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Chapter Directory 267 Chapter 65 The Black Flame
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 65 Black Flame

     Chapter 65 Black Flame

     Soon, the headless horseman died.

     And Fantel, as the leader, was also behind bars. Although he became frenzied when his HP was still 20%, nothing changed his current situation. He held a long sword in his hand. He pierced and pierced the boulders, but he couldn't shake those boulders. Although occasionally his long sword could be inserted into the gaps in the boulders, Ye Ci and Arauna drew away dexterly.

     The location of these two boulders is so good that Ye Ci almost feels that these two boulders are bugs left by planning. Of course, Ye Ci has absolutely no intention of reporting bugs. After all, this kind of map can come in by luck. After she leaves, it is not known whether anyone can enter here. Therefore, bugs on this kind of map are reported. There are no good rewards, and she certainly won't bother with it.Protected by these two huge rocks, even if Fantel has issued the most frantic and angry revenge outside, there is no way to get any effective and substantive attack, but his own physical strength is getting weaker and weaker. Boss-level monsters will be mad. When mad, not only will their attacks be stronger, their defense and HP will also be greatly improved, but the madness will not disappear forever. The madness of the BOSS is like the buff on the player, and it will disappear sooner or later, and after it disappears, the BOSS will enter a state of weakness for a period of time.

     The so-called madness is like an advance of health to make the final attack. If the opponent is killed during this period, as long as the madness is over, the whole situation will become one-sided.

     If you put it in the usual, frenzied Pantel, there is not a 90-level team of 100 people that can't be cleaned, but now, Ye Ci and Araona are hiding under the rock, quietly waiting for it. The frenzy ended, and then took advantage of its weakness to kill with a blow.

     Fantel seemed to know Ye Ci's thoughts, he became more and more crazy, constantly attacking the boulders with horseshoes and the long sword in his hand, trying to knock them out of a gap, but, in fact, he really had nothing else. Method.The final result of the matter was, of course, a one-sided massacre, and soon, Fantel was unwilling to die in the hands of two people.

     After Ye Ci made sure that there were no enemies nearby, Ye Ci and Arauna came out from the exit of the huge rock. Araona can carry some things on his body. Although there are not many spaces, there are more than one hundred vacancies. So Ye Ci chose it and handed some equipment with better attributes to Araona. And he was full of blue equipment. As for the white equipment, although they were all over 80, Ye Ci couldn't get it and had to give it up.

     Fortunately, I picked up a lot of ancient ores from these headless knights. Ye Ci calculated it, and now the ores in his hand can not only buy the violin for Leah, but also buy a lot of things from the grocer. , It's really good.

     As a quasi-boss, Fantel has produced four pieces of equipment, all of which are unidentified. In terms of quality, I am afraid they are all plate armor professional equipment. Ye Ci put them all in the package and can only return them. After arriving at Guild, they will be handed over to Bai Mo for him to deal with it.

     After doing this, Ye Ci can finally enter the temple.

     Ye Ci slowly climbed up the stairs, stood in front of the gate, took a deep breath, looked at the dark hall, and finally walked into the hall after deep thoughts.And just after she walked into this hall, she received two system messages.

     The first one is about equipment: "There is a strange change in your equipment, please pay attention."

     As soon as this message appeared, Ye Ci didn't even think about it, so he directly raised his hand and looked at the ring on it. The ring, which was not outstanding, faintly radiated light at this time, she stroked it lightly, and then looked at the item information on it.

     Mysterious ring

     White equipment

     Strength 20

     Intelligence 2

     Equipment Level Requirement: 0

     Features: It can stimulate the "FeatherFall technique" skill, the duration is 3 minutes, and the CD is 20 minutes.


     Just like the first time this happened, this time there was a small print at the bottom of the ring attribute. Ye Ci carefully identified it, and saw it read: "The ring that originally seemed to have been dying, seems to have come back to life when you walked into the Saga Temple. What makes it change like this?"For this situation, Ye Ci didn't seem so surprised. Saga is Naga's minion, and naturally belongs to the demons. And this ring is Naga's baby. Of course, if Dwarf Frodo hadn't lied to himself, the situation that happened when this ring came to the Demon Temple is of course as it should be by rights. Although Ye Ci wants to know what the ring will look like in the end, Ye Ci hasn't figured out where he will eventually develop.

     As a devout god disciple, or finally become a follower of Naga?

     But one thing has not changed. Ye Ci has always longed for himself to become stronger, stronger and stronger enough to protect many people.

     Whether it is light or dark, or sacred or depraved, there is nothing wrong with the choice as a player. The background of the game is always just a supporting body, and only the battle between people is eternal.

     After rebirth, Ye Ci will not deliberately cater to the guidance of the system, but will find a powerful way based on the rules of the game based on his own foresight, not about righteousness and evil, just for protection. Therefore, even if this mysterious ring lures herself into the realm of the so-called demon, as long as it is of great benefit to herself, she will not refuse.The other piece of system information is a deep voice slowly narrating something. Just like the story that Chel once narrated in the world, this voice is also narrating, but this voice is obviously only Ye Ci can hear. Araunah is just standing next to her, his expression is no different and it seems that there is no abnormality. . And the world is as peaceful as ever.

     "I recalled more than once the first time I met you, my master, my king. At that time, you were wild and unruly, without any entourage by your side, just stood in front of my believers and said to me , Do you want to surrender to me, or die by my sword. According to our identities at the time, I can reject you, but when I saw you, I surrendered, I abandoned all of me, only Willing to follow you. Whether it is hell or heaven, whether it is depravity or sublimation, my master, my king, as long as you are there, I will follow you, please don’t hide your face from looking at me, please Hold my hand tightly, please let me kiss the back of your instep. In this life and this life, Saga will be yours, from life to everything, forever and ever!"

     The voice seemed to be a woman and a man, low and deep, which made people indistinguishable. As Ye Ci slowly walked into the depths of the temple, the voice became smaller and smaller, but it became clearer.With a "puffing" sound, the lights in the hall suddenly became brilliant. Ye Ci looked at it and saw that all the flames on the many lamp stands were all lit up, illuminating the entire temple brightly. Ye Ci observed the temple carefully. There was a dark red carpet in the middle. The carpet was embroidered with delicate patterns. There were twelve huge pillars on each side of the carpet. The pillars were 20 or 30 yards long. High, supporting the roof of the temple. There are many places similar to cushions behind the pillars. There is a prayer stand where believers can communicate and pray to their gods. There are many murals painted on the wall behind the prayer stand.

     The mural depicts the story of the encounter between Saga and Naga in a peculiar style. From the mural, it seems that Naga and Saga are no different from the kind gods, full of power and justice. Ye Ci's lips tickled. Only those who are not strong enough like to turn their lives into words and pictures to stay, hoping to be commemorated by future generations. But they don’t know that this approach is just in vain. These things may last for a while, but they will never be passed on forever. Sooner or later, these things will become like the yellow sand in the sky. The debris was blown away by the wind.She turned her head and looked towards the front of the temple. It was strange that there were no statues, no murals, and no god seats. There was only a table with an arrow on it.

     It's not wrong, it's an arrow.

     Ye Ci thought he was wrong, and stood still and watched it for a long time before finally seeing it clearly. It turned out to be an arrow. But why does an arrow appear here? Isn't this Saga's temple? How could such a strange thing be enshrined?

     According to the memory of his previous life, Saga is the first Dungeon ultimate BOSS in the Dungeon group in the Abyss of Death. He is a Magic Attack BOSS, but not an archer who is known for Physical Attack. It is a bit weird to appear here . Ye Ci thought for a long time but still couldn't figure out why, so he had to give up.

     As she got closer and closer to the arrow, the ring on Ye Ci's hand became hotter and hotter, and suddenly it burned! The black flame lingered on the golden ring, which looked terrifying. Ye Ci quickly checked the ring's attributes, and there was still no change in the attributes. However, the change in its appearance is enough to shock Ye Ci. Ye Ci has faintly felt that perhaps he is being led by this ring to the entire Hidden Quest line of Fate. This Quest line cannot be obtained by public players. Known."Stop! What despicable ant are you, from where did you come to this sacred temple to defile the god Saga?". Suddenly a clear and pleasant voice rang out of thin air!

     Ye Ci followed the prestige and saw a woman in a black cloak standing beside the main prayer table. Her long hair was hanging down, her eyes were alert, and her eyes showed bright red light. The cloak didn’t seem to conceal her perfect curve. She just stood not far from Ye Ci, holding a shiny metallic Magic Staff in her hand, and her face mask was frosty, as if Ye Ci would take one step closer. She will attack her mercilessly and put it to death.

     Ye Ci didn't need to throw any reconnaissance skills on her, because the state of this guy could be seen clearly without reconnaissance at all.

     Saga Maid Sith: Level: Ninety-five. BOSS-level NPC, the blood volume is not visible at all, all are question marks.

     If you guess right, this is probably the boss of this map. Although the opponent is not a little bit higher than her own, Ye Ci did not show any fear, she just looked at Sith quietly. Obviously, if you fight directly against the Sith, she will definitely lose. This kind of BOSS requires a team of hundreds of people to deal with it to have a chance of winning. And herself, no matter how strong, she is not true in front of her. Like dust, there is no chance of winning.However, this does not mean that she has no way to deal with it.

     If this guy wants to deal with herself, she should know it when she enters the temple. Why didn't she come out to solve her at that time, but to delay it until now? Ye Ci looked down at the mysterious ring with black flames on his hand, and narrowed his eyes slightly. There is no doubt that this is an open Quest. Ye Ci only needs to find a way to find the most correct and most correct one from this Quest. The answer that suits you can easily pass.

     Not only that, maybe she can get some unexpected gains. Ye Ci looked at the arrow placed on the table unconsciously while thinking about this. I don't know why, she seemed to be seduced by the arrow, and she had to see what it was to be relieved.

     This is probably related to one's own profession. Few players will encounter something related to their own profession and be uninterested, and Ye Ci is no exception at all."The temple?" Ye Ci sneered. "A little lower demon dared to call himself a god. This is a big joke." Although Ye Ci didn't want to irritate Sith, in this situation, no matter what The answer seemed to irritate her. Ye Ci looked at the ring in his hand and suddenly wanted to make a bet on the loyalty of the Sith to Saga, on the loyalty of Saga to Naga, and whether the ring was Naga's treasure.

     If she loses, she just hangs up once. Now she is not afraid of hanging up at all. First of all, even if hanging up in this kind of Dungeon, it will not drop, at most some things will be dropped, and the monsters in this map are almost cleared, and she can come back and pick it up again. As for Araunah, she now has spiritual rejuvenation, although Araunah will be weak for twenty-four hours, but there is nothing remarkable.

     Since it is a gambling, there must be some price, but Ye Ci only feels that if he wins the gambling, he will definitely get more than the bet. Therefore, this kind of gambling Ye Ci will definitely not let go.

     "What are you talking about! You dare to blaspheme Saga! I want you to pay the most painful price for your pride!" Sith Rude began to chant Spell, preparing to attack Ye Ci.According to the level of the Sith, killing Ye Ci is simply a breeze. Ye Ci whispered to Araona next to him, "Run!"


     "Don't stay here, hurry and leave." Ye Ci's body was so firm that she stood firmly in front of Araunah, she slowly raised her hand, and the black flame in her hand burned more and more vigorously .

     Araona seemed to understand something. He quietly looked at Ye Ci. From his perspective, Ye Ci's white skin was made paler by the black flames, and there were even some cyan shadows on her skin. The upper throbbing makes people shudder. But in Ye Ci's eyes, there was no trace of fear, and there was even a look that Arauna could not understand, and on her lips, Arauna saw a smile in surprise.

     He felt that he had read it wrong, he closed his eyes vigorously and looked again, as expected, he hadn't seen it. There was a fascinating smile on Ye Ci’s lips, that smile made her whole face in glowing spirits, not only without fear, but full of great interest, as if she was not facing a terrifying opponent like the god of death , But a huge treasure. For a moment, Arauna felt that the white elf she was facing was not actually an ordinary person, but a gambler from head to tail!Yes, she is a gambler! The kind of gambler who is obsessed with the great temptation of choice!

     Life or death, defeat or victory, all became a matter of an instant in her eyes.

     "Hurry up!" Ye Ci had already set up a defensive posture. She was unable to take one's eyes off and looked at Sith not far away. However, she still felt the presence of Araunah, so she quietly urged Let this guy leave quickly. Although he can be resurrected, it is better for such an NPC that destroys loyalty to survive.

     Araunah looked at Ye Ci, not knowing why infinite passion and courage suddenly surged in his heart. He stubbornly shook his head: "No, I won't go!"

     Now that Arauna chose to stay, Ye Ci didn't say anything, because all her attention was now on Sith.

     Whether it is life or death in the end, that's it.

     Sith's chant was finally over, and a black light and shadow from her wand suddenly rushed towards Ye Ci. The black light and shadow are very pure. It is purer than the light of the ring on Ye Ci's hand, so black that it is not transparent, just like the color of ink in the dark night.The ring on Ye Ci's hand seemed to feel the black light and shadow, and the flame on it burned more vigorously, as if it had reached the size of half a person. Ye Ci's hand with the ring shook violently. The real amusement was not due to Ye Ci himself, but from the ring. The ring seemed to have life and had a strong effect on the black light His desire, I just want to swallow that black light and shadow!

     The speed of this black shadow is extremely fast, but it was already close to Ye Ci in the blink of an eye, but when it rushed towards Ye Ci, it first encountered the black flame on the ring in Ye Ci's hand. The flame seemed to be like a shield, blocking all the black shadows. And that dark shadow seemed to be an extremely advanced skill of the Sith, and the impact it brought was not even a little bit. It directly rushed Ye Ci's whole person into the air, fell far to the ground, and slid out. It finally stopped after five or six yards.Ye Ci only felt that his back was hot and painful. It seemed that it was the damage caused by sliding on the ground just now. Fortunately, it didn't bring much health drop. The black shadow did not disappear, but it did not attack Ye Ci either. It just seemed to be stuck by the black flame. In other words, the black shadow is gradually being swallowed by the black flame, and it takes less than a blink of an eye. , It disappeared completely.

     "White Elf, are you okay!" Arauna immediately waved the Magic Staff and added a rejuvenation technique to Ye Ci, so that her studies were immediately full, and his expression of concern was full on his face. Don't hide.

     Ye Ci shook his head and stood up. Her hands were shaking violently now, not because of the discomfort brought to her by the shock just now, but because the ring became more and more active after the ring swallowed the dark shadow. It is constantly trembling, as if it has its own life. The black flame is getting bigger and bigger, and it seems to be as big as Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci looked at the attributes on the ring, and there was still no change, but she was still very careful, this kind of devil's things would be eaten away if they weren't controlled well. If it is backlashed, it must be a huge damage to the player, not only will the level drop a lot, but also the talent points will be swallowed a lot.Therefore, even if Ye Ci is very coveted for Naga's power, he still has to get it when he can control it. If he can't control it, Ye Ci will never dip a finger. Ye Ci felt a little uneasy about the ring's reaction now, but she didn't take off the ring. After all, it is not particularly easy to be eaten back by equipment. It will only be achieved after many refine and temper and release of the seal. It is impossible to be inspired by swallowing the black shadow once.

     "You have..." Sith's expression was very stiff since her skill was swallowed by the black flame just now. She looked at Ye Ci, watched Ye Ci walk towards her slowly, and said lowly after a while. .

     "Are you coming?" Ye Ci raised his hand again and looked at Sith with a firmer expression. She actually didn't know if Sith put a dark skill again, it would have any effect on the ring, but she was still willing to try it. test.

     "No, no, no, the subordinates don't dare." Sith shrank and looked very afraid. She put down the Magic Staff, knelt down on one knee at Ye Ci, and said softly: "My master, my king, your servant doesn't know your arrival. It makes you unhappy, and the servant is willing to offer to you. Everything to make up for such a mistake."Ye Ci took a long breath and put down his hand. And the ring returned to normal at the moment Ye Ci put down his hand, without any change, just as it was at the beginning, ordinary and unobtrusive, and the attributes are even more ordinary to the extreme.

     "I forgive you." Ye Ci said slowly.

     "Thanks to my master for his tolerance." Sith put his forehead on the ground, and she could see that Ye Ci's words made her very grateful.

     Ye Ci doesn't actually understand why these fanatic believers have such a pathological worship and enthusiasm for their gods, and honor sb as a God for whatever they say. Even ordinary people who possess some of the gods' items will receive their courtesy, which is really stubborn and hopeless.

     "Why is Saga's temple here?" This is Ye Ci's most curious place. If she remembers correctly, she touched a book in the forbidden area before being sent to this map. . In other words, this map does not actually exist, it should be Dungeon in the illusion."This is not the real temple of the Saga god, but an illusion. It was created based on the book of the devil." Because the ring in Ye Ci's hand is an item of Naga, it has a strong magical nature, although Ye Ci does not feel it It doesn't come out, but the Sith, as a dark creature, is naturally familiar with this thing. Now that she has confirmed that this thing is Naga's thing, she also looks respectful to Ye Ci, a player who holds such a fetish.

     "If I remember correctly, this is near the Doro tribe, why create an illusion here?" Ye Ci asked, looking at Sith.

     Sith didn't have a high IQ, but he instinctively hesitated to hear Ye Ci's question, and didn't want to tell Ye Ci about it. But Ye Ci had already seen her hesitation and raised his hand directly to her, and the ring on his hand suddenly burned with flames, scared Sith to shrink back.

     "Why? Don't you want to say?".

     "No, no, no, no." Because of the ring on his hand, Sith naturally knows without saying anything.

     Soon, Ye Ci figured out the rise and fall of the terrain.It turned out that there was a huge gem called the Heart of Fire under the extinct volcano of Breda. It was the energy source of the Volcano of Breda. Naga was sealed after the defeat. His minions were able to rescue him. Look everywhere for the source of this energy. Naturally, they found the heart of flame under the Breda volcano. In order to obtain this gem, Saga was of course desperate. However, this heart of flame did not come so easily, because it was sealed by a powerful magic circle around it. Saga has no choice but to find another way. It colludes with the Nob villains of the Doro tribe. As long as Nob destroys this magic circle, he can help Nob take the entire Doro tribe and make him become Patriarch.

     Not only is there a powerful shaman in the Doro tribe who made Saga afraid of the consequences, but it is also protected by the murlocs. The strength of Saga is much smaller after being sealed off by Naga, so he can’t compete with them. Underneath the dark cave is a phantom of his own temple, used to communicate with Nob. At the same time, it also accumulates dark power here, which is used to gradually erode the magic power of that magic circle.Araunah was already very angry when listening to Sith's narration. He respects Daruffal so much, and now Noble is going to kill Daruffal with the woman in front of him, how can this calm Arauna, if it weren't for Ye Ci's scolding and restriction, I'm afraid he Now he was about to rush forward, but Ye Ci was afraid that he might have missed his own business, and finally ordered him to go outside the temple. Although Arona was very dissatisfied with this decision, he had no way to violate Ye Ci's order and had to go out.

     Until he saw Araunah's figure, Ye Ci turned his head and continued to look at Sith. And Sith was also looking at Ye Ci with a strange look: "Why would you be with a Doro?"

     Ye Ci smiled slowly: "What? You can all contact Nob, can't I find a guide from the Dorothy?".

     "No, no, I didn't mean to doubt you." Sith heard Ye Ci's displeasure, and immediately shook his head, trembling.

     Ye Ci is standing in the hall. In the later stage of the game, there are many Dungeons in this environment. However, to make such an illusion Dungeon has a necessary condition, that is, a medium with the magic power of the environment owner is needed. In this illusion, the owner is Saga, so the medium supporting it should be the arrow on the table. Up.Ye Ci stood in front of the stage, quietly looking at the arrow, carefully concealing the greed in her eyes, she asked casually: "Where is Saga now?"

     "The Saga people were injured after the battle, and they have not fully recovered." Speaking of Saga, Sith seemed more interested. After listening to Ye Ci's question, she quickly told Ye Ci about the current situation. Because Ye Ci used the ring to scare her just now, she has completely believed in Ye Ci. There is no doubt at all, this is the advantage of low IQ NPC, everything is very good, as long as you find the right way.

     "I said, where is he? Is it really in the entity of the temple?".

     "No, not here." Sith shook his head, "I don't know where the Zachians are. It seems that there are Zachians in every temple..."

     Ye Ci nodded and understood what Sith said. According to Sith, Saga should have stored media and illusions in every temple, while his entity was hiding in an unknown place to recover. This is like these dark creatures do.But, how did Saga's injury come from? Because in the late stage of Fate, the Quest system was too large, and there were some details that were not very noticeable. Ye Ci didn’t remember very clearly. Just like Saga was injured, she didn’t remember it very clearly, but remembered it in the general history. A brief record of how he fled in embarrassment after being injured.

     "Are you illusion or reality?" Ye Ci moved his gaze slightly away from the arrow and placed it on Sith.

     "I'm real." A scorching fire came out of Sith's eyes.

     "Putting your own entity in the illusion is a very dangerous thing." Ye Ci raised her eyebrows lightly, and no one could see what she was thinking in her heart.

     "I'm not afraid! I am willing to dedicate my life for the Saga people, for the master, and for the king!" Sith became more and more enthusiastic, just like a heretic who was caught in evil, enthusiastically proclaiming her faith.

     Ye Ci looked down at the ring on her hand. She just thought of something. If the Sith’s skills can be absorbed by this ring, can the Sith’s soul be swallowed by this ring? She looked at Sith's fanatical face, and a cold smile appeared on her lips. She walked to Sith, stood in front of her, stretched out the hand with the ring toward her, and said coldly, "I don't believe it."A violent black flame suddenly ignited on the ring, but it did not burn Ye Ci himself, but the black flame seemed to have a huge magical power, which immediately confused Sith's face. She just looked at the ring quietly, and muttered as if she had lost all of her consciousness: "What am I going to do before you believe it?"

     "Provide your life." Ye Ci's voice didn't contain any emotion, and she announced her decision indifferently.

     Sith slowly raised his sluggish eyes and looked at Ye Ci, with a trace of confusion in his expression. He seemed to be hesitating, but also a little bit unbelievable.

     "What? Now deny what you said?". Ye Ci smiled coldly: "It seems that your loyalty is nothing more than that."

     "No, no, no!" Sith shook her head, her enthusiasm fell in Ye Ci's indifferent eyes and she looked a little embarrassed. Perhaps as an ordinary NPC Sith is still trying to distinguish the current situation, but the nature of her character determines that her IQ is not high. With such a low IQ, she cannot tell the performance of Ye Ci. Is it a conspiracy or a real test. In her mad consciousness for faith, there seemed to be only one voice reverberating constantly.

     Prove your loyalty! I want to prove my loyalty! !"What do you do if I can prove my loyalty!" Although Sith doesn't have much brains to think about problems, she can still figure out some basic things. She looked at Ye Ci and asked seriously.

     Ye Ci shook his finger, and the black flame on that hand also jumped: "Then you will get eternal life with Naga."

     Obviously, this is a great temptation. Sith's red eyes became more and more crazy. Looking at the ring on Ye Ci's hand, she had a deep obsession. Suddenly, she drew a dagger from her thigh.

     This dagger is glitter like frost and snow, and the handle is inlaid with a lot of gems, which is nothing ordinary at first glance. This kind of dagger is generally the off-hand weapon of Magic based Classes. It is definitely not as good as Rogue's dagger in terms of damage, but if it is used in the vital part, it will not have any good fruit.

     Ye Ci looked at Sith holding the dagger, squinted his eyes, and didn't take precautions. Now that the arrow was on the line, Sith could only admit that he was unlucky even if Sith attacked him at this time.

     However, Ye Ci clearly overestimated the Sith’s IQ. Sith pulled out the dagger, looked up at Ye Ci, and suddenly laughed: "I am the most loyal servant! No one can question my loyalty!!" After that, she suddenly raised her wrist and took it. The dagger was pierced towards the heart.The blood splashed out and sprayed on Ye Ci's face, with a warm feeling.

     She reached out her hand and gently wiped the blood stains off her face, looking down at Sith, that beautiful NPC was now looking at herself dumbly. The brilliance of life passed quickly from her eyes...

     Chapter 65 Black Flame

     Chapter 65 Black Flame