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Chapter Directory 263 Forbidden Land
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

"Last question." Daruffal stood up and looked at Ye Ci from a distance, with a very cautious look on his face, which made Ye Ci feel that the answer to this question might not be so easy to answer. "What do you think of Araunah?"

     This question was completely out of Ye Ci’s expectations. In fact, Ye Ci could guess the first few questions. After all, conversations with this kind of tribe boss basically go through the official cutscene. There is generally no problem with mastering a little skill when speaking. It was only the last question that made Ye Ci stunned. She knew intuitively that this question was related to whether she could take Araona away. She closed her mouth, raised her eyes, and looked at Daruffal calmly and rationally. After a while, she smiled.

     "He will be an excellent shaman." Ye Ci replied.

     Ye Ci's answer made Daruffal's face indifferent. He just looked at Ye Ci quietly. There was no expression on his face anymore, and his eyes became sharp, making it hard to see what he was thinking. Under such gaze, Ye Ci did not appear nervous, even acted very relaxedly. She smiled at Daruffal, as if she didn't take his sternness to heart.

     After a while, Daruffal breathed out slowly, looking helpless: "He is just a Warrior.""Yes, in the Doro tribe, Araona can only be a Warrior forever." Ye Ci nodded. After staying here for a long time, Ye Ci can be considered to understand the rules of the Doro tribe. Aruna is not wrong. Only the children of high-ranking people can be qualified to learn shamans, and the low-ranking poor can never reach it. Even if he has excellent talents, it is impossible. This is why Ye Ci feels so much. The Luo tribe is still very closed.

     Daruffal is the wisest NPC in the entire Doro tribe. How could he not understand Ye Ci? He looked at Ye Ci and sighed, "White Elf, in fact, you all know it."

     "Yes, I know all about Darufang." Ye Ci does not deny "I know everything."

     "Why don't you ask me? You often have the opportunity to see me alone." Daruffal sat down again.

     "When I asked you, it means that I exposed this to you, and the result of doing so is to capture Araunah's dream. I can't do this, I can't capture a person's dream, especially this one. Dreams are so precious to Araunah." Ye Ci shook his head and answered Daruffal’s question in the specific language of the game. She thought that Daruffal would understand if she said these twists and turns. of."You are a kind and wise person." Daruffal looked at Ye Ci, and finally sighed after a long time. And Ye Ci also heard the prompt given to her by the system at this time. Her reputation in the Doro tribe has reached respect and Daruffal's affection for her has also reached intimacy.

     This means that Ye Ci can see Darufang's attributes. Ye Ci didn't hesitate to quietly throw Darufang a reconnaissance skill, but the attributes that he saw made her speechless. Daruffal's level has actually reached the 240th level! There is a legendary big shaman written in the profession, which means that his toughness is much higher than that of Ye Ci, and the number of blood and blue makes the number of zeros behind the number shaking one to the core.

     Facing such a BOSS, it means that if you want to overthrow him, there is no elite team with more than 3,000 people and a level of more than 240, so you shouldn't think about this problem at all.

     Ye Ci looked at the Magic Staff in Daruffal's hand with a pity, and sighed secretly. It seemed that the artifact was just a legend after all.

     Moreover, the social attribute of Darufang reads: Doro tribe leader.

     This is the identity that the system has determined for Daruffal. This means that it is impossible for Daruffal to be hired or enslaved. Of course, it is impossible to use his power unless there is an opportunity."I saw desire in your eyes. My instinct tells me that you want to take Araona away." Da Rufa rude pointed out Ye Ci's inner thoughts directly.

     Ye Ci smiled slyly: "Is this question still in the question you wanted to know just now? Mr. Daruffal?"

     Daruffal was taken aback for a moment and then laughed: "No, but I want to know the answer, your real answer."

     Ye Ci nodded, not caring that his thoughts had been seen through by Daruffal: "Of course, Mr. Daruffal, I want to take Arauna away and take him to see the outside world. It's like what your brother wanted back then."

     The mention of Kuta gave Da Rufang a sad look on his face: "If he didn't Loukai the tribe, he might never die..."

     "However, he won the respect of the entire Maja continent. His existence is equivalent to telling everyone that the Doro tribe is a great tribe, and the Doro people are a group of great people. Lou understands that you don't want Kuta to leave the tribe. However, I also know at the same time that even so, you are still collecting outside information, aren’t you?”

     "How do you know?" Daruffal was a little surprised.Ye Ci smiled slightly and didn't answer Darufang. She couldn't tell Darufang that she checked it on the forum and website after she went offline. She can't say that there is another sentence after the introduction of Kuta on the website. Kuta's younger brother seems to be very curious about the outside world. He has collected a lot of books on the continent of Maja. So Ye Ci changed the topic: "I understand that for the Doro tribe now, it may be the best way to survive, but in this way of survival, Arauna will definitely lose his dream. I like this. My child, I want to achieve his dream, and this dream will never be fulfilled in the Doro tribe." At this point, Ye Ci glanced at Daruffal, and some rude said: "I think, Mr. Daruffal, You should know that if you don’t let me take Araunah, how cruel you are doing all this now, you are like giving him the dream with your own hands, and then killing him with your own hands. For you, you have cultivated yourself A genius shaman killed him with his own hands. Is this the result you want?"Ye Ci stretched out his hand and looked at Daruffal with a slight smile. She thought that Daruffal would agree with her. Because these are the answers Ye Ci has obtained after analyzing Darufang's thoughts in many ways these days. Dalufang is actually very contradictory now, but he has the mentality of luck. He hopes that Arauna can become a legendary shaman. Although he knows that it is impossible in the tribe, he is not willing to let go of such a good one. Miaozi, that's why I came to test Ye Ci.

     As long as Ye Ci points out this matter, he can face the crux of the problem directly than Da Rufang. In this way, Da Rufang can no longer deceive himself and others. He must make a choice among his own contradictions. . At this point, Ye Ci will be able to do everything and it will be done. As for whether he can take Araona and his mother and sister away, it depends entirely on the system's arrangements.

     Do everything by fate.

     "I need to think about it." Dalufang clearly meant to let Ye Ci go. Ye Ci didn't want to go any further, she nodded and directed at Dalufang. Li, and then prepared to retire. When she was about to leave, she heard Daluffal say again: "There are many people in the tribe who need your help. The white elves, if you want, can help them.

     Very good, finally there is Quest in it to do it.Standing outside of Daruffal’s tent, Ye Ci looked around and saw that many NPCs had a golden symbol on their heads, which meant that this NPC could be picked up by Quest. Although this kind of Quest is an ordinary Quest, it is incomparable to any Concealment and branch Quest, but it is the best way to increase your prestige, and Ye Ci will naturally not refuse.

     These Quests are not difficult, Ye Ci can easily handle them alone. In addition to gaining a lot of reputation from the Doro tribe, Ye Ci has also harvested a lot of ancient ores. Although not many, it is better than nothing. Although Ye Ci's reputation in the Doro tribe has increased, Ye Ci can finally open various NPCs in the Doro tribe, which is really amazing. In other places, opening these commercial NPCs only needs to be friendly, but in the Doro tribe, they need to achieve a respectable reputation.

     However, after turning on the NPC here, Ye Ci really felt dead and willing to die.Although the Doro tribe is very closed, the things sold here are definitely the best. Let’s look at the equipment first, none of them are under the purple color, and they are available for all professions, but they are expensive. Ye Ci took a look at these equipment. Although they are all fine items, they can be bought outside. Therefore, these things are definitely not within Ye Ci's consideration. The time she stayed in the Doro tribe was limited, and the ancient ore in her hand was even more limited. She could only spend all her money on the blade and it could not be considered a waste.

     After browsing the weapon NPC, armor NPC and medicine NPC. Ye Ci has no choice. Although some things are rare, they are not worth buying. Finally, she turned her gaze to the body of the grocery NPC. In such small tribes or small villages or small camps, grocers generally represent a hodgepodge. Because there is no way to divide commercial NPCs in these places, grocery NPCs can cover a lot of information. From recipes to skill books to some needles and brain gadgets, grocery NPCs will be prepared.

     Therefore, Ye Ci has very high hopes for this grocery NPC. If you can buy some formulas and skill books that are not available elsewhere, it would be best.Unlike other commercial NPCs, which have only a dozen pages of sales lists, this grocery NPC has hundreds of pages! There are good things on every page that make Ye Ci jealous and heartbeat, so she can't wait to buy them all with altogether. But this is impossible. Let's not say that Leah's Quest requires 20 ancient emerald ore. She hasn't completed it. Even if it is completed, she may not have so much free money in her hand.

     Ye Ci seemed to see a table full of foodies through a piece of glass. The feeling that life is better than death made her really want to hit the wall. The more she looked at these things, the more she had the urge to cry. How could she be poor no matter where she went!

     On the penultimate page of the grocery NPC's sales list, Ye Ci suddenly saw something: the master key.

     She clicked to see the attributes of the master key, and her heart jumped.

     Skeleton Key: Orange equipment, can open all Treasure Chest below level 12, the only item, upgradeable, non-discardableThere are a large number of Treasure Chests in Fate, but these Treasure Chests are basically locked, and the key is not easy to create, so basically Treasure Chests are prepared for Rogue, which seems to have become established by popular The usage rules are set. So although Ye Ci often sees the Treasure Chest, but because he can't open it, even if he knows that there are good things inside, he can only treat it as if he hasn't seen it. Who will prevent him from opening the lock?

     With this thing...that doesn't mean that all Treasure Chests that Ye Ci will see in the future can be opened!

     The Treasure Chest in Fate is divided into fifteen levels in total. Treasure Chests from level 1 to 12 can be distributed anywhere. Of course, Treasure Chests above level 9 are in very dangerous locations and often have powerful monsters. Guarded by the side. The Treasure Chest above level 12 only exists next to the boss of the super-large Dungeon, or next to the boss of the advanced Concealment map, which belongs to the kind of thing you can only see if the BOSS is not dead.

     Treasure Chests above level 12 have not appeared in the previous life. Even if there are not a few thousand people, they don’t want to get them. Therefore, Ye Ci is not slanderous at all, and compared to those at level twelve. There are so many Treasure Chests. According to Ye Ci's current concealment level, at least all Treasure Chests below level 9 can be obtained. As for Treasure Chests from level 10 to level 12, it depends on the situation.Now with this stuff, Ye Ci is afraid that he can compete with many Rogues. You don’t need to buy other things, this thing must be bought! Ye Ci looked at the price of this one. Three ancient emerald green ore is needed. Ye Ci can pay for the ore, but she is somewhat reluctant. Now that she bought this thing, she was afraid that she would need it again on this map. It's been delayed for a few more days.

     But if she doesn't buy it, she feels that she must hate herself to death.

     Therefore, Ye Ci didn't struggle for too long, so she bought this master key without hesitation. After the master key was put into her package, Ye Ci found that the entire grocery NPC's receipt list had to be raised one space to the front. In other words, the master key was only one piece, and there was no more. Up.

     This recognition surprised Ye Ci. Is it true that everything on this cargo list is the same?

     Just now she saw the only hint on the master key, and thought it meant that this thing was unique to the player, but she didn't expect it to be also unique to this groceries NPC! Ye Ci immediately flipped through the other items on the grocery list, and sure enough, most of the items were listed as the only item. It seems that these gadgets are not only rare goods for players, but also rare goods for NPCs!Ye Ci has never been so entangled like it is now. There are two roads before her now, the first road, stay here for a long time, until you have enough ancient ore to buy all these unique items. The second way is to complete the Mermaid’s Quest regardless of recklessness, leave here to go to Northern Continent, and collect the last mithril vein in the bag. The consequence of this is that she does not know if she can return here.

     The only item mithril vein.

     This made Ye Ci plunged into an unprecedented entanglement. She thought for a long time and did not think of a better way.

     Finally, she sighed. Anyway, Daruffal has not yet given her a final answer about Araunah's affairs, and she has not collected enough ancient emerald ore. Now she is wondering which way to go. The question is really a bit early, it is better to continue to explore the dark cave.

     The dark cave seems to have reached the deepest point.

     But what makes Ye Ci strange is that it has reached the deepest point in such a deep, winding, and winding cave? Why is there no BOSS, let alone BOSS, why is there not even an elite monster? This seems a bit contrary to the rules of the general game.The dark cave is definitely not an ordinary map. Although no one has ever said this before, Ye Ci thinks so in her heart, and her instinct tells her that this perception is not wrong, but when she once again took Araona in the dark cave meandering and circuitous At the time, she found nothing.

     The magic crystal has not been refreshed, nor has the magma man refreshed. The whole pitch-black cave was dark and dark, only the scorching heat wave rushed towards the human face, and there seemed to be nothing else. Ye Ci finished digging the last piece of magic crystal and looked at it. Its properties are not bad. It is the size of a fist, and its color has reached nine. Such a large crystal and such a good color are actually the crystal she has dug these days China is not too much. She sat down and began to rest, took out two pieces of meat, threw one to Araun, and kept one for herself.

     Araunah took the meat and began to gulp it into her mouth.

     The relationship between Arauna and Ye Ci is already very good, coupled with Ye Ci deliberately to his and his family to please his favorability and loyalty to Ye Ci, but only a few points short of loyalty. However, with these points, no matter what Ye Ci does, he can't get up.

     Ye Ci thinks, this is probably the same as Yolan's favorability. She lacks an opportunity. If she finds that opportunity, she believes she can easily achieve loyalty."Is this the end of the dark cave?" Ye Ci asked Arauna, who was sitting not far away, with her head tilted. She looked at the ancient ore on her body, and behaved very much about the end of the event. Not satisfied.

     Arauna grabbed her hair, stuffed meat in her mouth, and shook her head: "I don't know. I have never been here. You know, a guard like me is absolutely impossible to follow Norbert. I arrived at this place. "Araunah is right. Like him, a low-level guard who has no ability and no background, even if he can participate in the battle, it is just a matter of ordinary battles for hunting and killing prey and exploring dark caves. , Is definitely not in Araunah's turn.

     "Well, let's take a break and go out to mine." Since the dark cave has come to an end, at least now when I see it, it has come to an end, so Ye Ci won't continue to waste time staying here and exploring. If in normal times, she might still search the cave three feet, but now, she has no such interest at all. After all, the most important thing for Ye Ci now is to "save money" quickly.Ye Ci stuffed the last piece of barbecue into his mouth, then took out a pot of spring water from the package and poured it into his mouth, allowing his strength to slowly recover. Araunah also took out a pot of spring water and poured it into his mouth. After resting, both of them stood up and planned to go out.

     However, Ye Ci heard something before he could move the place.

     Araunah is a shaman, and if his perception of totem is not bad, his perception is definitely not as good as that of hunters. Now he is standing behind Ye Ci, looking at Ye Ci's long pointed ears with interest, feeling very rare. After all, the Doro are a mixture of humans and Barbarians. Arauna, a child who has lived in the tribe since childhood, has not seen any foreigners except for the mermaid. So, even though Araunah was familiar with Ye Ci, she was still full of curiosity about the elves.

     He looked at Ye Ci's ears, fluttered a few times, and was surprised to close his mouth from ear to ear. He even raised his hand and stroked his ears to see if they could resemble the white elf in front of him. Move with the same dexterity.It’s not a strange thing that the ears of elves can move. Elves are a race that lives in nature. They are naturally sensitive to sounds, so when they hear sounds that are different from the surrounding environment, their ears are natural. Will move. And this time is also the time when the perception of the elves is high.

     Just when Araona was full of interest and curiosity about Ye Ci's ears, Ye Ci went into hiding. She stared at the corner of the dark cave. She seemed to hear something from there just now.

     "White Elf, what's the matter?" Seeing Ye Ci suddenly went into hiding, it made Araona a little uneasy. He also hid behind a stone and asked in a low voice.

     "Go to the back, find a hidden corner to hide, don't make any noise, I'll go and see." Ye Ci turned his head and whispered to Araona.

     "But" Arauna didn't know what had happened, and was a little nervous.

     Ye Ci shook his head and smiled and comforted him: "It doesn't matter, you can rest assured, go to the corner over there, find a corner that no one finds, and hide until I call you, and you come out again."Aruna trusted Ye Ci very much. He nodded, and immediately rushed towards the deepest corner, and then found a narrow and hard-to-find stone crevice and hid it. Ye Ci glanced at the place where Araona was hiding. It was really difficult for him. Such a small gap would not fit in if a strong Dorothic child was replaced.

     After confirming that Araunah was hidden, Ye Ci began to slowly rush towards the place where there was a small sound. Entering the hidden state, her movement speed is reduced by 5, but because Ye Ci's speed is not slow at ordinary times, even if she enters the Stealth state, she will quickly approach the place where the sound is made outside.

     Finding a hidden stone, Ye Ci hid behind and listened carefully.

     The sound originated from some people, and the number of these people should be quite a lot. Just listening to their jumbled footsteps, there were probably more than ten or twenty. They have heavy footsteps and are very powerful. They seem to be people who often do strength work. Ye Ci certainly knows that these people are definitely not players, even if they are players, it is impossible for so many players to appear at once, so these people are definitely from the Doro tribe, but Ye Ci still doesn’t know what they are like. people.They are still far apart, and the dark cave is very narrow, so the echoes of their words and the echoes of their footsteps are mixed together, making people hard to hear. Ye Ci carefully distinguished with his ears. , I understood a little bit.

     "Why is this dark cave so clean?"

     "Don't you see the corpses of magma men everywhere?"

     "Yeah, I didn't expect that the white elf would be so experienced and beat all the magma people here like this."

     "The only pity is that Araunah that Diro has not died yet. It is really annoying. Every time I see him, I seem to see the shame of the Doro. I heard that the white elf brought him to the dark cave and I felt that he was bound to die. But he didn't expect his life to be really big."

     "I think that white elf must be a fool."


     "If it weren't for how hard she took a Diro to fight the dark cave, she must have worked very hard."

     "How can people like us understand the idea of a fool?"

     While they were talking, they laughed, Ye Ci carefully distinguished their voices and felt very familiar. It seemed that they should be from the Norbert Guard. Ye Ci is a little upset about them saying bad things about Araunah. How can this kind of tongue chewing happen all the time, even in the NPCChina is no exception at all.

     However, these are nothing. After hearing it, Ye Ci is a little strange. Why did these Nob Guards enter the dark cave? Ye Ci has not forgotten that Araunah once said that the magma man in the dark cave is very lethal to the Nob Guard. Nob once personally led the team here, but he was finally taken away by the feathers. I want to come, too, the Magma people are very harmful to melee combat. I dare to Avonna because they are all long-range, so they can play so easily, but when I change into a team of melee combat, if there is no strong healing profession, fighting this thing is really true. It's a bit hard. In that case, what are they doing here?

     Just as Ye Ci was curious, they were getting closer and closer: "No, this white elf is so powerful, and even the magma people have cleaned it up here."

     Hatch, not only the magma man cleaned up, but also the magic crystal. "

     "I don't understand why Dalufang is so indulging in this white elf, how can she allow her to be so presumptuous in our turf, and she is digging for mines and crystals, and she can actually walk into this dark cave. Could it be that Dalu Master Farr has forgotten, this dark cave is a forbidden place for us Dorothy!""Shhh. What are you talking about, do you know about this? Don't talk nonsense, if the white elf hears it, how can you go back and explain it!"

     Hearing this, the Doro who complained earlier also lowered his voice, inevitably a little worried: "I said, we have been in for so long, and we haven't seen the white elves and Araona. Are they still here?"

     "How did I know that if she wasn't there, she probably took Aaron to mine outside."

     "Well, the temperature here is really hot, and it's really uncomfortable to stay. Let's check if the thing has been found by them, and go back quickly.

     If Dalufang-sama knew that we had come to the dark cave without his consent, we would definitely be blamed. "

     "Afraid of what the old man is doing? That old man will talk nonsense all day long. I think he's old like that. I guess he won't live much longer. The future patriarch will definitely be Lord Nob. We just have to listen to Lord Nob. The arrangement is just fine."

     "Although that is said, the current patriarch is Dalufang after all. If he is told that Lord Nob wants us to come here, he will definitely be angry. Moreover, Lord Nob may not have a chance to save us by then. ."Their voices were getting lower and lower, Ye Ci gradually became a little confused, but her mind was full of information from these words.

     Is the pitch black cave a forbidden place for the Doro? Why have you never heard Araunna talk about it? Even if they deliberately concealed Araunah, there must be something good in this forbidden ground. What's more, just now, these Doro people did mention that they were going to check something.

     Secondly, is Noble rebellious? Does he want to usurp the throne? Ye Ci thought for a while and didn't decide whether to tell Daruffal about it. But she had another idea, and that was to keep up with these Doro people and see what they wanted to see.

     Ye Ci followed the voice of the Doro, and soon followed the group of Doro. About a dozen of them walked towards another short fork in the dark cave. Ye Ci and Arauna have already walked this road, but unfortunately, they did not find anything on this road. Except for a lot of magma people, they really got nothing here, even a piece of magic. No crystal has ever been discovered. But now these people walked in here, so there must be something weird in it that they hadn't noticed at all.Ye Ci was very curious. She always felt that she was extremely keen on exploring the map. Even if something was hidden, it might not be able to avoid her eyes. But now, the facts tell her that there is something in hers. I was ignored under my nose, how could this make Ye Ci figure it out? She hurried to follow up immediately.

     Suddenly, the last Doro seemed to be aware of the trick, turned his head and took a look, and Ye Ci had already swiftly hid behind a rock at this time, and had escaped the Doro's exploration.

     "What's the matter?" The other guard standing beside the Doro asked when he saw him looking around.

     The Doro felt for a while, and found nothing, so he shook his head: "It's nothing, maybe I'm too suspicious, I always feel that I'm being followed."

     "Really?" The other guard hurriedly reported to the person who was walking in the front, and then the whole team stopped like this, and one of the Doro rushed out to search the entire dark cave. Ye Ci was hiding not far from these people, and when the Doro walked in front of her just now, she even held her breath, so that she would not bring out a little breath to attract the attention of these Doro people.It didn’t take too long for the Doro, who had gone out to search for the cave, to return. He shook his head as he walked towards the team: “That white elf probably has already gone out of the cave with Araunah and I don’t know where to mine. No trace of them was found here, but the Magma Man was cleaned up by them."

     "Go ahead, it's good to be sensitive, but don't be too sensitive. It's really annoying to be surprised." The Doro who led the team glared at the Doro who almost found Ye Ci just now, and then stood. Get up, turn around and continue walking forward.

     But the Doro who almost found Ye Ci was very upset because he was being reprimanded. He lowered his head and walked at the back of the team and dared not say a word.

     Ye Ci sneered, and waited for them to go a little farther, then followed. Soon, the team had reached the innermost point. Ye Ci stood at the back of the team and couldn't see what they were doing. He only heard a click, and opened a dark stone gate on the cave wall. , These Doral people entered in file and disappeared in an instant. And Ye Ci only had time to see that the trap-like entrance swallowed up the many Doro and disappeared.

     The disappearing guest is so quietly lost? ?After Ye Ci made sure that all the Doro people had entered the cave entrance, he walked out of hiding and quickly approached the stone gate just now. He stretched out his hand and touched the cave wall. It was fit tightly, and there was no trace at all. It shows that there is a stone gate here, but if Ye Ci hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't even believe that a stone gate had just appeared here.

     How did it do it? Ye Ci carefully touched all the stones at Shimen, but still found nothing.

     She clearly heard a "click" just now, which means that there is a mechanism here, but where is the mechanism? Ye Ci stood at the bottom of the cave, staring at every stone here, trying to find some clues here, but all were in vain.

     Suddenly, her hand on the stone wall felt a slight movement of the stone wall. She was shocked and quickly went into a state of hiding, hiding aside, carefully looking at the place of the stone gate.

     Could it be that these Doro people came out?

     The stone gate opened slowly, but very slowly, as if there was no resistance, and it fell in front of Ye Ci's eyes...

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