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Chapter Directory 258 Chapter 56—Headless And Brainless Tasks
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 56 The Headless Quest

     Chapter 56 The Headless Quest

     Ye Ci became interested and continued to make all the ribs below into bone arrows. Although the movements were not skilled, the success rate was very high. Unfortunately, the proficiency of these bone arrows was only one or two points. It doesn't seem to give 300 proficiency when making the first bone arrow.

     It seems that using this invention to increase proficiency is a good way, but Ye Ci is not known for his production career, and the idea of blind cats and dead mice passing by.

     With bone arrows, Ye Ci is no longer afraid of the lack of arrows. It is even more merciless to hunt these monsters, but within three or four days, he has already explored more than half of this island. But in the process, she didn't run into any special circumstances, let alone a way to get out of here.

     On this day, Ye Ci killed a few more beasts, sat by the campfire, and skillfully made their ribs into bone arrows. Now Ye Ci has become more and more proficient in making bone arrows. It used to take three or four minutes to make a bone arrow. Now it only takes about ten seconds to make one. She was doing bone arrows with single-hearted devotion, and suddenly some sound came from far away.Ye Ci's long pointed ears moved slightly. She put down the bone arrow she was making, then stood upright, looked around, then closed her eyes and listened carefully to the sound. But she heard nothing, Ye Ci almost thought she had misheard, but when she was about to give up, she heard the strange voice again.

     This seems to be the sound of some musical instrument, and not only the sound of the musical instrument, but also the sound of Ruoyoruowu's singing. what is this?

     Ye Ci put away the bone arrow, kicked the bonfire away, and then quickly swept it along the direction of the sound. The hunter is the profession that pursues the most speed. Ye Ci leaped lightly on the branches of the trees and ran fast, only hearing the sound of the wind whistling in his ears. This is a different kind of experience.

     Soon, Ye Ci heard another sound, which was the sound of waves hitting the shore, and the sound of guqin and singing were mixed in this sound. Who the hell is singing in this place? Ye Ci moved slightly in his heart, and it seemed that he would be able to leave this place soon.

     There were fewer and fewer trees in front, and soon I saw the sea. Ye Ci jumped down from the tree, stood in the shade and looked around, and found that on a huge rock, there was a girl sitting on her face. Facing the sea, holding a harp in her hand, she gently plucked the strings and sang beautiful songs.However, Ye Ci, the language she used to sing, feels very strange, at least now she can’t understand it. I don't know what kind of race this girl is?

     The girl turned to Ye Ci behind her back, dragging her long golden hair all the way to the rock, covering her back and buttocks, but the arms that were playing the harp were round as lotus roots, white and delicate, on her wrists. Hanging a string of azure blue beads made her skin as white as jade.

     Ye Ci stood quietly in the shade of the tree, listening to the girl’s singing. Although she could not understand the singing, she felt that the singing was so beautiful. Dong heard that she couldn’t help but move towards that girl step by step. Walked over.

     But why did she walk over? Ye Ci didn't know, she only felt that her eyes seemed to be very shadowy, dim and dim, and a voice was constantly urging her to get to the girl's side.

     This is not normal, this is absolutely not normal!

     Ye Ci understood this deeply in her heart, but she just couldn't control her body, step by step towards the rock, she was getting closer and closer.

     mind control!For a moment, such a word flashed in Ye Ci's mind. Mind control numbers belong to the more advanced Spell of Priest and Cleric, which are generally learned after level 100. Since there are not many auxiliary professional attack skills such as Cleric and Priest, there are relatively more Control Skills, while Mind Control is absolute. It is one of the most important skills of Cleric and Priest. In the previous life, there was a Cleric who learned and used this skill flexibly. Not only was he invincible in the PK field, but even BOSS of the same level as himself could easily deal with it.

     This is enough to show the sturdiness and domineering of this spiritual Control Skill.

     Mind-controlled players generally lose the ability to fight and stand still and can only wait to be slaughtered. Of course, this is the mind control of the player, but the mind control of the NPC is much more advanced. It can not only control the player to lose combat effectiveness, but also control the player to do something according to their own intentions.

     Clearly and easy to see, now it must be an NPC who controls Ye Ci, and it is the girl who plays the piano and sings!

     She definitely can't move forward, Ye Ci knew in her heart that if she went further, she would have no good end to it. If she died, she would be fine. In case she was enslaved by this NPC, this would be very bad! But how can we get out of this kind of control now?Ye Ci thought of the darkness dispelling on Bru's ring, but Ye Ci now doesn't even have the ability to activate a skill. Her mind is getting more and more groggy.

     No, no! Before her willpower disappeared at all, Ye Ci kept telling herself that she tried all her strength and finally turned on the darkness to disperse it! Suddenly, the influence of mind control on Ye Ci seemed to disappear!

     But Ye Ci's head is still not clear.

     The singing of the girl playing the piano seemed to be interrupted as the darkness dissipated, but soon the singing sounded again.

     No, this mind control skill seems to be very advanced, and the dark dispersal on Bru's ring seems to be unable to completely resist its influence. If I were to be controlled again now, I'm afraid I would never have a chance to get out. Ye Ci was quite clear in her heart, but her mind was confused. She stood swaying on the beach, as if to continue walking towards the girl.

     Ye Ci touched his waist, pulled out the dagger, and stabbed it severely towards his thigh with only his strength!

     "Ah!" Although the pain was only 30%, Ye Ci screamed from the heart-wrenching pain that was deeply inserted into the thigh, and with this call, the effect of mind control disappeared cleanly. Ye Ci fell profusely on the beach and almost fainted with pain in his bloody thigh.At that moment, Ye Ci thought, Guan Erge is really a hero. 30% of my pain is a deadly virtue. I really don’t know how the second brother Guan managed to heal his wounds by scraping his bones when the pain was full. Sure enough, there is a difference between people and people.

     She is afraid of pain, she is a bully.

     Enduring the pain until the eyes turned black, Ye Ci was finally able to face her bloody thighs. She gasped and pulled out the dagger from her thighs. The blood splashed out suddenly, and even splashed on Ye Ci's face, with a salty warmth, which made people a little dizzy.

     bite the teeth tightly, Ye Ci tightly tied the wound on his thigh with a bandage. If this kind of wound is not returned to the city to go to the hospital for treatment, I am afraid it will be difficult to recover. This is a bleeding skill that I have attached to myself...

     After doing all this, Ye Ci stood up slowly. She looked up the rock and saw the girl turned her head. She had a face that was so beautiful that she could not be described in words, and her blue eyes were like sea water. Just as charming. He was not singing, but quietly pursing his lips and looking at Ye Ci, the harp placed in front of her had all the strings broken.It seems that when Ye Ci forcibly stabbed her thigh with a dagger just now to break free of her mind control, her strings were all broken. The girl's face was calm, she didn't seem to be angry for this reason, but she didn't seem to be very happy either.

     Ye Ci stood on the shore not far from her and looked back at the girl quietly. Although her thigh was still aching, she was still ready to attack. I lost a reconnaissance technique to this girl, but the other party's level was too high, Ye Ci saw all question marks, not even the name.

     This guy is not easy to mess with.

     If only the health bar is a question mark, it means that the monster is at least 20 levels higher than itself. If the attribute is also a question mark, then it means that the monster is at least 40 levels higher than itself. If even the name is a question mark, the monster is actually 60 levels higher than itself. That's it.

     Ye Ci is now at level sixty, which is higher than level sixty, so this girl is at least one hundred and twenty, and it is very likely that she is a boss monster. Ye Ci looked around secretly, it seemed that there was no place to get stuck, and if he wanted to use the usual method to kite this guy to death, it would be idiotic. One hundred and twenty-level BOSS-level monsters, the movement speed is definitely not comparable to Ye Ci now. Therefore, the only thing Ye Ci can do now is to smear the soles of the feet and slip away quickly.Ye Ci slowly retreated step by step, ready to seize the opportunity and slip away.

     But she didn't expect that the girl would suddenly speak. She said, "It turns out to be a woman."

     Ye Ci was stunned. She looked at the girl again, and saw that she had moved her sitting posture a little bit and turned half of her body to look at Ye Ci. What surprised Ye Ci was that her lower body was actually a beautiful blue fishtail!

     by! It turned out to be a mermaid!

     No wonder there is such a nice singing voice and such a high level of mental control. Mermaid is not a kind creature, nor will it save humans like princes like in fairy tales. In fact, in Fate, mermaid represents greed.

     The mermaids have beautiful appearances and beautiful singing voices. They like to sing on the beach and lure men into their food. Of course, all the fish that come out to hunt for food are female fish. If you ask the male fish where are the fish? Ye Ci actually didn’t know. At least in her previous life, she had only seen female fish and male fish... According to Ye Ci’s speculation, she should cook at home, kill people, and bring children..."It's so boring. It took me so much work. It was just a woman who came." The girl looked at Ye Ci with a very frustrated look. While stroking the harp whose strings had been broken, she rolled up the beautiful Li's fishtail, lying on the rock, supported that beautiful head with his hands and looked at Ye Ci not far away.

     It's different from before. Now the mermaid doesn't have the horrible breath of make people just now. On the contrary, she looks very indifferent. She just looked at Ye Ci quietly, pouting, and her eyes fell on Ye Ci's chest. Above: "The elves are really getting thinner and thinner. In the past few years, it is estimated that even men and women are not clear."

     When she spoke like this, she rude shook her plump and sexy breasts, and the perfect curve made her nose bleed. However, this makes Ye Ci full of black lines, your sister, how can the NPC in this game be so boring, and actually compare with her...

     Although she is not as big as this mermaid, she is a bit different anyway, how can she tell from this mermaid's mouth that she is not the same at all?

     "Oh, elves, how did you come to this place?" Obviously, the mermaid girl didn't know the trouble she caused Ye Ci at all, and instead looked at Ye Ci with a smile and asked.

     "The boat capsized." Ye Ci's answer was absolutely simple."Ah!" The mermaid girl exclaimed, and then stood up, and the pair of plump breasts also shook: "You are not talking about the storm the other day! Wow, it will bring us nothing. Little food!"

     Ye Ci started to roll his eyes even more. Fortunately, he was holding a mast, and he wanted to become one of their food? "Well, if you are okay, I will leave."

     "Oh! Why are you leaving? I haven't said to let you go!" The mermaid girl shouted.

     Ye Ci doesn't care about this coquettish guy, and continues to walk into the forest. Mermaid can't walk anyway, she doesn't care about her nonsense, let her die!

     "Hey hey hey!" The mermaid girl yelled at Ye Ci. Seeing that Ye Ci didn't pay any attention to her, she jumped from the rock to the shore and only heard her scream.

     Ye Ci paused slightly, and then continued to walk forward. As she walked, she said to herself that this guy is over one hundred and twenty, and he is an extremely BOSS NPC. He definitely has a very high IQ. You don't know how you will be killed, so it's better to ignore it."Oh, oh!" Seeing Ye Ci walking more and more anxiously, the mermaid girl yelled more and more loudly, and the sound that she yelled out of that beautiful voice was that Ye Ci was a woman, and she felt goosebumps all over her body. Thinking, if it's a man who hears it, it's probably already broken.

     Ye Ci kept screaming, making Ye Ci very upset. Finally, she sighed, forget it, anyway, even if an NPC is a little coquettish, a little annoying, but also ask, maybe she might know who left here. Method. Thinking of this, Ye Ci turned around and walked towards the mermaid again, but when he saw the mermaid, Ye Ci was taken aback, only to see that the tail of the fish was gone, and the mermaid sitting on the beach had become Two legs like jade.

     It seems that mermaids are not allowed to go ashore, their tails will become legs when they come ashore, but after all, mermaids are fierce in the water after all, and when they are ashore, even if they have tails, they become weak. Ye Ci walked to a place five yards away from the mermaid and stopped. She didn't want to get too close to this guy, especially when she didn't know whether this guy was an enemy or a friend, she wouldn't take any risks.

     "Respected Mermaid, I don't know what else is wrong with you?" Although Ye Ci uses honorifics in her mouth, it is obvious that her expression on the mermaid is not so respectful."You broke my piano, how can you just walk?" The mermaid sat on the ground and raised his mouth, looking a little unhappy.

     If the eyes can kill, it is estimated that this mermaid has become a deep-fried fish, steamed fish, sweet and sour fish, sour and spicy fish... Ye Ci almost pinched the mermaid to death in his heart, and then scraped off her scales, tugging Her neck roared: "Your sister! Who broke your piano! Your sister, who is responsible in the final analysis! Your sister! If you think you are an NPC, you can just shirk responsibility! Your sister! Be an NPC? There must also be an NPC's bottom line, OK!!"

     Of course, Ye Ci could only curse these words in her heart. It is absolutely impossible to say them. She still looked at the mermaid with the same expression on her face, and sighed slightly: "Then what do you want to do?"

     "You find a way to help me fix it." The mermaid's request is also simple.

     "No, I don't have time to worry about your nostalgia right now, I want to find a way to leave this ghost place." Ye Ci didn't want to have anything to do with this cheeky mermaid, so rudely rejected the mermaid's Quest.

     "How can you be so irresponsible! You will be condemned for doing so!" The mermaid started acting like a baby, making Ye Ci very upset.She curled her lips: "I'm a woman, and you are of no use to me. I said, I have to find a way to leave this ghost place. I don't want to take care of other things."

     This time it was the mermaid's turn to be very upset. She stared at Ye Ci for a while, and finally said, "Well, if you help me figure out a way to fix the strings for me, I can send you out of here."

     Ye Ci frowned when he looked at the strings inside the mermaid. Don't say what the material of the strings is, just say that there are people on this desert island who can repair strings? This is the key to whether she can complete this Quest, so Ye Ci is not polite with the mermaid at all, and directly raises this question.

     The mermaid wrinkled a face and thought for a while, then nodded: "It seems that you make sense. Except for some ugly dead animals on this island, no one really knows how to fix this thing." But she He quickly said, "If it weren't for this, there is a guy named Daruffal in the crater of Breda. He has a harp. If you bring that harp, I will send you out of here. "

     "The Breda crater?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. What place is this?The mermaid seemed to see Ye Ci's doubts, she smiled happily, and then pointed behind Ye Ci. Ye Ci turned around and looked in the direction of the mermaid's fingers, only to see a towering mountain range on the back half of the deserted island, with verdant and lush above it, but there was nothing like Ye Ci's impression of a volcano. She was a little strange: "You said that mountain is Breda Volcano?"

     "Of course, it's been called this name since I was born."

     "But, it seems that there is no fire." Ye Ci directly questioned. For this mermaid who seems not to be serious, none of Ye Ci can be respectful.

     Ye Ci clearly saw a few black lines on the mermaid’s mountain. The corners of her mouth twitched for a while, and then she said, “Anyway, this is the Jiaobrida volcano. There must be a place called Darufang in the crater. Guy, you just have to get his harp."

     At this time, Ye Ci also heard the system prompt.

     You have triggered the Quest of Mermaid’s Harp, do you want to accept it?


     Nonsense, if she doesn't accept it, she would never want to leave here for the rest of her life, and what Ye Ci needs most now is to leave this damn place."Okay, then I will wait for your good news!" The mermaid stood up from the ground at this time. She waved at Ye Ci, and then swayed towards Ye Ci in a very strange walking posture. Walked to the beach, and then jumped into the sea in the most graceful gesture with a plop. After Ye Ci blinked, she saw that her beautiful fishtail had been rolled up, and then it fell down again, causing a splash of water on the surface of the sea. Along with the splash, her beautiful singing voice.

     This Quest is really baffling.

     This is Ye Ci's heartfelt words. We must know that in Fate, the existence of each NPC has its unique value, and naturally there is a strong logic supporting his existence. But the mermaid that Ye Ci just faced seems to have escaped from this rule. Not only is there no logic to follow, even the Quest she released looks so baffling, Ye Ci even thought, if it wasn’t her, if it wasn’t her With this reaction, will this Quest trigger?

     However, it was obviously not the time to think about this problem. She looked at the high Breda volcano. Although it seemed to be an extinct volcano, it was necessary to find Daruffal in the crater. Not an easy Quest. After all, the difficulty of a Quest released by an NPC above level 120 should not be too low.Ye Ci took a deep breath, and now she has no choice but to find the harp quickly.

     Western continent.

     Genesis Guild.

     Singing and looking at Absalom in a low voice: "How about? Do you want to unlock the Quest?"

     Absalom frowned. He hesitated about it: "Do you know about Eastern Continent?".

     "Well, I have been talking about this on the forum recently. Although it is not very hot, there are already many people who are speculating about what is there. Therefore, the mining fever of Eastern Continent does not know how long it will stop before it stops." Yin nodded, he could understand Absalom's hesitation. It should be only ten days for childe'>you to explore Quest last night to the end of exploring Quest. According to childe'>you cautious and timid, she will not be discovered when she is doing Quest, but people are not as good as the sky. Even if childe'>you finally came a croppers on this matter, would Genesis, which had many goals when doing Quest, be targeted?

     "Is there any news from Angel Song?" Absalom frowned as he watched the event on the Eastern Continent mining fever on the forum, and then whispered to Qian Sing."Not yet." Qian Sing whispered and shook his head. Angel Song is the only Guild in the Western Continent that can compete with Genesis. It is impossible for them not to know about Eastern Continent. Now that they know, would they not guess whether there is any Western Continent?

     Now all continents are speculating about what Eastern Continent's black iron dwarves are unearthing, so other continents must have noticed this problem too. Maybe they are also starting to look for this place, maybe they want to wait and see. Eastern Continent dug up something and then started.

     "How many days has the mining fever of Eastern Continent been going on?" Absalom closed the forum, murmured as he watched, his face was heavy.

     "It's been nine days." Qian sang and whispered for the time.

     "What have been dug up?" Absalom of course knew that as long as the childe'>you did not open the Quest lock, these people would definitely not be able to dig out mithril, but it would not be a good thing if this place except mithril could dig out any high-grade metal. , At least will encourage most players to continue digging here."I don't know the specifics, because no one seems to have announced this. Anyway, the mining boom is higher than the wave, and people are easy to follow blindly. If no one comes out to refute rumors or speak, I think that mountain is Hollowing out will happen sooner or later."

     "Shallow sing, you go to contact the soldering iron." Absalom sat in his seat and thought for a long time, then raised his head to sing and whispered.

     "Looking for a soldering iron?" The light sang was stunned. The soldering iron and Genesis had a profound friendship. They played many games together, but the soldering iron has always been the Life Player. Everyone has known each other for many years, although they usually play games. I don't meet many people here, but they also have a deep friendship.

     The soldering iron itself doesn't like Guild, so he didn't join Genesis Guild. However, most of the ore he dug was sold to Genesis, and he was considered an anonymous Genesis member. He is the only master-level miner in the Western Continent, and the only master-level miner in the entire Fate. Not only that, he also has a legendary mining hoe that improves mining explosion rate and efficiency. The object that the miners in the mine look up to.

     "What are you looking for?""Let him go to Eastern Continent, and then follow to mine, and then publish all the types of mines he digs every day on the forum." Absalom took a breath: "Better let him go to build momentum before going, let all Everyone knows that this master miner is also interested in it."

     "If the soldering iron made this post, the mining fever will soon cool down. Why do you do this? Why do you want to help childe'>you refute the rumors?" The light sings and the low voices are still very clear, even if Now their mithril vein was found by childe'>you to help them, but they and childe'>you are players from two continents after all. This opposing faction will inevitably have a battle sooner or later. If you get involved too much before then, you won’t see What a good thing.

     "I'm not helping childe'>you, I'm helping myself." Absalom sang and murmured as he watched, "If Eastern Continent's mining craze does not calm down soon, I am afraid that our western continent will soon be like that. We were involved in the craze of Quest, and we didn’t dare to open the Quest lock. We didn’t know that this drag would go to the year of the monkey, and the time for Shengshi to enter the game was getting closer and closer, and I couldn’t wait any longer.”

     Singing and whispering naturally knows the truth, he talked: "Yes, there are no eternal friends, nor eternal enemies, only eternal benefits."

     "By the way, which Guild is the fog now, have you found it?""The Mist of Asia?" Qian sang and groaned for a moment, and then showed a strange smile: "You can't guess if you think about it."

     "It's easy to enter Guild according to his skills, is it in Wolf Clan?". Absalom thought for a while, the guy who can be a first-line Rogue in their genesis will definitely not be bad when they go to Eastern Continent.

     "No. If he goes to Wolf Clan or Tang Dynasty, I'm definitely not surprised, but he didn't go." Qian Sing murmured and smiled: "He went to Upward Ho."

     "What?" Absalom was taken aback, and then smiled: "He actually went to Upward Ho."

     "Isn't it interesting."

     "Indeed." Absalom stood up and looked out of the window. No one could see what he was thinking. After a while, he turned his head and whispered to Singing, "Let him be our eyeliner, and he will agree. ?".

     Singing and groaning for a while, "I'm not sure about this. Misty is not a gangster. Although he has a deep friendship with us, why did he switch to Eastern Continent? Why did he go to Upward Ho? We thought, if it's just a coincidence, it might work, but if it's not, I think it's unlikely."

     Absalom took a breath: "Fleeting Time, please go and talk to us. If it doesn't work, find someone else.""Why are you so interested in Upward Ho?"

     "I am not interested in Upward Ho, but the mithril in their hands. According to Upward Ho's current strength, they will definitely not be able to hold the Quest lock even if they open the Quest lock. In that case, it is better for us to help them guard..." Absalom said I didn't finish speaking, I understood it naturally.

     "This is why you agreed to cooperate with Childe'> You?"

     "It's one of the reasons." Absalom smiled: "I think, childe'>you did not think about cooperation when it was proposed. Although our purpose is to deal with the prosperity, but her woman is absolutely It won’t let me take advantage of it, so naturally I can’t be too polite to her.”

     "It's not like you are a person to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. It's not the same as your usual." Qian Sing shook his head with a low smile.

     "To have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex also depends on the object. For another person, I might start off leniently." Absalom walked toward the door.

     "Then why not this one?"

     "Do you think the woman who can be seen by Fleeting Time is a good person to send?". Absalom snorted, "If I'm not cruel, I'm afraid that the woman will calculate that there will be no bones left."

     "Where are you going?" Sing murmured and was about to contact the soldering iron, only to see Absalom out of the meeting room door."Find someone who can clean up this woman."

     Mount Breda is an extinct volcano, and it is an extinct volcano that has been dead for a long time. Judging from the dense trees around it, it has been at least a long time since I heard what the word volcano is. Ye Ci took Ol' Four through the forest, slaughtering a lot of level 60 or 70 monsters along the way, and finally reached the vicinity of the volcanic crater. Looking around, I saw dense vegetation here, and it seemed that I wanted to find it. That NPC is definitely not an easy task.

     Ye Ci just wanted to search around and find a relatively flat road to find the NPC named Daruffal, but suddenly found that there was something not quite right in the nearby land.

     This is originally a forest, and the forest floor should not be too clean, moss, fallen leaves, dead branches and everything that should be here is here. There are indeed these things on the ground in front of them, but they have a strong decorative meaning. If you look closely, you can see the subtle man-made traces left on these coverings.

     It is definitely not a smooth road here.Ye Ci is a hunter. Things like digging traps have long been an easy drive on a familiar path, and these traps in front of them seem a bit pediatric, as long as she pays a little attention to get rid of them. She stood in place and didn’t move. She lost a few observation skills on her way. There were indeed traps, but they were not dense, and she was lucky. She flew on the branches and Ol' Four left. It's this way, this guy didn't even fall into a trap...

     I really don't know if it is luck or something.

     Since there are traps here, it means that there must be people in this place, whether it is a humanoid monster or a Quest NPC. In short, there must be people who kill these animals for a living in this place. According to Ye Ci's years of experience in playing games, 99% of the humanoid creatures encountered in in the wild are aggressive humanoid monsters, and there is less than 1% chance that they are Quest or irrelevant NPCs.

     Judging from these traps, there is definitely more than a humanoid creature here. After all, this kind of physical trap is fundamentally different from the magic trap currently used by Ye Ci. It consumes physical energy. Even Ye Ci digs a physical trap that takes a lot of time and physical energy. So many traps need all of them. They were all dug by one person. How much time did it take?

     In summary, 100% of these traps were not dug up by one person, so who are these people?There is a unique survival mode in Fate, which is the same as in real life. That is to say, NPCs living in it also have their own way of life. This way of life is the same as that of people in reality. They also need to eat and sleep, they also need to get married and have children to pass on from generation to generation, but they may need players to participate in these lives. This is the so-called Quest, which may not require players to participate, just like ordinary strangers.

     Whether it is the NPC in the city or the humanoid monster in the wild, they all have their own set of life patterns. From the perspective of the game, they may stand in opposition or not with the player, but from the perspective of human nature, they are completely equal to the player.

     Ye Ci looked at these traps and used his ten years of Fate experience to roughly judge that there should be a tribe nearby. Is this tribe a humanoid monster that is opposed to Ye Ci or a neutral NPC? This is not known.

     Chapter 56 The Headless Quest

     Chapter 56 The Headless Quest