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Chapter Directory 261 Chapter 59—Shaman
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 59 Shaman

     Chapter 59 Shaman

     Ye Ci reviewed all his existing skills and finally found a few more suitable skills. For example, the best way to deal with this kind of monster with a higher level is to give it various continuous damage first, because the continuous damage does not have a lot of blood each time, but it ignores the level and has a higher damage. Basically all skills are restricted by level penalties, either MISS or lower damage value. Then he was controlling his traveling speed, so it would not be difficult to grind this 75th level magma man to death.

     Ye Ci Now that the Magma Man will pass by in a while, he has dropped a frost trap. Frost Trap is a trap that can effectively control the speed of monsters. Hunter is not a profession with more Control Skills. Therefore, every Control Skill will appear precious. As long as it is used well, it can cause indelible effects on the opponent. hurt.After setting up the trap, Ye Ci gave himself an enhanced Falcon Protection. This guardian is effective in improving long-range damage. It belongs to a wild guardian that hunters must use when attacking. This skill is combined with the enhanced Hunter's Mark. , Can often achieve the effect of doubling the damage value. Then, Ye Ci dropped a strengthening Hunter's Mark on the head of the magma man who was walking. In this dark cave even filled with the smell of strong man's sulfur, the red strengthening Hunter's Mark is particularly conspicuous.

     After making preparations, Ye Ci formed a connection skill with the skills just selected and shot towards the Magma Man. Snake Venom Needle, bleeding spikes, and shadow arrows. These three skills require low levels and have a very fast cooling time. Moreover, these three skills are continuous damage skills, and the duration of each is ten seconds. Above, it is the most suitable to deal with this kind of high-level monster, and then there is Concussion Arrow. Concussion Arrow is a Control Skill that can reduce the opponent’s travel speed. Ye Ci's Concussion Arrow is now Level 5, which can reduce monsters by 50%. The movement speed lasts for eight seconds. However, if the target stunned by the concussion arrow is under another attack at this time, it will immediately wake up and resume its travel speed. So at this time Ye Ci stopped attacking, and waited until the magma monster stepped onto the frost trap before continuing to attack.The Magma Man was walking around in his own territory very leisurely. Even if he was marked with the enhanced Hunter's Mark, he didn't notice anything until Ye Ci's first arrow hit him, although he didn't feel much pain , But, he was still irritated, looked around, and immediately saw Ye Ci not far away, it whizzed and dashed towards Ye Ci, but the next concussion arrow made him slow down again Step by step, moving in the direction of Ye Ci step by step.

     And the damage value floated quickly on his head, which seemed very comforting.It takes a lot of skill to attack the magma man. For example, this kind of monster has a great ability to avoid damage to Fire Element magic. Therefore, when attacking this Fire Element monster, Fire Element Sorcerer is basically a good one, while Ice Sorcerer is comparable to the Holy or Dark magic. Based Classes are more popular, especially Warlock, they have a lot of Control Skills. When fighting this kind of monsters, you can easily kill them if you lose a few Control Skills. However, melee professions need to spend money to deal with this kind of monster. Unless you learn the general skill "stone skin", the fire damage will be reduced. Otherwise, you need to eat some potion of fire kang. As for hunters and Rangers, the long-range physical It is more important to pay attention to fighting this monster in the main profession. After all, they don't have too many Control Skills, and the arrows are generally easy to destroy. If the shooting position happens to be on the lava, basically this attack will be wasted.

     The monster like magma man is very common in maps after the sixtieth level. It's not that the monsters like Magma Man are easy to appear, but that the chances of this kind of monsters composed of two or more elements have greatly increased.Take the magma man in front of you, it is made of stone and magma. Therefore, when attacking it, players should pay attention to it. First, you can't let the weapon directly attack the part with magma, because the temperature here is extremely high, and There is also the effect of corroding weapons, which will greatly increase repair costs, and more importantly, attacking the magma part will not cause too much damage to it. Therefore, when attacking a magma monster, you must choose a good attack position. It is best to choose the deadly joints, such as the neck, waist, knees, etc., which can not only bring extra damage, but also Will greatly increase the hit rate, and sometimes even lethality.

     Ye Ci usually only chooses the waist and knees when choosing the attack part of the magma man. It's not that she doesn't know that the neck is likely to cause higher damage, but because the neck joint is very dangerous. Because there is magma coming out of the head and shoulders of the magma man, if the arrow is stuck in the neck, it will be easily burned, and it will not cause continuous damage.The Concussion Arrow slowed the movement of the Magma Man a lot. Soon, the Snake Venom Needle and bleeding spikes have cooled down. At this time, the Magma Man has reached the edge of the coverage area of the Frost Trap, although Concussion Arrow still has 2 seconds. , Ye Ci did not hesitate to fill the magma man with a Snake Venom Needle and a bleeding spike. The Magma Man was awakened all of a sudden. It rushed towards Ye Ci with a whimper, but stepped into Ye Ci's frost trap. Only a "touch" was heard, one with a diameter of about 18 yards. A thin layer of ice appeared on the ground, and it was full of sharp ice edges, and above this range, there were scattered snowflakes floating down. This is the effect of the frost trap being triggered.

     Although in such a hot environment, the frost trap will quickly melt away, but the slow effect caused is sufficient. Ye Ci looked at the current health bar of the Magma Man, and it has been knocked down by one third. As long as all the skills that follow will not be MISS off, the Magma Man should be able to hang up before it touches him.

     Ideals are always full, and reality is always skinny.Although Ye Ci kept releasing skills with higher damage, the hit rate really made Ye Ci want to hit the wall. Soon the Magma Man got out of the frost trap and moved freely. He rushed towards Ye Ci with a whimper. Ye Ci had no choice but to start moving quickly. She originally wanted to let this huge stupid fellow die for Kiting. However, this place is really small enough, without the conditions of Kiting, not to mention that there are two magma people asleep not far away.Ye Ci can only dodge the magma man up and down, trying to keep the distance between himself and it at least eight yards. The magma man is tall and bulky. In addition, he himself is made of stone, so he has a high self-weight. It is still very difficult to catch sensitive hunters. Its rotation speed can't catch up with Ye Ci. Several times, I felt that I was about to reach her, but let her slip away from his own hands again. This situation made the Magma Man very angry. It raised two huge stone fists high and let out a whining roar, and the magma on its body began to boil quickly, making a "pounce" sound. This is a unique skill of the magma man-boiling magma. Generally, it appears when the magma man has been attacked for three minutes and has not died, or when his health is less than 10%. The appearance of this skill means that the magma on the magma man will splash around indiscriminately. This basic It is a three-hundred and sixty-degree splash without dead ends, which will cause very large fire damage.

     However, this skill can be interrupted, but Ye Ci currently does not have an effective skill that can interrupt this reading. If there is this skill Ye Ci, you can either dodge it quickly, or just catch it for a while.Ye Ci originally wanted to jump back so that she could avoid the maximum damage range, but what she didn't expect was that there was a blind spot behind and she couldn't step back. This caused her heart to sink. It seemed that she could only take this alive. Ye Ci took out a bottle of Intermediate Hotpot Potion and poured it into her mouth. Although, Intermediate Hotpot Potion seemed less to such a 75th-level monster. capable than desirable, but a little effect is better than nothing.

     Just when Ye Ci was ready to take this attack vigorously, he suddenly heard the sound of "Zzizi" electric current resounding near him, and the one in front of him was preparing to use boiling magma. The magma man suddenly dropped his head. Ye Ci was taken aback. Although she didn't know what was going on, she saw a "paralyzed" state in the status bar of the magma man. Let go of distance.Soon, the magma man screamed, turned into countless black stones and fell on the ground, broken into pieces. Ye Ci took a long breath. She looked around and wanted to know what was going on. Soon, she discovered that there were two or three totems inserted near the feet of the magma man. It makes a "sizzling" electric current. This is the shaman's lightning totem. In addition to causing lightning damage to the opponent, it can also cause paralysis. It is the best skill for shamans to kill and burn.

     But, where is there a shaman near here? Is it the player? Ye Ci himself denied this idea. If he can float to this small island, it is already really not easy. How could other players find it here? Even if you find this small island, you may not be able to find the Doro tribe. Even if you find the Doro tribe, you may not be able to reach this dark cave. Even if they can go to the dark cave, they don't necessarily have to help. Since it is not a player, what is it?

     Ye Ci still looked in the cave, but couldn't find who put the skill.

     However, she soon heard the sound of "Kara" and some fine stones fell from the entrance. Ye Ci squinted and looked there, only to find a cowering figure at the corner. Hiding there, I don't know who it is. She asked in a low voice, "Who is it?"

     The other party did not speak.Ye Ci's voice added a little sternness: "Who is it? Come out! Otherwise I'll be rude!"

     The other party hesitated for a moment, and then walked out slowly. Ye Ci looked intently and couldn't help laughing. Isn't this Arona who was ordered to guard outside the cave? Why did he run in?

     "It's me, the white spirit." Araona looked at Ye Ci nervously. It seemed that he was a little uneasy about disobeying the employer's order without authorization: "Please don't tell Nob that I violated your order, otherwise, he My salary will be deducted."

     "Didn't I tell you to be outside? Why did you come in?" Ye Ci smiled, walked up to Arauna, touched his head, and his voice became softer: "It's dangerous inside."

     "I know it's dangerous, but, but..." Araun raised his eyes and looked at Ye Ci. His eyes were very bright. Even in this dim cave, Ye Ci could see the sparkle in his eyes. "But I don't think I can be afraid. If I am afraid, I can never fight again."

     Ye Ci didn't speak, but looked at Araona quietly.Araunah saw that Ye Ci did not speak, and hurriedly said: "I just think I should learn from you. I shouldn't be so timid to meet everything. I need to be brave, so I want to help you. Although, I may only It will cause you trouble, but I promise I will try my best to help you, even if I can help you a little bit, I will be satisfied..."

     Araona nervously explained something there. It seemed that he wanted to fight Ye Ci in the dark cave. Ye Ci's silence made him think that Ye Ci wanted to reject him, so he kept explaining and Selling yourself and liking Ye Ci can change your mind. As everyone knows, Ye Ci is thinking about another issue at all.

     Just when Araona said that he felt a little desperate, Ye Ci finally said, "Are you a shaman?"

     This immediately interrupted Araunah's chattering. He changed the stick in his right hand to his left hand, and wiped the animal skin with his right hand. He could see that he was a little nervous. He even lowered his head, somewhat afraid to look at Ye Ci, and shook his head after a while: "I am not, I am Warrior."

     "You are not a shaman, then who put the totem just now?" This is what makes Ye Ci strange.

     "It's me." Araona's voice was very small, as if it were a guilty of terrible crimes."Warrior who can play totems?" Ye Ci's voice was full of disbelief: "It seems that Warrior does not have this kind of skill. Why do you Warriors of the Dorothy still play totems?"

     "No, it's not like that." Listening to Ye Ci's question, Arauna shook his head repeatedly. He bit his lower lip, as if there was something embarrassing to say. Although Ye Ci is not a person with very strong curiosity, in the game, she still habitually breaks the casserole and asks the end. After all, sometimes these trivial things are the weight that determines the final success.

     "You can trust me. If you choose to tell, I will keep a secret for you. Of course, if you choose not to tell you, I won't have any prejudice against you." Ye Ci touched Araona's head, although It seems to have given Araun a very good choice. In fact, the inducement in this sentence is very significant. If a person who is a little less cautious, he will speak out all his difficulties under this sentence.Of course, this choice is not effective against a high-IQ NPC like Daruffal. After all, he is relatively old and generally will not be fooled by such a small one, but Araona is different. It’s not that Araunah’s IQ is low, but Fate’s settings for all NPCs in it are the same in reality, which means that NPCs of his age and Leader have the analytical capabilities that NPCs of this age should have, so , For Ye Ci's word game, it is naturally easy to be hooked.

     Sure enough, Araona hesitated for a while before choosing to tell Ye Ci her secret: "White Elf, can you keep the secret for me?".

     "Of course." Ye Ci nodded. Her secret to NPC has always been guard one's mouth like a closed bottle. Isn't this a rule of the game?

     "I'm just a Warrior, but my body is very poor, and my performance in combat is always the worst. However, I am very interested in controlling magic. I often peek at Daru when I'm in the dead of night. Lord Farr practiced magic. The totem pole I just learned secretly from Lord Daru Farr." A blush appeared on Araona's face. It seemed that he was still embarrassed about stealing the teacher. ."This is a good thing, why should it be kept secret." Ye Ci looked at Araona's small body and felt that he should be much stronger in studying law than in melee career. She has seen a very strong Sorcerer, but she has never seen such a thin Warrior, a Warrior that can be blown by the wind, what kind of flesh and blood do you use to fight monsters? Cheating.

     Hearing Ye Ci's words, Araunah's head shook like a rattle. "No, no, it's definitely not possible."


     "Among our Doro people, those who can learn shamans are all talented people. These people are either the children of officials or the children of nobles. I have never heard of me being a poor ghost. Shaman." Araun even shook his hand this time.

     "Does this talent have anything to do with status?". Because the Doro people are very closed, Ye Ci doesn't really understand whether the things in their tribe are the same as the outside, so they can't use the outside logic to reason about the inside things.

     "Of course it does matter. Anyway, people with high status are more talented than those of our poor." Araun was not good at talking. He hummed for a long time and didn't say why. In the end, he had to use this kind of perfunctory. The concluding remark serves as the end of my own explanation.Ye Ci laughed blankly. It seems that Araunah did not understand the relationship between this class privilege and talent. Because the shamans in the Doro tribe belonged to extremely powerful people, Araunah also simply believed Only people with power and status can become shamans. She didn't want to persuade Araun to take anything. After all, it was his own idea, but she wanted to persuade this guy to walk with him in the dark cave. Of course, the premise is that he has to use shaman's skills.

     "Do you want to explore this cave with me?". Ye Ci changed a topic and successfully diverted Araona's attention.

     Arauna looked at the two magma men who were sleeping in the distance, then looked at Ye Ci, as if making a decision in his heart.

     Ye Ci saw that he hesitated, so he said: "I heard that the magma people inside have a lot of loot. I am not a Doro. These loot are my own. If you participate, you will have a part. I miss you. The family should need these trophies very much.” Ye Ci feels that he is not a good person, especially when she meets a simpler person or NPC, this feeling is more centered in Ye Ci’s consciousness. What a sinful thing to deceive people into doing free work for yourself in the next set.The family really was something that Aruna cared very much about. After hearing Ye Ci's words, Arauna's body trembled, and then raised his head to look at Ye Ci. There was a strong struggle in his eyes. It can be seen that it was a huge and strong temptation for Araunah to bring back some spoils to his mother.

     "But, I am a Doro, and I have to hand over the spoils obtained in the dark cave..."

     "Ah, you seem to be mistaken. I said, I am not a Doro, I am not subject to your rules, so all the spoils of fighting here are mine. And you are just my Mercenary, As long as you satisfy me, I can reward you with some things as a reward for my satisfaction with your work. This is called tipping in our country."

     "Huh?" Obviously, the pure Ararat doesn't know what to tip or not. He is not very old and lives in such a closed place. I really don't understand the twists and turns mentioned by Ye Ci. Around, just faintly felt that the white elf made sense. So he scratched his hair and thought for a while before saying, "Well, white spirit, I want to explore this cave with me.""Of course there is no problem. One more person will give you more hope of victory." Ye Ci smiled slightly, like a fox that had benefited, except that the fox's tail did not come out: "However, Araona, Do you want to fight with me as a Warrior or as a shaman?"

     "Of course it's Warrior..." Although Araunah is very simple, he still insists on some things. He didn't think deeply about Ye Ci's question, so he answered Ye Ci directly.

     Obviously, Ye Ci is very dissatisfied with this answer. His small body is still a Warrior... not even Ol’ Three...

     "No, Araunah, I don’t need a Warrior. You also know that this magma man is very harmful to Warrior. I don’t have so much money to buy you potion to heal your wounds. So, if you want to explore the darkness with me In the cave, you must use the identity of a shaman."

     "No! I'm Warrior! I'm not a noble shaman!" Sometimes people will honor a bull's horn, and Araun rejected Ye Ci's suggestion with just one bite.

     Ye Ci couldn't help rolling his eyes. The kid didn't know anything about flexibility. He was a nerd. Ye Ci sighed and compromised: "Well, you are Warrior, but I want to ask you, Warrior, can you plug me in a few totem poles when I fight monsters?"

     "This one……""I will keep it secret."

     "Well, of course there is no problem with this." Arauna looked happy when he saw Ye Ci's affirmation of his totem pole, and did not continue to refuse to use the shaman's skills.

     Ye Ci's eyes rolled even harder. This is just another way of saying it. It's okay. What's the matter... While she walked towards the magma man corpse just now, she didn't forget to explain: "You You don’t need to rush up for a melee attack, just follow me and attack from a distance."

     "Okay." Anyway, the white elves that he insisted on had already agreed to him, and Araunah didn't care too much about the details. Anyway, he was just a Mercenary. He just had to nod and do what the employer said.

     The income of the magma man is obviously much higher than that of outside mining. Not only will it explode gold coins, it will explode ancient ores, and it will explode skill books. Ye Ci looked at the skill book in his hand, and suddenly it was the shaman's intermediate skill lightning chain. Lightning chains are very common, and even if they are taken back, they may not be sold. So Ye Ci straightened up and gave the book to Araun for benefits: "This book is for you.""What book is this?" Araunah obviously didn't know the lingua franca. He flipped through the book and even took down the skill book in his hand. Fortunately, the skill book in Fate doesn't need you to understand it. It is a professional opponent, and it will learn automatically after opening it. However, Ye Ci didn't know if the NPC could learn the player's skill book, so it was purely an experiment to give this Lightning Chain to Araunah.

     Ye Ci straightened the skill book that Yarau was holding and asked him to read it. Araunah didn't suspect that he was there, so he flipped through it, only to see that the lightning chain turned into a white light and disappeared. Araunah was stunned there, and it took a long time before he came to his senses, and cried out in surprise, "Oh my God, this book of skills with lightning chains!"

     Ye Ci nodded. It seems that NPCs can learn from the player's skill book. If this is the case, if you open the servant system in the future, you can get some skill book for the purchased NPC to learn. As long as you train well, you can become your own A powerful assistant.

     "Let's go." Ye Ci didn't continue talking to Arauna, and rushed towards the next goal.Although Araunah is stealing the teacher, he has a great posture with each move. After all, it is an NPC, which is completely set by the computer. Even if his skill is not as strong as Darufang, the accuracy of the release of the skill and the combat aircraft The degree of certainty is much more accurate than the average shaman. Ye Ci watched Araun become more and more skilled in his skills and combat skills, and even thought that if he changed his equipment and brought his level up, this guy would be much better than many master shamans. It's just a pity that Arona should not be able to bring out this map, otherwise it would be heaven-defying to cultivate slowly.

     Arauna fully cooperated with Ye Ci in this Ye Ci battle. He didn't know what was going around in Ye Ci's mind, but he could use shaman's skills without any scruples in the battle. Make him feel very happy from the heart.After hearing the system prompt that Araona’s relationship with herself had broken through intimacy, Ye Ci lost another reconnaissance skill for Araona. This time she could see Araona’s character attributes. She discovered that the child was young even though she was young. , The level is actually the same as her! Boy, no wonder she said it hurts so much how he beat those magma people. While attacking the Magma Man with Araunah, Ye Ci began to look at Araunah's character attributes. At first glance, he saw that the child's occupation section read: Shaman. Rather than the Warrior that Araun insisted on himself, it can be seen that this is a profession recognized by the system, but there is still a process for him to recognize that he is a shaman.

     Probably because he did not wear equipment, Araun took his own stats not too high, but the growth value was very good, even much better than the average player, and in his social classification one wrote two Words: Mercenary/Slave.

     Ye Ci's heart moved suddenly.

     This kid is actually a Mercenary/slave!Both the Mercenary system and the servant system are modes that players have not yet explored in Fate. There are essential differences between these two modes. Mercenary, as the name implies, hires a combat capable NPC as his assistant to participate in the battle, but it needs to pay a certain amount of money to the Mercenary Association. After Mercenary's death, it can be resurrected through the Mercenary Association. However, there is no restriction on loyalty between Mercenary and the employer, and Mercenary only passively executes the employer's orders. Mercenary has no other use except for combat.

     The servants are different.

     The range of servants is much broader than Mercenary. There are generally two ways to acquire slaves. The most common is to spend a certain amount of money in the slave market to buy the corresponding NPC, and there is a relatively rare one in in the wild Meet an NPC who volunteered to become a player's slave.These NPCs have their own attributes, but they can only be seen after reaching a certain level of intimacy with them. If you are lucky and can meet a slave with advanced intelligence and learning ability, the master will get rich. Not only can the slave become his own life skill teacher, but he can also make himself something that players can’t or don’t have. Time to do things. Of course, if you have better luck, if you can encounter a combat-type NPC, then the ancestral grave will be smoked. Because combat slaves are too rare, they not only have high IQ, they can also learn a variety of life skills, but they can also participate in combat. They are simply all-rounders. The most important thing is that you only need to pay him a non-expensive salary to keep yourself. And his loyalty is enough, and there is no need to pay a lot of money like Mercenary.

     However, despite this, players are still willing to use Mercenary instead of buying slaves. First of all, slaves are expensive. And buying a slave is like gambling. You never know what the potential attributes of the slave you bought are. In case you spend a lot of money and time to cultivate a garbage attribute, then you will lose it. Madam'>Break down again, the gains do not make up for the losses. Of course, you can see the attributes of the kind of NPC who volunteered to become slaves you met in in the wild, but this kind of NPC is simply a phoenix feather horn, you never know when you can meet such an NPC.The social classification displayed by Araunah now shows that this child can be a Mercenary or a slave. This probably depends on the relationship between the player and his cultivation. Ye Ci couldn't help coveting in his heart. If he could cultivate loyalty in his relationship with Araona before he left here, then maybe he could be taken away.

     A shaman slave with a very high growth rate... and a combat type, Ye Ci felt excited just thinking about it. However, this kind of thought cannot be noticed by the other party, as long as the other side discovers this kind of thought, it will arouse the other side's alert, and it is not easy to become a slave.

     Since Ye Ci has thoughts about Araunah, Ye Ci will of course no longer be stingy with Araunah, as long as it is the shaman's skill book or equipment that burst out and give it to Araunah, although it can only be worn in the cave. , But these still made Arauna excited.

     As Araunah’s equipment has improved, his attack and control have also improved, and the two people can work together to clean up monsters faster. After cleaning up two more magma men, Ye Ci found a cluster of shining stones in the corner of the cave. They were as bright as crystals.

     Ye Ci pointed to the pile of stones and asked Araunah, "What is that?""Magic crystal is used to supply energy. It can be installed on arrow towers or defense facilities to increase its attack and defense power. It can also be installed on totem poles. There are also inlays on totem poles in our tribe." Araunah was quite familiar with this thing.

     "You are very familiar with this." Ye Ci couldn't help but feel a little strange in the way Araun took it as if enumerating one's family valuables. This kind of magic crystal is hidden in the dark cave so deep, it is definitely not easy for ordinary people to get it, and Araunah is the first time to enter the dark cave, but it seems to be familiar with this thing, which makes people have to be surprised. This thing is very precious. How could such a poor man at the bottom of the tribe know such a precious thing? Where did he meet him?

     "This is an auxiliary reinforcement material that is often used in construction." Aruna doesn't seem to find it strange: "My mother is an architect, although no one in the tribe believes that a woman can be a good architect. But in my heart, my mother is the best architect. She often uses these things, so I have seen them since I was a child."Ye Ci's saliva will fall out when he hears Araunah's words, God! Should she buy a lottery ticket? Do whatever you want? Ye Ci tried to restrain the piercing light from his eyes, and appeared very calm. "Your mother must be very good."

     "Of course!" Araunah was still a child anyway, and she was very happy to hear others praise her mother.

     Magic crystal... Ye Ci looked at the pile of crystals, always wondering why this thing is so familiar? Did she hear it somewhere, but why can't she remember it?

     Suddenly, Ye Ci remembered where he heard this word...

     Chapter 59 Shaman

     Chapter 59 Shaman