleeping in the corner of the camp, and when she talked to her, she just said a few words perfunctory, a very ordinary NPC. However, a few days ago, the team and I went to Black Wind Mountain to level up and then returned to the camp to supply At the time, I couldn't see Jasmine anymore."Hidden Dragon couldn’t help but look at the thousands of crimsons at this point. He actually mentioned these roughly just now, but he was afraid that he was not interested in the crimsons, so he didn’t talk about it carefully. He just didn’t know what he said now. , Will he be annoying.

     Qiangwanjiang did not show any disgusting expression, but there was also no expression of special interest. He was sitting there with his eyes down, his fingers flicking the tabletop gently, which seemed to be an action just now.

     Hidden Dragon didn’t say anything when seeing the thousands of crimsons, so he continued slowly: “In Fate, the NPC can go everywhere. I thought she should have left, so I didn’t think about it, but later, I She was actually found in a corner of the evil demon habitat. Not only that, but she was also surrounded by two dark iron dwarves who hadn't seen before. If you talk to them this time, they will ignore anything. But, look. Their actions seem to be exploring something... Therefore, I asked everyone to take a look today, but I didn't expect it, and I still found nothing."After quietly listening to the words of the hidden dragon, thousands of crimson brains kept thinking, why is a dark iron dwarf exploring? If it's another race, maybe Thousands of Crimsons won't care about it so much. However, there seems to be an established by popular usage rule in Fate, as long as the black iron dwarves appear in places where there are good minerals. From the current point of view, ore is nothing more than equipment for weapons and melee combat, but from the perspective of long-term interests, the value of ore is definitely more than that.

     According to reliable news reports, the Xia Ke Island and Black Plum Guild in the southern mainland have begun to stir a deserted city in the wild. The waves are surging. It is conceivable that in the near future, countless deserted cities and fortresses will appear on this continent. At that time, there must be a large number of construction machinery appearing, and the appearance of siege machinery will definitely affect the demand for ore. Therefore, Guild, who has a little vision, will not sell high-grade ore now, and all Collect them and use them together until that time.From what the Hidden Dragon discovered today, the Dark Iron dwarves must have discovered some minerals, but if Jasmine were a normal NPC, even if the minerals were discovered, the player would not pay no heed to when talking to her of. In that case, Jasmine’s pay no heed to has only two situations. First, this is a small insignificant bug planned. If this is the case, there is nothing worth making a fuss about nothing. After all, such small bugs (of a defect etc) to be of no great matter will not be accepted. This is not the case in the second case...

     The second case is that this is a Quest opened by the player, and at this point, Quest automatically sets the Quest lock. If this is the case, this kind of thing has to be worth considering. What kind of player opened what kind of Quest? If it is an ordinary mineral, is it possible to get a Quest lock?

     But in an instant, these series of questions were swept across thousands of crimson brains, and he suddenly felt a sense of excitement. He raised his head and said to Hidden Dragon: "You are now submitting a bug to Fate's Customer Service."

     "What's the bug?""Submit Jasmine to ignore your BUG, and you can ask whether the plan has not set up a proper dialogue." Thousands of thousands know that it is very difficult to get an accurate answer to such a question, but as long as there is a little chance, he will definitely I won’t let it go. If Fate’s Customer Service denies that this is a bug, then all the answers point to the second situation. Then he can send someone to stare there at all times, so that the person who is going to be a Quest only needs to show up. After opening the Quest lock, immediately hunt and kill them. Then, their iron-blooded Guild can get this follow-up Quest, and they don't know what kind of reward they will get.

     "Okay." Although Hidden Dragon didn't know why Ten Thousand Thousands of Crimson had instructed himself this way, he still submitted this BUG truthfully, but the answer he got from Customer Service was that it might be a small BUG. It has been submitted to the planner, and the planner will make adjustments and modifications, and in order to thank him for his carefulness, he rewarded Hidden Dragon with a hundred gold coins as a reward.

     Hearing this answer, thousands of thousands of them are not surprised. After all, this kind of small problem may not necessarily get the attention of Customer Service. It's just that, although the answer to Customer Service is ambiguous, for thousands of people, there is a faint direction in front of them, and it seems that countless clues have already pointed to the second situation.Hidden Dragon really felt that it was impossible to sit or stand still (out of nervousness etc), and he really couldn't figure out what was thinking in his thousands of crimson heads. And now he is even more silent here, so that Hidden Dragon doesn't know what to do, so he can only sit on a chair cautiously, watching the thousands of scarlets carefully, waiting for his final order.

     After thinking for a while, I finally remembered that there was another person in the Guild conference room. He smiled apologetically at Hidden Dragon: "Excuse me, as soon as I fall into my own thoughts, I don’t Will pay attention to the surrounding situation and keep you waiting for a long time."

     "No, no, boss Wan Jiang, you continue." Qiang Wan Jiang's apologetic words made Hidden Dragon even more flattered. He quickly stood up and waved his hand again and again.

     "This news is very important. I will ask Finance to give you two months of salary this month as a reward. I hope you will pay attention to this situation often in the future." Qian Wanqiang smiled, for seniors like them. The salary of these third-rate members for one or two months is simply not worth mentioning. However, it is an incredible reward for the other party. Therefore, when there is punishment, appropriate rewards are also needed, so that both enlightenment and power can be given equal attention to win the hearts of the people. .Sure enough, after hearing this news, Hidden Dragon's eyes that had just lost one's head out of fear immediately became excited. Although he concealed it well, it was still discovered by thousands of stars. He waved his hand very satisfied: "Go and level up, don't have any conflicts with the members of Guild, the man can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes)."

     "Yes, boss Wan Jiang, I understand" Hidden Dragon stood up excitedly. This is unpredictable. The one month salary that has just been deducted, and now I have been rewarded with two months of salary.

     "Don't talk to others about this matter anymore." Of course, Qianzhuang would not ask Hidden Dragon.

     "Yes, yes, I know this. Then, Mr. Wan Jiang, I will go to level up, so I won't disturb you." Hidden Dragon smiled very happily. The excitement can't be hidden at all, so let's just talk about it. Walked towards the outside of the house.

     Thousands of Wanjiang just quietly watched the hidden dragon's figure leave, and immediately contacted Thousand Sunsets and reported the matter to him truthfully. Recently Thousand Sunsets has struggled with Mad Willow both in reality and in the game to hover between life and death, so Guild has left most of the things to his confidant, and only important things need to be reported to him. And he himself led a group of elite groups to soak in the major Dungeons to push Dungeon, play equipment, and make the best efforts to flood the interests of Guild.After receiving the news of thousands of thousands of lilies, Thousand Sunsets considered it, although the consideration of thousands of lilies is very detailed, it does not meet the working principles of Thousand Sunsets. Although Thousand Sunsets is not big-hearted, it is still a big deal, so it turns out that these minutiae things are done by Zero Arsenic. They are thick and thin, and they work very well together. Now Zero Arsenic is assigned to Mad Willow by the old man. Originally Thousand Sunsets thought his book was a bit bad, but he didn't expect that the thousands of threads of mind are not more delicate than Zero. Arsenic is bad, and after having been with him for many years, he feels more relieved to leave everything to him.

     Faced with thousands of pieces of information, Thousand Sunsets just thought about it, and then said: "These things have no clues yet. You can figure it out first. If there are any major changes or circumstances, Let me tell me again, you are in charge of the rest of the matter."

     Now that Thousands of Crimson has gotten the approval of Thousand Sunsets, it is much easier to handle. He immediately began to worry that the Rogue group as a scouting group began a comprehensive search and investigation of the area provided by the hidden dragon to see if there are any players to do this Quest. It is possible that a large number of high-level miners are arranged to drive into that coordinate, and try to see what kind of ore can be dug there.Compared to Guild's movements, Upward Ho's movements are much smaller. Although Upward Ho's reputation is outstanding, it's bigger than its Guild. After all, they are not the rivals of Iron-blooded Guild. What's more, this time Iron-blooded Guild has already begun an investigation. Upward Ho's is even more low-key and cautious and timid.

     Now that the investigation of the pretentious mithril vein Guild was handed over to Timely Rain, Ye Ci no longer worried about this issue. Although Ye Ci is more suspicious, as long as she believes and decides to use a person, she will no longer be suspicious of that person.

     This matter comes to the end of a phase.

     Ye Ci has no way to be completely relieved. There are two things in her hands. The first is the payment of the Epic Level Quest, and the second is the prerequisite Quest of the mithril vein of the Southern Northern Continent. No one in the southern continent should have discovered the existence of the mithril vein, but if she doesn’t make the prerequisite Quest soon, I’m afraid that after everyone reaches level 50, the prerequisite Quest of the mithril vein is no secret, let alone. Northern Continent It is still more dangerous for her to pass. As for the Epic Level Quest, there is no time limit. If the delivery is delayed for a period of time, there should be no special problems.

     Now that this idea was made, Ye Ci headed towards the southern continent.Although Black Plum Guild and Xia Ke Dao would never expect that Ye Ci will reach the southern continent again after a day, but Ye Ci is still very cautious. After all, she has already been tracked once, and this does not rule her out Back to be tracked again. Therefore, the fraud brooch has become one of the indispensable props for Ye Ci to walk on the Southern Northern Continent. In places like the southern continent, because it is an alliance area, the deception brooch can be used for a long time, up to 3 hours, and the cooling time is still one day.

     Taking advantage of this time, Ye Ci successfully passed the teleportation stone of Gale City and swaggered onto all the southern continents like a human male hunter. After returning from the Western Continent, Ye Ci no longer reported any hope for her little red horse. It was too slow. So before she left Eastern Continent, she went to the racecourse and picked a good kick. The brown-yellow horse, this horse is not outstanding. It is also very common among the majority of players. It can be said that it is the cabbage goods of the bad street. Of course, the movement speed is not as good as the 200 of Ol' Four, but it can reach At 110, it is an economical and practical horse that ordinary players on all continents like very much.

     Riding a horse like this will not attract the attention of players. This is the main reason why Ye Ci chose it.Sure enough, after this disguise, Ye Ci was no longer followed by players on the southern continent. In the eyes of all players, she was just an ordinary, even a bit trash, ordinary hunter on the southern continent, and it was really not worthy of anyone's attention. It is this kind of unnoticeableness that allowed Ye Ci to reach the Karo Plain on that continent smoothly.

     The Karo Plain is a vast grassland, but on the northwest corner of the plain there are continuous mountains. It is the branch mountain range of the Floror Mountain, the main mountain range of the southern continent, and the origin of the southern continent mithril. There are a lot of cannibals wandering in the Karo Plain. They are burly and tall, two to three taller than the average player. They are muscular, violent and bloodthirsty, but their IQ is very low, basically similar to low-level animals. . Most of their ranks are above 60, which is not considered that deal. As long as you are careful and with the help of Ol’ Four, Ye Ci can deal with four or five at once.According to his own experience in Eastern Continent, Ye Ci did not spend much time finding the Dark Iron Dwarf in the Caro Camp and successfully triggered the Quest of the mithril vein. There are currently no players in Karo Plain to level up. It’s not about level restrictions, but most of the monsters here are wandering solo and refreshing slowly. If you have to rely on Sorcerer to farm monsters here, it’s really true. It’s too inefficient, and if a single player comes to level up, the monster explosion rate here is not high. It is very likely that you won’t be able to earn the medicine money, which is very uneconomical. Therefore, except for players who have reached level 55 and above, they will do it here. Apart from Quest, other players will basically not choose to come here to level up.

     It is such a good thing that Ye Ci went well in the prerequisite Quest in the Karo Plain. It took about a day and a half to complete the prerequisite Quest of the mithril vein in the southern continent. Watching the black iron dwarves begin to explore the veins, She left the Caro Plain in peace.

     To reach Northern Continent is still very simple, at least not as troublesome as going to the Western Continent. As long as you pay a certain amount of gold coins from the pier of Hei Ni City, and then take a boat, you can smoothly reach the Doramie Wetland, which is also a neutral map in the northern plain.It is precisely because Eastern Continent and Northern Continent are adjacent to each other, and these two docks are in a neutral map, so there are still a lot of players from each other's continent on these two maps. Since going to Northern Continent has to pass through the wharf of Hei Ni City, it is also just right to go to Hei Ni City and hand in Quest.

     Arriving in Black Mud City, although after the last time the Eastern Continent players strangled, the Northern Continent players have reduced a lot of arrogance, but there are still very many people. The soldiers in Hei Ni City will never attack the players casually. After all, this is a neutral area. Unless someone fights in the city and will be severely tracked and punished by them, the Hei Ni City is almost peaceful and prosperous. Any large city is average.

     In order to keep a low profile, Ye Ci did not summon Ol' Four, but rode a horse into the city, coupled with the role of a fraud brooch, so that the surrounding players did not know that this ordinary person is actually the SOLO king childe of Eastern Continent. . Successfully arrived at the city hall of Hei Ni City, Ye Ci found the mayor Lada here.For a long time, the feeling that Lada gave Ye Ci was alienation thousands of miles away. No matter how much her reputation in Hei Nicheng has reached, this sense of alienation has always existed. Not only that, but I don't know why. I always have a very strange feeling about Lada Ye Ci. That feeling is like being calculated unhappiness, or in other words, a conscious deception and concealment.

     Although Lada has always been very polite and kind to Ye Ci, this feeling still pops up from time to time.

     For this reason, Ye Ci has actually tried Lada several times, but several times are return without any achievement, Ye Ci no longer does such meaningless things.

     The arrival of Ye Ci was obviously very unexpected for Lada. He looked at Ye Ci standing in front of him intact, and was stunned for a while before he stood up quickly and bowed to her: " My most respected friend, you are back, please accept my respect for you."With these words, Ye Ci heard the system remind him that her reputation in Black Mud City had reached respect, which was a higher level than the original intimacy, and the NPC who was very kind to her now became more submissive. This is the benefit of prestige. The higher a person’s prestige in a certain city, the more benefits he will get. For example, NPC’s respect is a trivial matter. The important thing is that you can buy things at a discount and you can receive more Quests. . Moreover, the prestige of these cities is linked to the prestige of various continents, just as Ye Ci’s current prestige achievement in each city prompted her to surpass intimacy and respect in Eastern Continent’s achievement.

     If the player's reputation in the mainland can reach respect, he can go to the mainland council to change a small official position. The higher the reputation, the higher the official position that can be exchanged. This is extremely big for the player. within Temptation. After all, being able to earn a seat in the mainland parliament is of great benefit to Guild and to himself.

     "Mayor Lada, this is a letter from Ortus asking me to forward it to Lord Moore." Ye Ci took out from her arms a Quest Item that Ortus gave her when she delivered the Quest."It is an extremely glorious thing to get a reply from Ortus, the master goblin. Dear childe'>you, I really didn't expect that you could successfully complete this Quest. I want to extend my respect and congratulations to you. "Lada did not accept Ye Ci's Quest Item as before, but smiled and said very politely.

     Ye Ci saw that Lada had not accepted the letter, and knew that it must not be that simple.

     Sure enough, Lada quickly said: "Dear childe'>you, I think this letter from City Lord Moore would be more willing to receive it personally from you, so please follow me."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, he actually went to see Moore? That divine dragon, the mysterious city lord who missed the end, the supreme ruler of the neutral map? It's really interesting. When she wanted to see this person, she couldn't see it again and again, and when she felt that it didn't matter, was it so simple to meet? Is this meant to be called unanticipated unanticipated Liu Chengyin?Following Lada, Ye Ci passed through a promenade behind the city hall, through a very beautiful garden, and finally came to a towering castle in the center of Hei Mucheng. There is a very tall tower in this castle, even from the Swamp of Sorrows you can easily find the existence of this tower, not to mention in the city, it has become a landmark-like building.

     It turns out that Ye Ci once thought that this was a magic tower, but later learned that it was Moore's castle.

     This city wave is not too big compared to the castle of Red Lake City’s lord Sarkargel, but the number of soldiers stationed here is more than that of Sarkargel Castle. Ye Ci followed Lada and walked through the castle, throwing a reconnaissance technique at the soldiers who saluted them from time to time. I don't know, I was shocked at first glance. Hey, even the lowest level is in episode 120, and the soldiers in exquisite armor are even more advanced elites at level 150 or 60. It seems that if you want to rush into this place with your own ability A castle is simply impossible.

     Soon, Ye Ci followed Lada to the main hall of the castle. Although the main hall was not too gorgeous, all the soldiers stationed in it were all super elites of level 160 and above. His armor glitter like frost and snow, and the sword in his hand emits a terrifying light.And in the middle of the hall, on the high throne there, there was a person leaning crookedly. He wore a black robe with runes faintly flowing on the robe. At a glance, he knew that it was a top-of-the-line equipment. Although reconnaissance skills could not tell the quality of this robe, Ye Ci thought, this robe is at least God level. His hair and beard were gray and white, and there were some wrinkles on his face. At first glance, he looked very old. His hand was thin with protruding joints, holding a Magic Staff made of black snake wood. On the top of the Magic Staff, a transparent gem with three fists was emitting a dazzling light.

     Moore sat there, motionless, eyes closed, as if asleep. Ye Ci faintly felt that there was a strange aura surrounding Moore, but she couldn't feel anything when she perceived it carefully. After trying several times, she finally gave up. That breath also seemed to disappear, as if it had never appeared before.In the previous life, Moore had basically never appeared in the player’s field of vision, and more of them appeared in books and some official materials. Therefore, before coming here, Ye Ci thought that Moore should be a melee professional. , After all, in Fate, the NPCs who are listed as city lord are basically melee occupations. But he didn't expect that Moore was actually a Sorcerer, or a Sorcerer who looked a little too old... This was really unexpected.

     "My most respected lord of the city, our good friend childe'>you is back, she has brought you good news from the goblin clan." Standing in the hall, Lada bowed to Moore on the throne. , And then said with a smile.

     Moore slowly opened his eyes, as if with a sharp blade in his eyes, he shot straight towards Ye Ci behind Lada. And Ye Ci was slightly surprised by this sharp gaze. It seemed that she was really a gravely mistaken. She thought that Moore was a useless old man and needed the protection of so many guards, but now it seems that this is not the case at all. Look like.

     Although his face is old, there is actually a kind of vigor that does not allow young people to be set off by those eyes. Not only that, but under that look, Ye Ci suddenly felt that there was a lot of pressure on his body. That is a kind of shock from the strong.Ye Ci has never found this kind of pressure on any NPC, but facing Moore, she felt it. Therefore, almost at the same time Moore raised her eyes to look at her, she began to re-examine her judgment.

     "Oh, you are childe'>you?".

     "Yes, Dear City Lord Moore." For such super-big Boss-level NPCs, they generally have a high IQ. They can distinguish the player's evaluation of themselves from their actions and tone, and they will respond normally accordingly. So this kind of NPC is definitely not a creature of the same rank with the NPC running on the street. Ye Ci needs to be more cautious and humble.

     She paid a respectful salute to Moore. This is the highest courtesy the player has for NPCs and expresses her highest respect. Ye Ci rarely uses this kind of etiquette, only when facing NPCs of Moore's level. It will only be used at a certain time, in order to let myself add a slight favor to these dying NPCs.

     "I have always heard your name from Lada, but this is the first time I saw you." Moore looked at Ye Ci and looked at her up and down: "Since Dole left, I haven't had it for many years. I have seen such a spirited spirit."

     Ye Ci hastily humbled: "All the elves aim for His Majesty Dole, hoping to become a hero like him.""That should be the case." Moore nodded, "It's just that after Dole left, the elves are getting more and more decayed. It's really sad." There was a trace of sadness on Moore's face: " However, if you can see elves like you in your lifetime, I think the elves will surely rise one day."

     Moore didn't seem to be anxious to talk about the goblin, but started a routine with Ye Ci, and Ye Ci carefully studied every sentence of Moore and answered carefully, so the whole atmosphere was still very beautiful. After talking about it for a while, Ye Ci finally found the opportunity to hand over the letter Ortus handed over to Moore.

     Moore took the letter from Lada’s hand, but lowered his head and looked at the badge mark on the letter quietly, then raised his hand and waved it, saying to Lada and the other soldiers, "Go down, all of you." , I have something to talk to this elf alone."

     Of course, all the soldiers and Lada could not defy Moore's will, and immediately lowered their heads and left the hall respectfully. The sound of their walking was very quiet, but the soldier's armor still left a fine crashing sound on the marble floor. This sound was finally isolated from the hall by a heavy door closing.At this time, Moore is the one who has the absolute initiative. As long as Moore does not speak, Ye Ci will never and dare not speak. After all, Moore is now the publisher of the next Epic Level Quest. Standing in front of Moore, he was very quiet, just opened the letter gently, looking quietly.

     During this time, Ye Ci had nothing to do, but waited quietly for Moore. After a while, Moore put down the letter, looked at Ye Ci and said, "Ortus said, you did a big thing in Wasoko, what kind of big thing was it?"

     Ye Ci was a little strange. It was promoted by the World Channel at the time. Basically, both NPC and players knew about it. But now Moore asks, is he trying to test himself or something else? Ye Ci couldn't figure it out clearly, but she answered Moore honestly, and briefly told Moore about what happened in Wasoko.

     Moore's face showed a very surprised expression: "What? You said Wasoko has been completely destroyed by Chel."

     Moore's performance surprised Ye Ci. It seemed that Moore really didn't know about this. She said: "This matter seems to be known to many people. Why, Lord Moore, don't you know?".This question made Moore a little startled. Then, a sadness that he had never experienced before appeared on his face. He looked at Ye Ci for a long time before saying, "Elf, you have been recognized by the Dolan Rogue Club, and you have also received With the respect of the goblins, I found a cure for the disease. I wonder if you are interested in listening to my story?"

     "It's a great honor, I am willing to listen." This is the trigger condition of Quest, Ye Ci immediately replied respectfully.

     Moore became silent, his expression looked painful and blurred, as if recalling something he didn't want to recall. After a long time, he slowly said: "When I was young, the Majia continent was not divided into five parts as it is now."

     Five copies? Isn't Majia continent four copies? Where did the fifth copy come from?

     Ye Ci's ears moved lightly right away. Did she hear it wrong? Or Moore was wrong, and suddenly, she reacted.

     Moore observed Ye Ci's expression carefully, and then smiled softly: "You must be thinking, isn't the Majia continent now only has four parts? Why are there five parts?"

     In fact, Ye Ci had already thought of the answer, but she still replied respectfully: "Does Lord Moore mean that there is a distant Central Continent?""Oh? It seems that you know a lot?" Ye Ci's answer surprised Moore a little bit. He didn't expect this elf to be smarter than he thought.

     "I just saw it from the books in the National Library." Ye Ci certainly wouldn't tell Moore. This is known to all players. She could only answer him by changing an NPC that is easily acceptable.

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     Chapter 53 Moore

     Chapter 53 Moore