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Chapter Directory 262 Darufal
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

That mysterious egg.

     Ye Ci admits that sometimes his memory is not very good, especially when he has enough abilities, he doesn't remember too much what he still has, just like that mysterious egg. At that time, Ye Ci didn't take this matter to heart because he didn't have much effort to get it. Later, after throwing it to that strange undead NPC, she completely forgot about it. If she hadn't seen this magic crystal today, Ye Ci thought, she probably would never think of it.

     After all, Ye Ci usually doesn't care too much about things that are better than luck. She is really too dark. She didn't believe that according to her character, she could get something heaven-defying from such an egg, maybe it was a rubbish with no value at all, so from beginning to end, she didn't put this egg at all. In my heart.

     And now that I have seen the magic crystal, I also know that this thing is of great benefit to city defense, so I will naturally bring some back, and then hatch that egg by the way."Can this thing be dug with this hoe?" In the conversation with Araona just now, Ye Ci discovered that not everyone in the Doro tribe is eligible to enter the crater of the extinct volcano in Breda for collection. Only special personnel who have been admitted by Darufal can enter. Moreover, all the ores here seem to be imprisoned by a very special thing. Even if these people enter, it would be possible if there is no hoe from the demon attached to Darufal. The ore here cannot be mined.

     Ye Ci doesn't know if this kind of regulation is the same for herself, so, in order not to waste her physical strength, she still has to ask the local people before squeezing the hoe.

     "Yes." Arauna nodded, "It stands to reason that people who can come to dig ancient ores are not allowed to dig other ores, but you are a person authorized by Dalufang to enter here, so you are not. Will be constrained by this provision."

     "How can Dalufang know if the people who have excavated ancient ores have excavated other ores? If all the miners come to collude, doesn't he also know?" Since it can be excavated, then Ye Ci will also Rude, I picked up the hoe and stung Ding Dang to dig up the ore. Her power is not much compared to Warrior and miners, so the speed of mining is not too fast.Arauna pointed to the hoe in Ye Ci's hand and laughed: "Master Daruffal made a special enchantment on this hoe. How much ore did these miners dig, and what kind of ore did they dig? , Or Who has touched this mine hoe, as long as he returns the mine hoe, he will know all of it, so there will be no artificial faults."

     Ye Ci got a black line when he heard this. It turned out that the old guy actually enchanted something similar to monitoring on the mine hoe. This is too thief.

     Ding Ding Dang when mining is busy.

     Since Ye Ci had never been a miner before, Ye Ci started mining casually, but after digging for a while, Arauna pointed out the wrong thing with her mining. "White Elf, you must have never dug ore."

     "how do you know?"

     "I just saw you digging outside and I found out that you haven't done this job at all." Araun laughed happily. He was originally a simple child, because after a long time with Ye Ci, his relationship has become very close. Okay, so when you speak, you are not so restrained: "If you dig like this, you are simply wasting ore."

     "Huh?" Ye Ci straightened her waist and wiped the sweat from her face. Since she has never worked as a miner, of course she would accept other people's suggestions humbly: "Isn't it right for me to dig like this?""Of course, to dig ore, you must dig it one at a time. You have to use all your strength and dig down at the root of the ore, so that you can collect the most complete ore, like Ding Dang. Random digging, the slag flying everywhere, the ore is also smashed to be smashed, even if the ore dug is small, the quality will not be very good." Arauna took his stick and stood in front of Ye Ci He made a pattern for her and said with a smile: "This way of digging saves labor and can get ore very quickly, and the quality of the ore obtained is very good."

     Ye Ci stood behind Arauna and looked at the little boy's posture earnestly, accepting his teaching very humbly. Then when mining again, I followed all his teaching methods to mine. As expected, although the frequency of mining seems to be slow, the ore collection is much faster. The ore obtained by Ye Ci is also larger and the quality is also higher. better.

     After half an hour passed, Ye Ci dug all the two clusters of magic crystals. She got a total of nearly 100 large and small magic crystals, most of which had a quality of more than eight, which was of high purity. .It's getting late. Although Ye Ci still wants to go in and explore, the time now obviously doesn't allow it. Ye Ci took Araunah to the outside of the dark cave, and Araunah also took off all the shaman's things on his body and put them in the package properly.

     "This is your reward today." Ye Ci took out three ancient sea blue ore and handed them to Araunah.

     Arauna looked at the ore with a surprised expression, "I have been rewarded..." He was referring to the skill book and equipment Ye Ci gave him. These things are worth a lot of money in the tribe. He thinks The harvest of his day today has greatly exceeded his expectations, but he did not expect Ye Ci to give him three ancient sea blue ore. This made Araona feel very sorry, and his head kept shaking.

     "You take it." Ye Ci didn't want to have trouble with Araun about such a trivial matter. Although she had already brought a lot of equipment and skills to Araun today, these things took up space in the package. It's not necessarily how much money can be sold outside, but if it is given to Araun, it can greatly improve his loyalty to himself. Compared with Araunah, this thing is really nothing. "Can those things be eaten? You still have a mother to raise in your family."Ye Ci was very reasonable, and Araunah had no way to refuse. But his heart is still a little uneasy: "But, but there are too many, my monthly salary is only fifty ancient blood red ore, you give me these now..."

     Damn, the guy Noble rented Araunah to himself for a day's rent. It was Araunah's salary for a month, so he made too much money. Ye Ci was a little bit angry, but didn't show it. Anyway, these things should be of no use to the outside, and it's not a big deal to waste a bit here.

     Ye Ci stopped talking nonsense with Araunah, but handed three ancient aquamarine ore to Araunah, and then took him up to the crater.

     Noble was already waiting for them at the entrance. He glanced at Araona, who was still cowering, and then smiled at Ye Ci: "White Elf, what's the harvest?"

     Ye Ci lost two ancient aquamarine ore to Nob: "In addition to today, I will rent him for another three days."

     This made Nob a little strange. He glanced at Araunah. He was still the same, weak and annoying, but how could such a person be favored by the white elves? This made Nober really want to understand. After all, the IQ of this NPC is naturally inferior to Daruffal. They can only think about more common problems, and never think far-reaching."Did he trouble you?" Noble stuffed the ancient aquamarine ore into his pocket, looking a little strange.

     "No, his legs are fast and lead the way well." Ye Ci narrowed his eyes, like a smile yet not a smile.

     "White Elf, your harvest today looks good." The two people were talking, and suddenly an old voice came over, Ye Ci raised his eyes, and Daruffal walked towards the two of them. All the Dororians on one side saluted Daurfang, including Nob and Araunah of course.

     Ye Ci also bowed to Daruffal, she smiled slightly, "Yes, Mr. Daruffal, the harvest is good, I think I will be able to save enough ore to buy that piano for Leah soon. Up."

     But Darufang still smiled, his gaze moved from Ye Ci's face to Araona's face, and finally back to Ye Ci's face. The smile on his lips looked meaningful. Deep and long, and his words seem to have other meanings: "It seems that you have found some treasures that you like very much."Ye Ci squinted her eyes. How did she feel that the old man seemed to have known that she had an idea to call Aaron again? Although there was no hint, Ye Ci keenly felt that this was the beginning of an open Quest, and Daruffal was probably testing his attitude towards Araunah. And if you want to take Araona away, you must get the old man's consent, and will this old man allow it? How can I answer in order to achieve the best results?

     This kind of dialogue to trigger the Quest does not give the player too much thinking time. After all, if the player does not answer the opponent for a long time, it will make the opponent NPC very unhappy. So Ye Ci thought about it briefly and made a choice. She stretched out her hand and gently placed it on Araona's head. After a few gentle strokes, she smiled and said to Daruffal: " The baby is always a baby, even if he hides under the dust now, I think even if I don't find it, he will shine brightly one day."

     Ye Ci’s answer seemed to satisfy Dalufang. The shrewd light in his eyes gradually faded away. He nodded, and then said to Araunar: "Araunar, if you can, can you please this Will the white elves be a guest at your house?""Is this okay? Master Daruffal, I'm afraid our family will not be able to entertain such a distinguished guest." Arauna looked very surprised, he looked at Daruffal with a smile on his face.

     "Of course, this is the little Quest I gave you." Dalufang nodded. Although he gave Ye Ci the feeling that he was a strong, shrewd and extremely difficult guy, he treated the people in the tribe. Surprisingly good: "I have asked the guard to deliver the things for the guests to entertain your mother. Go back soon."

     Arauna nodded, and then said to Ye Ci: "White Elf, my house is in the northwest corner of the tribe. I will help my mother clean up first, and I will pick you up later."

     Ye Ci nodded, and Araunah left happily.

     Dalufang was still standing there. He looked at Ye Ci quietly, and after a long time he said: "Your peace cannot hide your desire."

     Ye Ci was slightly startled, but then smiled: "In front of you, I have no intention of covering up, Honorable Daruffal."

     "The look in your eyes reminds me of my brother." Dalufang didn't answer right away. He just looked at Ye Ci in this way and slowly said, "He is full of desires too." After all, he Sighed: "I hope you can get what you want."Looking at the back of Daruffal turning and leaving, Ye Ci saluted again, and then slowly straightened his body. Her hearing was good, and it was easy to hear those people from the Norbert Guard discussing spiritedly behind her.

     "Master Daruffal is thinking of a way to take care of Araona's house again, it is really annoying!"

     "That's right, that trash can't do anything, but because his mother is widowed, he was taken care of by Daruffal-sama, huh, too much!"

     "How can there be such a weak and cheeky person among us Doro people!"


     Ye Ci looked back at these Dorothans who were whispering, they immediately reluctant to speak about it and dispersed. Then she looked in the direction where Daruffal had disappeared, lost in thought.

     Daruffal must have known something, otherwise, he would not say such baffling words. But Ye Ci is not afraid that Daruffal knows what she is interested in Arauna. She is more concerned about another thing. The baby that Daruffal said must refer to Arauna. And why would he call Arauna a treasure? Was it because Araunah's father died in battle? No, it is impossible. In this primitive tribe, orphans and widows should be very common. However, why does Daurfang pay such attention to Arauna?

     Could it be...Ye Ci moved in her heart. She remembered that Arona had said that he would often secretly go to see Daruffal to practice Spell at night, so he learned a lot of skills. Daruffal is at least a level-b NPC over one hundred and twenty. It's impossible for this kind of character to notice Araona's concealment, but he didn't stop Araona. That can only explain one problem. Daruffal is already Arauna and Shaman! Moreover, he indulged Araun to learn shaman's various skills on his own body!

     Thinking about it this way, all mysteries are completely opened.

     Although I don't know what Daruffal's thinking is now, Ye Ci still thinks that he can figure out this problem and play a vital role in whether he can finally get Araun into his pocket.

     Daruffal really took good care of Araunah's mother and son, and the meat and other things delivered took up one-third of the small tent. Arona and a thin woman squatted carefully in front of the pile of things and sorted them out carefully. It could be seen that the woman was Arona's mother.When Aruna discovered Ye Ci, she jumped up excitedly, pulled her mother again and again, and introduced her to Ye Ci. Ye Ci looked at this Dororian woman and thought, Aruna's thinness is indeed inherited from this woman. Unlike the usual strong Doro, she looks very slender, but she is still in good spirits. With a gentle smile on her face, she humbly and tenderly said to Ye Ci: "Dear White Elf, thank you for your concern for Araona."

     Ye Ci not a word or movement gave this woman a scouting technique, probably because of Araunah’s relationship. This woman’s initial affection for herself is actually intimacy, so Ye Ci can easily observe her Attributes. Her name is Yolan, and her level is only forty, but she has many specialties, including architectural and engineering specializations. And in her social situation, Ye Ci still has a jealous heartbeat: slave.

     It seems that Yolan is different from Araunah. She is an NPC with no combat ability, so she cannot be a Mercenary, but can only be a slave. Ye Ci couldn't help but began to think that if he could get these two mothers and sons, it would be of great benefit to Upward Ho and his own development.She was talking gossip with Yolan, and at this moment, a little girl walked in from outside the tent. The little girl was even thinner than a Laura, and looked younger, with a pottery in her hand. Jar, it was a bit hard to walk. Aruna saw her coming in, hurriedly greeted her, quickly took the clay pot from her hand, walked towards the water tank in the corner of the tent, and then poured the water in the pot into the water tank. He smiled and introduced to Ye Ci: "This is my sister, Mara."

     Mara seems to be more restrained by Biaarau. She looked at Ye Ci with a shy blush on her face. She kept hiding behind her brother. Ye Ci showed her very gentleness and made this The little girl didn't seem so scared anymore. Because of the influence of her mother and brother, Mara's initial affection for Ye Ci is also intimate, which makes it easy for Ye Ci to inquire about her character attributes. However, the appearance of Mara surprised Ye Ci, because from the beginning to now, Ye Ci never thought that Arona had a younger sister.Mara's level is lower than Yolan, only level 30, but she has specializations in drawing, writing, and pharmacy. This surprised Ye Ci. He didn't expect this little NPC to have this. Three specializations. Drawing specialization is a relatively rare life skill in Fate. Because drawing is only used when copying engineering and architectural drawings, it is basically useless at ordinary times, and it takes a lot of time and Stamina to practice this life skill. As for writing specialization, it has many uses. The most commonly used is to copy skill books. However, the skill books copied by players are rarely unbound. Therefore, this greatly restricts the writing specialization. Promotion degree. Of course, after Sorcerer learns to write this life skill, he can copy a lot of scrolls for sale, but it is not easy to practice writing this life skill in the early stage. After all, skill books and skills that can be written are very scarce.

     However, if it is an NPC, there is no such restriction at all. Everything they write is not bound. It seems that if you can get this little girl, Ye Ci will be able to sell skill books and scrolls in the future. Made a windfall.

     The more you think about it, the more Ye Ci feels as uncomfortable as a hundred claws.Ye Ci searched for topics with Yolan and Mara. Although the favorability level has improved, but not many. This makes Ye Ci a bit distressed. Before leaving the Dorothy tribe, I wonder if I can improve the favorability of this family of three. Have all reached loyalty?

     Ye Ci came back after going offline for a meal. It happened to be the time for the Yolan family to rest. Yolan gave Ye Ci the best place in the house to rest. She took her two children and slept in the corner. There was a dilapidated bookshelf with a lot of books and drawings stacked on it. Lan and Mara often read books and study various skills in this place.

     Wan Lai was silent. Ye Ci went online to improve the relationship with Yolan and Mara, but now this way, the mother and daughter are obviously asleep. It seems that there is no way today.

     Ye Ci just wanted to go offline, and heard the voice of [email protected]@ in the corner. She slowly turned her head to look around, and saw Arona sitting up. He whispered to her mother and sister, and found that these two I didn't have much reaction, so I quickly got up and (to move or do sth) softly and quietly walked towards the outside of the tent.

     Ye Ci sat up after Aaron took it out. She looked at the door of the tent for a moment of contemplation, and then sat up without hesitation. A Stealth followed Araun and took it out.Araunah was very careful. His route was a very remote path. This route would go around all the guards patrolling in the Doro tribe. Finally, Araunah hid behind a shrine-like building. The way he stick one's head out and look around seems to have some purpose. Ye Ci followed him all the way, now hiding behind the low trees not far away from him. In fact, she didn't want to do anything, but just wanted to know if the purpose of Aaron's coming here was in line with her guess.

     It didn't take long for him to see a figure appearing on the altar. Ye Ci could tell at a glance that this man was Daruffal. Standing on the altar, he seemed to pray another prayer, and after that, he began to practice the shaman's skills, and Araunah was completely attracted. He watched Darufang's Spell and Totem's drive while unconsciously following Darufang's movements. His learning ability is extremely strong, and Araunar has all learned Daurfang's gestures, steps, and various tricks.

     Suddenly Ye Ci noticed something unusual. She turned her head back at the speed of the wind, thunder and lightning. After seeing the people clearly, she exhaled, put away the dagger, and asked in a low voice: "Yolan, Mara, why are you here?""You, have you discovered Araunah's secret?" Yolan looked at Ye Ci nervously, and could see that Araunah had secretly learned Daruffal's skills and Yolan's mother and daughter had always known.

     Ci turned his head and looked at Araunah and Daruffal in the distance, a little absent-minded.

     "Then, would you tell Master Daruffal..." Yolan became more and more nervous, and she held her clothes tightly with her hands, looking like a lose one's head out of fear. Her performance made Ye Ci a little strange. She glanced at Yolan, and Yolan begged lowly: "Please, please, Lord White Elf, please don't tell this. Anyone, I know, people like us are not qualified to learn shamans, but Araunah is so obsessed, I can't see his desperate eyes, and I can't refuse him..."

     Yolan's voice was very low, tears flashed in his eyes, and he could see that this was a great mother. "If, if you must tell others, please put this all on me, don't let people know Araunah, please, please..."

     Whether it is a game or not, mother's love is moving.

     Ye Ci stretched out his hand and held Yolan's hand, his voice was warm and peaceful, comforting her: "I always knew that Araunah was a shaman.""Ah!" Ye Ci's words surprised Yolan. She became even more flustered, trembling all over, and she could see that if this matter was leaked out, the Duolu tribe had some rules that would make the family better than dead.

     However, Ye Ci quickly dispelled her doubts: "Don't worry, I won't talk about this, and I won't even tell Araunah what I saw."

     Yolan looked at the white elf in front of her with a sigh of relief. She couldn't believe that the white elf would actually agree to her proposal, and even helped herself to hide it. She was shaking her lips, and it took a long time to say, "Why do you want to help me?"

     "I'm not helping you." Ye Ci turned to look at Araona's excitement and smiled: "I just understand Araona's excitement and devotion. There is nothing like this in this world. It’s happier to do what you like best."

     Yolan covered the corner of her mouth, she could see that she was very moved, and then Ye Ci unexpectedly heard that Yolan and Mara were so trusting in her favor. This affection degree is only one step away from loyalty. I have to say that this is the result that Ye Ci did not expect. Ye Ci looked at Yolan and Mara in surprise, but they looked at Ye Ci gratefully: "Thank you, White Elf."Ye Ci froze for a moment, but turned to look at Daruffal on the altar and smiled slightly. In fact, Dalufang knew about it a long time ago. A shaman as powerful as Daruffal, even if he does not have a surveillance totem for searching, even his own perception is afraid that he already knows that he and Yolan Mara are coming. Not only did he not call people, but he continued to do so. Practicing skills in front of Araunah shows that he knows this at all. Not only that, maybe Arauna hadn’t discovered it, but Ye Ci had already discovered that the skills that Daruffal was practicing were all low-level or intermediate-level shaman skills, and there was no high-level or super-skill at all, such a high-level skill. The great shaman of the Great Shaman gave up those skills and practiced some simple skills, which can only explain two problems. Either these skills have special uses, or they are used for teaching.

     Judging from the current situation, it is obviously the second one.

     Daruffal not only discovered Araunah, but also taught the child how to be a shaman in his own way.

     All this seems to be so seamless heavenly clothes. Yoran thought that Daruffal didn't know what he had discovered, while Arauna thought that Daruffal and Yoran didn't know what he had done. As for Daruffal, he knew all this and acted as if he knew nothing.

     Ye Ci smiled. In fact, sometimes NPCs are not as simple as the players think."Let's go back, don't disturb Arona's practice." Ye Ci finally retracted his gaze and said to Yolan and Mara: "Don't worry about him, he will definitely come back safely."

     Yolan and Mara nodded and left here with Ye Ci.

     But Daruffal, who had been contacting the skill with his back to a few people, showed a gentle smile on his lips at this moment, which could not be noticed by ordinary people.

     Ye Ci's mining career continues, and she takes Araona to continue exploring the dark cave. As soon as he entered the cave, Arauna changed into the shaman's equipment. With the support of Ye Ci, Arauna's practice of the shaman profession was performed in the dark cave with extreme saturation. All the skills he learned from Daruffal were used in actual combat, and he constantly adjusted the method of combat based on his own perceptions. Although it was only two days, his grasp of skills was so sophisticated. Ye Ci was jealous and hated.

     Sure enough, it is an NPC, everything has the most accurate support of the system, and it can be promoted to a master or even the top level so quickly, how can it not be envied by Ye Ci.However, this is really a lot of benefits for Ye Ci. Originally, Ye Ci was the main attacker of the two people, but now they have basically become Araunah. As long as there are no more than three monsters, Araona can easily handle it. Ye Ci only needs to sweat mining and picking equipment by experience. Araona is an NPC, and his ability and level are not limited by any expansion. Therefore, the experience points he gets can go up soaring. After two or three days have passed, his level has actually reached. At level sixty-nine, the equipment on the body is also bird shotgun replaced by cannon. Walking in the dark cave is even more what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job.

     Although the magma man in the dark cave will drop a lot of ancient ore, the highest level is only ancient golden ore, more ancient blood red ore and ancient sea blue ore, and ancient emerald ore is not seen at once. Over. This made Ye Ci a little upset. To collect 20 ancient emerald green ore, that would require two thousand ancient golden ore, but now, she only has more than 200 in her hand. If this continues, she doesn’t know. Only in the year of the monkey can we gather together, and we will not leave here until the year of the monkey.In these days in the Doro tribe, Ye Ci has a good relationship with the majority of the Doro people. After all, it is the person who received the courtesy of Daruffal, and he still eats a lot in the Doro tribe. In particular, Ye Ci goes to chat with Daruffal every day, and Daruffal, who has always been indifferent, is patient with Ye Ci without knowing why.

     It's the end of another day. Ye Ci's harvest on this day is not very good. It can be considered that only 80 pieces of ancient golden ore are obtained, which is far from the 2,000 pieces on the line. Every day Ye Ci will return the mine hoes to Daruffal, who will re-enchant it and give it to Ye Ci the next day. This is an established by popular usage rule. Ye Ci is actually looking forward to this time, because her reputation in the Doro tribe has reached respect, but she is only one step away from respect, and it seems that it will never rise. Go up. However, talking with Darufang means that there are more opportunities to improve his reputation in the Doro tribe. Although there has been no special situation so far, it does not mean that there is no chance.

     Dalufang took back the mine hoe in Ye Ci's hand, and then smiled at Ye Ci and said, "White Elf, you have been in our Doro tribe for a few days. I want to ask you how you treat our tribe. Do you agree with your view?"At this time, Ye Ci clearly presented a choice, yes or no.

     Ye Ci paused. This seemed to be a choice. Maybe it was an opportunity. If he could answer Darufang's inner answer, maybe she could get unexpected benefits. So Ye Ci did not hesitate to choose yes. But before answering the question, Ye Ci still felt that there were some things that needed to be said before. She saluted Daruffal, and then respectfully said: "Dear Mr. Daruffal, before answering your question, May I explain one thing first?"


     "For the questions Mr. Daruffal wants to ask me, I will answer honestly, but sometimes the honest answer is not always pleasant. Therefore, if my answer later makes Mr. Daruffal feel unpleasant, it will also Please don’t anger me.” Ye Ci’s words are actually purposeful. Such an agreement is equivalent to a prudent agreement between himself and Dalufang under the witness of the Fate main system. If Dalufang agrees to this agreement , As long as Ye Ci tells the truth, even if he is unhappy because of Ye Ci's answer, it will not reduce Ye Ci's reputation in the Doro tribe.

     This little trick was often used by players on NPCs in the previous life, but in this life, no player has ever used it like this.Daruffal looked at Ye Ci and nodded: "Of course, the white elf."

     Then Ye Ci heard a few beeps in his ears, which meant that the main system had accepted the agreement. During this period, Ye Ci cannot lie, and Daruffal cannot reduce Ye Ci’s current reputation in the Doro tribe.

     "What kind of tribe do you think the Doro tribe is?" Daruffal asked.

     "It is a tribe that is closed and not closed." Ye Ci answered with a smile. She looked at Daruffal's puzzled eyes and began to explain: "The location of the Doro tribe is closed, but the people of the Doro tribe have The way of life is the same as that of people outside. Although it may be a little primitive in life, it is not blocked from economic, military and some consciousness."

     Daruffal nodded, he was quite satisfied with Ye Ci's answer, and then he asked a few more questions. Of course, Ye Ci's answers were very objective. Although some of the answers were a bit sharp, it did not make Daruffal show What displeased.