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Chapter Directory 277 Holy Spring
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Holy Spring.

     Ye Ci came to the destination of Sanctuary Snow Mountain.

     This place is not easy to find.

     At least Ye Ci wandered here for a day, but still couldn't find the location of Holy Spring. Sitting in the depths of the dense forest, Ye Ci was burning a bonfire, leaning on fresh bear meat sizzlingly on the fire. He didn't have much seasoning on his body, and he couldn't cook all kinds of delicious items, so he could only make the simplest. The barbecue too. Fortunately, the meat of the snow bear is relatively high-level in the ingredients, so even if it is cooked in a very simple way, it can improve physical strength more than some low-level food.

     Ol’ Four squatted beside Ye Ci, sniffing the scent from the campfire with his head down, drooling with slander. However, he didn't steal the food, he just looked at Ye Ci, begging her to give himself something quickly with his silent eyes.

     Ye Ci is holding a quill pen and is drawing on the map he bought from Rogue Rabbit No.1, marking out the path he has walked this day in detail, and by the way, he also draws the prominent objects in the small environment everywhere. It has to be clear. She could feel Ol' Four squatting around her, her eager eyes, she slowly exhaled, looked at Ol' Four and said, "I said, you should lose weight, and many people say that your ass is too bad. It’s ugly if it’s too big."Ol’ Four didn't care about Ye Ci's words at all, and even started humming back, as if to say that he was satisfied with his body.

     "But if your butt is too big, it will run slower. If you run too slowly, I will consider not wanting you." Ye Ci looked at Ol' Four with slanting eyes, threatening very uncomfortably. This guy is too capable. After eating, I was busy finding food for it every day, and I was too busy to win, and it was really shameless to cook for it.

     Ol’ Four groaned very uncomfortably again, but it was a little pleading, but Ye Ci couldn't understand it.

     The bear meat on the bonfire was already roasting fragrant, and she sighed and took out a piece of bear meat from above, dangling it cruelly in front of Ol’ Four, just not giving it to eat. As a result, Ol’ Four’s eye beads were about to fall on the piece of bear meat, and it screamed unwillingly, like withdrawing and arguing. Ye Ci was very satisfied with the trouble she caused to Ol' Four, so she nodded and threw the meat in her hand directly to Ol' Four, looking at him like a gorgeous oneself Ye Ci smiled happily, resting her chin with her hand Said: "This is the last time, you must lose weight tomorrow."Ol' Four grumbled very dissatisfied but apparently it didn’t take Ye Ci’s threat to heart. After all, for Ol’ Four, as long as you live today’s life well, as for tomorrow’s things, it’s left to tomorrow. Think about it.

     Ye Ci took a piece of barbecue and ate it slowly while watching the sunset in the distance. That round of red sun is about to fall behind the mountain. The sanctuary snow mountain without sunlight will be even colder, she couldn't help sighing, when will I find Holy Spring? You know she doesn't like the cold weather at all.

     After the last ray of sunlight disappeared on the horizon, the night finally covered the whole land.

     Suddenly, Ol’ Four, who was immersed in meat eating, raised his head and looked around vigilantly. Its small ears moved and its nostrils grew, and there was a low roar in its throat. This was Ol’ Four’s most instinctive reaction when he discovered danger. Ye Ci was slightly taken aback when he saw him, did he find anything?

     She immediately kicked the bonfire away, and fiddled with some snow from the side to put out all the sparks. The sound of the cow squeaking from the charcoal of the campfire was particularly harsh in the secluded forest. Ol’ Four looked a little restless next to Ye Ci. While it let out a low roar, it tightened its muscles, as if it wanted to explode.Ye Ci quickly stretched out his hand and patted his nose lightly, signaled it to be quiet, and made another gesture to make it squat down. Although Ol’ Four was not delighted to (do sth, idiom), he still obeyed Ye Ci's arrangement and squatted beside her.

     A hunter in the wild will never choose a place to rest randomly. The place he chooses must have a route to escape smoothly, and there must be a shelter that can Concealment himself.

     Ye Ci is the same. Although she is deep in the dense forest, the place she chose has an open path behind, and many dead branches piled up in front of her. In the dark night, in such a place, It is easy to want Concealment's own body shape.

     What did Ol’ Four discover?

     Ye Ci hid behind the dead tree, staring closely at the distance, wanting to see what danger is that makes Ol’ Four so nervous.

     This wood is the place she chose to inhabit. When she chose it, she noticed that there were few wild beasts here, so she had the courage to light a bonfire here and roast bear meat.

     The terrain of this forest is very complicated, even if there are not many wild beasts coming in, Ye Ci is sure to be able to handle a butcher's cleaver with ease and leave.However, it is really strange to say that since she has been sitting in this dense forest for so long, she hasn't noticed a beast. Ye Ci didn't take this matter to heart, but now that I think about it, it feels very wrong. Is there something here?

     While Ye Ci was thinking about this question, she suddenly saw something wandering in the dark dense forest, and then she knew the answer to what she suspected.

     That's it.

     Why this dense forest has no beasts and no monsters, until now she finally figured it out. It turns out that the real master in this dense forest is not a beast, but a ghost.

     A ghost is a very strange creature. During the day, because of the sunlight, only a few ghosts will appear wandering, and most ghosts will only emerge after going down the mountain too much. This is probably The so-called Hyakki Yexing.

     Although the sky was getting darker and darker, Ye Ci watched the ghosts around him also increase.

     Their level is about 100 to 120. It is very difficult to attack them with Ye Ci's current strength. So only when absolutely essential, Ye Ci will never take the initiative to wander around these guys. Attacked.The ghosts have no entities, and their attacks are mainly mental attacks, while physical damage is relatively small for them. They are mainly afraid of Fire Element damage and Holy Light damage. It would be great if there is a high-level Priest to level up here. One thing. And she, the hunter, is obviously very irrational to face these monsters here.

     Ghosts are not without weakness. They stay in the dark for a long time and have no entities, so their vision, hearing, touch, and smell are useless. However, they have a very strong ability to perceive sound waves. If the player uses the skill casually, he will be keenly noticed by the ghosts, and there will never be any mistakes. From this point of view, Ye Ci feels that ghosts are more like bats.

     Ol’ Four is too big. Although he is very tough, when facing creatures of level 100 or above, no matter how tough he is, he can only be shot to death in a few strokes. So Ye Ci put Ol’ Four away. In this situation, it would be more convenient for Ye Ci to keep him alone.

     Just when Ye Ci put Ol’ Four away, a faint ball of light floated out of her package. Ye Ci was a little surprised, what is this?Although this ball of light does not have any skill fluctuations, surrounded by so many ghosts, such a ball of light suddenly emerges from his body, which is really a bit of a tension. Ye Ci didn't even want to stretch out his hand and pinch the ball of light in his hand, and put it tightly into the leather jacket on his body, covering its light tightly.

     Ye Ci looked up vigilantly around and found that these ghosts hadn't noticed the ball of light, so he thought about it, and boldly let go of the ball of light from his hand, watching it slowly float up. It was strange that she was watching the surrounding ghosts carefully. These ghosts seemed to have discovered the light ball, but they did not show any strange behavior to the light ball. They looked at the light ball as if they saw the air. .

     The ball of light circled around Ye Ci, and Ye Ci found that there was also some thin light on his body. The light seemed to be the same as the light of the ball of light.

     The question is, what is this ball of light?

     Ye Ci checked the attributes of this ball of light and found that it was the ball of light released from the magic elf that Moore gave her.She remembered that Moore had said that as long as he followed this magic elf, he could find the secret about his immortality, and he could also find a way to die for him. And the ball of light in front of her is just meandering and circuitous in front of her, emitting a faint light, its movements are light, and it seems to be telling Ye Ci to let Ye Ci follow it. Ye Ci cautious and solemn stood up without making any sound. The ball of light also flew a little higher, and then drifted slowly towards the front.

     After drifting for a few steps, it found that Ye Ci hadn't kept up with it, so it flew back and started to circle around Ye Ci. Only then did Ye Ci confirm that this ball of light was indeed guiding itself. She looked at the ghosts floating around aimlessly again, entered a hidden state, and then followed the ball of light towards the distance.

     The ball of light is not as cautious and solemn as Ye Ci. It does not seem to have any sense of danger, but it keeps drifting past its own destination. Even if there are a few ghosts clustered together in front of it, it will not care. Running from between them, Ye Ci was sweating profusely as he could see behind.However, it is also strange that the ghost seems to be very tolerant of this ball of light, and does not care about the bashing sideways and colliding straight on facing it, even without any reaction at all. It's just that Ye Ci doesn't have such courage. She has to walk around, and while walking, she has to cut various marks on one side of the tree with her dagger.

     It's dark now, and the map for these places is not comprehensive. If Ye Ci doesn't mark it by himself, he may easily get lost in this dense forest and never find his way out. I don’t know how long I have been in the woods. Ye Ci saw a lot of ghosts anyway. Gradually, she also discovered one thing. The light that the ball of light put on her body can resist being discovered by the ghosts, so she doesn’t Need to be so careful.

     After discovering this, Ye Ci finally moved faster.

     I don't know how long it has been around, the ball of light finally stopped. Ye Ci also stopped, just looking into the distance, and saw a majestic temple in the mist. It was carved out of white stone, and it appeared under the shadow of the snow. There was a bleak white color. I don't know why, this white color is very reminiscent of death.Ye Ci looked sideways at the ball of light, only to see that it was brighter, and it actually shone a large area in this dark night. Fortunately, there are ghost sites around here. If it is a place where wild animals inhabit, two people will definitely be found.

     After a pause, the ball of light continued to float towards the temple.

     Ye Ci can only continue walking behind the ball of light. While trying to avoid the increasing number of ghosts, she keeps looking at the temple. This temple is embedded on the mountain, from the outside you can only see the majestic temple door. However, it is a little broken, perhaps because it is in the snowy mountains of Sanctuary, it is covered with ice and snow everywhere, and even the entrance of the temple has been mostly covered by snow. There are a lot of sharp ice on the top of the temple, and some ice will fall from time to time, I am afraid that if you are not careful, you will get stuck on your body.

     I don’t know if this temple is the statue of Priest that seems to have been abandoned for a long time, and the hidden place of Concealment in the Sanctuary Snow Mountain makes it impossible for players at this stage to find it.

     It's strange.

     There are no ghosts at the door of the temple, and they seem to be very taboo about the things in the temple. Even if this temple has been abandoned, the contents inside seem to have a certain deterrent ability for these ghosts.The ball of light drifted in easily from the snowdrifts at the entrance of the temple, but Ye Ci was not so happy anymore. She could only put the warm fur gloves on her hands and crawled through the loose snowdrifts. , Stepped on a piece of boulder that had collapsed, and crawled into the temple with great effort.

     The temple has long been abandoned.

     Although there are no monsters in it, there are quite a few mice.

     The mouse is really a kind of magical animal, whether in the game or in reality, they seem to be seen everywhere. They are not afraid of the severe cold, nor the cruelty of the environment, they are always the most lively group of creatures.

     When Ye Ci walked into this dark temple, the light ball in front of it could illuminate the road. The passers-by who met the most on the road were probably these rats. They were in groups of three or four. They were swaggering from Ye Ci’s. As I walked by, I didn't seem to be afraid of this strange human being.

     After walking for a while, Lou entered the temple from that passage.

     The field of vision suddenly widened. Although many places in the temple have collapsed, you can still see the exquisite murals painted on the huge dome and the beautifully crafted arched windows around the temple. As for the altar of the temple, there are no statues of gods, but only a small fountain.There is no way to see the outside in the main hall. It should be very dark in principle, but I don’t know what is installed in this temple. There is a kind of faint light illuminating the whole temple, so that Ye Ci does not have to work hard Can see everything here clearly.

     Under the main altar, there are many prayer chairs scattered on both sides, but they look very old. Ye Ci lightly touched one of them with his hand, and the chairs were sharp and gorgeously scattered on the ground. . It seems that I don't know how long it has been decayed.

     When is this the lost temple on earth? No one knows.

     The light of the light ball gradually faded, and finally disappeared in front of Ye Ci's eyes. It seems that the secret about Moore's immortality is already in front. Ye Ci climbed over the fallen columns and gravel in the middle of the temple, and walked towards the main altar.

     The small fountain on the main altar is not big, but the water is very clear, but the spring eye of Poquan is blocked by a lot of dust and gravel, and I don’t see the beauty that it can spray. Its spring water can only Slowly flow in the pool along the spout.

     Ye Ci stretched out his hand, trying to pick up all the rubble that blocked the fountain mouth, but didn't want to hear a majestic shout: "Stop. Mortal! Who gave you the right to touch the purest in the world Holy Spring…

     Holy Spring!Ye Ci is obviously more sensitive to the word Holy Spring than from who made that majestic shout. She looked at the fountain tightly and couldn't help but smile, this is the mountain and river exhausted, the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light another village. Now that Holy Spring has been found, Ye Ci will have time to see who it was just now.

     She turned to look at the place where the sound was made. I saw a man in a long gown slowly walked out of the dark place. He seemed to be only 30 or 40 years old. However, Ye Ci would not think that he was really so young, because from his eyes Ye Ci saw the vicissitudes that seemed to have gone through a thousand years.

     Lost a scouting technique to this man, all of them are question marks.

     Ye Ci exhaled and raised his eyebrows, okay now there is any NPC in the game

     They are all higher than themselves, and it is better to be respectful. After all, being humble will never do any harm. So Ye Ci immediately saluted the man respectfully.

     "Hello, dear sir, I am just a passing traveler lost in the snowy mountains of the Holy Land in this dark night, and accidentally broke into this long-distance temple. But I found that the springs here are so charming. , I have no ill intentions, I just want to see its original beauty."The man had already walked to Ye Ci's side. He was very tall and looked at Ye Ci who was saluting live high and look down. It took a while before he said, "Mortal, I'm in yours. I smelled a dead soul. My instinct told me that you didn’t tell me the truth completely."

     The smell of necromancer?

     Ye Ci frowned, what did he point to? Is it the arrow of light or the ring, or something else? She looked at the man with some incomprehension, and said strangely: "The smell of necromancers? But I haven't come into contact with any necromancers?"

     The man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as if feeling something deeply. It took him a long time to breathe out. "Yes, that's the smell of necromancers. This necromancer who has passed through thousands of years hasn't found a way to destroy himself."

     Ye Ci realized that he was talking about Moore. She nodded quickly: "So you were talking about Mr. Moore."

     "Moore?" The man opened his eyes and looked at Ye Ci: "Is he calling this name now?""Yes, sir." Ye Ci nodded: "I was entrusted by Mr. Moore to find a way for him to die on the continent of Maja." Ye Ci expressed a sad expression when he said this: "Although I die The word spirit is not a good word, but this gentleman, what I saw from Mr. Moore was a sad man."

     "If I understand correctly, a mortal, you seem to be pleading for Moore?" The man looked at Ye Ci quietly for a long time, before calm and unhurried defined Ye Ci's performance.

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. She still doesn't know that the other party is Who. If she rashly answers him, it will bring some inconvenience to the Quest below. So she thought for a while and then slowly said: "Sir, I'm just a mortal and I can only see where I see, so I just seek truth from facts and say everything I see."

     The man didn’t immediately answer Ye Ci’s words, he just stared at her for a long time before he sighed and said, “The elves are indeed the kindest race in the world. They never want to look at the ugly side. Don’t you guys? Do you know that this will make you suffer again and again?"

     Listening to this man, it seemed to know some elves.Ye Ci thought about the Arrow of Light in his package, and suddenly had a bold idea in his heart. Could it be that this person also knows Elven King Dole? This thought came to my mind again and again, and it boiled uncontrollably.

     At this moment, Ye Ci's brain is like a fast-running machine, immediately connecting all the detailed calculations about Elven King Dole.

     Elven King Dole once participated in the battle with the Demon King Naga with king heroes of various races, and eventually died in the battle. Of course, there is also a saying that he did not die, but was sealed by Naga.

     Elven King Dole once experienced that battle with Moore, the lord of the Black Mud City. In that battle, in order to pursue eternal power, Moore obtained the immortal body, which is now the dead body of this man.Elven King Dole once fought against Saga, the minion of Demon King Naga, and shot Saga with his beloved Arrow of Light. Although Saga was a dark creature, he did not die because of the Arrow of Light. The arrow of the holy light is gone. Then Nober summoned Saga and betrayed his soul. In the forbidden area of the Doro tribe, Saga was allowed to use this arrow of holy light to create an environment for his soul, and he unwittingly obtained this Arrow of Holy Light. It seems that Natasha, an arrow merchant of the elven race, who has insight into everything, has directed herself to come here to clean the already contaminated arrow of the Holy Light.

     In the snow-capped mountains of Sanctuary, the magic elf that Moore gave Ye Ci played a role, turning into a ball of light and leading Ye Ci to Holy Spring.

     Holy Spring is to clean the arrow of the Holy Light, but on the side of Holy Spring, Ye Ci meets this man who seems to be quite prejudiced against Moore.

     From the conversation with this man, Ye Ci learned that this man not only knows Moore but also Elven King Dole.

     I remember that the lord Moore of Hei Ni City once promised Ye Ci, as long as she finds a way to die, then he must tell Ye Ci all the things he knows about Elven King Dole.All of this seems to have something to do with Elven King Dole. However, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with Elven King Dole. They are inextricably linked together to form a huge Quest system that is impossible to imagine, Ye Ci felt that he had only touched the tip of the iceberg of this Quest, and the larger Quest was all in the darkness that no one found.

     "Do you know Elven King Dole?" After contacting all the clues, Ye Ci asked this man boldly. Her voice is not only because she is a family of elves, but more importantly, Elven King Dole. She has been in her Quest right after she was born again, but he has been Concealment after all these Quests. Whether it is racial or professional relations, she is already impatient and wants to know about this legendary Elven King. In the past, it's just that I don't know what this man will know, and what will he tell himself?The man was not surprised that Ye Ci would ask that. After all, Elven King Dole is the king of all elves. His existence makes the history of elves extremely shocking and powerful. He suddenly laughed, and protruded from his sleeves a pair of beautiful hands, white and slender. Those hands didn't look like a man's hands at all, but they grew on a man's body. He moved his fingers lightly, and the fingers flicked like dancing, and then the ten fingers were crossed together. "It seems that we can make a deal with the elves."

     "Deal?" Ye Ci was a little surprised.

     This word is not unfamiliar to Ye Ci, but what is unfamiliar is that this word is often spoken from Ye Ci's mouth, but now it is spoken from one's mouth, which really makes Ye Ci not to know whether to laugh or cry: "What deal?"

     "I told you about Elven King Dole. You told me about the necroman." The man smiled softly. "Look, it's fair. None of us takes advantage. Now is full of curiosity, just as you are full of curiosity about Elven King, we say what we know and achieve the curiosity of each other. What a wonderful thing."Ye Ci stared at the man's face closely. His smile was very beautiful. It can even be said that this man's smile is really beautiful. It looks better than all the beautiful men's smiles Ye Ci has ever seen. Although he seems to be 30 or 40 years old, when he laughs, you actually think he is so shrewdness, even brilliant. His smile seemed to have a huge magic power, making people have to fall into it.

     Ye Ci feels that his head is a little dizzy, which is not right. She moved her fingers hard, but found that her fingers could no longer move. Her heart sank suddenly, no good! This guy can be psychedelic, it must be some kind of magic on her body, if you continue to stare into his eyes, 100% of the loser will be yourself.

     He tried to close his eyes downwards, but the bottom of his eyes seemed to be supporting a pot alloy bracket and couldn't close at all. Ye Ci took a deep breath, not knowing where the strength came from, and turned his body abruptly. Facing the man, he realized that the back of his back was full of sweat. And her muscles seemed to lose strength at this moment, so she was unable to hold her hands tightly.

     The man looked at Ye Ci's back, raised his eyebrows, and said nothing. Instead, she quietly watched her trembling back and laughed."It's not fair." Ye Ci said slowly after taking a few breaths. She didn't turn around anymore, just turned her back to the man, looking at a collapsed column in the temple in the distance, it seemed that only the mess there could make her feel a little bit of interest now.

     "What is fair?"

     "The angle we stand was originally unfair. You can use psychedelics to get the answer you want to know from my mouth, but I can only look at you with eyesight and wait for your alms.

     The active party of this transaction will always be you, and I can only take it passively. This transaction is unfair and I refuse. "Ye Ci took a deep breath and said his answer.

     "Reject?" The man seemed to have expected that his proposal would be rejected. He was not angry. He didn't even have any extra emotions: "Apart from what you think is unfair, are there any other reasons for rejecting me?""I can't tell anyone about Moore." Ye Ci said slowly. In the game, every NPC has its own personality. Although Ye Ci doesn't know Moore much, Ye Ci has been in contact with Moore for a short time. It can be guessed that Moore does not want more people to know her secret, so Ye Ci will never tell Moore's secret rashly until she does not understand the identity of the NPC opposite. Otherwise, it is easy to be disgusted by Moore, if the luck is a little bit worse, and the NPC in front of him is disgusted, then she is the real gains do not make up for the losses.

     "Why? His matter seems to have nothing to do with you, it doesn't matter if you talk about it."

     "It's not the same." Ye Ci shook his head: "Elves are the race that can keep secrets best. I can't betray my race casually. What's more, I don't think I should tell you Mr. Moore's secrets. Although I get along with Mr. Moore It’s not long, but I think I should be reluctant to speak about it for his things."

     "You are such a stubborn person."

     "This is not stubbornness, but just as a person's most fundamental rule. Guard one's mouth like a closed bottle can gain the respect of others." Ye Ci sighed: "I don't want my failure to cause any trouble to anyone. , I just think so."

     "It doesn't matter if you missed knowing Dole?"Ye Ci squinted his eyes: "I think there are many people who participated in that battle. Even if you don’t tell me about Elven King Dole, I believe that I can still get information about our race king from other people. The news. After all, the effort pays off."

     The man hadn't spoken for a long time, so Ye Ci couldn't guess what happened, so he could only stand there quietly. I don't know how long it has passed before the man finally laughed.

     "Why are you laughing?"

     "Unexpectedly, after so many years, you elves are still so interesting." The man turned his body and looked at the fountain, then raised his hand to pick up all the gravel blocked in the fountain, those who were bet on. The spring water gradually began to flow more and more, more and more happier.

     "Do you think this Holy Spring is beautiful?"

     Ye Ci looked at the Holy Spring from the corner of the eye, and felt that if he didn't look into the eyes of a man, he would be safe. So, turning around, looking at the Holy Spring, the seek truth from facts said: "It's beautiful."

     It's really beautiful.

     Not to say how beautiful the spring water is, but in such a desolate or even collapsed space, there is actually such a clear and complete fountain, reflecting the soft light, which is naturally unnatural and makes people feel unnatural. Feel an indescribable beauty."I have looked up to it for many years, so much so that I have forgotten how much time it has." The man smiled slightly and turned to look at Ye Ci's profile: "You are a kind spirit, you can treat Moore The fact that guard one's mouth like a closed bottle shows that Moore's vision of seeing people over the years has finally improved.

     Hearing this, Ye Ci's heart finally fell.

     Sure enough, if I had just made a deal with this NPC, I'm afraid I would be punished inexplicably now. She didn't know how the player who made this Quest in the last life chose when facing this Hua NPC, but she thought that she did not make the wrong choice this time.

     "Who are you?" After thinking for a while, Ye Ci thinks it is better to ask about the person's identity.

     "Who am I? If you don't ask, I think I have forgotten what my own identity is?" The man exhaled a long breath: "I only remember that Moore once called me a rabbi. Maybe that It’s my name."

     Rabbi? Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. If she remembered correctly, the rabbi should have meant the teacher.

     So this person is Moore's teacher? ? ?No, this man looks much younger than Moore! You must know that Moore is over a thousand years old. If Moore is his student, I am afraid that this guy is much longer than Moore.

     Sure enough, it is an NPC. The program is the program. It seems that the age of more than a thousand years is completely different.

     "Moore asked you to come to me, did he regret the original choice?"

     The rabbi’s words gave Ye Ci a slight stun. She thought carefully about all the things Moore had said to her, and then nodded: “I think Moore has indeed regretted it.”