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Chapter Directory 281 What A Bad Luck
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

When it comes to fleeing, the fastest job in Fate is Rogue, followed by Rangers, and then Hunter. In Fate, the last three occupations with the least ability to escape are: Sorcerer first, Cleric second, and Priest third.

     Therefore, when a hunter and a Sorcerer flee for their lives together, the gap becomes even more obvious.

     However, in Fate, when fleeing, the most shameless job is hunter. Because the hunter will be a Feign Death, a magical skill that other professions hate. As long as the hunter shamelessly takes a Feign Death while being chased by a monster, all aggro of the monster on him will be cleared. No matter where the game is now, this aggro attack theory has always guided the relationship between the monster and the player in the entire game. Therefore, whenever the hunter shamelessly uses this god to avoid the skill, if he is alone, if he is teamed up with a bunch of people, then the hunter's teammates are really bad.

     Qiu Shui followed behind Ye Ci without staining the dust and kept pouring the accelerated potion into his stomach, but still couldn't keep up with this guy's footsteps. He couldn't help but let him gnashing one's teeth. Why is Sorcerer the shortest leg in the game? Occupation! none of them! Moreover, he is still chasing the hunter's long legs, which is nothing.But even so, it is impossible for Qiu Shui to complain about it without staining the dust. He suddenly remembered the matter of the hunter Feign Death, and then hurriedly shouted at the back of Gongzi You: "Hey, Gongzi You, you can't Feign Death!" You can't do such an unethical thing.

     Ye Ci rolled her eyes. She was already planning to Feign Death, and now that Qiu Shui Buranchen raised her face like this, she was a little torn: "You can't do it if you can't?"

     When Qiu Shui Bu Dianchen heard Ye Ci's words, he was even more heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and poured a bottle of advanced accelerated potion into his mouth, quickly following Ye Ci's pace. If it wasn't for him to be a pharmacist specially trained, I'm afraid he would not dare to pour medicine into his mouth so extravagantly. But even so, Qiu Shui's heart is still dripping blood, no, bleeding, it shouldn't be blood rushing. That's right, it's soaring blood! These are all bare gold coins. He prepared them to replace them with glittering gold coins for his own leveling. Just pouring them into his mouth now, wouldn't it be a waste?

     However, if you don't eat it, I'm afraid that the little crispy skin of Sorcerer will fall to the ground if it is touched by the guarding snowman. How many bottles of potion will lose more? nonsense. Of course, it is the latter. Not only may Quest Item drop, but also experience value equipment will drop.And if it falls in this place, I'm afraid no one will be able to help him pick it back.

     Ye Ci barked his teeth and smiled happily: "The current aggro value is all on you, I am following you to escape, as long as you don't die, I don't need to use the Feign Death skill."

     Qiu Shui Bu Dianchen opened the aggro statistics list, and his face became even more black. Isn’t it? This is his Quest, and he also took this Quest Item. Now the guardian snowman has reached two-thirds of his aggro, while the Gongzi You’s aggro of the same team is just seven-quarters worthy. . He gnashing one's teeth "What's this? Don't you know that escape is Sorcerer's weakest project? Now he has even made a marathon robe. This is going to kill me!

     "You don't talk nonsense. If you have this idle time, kowtow, why don't you run faster, the guardian snowman behind seems to be catching up." Ye Ci is an elf and a hunter. She runs very fast. She is walking two With long legs, running fast in the forest, looking back from time to time, there is a huge figure in the distant fog that seems to be fast approaching in their direction.The morning sun had just passed through the clouds and entered the Holy Land Snow Mountain, and the entire snow mountain was shrouded in golden light. The cold at night and the melting snowflakes turned into thick or shallow mists lingering in the already dense woods. In such a fog, no matter how good the eyesight is, it is not clear what is there after 30 yards.

     Fortunately, as a hunter, Ye Ci has some attributes that increase eyesight, which allows her to see clearly the fast-moving figure guarding the snowman, but through the thick and shallow fog to see exactly what the snowman’s face looks like, or It's a bit difficult. She can only tell Qiu Shui Buranchen some more general things: "This guy should be very big. If we don't run away quickly, we are probably going to be beaten."

     "Enough! Gongzi You, are you cheering me on, or are you threatening me!" Seeing that the two-minute acceleration time passed again, Qiu Shui did not stain the dust and poured a bottle of advanced acceleration potion in his heart. Into the mouth.

     "I'm just explaining the facts." Ye Ci still ran in front of Qiu Shui Wu Chen easily, she shrugged her shoulders, acting very innocent.

     "Hey, where are we going!" The two people are headless and brainless, just rushing forward, Qiu Shui Bu Dian gradually felt that the ground under his feet began to tremble slightly, he didn't dare to turn his head, in fact, he knew the guardian snowman without turning his head. It is getting closer and closer to the two people.However, the current situation is a bit wrong. Just now the two of them turned around and ran without paying too much attention to the environment. After running like this, the surrounding environment is really unfamiliar. The most important thing is that there are still a lot of zeros here. Scattered mobs are wandering.

     Fortunately, Gongzi You has a good ability to dodge monsters. As a crispy profession, Qiu Shui Wu Chen has a good ability to dodge monsters. The two people have been accurately calculating the distance between the mobs and the mobs. The blame ran round and round in the middle, but it didn’t lead to a little


     The question Qiu Shui Burenchen asked, Ye Ci has already appeared, because she had already taken out the map and looked at it, and now that the place they are now on the map is basically a place that no player has come to. Therefore, even if Ye Ci really wants to answer the question that Qiu Shui is not stained with dust, she does not know where to answer.

     "What do you want to say! Sister, weren't you looking at the map just now? Where are we going now!" Of course, this poor ghost like Qiu Shui Buranchen will not be as extravagant as Gongzi You to buy a ten thousand yuan Jin's map is carried with him. To be honest, he can find the Drow tribe. In addition to his proficient game skills and keen game sense, he is also inseparable from that shit luck.He originally thought that without a map, it would take ten and a half days to find the Drow tribe without a map. How could he have thought it would go so smoothly? Therefore, if Qiu Shui does not stain the dust, he feels that there is no big difference between having a map and no map, but it is the threshold of escape. He doesn't think so again, it's better to have a map now.

     Ye Ci really doesn't want everyone to fall into the dust. He is a Sorcerer. It is not easy for him to keep up with her so hard. If he is telling him that they may be lost now, I guess this guy will cry without tears. Ye Ci really feels that she is still very kind, and under the questioning of Qiu Shui Wu Chen. He just looked back at him and told Qiu Shui Budchen in a very ordinary tone: "Trust me, if you don't know, it might be better."

     Qiu Shui Buranchen heard Ye Ci's words like this, and his heart was instantly refreshed, but he was a little unwilling, and quickly and eagerly said: "Okay, eldest sister thinks I am afraid of you, and you make me understand. Is it done before death!"

     "Are you sure you want to know?"

     "Yes! I don't want to die for a while and pick up things without knowing where to pick them up!" Qiu Shui Buranchen has given up very much, his voice is somewhat of a tragic hero.And Ye Ci looked at Qiushui Buchen Chen and sighed. In fact, she and Qiu Shui Buchen Chen knew that if they had died here and there were no flying debris, the ghost would know where it would be resurrected. The ghost didn't know the place to run back here, and didn't know how long it would take. I was afraid that the dropped things would also be wiped out by the system.

     "This map is an unfinished map, where we are now. It's just a place that no one has explored. The masters of drawing have not drawn up directions for our place, so" Ye Ci said very clearly: "I think you understand what I'm talking about, and absolutely know what it means, right?"

     "Damn!" Qiu Shui Buranchen finally paled and scolded an swear word: "Old paper really wants to greet all the female compatriots of the planner!"

     Ye Ci took out the map again and ran while looking at the location of the two above. She found that they had already reached the edge of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain. There are layers of curves everywhere on the map, representing the range upon range of mountains. She looked around, and sure enough, the mountains here were a lot steeper, and the hills had more ups and downs.What is the map next to the Sanctuary Snow Mountain? Ye Ci thought for a while, trying hard to make himself recall the memories of the previous life. Although her footsteps spread across the entire Majia continent in the previous life, she was definitely focused, and it was impossible to wander around everywhere. In places like the Sanctuary Snow Mountain, she just walked around casually, but she didn't remember exactly what was around here. So, even after thinking hard for a while, she didn't remember which map was adjacent to the Snow Mountain of Sanctuary.

     "Hey, why do I feel that something is wrong? Why is the wind getting bigger and stronger in front of you?" Qiu Shui Buran Chen poured a bottle of physical potion into his mouth, trying to make the distance between himself and the guarding snowman a little bit longer, so that it can Live longer.

     Ye Ci also squinted his eyes and looked around. As expected, the wind was getting stronger and stronger. But isn't it? This is already close to the ridge side of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain. There are no more mountains in front of it, and the huge wind mixed with snowflakes hit the two people's faces like this.Suddenly, she realized that the place in front of her had begun to be empty, and her heart sank. It seemed that she had run to the end. There might be a cliff in the Sanctuary Snow Mountain in front of her, and they were chased to nowhere. Ye Ci stopped slowly, Qiu Shui Buranchen saw Gongzi You running in front of him suddenly stopped and shouted nervously: "What are you doing, run quickly! Stop and do what!"

     "There is no way." The fog here is even thicker, coupled with the strong wind, blowing dense snow, people's visibility is reduced to the lowest, Ye Ci squinted carefully to identify, and finally confirmed that they are indeed already Ran to the edge of the cliff of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain.

     "No!" Qiu Shui Buranchen ran to Ye Ci's side, looked around, and wailed for a while, it seems that God is going to kill them. He said to Ye Ci: "Gongzi You, hurry up and draw the place where we are going to die on your map. We have to come back even if there is a chance."

     According to Ye Ci's character, if she dies, she will never come back. This is a waste of time, and she is not idle with nothing to do. But it’s not the same thing for Qiu Shui not dusting the dust. The most important thing in his hand is the secret treasure of the Drow tribe. This Quest Item can actually be dropped after death. If this thing is dropped, He desperately wanted to come back again."Will Quest Item drop?" Ye Ci asked, seeing Qiu Shui's insistence on not staining the dust.

     "If it doesn't fall, I won't run away, just die." Qiu Shui Buranchen sighed, it seems that his good luck is running out.

     Since the Quest Item will drop, Ye Ci didn't say much, and immediately took out the map and started to mark where the two people are now. Even if it really hangs up for a while, she won't come back. You can also trade this map to Qiu Shui Wu Chen, so that he can come back and look for it by himself.

     There is nothing strange here, there is wind and snow everywhere, and there are no trees. It is far less dense than the place where you ran and passed by. There are occasionally one or two trees, and they don’t grow very strong, with thin branches. In this violent snowstorm, it seemed as if the Baozi's daughter-in-law who had fallen into the wealthy compound was pitiful and vulnerable. Not only are there no trees, there are no strange things. There are quite a few high-level herbs growing on the ground. If there is no pursuit of the guardian snowman today, there may be a lot of herbs that can be collected, but it is a pity...

     Ye Ci quickly marked the location on the map, and after a while, the guardian snowman was already close. Probably feeling that the prey in front had no way to retreat, the guardian snowman also slowed down, and finally slowly approached the two people.Across the wind and snow, Ye Ci saw the huge guarding snowman slowly walking towards the two of them.

     At the beginning, I didn't see it very clearly, but it became clearer and clearer. Ye Ci finally saw clearly what this savage looked like.

     It is actually a huge white gorilla, but its face looks more like a human. Of course, it is not as good-looking as humans. It is a lot of madness. It is dissatisfied with the strong and exaggerated muscles on the arms that are too long. Such muscles make people She shuddered at first glance. It is also conceivable how powerful such a strong muscle is. I am afraid that it will become a meatloaf if two people are slapped, or a meatloaf can be formed by a squeeze.

     And as it got closer and closer, Ye Ci finally saw the expression on his face.

     That's right, even if this is just a high-level monster, even if this is just a snowman, there is still a smile on his face. The treacherous grin seemed to declare his contempt for Ye Ci and Qiu Shui Burenchen. The smile seemed to say to the two people, if you have the ability to run away? Don't stop if you have the ability!

     "I think this girl is scolding us." Qiu Shui Buranchen naturally saw the expression on Guardian Snowman's face. He rarely agreed with Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci snorted noncommitantly, saying that he appreciated the answer that Qiu Shui is not stained with dust.I don’t know if Qiu Shui Wu Dian Chen intends to break the jar, and suddenly he no longer feels nervous. He even made a few provocative moves towards the guarding snowman who was no more than 20 yards away from the two, attracting guards. The flesh on the snowman's mouth kept trembling. Then he turned his face to look at Ye Ci and smiled happily: "I said, Gongzi You, why do you think we are more handsome?"

     Ye Ci wouldn't give up like Qiu Shui Wu Dian Chen, which probably has something to do with her being a hunter. In such a situation, Sorcerer naturally has no better way, but it doesn't mean that the hunter doesn't have it. Even if the hunter doesn't have it, it doesn't mean Ye Ci will not have it.

     She looked at Qiushui Burenchen's way of giving up and suddenly twitched her lips: "What do you think of jumping off the cliff?"

     "Why?" Qiu Shui Burenchen looked at the cliff of the empress, obviously not wanting to accept this proposal, it should be ugly to fall to death.

     "I just think being beaten by this guy is more ugly than falling to death." Ye Ci barked his teeth at Qiu Shui Bu Yan Chen and showed a very mocking smile. Of course, if she had this expression, she could also be regarded as a smile. That's really an unpleasant smile.Qiu Shui Buranchen just looked at Ye Ci's ugly smiling face, and suddenly felt that this woman was really enough for BT. She seemed to be able to see through what was thinking in her heart, thinking of this, he couldn't help but shudder, it was terrible, terrible. However, the more annoying question is: "Why do I think you laugh so uneasy and kindly?"

     Ye Ci shrugged his shoulders relaxedly, "Are you there? No, I'm actually very sincere in dealing with people. You just don't know me well."

     Qiu Shui Burenchen's eyes narrowed. This sounded insincere, okay? Eastern Continent's Gongzi You treats people sincerely, what kind of nonsense is this, how can you follow it? The woman in front of me thinks everyone in the world is blind, so she regards her brimming with enthusiasm as cold-blooded, and her sincere treatment as everything for self and selfish profit?

     "I said, you wouldn't be serious about jumping off the cliff." "Of course it's serious. I'm not a person who can make jokes."

     Qiu Shui Buranchen looked at Gongzi You's face, and suddenly felt that this face was a huge trap. ! He shouldn't have gone to her for help at the time. ! Now, he really expects Gongzi You to be joking now."You said jumping off the cliff, did I do it alone, or did we do it together?" Qiu Shui Burenchen narrowed his eyes and sneered: "I said, you wouldn't want to trick me into jumping first, and then take advantage of it. If I am not dead, then Feign Death is out of the fight."

     "I thought, but the system prompts you to be chased for twenty-four hours. I think this message probably means that if this guy does not die within today, we will be shot to death no matter who is not dead. , And after being resurrected, he will still be hunted down. This kind of information clearly shows that Feign Death doesn’t work. Do you think I’ll be so two?” Ye Ci snarled: “We’re going to die when jumping off the cliff. Can't live, so at least we can get rid of it, can't we?"

     It makes sense to say that, but Qiu Shui Burenchen suddenly thought of another question, and he wailed: "If I jump off the cliff and die, what should I do if the Quest Item on my body falls off!"

     "Go down and pick it up." Ye Ci rolled her eyes, not looking at Qiu Shui, because she noticed that the Guardian Snowman had stopped ten yards away from them. The muscles on its body were tight and it looked like it was about to go. Pounced.Qiu Shui Buranchen also noticed the situation, and he talked for a while: "He is about to attack." He looked at the current situation and finally determined that there was no other way except Gongzi You's statement. Alas, this woman is too radical. If you have to make you die, I live, can't you be gentler? "When you are about to jump for a while, you call the number, my speed is slower than you, I will jump half a second earlier."

     It is the advantage of talking to the people who will judge the current situation. They always know what is best for them and what is the worst for them. They can always find the best way out for themselves under the worst conditions. Ye Ci stared at the guarding snowman not far away, watching his tighter hind legs and forearms that played slightly. This is a typical posture to rush up, ready to go.

     She squinted her eyes and quickly calculated in her heart. According to the current distance between the two of them and the snowman, there is a certain probability that it will directly hit the cliff under the cliff when it dashes over. However, this probability is not If they want to throw it directly to the bottom of the mountain, they may need to step back a bit.However, she hadn’t said it yet. The Qiu Shui on one side had already said in advance: "According to its strength, as well as its running speed and physique, it will jump over in a while, and it may not fall under the cliff. We It should be back four or five yards, so as to lure him to fall."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows slightly. This person was not as casual as he seems on the surface. It is no wonder that he, a fight alone Sorcerer, can finally become the top figure in the southern continent, naturally he is extraordinary. of. She nodded at Qiushui Burenchen, and the two of them retreated back together in a tacit understanding. Their steps are the same, but here is covered with snow, although it looks like there is a yard distance behind the cliff, but in the end. No one knows how many are virtual and how many are real.

     After the two slowly retreated four or five yards, Ye Ci didn't want to step on the air. It turned out that this place was already on the edge of a cliff, but it was covered with too much snow that caused them to miscalculate the length. At the moment when he stepped on the air, Ye Ci's heart sank, and it was over, this time it was really moldy.

     However, she didn't expect that in the next second, someone dragged her vest abruptly, coupled with her perfect and neat movement, because of this support, she stood firmly on the edge of the cliff directly.

     At this time, the Guardian Snowman, who was already waiting, slowly retracted his posture.Although it has a certain IQ, but it is pitifully low, how can they not think that Ye Ci's backing is to lure themselves to fall below the cliff, only when they are evading their own pursuit. And the two people stepped back a few steps, and Lou out of its attack range, which made it a bit dissatisfied, so he followed the two to advance another four or five yards, and began to posture again.

     Ye Ci stared closely at the fur and the muscles under the fur that guarded the snowman, as an elf, as a hunter, and even as a player after rebirth. Because she has dealt with various monsters for a long time, she has been able to tighten according to each other. His skin and muscles trembled to accurately determine when the opponent would attack. She calculated, and slowly shouted in her mouth: "Three, two,

     One by one..."

     Ye Ci's "jump" has not yet been exported. The guardian snowman has already dashed towards the two people and jumped up. Ye Ci's "jump" has been exited, only to see two shadows jumping off the cliff one after another. The cliff, and immediately behind, a larger shadow also jumped out of the cliff.With a few bangs, the sound of meat hitting the ice cube came from under the cliff in a step-like manner. It sounded very tragic. Qiu Shui Burenchen quietly looked at the situation in front of him, and saw a piece of snow mist flying under the cliff. The guardian snowman fell straight from his eyes and fell into the iceberg and snow. , Leaving only that piece of white snow rising into the sky and the tragic sound.

     He twitched the corners of his mouth, and it sounded painful, but fortunately, he didn't fall by himself. Otherwise, it is really spectacle too horrible to endure. Witnessing everything in front of him, Qiu Shui Buranchen raised his head and looked at the woman carrying his back belt and said, "You actually had this idea just now?"

     Ye Ci's right hand is holding the tail of the cat's claw, and the head of the cat's claw is firmly resting on the rock crevice on the edge of the cliff, and the left hand is carrying a belt that does not stain with autumn water, just hanging on the edge of the cliff. When she heard Qiu Shui Burenchen's questioning, she didn't admit it, let alone deny it, but said: "Suddenly thought of it."

     Qiu Shui didn't get the dust before he didn't believe this woman's statement. He snorted, and then said: "Sister, can you send me back to the top? It's hard to get my brain supplemented with blood with my head down."This made Ye Ci smile bitterly: "I am a hunter and not a Warrior. I don't have that much power. To be honest, I'm struggling enough to carry you now. How can there be such a power to throw you up?"

     "Then you can't continue to hang me here like this, you don't think that I am already seeing Venus now, so it's so uncomfortable." Qiu Shui Burenchen is telling the truth, he has been sitting down like this for a long time. His face flushed.

     Ye Ci looked at the cat's claw, and felt that if the two people continue to hang around and don't want to go down, sooner or later they will have to fall off the cliff. Then the dish is really the gains do not make up for the losses. She looked around and found that there was a small slope under the cliff, but it was possible for two people to stand there, but the prerequisite was to be able to swing over. She said this to Qiu Shui Wu Chen.

     Qiu Shui Burenchen laboriously raised his head and looked at the small slope mentioned by Ye Ci, and then exhaled, "I try my best, but you have to throw me over."

     "I know, but you have to use a little force below."

     "I know." Qiu Shui Burenchen adjusted his direction so that he could face the small slope, and then began to reach out and touch the toes again and again. He exerted very uniform force, and soon the autumn water lying below began to swing without staining dust."Very good, retention." His swing quickly moved Ye Ci above, and Ye Ci's body began to sway.

     When the two people worked together, they were getting better and better, and the width was getting bigger and bigger, and they were about to touch the small slope.

     "Come on, come on, it's almost a little bit." Ye Ci watched Victory right in front of him, and hurriedly cheered on the swaying autumn water without dust.

     Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen was already head down and hypoxic. In addition to doing such a pendulum for so long, he was really exhausted out of breath, and even speaking was a problem.

     At this moment, a roar suddenly came from under the cliff, and the huge roar echoed in the deep valley, making people heart alarmed, trembling in fear. The hearts of the two people who were trying to make the pendulum sank. They looked at each other, and there was a light of disbelief in their eyes.

     will not! He didn't fall to death at such a height! What is it made of! How many levels is it!

     However, the two of them won't give up their current actions because of this howl. Regardless of whether the guy can climb up or not, they have to find a way to get on. This feeling of unsteady steps is really terrible.I don’t know if the two of them are really out of luck. Just when the two of them continued to swing for the goal, there was another huge noise. This noise was not caused by the guarding snowman, but was in line with just now. The sounds they heard in the Drow tribe were extremely similar.

     Just now, I was too far apart and couldn't tell what the sound was. Now that I was a little closer, I could clearly hear that the noise was the sound of an explosion.

     "Who is throwing a bomb?" Qiu Shui Buran dusted his breath and looked into the distance, but he couldn't see everything clearly.

     "It should be something bigger than a bomb. How can ordinary bombs have such a big movement." Ye Ci was also panting. To be honest, hanging so much is really exhausting. She is a person who often deals with bombs. Of course, she can distinguish such noises. Although this noise sounds like the noise of a bomb, it is obviously louder than that of a small bomb thrown out of her hand. Yes. However, this also makes Ye Ci wonder what exactly can make such a movement?

     Suddenly, she thought of something.

     Gunpowder Siege Engine.The gunpowder engineering vehicle is the only siege vehicle that can be bought from NPC shops. It is very expensive and can be equipped with explosives. It can transmit a bomb the size of a beer barrel at a long distance. It is used to attack those thick walls. It's a good machine. However, the accuracy of this engineering vehicle is not very good, and it is often inaccurate. But in the absence of other options, this choice is the only and inevitable.

     The sound of the bomb just now looked like it came from a gunpowder siege truck. This kind of noise was only common in the early siege in the last life. After the later stage, after the goblin engineering shines, it will appear less and less. After all, its cost-effectiveness is too low.

     Sure enough, it took too long for Ye Ci to remember this one now.

     However, there is a siege vehicle in this place. Is it possible that someone is attacking the city? Ye Ci suddenly remembered that Rogue Rabbit One had said that on the edge of the Mojamir Plain, the three Guilds of Northern Continent were preparing to attack a deserted city. Could it be that the edge of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain is on the edge of the Mojamir Plain?

     She was so madly thinking that she only heard the voice of Qiu Shui not staining the dust with a little more panic: "Why are there snow falling everywhere?"Ye Ci was taken aback, and quickly looked around. No, there were snow falling everywhere around her, rustling, changing from less to more, and three black lines appeared on her head. Regardless of the black lines appearing on Ye Ci's head, now, even Qiushui's dust-free face has been darkened, and he wailed: "No! No such bad luck!"

     At this moment, both people have realized what might be born, but they still prayed secretly, don't really give birth, otherwise it will be too moldy!

     Obviously, these two guys are usually not good men and believers, so no god will listen to their prayers. At this moment, the guardian snowman made a huge echo of howling frequently. It's like the last straw to break Fate, whether Gongzi You and Qiu Shui Burenchen are willing or not, anyway, what they don't want to see will finally happen.

     Because under the cooperation of the three big Guilds and Gongzi You, the autumn water does not stain the dust, and the innocent guarding snowman. The sacred snow-capped mountains that have stood majestically in Northern Continent for countless years and calm as mothers finally ushered in its first anger.

     That's right, the snow is out.

     Avalanche, a phenomenon that is not rare in nature but has great lethality, is naturally not lacking in Fate, which is known as a complete simulation.


     Everyone understands."what!"


     Two screams fell along with the huge snow block towards the deep canyon. If anyone could hear them at this time, they would definitely be able to hear them. Those two screams were constantly cursing. With.

     "Gongzi You, you big bad star!!! I have been down for eight lifetimes before I met you!!!"

     "Autumn water does not stain the dust, this sentence is what I want to send back to you! You, thrown into the incinerator, will pollute the environment, why did you find me!! I want to curse you! Curse you!!!"

     "When I am resurrected, Lou will kill you to level zero with a vendetta!!"

     "I am! I want to kill you to delete your account, sure, sure!!!"