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Chapter Directory 271 Chapter 69 Go To The Northern Continent!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 69 Go to Northern Continent!

     Chapter 69 Go to Northern Continent!

     The sun rose, and the golden light shone on everyone, as well as the mess in this tribe.

     I don't know how long this kind of grief will spread. Standing in this tribe, Ye Ci only feels infinite irritability. She suddenly felt that the current Doro tribe was truly destroyed. Such a tribe with only the old and weak women and children, such a tribe without labor, whether they like it or not, in the long history that follows, they will face the choice of nature, or they will live strong. Or just drift with the waves and go with the flow disappear in the long river of history.

     Ye Ci was suddenly sad.

     She felt that she had done something that she shouldn't have done at all.

     Although her shot saved Daruffal, but the entire Doro tribe will decline or even disappear from this, which may not be a good thing in the long-term interests. There are rules of survival in the game. As a player, she excessively interferes with the life mode of NPC. Is this really a good thing?

     She didn't know, she didn't know at all.Just when Ye Ci's mind was confused, she heard the voice of clothes [email protected]@, and looking back, only Dalufang in a black robe appeared in front of everyone. Overnight, he seemed to be a lot older, and there were no dry tears in his wise eyes. It seemed that what happened just now made Daruffal extremely sad.

     However, as the patriarch of a tribe, as the leader of all people in a tribe, he cannot continue to let his emotions go. Therefore, he has to stand up and speak to the rest of the tribe.

     However, the sad crying was also slowly lost because of Daruffal's appearance. All of them looked at Daruffal quietly, and the tears were not dry on their faces, but they were full of hope when they saw Daruffal.

     Because Daruffal is a high-level NPC and holds a magical tool, he is still alive even after a thousand years have passed, but the other NPCs of the Doro tribe are not like this. They have to go through birth, aging, sickness and death, just like normal people . But what hasn’t changed is that they have faith in Daruffal. This is probably directly related to Daruffal’s image of justice and fairness for a long time. What's more, his longevity also adds to his image. A lot of points.Originally, Daruffal's robe was not black, but now he changed into a black robe, which made Ye Ci feel directly that he was sad for these lost lives.

     "My dear friend, thank you for everything you have done for me and the tribe, but now some things are our tribe's own business. Excuse me, can you avoid it?". Daruffal looked at Ye Ci and asked respectfully. Ye Ci took a look at his and Daruffal’s favorability and the favorability of the Doro tribe. The favorability in the tribe has reached admiration. Because of this, Dalufang did not become Ye Ci as a white elf as usual, but called her a dear friend.

     Ye Ci knows that even if you want to help, you can't help yourself with the following things. It's better to stay away from such a place of right and wrong. So, she nodded, left the tribe, and headed towards the beach.

     Without spending too much time, she found Leah who was lying on the rock basking in the sun. The lazy look of the mermaid made Ye Ci a bit gnashing one's teeth. Why didn't this guy get dried up? Suddenly, Ye Ci felt that he should raise a cat. At this time, the cat would be very interested in this fish."Yeah, let's see who is here! It turns out to be a female elf who doesn't distinguish between front and back!" Lia raised her upper body very much and greeted Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci strongly endured her urge to rush to beat the fish, she snorted and agreed to Leah. Seeing that her greeting did not arouse Ye Ci's much reaction, Leah was a little strange. She rolled her beautiful blue fishtail, supported her chin and looked at Ye Ci: "Hey, fairy, you don't seem to be happy at all. "

     Ye Ci gave Leah a blank look: "I don't feel like you are here to bask in the sun every day, have nothing to do."

     Leah chuckled: "I think you are jealous of me."

     Ye Ci rolled her eyes, isn't she, she still envy and hate this dead fish.

     "What happened to the Doro tribe last night? What a big movement, it scared me to death!" Leah curled up her fishtails while looking at Ye Ci, tilting her head and asked.

     Ye Ci shook her head. She didn't want to mention anything about last night. She climbed up the rock, sat next to Leah and looked at the vast sea in the distance and asked, "Leah, what are you doing here every day?""Watching, if there is food, I will tell my compatriots quickly." Leah blinked her eyes wide, she saw Ye Ci's dark face, stretched out her hand to pat her shoulder and laughed. : "Don't worry, women are not food for us mermaids, because women's meat is sour, and we support men."

     Ye Ci was full of black lines, and she laughed twice: "Thank you, I'm really honored."

     "Rude rude." Leah's face was really thicker than the inversion of the city wall by three points.

     The beautiful singing voice came from Leah’s voice, echoing across the sea. Although Ye Ci could not understand what she was singing, she could feel the sadness in her singing. Such sorrow is very touching. Ye Ci felt that she was moved several times. If Leah twice then three times stopped to care if she wanted to eat, she thought she had been moved.

     "How about? Give me something to eat. I've been singing for you for a long time!" Leah is obviously very interested in Ye Ci's fragranced lamb, even more attractive to men, so every time I sing for a while Brother Ye Ci started to ask for something to eat.Ye Ci looked at Leah's mouth eating meat, and thought with a black face, she no longer believes that mermaids are elegant and beautiful creatures. They are foodies from head to tail, nothing like Ol' Three Ol' Four Any difference. "If I give you the piano, can you take me out of here?".

     "Of course, didn't we say it?". Leah licked her fingers and squinted her eyes to enjoy the taste of the smoked lamb. It was so delicious.

     "What if I want to take others away?"

     "Others?" Leah looked at Ye Ci blankly, suddenly her eyes narrowed, she stretched out her pink tongue and licked her lips, revealing the hunter's smile: "If you're talking about a man, I'm afraid it won't work. "

     "I'm talking about the Araunah family." Ye Ci rolled his eyes, and sure enough, mermaids are foodies. At this time, the first thing that comes to mind is to eat and drink."Ah? Araunah's family? They want to leave with you?" Leah showed a surprised expression, it seemed that she didn't believe this statement: "If you leave secretly, absolutely not, you have to know that I *** ***Grandma, I took Thaku and left here when he was young. Later Thaku died. The patriarch of the Doro tribe came to us for trouble. My grandma was very severe. Punishment! So, without Daruffal’s answer, I would never promise you to take the Arauna family away!" Leah shook his head like a rattle, and there was no room for negotiation at all.

     Ye Ci couldn't help but smile. Fortunately, I thought of going to Daruffal, with his consent, otherwise, I'm afraid that not only will he not be able to take this family, but he will not even be able to go. This is the gains do not make up for the losses.

     After talking nonsense with Leah for a while, Ye Ci realized that the Doro can go to the mermaid's territory. He couldn't help but use his brains. In the future, he can ask Arauna to take herself to the mermaid's territory. Maybe he can find it. A lot of good things, but these are all future things. While she was talking with Leah about this and that, Mara found her and said that it was Daruffal who wanted to see herself. Ye Ci was a little wondering why Daruffal wanted to see herself, but she didn't ask too much. Leah left and followed Mara back to the Doro tribe.But in half a day, the corpses in the Doro tribe were almost cleaned up. The big hole that was blown out by the bomb has also been filled, and the collapsed tent and totem pole have gradually recovered with the efforts of the women, the elderly and the children. Ye Ci walked behind Mara and looked at these laborers. He felt that he was really wrong. It is absolutely impossible for the women of the Doro tribe to speak of two things on the same day as the women of the general race. Simply more powerful and stronger than men of ordinary race.

     It seems that Ye Ci's original worries are a little in vain.

     Following Mara into Daruffal's tent, Ye Ci saw Yolan and Araona standing in the tent, while Daruffal was still wearing the black robe sitting on the chair. When he saw Ye Ci coming in, he stood up and nodded at Ye Ci as a salute: "My dearest friend, you are back."

     "Yes, my most respected Master Daruffal."

     "First of all, I'm very sorry, I just let you go...""Don't take it to heart, Master Daruffal, this is what it should be. I'm just worried, will the Doro tribe still be as peaceful and quiet as it used to be?". Ye Ci's words were only a vague question, she believed that Daruffal could understand her meaning. After all, those dead Norbert guards are relatives of many people’s homes. Even if Nobel tempted them, even if they sold their souls to the devil, for those people, their relatives are relatives, no matter what they become or Loved ones.

     But now Daruffal killed them. Even if these people have absolute respect and obedience to Daruffal, it is difficult to guarantee that their hearts will not develop some disgust and suspicion for Daruffal. Ye Ci is worried about this problem, so he asks this question.

     What a high IQ NPC Da Rufang is, of course he knows what Ye Ci said. He nodded gently, with a smile on his face: "Dear friend, don't worry, the Doro tribe has been able to go to this day and has encountered many, many problems, but every patriarch has done his best to deal with these things. Although I don’t know if I can do as well as them, I will definitely try to make the Doro tribe more glorious and flourishing in my hands."Now that Daruffal said so, Ye Ci didn't say more. It was not her business at all. She was nothing more than one more sentence and one less sentence. "May God be with you." Ye Ci bowed.

     Daruffal walked up to Ye Ci, looked at the Araunah family and then at Ye Ci: "My dearest friend, I was not at ease to hand this family to you, but now I have changed my mind. , Maybe you take them away is the best choice.” As he raised the Magic Staff in his hand and waved it on Ye Ci's body, Ye Ci saw a BUFF appeared on her body, saying Daru Fall's answer. "Now you go to Leah, I believe, she will take you back to your home in peace."

     Ye Ci nodded, after expressing his gratitude, he exhaled a long breath. It seems that this Quest is over now, and she can finally go back to Maga Continent.

     "By the way, my friend, I have a map here, which was left by my brother back then. I have studied many books over the years and found that the text written on it is the text of the wizard. I think it should be the best to give it to you. Appropriate.” Just as the group was about to leave, Dalufang suddenly seemed to think of something. He turned around and took out a parchment scroll from the shelf and handed it to Ye Ci.Ye Ci took a look and couldn't help but brighten up. Good fellow, isn't this just Dole's fragment? She really wears out one's iron shoes without finding a place to find it. Now that she has three in her hand, only one is left, so she can go to Natasha to hand in Quest. Faintly Ye Ci feels that this Quest has a great relationship with his career, and he must take it seriously.

     This time, Ye Ci can finally leave with Araunah and his family. He handed Qin to Leah, and explained her intentions, because Ye Ci had Dalufang's answer, Leah did not stop Ye Ci, but took Ye Ci and left this Ye Ci very happily. Ci stayed too long on the map.

     White light flashed, Ye Ci and Araunah's family appeared at Upward Ho's resident. She took the family of three to the resident's conference room. Soon Bai Mo and Timely Rain had arrived. Because they had known Ye Ci's meeting with the Arauna family in the Doro tribe, they were very enthusiastic about their arrival. Ye Ci handed Yolan and Mara to Timely Rain and asked Timely Rain to arrange them carefully, and Yolan and Mara obediently left.As for Araunah, Ye Ci doesn’t have to take him with him at any time, because the guards in the guard system can usually learn skills and do some things on their own in the city, and will fight side by side with the master only when they are called by the master. , Which gave Araona a lot of freedom. Ye Ci told Arauna in Red Lake City where is the shaman college and where is the library, so he let him emerge and perish on its own. This guy is now full of curiosity about the whole world, and he doesn’t I made more excuses with Ye Ci, but put all the things I was carrying on the table in the conference room, and went by myself.

     Then Ye Ci took out the things in his pocket, put it on the table, and said to Bai Mo: "I don't have time to appraise these items. You can appraise them. These items are basically 80th grade low. It’s typed out, so maybe everyone can’t wear it now, but it’s good to put it in the Guild warehouse to stimulate everyone.”

     Bai Mo nodded. It's best to leave this kind of thing to Timely Rain to do. He said to Ye Ci: "Are you going to Northern Continent now?".

     Ye Ci nodded: "Yes, even if it's not for mithril, I still have an Epic Level Quest waiting for me there, I have to go there." But when she said this, she looked at Bai Mo's expression Somewhat weird, he asked, "What's wrong? What else have you not said?""According to intelligence, the mithril vein of Northern Continent is probably discovered by someone."

     "I have found it!" Ye Ci stood up in his heart.

     "No, I mean, someone has already started prerequisite Quest." Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci quietly, there was no surprised expression on his face, it looked like he was just talking about things, on the contrary, Ye Ci seemed unhappy.

     "Someone has started prerequisite Quest?" Ye Ci grabbed his hair and looked very annoyed: "I have the mithril veins of the eastern and southern continents in my hand, while the western veins, the hands of Genesis, have none of the northern veins. Control..." She severely slapped the table: "How did this happen!"

     "Two mineral veins are enough for us. Besides, even if we get the mithril mineral vein in the north, we can’t hold on to that kind of hostile continent. Even if it’s a big Guild like Genesis, we can’t hold on either. We also don’t account for favorable geographical and social conditions, so we don’t need to dip a finger in the mithril vein of Northern Continent.” Bai Mo saw Ye Ci's anxious appearance, smiled and comforted him. In fact, he knew what Ye Ci was anxious. , It’s not about the ownership of the veins, but..."It's not a question of whether we can hold on!" Ye Ci sighed, "but, if the mithril vein is taken away, then soon, the matter of the mithril vein will be revealed, and our current strength It is impossible to hold any vein at all. Once the wind breaks out, we will never be able to live in peace..."

     "Xiao ci, don’t be restless, don’t be restless." Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci's already anxious mood, and patted her hand continuously, comforting her: "I understand what you mean, but don't Things are too pessimistic, maybe things are not that bad."

     "No? How could it not!" Ye Ci could no longer control his emotions. The pressure for a long time seems to have all erupted at this moment: "Have you ever thought about it. Now we are far behind in terms of manpower and technology. There is also a big gap in the Life Player. Even if I get Mara and get an appointment, What about Lan? They couldn’t build a solid defensive castle for me outside the vein overnight, and they couldn’t let me grow the entire Guild overnight! In this case , As long as a third party knows about the mithril vein, the evil demon habitat will definitely not be preserved. Even if I never open the Quest lock, it is difficult to guarantee that other big Guilds will surround it not one drop can trickle through. If I want to open the Quest lock in the future, I can’t open it!!"Bai Mo stood up, hugged Ye Ci lightly, stroking her long hair as if holding her when she was a child, and gently said: "I know, I know all this, Xiao ci, what you have I know all about the pressure. Don’t think about these things anymore, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You and all of us, you have to believe in Upward Ho, we are developing, and we will develop very quickly. You only need to do what you like to do, and leave the rest to us."

     Bai Mo's voice seemed to have soothing magical power, and Ye Ci soon calmed down. She leaned against Bai Mo's chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat, only feeling a tiredness hitting herself. , She sighed for a long time: "Cousin, so tired, the prosperous age is coming, but we are nothing yet."

     "Don't worry, everything will be fine." Bai Mo patted Ye Ci's back, softly comforting.

     "Lao Mo! Is it a format tonight or continue to form a group for leveling!" Let Go of Sister's voice broke into the meeting room suddenly, he glanced at the two people, apologized again and again, and subconsciously withdrew from the meeting room: "Sorry, sorry , You continue, you continue."

     Let Go of Sister came out of the meeting room and suddenly felt that something was wrong. Ye Ci and Bai Mo didn't seem to be a couple...And just when the second monk couldn't figure it out, Ye Ci had already walked out. She was not embarrassed at all. She glanced at Let Go of Sister and asked, "What about the dream?"

     "Oh, she, she went down to cook." I don't know why Let Go of Sister looked a little nervous, and said stubbornly.

     Ye Ci curled his lips: "Let my wife go down to cook and play games by yourself. You are really a good man." He turned around and left.

     Let Go of Sister didn't know how to answer, grabbed his hair and smiled. It took a while before he looked up at the sky. What's the matter.

     And Bai Mo also walked out, looked at Let Go of Sister, and said in his usual tone: "If you haven't reached 60, continue to level up. If you have arrived, you will organize. First find a suitable player."

     Seeing Bai Mo as usual, Let Go of Sister stopped him again and again: "Lao Mo Lao Mo! What is the relationship between you and childe'>?"

     "She is my cousin." Bai Mo looked at Let Go of Sister, his eyes calm and there was no other ambiguous emotions in it.

     "Cousin! Cousin can hug and hug!" Let Go of Sister lowered his voice, but said nothing but: "You are not lying to us!""I didn't kiss her." Bai Mo gave Let Go of Sister a white look: "Her mother is my mother's sister, and she and I are cousins and cousins with absolutely authentic blood relationship!"

     "You and she won't be adopted..." Let Go of Sister still didn't believe it. He always felt that Bai Mo and Ye Ci seemed to be more than just cousin and cousin.

     "You have watched too many Korean dramas." Bai Mo looked at Let Go of Sister amusedly: "We have always been like this."

     "Oh oh oh." Let Go of Sister nodded, then he narrowed his eyes and started gossip: "Will your wife'>husband'> be jealous after you get so close?"

     This time even Bai Mo started rolling his eyes. What and what is this: "You think too much."

     I really think too much... right.

     Ye Ci was walking on the streets of Red Lake City. The sun was already westward, with some warm afterglow shining on people. The population of Red Lake City has increased. These people have bound their identities in Red Lake City and become citizens of Red Lake City. They have done Quest for this city and made a lot of efforts for the development of this city. Contribution. With these people's Quest accumulation, I believe Red Lake City should be upgraded soon.Standing at the door of Red Lake City, the guards said hello to Ye Ci. For example, Ye Ci’s current reputation in Red Lake City can only get this benefit. If one day Ye Ci’s reputation in Red Lake City can reach worship , These guards behaved differently when they saw Ye Ci.

     There are two roads in front of Ye Ci, one is to Northern Continent, and the other is to Xinshou Village.

     Originally, according to Ye Ci's idea, she wanted to go to Northern Continent immediately after she came out of the Doro tribe, but now this matter can only be set aside for the time being. The prerequisite Quest of the mithril vein of Northern Continent has already been done. No one knows this except for the person involved and Upward Ho. Ye Ci will naturally not go to Moon Green Hill to ask him to find out. Hyped. Ye Ci's heart is a little confused, and he doesn't know how to continue to choose.

     She stood at the gate of the city for a long time, and the players who came and went saw her envied look.

     Finally Ye Ci sighed, forgetting not to think so much. She was not such a person before, and now I don't know if it was because of too many thoughts or what. Before doing things, she always considered too many questions, which made her lose her original cleanliness. Ye Ci shook his head. Bai Mo was right. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through. Now she thinks so many things that haven't happened are in vain, so it's better to do everything you can Great.Ye Ci recruited Ol’ Four, and after throwing a few pieces of meat to eat, he rode it, and headed towards the Elf’s Novice Village.

     Compared to the distant Northern Continent, the newbie village of the elves is the closest. Ye Ci looked at the arrow in the package, and didn't hesitate to think of Natasha at the three fork in the road. She is the NPC who sells arrows and must have a deep understanding of this contaminated arrow.

     Natasha took the contaminated arrow that Ye Ci handed over. It was strange that the arrow that hurt Ye Ci's burning finger did not have any abnormality in Natasha's hand, as if her What kind of magic is in his hands.

     "Where did you get this arrow?" Natasha stared at the arrow quietly. During this time, surprises, doubts, and pain flashed in her eyes and finally returned to peace, she lifted it up. He raised his head and looked at Ye Ci quietly. There seemed to be no emotion in those purple eyes, cold and sensible.

     Ye Ci didn't dare to hide it, and immediately told Natasha all the things he had encountered recently. After listening to Natasha, she nodded gently, sighed, looked down at the arrow in her hand, and seemed to say to Ye Ci again, and seemed to say to herself again: "I didn't expect that you would become It is actually a great insult to you that Saga builds the medium of fantasy."I don't know why when Natasha spoke like this, Ye Ci seemed to see the arrow trembling slightly, seeming to agree with Natasha's statement. After that, the arrow remained as usual, falling into Natasha's hands as if the trembling just now didn't exist. If Ye Ci didn't believe that there was nothing wrong with his memory, he would almost think that he had read it wrong.

     "Do you know the origin of this arrow?". Natasha spoke suddenly and looked at Ye Ci and asked carefully.

     Ye Ci shook his head, isn't this nonsense? If she knows, she will come here to find you with sufferer untold hardships.

     "This is Elven King Dole's arrow." It seemed that Ye Ci didn't understand the origin of this arrow, so Natasha didn't embarrass Ye Ci, and then explained the origin of this arrow.

     "What?" Ye Ci was slightly surprised, but she soon calmed down. Elven King Dole also participated in the battle to strangle the Demon King Naga, and Saga, as the demon King Naga's minion, naturally participated in that tragic War, so it's not surprising that this arrow is Dole's. "So, Saga was hunted by our great Elven King Dole?"Natasha shook her head: "Dor's arrow did penetrate Saga's heart, but he didn't kill it. Saga hid. With this arrow, they hid together." She stroked it. The arrow stained with black dry blood said: "You must not know how precious this arrow is."

     Ye Ci nodded, she really didn't know.

     "Elven King Dole only has five arrows in his quiver." Natasha said quietly, "It's different from the many arrows you have to bring."

     Isn't this nonsense? Ye Ci nodded, Elven King Dole, who sounds like a great NPC, how could it be possible to use the same arrows as a normal hunter."These five arrows are made of the Molten Heart from the depths of the earth, the ice crystals of thousands of years, the Stone of Jù Dú that has been grazing for thousands of years in the poison pond, the Heart of Light from the Temple of Taidal, and the Lair of Naga. The dark hearts in here were finally forged by the dwarf arrow master Cui Lai for decades. Not only can they cause huge damage, they can also automatically return to the quiver after leaving the quiver. It is Elven King Dole’s beloved thing. In the war with Saga, Elven King Dole used the arrow of light, but I didn’t expect that the dark breath of Saga was too strong. The arrow of light was stolen and wrapped in darkness, and finally disappeared into the wilderness. Elven King Dole always wanted to find this arrow, but he didn't do so until he died..."

     Listening to Natasha’s description, Ye Ci didn’t have much interest in the story, but for those five arrows drool (over), God, just listening to Natasha’s description, you know that these arrows are definitely Good things, if you can collect them one by one, you don't know what effect will be.

     "So, is this arrow of the Holy Light stolen by Saga?" Ye Ci looked at the arrow that had lost all its brilliance and was covered in black blood. He really didn't believe it because it had such a powerful attribute."Yes." Natasha nodded, and then handed the arrow to Ye Ci: "If you can, I hope you can go to Northern Continent and find Holy Spring in the snowy mountains of Sanctuary, and remove the filth on the arrow. Wash it all away and let its brilliance reappear in the world."

     "Okay, I will complete your mission." Ye Ci bowed to Natasha, which really gave her a reason to have to go to Northern Continent. All Quests are worth it. Pointing that she is going to Northern Continent, then she can only take a trip to tackle a difficult job.

     "Have you collected your debris?". Natasha glanced at Ye Ci, then suddenly asked.

     "Not yet, there is one piece left." Ye Ci answered Natasha truthfully.

     Natasha nodded, her gaze turned to the distant sky: "Go, hope, Elven King Dole will always be with you, now and forever."

     Ye Ci bent over and exited Natasha's cabin. She stood at the three-way intersection for a while, and there are still many newbie players coming and going back and forth here, as if she had been a newbie player. She took a deep breath, called Ol’ Four and straddled Ol’ Four’s back, and walked away, attracting many newbies to stop and watch.

     "Wow, look, that hunter is so cool!""Yeah, look at her riding a dinosaur! That dinosaur is so big, so handsome!"

     "I have to work hard too, I will be like this hunter in the future."

     "You don't know who she is?"

     "who is it?"

     "She is the SOLO king of Eastern Continent, childe'>you! We Eastern Continent's most fucking awesome hunter!"

     "Wow! Then I will learn from her even more and become a hunter who is fucking awesome than her!"


     Ye Ci doesn't know how many newbies her figure has or is currently bringing encouragement and reveries, because her journey continues forever.

     Back in Red Lake City, Ye Ci repaired his equipment and went back to Guild to find some supplies. Even more filled his quiver. It's impossible for her to encounter things like Genesis and Fleeting Time in Northern Continent this time. In the eyes of Northern Continent players, Ye Ci is an intruder, so he will never start off leniently. The only time she was able to replenish it was the little time she used the fraud brooch every day, and even so, she couldn't take it lightly.

     For that hostile and unfamiliar continent, Ye Ci can only be careful and then careful.

     "What? Do I have to go to Northern Continent this time?". Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci and smiled."Yes." Ye Ci nodded at Bai Mo: "All Quests are pointing there. You can't go."

     "Don't put too much pressure."

     Ye Ci smiled, she knew what Bai Mo said: "Bai Mo, you are the guild leader, how can I have any pressure?"

     After that, Ye Ci turned around and walked towards the outside of Guild's residence.

     the sun sets in the west, pulling her back very long.

     Go ahead, hunter, go towards Northern Continent!

     Chapter 69 Go to Northern Continent!

     Chapter 69 Go to Northern Continent!