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Chapter Directory 264 Illusion Or Reality
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The stone gate is like a huge, black mouth. The few Doro people stand in their mouths like this. The one headed by them, holding a bright torch in his hand, walked out of it, and the Doro behind People also followed out. When all the people came out, this was that the leader of the Doro approached the stone gate and pressed lightly on an ordinary stone that could not be placed on the ordinary stone. Ye Ci heard the crisp "click" again, and then the stone gate slowly rose.

     "Now Master Nob is relieved. I said at the beginning that it is impossible for the White Elves and Diro to discover this secret. Even if Daruffal comes, he will not discover this secret."

     "Be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years. The white elf is so valued by Daruffal. It's normal for Master Nob to be careful." The Doro man headed by him finally showed a smile on his face, and he pointed at the others. Luo Ren nodded: "Okay, let's go back soon. We have stayed here for a long time. I'm afraid that someone will find out. If we are met by Daruffal or that white elf, we will risk even unnecessary things. Out."

     "Yes!" A group of Doro people lined up in front of Ye Ci and left quickly.They were still talking lowly while walking, but at this time, no matter what they said, they no longer had any attraction to Ye Ci. Because of the current Ye Ci, all the attraction is placed on the stone gate just now.

     She followed a group of people, confirmed that they had all left the dark cave, and began to crawl towards the direction of the tribe, only then quickly answered the bottom of the dark cave and found Araona.

     "Where have you been?" Arauna crawled out of the crevices of the fine stones, exhaling a long breath. "Just now I saw a member of the Norbert Guard coming over, and I was scared to death. Fortunately, he didn't find me. If he found me, I didn't change my clothes. I don't know how to explain it yet."

     "Isn't it not discovered?" Ye Ci smiled slightly.

     "It's so thrilling." Araun patted his chest and let out a long breath. He could see that the search by the Doro made him extremely nervous, and then he looked at Ye Ci again: "You Haven't answered me yet, where did you go just now?"

     "I followed the Norbert Guard.""Ah! Are the Nob Guards here? What are they here for? Did they come to arrest me!" It can be seen that Araunah is very afraid of the Nob Guards, which may be related to his frequent bullying by these people. Even if he is already a powerful shaman now, he still sweats nervously when he mentions these people.

     "No, they just came to find something." Ye Ci beckoned at Araun, motioning for him to follow him.


     "I don't know this anymore."

     Araona scratched her hair and looked strange: "Come and find something in the dark cave? What will it be?"

     Ye Ci looked at Araunah with a smile, then turned and walked in front of him. As he walked, he said, "Araunah, is there any forbidden land in your tribe?"

     "Forbidden area?" Aruna followed Ye Ci. He turned his head and saw Ye Ci's pointed ears. He started to touch his ears again, "What forbidden area?"

     "It's a place that no one can approach." Seeing Araona's strange face, Ye Ci explained it again in words he could understand.Araunah shook his head into a rattle, and said, "No! In our tribe, where can I go, Master Daruffal has not set a forbidden area." When he said this, he tilted his head and wrinkled. He frowned and said, "However, a few years ago, Lord Nob told Daruffal that the magma people in this dark cave are very dangerous, and there will be injuries at any time. Daruffal himself After seeing it, I no longer let the children come close here. Until now, even going down to the sinkhole for mining has been restricted."

     "You mean, you kids can come here casually?"

     "Yeah! But, how can children dare to enter the dark cave, the magma man inside is so fierce, the children are scared to death, they only dared to play outside." Araona seemed to think of his childhood time: " When I was a child, I used to bring Mara to the sinkhole to pick up rocks, but later, the sinkhole was not allowed to enter. Only those with the permission of Lord Darufal can enter here." Araunah is sure Answer: "After I joined the Norbert Guard, I never came in. I brought you here based on my childhood memories."

     Ye Ci nodded, as a general understanding of what was going on.It turns out that this forbidden area has not always existed, but has only recently been slowly formed. The question Noble raised to Daruffal was not a recent one. According to Araunah, these magma men existed when they were young, but why didn't Noble raise it before? After he proposed it, he actually invited Daruffal to come and inspect it in person, which shows that he is not afraid of what Daruffal finds, or that he is open-hearted.

     If that is the case, what is that door?

     Ye Ci was lost in thought. It seems that all his thoughts are in vain now. The easiest way is to open the door directly, and then go behind the door to see what's going on.

     Noble must be hiding something secret, just as the so-called villain is dying. This is inevitable.

     However, is Dalufang necessarily magnanimous? If he is a gentleman and magnanimous, why didn't he tell Ye Ci that this is forbidden? Did he think it was unnecessary to say, or did he simply forget about it, or did he have no deep meaning?

     Ye Ci secretly speculated about these things while walking in the direction of Shimen.Because it is a holographic game, all NPCs in all games are independent individuals, especially NPCs like Daruffal are simply representatives of high intelligence. They are no different from ordinary humans, except for some Apart from the basic attributes left by the NPC itself, he is basically a living person. He has human IQ, human emotion, and human desire and weakness. Therefore, Ye Ci needs to be more cautious and timid when dealing with such NPCs. If it weren't for carelessness, it would be calculated.

     Aruna looked very strange. He was talking about something along the way, but Ye Ci was thinking about other things and didn't hear what he said. It was just that he was perfunctory and he was not angry. He is a simple child, always talks to himself, and is easily satisfied and happy.

     Soon, Ye Ci took Araunah and walked to the front of Shimen. Araunah looked around and found nothing. He looked at Ye Ci and said strangely, "White spirit, where are we going? This is already It's over, and we've been here just now."Ye Ci squinted his eyes and did not directly answer Araunah's words. Instead, he walked to the position of the Doro who was headed just now, and stretched out his hand to caress carefully within the range he was searching. Just now, the Doro moved so fast that Ye Ci could only see a rough range, but couldn't see which stone it was, so now she could only stroke it one by one. Fortunately, the scope is not large, as long as she does not miss any stone or any gap, she will never find this mechanism.

     Aruna stood beside Ye Ci, leaning close to the place Ye Ci was touching and watching carefully, suddenly he stretched out his hand and gently pressed it against a protruding stone. Next, I heard a rumbling sound, and Shimen slowly fell down.

     Araunah was obviously frightened by this situation. He jumped back suddenly, and then hid behind Ye Ci. It was not until he discovered that a stone gate had fallen down. Then he poked his head and looked at the stone gate and said, "This what is the place?"

     Ye Ci looked at the stone gate in amazement. She looked back at Araona and then at the stone gate. Finally, she looked at the place where Araona had pressed it, but she still couldn't see anything. "Araunah, where did you press just now?""Here." Arauna looked at Ye Ci strangely, and pointed to a protruding stone: "Don't you see such a big stone?"

     Ye Ci was astonished. She really didn't see it. Even though Arauna pointed her finger at the stone, she still didn't see anything. She stretched out her hand to touch it but it was blank, nothing at all! She was shocked! No wonder these Doro people are confident, no wonder how they can't find the organs, that's how it is, that's how it is!

     This mechanism is simply that, apart from the people of the Doro race, there is no way for foreigners to touch or discover it! Ye Ci didn't know what they got here. In short, this concealed effect made Ye Ci couldn't help but exclaim.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath. She glanced at Araona and nodded: "Well, let's go in."

     Nob's no wonder he asked Aaron to follow him. It seems that in addition to hating Araunah, it is also because Araunah doesn't know her secret at all. He was so relieved to allow himself to enter the dark cave every day, and he was confident, because although he was keen, he would never find this mechanism, and although Aruna was a Doro, he was not sensitive and understanding of this kind of thing, if no one pointed it out. In terms of institutions, Araunah would never find out in a lifetime.Ye Ci couldn't help but laugh at herself in her heart. She thought that Noble was an NPC with a low IQ, but from the point of view of this incident, this guy was probably not much stupid than Daruffal, or would be smarter.

     "Go in?" Arauna looked at the dark cave and couldn't help but shiver. I don't know why, looking at this hole that looks like a devil's big mouth, a deep fear surged from his heart, swallowing his courage little by little.

     "Are you afraid?" Ye Ci glanced at Araona, his pale face was full of fear of this place.

     Arauna glanced at Ye Ci and remembered that Ye Ci had something to say to him when he and Ye Ci first arrived in the dark cave. He took a deep breath and tried hard to throw his inner fear out of his mind. After a while, he finally calmed down his inner agitation before shook his head firmly: "No, I'm not afraid."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. This child has grown up. Sooner or later, he will become a senior shaman, or a top shaman. Ye Ci seems to have seen that day. She nodded and walked towards the dark hole: "Do you have lighting skills?""Yes." Araona was taken aback for a moment, and quickly chanted Spell, lit a bright ball of light in his palm, quickly caught up with Ye Ci's footsteps, and then followed her towards the bottom of the cave.

     This is a staircase that seems to have no end, and it is so boring that people can't breathe. Ye Ci cautious and solemn walked ahead. She magnified her perception to the highest point and turned all her 3.6 million pores into radar. No matter which direction there is any problem, then the arrow in her hand Will shoot out without hesitation.

     This is Noble's secret, it will definitely not be so safe, there must be a mechanism.

     This was what Ye Ci guessed, but after walking the stairs, Ye Ci did not find any mechanism. Could it be that I was thinking wrong?

     Ye Ci stood at the last staircase and watched carefully around, finding nothing, nothing. Ye Ci took a breath, maybe he really thought it wrong. She just wanted to step down the stairs, but was pulled by Araunah behind her. Ye Ci turned to look at Araunah, a little strange: "What's wrong?"

     "Wait a minute! I'll lead the way!" Arauna immediately shook his head, indicating that Ye Ci could not go down."Why?" Ye Ci feels that his perception is much stronger than that of Biarau. If he leads the way, he can at least find many traps, but if Arona leads the way, I am afraid that nothing will be discovered.

     Arauna looked at Ye Ci, stretched out her hand and danced in front of her eyes, his expression seemed to be something wrong with Ye Ci's strength. Ye Ci couldn't help being a little amused, and stretched out his hand and pulled down his hand: "What are you doing? I'm not blind."

     "If you're not blind, don't you see magma under the steps?" Araona was pale, and Ye Ci's almost stepping on it just now scared him to lose one's head out of fear, so he grabbed her quickly.

     "Lava?" Ye Ci looked inconceivable. She was looking down at the dark ground. Where is there any magma? Moreover, if there is magma, it should be very hot, but why does she not feel the heat at all? Was it because I was wrong, or Araunah had a hallucination. She shook her head: "There is no magma here, isn't there just a black ground below?"

     "No, there must be magma." Araunah rarely insisted so much. He still shook his head, denying Ye Ci's statement. In his opinion, this place was full of danger.Ye Ci frowned. Since the mechanism just now, what he and Araunah have seen are different. Who on earth has the hallucination? Ye Ci looked at Araunah, should he believe Araunah? She thought for a while, and drew an arrow from behind, and then threw it towards the black ground. Then, she saw that the arrow was instantly swallowed by the ground, not even a trace of green smoke was left. Down, it's like being thrown into magma!

     Ye Ci is shocked!

     Actually, it is really so!

     She has always been extremely confident in her own, but now, but now, everything in reality tells Ye Ci that she is blinded by her own eyes! She looked up at this mundane cave to the extreme, and she couldn't help but feel a little astonished. It was like this in her eyes, but what did it look like in Araunah's eyes? Ye Ci turned to look at Araunah, and saw that although the child's face was pale, his eyes were as tough as thunder. She thought, she might be able to guess how terrible it was in Araunah's eyes The scenery, but he didn't back down, but instead offered to lead the way at this time. What kind of courage should this be?

     After watching Arauna for a while, Ye Ci showed a slight smile on her face. She stretched out her hand and patted Arauna on the shoulder: "Are you sure you want to do this?""I confirm." Arauna nodded vigorously, and then took a deep breath: "My father is a warrior of the Doro. I will never be a coward. I swear in the name of my dead father. Confirm to do this."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

     And Araunah continued: "White Elf, you taught me from the beginning, you are protecting me, this time I will protect you."

     Ye Ci looked at Araunah for a while, finally lowered his eyelids, took a few steps back, and gave Araunah the position of leading the way. Her voice was low and calm: "I will give my life to your hand. on."

     Ye Ci’s words made Araunah’s body sway. It seems that Ye Ci’s words are a very heavy pressure for Araunah. However, this pressure does not necessarily overwhelm him. He tried hard. Nodded, then walked to the front, stood on the last stairway, took a deep breath, and said to Ye Ci: "In front of us is a piece of magma, and there is a passage above the magma. However, the stones in this passage are extremely narrow. You must walk on the place I have stepped on, otherwise you will fall."Although Ye Ci did not see any difference in the dark ground in front, Ye Ci nodded. She has never been so passive as she is now. Everything she sees and hears may be false. She can't make any judgments. In the end, she can only entrust everything to an NPC child and trust him unconditionally. .

     This is too risky for Ye Ci.

     However, since ancient times, benefits and risks have coexisted. Ye Ci never thought of herself as a good boy. She knew that she was actually only a gambler, but now she is going to make a bet with herself.

     Araunah started to leave, his footsteps steady and strong but very slow, as if to make Ye Ci see clearly behind him. He lifted his foot and stepped on a rock. Ye Ci clearly noted the rock. When he was about to step on it, he heard a rumbling sound from the top of the stairs behind him. Both Ye Ci and Arauna looked back, and it seemed that the stone gate at the entrance had been closed.

     Ye Ci thought to himself that he knew the location of the organ that came in from outside, but not the location of the organ that went out inside. Even after exploring this forbidden area, he might not be able to go out. This is a bit embarrassing. However, things must have reached this point. Thinking about this question again is a bit redundant. Now I have to go on and go to the innermost point to see what I can find.Ye Ci followed Araunah step by step. She was unbiased and would never act casually by herself. She must follow the place that Araunah had stepped on. This made both of them a lot easier.

     I don't know how long Dao practice has been going, Ye Ci looked up and saw a clear lake. However, she didn't trust her eyes too much. Instead, she stopped and asked, "Araona, is there a lake in front of you?"

     "Yes." Although Aruna was wondering why such a clear lake appeared in a lava-filled underground, he still honestly answered Ye Ci: "There are a lot of blooms on the lake. The flowers are beautiful, I have never seen them before."

     However, this was at a loss for Ye Ci. She didn't see anything, except for a clear lake, she didn't see anything. Araona looked at Ye Ci's blank expression and knew that she was different from what she had seen, so she could only sigh, "We have a few more stones and we will go ashore. Please follow me."

     Ye Ci stopped talking, nodded, and stepped on Araunah's footprints and quickly landed ashore.

     Although in Ye Ci's opinion, this so-called shore is no different from the place where she just walked, but she doesn't believe her eyes anymore."The front is a very clear lake. The lake is full of flowers and mist. I don't know what this means." Araona stood beside Ye Ci and described what she saw to Ye Ci. listen.

     Ye Ci nodded. Although what she sees in front of her eyes is an illusory scene, it does not mean that she has lost all abilities. At least she hasn't lowered her map sensitivity at all. She stood by the lake, walked around, finally found a place, took the arrow from behind, and shot an arrow toward the middle of the lake. The white bone arrow made a sharp howling sound, wiping the surface of the water and moving quickly. The traces of it left on the water surface have become the best reference for Ye Ci to judge.

     Sure enough, in the place where Araunah described flowers, the bone arrow would encounter some obstacles, which can be easily seen from the traces on the water. Ye Ci has a good memory. After releasing more than 30 arrows, he remembered the positions of the larger clusters of flowers on the entire lake. The next thing she wants to test is whether the lake water is poisonous.

     She looked at her body and found that there were intermediate-level detoxification agents, which could solve the general toxicity, and even if her blood thickness couldn't solve the poison, with the support of the blood bottle, it should not be fatal. Squatting by the lake, Ye Ci stretched out his hand and gently stroked the clear water.The calm lake water immediately rippled in circles, and the clear drops of water churned with Ye Ci's hands. There were many beautiful rocks under the water. Ye Ci reached out and grabbed a handful, trying to test if there was any danger, but nothing happened. Ye Ci straightened up and said to Araunah, "Can you swim?"

     "Of course, we often deal with mermaids. If we can't swim, we won't be able to live."

     "Well, let's swim over."

     Araona nodded and followed Ye Ci into the lake. Ye Ci did not forget to explain to Araona: "I can't see the flowers, so there is no way to test what will happen to them. So, don't get close to them. If I get close, remind me."

     Ye Ci was a little discouraged, so she didn’t have any scuba medicine on her body. She even put the fishing rod with scuba skills in the warehouse. It seems that the plan will never change fast, you never know What do I need? It's a pity that the package on my body is too small to hold so many things. It seems that after going out from here, she has to find a way to change a few larger packages.

     Araunah and Ye Ci were swimming slowly in the lake. Araunah took a cane with lighting on it, so that the two would not lose their direction in the dark environment.Suddenly Ye Ci heard some sounds, which were sharp and piercing, which made people very annoying. She looked around but didn't find it, but Araunah said in a panic, "White spirit, look, you look under the water!"

     Ye Ci lowered his head and saw that many mermaid-like monsters were constantly swimming under him and Araunah. They wanted to rush up, but they seemed to be cautious about something, so stand still without advancing. . Ye Ci lost a reconnaissance technique to them and found that their level is not high, all of them are ordinary monsters around 70, but the number of these monsters is too much.

     "What is this?" Araona was very nervous, and took Ye Ci's arm tightly: "They look like mermaids."

     "This is a water monster." Ye Ci looked at the monster attributes in the reconnaissance technique and told Araona: "Actually, it's almost like a mermaid. They all live by eating human flesh."

     "What!" Arauna was taken aback, the magic staff's lighting technique almost went out, the water monster below immediately began to stir, and even some brave ones had already rushed up towards the two and jumped out of the water, Zhang Open bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl to attack two people."Illumination technique!" Ye Ci yelled quickly. Araun took a Ji Ling and immediately ignited another illumination technique. Ye Ci raised his hand and waved, and the ball of light raised by the illumination technique jumped towards that one. The two water monsters patted it. Righteously, the ball of light hit the water monster's face, and the water monster's sharp fingers immediately covered his face. With a scream, he thumped and jumped into the bottom of the water again, not daring to come up again.

     And taking advantage of this moment, Ye Ci can see clearly the appearance of the water monster.

     In fact, the water monster and the mermaid look very similar. However, the upper body of the mermaid is exactly the same as the human, while the upper body of the water monster has many characteristics of fish. For example, their scales are distributed to the chest, there are webs between their hands, and there are many fins under the arms, and their ears are like fins. Their faces look like humans, except that they have no eyes in the eye sockets. Yes, but a piece of smooth skin.

     After Ye Ci knocked down Araunah's illumination technique, Araunah quickly lit another illumination technique, and took a look around according to Ye Ci's instructions. The white light shone on the surface of the water, illuminating the surface of the dark lake with a morbid light.The water monster who had been attacked by Ye Ci just now seemed to be injured. It has been huddled in the water monster group and has difficulty moving, while the other water monsters surrounded him, grinning in the direction of the two of them, but still stunned. He hesitated and didn't dare to step forward, just wandering back and forth under the water not far from the two.

     Ye Ci looked at the water monster under the water, thought for a while, and said to Araona, "Throw this ball of light toward the place where the water monster is concentrated, and then click another one."

     Aaron nodded, and immediately threw the ball of light in his hand toward the place where the water monsters were most dense, and another light ball was lit in the other hand. The ball of light that was thrown into the water immediately caused the water monsters to panic. They fled around, making sharp screams, looking very scared.

     Araunah was a little strange: "They seem to be afraid of the light."

     "Well, don't you see that they have no eyes?"

     Araunah saw this just now, so he was even more strange: "Yes, they don't have eyes, why are they afraid of light?""General water monsters have eyes, but these water monsters do not have eyes, which means it has something to do with the environment in which they live. You see, here is all black, no daylight, so in the long run, these water monsters have eyes. The water monsters who have degraded and have lost their eyesight must be more sensitive to other organs. I don’t know where they are particularly sensitive to light sources. In short, we only need to know that they are afraid of light, so we just need to light up , Then there is no need to be afraid that these water monsters will approach us.” Ye Ci analyzed his understanding of water monsters for Araona.

     Arauna nodded and kept lighting on both hands to ensure the safety of the two. I don’t know how long it took to swim forward, Ye Ci stopped again, pulled up the bow and arrows and released arrows in all directions. The bone arrows brought a series of water marks on the water. Ye Ci used the water. Mark confirms the direction again.

     "It's foggy ahead." Araona reminded Ye Ci, but Ye Ci couldn't see it.

     Ye Ci sometimes feels that there is nothing wrong with this. She can make the most accurate judgment based on Araona and what she sees."Don't stop the lighting technique, we have been swimming forward. According to the direction where the bone arrow stopped, I think there should be a table in front." Ye Ci just now judged that there was at least one hard in front of her based on the sound of the bone arrow disappearing. It’s just that it’s invisible in her vision.

     "I don't know, I can't see, I just think there is fog all around." Aaron looked around, but couldn't see anything. He didn't dare to stop the illumination technique in his hand, even more anxious than just releasing it.

     Ye Ci raised his bow again and released a few arrows straight ahead. After listening carefully to the echo, he said to Araona: "There is a table thirty yards ahead, I don’t know where. There is a place to go up, watch it."

     Araunah kept throwing the ball of light in his hand toward the front of the two of them, hoping to disperse the dense fog, but it was still in vain. After they had to swim for a distance, Araunah finally fainted. A black plateau was found in the fog.

     "I found it!" Araunah said excitedly. He turned on Illumination with one hand, and he took Ye Ci with the other hand and swam towards the platform. Swim to the edge of the table, Aaron put the ball of light in his hand on each step: "White spirit, you look at the ball of light. The place where the ball of light shines is the ladder."This is a good way, Ye Ci quickly climbed the ladder. This ladder is not long, only about ten steps, and then Ye Ci stepped on a cold and hard platform.

     Ye Ci couldn't see anything in her eyes, it was pitch black everywhere, she seemed to be suspended on a lake.

     "What's on this platform?" Ye Ci stood there and looked around, but found nothing.

     "There is a stone pillar three yards in front of you with a book on top of the pillar." Arauna looked at the environment in front of him and described it to Ye Ci carefully: "I can't seem to get close to the stone pillar. Walked over and was pushed back. You can try to see if you can touch it."

     Ye Ci nodded and walked straight ahead as described by Araunah. Sure enough, when she walked about three yards, she felt something hard on her toes. It can be seen that this is the invisible pillar to her. She raised her hand, placed it on her chest and asked, "Is the book in this position?"

     "Go down a little bit." Araona looked like Ye Ci's eyes now, guiding her in the direction ahead.Ye Ci started to correct the position according to Araunah's guidance. Soon, she adjusted the position, took a deep breath, and slowly and gently lowered her hand. The moment Ye Ci's hand touched the rough tactile sensation, she only felt a white light flashed in front of her eyes. This white light was so dazzling that she didn't even react to what happened, and she fell into dizziness. Among.

     In the dizziness, Ye Ci heard the system prompt sound.

     "You found a Quest map: Saga Temple."

     Saga Temple?

     Ye Ci's mind was confused, but his eyes were dazzling white. He didn't know where he was. He just felt that his hands and feet were so soft that he couldn't get any strength. But despite this, there is still a problem that has been lingering in her mind, making her already confused mind even more confused.

     Why is the Saga Temple so familiar? Where did it come from, why can't I remember it at all?

     It was always in a daze, until someone pushed herself, Ye Ci woke up in a daze. She raised her head and looked, she saw a person squatting in front of her, facing the light, unable to see the expression on his face, but she could hear his hurried voice and continue to say: "White Elf , White Elf, what's wrong with you?"