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Chapter Directory 275 Sanctuary Snow Mountain
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

When strolling in a hostile continent, the most taboo thing is probably being asked about the purpose.

     Ye Ci is of course the same, so when Rogue Rabbit No. 1 asked Ye Ci this question, Ye Ci just gave him a cool look, didn't plan to answer, and turned around and left. But she didn't want to. She was held by Rogue Rabbit One. This Warrior in green armor waved her hand vigorously at her: "You misunderstood. I didn't want to inquire about your purpose of coming here. I just asked casually."

     Ye Ci looked at his sincere face and hummed his nose as an answer: "I know, let go."

     Rogue Rabbit No. 1 quickly let go, rubbing his hands and smiling happily, with a very honest look: "Well, that, I actually think you bought so many things from me at once, so I'll tell you about the comparison over there. Great."

     Ye Ci turned back to look at Rogue Rabbit One, squinted his eyes, and there was a few cool mockery in his voice: "Tell me what's going on there? Why?"

     "Hey, isn't this also regarded as after-sales service? I am a businessman with a heart." Rogue Rabbit No. 1 smiled.

     "I'm a player who opposes the mainland. If you tell me the situation of the two maps, won't you be afraid that I will do something?" Ye Ci squinted his eyes and continued to look at the expression of the Rogue Rabbit One.It's really interesting. What kind of after-sales service does this person actually say, is there any water in his mind?

     "You're alone, what can you make a big move?" Rogue Rabbit One looked very openly, and he smiled: "I told you just to let you know, this Northern Continent is not like you can go anywhere in the mainland. , Now Northern Continent is in a mess. "Oh? "

     "Recently, I don’t know which player instigated what Quest in Sanctuary Snow Mountain, leading to a 160-level Snowman BOSS monster, which may appear from somewhere, making the player who is going to the Snow Mountain heart alarmed, trembling In fear, if you were not accidentally photographed back, I said, if you want to go to the Sanctuary Snow Mountain, you have to be careful, otherwise you will be photographed back to your own continent with one paw." Rogue Rabbit No. 1 While sorting out the drawings on the table, he warned Ye Ci.

     "Also, the Mojamir Plain is also not very peaceful. There is a deserted city nearby. Now the three major Guilds are garrisoning troops on the Mojamir Plain in order to fight the deserted city. You are a three-legged player who wants to enter Mojamir. Go inside the Mill Plains. It's probably impossible." The rogue rabbit shook his head and shrugged his shoulders with a very pity: "If you must go in, I still advise you. Go back in a while and wait until they treat it. Once the deserted city has been defeated, there will be fewer people, and the Mojamir Plain will be easier to approach."Ye Ci was slightly surprised when he heard the words of Rogue Rabbit One. Unexpectedly, the Northern Continent's hands and feet are quite fast, and it has already begun to attack the deserted city and it is the three Guilds who are going to fight a deserted city together. Ye Ci thought, she probably knew why the Jialan Temple valued the medicine hoe so much. Their Guild must have a herbal worker who is about to be a master of medicine. As long as they have this medicine hoe, the herbal worker can dig it. More and better herbs to create more advanced potion.

     In this kind of Guild melee, in fact, sometimes it is not how much experience the player has, how much experience the team has, how much logistical strength Guild has, and how much money Guild has to support. Jialan Temple, Star Guild, and the fragrance of the rain of blood, these three Guilds are absolutely similar in terms of strength. Since they have been able to stand on three legs for so long, it means that the gap between them is very small in terms of the level of members, experience, or equipment. Even their logistics gap is very small.

     At this time, a small master herb worker can often change the situation of a battle.

     This is probably the so-called a thousand pounds hangs by a thread.Ye Ci thought about the current configuration of Upward Ho. Although it is still far away from these big Guilds, they have also started to post-production. Bai Mo and Timely Rain are supporting them in Guild. She doesn't have to worry about the development of Guild, she just needs to be Guild. Just find the best resource.

     "According to you, is it easier to go to the Sanctuary Snow Mountain than to the Mojamir Plain?"

     "This is the case in terms of the number of enemies." Rogue Rabbit One unknowingly stood in Ye Ci's perspective and analyzed the problem for her: "Although the snowman has one hundred and sixty levels, it is better to hide a monster. Isn't it easy to hide hundreds of thousands of players?"

     Ye Ci nodded, and then asked: "Do you know what the three major Guilds attacked the deserted city?"

     "I don't know, this kind of thing is the top secret of Guild, how can we casual players know it." Rogue Rabbit One shook his head, then looked at Ye Ci and said, "You don't really want to go. Find something among those hundreds of thousands of players."

     Ye Ci didn't comment, but just smiled: "Thank you for the Oakland, I can go."

     "Welcome to patronize my business next time!" Rogue Rabbit No.1 is a rare man who made so much money in one day, and he was in a very good mood. He even waved his hands towards Ye Ci with great enthusiasm.Because of the change of large packages, Ye Ci bought a lot of supplies in the fair trade market. The supplies here are quite complete, plus what Ye Ci carried with her, she just let it go. If you only go to the Mojamir Plain And the words of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain should be enough.

     Because Ye Ci is very purposeful this time, she doesn’t plan to stay in places other than these two maps. What's more, new information will be opened soon, and Shengshi is about to enter Fate. She doesn’t want to be there. She was still dangling outside when the expansion was new. According to Ye Ci's calculations, she intends to return to Eastern Continent one day before the new information is released.

     Although Rogue Rabbit No.1 is a hostile player on the mainland, Ye Ci feels that she has a good look at people. From Rogue Rabbit No.1, she did not find that this guy must deceive herself. In other words, the words of Rogue Rabbit No. 1 are still very convincing, and what he said are not secret secrets. Basically, everyone in Northern Continent knows things, even if Ye Ci doesn’t believe it, just find someone. , Throwing one or two hundred gold coins can also ask such words.Since the three major Guilds in the Mojamir Plain now have their main teams stationed there, Ye Ci will naturally not rush in. In case they really accidentally die in the hands of these players, it is the gains do not make up for the losses. Even if she is in the wind, even if she is fierce, her ability is limited after all. Compared with the hundreds of thousands of main players of the three major Guilds, she has no advantage at all. So Ye Ci's purpose this time is mainly the Sanctuary Snow Mountain. Anyway, the Mojamir Plain is also an errand Quest for Lada, not part of the Epic Level Quest released by Moore. Even if it is not done now, it should be. It doesn't matter.

     After weighing the pros and cons, Ye Ci left in the direction of Sanctuary Snow Mountain.

     Rogue Rabbit No.1 is still an honest and trustworthy businessman. The map he gave Ye Ci is the shortest distance. Ye Ci only needs to follow the road above. After passing through a few maps near Dorami, more and more players on the hostile continent Ye Ci had to dismount, enter the Stealth state, and drove the "11" bus towards the direction of the snowy mountains of the Holy Land.

     After traveling in this way for about three days, Ye Ci finally entered the map of Sanctuary Snow Mountain.Shengyu Snow Mountain is a snow mountain located in the northwest of Northern Continent. It is not the highest snow mountain on Northern Continent. It is indeed the most famous snow mountain in the entire Northern Continent. There is no other reason, just because there are mysterious elves branch drow and blood elves on this snow mountain.

     There is even a gossip that someone has seen an ancient temple of elves on the snow mountain of Sanctuary, but there are many high-level snowmen guarding the temple, making it impossible for people to go deep into it.

     Of course, these are all heard. Until now, no player has been able to search the Sanctuary Snow Mountain completely. Even the map in Ye Ci's hand is very simple. It was drawn by the master map maker of the Northern Continent main city according to the environment described by each adventurer, so for Ye Ci who wants to search this map accurately, this map can only provide her with some rough ideas. For the direction, many details still have to be studied on your own.

     The Sanctuary Snow Mountain is very cold and covered with ice and snow everywhere. Players walking here can easily get hurt if they don’t pay attention. So Ye Ci bought a set of leather jackets for cold protection in the fair market, and it’s just now. Put on.Although hunters are known for their lightness, but this cold-proof leather jacket is really heavy enough for Ye Ci to wear them a bit clumsy. At the foot of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain, there are still many players. There are many level 50 monsters, such as Snow Tiger, Snow Cat, and some humanoid monsters. The refresh is good and the experience points are also very good, so team up here to practice. There are a lot of players.

     It’s just that the weather here is really cold. It takes more physical potions and food to level up here than in other places. Fortunately, monsters here explode more physical potions and meat than other places, allowing players to Although leveling here is not a profit, it is definitely not a loss.

     Ye Ci Stealth crossed the player leveling area at the foot of the mountain, and walked up the mountain along a fairly flat road. As the mountain twists and turns, there are fewer and fewer players on the mountain, but all that is left is The players are still full of vitality, but they are not here to fight monsters, but to capture the mount.In addition to horses for sale at horse dealers in cities on all continents, players can also purchase capture reins to capture various mounts, but these mounts are not so easy to obtain. Either because the temper is too strong, the player can't start, and in the end they can only be killed. Or the level is too high and the success rate of the player's capture is very low. Therefore, there are places where the mounts are refreshed quickly and concentrated, and they become places where players like to gather.

     For example, in Northern Continent, taking the current level 60 as an example, the most suitable mount for players to ride now is in a depression in the southern foot of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain, where there are many snow horses, and their running speed can be It reaches 120%, which is similar to the mainstream mounts on the market, but these snow horses are white in body and have various eyes. They are popular among female players, and they sell much better than ordinary pony horses on the market. This has also attracted many players to come here to set the horse. If the players are lucky enough to be able to set the top quality with a speed of more than 120%, it can be regarded as a small windfall.Although Guild doesn't bother to do such suffering and suffering, the average player is very keen on such things. They are often in groups of three or four, with Hunters and Rangers as the main players, supplemented by Cleric, Priest and other auxiliary members. It is best to add one or two plate armor classes such as Warrior or Paladin. If they cooperate with each other, one day It's not a problem to catch five or six horses.

     "That's the one, that's the one! The red-eyed one! I think that one is definitely the best one!" Ye Ci heard the calls of several players up here, down there when the Stealth passed through this depression. Ye Ci stopped and took a closer look. It turned out to be a five-player horse squad consisting of a hunter, a Rangers, a Rogue, a Cleric, and a Warrior. The one in front was Rangers, his hands With the reins for the horse set inside, they rushed towards a frightened snow horse.

     The power of catching the mount is more explosive, and the players who keep up with the mount in a short period of time are generally the masters of the horse."Hurry up and give it sluggishness, Cleric, hurry up and sluggish it, Warrior goes over there to block it, I'm going to set it up!" Rangers yelled loudly as he ran, his speed is very fast, faster than Rangers are generally much faster. Ye Ci watched her run for a while, and made sure that there must be some acceleration equipment in this Rangers body, otherwise, the speed of this Rangers is a bit inconceivable.

     Although the Cleric behind was very slow, it was fortunate that he had a good sense of consciousness. Instead of following Rangers, he ran straight across and ran in the direction of the snow horse turning, while the Warrior ran straight to the horse's head from the other direction. , I want to drive the snow horse towards the direction of the game from that direction.

     As for Hunter and Rogue, they swam to the outside of the three to take precautions to avoid other players from coveting and launching an attack when they set up their horses. This is a very well-equipped squad.

     Ye Ci looked at it for a while, but didn't want to look at it. He passed them along the intersection and headed towards Stealth, the innermost part of the depression. According to the hints on the map, if you take the big road, there will be a group of snow bears in front of you. Their level will be around 80. There are often larger teams here to spawn and level up. If you go from here, you can’t get it. It will cause some trouble, so it is better to walk from the concave side.There will be a cliff-like place on the side of the depression. The average player may have nothing to do, but Ye Ci with cat's claws on his body is not afraid. Just climb up if you don't want to.

     Ye Ci doesn’t want to have a little conflict with Northern Continent players. In fact, it’s not just Ye Ci. Any hostile mainland player who can reach such a hinterland doesn’t want this to happen. However, there are often unreliable things. occur.

     Ye Ci watched that Rogue of the horse-riding squad kept running back and forth, and that direction was not biased, and it happened to be coming in her own direction. She quickly stepped back and avoided him. Even if you have good equipment and good attributes, the opponent is a Rogue after all. There is no professional opponent in terms of detection ability. If you get too close, you will inevitably be discovered.

     Sometimes the more you don't want to cause trouble, the trouble will come to you. Here Ye Ci was letting Rogue go in a circle and left, but did not expect that the hunter there would have approached her again. If Ye Ci didn't confirm that these two people were only patrolling, she would like to ask them, is there a radar on the back of their heads? Why do they take it wherever they go, and where do they follow?The two were getting closer and closer to each other. Ye Ci had already hid behind the mountain wall. She had no choice but to get into a piece of ice and hide, hoping to hide the dangerous aura from her body with the cold. The hunter's perception was not high, and he didn't notice anything abnormal, but the Rogue's perception was high. He was about seven or eight yards away from the icy edge where Ye Ci was hiding, and suddenly found a hint of danger floating behind him. After that, he immediately turned around and used a scouting technique in Ye Ci's direction, and Ye Ci's figure immediately appeared in his field of vision.

     Regardless of Ye Ci's career, the red light on Ye Ci surprised the Rogue. He quickly yelled in the team: "No, there is a sneak attack!"

     The three players who were still arranging horses were also shocked when they heard this. Snow horse was shocked by their slowness. Rangers’ horse slings were about to grab the horse’s neck. If this time, a Cheng Yaojin would be killed. That's waste all one's previous efforts, which makes people really irritated.

     However, this team obviously encountered such situations frequently. They were not in a hurry. After Cleric released a few Control Skills towards Snow Horse, he rushed towards Rogue and Hunter. Cleric Sorcerer and Priest Warlock are the slowest of all classes, so when Cleric rushed to the vicinity of Rogue, Warrior had already outflanked with a shield."Is a player who is hostile to the mainland. He must be able to come here alone. Everyone must be careful." When the four people except Rangers were preparing, Rogue also quickly stepped back and walked. As he spoke, then he entered the Stealth state.

     And Ye Ci couldn't help sighing, he was really unlucky, just walking around would be discovered by others, this is really bad luck! Looking at the posture that several of their players have now outflanked, I am afraid that even if they explain it by themselves, it is useless. The best way now is to solve them directly, so as not to cause more trouble to themselves.

     She strung out directly from behind the ice ridge, and threw several continuous damage skills towards Cleric while running quickly. In general fights, Cleric is the first to be targeted, because as long as they are still alive, the entire team will need follow-up abilities. It is no wonder that Cleric is the profession that kills the most in group fights.

     Cleric bloodied himself while following a few people in the "S" route, but he had a headache. The damage of this player was really high enough! Just a few continuous damage skills, let his blood fall down. When he saw the name of the player who attacked him, turn pale with fright, he hurriedly shouted in the team: "Let's retreat!"

     "what happened?""The one who beat me is Gongzi You! Eastern Continent that Gongzi You!"


     The most taboo during a fight is timidity and distraction, and this Cleric took both of them, and in the next second he was hung on the ground and something burst out. She doesn't care at all about equipping Ye Ci, she just wants to solve the trouble quickly.

     "Let’s retreat and call someone up in the city." It’s the same hunter. Facing the name and operation of Gongzi You, the hunter of this horse squad is obviously deeply taboo. He knows he and Yaoziyou. How much is the gap between.

     "Rangers, are your horse harnesses good!" Warrior also knows that if you hit the run like this now, a few people will definitely suffer. As long as the game is jammed, they will quickly flash talents.

     If it weren't for the dropped experience and equipment, it would be a big loss.

     "There are still fifteen seconds, so hold on! You pick up Cleric's things! Don't let Gongzi You pick it up!" Rangers was busy setting up horses while not forgetting the Leaders. He is the captain of this horse racing team. Of course, it is responsible for minimizing the loss of the team."You lead Gongzi You to me, I will give her a sap, as long as she faints, we can deal with her!" Rogue has been wandering about twenty yards behind Ye Ci, as long as Ye Ci walked another four or five yards in front of him, and he could rush to her back with a quick pace, releasing his sap.

     "Okay, no problem." Although Warrior and Hunter have lingering fears for the name of Gongzi You, at this time, retreating is death, and no one wants to die. While they were pouring medicine, they led to rush in Rogue's direction.

     Ye Ci did not directly use more violent moves against these players, mainly because she didn’t really want to waste her arrows, so she always used the continuous damage skills with short cooling time and less arrows. She felt It is actually quite depressing to be dragged to death by this kind of continuous skill.

     While running, she gave Warrior and Hunter continuous damage skills back and forth, smiling by the way, and there was a Rogue squatting at most twenty yards behind her. What did he want to do? Sap yourself? It shouldn't be nice if you look down on the other party too much. She thought about it, anyway, she hung up on that Cleric, and she wanted to come, her identity has been exposed, then there is nothing wrong with recruiting Ol’ Four at this time.She blew a whistle and summoned Ol’ Four. In addition to dragons, Tyrannosaurus rex is a relatively high-grade pet among all the hunter pets, and it still has a certain intimidating effect on some other creatures. Although the cheetah of the hunter of the horse squad rushed towards Ye Ci bare fangs and brandish claws, it was swept away by Ol' Four after being swept away. It locked its waist, groaning and groaning, it looked like It was severely injured.

     The hunter was a little stunned. As a model of his profession, he knew how powerful Gongzi You's pet was. Although he had watched the video many times, he knew that he had seen a different feeling from the real battle. When Gongzi You had been alone with several of them, he already felt that there was a huge pressure that made him breathless. And now after she recruited her pets, the invisible pressure seemed to increase by a size, as if to crush them alive.

     Gongzi You didn't release any more harmful skills to them, but only faced them with the most basic skills. Although the damage value of these skills is not high, they also have their own scary places.

     For example, instant cast, such as short CD, even if the damage is not high, but if used cleverly, it can cause fatal damage to people.While Ye Ci gave two people a scorpion sting, the leader leaped Ol’ Four towards the Rogue behind him. Although Ol' Four is huge in size, his reaction is not slow at all. Let Ol' Four deal with Rogue in the main city with agility, plus Ol' Four's level punishment, no matter that Rogue is dexterous, it is enough for him to drink a pot. .

     "Why is her scorpion sting so powerful, my blue is almost exhausted by her!" Warrior has rushed to Ye Ci's side, but he found that his basket was running out. In Fate, all professions need mana. Sometimes mana is more precious than health in battle, because mana means you can continue fighting. If the mana is exhausted, it basically means the battle is over. !

     "I don't know. The equipment on her body may have a damage bonus, or her scorpion sting level is particularly high." While the hunter desperately followed Ye Ci's speed, he shot a skill at her. However, what is strange is that he has clearly aimed at Gongzi You, why is the skill flashed by her when he is not close to Gongzi You's body? This makes the hunter puzzled."No matter it!" Warrior rushed to Ye Ci's side, raised his shield, and slapped Ye Ci with a shield severely. I have to say that this Warrior still has a bit of skill, at least the shield is struck extremely mysteriously. It looks like reckless and has no skill, but when it comes out, it changes a lot, and ordinary players can't hide it. .

     It's a pity that Ye Ci is not an ordinary player. When she saw Warrior rushing to her side and lifting her shield, her steps moved slightly, and her body flashed to the left cleverly. Warrior only felt that the eyes suddenly blurry, Gongzi in front of her. You lost track, and there was a sharp pain in the back joints of his legs, and he received a prompt from the system that he had been "crippled".

     Warrior now feels depressed when you say that it is as depressed as you are. When I was taken away, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything when the shield strike was not shot. I was crippled by the opponent flashing behind him in the blink of an eye. The most depressing thing is that He didn't even react at all! Fortunately, I feel that my predictive ability is very good, but why is it that I don’t even have the power to fight back when I meet an opponent like Gongzi You?

     Ye Ci didn't want to waste her physical strength and supplies, so after crippling Warrior, she didn't deal with her. She glanced at the hunter's blood and it was almost done. Without thinking about it, she made up an arrow and sent him down. On the ground, turning his head to deal with Rogue.Rogue didn’t expect Ol’ Four’s skin to be too thick, and his attack was fast. Although he was sweating profusely after fighting for tens of seconds, this heavy-armored creature could only be dealt with by Sorcerer or Warrior. It's really deadly to leave it to Rogue to deal with it.

     "Rangers, run away as soon as you catch the horse. Don't even burst out the horse. We are having a lot of hard work today." The Warrior, who was crippled in place, watched the hunter fall and did not hesitate to follow him. The Rangers who came over said loudly.

     When I looked up at the game, I saw his four teammates, two died, one disabled, and the remaining one might not last long. He bit his lip and felt aggrieved in his heart, but what else could he do? I can only say: "I'm going back to find someone, you guys be careful!" After that, people flashed again and again.

     "Rogue, be careful, Gongzi You is heading towards you." Warrior looked a little desperate as Ye Ci rushed towards Rogue, he sighed slowly. Because he didn't finish his words, even Rogue fell down.

     Ol' Four was very excited to be able to come out again. After Rogue fell, he immediately faced Ye Ci nod one's head and wag one's tail. Ye Ci threw him a piece of meat, looked up, and saw that Rangers had already I ran a long way away, and it didn't make sense to chase now, so I turned my head and walked into the four places.Her gaze passed by the Warrior who was still in place, without a word, not even a superfluous expression, but the expressionless look made Warrior feel a sudden increase in pressure. This is the so-called Is the technology of the top players?

     He could feel that Gongzi You didn't let go of the fight from start to finish. She seemed to be cautious about something, but just like this, the difference in strength between them and Gongzi You also set up a pole and see the shadow.

     Gongzi You didn't pick up the equipment dropped by the Huamen, it seems that she is not interested in these things at all. In fact, Ye Ci is really not interested in the things they drop. What she is really interested in is the Rangers. What is it that makes him so fast?

     Warrior watched the back of Gongzi You go away like this. He clenched his fist tightly, and made up his mind to become a master one day!

     A figure wearing a black cloak stood on the edge of the mountain above the depression, looking down at the battle that had just been fought in the depression, and a very interested expression appeared on his lips. He didn't expect to meet someone interesting here. people.

     He raised his head and looked into the distance. After thinking for a while, he snapped his fingers all afternoon and said voluntarily: "The arcane Sorcerer seems to say that the one who killed her twice and picked up her medicine hoe was not the same. Hunter? How did I forget."After that, he looked down at the figure with the huge dinosaur walking deep in the depression and smiled: "Oh, Gongzi You, you are so bad that you actually let me carry a scapegoat for you..." He said slightly Smiling, turning around, the corners of the cloak flew, snow flew, and in a blink of an eye, there was a Who shadow on the edge of the cliff, and a piece of quiet white was always the color of this world, and it had never changed a little.

     Ye Ci always felt that someone was watching her. She raised her head and looked around. There was only one face of snow, where is Who? She lowered her head, feeling that she was too sensitive, and then took a closer look, and found that there was nothing wrong with it. Then she turned on the back of Ol’ Four and ran towards the cliff on the west side of the depression.

     The cliff is actually not reliable, the stone has been weathered very badly, but because of the cold weather, frozen ground of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain, the weathered stone of this cliff is also covered with thick ice. The snow in the Sanctuary Snow Mountain seems to have never melted, and there has never been summer here, even spring and autumn are short-lived, their existence is just to bring some rain in the future, pour it on these hard ice, and then make it bitterly cold. Turn these rainwater into a part of the new hard ice, that's all.Ye Ci is standing under the cliff, covered with long ice. In the sunny day, you can see the ice reflecting the colorful sunlight, which is as beautiful as a gem, but it is obviously not a good weather today. The weather is a bit cloudy, and the cold climate is mixed with a biting wind blowing on your face, like a sharp knife happily cutting your skin.

     She took out the cat's claw and threw it towards the cliff, only to hear the sound of ding and ding, and it rang on the ice, as if to remind that the hard cat's claws on the ice couldn't even get in.

     Ye Ci is not discouraged. Just constantly changing places, throwing away the cat's claws, determined to find a suitable place to hold the cat's claws, and pull himself up by the way.

     While Ye Ci was not discouraged and kept trying, the public channels of Northern Continent were already frying. The reason is simply because a horse-riding team encountered Eastern Continent player Gongzi You in the Sanctuary Snow Mountain. This is simply an explosive news. Coupled with the early appearance of the autumn water without dust, it immediately let Northern Continent have all of it. The focus is on these two people.

     Not only ordinary players are discussing, even Miya Guild also began to discuss spiritedly.

     Jialan Temple."Guild leader, just now there was news that someone met Gongzi You in the Snow Mountain of Sanctuary, should we go to be surrounded?"

     "What are you going to do for the containment?" Qing glanced at Menghui Qianli, then lowered her head to look at the strategic map.

     "A series of top players from two continents appeared in our Northern Continent, is there any conspiracy, not to mention" Menghui paused for a while, he really didn't want to bring up the medicine hoe.

     "What about the top players? But the two players, let them go. The important thing now is to attack the deserted city and leave the rest alone." The mood of love has not changed because of the appearance of Gongzi You and Qiushui Wudian. For love, the weight of one or two players simply cannot discuss two disparate things together with the current development of the Jialan Temple. "If you have time, send someone to stare at it and see what she is doing? If it's a Quest, it doesn't matter."

     "Yes, guild leader."