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Chapter Directory 257 Chapter 55—Bone Arrow
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 55 Bone Arrow

     Chapter 55 Bone Arrow

     I don't know how long it took for Ye Ci to wake up gradually.

     The first touch I felt was cold. It was a kind of endless cold, eroding toward her body and toward her extremities and bones. This kind of cold and damp feeling tightly wrapped the person, as if to freeze the whole person. She opened her eyes slowly, what she saw was a blue sky, and there were white clouds flowing slowly in the sky. It was a kind of tranquil beauty, which made people no longer bear the heart. Move your eyes away.

     What is this place?

     For a moment, Ye Ci felt that his brain was empty and knew nothing. There seemed to be a rumbling echo in her ears, making her unable to hear other sounds.

     After struggling for a while, Ye Ci only felt severe pain in his hands and feet. The pain was like the pain after being severely interrupted and then connected, that is, it seemed to be unconscious, and it seemed to be painful. This is really a paradoxical feeling.Ye Ci wandered in this feeling for a while, and her brain seemed to be able to think slowly. She moved her neck and looked at the situation on both sides. Only then did she find that she was soaked in the water on her back. Her arm tightly grasped a hemp rope about the thickness of her calf. The other end of the hemp rope was tied to a mast, and Ye Ci was leaning on this mast so that he did not sink after being unconscious. He was drowned alive when he entered the seabed.

     What is this place? Ye Ci tried to move her limbs and grinned her teeth with pain. In addition, the sea was so cold that she didn't dare to move. If she got cramps, she would definitely die. Ye Ci turned over and hugged the mast next to him, and looked around again with difficulty, and saw that there was water everywhere, boundless, the water was calm and there were some slight ups and downs, and there were ship fragments everywhere on the water, large or small. Far or near, densely packed. She looked at the sky again, it was still so blue, as calm as a kind mother.

     Ye Ci's brain finally resumed its usual functioning. She remembered what happened before she passed out. It was really an unfortunate and terrifying thing. Judging from the current situation, breeze is still, waves are quiet. How can I imagine that this sea area only wreaked havoc on a huge wooden ship not long ago!Her physical strength has been constantly calling the police, reminding her that if she does not replenish her physical strength, she will definitely die of exhaustion. Ye Ci hugged the mast tightly with one hand, and took out a bottle of wine in the package with the other hand. Fill the innermost. This bottle of wine is very valuable. It was exploded from the goblin by Ye Ci when he was doing Quest in Western Continent. It is restricted to players above level 60 to drink, and it can restore a large amount of stamina at a time. There are only a few bottles of this wine, Ye Ci is generally reluctant to use it, but under the current situation, she doesn't drink quickly to replenish her physical fitness. It is estimated that she will hang it here in a while.

     Liquor must improve physical fitness better than the real thing, and Ye Ci's physical strength quickly recovered. She felt that her body was not so cold anymore, and the pain in her limbs began to ease gradually, and she was able to move freely soon. Although there was still a certain difference compared with usual, it was much better than before.After his body was able to move, Ye Ci began to observe the surrounding situation. It is the time when the sun is shining. The sun shining on Ye Ci's body caused his skin to be burnt and painful, and because of the clear weather, the visibility on the entire sea has become very far, plus as The hunter's field of vision is higher than that of ordinary occupations, allowing Ye Ci Aoba to see far away. She wanted to see if there were any surviving players around here, or if there were any damaged lifeboats or the like, but she was disappointed after seeing it around. In this vast sea, apart from myself, there are only scattered ship fragments.

     After opening the map, Ye Ci wanted to find some clues on the map to see which continent or island she was close to, so she could swim there directly, but to her disappointment, the place marked on her map was actually a piece of land. The sea area was shown as an exploration area, with no islands, and no land. She wanted to zoom out the map, but what she got was the system information "No map information".It seems that to leave this place, it is impossible to use the power of the map. Ye Ci took a rest for a while, clicked on her own skill and took a look. Finally, she chose Eagle Eye Technique. She wanted to search a place far away from her to see if she could find something, but it was Eagle Eye that disappointed her. The search distance of Shushu couldn't reach that far, it seemed that he had to try his luck to leave here.

     Fortunately, the weather is very good now. Even if you look at it with the naked eye, Ye Ci's field of view can reach seven or eight hundred yards. However, these places are some waters, only the waters in the north are covered with thin mist. , And there seems to be something faintly discernible behind the fog. However, Ye Ci couldn't see clearly. After weighing the current situation, Ye Ci decided to swim northward. After all, if you continue to stay, the only thing waiting for Ye Ci is death, and sit and wait for death has never been Ye Ci's style of doing things.

     Since he was not prepared for underwater breathing medicine, Ye Ci did not dare to dive himself into the water, although it was much faster than swimming.I have to say that swimming is a very physically demanding thing. It seems that it is only one or two thousand yards of fog. Ye Ci drank another strong drink in the middle to be able to survive. When swimming in the middle of the fog, Ye Ci stopped and took a short break. The fog here is considered to be mist. Although the visibility is reduced, it can be seen for two to three hundred yards. Ye Ci has a faint feeling that there must be something behind this mist. Ye Ci's physical exertion is very serious. She may not dare to stop and rest. I am afraid that if she stops to rest, she will never have the perseverance to continue swimming.

     How tough is a person's willpower? In fact, no one can tell. Just like Ye Ci is now, she has been relying on a belief to persist from her full physical strength until now. She herself doesn't know how long she has been upstream in this boundless sea. She doesn't even know how long. How long do you want to continue swimming like this? Now, Ye Ci seems to have only one concept left in his mind. Just swim like this until it reaches the shore.

     This sea area is not absolutely calm. Under the clear water, Ye Ci can see many aquatic creatures constantly wandering. They are large or small, long or short, with a level ranging from 67 to level. It ranges from more than one hundred levels. However, most of the aquatic animals that swim near the water surface are neutral species. As long as Ye Ci does not actively attack them, they will never actively attack Ye Ci.In the process of continuing to swim forward, Ye Ci saw a lot of fish, they are not too big, and they are not within the scope of monsters, but more of a kind of material, such as cooking or alchemy. They made up a group, forming a troupe, swimming around Ye Ci, as if they were not afraid of her at all. Sometimes they even rubbed against Ye Ci's body, making Ye Ci feel like a fish. The special cold and creamy.

     This kind of experience brought a bit of fun to Ye Ci's boring swimming, but she quickly reacted. This kind of fish generally does not live in deep sea areas, but in shallow sea areas. Does that mean that she is already very close to the shore?

     This cognition is undoubtedly a booster for Ye Ci. She didn't know where the strength came from, which accelerated her swimming speed.

     Just when Ye Ci felt that she was going to die from exhaustion, she finally saw a seashore in the mist, it was here, it was coming soon! When I actually reached the coast there, it was already 20 minutes later. Ye Ci didn't even have the strength to climb onto the shore. The whole person just planted directly on the soft sand on the shore, and couldn't get up again."Ye Ci, where are you?" Ye Ci was lying on the shore in big letters, and the gentle sea water washed her waist below her waist. In fact, this is really uncomfortable, but Ye Ci really doesn't even have the strength to move a bit now. But at this moment, Bai Mo's message arrived.

     "I don't know." Ye Ci answered truthfully. It seems that this sea area has not appeared in the previous life, and may have appeared, but Ye Ci in the previous life was not so unlucky to fall directly into the sea from a ship, so it has never Have seen this sea area. Moreover, this sea area does not seem to have appeared on the map of the previous life.

     Ye Ci didn't know if it was because of her Siberian butterfly. From her rebirth to the present, many things seemed to be different. Therefore, she did not dare to measure the current situation with the things before the rebirth.

     "Huh?" Bai Mo was a little surprised at Ye Ci's statement. He thought there was no place on the Majia continent that Ye Ci didn't know.

     "Unlucky." Ye Ci smiled self-deprecatingly, and then told Bai Mo all the things he had just met. Bai Mo was dumb as he heard, "I am lying on an unknown beach now. Maybe it is a small island behind me, and maybe it is a continent, but the possibility of a continent is unlikely."Bai Mo frowned slightly as he listened to Ye Ci's narration.

     "Are you looking for me?"

     "Zhan Ge, someone is looking for you." Bai Mo exhaled as he looked at the person sitting across from him.

     "Zhang Ge?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately asked: "Mad Willow or Zero Arsenic?"

     "Zero Arsenic."

     "What are you doing for me?" Ye Ci heard that Zero Arsenic's brows were making a few pimples. It might be better if it was Mad Willow who came to him. If it was Zero Arsenic... she was not willing at all. Deal with this guy.

     "If I'm not mistaken, he came to you for the miners in the wicked demon habitat." Bai Mo didn't use a secret language, so he passed it to Zero without missing a word. In Arsenic's ears, and Zero Arsenic nodded approvingly when Bai Mo said so.

     Seeing Zero Arsenic's cheeky look, Bai Mo couldn't help but roll his eyes. This guy...

     "Tell him, I don't know where I am now." Ye Ci sat up from the coast, took out the city stone and prepared to rub it back, but found that there was no effect at all, so he sighed: "Also Yes, I can’t use the city stone where I am now, let him ask him if he has something to do, don’t find me."Bai Mo told Zero Arsenic exactly what Ye Ci said, but Zero Arsenic didn’t seem to be surprised. He just said Zé’s mouth: “I’m actually here to make a deal with her, but now this can be done. Up."

     "What deal?" Bai Mo had to be cautious because of the mithril mineral vein. Although he was very reluctant to deal with the old fox, Zero Arsenic, he had to ask about it.

     "I just want to talk to childe'>you alone." Zero Arsenic seemed to have expected Bai Mo to answer the call, so he answered Bai Mo in an old-fashioned way.

     And his answer of "if not unexpected" made Bai Mo's eyes narrowed. That's right, Bai Mo was very upset, but he didn't show it. Soon he put on that special smile again, and nodded to Zero Arsenic: "Well, when she comes back, you are contacting her." Said Bai Mo stood up and made a gift to Zero Arsenic. In a guest posture, Zero Arsenic did not stay too much, smiled at Bai Mo and nodded and left without looking back.

     After Zero Arsenic left the Guild station in Upward Ho, Timely Rain stood beside Bai Mo and slowly asked, "What is he here for?"

     "Maybe he already knows about Mithril." Bai Mo's eyes narrowed, and he felt very uneasy faintly in his heart."Ah? How did he know? There are definitely no more than ten people in Guild who know about this. Is there a ghost in it?" Timely Rain immediately became nervous, if there are even ghosts in these ten people. , Then the current situation of Upward Ho is really chilling.

     "Perhaps." Bai Mo didn't tell Timely Rain that Guild of Genesis on the western continent was also looking for the mithril vein. After all, this didn't seem to have much to do with Upward Ho as a whole.

     "Damn it!" Timely Rain slapped him on the table in front of him. He felt a deep sense of frustration. He kept analyzing in his mind whether Who might leak this secret, but the more he analyzed it, The more chaos in his heart, he finally felt that everyone was like a ghost.

     Bai Mo naturally knew what Timely Rain was thinking. He stretched out his hand and patted Timely Rain on the shoulder: “Don’t mess yourself up first. I just said maybe, but I didn’t say absolutely. Don’t doubt Guild’s brother casually, so that Guild is still outside. If you haven't been beaten, you will be messed up inside yourself first, what do you think?"

     Timely Rain took a deep breath: "How about I check it out first?"Bai Mo shook his head: "No, this way of investigation, no matter if you do it in secret, you will be discovered. If you are discovered, it will make the brothers chill. We Upward Ho are not big now, if you let the brothers now If you are chilling, I’m afraid..." Bai Mo smiled and didn’t seem to care about it. "We Upward Ho can’t always just take the little Guild route. This kind of thing will happen sooner or later. If it’s because of this little thing now, Panicking will make others after one's heart even more."

     Timely Rain listened to Bai Mo's words, and calmed his mind. In fact, he is not so unstable in normal times. It is just that this matter is related to the mithril mineral vein, which is basically the economic lifeline of the entire continent in the future. I can't ignore it, so Timely Rain had to be so cautious.

     "Will you just let it go?""Well, that Quest is the Quest lock on childe'>you. As long as she doesn't open it, there will be absolutely no problem. At this stage, we all hurry up to level up, and get the level and equipment of the Guild elite group. After going up, when she goes to do this Quest again, we can still protect her from completing this Quest, otherwise, we will definitely lose the mithril vein." Although the mithril vein is very valuable, Bai Mo can also understand that at this time It is definitely not a good thing to get this thing when Upward Ho is still so weak. It is better to keep the status quo, and wait until you can grasp and guard it in one fell swoop, that is the best way.

     Timely Rain naturally knew that Bai Mo was right, so he stopped paying attention to the inner ghost. He organized an elite team to continue leveling and accumulating equipment. During this period, he also began to pay special attention to see if anyone had it. What a special move.

     Ye Ci sat on the sand, ate some barbecue and drank some spring water, which was considered to have regained his strength. Although the body is still very tired, it is still much better than before. She knew that it was definitely not a good thing for Zero Arsenic to come to her. A treacherous person like Zero Arsenic may have seen through the secret of the Quest lock, maybe he already knew about the mithril vein. As a man of the old man, as a man of Mad Willow, he would naturally not want it. Give this mithril vein to someone else.Especially the iron-blooded Thousand Sunsets, for now Zhan Ge, they are rivals.

     When Zero Arsenic came to him, he probably knew that he had the mithril vein, and his purpose was to talk about cooperation with Ye Ci. Because according to Ye Ci's current strength, the mithril vein can never be seen, and although Zhan Ge Guild is not a giant Guild, the Guild base of one or two million people can also make the mithril vein temporarily worry-free. Under this circumstance, Ye Ci will inevitably give half, or even more mihril, to Zhange Guild to stabilize them, and this number will definitely increase in the future.

     What's more, according to Moon Green Hill’s intelligence, the old man behind Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets hasn’t made much investment in Fate. For him, the current investment is just a trivial play for him. If once Zero Arsenic and Ye Ci can talk about the mithril vein, so this old man will definitely inject a lot of money in, and maybe even annex Upward Ho and become the predator of the entire Eastern Continent. If this is the case, then Ye Ci's early efforts have all come to nothing, and she is just a SB who makes wedding dresses for others.

     Humph, the abacus is very good.

     Ye Ci sneered.Does Zero Arsenic think that the entire Upward Ho is really so easy to control? Does he think that Ye Ci is really just a player with better skills and a little proficient in the game? It was just wrong. Ye Ci was born again after ten years. Although she cannot control or predict what will happen to Fate in the future, the sky and the earth turning upside down changes, but according to the experience of the previous life, Ye Ci Still let Upward Ho walk in front of all Guilds.

     Before the prosperous age is about to come, she must bury all the nails. She wants to see how far Upward Ho can develop? Where will these people who looked down upon Upward Ho end up?

     Of course, what Ye Ci needs to do before this is to leave this strange map.

     Stand still without advancing, of course, is the most undesirable. Ye Ci stood up and began to search for this seemingly small island. The vegetation on this small island is quite a tropical rain forest. However, according to Fate's simulation of the real world, the tropical rain forest with such dense vegetation must be indispensable for all kinds of beasts and poisonous insects.But this is not difficult for Ye Ci. The hunter is the king of survival in the wild, especially the elves, because the inherent hiding effect is stronger than other races, and it also has a stronger adaptability to nature. Therefore, the place where elf hunters are least afraid to walk is probably the forest.

     After recruiting Ol’ Four, Ye Ci began to wander in the deep forest, and soon encountered the first monster. It was a forest boa constrictor, lying under a huge coconut tree, spitting the snake's letter viciously at Ye Ci and Ol’ Four. Its skin presents an oil-green color, forming a very scary pattern in the hot sunlight. Ye Ci threw a reconnaissance technique towards it from a distance, a level 65 ordinary monster. Although the level is higher than Ye Ci, if it is not an elite monster, Ye Ci and Ol’ Four are still very easy to deal with it.It’s just that pythons are generally poisonous. Ye Ci has limited antidote. So, not only when absolutely essential, Ye Ci will never come close to attack it. However, the speed of the forest python is very fast, which Ye Ci did not expect. After opening the monster, she soon discovered that her high agility is also a bit difficult under the tracking of the forest python. Fortunately, Ye Ci's The balance is also very high, so when she smoothly crossed from side to side, even when she jumped up and attacked the forest python, it seemed to be of no use, but she kept spraying venom towards Ye Ci.

     These venoms have a splashing effect, and if they are splashed on the body, they will definitely cause high damage. Therefore, when Ye Ci fights against the forest python, he must always adjust his angle and position to avoid the venom it sprays.

     As long as it is a creature, there must be weaknesses, and if you hit a weakness in Fate, you will get several times or even ten times more critical hits. The weakness of the python is naturally at seven inches. However, the python has always raised his head high and sprayed venom at Ye Ci. It is not easy for Ye Ci to detour his back and aim at its seven inches. After tossing back and forth for a few laps, Ye Ci still couldn't touch the back of the python, which made Ye Ci slightly unhappy. While whistling to Ol’ Four, she turned on the invisibility while galloping.Although the python is very big, its IQ is almost zero. It doesn't understand why the target that it was tracking just disappeared in an instant. It waited for the billowing eyes to look at the place where Ye Ci disappeared. A very dazed look, but this situation did not last long, because soon it found Ol' Four running towards itself from the forest. The prey was there! The python showed a hint of excitement, turned his head and severely ran towards Ol’ Four.

     And Ye Ci's body was revealed at this moment, pulling a bow and shooting a penetrating arrow towards the seven inches of the python.

     As a hunter, the most important skill is to calculate how to catch fast-moving monsters, not only to hit them, but also to point out where to fight. This problem seems simple to say, but it is really difficult to realize it, because the arrow will deviate according to the distance of the shooting range, its own weight, and various external influences. Therefore, the hunter before shooting out You must accurately calculate the strength of the arrows in your hands based on the distance of the target hit, the speed of movement, and external factors.

     Only in this way can you let your arrows fall where you need them.Ye Ci was actually unable to do this when she first became a hunter. She also gradually found tricks and calculation methods from a lot of failed experience, and made her body completely accustomed to this calculation method, doing it like it is now. High hit.

     Sometimes the difference between advanced players and top players may be just a little bit.

     The python ran swiftly towards Ol' Four, while the arrow in Ye Ci's hand whizzed towards it with the sound of the wind. When the python reacted, the black feather arrow had already fallen into the seven inches Place! The scales of the snake’s seven inches are soft. Although it looks no different from the scales on other skins, there is indeed the snake’s life gate. Once hit, it will not only cause fatal damage to the snake, but also increase the snake’s mobility. Is restricted.

     Just like the python shot by Ye Ci now, after the black feathery arrow severely inserted into her seven inches, its head suddenly leaned back in pain, and its mouth widened and made a sharp hiss. Then, he fell to the ground, his body trembled violently, and the crawling speed was much slower.Ye Ci saw that this penetrating arrow brought huge red damage to the forest python, and was very satisfied. This damage was as much as 7,000. You know, if it is an ordinary attack, Ye Ci can take it away. Its damage is at most two thousand. The current vital part attack has caused at least three times more damage to the forest python, and it also has a bleeding damage, still a steady flow of health from its wound.

     In addition, Ye Ci also found that this vital part attack caused a "pain and slow" bug to the forest python. With this bug, the forest python's movement was reduced by 70%, which made Ye Ci almost able Shoot it like a stake.

     It didn't take long for the forest python to let out a scream, leaving a lot of experience to death. Of course, with the current Ye Ci level, these experiences cannot continue to improve her level, but these experiences have not disappeared, but are stored in a special experience bar. When a new expansion is opened, these experiences can be used. Take Ye Ci directly to upgrade. But when Ye Ci is weird, when fighting monsters in other places, these experience points are not displayed, but directly flow into this experience slot, but I did not expect that it will appear when leveling here...However, this kind of problem has always been irrelevant. Ye Ci didn't think about it. He just walked to the forest python and took all his arrows from its corpse. There was no way, Ye Ci was elsewhere. These arrows can be very extravagantly unnecessary, but in a place where she doesn't know when to go out, she cares about every arrow very much. After picking up the arrows, Ye Ci took out a gold coin and a few silver coins from the corpse of the forest python, and there was nothing left besides some insignificant rubbish.

     After the 60th level, the odds drop rate is obviously much smaller than before the 60th level. Since Ye Ci came from the previous life, naturally she would not care too much about this kind of thing, not to mention that she has limited backpacks and can only choose some that are more valuable. Things to take away.

     After tidying up the spoils, Ye Ci took out a knife and smashed the corpse of the forest python, and obtained several pieces of good-quality snake meat, as well as a not-so-complete snake skin and a snake gall. Of course, there were dozens of snake ribs. .

     Ye Ci looked at the white ribs in his hand, gently touched the tips of the ribs with his fingers, and the sharp ribs cut her fingers. Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. This thing is good for making arrows. This thought suddenly flashed through her mind, and then she immediately paid attention to it.This is a tropical rain forest. There will be a lot of pythons and beasts. Even if she cherishes her arrows very much, these arrows will definitely be worn and consumed during the use process. If Ye Ci is gone before they are exhausted If she doesn't get out here, isn't she going to be trapped here alive? However, if these ribs can be made into arrows, wouldn't she need to worry about the source of these arrows here?

     Now Ye Ci's Arrow Crafting is only at the intermediate level, and it is at the bottleneck position. It has never been a breakthrough to become an advanced Arrow Crafting. If you build an arrow at this level, you will definitely lose a lot. In Fate, each auxiliary occupation can innovate its own formula from the beginning. However, the lower the level, the greater the difficulty, and the higher the level, the easier it is to succeed. Like Ye Ci's current level, it is actually quite a challenge to use ribs to build arrows.

     According to his current level, so many dozens of ribs in his hand must not be made, Ye Ci is not in a hurry, and continues to wander the forest with Ol' Four, killing a lot of forest beasts, and get Lots of ribs. As the sky gradually darkened, Ye Ci went off the assembly line to eat, and when she had eaten, she climbed into the game again impatiently. At this time, the game was already dark.Fortunately, my current location is a forest. The most indispensable thing in this place is wood. Ye Ci randomly found some wood and lit a bonfire. First, he roasted a few pieces of animal meat to feed himself and Ol' Four. After that, Ye Ci took out those ribs and knives, ready to make arrows.

     First roast the ribs on the fire to soften the ribs that are rich in moisture, then shape them with both hands, and finally modify them with a knife. This is the easiest way to make Arrow Crafting, but even the easiest, Ye Ci is very difficult to make.

     The bones are either over-roasted or not soft enough, or they are broken. In short, Ye Ci doesn’t know how many times it has failed. A small pile of broken ribs has already been piled up at his feet. It is a pity to see Ol' Four Although he doesn't like eating raw meat, it is actually a pleasure to chew on bones occasionally, which is a pity now.

     When Ye Ci is very focused on doing one thing, he doesn't care about other things. For example, the passage of time, such as the number of failures, otherwise, how could she stay in the National Library for so long? Otherwise, how could she be so discouraged by this kind of never-successful arrow making?

     There were fewer and fewer ribs left on her body, Ye Ci didn't seem to notice this, and she kept repeating these actions. Roasting, setting, correcting, roasting, setting, correcting...In this repetitive process, Ye Ci not only allows the brain to remember the frequency and strength of this action, and makes it a part of its own body, just like the calculation when shooting an arrow, just like the moment of flashing. Fierce, everything becomes a subconscious action.

     Suddenly, a system prompt sounded: "Congratulations, you have completed a new kind of arrow. Please name it."

     Ye Ci listened to the system prompt, but she didn't feel particularly pleased. She just exhaled a long breath. It seemed that Ye Ci knew that as long as she was willing to do it seriously, there would be no failure to do it. Things.

     Ye Ci looked down at the last successful arrow in his hand, and saw that it was smooth and white, and the arrow fuse together with the arrow body. Originally, at the position of the arrow, a knife was used to cut a cross-shaped opening with a python inserted in the opening. The scales on his body are only higher than the general feather arrow control ability.

     And its properties are not bad at all.

     Unnamed arrows: Physical damage 120-200, with spiked damage. There is a certain chance to make the opponent bleed. It can be used above level 50.

     The physical damage of this arrow is slightly lower than that of the black ling arrow, but it has a chance to have a bleeding skill, which is also invaluable. Especially this is produced by the intermediate arrow crafting, and the material is not used as much as the black ling arrow. Black Lingjian is much more cost-effective."Bone Arrow." Ye Ci couldn't think of a good name, so he called one casually, and the system immediately recognized her name.

     "Congratulations on your success in naming this new arrow, and rewards 300 points for the growth of the arrow."

     Hey? Is this all possible? Ye Ci was taken aback, can he build an arrow to give such a high growth value? She took a look at her Arrow Crafting, and she actually reached an advanced level because of the invention of the bone arrow! !

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     Chapter 55 Bone Arrow

     Chapter 55 Bone Arrow