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Chapter Directory 265 Chapter 63—Rejuvenation
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 63—Returning Soul Technique

     Chapter 63—Returning Soul Technique

     Ye Ci feels that his brain must not be working at this moment. Otherwise, how could she not be able to react to this situation for a long time, and who is the person squatting in front of her?

     "Are you awake?". The voice was still asking anxiously, but listening to his tone seemed to be much better than before. He even stretched out his arm to help her up.

     After a while, Ye Ci eased his breath, his head still dizzy. She sat on the ground and closed her eyes for a while before she recovered. This situation is rare, at least in Ye Ci's long gaming career.

     When Ye Ci opened his eyes again, the first thing that caught his eye was a blanket of yellow sand. She squinted her eyes, and she could even see the wind blowing the thin yellow sand passing by in the distance, forming a very strange scene. What the eyes see is not a bit of green, and occasionally I can see a few grasses that are also sluggish and half dead. On this yellow sand, Ye Ci could not see a trace of vitality, nor could he see any exit.Everything seemed to be upside down suddenly. Just now, she was clearly underground in all black, no daylight, and there was a clear lake beside her, but now she has reached such a situation, people have to sigh that this world is fickle.

     "Araunah, how long have we been here?" Ye Ci didn't confirm how long she had passed in that kind of bewilderment, so after she recalled all the time, the first thing she did was to ask Araun. Take, obviously this guy woke up earlier than her, maybe, he didn't faint.

     "It didn't take long, it was just a short while." Arauna was obviously not affected by the white light, and his thinking seemed very clear.Ye Ci looked at Araona, then opened the map, but got a system message prompt: "You don't have the right to view this map." There is no right? Ye Ci raised one eyebrow, which seemed a bit playful. "There is no power to explore this map" generally only appears in a few situations. The first is that this map belongs to the Concealment map that has not yet been opened, and it can only be obtained after the player resolves various conditions in this map. A map, and then you can freely view this map. The second is that the player's identity and the snobbery worshipped in the map are the opposite of aggro, so it is not allowed to view it. If you must view it, you can only get the power to view the map after defeating the biggest BOSS in this map. The last one is that the status of this map in the game is too high. For example, super maps such as the temple of the gods and the demon domain of the devil are not allowed to be viewed by the player at all, unless they have the approval of the NPC. Use the map here,

     What kind of situation is it now? Anyway, it is impossible for the third case, only the first and second cases."White Elf, where are we now?" While Ye Ci was thinking about the problem, Araun asked cautious and solemn questions. Although he didn't know exactly where it was, he had already felt a kind of faintness. An unprecedented danger is silently lurking somewhere in this sea of sand.

     "Saga Temple." Ye Ci stood up and continued to sit here, thinking that these meaningless questions would have no effect. The most important question now is that she can confirm her as soon as possible without a map. Download your position on this location map and the direction you are about to go.

     "Temple of Saga?" Araunah was stunned, but saw that Ye Ci had stood up, and quickly stood up, following her footsteps toward the distance: "Who is Saga? It is one A god?".Saga is not actually a god, he is just a subordinate minion of Demon King Naga, but after the war, the entire Majia continent became chaotic. All races seem to have forgotten their respect for the gods, leading to various evil gods. More than that, they began to recruit believers for themselves and built temples for themselves, in an attempt to become a hero in such a chaotic era. And Saga is nothing more than a small demon in this chaos, compared to the strength of the Demon Lord Naga, it is really nothing. However, compared to the current Ye Ci, Saga is also an insurmountable height.

     Before Ye Ci's rebirth, Saga was just a Dungeon boss in the Dungeon group. You must kill it to finally meet the Demon King Naga. However, in this map, Saga's existence may be equivalent to a god. The same difficulty.

     No one seems to have discovered the map of Saga Temple in the previous life, so there is no information about this map. Ye Ci has nothing to use. Ye Ci can only infer from his own understanding of Saga. The main monsters and difficulty in this map are gone.Saga is a deserted monster, but this map is in the desert, so it is confirmed that the monsters that Ye Ci mainly deals with are all deserted monsters. However, it seems boundless here. Ye Ci doesn't know where the so-called temple is, let alone when it will appear.

     Ye Ci didn’t guess wrong. On the map of Saga Temple, killing monsters is the most common. They usually hide under the long yellow sand. They will only climb out after encountering danger. Their level is mostly at Around eighty, although Ye Ci is very difficult to deal with it alone, but with Araona and Ol' Four, it is still easy to kill a monster. Moreover, most of the killing monsters appear alone, and they rarely live in groups, which makes the cleaning process of Ye Ci much easier.Ye Ci doesn’t know how much experience he has accumulated, but Araunah has already reached level 82 on this map. Both blood and blue are almost double Ye Ci. He also Become the main force of killing monsters for the entire team. Araunah himself has a certain amount of wisdom, but in actual combat this kind of wisdom seems a little insufficient, so Ye Ci's Leader is often needed. And Ye Ci also gradually retreated from the position of the main combat team, and became the leader who manipulated Arona and Ol' Four, and he attacked from time to time, although the experience gained by him was a little slower. However, it can greatly liberate her own Stamina, allowing her more time to study this map and the direction below her.

     These sand monsters have a lot of experience points, and they drop very well. Although the equipment is produced very little, the production rate of skill books is very high. It's a pity that most of them are skill books from the law department. For example, there are very few skill books from the physics department. After so long in this map, Ye Ci picked up a Rogue. The double-knife Eviscerate and Warrior's assault. Is there anything else in the physics department? As for her, the hunter's book is gone.Ye Ci picked up another shaman’s group attack skill and gave it to Araona without hesitation. Now he is a big monster killer. As long as his ability is strong enough, Ye Ci will gain more and more. Besides, Ye Ci also wants to take Arauna out of the Doro tribe. Naturally, more training is necessary.

     I don't know how long I have been walking, Ye Ci feels that he has gone deep into the hinterland of the desert.

     Here is no longer full of yellow sand, she can see some crumbling fences and dilapidated walls from time to time. It is not difficult to see from the broken foundation stones and walls. There used to be a prosperous past here, but now all are left. Desolate.

     After walking through a large and dilapidated courtyard, Ye Ci found himself standing on a large ruin. Judging from the layout and broken walls, it should have been a very prosperous courtyard. The wind blew through the broken window on the wall, and a whimper sounded, which sounded a bit like a howling wolf howling. Ye Ci stood in the ruins and looked around. Suddenly, she noticed that there seemed to be a faint brilliance flashing behind a broken wall. She hurried up a few steps, leaned against the wall and took a closer look. It was indeed correct. of.There is a golden Treasure Chest. Although some delicate patterns on the box have been blurred after long-term erosion by wind and sand, the box is still bright and dazzling, which is not ordinary at first glance. Ye Ci measured it in his mind. In such a map, the locked boxes appearing in the monster concentration of this level are at least level 8. Therefore, the proportion of good things that can be produced is very high.

     It turned out that Ye Ci saw the box go around directly, and she couldn't open it anyway, so she didn't have any thoughts, but now it is different. She has the master key in her hand, so naturally she has to try it anyway. Of it.

     However, will there be no guarded monster around this Treasure Chest? It is absolutely impossible.

     According to Ye Ci's understanding of the game, generally around the Treasure Chest above level 4, there will be elite guards one or two levels higher than the average monster strength on this map. Therefore, such a high-level Treasure Chest must be surrounded by monsters. The guard, but where is the monster?

     Ye Ci looked around, but found nothing.

     Just when she was hesitating to open the box, Arauna suddenly said, "Wow, what a big bird!"Ye Ci suddenly looked up. As expected, two huge vultures hovered and danced in the sky above the box. Their wings were seven or eight yards long, and their sharp beaks seemed to have blood stains. They stared at Ye Ci even more closely. It seemed that as long as Ye Ci was slightly closer to the box, they would dive down without hesitation, press Ye Ci to the ground, dig the liver and heart, and then eat it quickly.

     Ye Ci lost a reconnaissance skill at these two vultures, boy! Both of them are actually eighty-five-level elite monsters! ! If two monsters are staring at him at the same time, I'm afraid Ye Ci will be killed by a single blow. Although this kind of monster is fierce, they have a problem, that is, they will only circle around the Treasure Chest. As long as they are not close to the fixed range of the chest, even if they pass by, they will not attack. This can explain why Ye Ci drool with desire to the box so much while standing on the wall, people just watched her and didn't attack her.

     go away?

     How can it be. It’s not Ye Ci’s style of doing things, not to take a bite and leave the fat in his mouth. What's more, the more difficult to get the loot, the more flavorful it is to enjoy, right?Judging from the distance between the two vultures, as long as one attacks one, the other will definitely jump down. Now, it is absolutely impossible for Ye Ci to deal with two by one person. But with Araunah, it's not difficult. She found Araunah and told Araunah what she planned to do with the two vultures.

     Araona nodded, expressing his understanding. The current Araunah is different from the first Araunah. Not only has his level improved, but his combat ability has also been greatly improved, and he has a certain IQ himself, as long as Ye Ci tells her the tactics At a glance, he will soon understand what he wants to do.

     "You're not in danger, right? You and Ol' Four will fight a vulture together." Although Ye Ci and Araunah have made it clear about the other vulture, it doesn't mean that Ye Ci can rest assured. It is said that Araona is just an NPC, and it is still not as good as the real player in the on-site reaction."Don't worry, I have just learned the recovery technique, I can heal myself." Arauna smiled at Ye Ci. If it wasn't for Ye Ci, how did Ye Ci feel that the profession of shaman is fucking awesome. This profession is exactly like a paladin. It can fight and replenish health. It can also charge DPS like Sorcerer when necessary. It is a real panacea. But there is also a downside to this kind of profession, that is, everything is good, but nothing specializes. This is why Ye Ci is not at ease with Araona. She is afraid that the vulture will kill him. All my own plans fell through.

     It was for fear that Araun would hang up with wordless and silent, so Ye Ci still assigned Ol' Four to fight a monster with him. In this way, Ol' Four will act as a meat shield, which can greatly reduce Araunah’s burden. As for herself, although the vulture is too much higher than her level, it is still very simple if it is a kite.After the monster was opened, Ye Ci and Arauna led a vulture away. As Ye Ci thought, Arauna’s performance on the spot was not particularly good. This has something to do with him as an ordinary NPC. If he can be upgraded When it comes to elite NPCs or legendary NPCs, it's very different. Fortunately, Ol’ Four soon topped the vulture, and when several big skills were thrown out, the vulture immediately attracted all the attention. Although Ol’ Four is only at level sixty, it is an Epic Level creature after all, with thick blood and high defense. As long as Araun is behind the heal, it is not difficult for it to resist this vulture. And Araunah's level had reached the eighty-fifth level at this time, which was exactly the same as the level of a vulture, so playing it would be regarded as what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job.

     BUFF, totem, and Araona's own attack power, it took five or six minutes to deal with this vulture and let it die on the ground with a scream. At this time Ye Ci immediately led another vulture to rush to Araunah, and gave him all the heavy responsibility of attacking the monster. In the process of kiteing just now, Ye Ci has used those skills that continue to damage The vulture has lost a lot of blood, so this time the battle ended without much time.Ye Ci touched the corpse. Except for a few gold coins, the two vultures didn't leave her any equipment. They only left a few feathers. They didn't know what they could do, but the edges of the feathers were faint. There is a gleam of silver light, which is nothing ordinary at first glance. What's more, this is something that fell from two 85-level elite monsters. Although it is only a white item, it cannot be underestimated. . Ye Ci felt that this thing should be made of materials, so he did not throw it away, but put it in his own package and kept it properly.

     The so-called rare materials are like this. It is completely dependent on usual accumulation to achieve sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower. Otherwise, how could it be possible to get it when needed?

     After picking up these two feathers, Ye Ci immediately walked towards the golden box. On the side of the box, Ye Ci looked around again and squatted down after confirming that there would be no more monsters here, took out the master key from his body, and inserted it into the keyhole.Ye Ci really guessed right. This Treasure Chest is a ninth-level Treasure Chest. Obviously, the metal part is made of gold. Despite the wind and sand, this gold is gold, still shining, just those originally inlaid in Treasure The wooden carvings on the Chest are not so good for life. Either it is rotten, or it is dry and cracked into fragments, and the pattern on it can only be seen through careful identification.

     This master key is also a strange thing.

     In Fate, there are so many boxes, and 90% of them are locked. Moreover, each lock is different, and the perforations on the top are different. There are large and small. However, this master key can adapt to all locks and all perforations. After Ye Ci took the master key and compared the perforations of the box, when she couldn't help but worry, she moved the master key toward the perforations. I inserted it, but I didn't expect that the master key and the perforation fit tightly at that moment, as if they were created together by nature.

     Afterwards, the system prompts: Treasure Chest is opening, 3%……7%……39%……

     The higher the level of Treasure Chest, the longer it takes to open the chest. This is not only applicable to Rogue's unlocking technique, but also practical for this master key. Because there were no monsters around, Ye Ci relaxed and waited for the opening of the Treasure Chest.As long as the game players actually like to open the Treasure Chest, in addition to the treasures in the Treasure Chest, they probably prefer the excitement brought by the tightening of the nerves when the Treasure Chest is opened. In fact, everyone is a gambler, it's nothing more than the difference between how big and small you play.

     It took about three minutes or so before I heard a "click" and the lock on the Treasure Chest fell. Ye Ci pulled out the master key, and the lock was immediately invalidated. It became gray and abrupt, making people really want to look at it.

     Ye Ci opened the Treasure Chest, which was filled with yellow sand long ago, and couldn't see what was inside. Ye Ci had to reach out his hand and reached into the soft yellow sand. After such a mess, finally Three things were touched. She didn’t care to see what these things were, so she put it in the package first, and then poured out all the yellow sand in the Treasure Chest. She fiddled around to make sure that there was nothing in it, so she gave up. . And the Treasure Chest also disappeared because there was nothing in it.

     Until this time, Ye Ci took out the three things that had just been put in the package and looked at it.Two of these three things are equipment, one is a necklace, and the other is a wristband, but none of them has been authenticated. The equipment in the Treasure Chest that can appear on this kind of map must be nothing ordinary. Since Ye Ci can't identify it now, he has to take it back and let it be identified.

     And the last thing is a book. This book is not complete, it has only the first half, and the second half has been torn off. The cover of the book is wrapped in dark red leather, and there are a few wrong gold words on it, and it says Soul Recovery.

     Ye Ci moved in his heart, returning to spiritism, which was an extremely rare skill in the previous life, but didn't want to be able to encounter it in this life.

     So she quickly began to check the properties of the book.

     Return to the Remnant of Spiritual Art: NPC can be resurrected. Due to the incompleteness of this book, the resurrected NPC will become weak and remain weak for 24 hours. Random reduces some loyalty points. Applicable to all occupations, five-level requirements.Although it is only a fragmented page, seeing the attributes of this book still makes people's hearts jump. In the previous life, due to the Mercenary and enslavement system being turned on in the later stage, many players will bring humanoid NPCs to help them fight or produce something. However, the IQ of NPCs, especially ordinary NPCs, is generally not high, and it is easy to die if you don't pay special attention. It is not easy to get humanoid NPCs, so players also cherish these NPCs very much.

     It's just that people count as heaven, even if the player pays more attention, there will be times when the ship capsizes, it is impossible to guarantee that when the NPC hangs. And at that time, the emergence of Soul-Returning Technique really solved the regrets of countless players.

     However, it is said that the soul-returning is one of the few skills that the gods accidentally left on the mainland, so it is extremely precious, and not all players can learn it. This skill book cannot be obtained from NPC, it can only be obtained through Quest or Treasure Chest. It is really an opportunity coincidence. And in the whole world, how many people can have such an opportunity coincidence?

     Resurrection can be used to resurrect NPCs, there is no CD, no restrictions, and it will not reduce the attributes of NPCs. It is a very heaven-defying skill in itself. The most heaven-defying setting is that Soul Rejuvenation can resurrect all NPCs, whether they are their own NPCs or not.It is precisely because of this heaven-defying attribute that the first player to get the Soul Rejuvenation technique makes a lot of money by resurrecting the NPC.

     It's a pity that the book Ye Ci currently gets is a remnant, and there are still many restrictions. But Ye Ci is already very surprised and satisfied. You know, she is worrying about what Araona would do if she died! Even if there is 24 hours of weakness, even if it will randomly reduce some loyalty and goodwill, it is definitely better than dead and not resurrected, right.

     Ye Ci didn't hesitate to learn from this remnant.

     This is probably the best loot that Ye Ci got after entering this map.

     This battle really took Arauna a lot of physical strength. He sat on the ground alone, took out the barbecue Ye Ci had given him and started to eat. Although Ye Ci didn't consume much physical strength, he was still a little hungry after walking for so long. With Ol’ Four watching eagerly, Ye Ci couldn't say to ignore it. So I sat down and started cooking. After a while, the steak on the bonfire made a sizzling sound. Let alone the aroma, I just said that sound. It sounded a lot of forefinger.

     Araona also looked at the steak that was getting oily, and could see that compared to the already chilled barbecue, this freshly baked steak was more drool with desire.Ye Ci looked at Araun and smiled: "Wait a second, it's not cooked yet."

     Araona scratched her head with embarrassment, lowered her head and continued to eat her own barbecue. After taking two more bites, he suddenly remembered something, and threw the barbecue in his hand to Ol' Four, and Ol' Four subconsciously opened his mouth to pick it up. Then he realized something, and immediately spit out the piece with bone. Barbecue, yelling at Araunah angrily. It seems that Ol’ Four is very dissatisfied with this unfair treatment. If it weren't for Ye Ci's sake, he would have to clean up this kid and let him guide who is the boss.

     Ye Ci seemed indifferent to the "interaction" between Ol' Four and Araunah, pretending not to see anything, which made Ol' Four very wronged, and he hummed over his huge head and rubbed Ye Ci, it seemed. Is acting like a baby. And Araona ridiculed it rudely: "Look at you when you are so old, and you pretend to be weak, it doesn't look like it at all!"Ol’ Four immediately grinned at Araunah, and Araunah continued to provoke him. From Ye Ci's point of view, this is just two children's squabbles. She barbecued while looking at them, laughing slightly. When they were laughing happily, Ye Ci only felt that something was approaching him. The thing came so violently and quickly, even silently, that Ye Ci was unprepared, and only then did he feel it. The presence. Ye Ci had already dodged her body subconsciously in her heart, and when she flipped her wrist, the dagger had already appeared in her hand, rushing towards the door of that thing!

     no sooner said than done, at this moment, the thing shouted loudly: "Ah, don't hit me!"

     This sound can be said to be a coincidence. Ye Ci actually took the dagger in his hand alive and looked intently, and saw that the dagger in his hand was only a short distance away from a thin man. At this moment, he At this moment, he was staring at Ye Ci with wide eyes, with a look of horror, as if what he was in front of was not an elf known for his kindness, but a fiends is demanding one's life Asura!And Ye Ci also saw the man’s appearance clearly. He couldn’t tell his age because he was really black and thin enough. The skin on his face was wrinkled and drooped on the bones. It seemed that he was very old. There is no meat on his body, a layer of shriveled skin is weakly wrapped around the skeleton, and a few rags are still hanging on his body. If it can become clothes, he is lying on his feet, lying in the long yellow. Above the sand. One of his hands is bent, and the other is reaching towards Ye Ci!

     "Who are you!" Ye Ci didn't scream, but her expression right now is not necessarily kind. After all, a guy who can be so close under Ye Ci's perception, even if he is an NPC, can't be underestimated. What's more, this person seems to be indistinguishable from a corpse, and is extremely weak. It is amazing how this kind of person can escape her!

     "I'm just a passing businessman. I'm so thirsty. I want to ask you to drink." The man said out of breath, and it seemed that he was not far from death.Araona had already stood up, and he looked at this man vigilantly. Although he was just an ordinary NPC, staying with Ye Ci for a long time made him somewhat wary of these outside things. Not to mention Ol’ Four, he stood behind Ye Ci and looked at this man fiercely, as if it were the most dangerous creature. As long as Ye Ci gave an order, he rushed to tear him up.

     "A passing businessman?" Ye Ci squinted, obviously not believing what he said: "There are business travelers here?"

     "Some of them." The man nodded repeatedly, but his hoarse voice couldn't support him for long. He coughed again and again, and it seemed that he would die without water.

     Ye Ci thought for a while, took out a bag of spring water from the package and placed it in front of the man, "I can give you water, but you have to tell me everything you know, otherwise..." Ye Ci hands The dagger inside was gently placed on the water bag: "This water, don't even want to drink a drop of this water."

     "Okay!" When Ye Ci took out the water bag, the man’s eyes seemed to have seen the largest Glittering Diamond in the world. There was no way to remove it anymore, and when Ye Ci put the knife in his hand When he was near the water bag, he showed a desperate look, "No, no, as long as you give me water to drink, I will tell you whatever you ask!"Ye Ci looked at the man in a natural way. He didn't pretend at all. After thinking about it for a while, he threw the water bag to him. Just now, she had lost a reconnaissance technique to this man and found out that it was just an ordinary NPC with a level of ten, called Mark. The IQ of this NPC is not high, and it is impossible to have acting skills comparable to the movie king. Therefore, Ye Ci is mostly in fact. I already believed what the man said.

     Mark quickly picked up the water bag from the sand, unscrewed the water bag with a flustered and trembling hand, and poured the water in the bag directly into his mouth. He drank eagerly and quickly, and he seemed unwilling to die if he didn't drink all of the bag of water.

     Seeing Mark like that, Araona quietly approached Ye Ci, and asked in a low voice with a little nervousness: "White Elf, is he in no danger?".

     Ye Ci shook his head, saying that he didn't know. But she already had a faint feeling in her heart. The sudden appearance of such an NPC in this map is definitely directly related to getting out of this map. It's just that, where to find relevant information, it all depends on personal skills. Not only that, Ye Ci also has a feeling that in this map, there must be more than one NPC like Mark. They must be staying in various places, waiting for the arrival of players who come to explore."Here you are." Ye Ci watched Mark drinking water, thought for a while, cut a small steak and handed it to him.

     Mark looked very excited, flattered that he didn't dare to reach out to pick up the steak like this, but looked at Ye Ci nervously.

     "Eat, you can't drink enough to drink water, let's eat something." Ye Ci's tone became more gentle, but the light hidden in his eyes did not dissipate at all.

     "Thank you, thank you!" When Mark saw Ye Ci say this, he never treated her again, so he grabbed the piece of meat and started stuffing it into his mouth.

     This action immediately caused Ol' Four's dissatisfaction. He roared low and scared Mark back a few steps. Ye Ci stretched out his hand and patted Ol' Four, and then began to share points with him and Araun. steak. Although Ol’ Four was still very dissatisfied with Mark's division of the steak, the large steak that Ye Ci gave him still made it a little quieter.

     Mark ate some meat and drank some water. He seemed a little bit more energetic. Then he thanked Ye Ci very politely: "Thank you very much for your help, thank you.""No, tell me, where did you come from? Where did you go?" Ye Ci looked at Mark so weak, and he couldn't possibly run, so he didn't pay attention to him at all, which would make him relax his vigilance. I'm not too nervous, maybe I can ask something more.

     "I'm a businessman from the Maja Continent, and I'm going to Emerald Island." Mark exhaled, "I plan to go there to buy some rare goods, and then transport it back to Maja Continent."

     "Emerald Island?" Ye Ci frowned slightly, looking a little surprised. In the previous life, the Emerald Island has always existed in official propaganda and the history books of the Majia continent, but it seems that no player has found his entrance, making this place one of Fate's extremely mysterious maps.

     "Yes, Emerald Island." Mark didn't seem to be interested in explaining to Ye Ci what Emerald Island is, but sat there with a bitter face, looking very tired and sad.

     "This is the first time you walk this way?" Ye Ci looked up and down at Mark.

     "No, no, this road has been walked many times, but such a terrible situation has never happened before!!" Mark's face suddenly appeared with a terrified expression, this expression seemed to indicate that he was at that time How unacceptable and terrifying is the situation encountered.Ye Ci looked at his expression and thought inwardly, fearing that the situation Mark encountered had a lot to do with her next going and the direction she was going to go. So she asked not a word or movement: "Why? In this rolling yellow sand, what exactly did you meet?"

     Mark covered his face with his skinny hands, and then burst into tears. The sad look gave Ye Ci a little at a loss to know what to do.

     Chapter 63—Returning Soul Technique

     Chapter 63—Returning Soul Technique