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Chapter Directory 270 Doro Tribe's Struggle
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The battle with Nob came both beyond expectation and as expected.

     Beyond expectation, Nober would surround Daruffal's tent so soon, and then attacked the three of them. Unexpectedly, Noble has entangled all the Warriors in the entire tribe.

     Daruffal stood in front of his tent and looked at the densely packed Nob Warrior with a thousand people. There was no trace of panic in his eyes, and everything was calm as usual. Ye Ci stood behind Dafaer, carefully observing this hand-held artifact, a BOSS-level senior NPC with a level of 240, he was calm, solemn, and sensible. It seemed that there were no billows in his world. Appearing, no matter what happened, in his eyes it was nothing but dim.

     "Noble, what's the matter with you gathering so many people here in my tent?" Daruffal's wise gaze lightly glanced around all the people in the entire venue, and finally landed. Noble's body. He spoke in the same voice as usual, without tension or anxiety, not to mention the disdain to set up on high, he was like an old man talking to a naughty young man.There was a greedy and vicious light in Nober's eyes. He stared at Daruffal closely, and then gave a salute. Although the salute was still quite satisfactory, in Ye Ci's eyes, the salute really challenged authority. meaning. He looked at Daruffal and smiled slightly: "My most respected Daruffal-sama, of course I am here to show you the highest respect." "Really? Then I have felt your respect. Now, you can take your subordinates and leave." For Nob's remarks, Daruffal did not show any special expression.

     "I really want to leave, but my brothers, my esteemed Daruffal, don't want to leave. Noble raised his hand and pointed to all the Nobles who surrounded Daruffal's tent. Warrior.

     "Really? Then why don't they want to leave?" Facing Nob's provocative words, Dalufang was calm, just standing outside the tent quietly looking at the group of Nob Warriors.Ye Ci also looked at these Nob Warriors, and she roughly estimated that these Nob Warriors are all elite soldiers in the entire tribe. There are not many people in the Doro tribe. There are no more than five or six thousand people. Among these people, the elderly, children, and women account for a large part. There are also men who were injured in the battle. They did not fight. The ability, the last remaining are the strong and powerful men in the Doro tribe. These men without exception joined Nob's guard and became Nob's minions. Now that Nob has brought them all here, they are already understood by everyone of Sima Yi's heart.

     Ye Ci absolutely doesn't believe that Daruffal is not aware of these people's actions, but why does he keep holding back one's troops without moving? In other words, why did he still pretend to be deaf even when he knew that the tribe had already experienced such an unfavorable situation? Ye Ci is not a system. She has no way to think about problems in a systematic way. All she can do now is stand on the side of Daruffal and wait until the NPC issues an order or Quest.As a player, sometimes I have some feelings and thoughts about the battles and stories of NPCs, but they are just feelings and thoughts, because for the players, their feelings and thoughts are important to the entire Quest or the entire battle. Influence is a tiny bit. More often, the system requires players to be a bystander and a listener.

     Just as it is now.

     "Because they have been treated unfairly!" Noble's lips showed a sneer, and he raised his hand to Araona: "Master Daruffal, I never doubt your wisdom, even in mine. In my heart, you are the most wise and kind person in the world. I have felt that way since I was a child, until the appearance of this guy!" "Araona? What happened to him?" Daruffal's expression remained unchanged. Just looking at Nob as usual. His calm look formed a sharp contrast with Nob's face that had become distorted because of anger. Ye Ci not a word or movement lost a reconnaissance technique to Nob, and found that Nob’s level is only 180. Although it is also a BOSS-level creature, it is much lower than Darufang in terms of level. Up. If once the war starts, there is no suspense in the battle between the two of them, just...Ye Ci looked at the thousands of Norbert guards with a faint worry in his heart. Once the battle begins, Nob and Daruffal must be the first to fight. Although the two of them are very different in strength, when dealing with Nober, Darupal must be weak against the other guards, and so many If all the guards came to attack Daruffal, I am afraid that even a high-level NPC with a magical weapon like Daruffal would be unable to withstand it. After all, ants would kill elephants.

     Now that the two NPCs have started to confront each other, it means that the entire battle will start right away, and Ye Ci must not watch with folded arms at that time, otherwise she may still not be able to take Araona.

     She began to observe the situation of your entire field carefully, and made the worst plan. Once the battle started, where would she be the best place to participate in the battle? Looking at the only two bombs left in his pocket, Ye Ci began to think about whether to activate this thing...She glanced at Daruffal secretly and sighed. If she threw this thing out for a while, would she be pinched to death by Daruffal? After all, this is his painstaking effort. These people are his people. For himself, they may be just experience, but for Daruffal, they must not be hurt casually... If this is the case... Ye Ci Wangwangtian , Forget it, just take one step and make a decision at the most critical juncture.

     "Such a small trash at the bottom, you actually let him enter my guard, that's fine. But, Lord Daruffal, why do you want to teach his shaman's skills privately! Don't you know that he doesn't have it at all? Are you qualified to learn shamans?” Nobel pointed to Araunah, his eyes glowing red with jealousy. It seems that Nobel knew about Araunah’s learning of shamans. This is really the world. no secret can be kept forever.

     "It's not Daruffal..." As soon as Araunar heard Nob's words, he immediately rushed forward to defend Daruffal. In Araunar's heart, Daruffal was probably the most sacred and respected person. Human beings, naturally, everyone is not allowed to slander and question him a little bit.But Araunah just spoke, and Daurfang, who had been motionless just now, lifted up the Magic Staff and stood in front of Araunah, and said in a calm tone: "Araunah, step back." But "Arauna raised her eyes to Daruffal's sacred and inviolable face, with grievances and unwillingness in her eyes.

     "I tell you to retreat." Daruffal put down his cane, still looking at Nob quietly, while Araunar could only retreat silently behind Daruffal, standing there no longer. Say one more sentence.

     "What are the qualifications?" Daruffal looked at Norbert and smiled slightly: "If I remember correctly, my brother Thakura and I were once the children of the lowest family in the Doro tribe. We are not rich. It’s not someone with status, but we also learned shamans and became shamans.”

     Noble was taken aback by what Darufang said, and then he showed a trace of disdain: "It is precisely because of this that our tribe has become so absurd after you become the leader of the tribe!

     The child of the poor is the child of the poor. The child of the rich is the child of the rich. The child of the noble is the child of the noble. How can you confuse one thing with another? Now that you are doing this, let us dignitaries have no original power at all. Are you despising the entire tribe? "Daruffal did not say a word: "What's wrong with this?"

     "What's good!" Noble expressed great anger at Da Rufang's indifference!

     "I am a noble in the Doro tribe, but in the end I have to obey your arrangements! Let me take care of some guards! You work for these people, but you set up on high yourself! Is this fair?"

     Ye Ci couldn't help but cocked the corners of his mouth. The high-sounding mentioned above was so high-sounding, it was finally exposed here. But because of jealousy and imbalance, it ended up being a tribal class struggle. Humans, no matter how well they cover up, they are actually extremely corrupt in their hearts.

     "Everyone lives to protect the tribe, no matter whether it is aristocrat or the poor, who can contribute their strength to protect their tribesmen, I think this is the best thing. Is it possible to face the dangers of compatriots and face tribesmen? Life, what privileges do you still have?" Daruffal raised his eyebrows. This was probably the first change in his expression when he faced Noble.

     "Huh! What does the life and death of the poor have to do with nobles like us! We are born destined to be above the poor, and they are born to serve us! Why do we fight for their lives and safety? This is simply a fallacy!"

     "So?" Although Dalufang's expression changed slightly, Ye Ci could feel that he was a little unhappy."So, you can no longer stay in that position. If you continue to stay on it, you can only bring destruction to our tribe! I want to lead our tribe to prosperity, and only I can lead our tribe to prosperity!" Noble’s eyes looked a little crazy, and he could see that he had been coveting Daruffal’s current position for a long time. The words he said had no logic at all, and they belonged to twist words and force logic at all. But even so, there are still people following, I really have to say that this is a game, this is the setting of Quest.

     "Then where are you going to lead these people? Go to Priest and give the devil?" Daruffal was finally angry. He knocked the ground hard with the Magic Staff in his hand and made a buzzing sound.

     Noble's face changed slightly, and he immediately looked back, only to see a few Norbert's guards shook their heads immediately, and then dropped their heads. Ye Ci recognized it, aren't these people the ones who went to check the stone gate and were discovered by themselves? Seeing the faces of the guards like this, Nober squinted his eyes, turned his head to look at Daruffal, and said coldly: "It seems that you already know it. Daruffal, do you know? In this world, if you know more things, you will die faster. It seems that you are already living impatiently.

     But Darufang sneered: "What? You can do such a thing, but you are not allowed to say it?""Hmph, you have been alive for so long. Since you are looking for death by yourself, don't blame me for not giving you face..." Noble raised his hand and gently waved towards the people behind him. Those Nobles The guard immediately raised the weapon in his hand and shouted loudly: "Kill him! Kill him!"

     In the dark, these guards seemed crazy, but Ye Ci felt inconceivable. After all, although these guards are excellent soldiers in the tribe, they are not all aristocrats. The remarks of Noble just now, if they are normal Thinking NPCs should jump out to oppose them, but why don't these NPCs react at all? Suddenly, Ye Ci discovered that the eyes of these NPCs were all red, and the color seemed to be the eyes of Sith.

     Not only that, she just felt that there was a flame burning on her finger, and she looked down at the hunting flame swaying in such a dark night, which looked a little enchanting. Ye Ci quickly found a pair of gloves from the package and put them on her hands to block the flames. Now she still doesn't know how the ring works, so don't worry about it. Her movements are small and the atmosphere is now with swords drawn and bows bent, basically no Who noticed her wearing gloves.However, through a series of attempts in the environment, Ye Ci can be regarded as knowing that as long as the ring has such a black flame, it basically represents the appearance of a devil. Under the current circumstances, the ring flashed red again, then Does it mean that these soldiers have all been demonized?

     Ye Ci didn’t care about this, and immediately said to Dalufang, "Master Dalufang, these soldiers are abnormal. Their eyes have turned red. They are no longer humans. It's already a devil!"

     These words shocked Daruffal, the expression on his face finally changed a little, but it was not panic but sadness. He said harshly to Nob: "Noble! What are you doing? What did you do to them!"

     Noble sneered, "What did you do? I just let them get the most powerful strength!" He looked in the direction of Ye Ci, his eyes were cold as if it were a poisonous snake, and he licked Ye Ci. Ye Ci has a shuddering feeling on her body.

     There is nothing terrifying about Nob at level 180. After all, Nob is a melee class. When fighting against Daruffal of the long-range class, he should suffer a lot, but if Nob is devil It’s hard to say if it’s transformed."You sold your soul to the devil!" Daruffal found that Nober's eyes have gradually become red, and his skin has gradually become redder and red, and his muscles have become stronger and stronger. Going to Ye Ci, the gentleman saw a lot of meridians bulging, and she yelled inwardly, no!

     "So what!" Noble's body is still growing, his clothes are beginning to tear, and behind him is slowly growing a pair of black fleshly wings, and a pair of horns appear on his head. Come! "Daruffal, you know so much, you die for me!"

     "Noble!" Daruffal was shocked when he saw Noble like this. Not only did Noble sell his soul to the devil, he even turned himself into a devil! He was taking a look at the Nob guards, all brandishing their weapons, and he looked like he was about to rush towards him. He immediately said to Ye Ci: "White Elf! I will hand Arauna and his family to you! You take them away!"This can be regarded as Dalufa's order, but Ye Ci knows that this order is not so easy to execute. If Araunah is so easily poisoned, she doesn't need to stand here and talk to Dalufa now. You face this messy situation together. She shook her head: "Master Daruffal, please forgive me for not being able to agree to your request, because I am a Warrior. I want to fight for justice and peace. I can't leave by myself when my friends are in trouble!"

     "Neither can Araona!" Originally, he was afraid that Ye Ci would really take him away, but he didn't expect to hear Ye Ci's words. He couldn't help but get a shock, and he stood next to Daruffal, looking at him. Speak firmly.

     Daruffal looked at Ye Ci next to him and then at Arona. Although his expression was still the same as usual, Ye Ci saw the moving light in his eyes, and she couldn't help but exhale. It seems that this decision is correct. Although I don’t know what the final result of completing this Quest will be, at least from the current situation, her approach has greatly improved Da Rufang’s opinion of her. Based on this point of view, it is A good harvest.

     "Okay! Then the white elf, Araunah, I will have the power to deal with Nob in a while, as for the others, I will leave it to you!" Daruffal nodded, his voice a little heavy.Ye Ci twitched the corners of her mouth. She looked at so many Norbert's guards and gave them all to her and Araunah. There is no mistake, she is only level sixty now! There is no way to compare with Darufang's 240th-level metamorphosis! Such a large number of people rushed in like the tide, and they trampled her to death without having to do anything. Then she thought of the bomb again, but she didn't know if Daruffal would allow it?

     "Master Daruffal, do these guys want to keep their lives?" Ye Ci still asked vaguely, otherwise she was forced to bomb them with bombs for a while, for fear of being blamed by Daruffal in the end. , Then she is the real gains do not make up for the losses.

     Hearing Ye Ci’s questioning, Dalufang’s expression shook slightly, and suddenly he looked very old: “There is no way to save the fate of selling your soul to the devil. Even if I want to keep their lives, I'm afraid they won't come back anymore."

     Although Dalufang didn't answer Ye Ci's question explicitly, he had already told Ye Ci from the meaning of "between the words and the lines" that he would hit him directly without giving me face. Now that the big boss has spoken like this, wouldn't Ye Ci be too unruly if he were not a bit more aggressive?

     She said to Araunah: "Hurry up and stun them all, and I will lead them into your encirclement.""Master! What are you going to do?" Araunah was a little strange, but quickly understood: "You want to deal with those headless knights!"


     A hesitation flashed in Araona's eyes, but he looked up at Daruffal who was already fighting Norbert and nodded and said, "Okay, leave it to me!"

     Ye Ci drew an arrow from behind and quickly ran across the field. These Nob guards were very depressed by Ye Tong's fast jump and rush, they couldn't help raising their weapons towards Ye Ci rushed away. Ye Ci's running like this is not just for attracting blame, but more importantly, she also has to prepare for her release of Arrow Net.

     After several points of rapid leaping and running, Ye Ci released an arrow toward the sky. Then, the arrow that resembled rain fell down, hitting the Nob guards with a red patch on the head. The damage, although the damage is not very high because of the level of punishment, but it is still very objective if you look at it closely.While Ye Ci was running fast with the more than a thousand Nob guards, Arauna had to deal with the several fragmented guards who had been captured, and was busy arranging totem poles. Fortunately, these Nob guards are all melee professions, none of them are long-range, even if their damage is high, as long as they are not allowed to get close, they are still easy to deal with.

     In order to give Arauna as much time as possible to lay out the totem poles, Ye Ci took these guards for several laps and released a few arrows. Although the damage was not high, many soldiers were half-blooded or even half-blooded. It's residual blood. Of course, this is not Ye Ci's credit, but the result of making full use of the venue. These Nober soldiers are now completely demonized and have no IQ at all. They only know that they run with Ye Ci, which is high in aggro, and Ye Ci runs specifically towards those places with thick wooden pillar totems. Those places are narrow. The guards were either squeezed down, trampled by people behind, or injured by these pillars.

     In short, the place where Ye Ci has walked is a mess, and there are no good buildings at all. The tent has collapsed almost, and there are not many totem poles left. Ye Ci didn't know if the NPCs in the tents had escaped, but in this case, she really couldn't take care of too much.Fortunately, there is no Priest among these guards. Otherwise, she will be beaten to death by these guards.

     "Master, I'm ready!" Finally, Araunah's voice rang, Ye Ci felt excited, and immediately rushed in the direction of Araunah with the large group behind him. And when Ye Ci rushed in the direction of Araunah with these enchanted Nob Guards, Araunah was already singing skills. Of course he was nothing compared to Daruffal's skills, but It is not difficult to stun these guards with chain lightning.

     Daruffal is now entangled with Nob who has turned into a demon. Although Nober's level was only one hundred and eighty at first, it is not comparable to Daruffal, but now, Noble After being transformed into a demon, not only could he fly, but his defense, attack, and health were greatly improved, which also caused a headache for Daruffal. But even so, Daruffal took the time to lose a blessing technique to Ye Ci and Arauna, which immediately greatly improved the attributes of the two!Ye Ci saw that he had almost doubled his attributes, and he was so excited that he almost eyes brimming with tears of excitement. This is the blessing technique thrown by the high-level NPC holding the artifact. It is too enviable. If he can take Dalufa away. In the case of Er, whether it is a city battle or a team battle, as long as he throws a few big blessings behind the team, everything will be fine.

     The "Zzizi" electric current made a special noise in the cold night air. This noise was mixed with the demonized Nob Guard's shouts, and it turned into a very strange sound that echoed in the Dororians. Above the tribe, let people have one's hair stand on end.

     Ye Ci originally wanted to throw a bomb, but the only guards that Arauna could stiffen were those who entered the totem pole range, probably only two to three hundred guards, and a large part of them continued to chase Ye Ci. Ye Ci couldn’t and dared not stop and drop the bomb. It seemed that this situation could only be handed over to Araunah. She said sorry to Araunah, “Araunah,

     I can’t throw a bomb right now, can you attack it yourself. "

     "Don't worry, I have a group attack, coupled with the power of the totem pole, it is still very easy to deal with them."Now that Araun took these words, Ye Ci felt more relieved, and continued with the remaining Nob Guards to continue running and jumping in a messy tribe. She didn’t know how long she had been around, but how many of her arrows were thrown away. Yes, Ye Ci suddenly noticed a golden experience in front of his screen. Hey, this is too fast! She raised her head and looked in the direction of Araunah, and saw that most of the Nob’s guards had all fallen down, and a few of them were still entangled with Araunah. Araunah’s movements were very agile although they were almost They had to catch the first danger, but in the end they were lucky to escape. Without a while, all the guards fell.

     Araona didn't dare to stay, and immediately began to replenish the totem poles in preparation for the guards that Ye Ci would bring again.

     After a while, Ye Ci brought the guards over again. With the last run-in, this time Ye Ci led the guards to rush into the range of the totem pole with a much more accurate speed and timing, and Araunah released the chain The timing of the lightning was much more appropriate. All of a sudden, surrounded by totem poles, almost four or five hundred guards were electrocuted. And Ye Ci had already rushed to Araunah's side, and the guards following wanted to rush to hit Ye Ci, but there were too many guards in front of him, so they could only scream and jump in the back.This is the opportunity. The concentration of these monsters is very tight this time. If you don't drop the bomb this time, there will be no chance! Ye Ci did not hesitate to take out a bomb from the package and threw it into the crowd, then pulled Araona to the ground.

     "Master Daruffal, be careful!" Ye Ci didn't forget to breathe with Daruffal before he pounced on Araunah, otherwise he would be blown up in a while, relying solely on himself and Araunah. The power he took wanted to kill Noble, that was simply a dream.

     Although Dalufang didn't know what Ye Ci and Araun were doing, he neatly put a shield on himself after hearing this sentence. The golden shield took the shape of an egg to protect Daruffal in it, and lightning of various colors was raging on the outside of the shield. Ye Ci knows what this is at a glance. Isn't this the Lightning Shield? The shaman's most powerful self-protection function can not only absorb damage, but also attack people, which is really good.

     Noble's offensive against Daruffal became even stronger. He spread his huge wings and kept flapping, bringing a hula-la wind in the night sky. It sounds like a gust of demon wind.A loud noise of "touching" suddenly rang out in the middle of the noisy venue, and the loud noise even shook the entire ground slightly. Sand, gravel, various building fragments, as well as the armor and weapons of the Nob Guard, are not everywhere!

     Although Ye Ci and Araona found a safer place to hide, the huge impact and various fragments caused their health bar to drop. Ye Ci quickly took out a blood bottle and wanted to pour it into her mouth, but found that the health bar of herself and Araona was suddenly full. She looked up and found that it was Daruffal, who was in this situation. She can calmly and comfortably put on the eggshell and set up a rejuvenation technique for herself, Ye Ci and Arauna.

     ***, it's really abnormal, it really deserves to be a high-level NPC of the 240th level BOSS.

     Ah, a stop here is simply a pronoun of immortality.

     Although the powerful shock wave has affected Daruffal's eggshell to a certain extent, the shaman is a panacea, and he is a little proficient in everything, so there is nothing to be surprised about throwing himself a rejuvenation technique. But Noble had no such good life. He was exposed to the impact of the huge bomb, and he was very embarrassed by the fragments.I don’t know what fragment is very sharp, and he actually cut off the fleshly wings on his left side, causing Noble to scream in pain, and Dalufang did not let go of such an opportunity, and immediately put each in his hand. The kind of skill was thrown at Nob. Noble couldn't continue to support him in the sky, so he fell to the ground. Losing the dexterous control ability in the air, Noble’s combat effectiveness was almost reduced by half. At this time, it was simply a small thing for Da Rufang to continue to deal with him

     It's a piece of cake!

     Although Daruffal’s battle against Nob was very exciting, Ye Ci did not forget that she was also fighting now. She looked at the place where the bomb exploded. Although there was a big pothole on the ground, she also died. Most of the Norbert guards, but there are still some shrimp soldiers and crab generals (army of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea) who slip through the net, are struggling to get up from the ground and rush towards Ye Ci. The last step must be the most critical. If you die at this time, that is the real gains do not make up for the losses. Ye Ci immediately got up neatly, leaping and leaping, completely ignoring his own body. The equipment has been shocked by the shock just now and there is nothing lasting.Arauna shook his head, raised his head, looked at the current scene, and soon recovered. He jumped up and quickly replenished the totem poles that had been almost destroyed, and greeted Ye Ci with those leftovers. The next hundred and eighty guards came towards him.

     With only a few dozen monsters, it's much easier to fight. Ye Ci recruited Ol’ Four and, in conjunction with Araunah’s totem pole, put down all the remaining half-blood and residual blood guards without spending too much time.

     The battle between Dalufang and Nob was basically over at this time.

     Ye Ci, together with Ol' Four and Araunah, rushed to make up a few times. Noble screamed unwillingly and fell to the ground. Ye Ci, Ol' Four, and Araunah had a lot of experience in mixing value. The experience points of Ye Ci and Ol’ Four are stored, and Araona has actually exceeded the ninety level after this battle, which is really gratifying.

     Daruffal put down the Magic Staff in his hand, and the robe that had been hunted in magic just now had fallen down, as if nothing had happened. Daruffal was quietly watching the piled up corpses on the ground, his eyes closed suddenly, he quickly turned his head, and quickly walked into the tent."Master Daruffal!" Arauna wanted to follow up, but was pulled by Ye Ci. She shook her head gently at Arauna. She thought, Daruffal must be at this moment. I don't want anyone to disturb him, even Araunah.

     "What's the matter? Master?" Araunah looked at Ye Ci with some uncertainty.

     Ye Ci sighed. She thought she could understand Daruffal's feelings. Facing the mountains of corpses, these were all his people, how he was not sad and not sad.

     "My child! Why are you betraying your soul to the devil! Why do you want to attack our compatriots!" Suddenly, a stern voice screamed, looking so sad in the night sky. Ye Ci looked intently and saw a sturdy woman from the Doro ethnic group holding Nob’s corpse and crying constantly. Then more and more women, old people, and children walked out of the tent and knelt on the ground. Either holding the corpse of a loved one and crying bitterly, or holding the relic of a loved one, the entire Doro tribe suddenly turned into a huge place of sorrow.

     There were weeping everywhere, and the sad emotions spread to every corner like a plague.

     This sentiment affected Araunah. He stood behind Ye Ci with his head down and sobbed, while Ye Ci looked at these Dororians coldly, but his mind was another irrelevant question. .With so many people, where did they hide when they were fighting just now?