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Chapter Directory 268 Heroes Like Taku
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

As an NPC, suicide is definitely not the same as homicide.

     At least as far as Ye Ci is concerned, she can't kill Sith with a single shot. Even if it plunges into her heart, even if it plunges into the biggest vital part of her body, she can't make a spike. Suicide was different. Sith took the small dagger that didn't have a big Physical Attack and thrust it into his heart.

     Ye Ci squatted down and stretched out his hand to probe Tansis's breath. There was no movement. Obviously, the NPC who was still leap and frisk about was dead. Ye Ci looked at her beautiful face and made a low Zé Zé sound. It is a pity that such a beautiful face is indeed a model made by the system in perfect proportions. If there is such a big beauty in real life, it is estimated There will be traffic jams as soon as you go to the street.

     Since Sith committed suicide, even if Ye Ci paid a lot for her suicide, it did not have much to do with her. Therefore, Sith’s death not only did not bring Ye Ci any experience points, It was a pity that even no loot was dropped from the corpse.After the death of Sith, a faint black mist appeared on her body, which was delayed for a while on her corpse, as if she was nostalgic for this beautiful body, but only a few seconds later, this layer Hei Mist ran towards the ring on Ye Ci's hand immediately, and disappeared without trace after being absorbed by the ring. And the flame that First Squadron was burning just extinguished instantly, staring at the ring, it was still the same as usual, it was an extremely inconspicuous ring, there was nothing more and nothing less, and there was no change in attributes. However, Ye Ci is certain that this ring must be different, but she doesn't know it. She really wanted to find an NPC to ask about the rise and fall of the terrain of the ring, but because this was Naga's thing, she couldn't find a suitable person and had to give up. Only in the future journey, slowly explore its secrets.

     Ye Ci looked at it. Although Sith’s corpse did not have some trophies like other bosses, the dagger she held in her hand and the metal Magic Staff on the ground still existed. Don't know if it can be obtained? With a move of her mind, her hand was already stretched towards the thing.Fortunately, after Sith died, he didn't hold the dagger tightly like a miser. Ye Ci reached out and easily took the dagger out of her hand. She looked at it and it turned out to be Good thing, not to lose is the equipment that has been personally collected by more than ninety-level BOSS.

     Sith's dagger: dagger, off-hand item. Saga's most trusted maid, Sith, is said to have been made by the dwarf Great Grandmaster-class blacksmith Bok Pok and inlaid with the most precious gems on the continent of Maja. Saga was given to Sith as a reward and became one of Sith's most cherished treasures.

     Purple Equipment, Attack Speed: 15. Attack: 468 to 624, magic damage: 890.

     Intelligence: 680, spirit 710, agility 300. Features: Increase the dark magic damage by 10%, reduce the skill chanting time by 15% when chanting the dark skill, and have additional damage to the holy light creatures, with the dark sky screen skill. Level Requirement: 90, required occupations: Sorcerer, Warlock, Priest,


     Skill Dark Sky Screen: By chanting a spell, a black-nose sky screen with a diameter of 35 yards is created, which reduces the vision of the hostile unit in the sky screen by 50% and reduces its movement speed by 30% for a duration of 30 seconds. Chanting time is 3 seconds, cooling time is 2 minutes, and can be used up to five times in an hour.Ye Ci looked at the skill above and was very satisfied. Although the weapon requires a high level of equipment, this skill has indeed improved the quality of this dagger. In group killings and teams, this dark sky curtain has to be said to be a very strong Control Skill. The release range with a diameter of thirty-five yards, as long as it is released, it can reduce the opponent's speed and vision, but it has no effect on oneself. For this alone, as long as a Rogue group carries a control system that can do this Magic based Classes, it is really easy to easily kill the enemy units within the range within 30 seconds.

     What's more, the cooling time of this skill is very short. The only thing that makes Ye Ci feel unsatisfactory is that it can only be used five times in an hour. This requires users to have a high level of awareness and operation. Otherwise, it will only reach Less than the best results.

     Even so, Ye Ci is still very satisfied with this dagger. After all, it is just an off-hand item. It is really good to have this level of skill. She tossed the dagger in her hand a few times, and then neatly put it into the package, anyway, this thing is not used now, take it back and throw it in the Guild warehouse, wait until the level, let Timely Rain go by herself It's better to give it to someone with a headache.

     The capital of the dagger in your hand can be taken away, so the other metal Magic Staff on the ground shouldn't be a problem.Ye Ci walked to the metal Magic Staff and stretched out his hand to pick up the Magic Staff. As soon as he took a look, the corners of his mouth rose. The thing used by the BOSS is indeed a good thing, perhaps compared to Daruffal's hand. The artifact-level equipment is inferior to one's own, but it is placed in the current auction house with Magic Staff, and it is definitely something that makes people drool (over).

     Sealed Gore's Staff: Magic Staff, main hand item. Gore used to be one of the most powerful officers of the Naga Demon King. He was good at Lightning Element magic and made great contributions to the Naga Demon King’s attack on the Maja continent. However, he was killed by the king of humans, Chilla Iron, during the win success and recognition. And it was sealed with its walking stick by several of its most famous human masters, and stored as a forbidden item of the devil in the underground magic circle of the Great Temple of Maga. Later, when Naga attacked the continent of Maga, the Great Temple of Maga was destroyed, and the demon Magic Staff disappeared. After a long time of homeless and miserable, Saga's personal maid, Sith, finally got it...

     Purple Equipment, Seal: 5/5 and Attack Speed: 30, Attack: 579-895stew. Magic damage: 1690 Intelligence: -930, mental agility 370, endurance 450. Features: Increase Lightning Element magic damage by 15%, increase Lightning Element magic damage with BUF appearing probability by 20%, reduce all Lightning Element magic skills chanting time by 15%, incidental paralysis to reduce blood damage, incidental mobile casting acceleration for 05 seconds, with skill: Combo thunderstorms, lightning shields. Level Requirement: 100, required occupation: Sorcerer,


     Skill Combo Thunderstorm: By chanting a spell, the effect of lightning burst for ten enemy units within a certain range, with the effects of stagnation and paralysis. The lightning burst effect will increase the damage as the spell chanting time is longer. The effect of multiple chanting thunderstorms cannot be superimposed. The chanting guidance time is ten seconds and can be interrupted. Cooling time is 1 minute.

     skill Lightning Shield: By praying to Thor, an enhanced shield is obtained to protect the caster himself. It can absorb 10,000 points of damage within two minutes and cause 300 points of uniformly lapsed life damage per second to all enemy units close to the caster. After two minutes, if the shield is not broken, it will automatically disappear, Spell will be activated instantly, and the cooling time will be 3 to 5 minutes.Lightning Element Sorcerer is actually not too much in the entire Maga continent. After all, Sorcerer is mainly based on high-damage fire, arcane and ice control methods. The Lightning Element Sorcerer’s damage is not as good as fire, arcane, and control, which makes the early leveling very difficult. As a Sorcerer, Lightning Element’s group skills are the most, and his skills are generally good. Incidental stagnation, paralysis, slow movement, etc. BUFF Therefore, in the later stage, if there are two or three high-end minecrafts in a team, it is extremely useful for the team, whether it is leveling or the team. However, this kind of profession that will only shine in the later stage will be very hard if it is honed by the individual players in the early stage. Therefore, most of the mines now belong to Guild and the domestic staff in the team.

     As for the shamans, they mainly attacked with illustrated poles. However, among all totems, Lightning Element has the most totem pole skills. This has led to the fact that most of the shamans on the Maja continent now use Lightning Element attacks. Mainly, the Fire Element attack is supplemented by a panacea like heal.

     They are also the largest group in the entire market for Lightning Element equipment.However, the Lightning Element equipment is not good, and the best is even less. This is mainly due to the fact that Lightning Element Dungeon is relatively small among all the Dungeons on the entire Maga continent. Therefore, the production of Lightning Element equipment is even less. Before the sixtieth level, the Lightning Element equipment is even as rare as phoenix feathers. and unicorn horns. The high demand and low supply make the Lightning Element equipment on the market often hard to find, and slightly better Lightning Element equipment can be sold at a very good price.

     If the Magic Staff in Ye Ci's hand is thrown on the market, it will definitely be favored by shamans and Guilds, and it will definitely not be a problem to sell it. What's more, this is a sealed Magic Staff. The attributes are now very abnormal. If the seal is unlocked, I don't know how much heaven-defying will be required.

     On the Majia continent, if the equipment is marked with a person’s name, then it generally means that the equipment is extremely rare, and many of them are set items, which can be encountered but not obtained. If you get this equipment, only your brain will be flooded. The talents will be sold on the market, otherwise it will be internally digested.A regular fox guarding the henhouse is bad, but the one has more than one tails is different
Ye Ci looked at the Magic Staff in her hand, and then at Araunah sitting outside the temple gate. After thinking for a while, he decided to leave this Magic Staff to Araunah temporarily, if she could find a way to transfer Araunah. If you take an NPC that has been upgraded to an elite level, you will be invincible when you take this Magic Staff, whether you are playing Dungeon or Dungeon. Moreover, Araunah’s level is very close to the 100th level, and the current players are only at the 60th level, and the distance to the 100th level is still very far away. Therefore, it is the best arrangement to give Araunah first .

     People are not satisfied. After getting these two things, Ye Ci became interested in the clothes and jewelry on Sith again. She immediately squatted down and kept groping for the clothes, jewelry and various equipment on her body, hoping to take them off. However, she received a very dissatisfied warning from the system: "As a humble and polite person, we should keep the deceased to the best Basic respect, no matter what she has done in front of her, you can't blaspheme her body casually."Ye Ci rolled her eyes, she was blasphemy, she just wanted to search for something that could be used, okay? Anyway, this Sith is dead, and if these good things continue to be placed on her body, then they are the real violent creatures. However, since the system has determined that Ye Ci cannot take the things on the body of Sith, Ye Ci had no choice but to give up. He stood up and did not take another look at this beautiful corpse, but went straight to the main prayer platform in the middle of the hall. .

     Here is full of candles burning quietly, releasing a faint warmth. And on the table behind the candle, the arrow is quietly placed there, making people awe-inspiring.

     Although I got a lot of things here, Ye Ci knew that the only thing that attracted her was this arrow. She flicked Sith to death because of this arrow. She looked down and saw that there was no magic circle or seal around the prayer table. It seemed that this arrow was placed here and guarded by the Sith. As long as the Sith died, the arrow would have no protection. . I don’t know if it’s because of the number of martial arts novels. Ye Ci always feels that generally this kind of place that looks quieter and safer often hides murderous intent. So she had to look around for a while before she finally determined the arrow. There are no institutions near the branch.Taking a deep breath, Ye Ci stretched out her hand to reach the arrow and grabbed it. She only felt the pain in her palm as if it had been burned by fire, and the ring on the other hand suddenly issued. The huge flame jumped even more severely. She didn't care about studying what was going on, or even looking at the attributes, so she threw the arrow directly into the package. The thumb on her hand immediately calmed down, as if nothing had ever happened. same.

     This arrow must be weird.

     Ye Ci opened the package, found the arrow in the package and looked at its properties through the package.

     Contaminated arrow: This is an arrow contaminated with blood. The name engraved on the arrow has long been blurred, and it is impossible to know who it once belonged to. I just knew that in that battle, the arrow had penetrated deeply into Saga's chest, causing it to be seriously injured. If you want to know who this arrow belongs to, you can go to the village of the elves and have a look. Maybe someone who knows it.

     On this arrow, apart from this paragraph, there is nothing else. Ye Ci tossed over and found no other clues, so she could only give up. It seemed that to find the clues of this arrow, she had to go back to Novice Village to see it.

     After putting these things away, Ye Ci looked in the hall again, and soon found the goods belonging to Mark in the corner.Although the mark that Mark gave Ye Ci was dishonest, since he explained Quest, Ye Ci will still finish it.

     After leaving the main hall, Ye Ci saw Araunah still sitting outside the main hall, feeling unhappy. She walked up to Araunah's side without looking down at him, let alone comforting him. She just said, "What? I'm beating me." gas?"

     "No." Araun replied dullly, but his mood was completely opposite to his answer, and he was angry no matter how he looked at it.

     Ye Ci wasn't angry either, just smiled faintly, and said: "Sometimes direct killing is not a wise choice. You have to know the details and purpose of the other party to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, right?"

     After hearing what Ye Ci said, Araunah raised her head and looked at Ye Ci. For a while, she said, "Why is Nor betraying us? Even though he is not kind, he is also very bad for me, but he is also from Dorothy. , Why did he collude with these bad guys, why..."

     Ye Ci twitched. She didn't know how to tell Araunah that in the struggle for power and humanity, every choice was different. She could only stand there quietly, and after a while, she slowly said, "Araona, become a hero, a hero like Thakura."

     "After becoming a hero, wouldn't there be such a thing?""I don't know. But after you become a hero, your tribe will be proud of you, and your tribe will be included in the annals of history because of you. They will not use these methods again..." Ye Ci didn't know how to describe it. Only pause there, I can't say anymore.

     Araunah’s eyes lit up, he jumped up, and walked to Ye Ci: "White Elf, how did Taku become a hero?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then replied, "Leaving home. Go to the place of more people, help to save them, be remembered by more people, and then become a hero." "Okay! Then I will become a hero like Thaku, and I will help more People!" In the setting sun, Araunah's eyes lit up like the brightest stars.Mark received what Ye Ci brought, and he looked very excited. There was also a little more color on his dry face. His thin hands touched each box, and he couldn't help muttering: "That's right, it's these things, these things..." Ye Ci looked at Mark's greedy face and smiled coldly. She raised her leg and stepped on one of the boxes. Faintly said: "Mark, you are a dishonest guy." "What?" Mark suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Ci, shrinking his neck, showing his usual timid and fearful look: "You are here. What are you talking about? White spirit, why I don’t understand at all.” Ye Ci raised Jingxiao: “Don’t understand?” Mark looked nervous at the interesting expression on Ye Ci’s face, and he hugged him. The box shrank on the sand behind him. "I really don’t understand, white spirit, what are you going to say? Why are you embarrassed and not smart Mark? Why don’t you just tell Mark what you are saying What? Mark doesn't like guessing riddles."Ye Ci's eyes narrowed even more. This guy actually said that this was his own problem, which really sounds like a thief shouting and catching a thief. She didn't get angry, and pulled out the dagger from her waist. As soon as she tossed it severely, the dagger plunged into the box with a sudden noise, and stood there firmly. Mark's neck shrank again, this time as if he really didn't have his neck, he stared at the dagger like this blankly, his eyes were full of lose one's head out of fear.

     "White elves don't like guessing riddles, especially unreal riddles." Ye Ci snorted coldly: "Since you don't understand what I'm talking about, then I'll just say something you understand. Here it is. It’s an illusion. Where did you come in? How did you get the Emerald Island?” Ye Ci’s words obviously made Mark tremble a few times. He looked at Ye Ci timidly, then at the angry Araona, and then He turned his gaze to Ol' Four of fiends, and finally shivered while holding the box: "You, you know...""Don't talk to me about these useless things, just answer my questions." Ye Ci snorted: "deny, you are just like this box." Ye Ci's threat made Mark seem very afraid of the consequences. He quickly said: "Okay, OK, I just say it, I just say it, don't put Mark into a box...., Mark is very uncomfortable. Fortunately, he is very afraid of Ye Ci. Under the coercion and lure, he finally made the matter clear. It turned out that he was indeed a lost business traveler, but he was brought here by the Sith while copying the environment. He coveted the things in the temple guarded by the Sith very much. He used to sneak forward to steal, but was caught by Sith. Sith asked him to bring some living sacrifices to the temple, otherwise he would kill him. Therefore, he has been living this way for his life. Work.As for the Emerald Island, it really exists, and as long as you pass through the desert where the Saga Temple is located, you can find the Emerald Island. But when Ye Ci asked Mark how to find the real temple of Saga, Mark reluctant to speak about it and never said it again. So far, Ye Ci had no choice but to give up. She couldn't expect to figure out all the secrets in a Dungeon. It was unrealistic. Finally, Ye Ci asked Mark how to leave this illusion. However, Mark smiled mysteriously, and only said one sentence: "Go back wherever it came from." Ye Ci was helpless because she was in a coma when she first entered this environment. I don't remember where they came from. Fortunately, Araun was there. He has a good memory, and he took Ye Ci to the place where they first appeared.

     At this moment, there was a teleportation halo in the place where they first appeared, shining with a faint blue light, and it seemed that as long as they stepped on here, they could get out. The two stepped on the teleportation halo, white light flashed, and when Ye Ci opened his eyes again, they had already returned to the cave.As at the beginning, what Ye Ci saw was very different from what Araunah saw. Ye Ci looked at Araunah and asked, "Is this book here?" Araunah didn't know why Ye Ci had already come out, so he still asked questions about that book, but he still had a little bit Head, honestly admitted: "Yes, it's in that position."

     Ye Ci touched the book again, and she could feel that the book had a mysterious and frightening power that made her awed. But this time, when she touched the book, she was not teleported into the illusion again, only a simple prompt from the system: "You have explored the Saga Temple, you can't explore it again."

     It seems that this Dungeon can only be entered once. She is a little strange. Since she has explored this Dungeon, why can't this Dungeon be as open as Wasoko? However, she soon figured out that she must have not really killed the Sith through her own power. Therefore, in the system, she has not been able to reach the exploration level to open this Dungeon, so she can only use this Give up.

     What's more, the island where Dungeon is on is an extremely mysterious map. It seems that no other players have visited it until now. Therefore, it is useless if this Dungeon is turned on.Ye Ci lowered his head and looked at where he was standing. It felt like it was still in the air. Nothing changed when everything followed. It seemed that she had to rely on Araunah to go back. Fortunately, the cooperation between the two people is still a tacit understanding. Under the leadership of Araunah, Ye Ci and Araunah be more scared than hurt passed through the lake densely covered with water monsters, and passed the land of magma, and finally set foot Up the stairs to go back.

     Soon the two climbed to their heads, Ye Ci shrugged his shoulders at Araunah, looking very helpless: "No way, I don't know how they opened the stone gate, only you are the only one." Araunah nodded. Head, groping around the stone gate, quickly found the mechanism and opened the stone gate. And Ye Ci glanced at the place where Araun took the mechanism away. It was still the same outside, without any special stones. She couldn't help but sighed. It seemed that this Shimen really only guarded against foreigners like her, and the Dorothies themselves couldn't guard against it.

     After going out of the stone gate, Ye Ci signaled Araunah to hide at the bottom of the cave for a while. He went out to investigate and found that there was no Norbert Guard ambushing nearby. Then he signaled Araunah to take it out, and the two returned to Dawon. Luo tribe."White Elf, I came back very late today." Ye Ci didn't know how to convert the time in the environment to the time outside. She just looked up at the sky, it was already dark, and it really was better than Usually later. It's no wonder why the Norbert guard guarding the exit asked her like that.

     Ye Ci tugged at the corner of her mouth and put on a fake smile. She touched the hoe and said, "There is no way, I want to buy the piano for Leah soon, so I have to work hard." The guard didn't know why he heard Ye Ci like this Said sneer and laughed for a while, then let Ye Ci and Araun take it in.

     And Araona has been following Ye Ci, with his head down, and it seems to be very tired, but Ye Ci knows that he is concealing his anger. If you look closely, you can see that his body is already shaking with anger.

     Walking to the middle of the tribe, Ye Ci touched Araona's head and said, "You go home now and don't tell anyone what you know today. Can you do it?"

     Arauna raised his head and looked at Ye Ci, his eyes seemed to be burning. He bit the root tightly, and his hands were tightly gripped, like a volcano about to erupt.Ye Ci shook his head slowly: "As a hero, the first thing to do is to endure. If you can't even learn to endure, then you can only be a bold but not very astute, and it will last a lifetime."

     Ye Ci's words made Araun take the anger in his eyes slightly to abate. He bit his lip and looked at Ye Ci for a long time before saying, "But, Noble is going to kill Daruffal..."

     "I know, don't worry, I will deal with it." Aaron stared at Ye Ci's eyes tightly. He saw sincerity and kindness in Ye Ci's eyes. After a while, he finally nodded and turned around. Walked towards the house: "I know, I went home."

     After confirming that Yarau took it home, Ye Ci was also afraid of going offline to eat and take a bath, so he took a break by the way.

     Bai Mo, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian looked at Ye Ci wolf down one's food and they all looked strange.

     Bai Mo said: "Even if it is not convenient for you to go out now, even if you are sick and need to heal your injuries, you have to restrain yourself? Okay? You will become a pig if you eat it like this."Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian nodded in agreement immediately: "Yes, girls still eat less, even if you eat a few more meals, otherwise you won't find someone." Although the gossip from Zen Polang made Zuo Xiao Lan and Ye Nantian knew that in the game there was a wise young man who was very fond of their daughters, but Zuo Xiaolan still couldn't help but worry, if they knew her daughters could eat so much, would they? Scared away?

     Ye Ci, no matter what they say, they just keep stuffing their mouths, and by the way: "What do you know, I am suffering physically and mentally now. If I don’t treat myself well with the food, I’m afraid I will even escape. The strength to be born is gone."

     The family knows that Ye Ci is now caught in a very tangled Quest, so everyone is not surprised by what she said. Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian two Life Players are not interested in this kind of thing, they just believe, As long as you are a girl in your own family, you will be able to complete Quest smoothly, so complaints about Ye Ci are not regarded as the same at all.

     But Bai Mo was quite worried: "You have been in that map for more than a week. Can't you get out?"

     Ye Ci sighed: "I guess it will be soon, as long as there is no problem in the middle."Bai Mo nodded: "Come on, everyone in Guild is now rushing, and there should be a lot of people in their sixties soon."

     "How is mithril?"

     "No one is responsible for digging." Bai Mo answered truthfully.

     "Why so fast?" Ye Ci was busy mining and pooling ore on the island recently, but he was not in the mood to pay attention to the forum. Therefore, the events of Eastern Continent and the major events of various Guilds and various continents all depend on Bai Conveyed by Mo and Zen Polang. Regarding the mining matter, she also knew that as long as everyone persisted, the number of people who hadn't gained would soon subsided, but she didn't expect it to be subsided in just one week.

     "Well, because there is an incredible character." Bai Mo squinted his eyes, obviously there is another opinion on this matter.

     "Who thing?"

     "Do you know a soldering iron?"

     iron? Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. How could he not know the soldering iron? In the previous life, this guy was the first miner to reach the Great Grandmaster level, but the miners that Guilds rushed to invite. There are too many top-quality ores dug from his hands, and he is really a perverted guy."I know, why? This guy will run Eastern Continent to mine. I remember that this guy is from Western Continent." Ye Ci twitched his mouth. Although it feels a little absurd, she can be reborn. Under the circumstances, what else can't happen?

     "It really made you right. I don't know why. This guy actually spent a lot of money to transfer to the mainland, went to Eastern Continent to mine, and every day he announced the mining on the forum, because he was mining The mining success rate is higher than others. Therefore, most of the players see the results of the mining announced by him, and they lose their interest in continuing to mine here. This vigorous mining contest finally came to an end. That's it." Bai Mo said objectively.

     Ye Ci nodded, she knew about it, but from Bai Mo's expression, she clearly saw that there was something else, she couldn't help but smile: "Why? You have other questions."

     "I'm not Life Player, I can't understand Life Player's enthusiasm for a certain job." Bai Mo said with a shrug.

     "How do you say?" Ye Ci felt that there was something in Bai Mo's words."For example, I can't understand that the soldering iron was transferred from the Western Continent at the cost of 100,000 yuan for mining. After digging for a few days, I found that there was no gain, and then spent 100,000 yuan to transfer it back to Western Continent. His It’s not like mining, but it’s like it was here to prove that there is no mithril." Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci and smiled: "If not, since he is a miner who has turned around, he needs to return it. Is it the Western Continent? Isn’t there no good ore for Eastern Continent?"

     "Speak straight." Ye Ci understood what Bai Mo meant, and she lowered her head to gnaw on the ribs.

     "This is sent by Genesis, specifically to dispel rumors." Bai Mo smiled: "They sold favors to you by doing this, but also avoided getting into danger. It's a good way for one arrow, two golden eagles. "At this point, Bai Mo's eyes narrowed again: "It's just that I think the purpose of Genesis is more than that."

     "Oh? How do you say?" Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo, wanting to hear what he said."Genesis has probably targeted our mithril vein." Bai Mo exhaled: "We are no bigger than the Genesis Guild who has millions of people. If the mithril vein is mined, we will have no staff to guard it, and they As a collaborator, will you help us? Prosperity and various other external factors will force us to accept their assistance. Can this vein still belong to us?"

     Ye Ci lowered his eyes, Bai Mo said nothing wrong, which is exactly what Ye Ci worries about.

     For partners, there is no friendship to talk about, and some have only some interests. The mithril vein of the Eastern Ruins cannot never be mined, and once Upward Ho can't keep it when mining, I am afraid that as the closest collaborator, Genesis, he will never miss such a good opportunity to make a profit.

     Ye Ci raised the corners of his mouth, and the benefits were more fierce than the tiger.