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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 70 Light Wind

     Chapter 70 Light Wind

     City F.

     In a wholesale market near the fringe of urban and rural areas, countless people are working intensively. There are many small vendors and wholesalers. The market is full of noisy noises. It is not quieter than the vegetable market, and even more lively than the vegetable market.

     An expensive high-end car was slowly parked in a small alley in the wholesale market. The middle-aged man sitting in the back seat frowned. Even through the car window, he seemed to be able to smell it. The smell of sweat came from the workers passing by. He frowned slightly displeased, took out a pure white silk handkerchief from the inner pocket of the suit, pressed it against the front of his nose, and then asked: "Zhang Ping, are you sure it is here Place?".

     "Yes, the boss, it is indeed here." A glamorous young man sitting in the co-pilot turned his head and nodded at the middle-aged man. He respected the middle-aged man very much.

     "Why is it in this place..." The middle-aged man looked at the surrounding environment through the car window. It was almost no different from dirty and messy. His mind was full of various questions. Could this kind of place be himself? Where is the person looking for?"Boss, don't you often tell us that you can't judge a person by appearance? I think that's it now." Zhang Ping smiled slightly and got out of the car first.

     The middle-aged man sighed, and now he can only think so. Otherwise, he really can't convince himself.

     After getting out of the car, the air was filled with an inferior, dry and low-cost smell, which was very strange, but when you smell it, you can know that this smell absolutely belongs to those fringe urban corners. The middle-aged man exhaled and pressed the handkerchief under his nose, hoping to block these wanton smells, but this was obviously futile, and there was no way to prevent the spread of this smell. In the end he had to give up, wiped the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief, and looked at Zhang Ping: "You lead the way."

     Just as middle-aged men feel that the taste in this market is uncomfortable, everyone in the market also feels that this car and the environment here are so inharmonious. Many people temporarily put aside their work, pointing to the car, guessing the price of the car, by the way, also pointing to the middle-aged man who just got off the car, guessing that such a rich and rich man What do the expensive men come here?Zhang Ping closed the car door, nodded respectfully, then confessed a few words to the driver, and then led the middle-aged man towards an old three-story building. Such small buildings are everywhere in this market. On the first floor, there are a bunch of door faces, selling all kinds of goods, such as tobacco, alcohol, sugar and tea, rice noodles and oil cakes, fresh cold water, and daily necessities. Everything that should be here is here. There was even loud music on the door face of a low-end fashion store on the street. The influential little stars were singing some vulgar music that was difficult to be elegant. The quality of piracy and this urban-rural junction. The various environments are perfectly combined.

     The middle-aged man seems a little no time to deal with it about everything here. In his decades of life, he has obviously never encountered such an environment. However, his good family background and cultivation quickly calmed him down. Although he still has lingering fears, at least he did not make a fuss about nothing.Following Zhang Ping, the middle-aged man quickly walked towards the stairway of the three-story building. The stairway is not spacious, it can only accommodate two thinner men walking side by side. Obviously, the ground is rarely cleaned, and all kinds of waste paper and peels are discarded. The walls on both sides are already covered with black. , Yellow stains, the original color can not be seen, all kinds of posters and small advertisements are densely pasted on the wall, which makes this place even more vigorous.

     "What are the second and third floors here for?" The middle-aged man obviously wasn't particularly clear about the distribution in this situation, so he asked Zhang Ping, who was walking in front.

     "The second and third floors are generally used as warehouses for the merchants on the first floor, or rented to some migrant workers outside." Zhang Ping was still polite and answered the middle-aged man truthfully.

     "I thought that such a situation would not happen in such a developed international metropolis as City F. Seeing it today made me..." The middle-aged man smiled slightly, and he stopped his voice. He has had good education and knowledge for decades. There is no vocabulary for him to describe here.

     "Actually, there are quite a lot of places like this in every city. Boss, you won't understand if you don't deal with people in this kind of place." Zhang Ping said very understandingly."How long will it take to return?" The middle-aged man followed Zhang Ping and was walking down the dirty staircase. He didn't even dare to put his feet down, for fear that the raised dust covered his light. leather shoes.

     "Alright, it's on the third floor."

     The sanitation on the third floor is obviously better than that on the second floor. The ground has obviously been cleaned by someone. Although it may not be very clean, at least the peel, confetti and various garbage are gone, and the original whiteness can be seen on the wall Colors, but those small advertisements are not rare, they are still hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     There was an iron gate at the junction of the second and third floors. The steel bars were made and a seam was opened, which seemed a bit mysterious. Zhang Ping first opened the door and walked in, then signaled the middle-aged man to follow. The middle-aged man looked around for a while, and finally followed.Finally on the third floor, the cool wind blew in from time to time, so that the third floor did not have any peculiar smell, but the loud music on the street corner was still ringing constantly, declaring that they were not far away from this magic. The same urban-rural fringe. The middle-aged man stood on the corridor and looked outside, only to find that not far away, the iconic building of the city was standing vigorously in the sun. He remembered that he was still meeting there in the morning. Unexpectedly, the afternoon had already come to a place completely different from that glamorous upper class society. He couldn't help but curled up his mouth, this is really impermanent.

     The sound of high heels rang out from the corridor, which caught the attention of the middle-aged man and Zhang Ping. Only a young woman in a short skirt walked out of the room closest to the head. Her legs were slender and straight. It's not like ordinary girls who like to wear stockings, but naked, and the white thighs are illuminated by the sun, and there is a feeling of dazzling eyes. She wore a pair of bright red high heels that were ten centimeters high. As she walked, her waist swayed gently, as graceful and graceful as a willow tree gently blown by the wind. There is no trace of artificial depiction on Sujing's face. The whole to present oneself confidently to the emperor, without makeup, shows that she is very confident in her own appearance.At this moment, she was holding a stack of chopsticks and plates in her hand. It seemed that who had just eaten dinner, and she was cleaning it up. From a distance, she saw Zhang Ping, so she was stunned, and asked: "Mr. Zhang Ping?".

     "Yes, I am, may I ask..." Zhang Ping nodded politely, and asked with a smile on his face.

     However, this woman obviously did not take Zhang Ping's question to heart. She pointed towards a room and shouted: "Liuzi, go and wash the dishes!"

     I heard a young voice from the room: "Okay, go right now." Then I saw a young man in a white t-shirt and jeans popping out of the room and took the bowl and chopsticks in the woman's hand. , Quickly ran towards the rear of the middle-aged man. He was full of youth and shrewdness. He didn't even stop when he passed the middle-aged man. He looked at him more and went straight to his destination.

     The woman took out a wet wipe from her short skirt pocket, and while wiping her thin green fingers, she walked towards Zhang Ping and smiled at the middle-aged man behind Zhang Ping and said: "I'm really sorry, let Shu Mr. laughed, I am Huashang."Huashang! As soon as the name was spoken, not only Zhang Ping was slightly surprised, but the middle-aged man behind him was also astonished to the extreme. Huashang, this is synonymous with top Rogue. From the time this name was born, until now, a full ten years have passed. In countless games, this name has reached the apex. The person who challenged her, their number cannot be counted, but in the end all disappeared. Zhang Ping originally thought that Huashang should be at least about 30 years old, but he didn't expect that Huashang in front of him seemed young in his early twenties.

     I don't know if she became famous as early as possible or she had the skill to stay on her face.

     "Fortunately, I can meet Miss Huashang here.'> It is really Shu's the blessing of three lifetimes." Huashang stretched out his hand, and Mr. Shu also stretched out his hand and shook it gently. Her thin white fingertips. Then let go. He smiled slightly and nodded at Huashang, making his words appear very sincere.

     Huashang also chuckled: "I used to think that the gentleman was boring, but now I realized that I was wrong. It was because I didn't meet Mr. Shu. It turns out that gentleman is the best man, not only makes women Like a spring breeze, even the voice of speaking seems to be stuck in the heart of my heart."Mr. Shu did not show any special emotions for such straightforward praise of Huashang. He was still a breezy not move a single jot, but said indifferently: "I don't know if Huashang can Take us to meet Mr. Qingfeng?"

     Huashang looked up and down at Mr. Shu without showing any traces, curled up the lips that were as soft as petals, and smiled charmingly. She raised her scallion-like fingers and gently pulled her hair aside, then turned and walked towards the innermost room of the corridor: "Please, two of you."

     The two followed Huashang and walked towards the innermost room on the third floor. Mr. Shu carefully observed each room along the way. It's a pity that the doors of these rooms are either closed or not. It was concealed, it was impossible to see what was inside, and Mr. Shu's curious curiosity was not satisfied at all, and it was somewhat depressed.

     Soon, they walked to the innermost room.This room is the largest room on the third floor because it is the farthest side. It is one divides into two sides, the inside room is closed, so a group of people can only see the outside room. This room is not big, only a dozen square meters, but a desk is placed against the wall. On the desk is placed three monitors connected together. Behind the desk is a wooden high chair on which sits. There was a person, but at this moment he was burying his head in front of the monitor crackling, not knowing what he was doing, so he couldn't see what he looked like.

     On the opposite side of the desk against the wall, there is a hard leather sofa, and a coffee table is placed in the middle of the sofa. On the coffee table, there is a miniature bonsai, which has been taken care of so that it is soft and tender, and it is very energetic. The air conditioner was finally blowing in the room, and the cool wind was blowing, blowing away the irritability of Mr. Shu and the sultry heat of autumn tiger.

     Huashang’s high heels stepped back again. The man buried in front of the computer didn’t even lift his head. He just said, "Who did you call to help you wash the dishes? You are not good like this, always let others help You wash the dishes. They are all big men. It's nothing to help you wash the dishes all day long."

     Huashang wrinkled her nose and hummed: "You don't help me wash the dishes, you still say so high-sounding."

     "Didn't I have something to do today? I didn't wash the bowl that day when I was okay.""Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, you have things three hundred and sixty days, say a fart!" Hua Shang continued to snort, and then said: "Mr. Zhang and Mr. Shu are here."

     The man straightened his body and raised his head. He looked at the two people behind Huashang from behind the three displays. There was no extra expression on his face, neither flattered nor be wild with joy. He just looked at the two of them, and then said, "What do you drink? Is the tea still cold and boiled?"

     Zhang Ping has also seen a lot of markets, and even a lot of people. Whoever sees their boss is brimming with enthusiasm, no matter whether it is true or not, at least on the surface they have done it. However, this man only behaved too ordinary at all, and even had a somewhat indifferent attitude.

     "It's better to pour them cool and white, that quenches thirst, and Mr. Shu is not used to drinking the tea here." The man smiled slightly and said to Huashang again: "Pour a cup for me too, a bigger one. My cup, the food you made today is too salty, I'm out of thirst!"

     Mr. Shu didn't seem to be dissatisfied with this man's too ordinary attitude, and even looked at this man with some appreciation.Huashang listened to the man's words, rolled his eyes, severely chopped up his high heels, turned and went out, while walking, he did not forget to mutter and curse: "Some food is good, you still dislike it. Xi, be careful that one day I put mouse medicine in your bowl, which makes you want to eat but can't take it!"

     The man finally felt a little embarrassed when he heard this. He grabbed his head at Mr. Shu and Zhang Ping, stood up, greeted the two of them to sit down, and said: "This is how she is, I'm spoiled, you two don't mind. "

     Mr. Shu still smiled, and then said: "In fact, for men, the happiest thing is to have a woman cook for you. Although the taste must not be as good as the chef in the restaurant, the important thing is that she specializes in it. She did it for you, even if she had some small flaws, she would not say anything, so that she could be delighted to (do sth, idiom) to cook for you all her life.

     "I can't tell, Mr. Shu still has a good way of controlling his wife." The man smiled, dragged his chair out, and sat opposite Mr. Shu and Zhang Ping.Mr. Shu waved his hand, squinted his eyes and smiled, "Is there any way to control my wife, but after a long time in marriage, I naturally understand some truths. This woman is like a long-haired animal, you have to follow the hair. , If you always fight against her, you have to believe that it is you who suffer. You know, compared to pester endlessly, a hundred men are not as good as a woman, they can tell you the little things that are bigger than the sun. It’s so big and it makes you, men have to learn to suffer a bit, so that you can enjoy the blessings."

     Mr. Shu was talking when he heard Huashang's high heels popping from a distance. He closed his mouth quickly, waved his hand at the man, and said no more. He just looked at the young man sitting in front of him with a smile.He seemed to be in his early thirties, his figure was very well-proportioned, and he was dressed casually. The weather was very hot. He even sat casually in front of them wearing a pair of splint slippers. His hands are long and slender, but the joints are a bit big. It can be seen that he has done a lot of hard work. The appearance is average, not as bright and gorgeous as Huashang, but those eyes are very energetic, making people never forget at a glance. In short, this is an extremely ordinary young man. If Mr. Shu meets him passing by on the street, he will not look back. However, such talents are often the most dangerous, because they are ordinary, because they are not outstanding, and what they do will make you no time to deal with it.

     Huashang brought the water over, poured it on several people, and carefully added ice cubes and lemon slices. It can be seen that this is a very intelligent and beautiful woman with wet water on her fingertips, which makes her fingers look more beautiful when pinching the glass, as if it were a picture. . She doesn't have the perfume smell that ordinary girls like to spray, but there is a very special fruity fragrance, which is very fresh and charming.Mr. Shu took the cup that Huashang handed over, and looked at the cup of water carefully. Her care has already shown extreme saturation from the cup of water. The lemon in his glass is a small slice, and the ice cube is one piece, while Zhang Ping is a complete lemon and three ice cubes. As for the light breeze, there is half a cup of ice cubes in the big glass, but no lemon is placed. . In addition, there were cherries she had just washed on the table, ice cubes underneath, and bright red cherries on top, which seemed particularly appetizing.

     Zhang Ping also noticed that the ice cubes and lemons in his cup were different from Mr. Shu's, so he asked Huashang curiously. Hua Shang smiled: "I don't know how Mr. Shu's body is. However, looking at Mr. Shu's age should be the age to pay attention to health preservation, men at this age should not covet too cool things, slightly cool. As for the lemon, just adjust the taste a little bit, don’t add too much."

     Mr. Shu listened to Huashang's words, and he nodded secretly. It is no wonder that such a woman can become a top Rogue for ten years without fail. Her observation and judgment abilities are definitely not comparable to ordinary people. .After pouring water for a few people, Huashang held a cup and drank silently while sitting in the corner with ice water. She didn't mean to leave, and the breeze didn't mean to avoid her. It seems that these two There are no secrets about individuals.

     Zhang Ping began to cut into the subject: "Mr. Light Wind, it has only been ten days since Fate opened the first expansion. How are you preparing?"

     Qingfeng smiled slightly and shook his head: "Mr. Zhang Ping, these are not what you need to know. We must have known the name of our prosperous age. Why bother to ask me about this? You are waiting like the previous boss. The final result is just fine."

     "This time is different, Mr. Light wind, Fate is not as easy to deal with as other games, so we want to know how your preparations are." Zhang Ping shook his head: "Mr. Light wind hasn't entered the Fate game yet, right? This game is called an epoch-making game. They are different from all the holographic games you have encountered before. I think you should not be too confident and underestimate the enemy."

     Qingfeng did not speak. He was noncommittal about what Zhang Ping said. He just glanced at Zhang Ping lightly, and then asked, "I wonder if Mr. Zhang Ping has entered this game?

     Zhang Ping's face blushed slightly, and he looked at Mr. Shu before saying, "I have entered.""How many levels are there? Or, how is the achievement?"

     "Not ideal, only more than 30 levels." Zhang Ping didn't want to talk about this at first, but finally admitted it.

     "Then what do you know about this game?"

     "This game has higher requirements for the team than previous games, and greater autonomy. According to the information we have received, this game is divided into two Quest systems, one is the visible Main Quest system, and the other One is the invisible branch Quest system. The two Quest lines complement each other, adding more uncertainty to the game." Zhang Ping told Qingfeng all his knowledge of Fate.

     Qingfeng only raised his eyebrows, without saying anything. On the other hand, Mr. Shu raised his hand and signaled Zhang Ping not to go on: "I believe that Mr. Qingfeng has a very intuitive understanding of the entire game. Such an understanding is definitely more direct than ours. I just want to know, Qingfeng. Does the gentleman still want to adopt the crowd strategy this time?".

     "Isn't this the most direct way?" Qingfeng shrugged his shoulders: "As far as I know, the human sea tactic is sometimes the most convenient tactic. As long as you mess up some of the various systems, turn around and withdraw, the game will basically be paralyzed.""This is indeed a good way, and you have tried it repeatedly, but this time, I want to give Mr. Qingfeng a suggestion." Mr. Shu squinted his eyes, only this time he didn't look like an extravagant middle-aged man. , And like a deep and unmeasurable terrorist opponent ready to go.

     "I'm listening." Qingfeng looked at Mr. Shu, the expression on his face was unpredictable.

     "Now the main players of Fate are Chinese players, as well as foreign players, but compared to Chinese players, the ratio is not too high. This is due to the fact that the Glory Group did not spread out the publicity offensive. If once they spread out in the world If you start a publicity offensive..." Mr. Shu’s lips curled slightly. Although he didn’t say it clearly, the meaning in his words is not difficult to understand. Once the Honor Group has launched a publicity offensive on Fate games around the world , Prosperity’s tens of millions of players are not more than so-so, if you want to impact the entire game, it’s really a bit of a mayfly to shake the tree.

     Qingfeng paused while listening to Mr. Shu's words, and then said, "So what's Mr. Shu's opinion?"

     "Rather than using the crowded tactics without any IQ, it is better to think of a high IQ method." Mr. Shu smiled: "I know, Mr. Qingfeng majored in finance when he was studying. You should be no stranger to business... "

     Qingfeng's brows frowned slightly, and he didn't speak.And Mr. Shu said: "I know that the cost will be higher, but Mr. Qingfeng don’t worry, I will support all of these. I only hope that Mr. Qingfeng will let him do it. Even if Fate cannot be destroyed, please Qingfeng. The husband dragged Fate to stop him from developing so fast."

     Qingfeng didn't ask Mr. Shu's purpose. After all, he still knew as little as possible about such things. He is just a gunman, taking people money and helping others to eliminate disasters. As for the reason why the boss did this, he never wanted to know. But this time things are a bit special. Since even the boss has started to interfere with his way of doing things, it shows that this thing is not so easy to do.

     He thought for a while, and then said, "What if I can't do it?"

     "Can't do it?" Mr. Shu's lips were cruel: "There is no such word in my dictionary. I hope Mr. Qingfeng will not forget it."

     At this moment, Mr. Shu gave people a kind of pressure that he could not breathe. Qingfeng raised his eyes to look at Mr. Shu, and then at Huashang who was sitting in the corner, and then shook his head: "If this is the case, then Mr. Shu still please find sb. better qualified than me."

     Qingfeng's withdrawal made Mr. Shu a little strange. He had no idea that Qingfeng would refuse at this time. For a while, he was a little surprised. He asked, "Why?"

     "The risk is too great.""Doesn't Mr. Qingfeng know that the greater the risk, the greater the return?".

     "Mr. Shu, I have a family. I have a family and a wife. I have a group of brothers who want to eat. The kind of desperate thing that I can do before, I don’t want to do it now. I just want to be safe, everyone Just have a bite to eat. To be honest, I’ve never wanted to take on the job of Fate. After all, I’m not the age of fighting and killing. It’s just that the money you gave is really good. I want to make the last of my brothers. I will finish with a stroke. However, if I have to take too much risk, I would rather not do it." Qingfeng smiled slightly: "We can even enter Fate, but not in the name of locusts. I want to use our strength. It’s not a problem to make a lot of money. Although it’s hard work, it won’t cost you money."

     Mr. Shu closed his mouth tightly, unable to see what he was thinking.Qingfeng smiled again: "In fact, there is nothing for us to do, but, Mr. Shu can not say so deadly. We collect money to help people eliminate disasters, since we have collected your money and entered Fate, we will naturally try our best to do a good job. , It’s just that this plan has not changed much. How do I know if I can get what I want in the end. Therefore, you put the unnecessary pressure on me and I will not do it. If you want to pay liquidated damages, I can agree. After all, this is as It should be by rights, but if you have to take all the responsibilities, sorry, I can’t agree.”

     Mr. Shu squinted his eyes and stared at the breeze tightly. It took him a long time to exhale, "Breeze, you are a cautious person, but I am not a careless person."

     Qingfeng naturally knew what Mr. Shu was talking about. He shook his head: "Mr. Shu, do you know why I chose such a place to stay?".

     Mr. Shu was taken aback for a moment.

     And Qingfeng continued to point to the surrounding environment and said: "It is dirty and chaotic, and there are thieves at all times, and the law and order is not good. And many of my brothers are well-known figures, as me, as the headquarters of the Prosperity World. , Why did I choose to be in such a place?".

     Mr. Shu squinted his eyes. He thought he already understood what Qingfeng was going to say."I started playing games at the age of sixteen, and it’s been fifteen years now. I have taken a group of brothers to be locusts since I was eighteen. Thirteen years have passed since I was at the age of 18. The person you think I offend is still Is it less? But, I can live safely and continue to be my locust. Do you really think that my life is big enough?". Qingfeng stood up, drank the ice water in the cup in one breath, handed the cup to Huashang and smiled: "Wife>, have another cup."

     Hua Shang rolled his eyes, got up and went out to pour water.

     "Are you threatening me?" Mr. Shu's narrowed eyes revealed a dangerous message.

     Qingfeng shook his head: "No." His expression was very sincere: "I just want to tell Mr. Shu that since I dare to go this way, I am not afraid to meet ghosts. Therefore, Mr. Shu, we are just a cooperative relationship. The posture of your set up on high in the mall is above my head, and I have no obligation to accompany you in such a plot."

     Mr. Shu stared at the breeze for a while, and finally exhaled: "Well, we all take a step back. You must help me to hold Fate’s development for two years. If you can’t do it, you need Pay me double the liquidated damages."

     Qingfeng laughed: "Mr. Shu, wouldn't it be good to say that earlier?".Mr. Shu did not speak, but just gave Zhang Ping a wink. Zhang Ping took out a stack of documents from his handbag and handed them to Qingfeng: "Mr. Qingfeng, this is the details of the major Guilds in Fate we collected now You can take a look at the information first."

     Qingfeng took it and swept it over one by one. A slight smile appeared on his lips: "They are really old friends. I didn't expect to meet them all in the same game this time. Now, this is really lucky. I wonder if you will have a drink together when you meet?"

     Seeing that Qingfeng was so relaxed, Mr. Shu felt a little relieved, but suddenly he heard Qingfeng ask: "What is this Guild?"

     Qingfeng has been watching these Guilds, but his gaze was suddenly stunned. In the pile of old Guilds, there is a small Guild named not found in the classics. It stands to reason that this kind of little Guild with no more than 30,000 people would not be the subject of Mr. Shu’s investigation, but it happened to appear here. He carefully looked at the above information and found that this Guild is not big. , But there are so many First Kills, accounting for one-third of all First Kills in Eastern Continent, and the ranking of First five is even more scary.He was a little surprised that such a small Guild is definitely not as equipped as Tang Dynasty, Wolf Clan, World Conqueror and other large Guilds. Why does it repeatedly create such miracles on First Kill? Is there any secret in it? So he picked up the two thin sheets of paper and looked at Mr. Shu.

     Mr. Shu turned his eyes and saw the piece of paper that Qingfeng was holding in his hand, with the four words "Upward Ho" written on it. He touched his chin and said, "It's a newly-built Guild. It seems to be a Guild that only appeared after Fate opened the server."

     "Why does such a Guild have so many First Kills? They are well equipped? They cooperate well?" This is the strangest part of Qingfeng.

     "The level of their players is relatively high, which is very strange. The players in their elite group are basically very good players. In other games, such players are scattered among the big Guilds, but this Guild is very strange. , They seem to collect all these players together like collecting stamps. And the most strange thing is that before entering Upward Ho, these players seem to be little people named not found in the classics, they are all entering Upward After Ho, he gradually showed his talent for playing games." Mr. Shu is also very strange about this. If you say that you are a prophet, this kind of thing is too mysterious, it is really impossible."Oh?" Qingfeng glanced over the names of the members of the elite group one by one, showing a strong interest, and then he laughed again: "This Guild is still good to play when he is empty, but, use Don't worry about it."

     "By the way, there is another very important reason for Upward Ho's reputation in addition to their many First Kills."


     "Their Guild has an incredible player. He is a hunter. He is officially the SOLO king of Eastern Continent. The real top player." Obviously Mr. Shu is not particularly interested in these titles, but according to the official statement. Retell it.

     "Very powerful?" Upon hearing Mr. Shu say this, Qingfeng became interested in this hunter a lot.

     "I am not proficient in games, I am more proficient in business." Mr. Shu did not make any comments on the hunter, he stood up and smiled at Qingfeng: "Mr. Qingfeng, if you treat us If there is no problem with the cooperation, I think I can invite you to our company tomorrow to sign the contract."

     "Okay, no problem." Qingfeng lifted his gaze from those pages, looked at Mr. Shu with a light smile, stood up with him, and looked at Mr. Shu: "At ten o'clock tomorrow morning. , I will arrive at your office on time."Chapter 70 Light Wind

     Chapter 70 Light Wind