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Chapter Directory 280 Drow Tribe
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci's question made Qiu Shui Wuchen's smile even better. He spread out his hand and slowly said, "It's really hard to say, it's better to see it with me."

     "If you really don't know until then, isn't it too late for everything?" Ye Ci snorted, "There are two options, either say it now or go by yourself. It's fine if we haven't seen each other." "Ye Ci turned and left as he said.

     I don’t want her to make Qiu Shui not dust the dust a little anxious, and repeatedly stopped her and said, “Alright, grandma, let me be afraid of you? I have been around this mountain for two days and finally found this thing, but with my own strength, I don’t think I can get it. Didn’t it happen that you were on this mountain, so I came out to try my luck , See if I can find you. I didn’t expect God to help me. It really made me find you. So, please help.”

     "Things that the great god Qiu Shui does not stain the dust can't be done" Ye Ci narrowed his eyes and looked unbelievable: "Then I basically can't do anything about it.""Don't talk like that. Anyway, we are the Alliance Continent, so please lend a hand to help." It seems that this thing is really important for Qiu Shui not to stain the dust. He has not had the time when he was fighting against the Jialan Temple at that time. Calm down, look anxious to get angry. "What a god is not a god, it is not said by two mouths, besides, even if I move in a good position, I am also a Sorcerer. Sorcerer's weakness is slow. Isn't this speed something you are good at? Help, save one's life and build a seventh-level Buddhist stupa, don't you think?"

     Ye Ci was so dizzy that Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen said, this man is not only a talkative master, but also very good at turning around. Ye Tong made him go around very upset, waved his hand again and again, beckoning him not to say any more, "Okay." Okay, I'm afraid of you, hurry up and lead the way."

     "Are you agreeing?"

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes and snorted: "Yeah, yeah, hurry up, I'm still in a hurry to meet Eastern Continent. "

     "Okay, go here." After Qiu Shui Buran Chenjian achieved his goal, he stopped saying a word, and walked towards the deep forest with Ye Ci. Ye Ci followed behind Qiu Shui's dust-free, walking hum, but in order to match the speed of Qiu Shui's dust-free, she didn't walk too fast.The silver-white moonlight shed a psychedelic brilliance in the woods, refracted back, and even coated the bodies of both of them with a layer of holy silver light. Ye Ci followed behind Qiu Shui Wu Chen, and kept walking towards the deepest part of the Snow Mountain of Sanctuary. Neither of them spoke. In this quiet night, she only heard the footsteps of two people stepping loosely. There was a creaking sound in the snow, and Ol' Four followed Ye Ci with curious grunts from time to time about everything in the silvery white color here.

     Qiu Shui is not stained with dust is a weird person.

     Ye Ci originally thought that this guy should be a chatter, but after walking with him for a long time, he didn't say a word in a daze. It seems that the chatter of this guy is also divided in time, and he may talk a lot when he asks for help. Once the goal is achieved, the words are truly treasured.

     Since Qiu Shui was not stained with dust and did not speak, Ye Ci was also very quiet. While walking behind him, she took out a map and a quill, and stopped to draw a detailed map of what she saw on the map. The path and mark of the file, so that you can use it next time.

     In this way, the two people have been walking silently, one after the other, as if they didn't know each other at all. I don’t know how long it took, Qiu Shui Wu Dust stopped, turned to Ye Ci and said, "Here."Ye Ci stopped and looked around. The white mist was everywhere, and it was night, even if it was illuminated by the snow, it was still not so clear. Ye Ci first lost an eagle eye technique to the neighborhood, carefully observed the surrounding environment, and by the way, found out what the destination of Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen said.

     Soon, she discovered that in the mist, there were many elves wandering back and forth, their skin was dark, and their eyes were ruby-like colors. Ye Ci was slightly startled. She finished the Eagle Eye Technique and said to Qiu Shui Budchen: "Are you looking for the drow?"

     Qiu Shui Buranchen shook his head: "No, to be precise, just looking for the secret treasure enshrined by the drow."

     Ye Ci nodded and lost another eagle eye technique. He carefully observed these drow elves, and exclaimed Zé Zé as he watched: "Both drow elves and blood elves are the best among the elves. Race, talent, etc. are much better than our white elves, especially the Magic based Classes of the drow, which is very powerful, and it is true. Look at the drow here, the top ten are all Magic based Classes. ""Well, although their level is not high, the lowest is only ninety, and the highest is one hundred and two, but for me, who is only at level sixty, it is not easy to clean up one by one, but these guys all live in groups. If I fight one, I just run over in a bunch, and I can't stand it."

     "With such a high level, even if I were to be added, I would definitely die." Ye Ci continued to observe, but he didn't forget to talk to Qiu Shui for not getting rid of the dust: "Or you think I let you be a scapegoat, so I have to do it for you. You are a little happier with the back cushion."

     Sure enough, he is a careful person. Qiu Shui Buranchen glanced at Gongzi You who was performing the Eagle Eye Technique. He smiled and sighed: "Can't you Stealth? And I see you have a lot of strange nose and hands, just help me hold it. Damn, I can go in and get things."

     Ye Ci put away the eagle-eye technique, and gave it a glance: "Big brother, do you think I will die? If you want me to die, just say it clearly, so many drow elves, how do you ask me to give it to you? Yingguai!" She just saw that there are at least ten Magic based Classes densely packed in the tribe. Even if she can get in and out, she will not die if she is discovered! A hundred and eighty drow elves cast magic on Ye Ci together. If she does not die, she is a plug-in."Didn't I just see that you still have a helper? He seems to be very resistant. It doesn't matter if one person carries five ghosts of level 120. Let me borrow them for use." When it's there, you don't want to hide sī shit, see Ye Ci really want to go up and smoke him.

     This guy really saw Aaron take it, but if Aaron took it there just now for a long time, if he didn't see it, he would be blind. Ye Ci rolled his eyes, and said without changing his face and heartbeat, "I'm afraid it won't work. That guy can only be summoned once a day. I have used up my summon today."

     Qiu Shui Bu Dianchen has no shì guard, and I don’t know if Gongzi You said it is true or false. It’s just a pity to hear Ye Ci say this. He sighed and sat on the dry tree on one side, looking at the distance. Drow: "I have to think about it, how can I get it?"

     "Okay, don't think too much, just clean up the elves outside first, and then let's talk." Ye Ci doesn't have the idea that autumn water is not dusty. She has always been an actionist, and she sits in a tone of voice when she encounters this kind of thing. If you want to break your head here, it's better to think about the method while playing it.

     However, I did not expect that Qiu Shui did not stain the dust but showed a bitter face to her: "Can you not fight?""What? Not enough?" The only reason Ye Ci could think of for Sorcerer's refusal to fight was this, but she really didn't expect that there were other reasons for not getting dust in the autumn water.

     "No." Qiu Shui Burenchen dragged his voice long, and let out a very sad sigh: "Daguai is so tired..."

     Ye Ci was full of black lines, and even her face was dark. She squinted her eyes and suddenly felt that she was really idiot. Why did she promise to help this person to do some shit Quest? According to personal thoughts, I'm afraid he just wants The empty glove white wolf even wanted to send himself to death, and then he was hiding aside to take advantage.

     Ye Ci cursed in a low voice. Actually, he and this guy really don't have any common language or common direction. It's better to separate early. So she turned around without hesitation, without looking back: "Well, goodbye. Not forever!"

     "Okay, okay, I will fight monsters when I know! Don't go, Gongzi You, I know!" Qiu Shui Buranchen saw Ye Ci about to leave, and jumped up anxiously, unable to put away his body. The lazy bones began to say good things.Ye Ci is too annoying, as long as you stand still, otherwise this guy keeps chirping on his ears and talking non-stop, which is really annoying. She turned to look at the man and said, "If you drop the chain again, I don't care about your life or death. Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with me. I am here purely as Lei Feng, which has never been in my history. !"

     "Yes, yes, hurry up and let your baby go up to the blame." Qiu Shui did not stain the dust and nodded again and again. This woman is not only small-minded, but also not very big-hearted. The most terrifying thing is that her temper is very overwhelming, no Knowing whether he could marry in the future, he secretly slandered in his heart.

     "Give me ten thousand gold first." Ye Ci also rude, and stretched out his palm toward the autumn water without staining the dust.

     "Why!" Qiu Shui Burenchen screamed, looking at Ye Ci with a frightened look. He is a three-line Sorcerer. Although he is very tough, the thing that he lacks most is money. He usually saves money if he buys something that is not stained with autumn water. If he loses a copper coin and picks it up on the ground, he actually wants it. Being asked for ten thousand gold by a person who met for the first time, he felt it was too horrible."Hey, you don't think I helped you in vain!" Ye Ci looked at Qiu Shui like a monster without staining the dust: "You don't think my arrows, my physical potions, my red mine Lan and all the things my baby eats are brought by the wind!"

     "That's not worth 10,000 gold, right!" Qiu Shui is not stained with dust, but is a master who must be punished. This is directly related to his career as poor with only four bare walls for a home, so for Ye Ci's lion He opened his mouth wide, and he was already on the verge of anger: "Although I am not a hunter, I often visit the auction house. You don't even want to add up to three thousand gold! You dare to ask me for ten thousand gold! You too! It's too dark!"

     "Do you know this is in Northern Continent! Do you know what inflation is? What is worth 3,000 gold in the Southeastern Continent, you may not be able to buy 10,000 gold in Northern Continent, I want you to 10,000 gold It’s for the sake of the so-called "meeting an old friend in a foreign place," you still bargain with me, are you a man? "For the weird cry that Qiu Shui is not stained with dust, Ye Ci didn't let it go, so he roared back.

     Qiu Shui Buranchen was holding his wallet pocket, and his distress was extremely distressed. Ten thousand gold, ten thousand gold was almost one-half of his family property, so he would not do anything if he killed this guy!"I said, can you be less!" No! In addition to the cost of raw materials, the cost of consuming supplies, and my labor costs! If it wasn't for your help, I have returned to Eastern Continent now. You won't be reimbursed for my lost work loss! I want you ten thousand is already very cheap, can you please be more generous. "

     "Hey, hey, I said, Gongzi You, you are also the great god of Eastern Yalu at any rate, can you not be so pretentious and embarrassing!" Qiu Shui will not be dusty and soft, so he will start directly.

     But Ye Ci obviously didn’t eat this set, she immediately answered back sarcastically: "I said, autumn water does not stain dust, you are also the great god of the southern continent, can you tell me this, be generous, you are still a man You just care about me as a woman, isn't it a bit too much!"

     "You!" Qiu Shui Buranchen suddenly felt that a woman is really pester endlessly, even if the other party is a top player, it will not affect the essence of this gender.

     "Stop wordy, hurry up and pay!" Ye Ci snorted. For this guy who wanted to eat and wiped his bones, Ye Ci had long wanted to clean up. Now that she has found a way, she will not be casual. Let go.Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen was forced by Ye Ci to have a way, so he sighed and said honestly: "I said, I don't want to take advantage of you, I really don't have money." He grabbed his fingers and said: "All say Sorcerer Earning money in the later stage is true, but it refers to a Sorcerer, I" he paused and didn’t hide Gongzi You: "I’m a three-line Sorcerer, I really can’t save the money if we sign a contract. , You can let me do an equivalent thing for you, can it be done? For money, not for money, for fate, one thing."

     Ye Ci saw that Qiu Shui was not stained with dust, and began to squint his eyes and remembered that the three-line Sorcerer is indeed short of money, even if the other party is the SOLO king of the southern mainland, they are all money-burning goods before they reach the 100th level, so , She did not doubt that Qiu Shui was not dusted. Just ten thousand gold and the help of a top Sorcerer, which one is more cost-effective?

     There is no doubt that it is the latter of course.

     Ye Ci looked up and down to see that the autumn water was not stained with dust, and smiled inwardly. If this guy is really unkind and it's okay, it's okay to come to Upward Ho to work.

     "Well, let's write a contract." Ye Ci saw that Qiu Shui did not stain Chen's heart, and finally before he collapsed, Ye Ci nodded and agreed to his proposal.The contract automatically generated by the contract system is approved by both parties, and then this contract will take effect. Both parties do not have to worry that the other party will go back, anyway, everything is under system supervision.

     Ye Ci took a closer look at the contract and put it in his contract system, and he was very satisfied: "I will help you if you are still on the road."

     Qiu Shui Burenchen rolled his eyes, typical of a good bargain, this woman...

     It really looks like it, eats people without spitting out bones...

     Although both of them are only at level sixty, even if Ol’ Four is added, they will be worth three sixty levels, but these three sixty levels are nothing to provoke. Let’s not say that the equipment on the two people is really good. Let’s just talk about the operation of two people. However, if two or three monsters are running together, they are already proficient as friends who have cooperated for many years. Ran Chen also had a deep desire to be able to brush monsters and level up with a guy like Ye Ci.

     It's too fast.

     Ol' Four stood on it, a shattering group fainted, his frosty world came down, Ye Ci’s Multi Arrows let go, only a piece of drow was controlled, and the red piece of damage rose, several times After his skill, Jin Huanghuang’s skill refreshing on the screen is really exciting.There are not many grizzly spirits wandering outside the drow tribe, probably only 20 or 30, but they are all relatively high-level, belonging to the kind of defensive series of elves, similar to guards. The general level is around one hundred to one hundred and one,

     Therefore, although Ye Ci and Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen cooperate very well, they are not easy to play. There are often four or five monsters, and it takes most of the blue water that Qiu Shui does not dye dust to kill them all. Therefore, every time a bunch of monsters are cleared, if the autumn water does not stain the dust, you have to sit down and return to blue.

     In comparison, Ye Ci doesn't have so much trouble when it comes to Qiu Shui without dust. She is not short of blue, but Ol’ Four is not easy to fool. Because of the high level of the monster it faces, it hurts blood and consumes a lot of physical strength. Therefore, every time when the autumn water does not stain the dust and returns to the blue, Ye Ci has to treat Ol' Four and feed it. Ensure that Ol' Four does not go on strike.

     It took about an hour for huā, and the elves of various professions wandering outside the drow tribe were wiped out by two people. The two didn't know how long the refresh time of these drow elves was, but it was almost time to come, so they had to find a way to enter the tribe quickly.

     The night has gradually brightened, and the mist in the mountains and forests has begun to disperse. The two men sat just a few steps away from the tribe and looked inside the tribe.There are many wooden houses inside, which seem to be where the drow lives, and there are a lot of guards at the door. As long as these guards can be eliminated, you can enter the tribe.

     Ye Ci lost a few Flash Shots and confirmed that there were no Concealment monsters, so the two opened the monsters and prepared to attack the tribe.

     Just when the two people here are busy looking for something in the drow tribe, the three Guilds that have been ready for a long time at the Mojamir rate are finally going to be called to slow down the deserted city. Launched an attack.

     Jialan Temple.

     "The guild leader, sent to stare at Gongzi You and the person who does not stain the dust is back." Menghui Qianli whispered while standing beside Jialan style.

     Jialan Fengqing is distributing Quest with several team leaders who are preparing for the battle. Because of the lack of a good rest in the battle for several days, there is an imperceptible fatigue in the corners of his eyes and brows, but his eyes are clear, even In glowing spirits, it seems that the lack of rest these days has not caused him too much discomfort. On the contrary, when the war is approaching, fatigue has become a positive motivation for him."What?" Jialan Fengqing raised his head from the map and watched Menghui Qianli. This time Menghui Qianli was mainly responsible for the peripheral investigation work. He himself brought back a lot of very useful information with care. Fengqing modified some of its own siege plans based on this information.

     This time the tomb city is really not trivial. On the one hand, they have to take down the deserted city with the least loss. On the other hand, they have to stare at the other two Guilds, so that they don’t make any trouble under their noses. It doesn’t matter if they defeat Guild, if it affects their own Guild. In the case of siege, it is really the gains do not make up for the losses.


     Now that the three Guilds stand together, it is obviously impossible to siege the city without being affected by the other two Guilds. But it's okay, the Jialan Temple has made the most complete control anyway, as long as there is nothing like a monster attacking the village and other game activities, there will be no problems.

     Of course, this is not enough.

     Jialan style work has always been big and big, and the subtleties are also subtle. Therefore, he will strangle all hidden dangers in the cradle.For the current Jialan style, the biggest hidden danger is probably those two uninvited guests. "What's the situation?...Although the preparations are now at the most critical juncture, Jialan style is obviously very concerned about Gongzi You and Qiu Shui's dust-free issue, and he even signaled everyone not to speak, so that he could be more important. Quietly heard the report of Menghui Qianli.

     "A total of three Rogue teams were sent out, and each team had more than 20 personnel. According to all the reports received by the eyeliner, Gongzi You and Qiu Shui Buran Chen both entered the sanctuary three days ago. Snow mountain, and there is no sign of coming out so far. The people guarding the entrance of Sanctuary Snow Mountain also reported that they did not go down the mountain for supplies and should be still on the mountain now." Menghui Qianli answered very carefully.

     "Do you know where they are in the Snow Mountain of Sanctuary?" Jialan Fengqing frowned slightly after hearing Menghui Qianli's report. I didn't know what he thought of, but he had a slight meal. Asked again: "Or which area?""Our best Rogue squad tracked their tracks, but they were not found in the area below the 80th level, so they should now be in the 90th to 120th level. However, this area It’s too dangerous. We didn’t rush into it.” Menghui Qianli replied. Although he didn’t know the specific location of Gongzi You and Qiushui Wuchen, he had come to this topic. What will be pursued, after all, compared with the whereabouts of these two men, maintaining combat effectiveness on the eve of the war is also a very important thing.

     Menghui Qianli’s answer made Jialan very satisfied. He nodded, unavoidably sighing: "It seems that they are here to do Quest, but they can actually reach the leveling area from level 90 to level 120. I really have to be admired."

     "Guild leader, will they affect the entire battle?" Suddenly a leader asked.

     Jialan Fengqing paused after hearing his question. In fact, he was also worried about this issue. However, although the two maps of Mojamir Plain and Sanctuary Snow Mountain are connected, there is no passage at all on the adjacent side. Down is also impossible. Xie Yi, he abandoned the worry in his heart and shook his head: "Let's continue talking about our situation."

     What will the stars.When Nangong Yunfei reported the matter of Gongzi You and Qiu Shui to Jù Dú, this guy was sleeping on the recliner.

     Jù Dú is not the same as ordinary people. People like Jialan Fengqing will become more nervous when they are in an emergency, and their nerves are tense, let him rest, and he may not be able to sleep. On the other hand, Jù Dú is just the opposite. The more important the moment, the more relaxed his nerves will be, and he will even be too sleepy to open his eyes. Therefore, on the eve of the start of the war, Jù Dú will have to sleep anyway.

     Nangong Yunfei knocked on the back of Jù Dú's chair, making a beeping sound. Although it was not loud, it was knocking pursue unremittingly, not to mind taking all the trouble, until Jù Dú slowly woke up from his deep sleep. come. He obviously hasn't woken up yet. He stared at Nangong Yunfei in a daze, as if recognizing who was so courageous that disturbed his clear dream, and then found out that it was Nangong Yunfei, he yawned helplessly. , And then said: "What's the matter, if there is nothing important, I will beat you up."Nangong Yunfei didn't care, he shrugged his shoulders and told Jù Dú the news that Gongzi You and Qiu Shui are not stained. Jù Dú's reaction is quite different from that of Jialan. In fact, it should be that the two people's areas of concern are not the same. Jù Dú touched his chin and murmured to himself: "These two guys, will someone take a video if they fight?...,

     Nangong Yunfei is obviously already familiar with Jù Dú's way of thinking, and he even replied very seriously: "No."

     Jù Dú spread his palms: "It's a pity, if the two can fight, they really have a head. The hunter is still a three-line Sorcerer, how wonderful....

     "I don't think they will fight." Nangong Yunfei directly pierced Jù Dú's little fantasy.


     "Here we are, they are Alliance players, maybe they are doing Quest together."

     Nangong Yunfei's analysis is obviously more reliable than Jù Dú's thinking.

     However, he was strongly despised by Jù Dú: "It's boring, you are so boring!"

     Nangong Yunfei laughed. He said, "It's almost time to siege the city, isn't it coming for interesting things?"Jù Dú smiled happily, yawned, and stood up. He straightened his back, took a deep breath, walked out of the tent stationed in the Mojamir Plain, and shouted in full breath: "Brothers! Assemble!"

     The rain of blood fragrant.

     Mudi melodiously brought the news to Dry Bones.

     Withered bone just nodded. He looked at the deserted city not far away, squinted his eyes, and said to Mu Di melodiously, "Get ready. Although we don't want to lose too much in this battle, we have to win in chaos!"

     Mudi's melodious eyes shifted to the Holy Land Snow Mountain on the edge of the Mojamir Plain. In the early morning clouds, the figure of the Snow Mountain in Sanctuary is not particularly clear. There, Gongzi You and Qiushui Wuchen are there, and I hope they will only stay there forever.

     "Okay, win in chaos." Mu Di nodded melodiously, retracted his gaze, smiled at the dead bone, and raised his hand.

     Withered Bones also raised his hands, and the two of them clapped loudly in the morning, "Good brother!"

     Sanctuary Snow Mountain.

     Drow tribe.Ye Ci and Qiu Shui Burenchen sat in a tribe that was already full of corpses, and grilled something to eat over a bonfire. Qiu Shui Buranchen looked at the corpse of the drow in the same place, and made Zé Zé's voice: "I said, Gongzi You, these are your compatriots, you are not any lighter than me, you are really ruthless. of."

     Ye Ci glanced at the autumn water without staining the dust, and then said: "The slave ship Dungeon is much larger than here. It is full of human beings. You are also brothers and sisters. I think you can handle it. There are many special products of slave ships on your body. ."

     Qiu Shui Burenchen laughed a few times, stopped talking nonsense, turned his head and pointed not far away, there was an altar there, and beside the altar there was a pool of spring water glowing with blue light. This spring pond Ye Ci is not unfamiliar at all. The elves believe that they are derived from all things in nature, and the most indispensable thing in this nature is water. This spring water is available in every elven tribe, whether it is a novice village or The monster tribe outside will exist as long as it is a social group composed of elves.

     According to legend, as long as you have bathed in this spring water, the elves will heal no matter how big their wounds are. This is one of the most important buildings in the elves tribe. On the edge of such springs, there are usually buildings such as altars."Things are on that altar. Did you see it? It's on the shelf in the middle of the altar." Qiu Shui Buranchen took a bite of the barbecue and said vaguely, "It's just a bit tangled about how to get it."

     Really tangled.

     Now the drow scattered in the entire tribe has been wiped out by two people, but there are dozens of drows kneeling under the altar not far away, and there is a High Priest drow on the altar talking What's going on. These monsters are all linked together. If one is discovered by attacking one, absolutely all the elves will swarm them. Although these guys are ordinary monsters, they are so many and high-level, but they are not easy to deal with.

     When the two were struggling with this problem, a loud rumbling sound came from a distant place.

     The loud noise was loud enough, and even caused the Sanctuary Snow Mountain to sway slightly. Ye Ci and Qiushui Burenchen were shocked. The two looked at each other and asked from different mouths, same voice: "What's the matter? !"But they hadn't even reacted to anything but anything else, they saw the group of drow elves not far away jumping up, running around in a panic, still chirping and saying something in their mouths. In this situation, of course, the most important thing to save his life, Ye Ci left and recalled Ol’ Four, and then entered the Stealth state. The autumn water did not stain the dust and immediately drank a bottle of intermediate invisible potion to avoid these drows running around.

     Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen is a human being and did not learn Elvish language, so he asked Ye Ci very diligently and eagerly: "What are they talking about?"

     Ye Ci didn’t pay much attention to what these drow elves were saying. After hearing Qiu Shui Buranchen’s question, she listened carefully, and then she replied, “They said that the gods are angry.” When she replied, she saw that. The High Priest standing on the Priest stage also ran around in a panic, but did not leave the Priest stage too much. Obviously, he was extremely concerned about the things on the shelf.

     The level of this High Priest is 120 and it is an elite monster. If a player of level 120 meets such a monster, it must be easily solved. It's just that Ye Ci and Qiu Shui Wu Dian Chen are both at level sixty. Such a guy is still very terrible.

     "That Priest seems to be shocked too. Will we be found out when we go up?"

     Qiu Shui Burenchen also noticed what Ye Ci had discovered."I don't know." Ye Ci seek truth from facts' answer, which is caused by external disturbances.

     Panic situations are rarely encountered in the game, and she can't make intuitive judgments.

     "It doesn't matter, if you don't fish in troubled water at this time, there will be no chance!" Qiu Shui Buranchen just said that, and an explosion sounded louder than before was heard again, and now even the High Priest began to cover one's. head and sneak away like a rat, no matter what is on the altar. Qiu Shui Burenchen spotted this opportunity and rushed to the stage. While rushing, he said to Ye Ci: "Cover me! You must cover me."

     "Understood, hurry up." Qiu Shui did not stain the dust and poured a bottle of acceleration potion into his mouth, and quickly rushed towards the table. Although he was found by several drows in the process, those drow Er Elf was obviously in a rush now, and he hadn't paid any attention to how Qiu Shui Wu Dian Chen appeared and what he was doing, let alone counterattack.

     This is really a good opportunity. Qiu Shui Burenchen was overjoyed. He rushed to the Priest stage in a few steps. He reached out and grabbed the things on the stage, stuffed it into the package without hesitation, and turned his head towards Rushing towards Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci saw that Qiu Shui Burenchen had successfully obtained something and was unharmed, and couldn't help but exhale. She put away her bow and arrow and prepared for Stealth to leave the Drow tribe.But at this moment, Ye Ci suddenly heard the system prompt sound exploding in his ears: "Because your teammate shamefully seized the secret treasure of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain Drow Tribe, I was angry with the guardian snowman, you will be Guard the snowman’s tracking, tracking time for twenty-four hours! The countdown begins"


     A loud noise came from the secret place of the Drow tribe. Ye Ci looked around and didn't see the trace of the guardian snowman. He could only gnashing one's teeth and said to the Qiu Shui that had ran by her side and said: "What good thing did you do!"

     "God knows! Run for your life!" @.