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Chapter Directory 282 Avalanche
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Text] Chapter 80 Avalanche-

     Ye Ci has never felt so innocent in her life.

     Why did she have such a kind heart that she didn't meet in a few years? What is the friendship of the alliance continent, what is the fate of meeting an old friend in a foreign place! Shit, all shit! Facts have proved that if you don't want to be nosy, don't care if the other person is Who, and don't care how much the other person says a deluge of heavenly flowers, don't care, just don't care! Otherwise, you will end up with her.

     While the huge snow block fell, Ye Ci immediately opened the FeatherFall technique on the mysterious ring. As for no longer knowing where the autumn water was impacted and not stained with dust, he should die! The only thing she has to do now is to save her own life. As for other things, she has absolutely nothing to do with her! !

     FeatherFall technique really works. All of a sudden, the rate of Ye Ci's decline became very slow. But in the face of nature's avalanche, such slowness does not seem to have much effect.

     Because, no matter whether you descend fast or slow, there will be a lot of snow falling on you without eyes. Because of the FeatherFall technique, it is impossible to constantly adjust the direction like carrying a parachute, so the only way to accept the baptism of these snow blocks is direct and plainspoken.If you are lucky, it’s okay that all you hit on your body are loose pieces of snow, and at best you can replenish replenish health. If you are not lucky, if all the ice hits on your body are good, then everyone will ask for their own blessings.

     God obviously didn’t want Ye Ci to die in this place, so even if Ye Ci was embarrassed by the snow that was constantly smashed during the FeatherFall technique, he would have deviated from the initial direction of descent a long time ago. Without letting the ice hit her, she just needs to keep pouring the blood bottle in her mouth to maintain her life.

     Seeing that it was seven or eight yards short of it, it was about to fall on the ground, and suddenly a huge block of snow fell towards Ye Ci. In fact, Ye Ci had seen this snow block a long time ago, but during the FeatherFall operation, she had no way to adjust her direction at all. She could only watch the huge snow block happily flying towards herself like this. come. Of course, before enjoying this rare “lucky”, Ye Ci did not forget to check his health bar. It’s okay, yes, full. Of course, she had not forgotten to continue to curse the goddamn Qiu Shui several times in her heart for not staining the dust.



     dark.These are the three feelings that come after the huge snow block hits Ye Ci. As for why there is no other feeling, because she was stunned. Of course, this fainting is not a shock fainting, Ye Ci just lost consciousness slightly, and soon recovered.

     As a game player, whether you are a master or a rookie, there is a common habit that is to pay attention to your health bar at all times. Is it full, is it empty, or has reached the blood skin that is about to die, and then reacts accordingly.

     Ye Ci is no exception. After she was sober and confirmed that she was not dead, she immediately began to check her character status.

     Very good, there are still sixty points of blood......,.........This one is really cruel. You must know that the level sixty Ye Ci health bar has reached more than eight thousand, although it is not a big deal compared to Warrior, but In Rogue, Hunter and Rangers, this series of occupations is already very high. Especially among hunters, no one will be taller than her. And the smashing of the snow block just now obviously caused her to lose more than 7,000 points of blood at once, and, coupled with the cold damage caused by the snow block, she was still losing blood. Although there are only 10 o'clock every three seconds, the blood of 60 o'clock can support less than 20 seconds.If she wakes up a little later, it may be the life of the resurrection.

     Ye Ci immediately opened the package and ordered a bottle of high-level instant recovery blood bottle to fill up his health bar suddenly, and then he had time to think about other things. This high-level instant recovery blood bottle is often in short supply in the market because there are fewer people who can do it. Now it has been sold at a high price of two thousand gold a bottle. However, fortunately, Upward Ho has trained several domestic young pharmacists, all of whom have reached the advanced stage, and some of them will do this advanced level to instantly restore the blood bottle.

     Usually these high-end potions are kept in the Guild warehouse for people to admire. Ye Ci rarely goes to get them. This time she is going to Northern Continent. Bai Mo and Timely Rain are afraid that she won’t be able to buy high-end potions there. Let the little pharmacist named Qinqin Fruit rush to make a dozen bottles for her.

     Originally, Ye Ci didn't think he would use it, but people are not as good as the sky. Now this thing comes in handy.

     Ye Ci has to thank Timely Rain and Bai Mo from the heart, these two cock-in-law men, sometimes Preparedness averts peril. It is indeed a good thing.

     When the health bar is full, Ye Ci has time to observe where he is now.There are white s-'s everywhere, and it is white close at hand, bitingly cold, and there is only room for her alone. Ye Ci stretched out his hand and poked the white s- that was in front of him, and the pieces of coldness fell down, leaving her face all over.

     It's snow.

     And it was extremely loose snow. It seemed that after that huge piece of snow hit her, a huge snowdrift formed on her. Fortunately, the snow was piled and dense, very loose. As long as she lay down hard, she would be able to get out.

     Ye Ci immediately used his hands and feet together, and started to work as a walking mouse under the snowdrift, working hard to dig snow towards it.

     But this is not smooth.

     While she was digging on it, loose pieces of snow kept falling down. Falling next to her moving body, as her body moves, the loose snowflakes are also pressed tighter and tighter, making her movement more and more problematic. Not only that, being buried under such a snowdrift will cause constant cold damage. This type of cold damage will stack at an extremely slow speed and stack up infinitely. In less than ten minutes, the cold damage on Ye Ci's head has been superimposed to more than 20 levels. Every three seconds, it will drop three points of blood. Although two blows at a time are not too much, but it still keeps stacking. It is really scary.Ye Ci had to stop, took out a bottle of anti-cold potion from the package, and poured another bottle of intermediate slow recovery health potion into his mouth, so that the existing cold damage was solved and the health bar was restored. . But she didn't dare to delay and started digging. She must get out of the snow pile now, otherwise she would be hurt by the cold again.

     There was a continuous rumbling sound in my ears, and it seemed to be continuous and falling from the outside, making the already dense snow pile harder as iron.

     Being caught in it is too painful for Ye Ci. Solid snow is very similar to rock in terms of hardness, but it is more dangerous than rock, because they can melt continuously, and then merge into ice, and its sharpness In addition to these two points, there is a more abnormal thing about the corner scratches. The longer you stay here, the thinner the air will become. That is to say, if Ye Ci continues to dig the snowdrift so slowly, one Even if she doesn't freeze to death, she will be suffocated alive.Not to mention, now on Ye Ci's character attribute table, she has seen the existence of a "suffocating" DEBUFF, DEBUFF. Let her blood drop continuously. Although there is only one drop within three seconds, this DEBUFF can also be superimposed. What's more terrifying is that unless you can dig it out and breathe in fresh air, Ye Ci has nothing to do. There is no cure to stop this DEBUFF superimposition.

     Ye Ci moved his body hard, but the surrounding snow was already very tightly compressed. Even if he moved like this, even if he was wearing a thick fur coat, he was scratched...injured by the sharp snow. Although there was no bleeding injury, there was a sharp pain from Ye Ci's leg skin.

     It seems that her move just now has caused her legs to scratch on these sharp ice cubes. This made Ye Ci's heart sink, not because of the wound, but because of the wound that made her realize a very serious thing, that is, the environment she is in now has become smaller and smaller, and her body has The trend of being frozen, if she doesn't think of a way quickly, I'm afraid she will really become the first corpse in the game to be frozen into a dry body.Now she suddenly missed that the autumn water won't stain the dust. If this guy is now, she should be able to just put a Fireball to blast the ice, even if it can't blast, at least it can melt a lot of ice, and it won't be as embarrassed as she is now. It seems impossible to continue digging out by hand. Ye Ci stretched out her hand, struggling to touch the dagger on her waist. The cold and sharp ice was on the back of her hand. Every time she moved, she could feel the sharp ice on the back of her hand. The pain caused by the wound. However, this kind of pain is really nothing to Ye Ci, and it is really minor magician in the presence of a great one from being slapped on a paw by the BOSS.

     Finally stretched her hand to her waist, Ye Ci moved her fingers, and a dagger appeared between her fingers. She moved her fingers a few more times, and the dagger was already in the palm of her hand.

     However, the problem reappeared immediately. It was like a monkey reaching into a pumpkin and digging out seeds. It was like a monkey, reaching in to get in, but after clenching his fist, he wanted to take the fist out. It was simply impossible. On the side Moved upwards, it seemed that it was impossible to slowly withdraw the hand from the current position back to the cuff position.She squinted her eyes, then slammed hard, only to feel that a sharp and hot pain on the back of her hand passed. This kind of pain was especially painful because Ye Ci frowned slightly, but, fortunately, Her hand has returned to the position of her chest, which is relatively wide here, allowing her to swing the dagger constantly. After a while, she can feel a lot of ice slag falling down, falling on the chest, and disappearing quickly. It's gone. And because of these few daggers, her head can also turn in that narrow space.

     She didn’t have time to look at her hand until this time. The fur gloves used to resist the cold had been completely scratched, fragmented and connected to the place where the fingers and wrist were still intact. Seen from the scratched place. Go, it is easy to see that the back of her right hand has been badly mangled or mutilated. Even if it did not cause continuous blood loss, the scar that was scratched by the ice still shocks the eye, astonishes the heart.

     Ye Ci just glanced at it and saw that the wound on the back of his hand did not cause any continuous damage, so he didn't continue to care. She didn't think that her wound was so great, as long as she could get out from here, it wouldn't be a big deal even if she had more wounds like this.The dagger is really useful, Ye Ci has quickly made this narrow space a lot bigger. She moved her body hard and finally moved her whole body smoothly. At this time, the suffocation and cold damage on her body became higher and higher. After Ye Ci was able to move, she immediately drank a bottle of anti-cold potion and a bottle of slow recovery potion, and then began to use it hard. The dagger kept planing the snowdrift.

     Using a dagger is better than using your hands, and Ye Ci can climb up much faster. In fact, she was not buried too deep, but she was rather unlucky. She fell into a relatively deep recess just now, so it took a lot of effort to climb out.

     When the dagger was stabbed for the last time, a cold and piercing wind suddenly leaned in from the outside, as if to freeze Ye Ci alive, causing her entire peripheral nerves to ache. However, it was this cold pain that made the suffocating DEBUFF disappear instantly.

     Finally saw outside.

     After having an exit, Ye Ci immediately began to wield the dagger vigorously again, and soon opened the hole so big that she could crawl out of the hole.

     It's... so rare.After climbing out of the snow hole, Ye Ci remained kneeling on the ground. She looked at the loose snow on the ground, took a deep breath, and a long-lost sense of happiness climbed into her heart.

     What is happiness? This question is actually very difficult to say.

     Everyone must have a different definition of happiness. For some people, it is a kind of happiness to eat the best, wear the best, go in and out of famous cars, and be brand-named all over. For some people, living a stable life does not require too much wealth, as long as they are healthy and healthy is a kind of happiness.

     The word happiness, when it is bigger, means the safety of all mankind, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting the environment, that means happiness. Speaking smaller, it means you have diarrhea, and I have diarrhea, but if I am in the toilet and you are outside the toilet, then I am happy.

     In short, the term happiness is really too broadly defined.

     For the current Ye Ci, being able to fall from such a high place without dying, being buried for so long without dying, and able to crawl out of the ground safely to breathe the long-lost air is already a kind of happiness in itself. Up.

     Just when Ye Ci gasped, she heard a popping sound from somewhere.The sound is not too loud, but it is very consistent. It appears once every three or four seconds, and it has a muffled sound s-, which is not very bright. Ye Ci looked around for a while, and there was no such dissonant sound. Moreover, according to Ye Ci's judgment, this kind of voice really appears in a profession, and it is the most basic skill of this profession.

     Soon Ye Ci realized that the sound seemed to come from the underground not too far away from her. She twitched the corner of her mouth, and she thought of someone uncontrollably. Then she shook her head, feeling that this kind of thought was too terrible, too unlucky.

     She staggered and stood up immediately, and ran towards the distance. Now her stamina is basically empty. She has to find a place to eat something to supplement. However, she definitely does not want to supplement in this place. Don't want to be burdened by that hapless guy anymore.

     It's just that, sometimes, some things are really unsatisfactory.

     Just when Ye Ci walked out for less than ten yards, he heard a familiar voice rang behind Ye Ci: "My God, I finally came out, I'm exhausted!"

     Hurry up, hurry up!Ye Ci went on to move forward and even started to speed up. She just wants to leave this range quickly. She has a strong feeling that as long as she stays with this guy again, she will continue to be unlucky . And she didn't want to touch a word at all now.

     "I thought I was going to die here. I was so lucky." Qiu Shui Burenchen also just crawled out of the snow cave, took a few deep breaths, thanked that he had enough medicine on his body, and also thanked himself. It's really fateful. He raised his head and looked around, and he immediately noticed that Gongzi You stumbled towards the distance. The warmth in his heart was really good. Actually, Gongzi You was not dead. He thought Gongzi You was dead.

     Although it is really unlucky to be with Gongzi You, but in this situation, Qiu Shui is still very sensible. There is a teammate who has two armies have equivalent banners and drums with him, far more than facing the next one alone. The unknowns are much better.

     Therefore, Qiu Shui Buranchen immediately greeted Ye Ci's back happily: "Hey, hey, Gongzi You I'm here, I'm here!"Ye Ci shook his head abruptly, and kept telling herself: "This is auditory hallucinations, this is auditory hallucinations at all. If she continues to be with this guy, she will be a big idiot from head to tail." Qiu Shui Buran Chen saw that Ye Ci ignored him, and immediately got up. He was not buried as deep as Ye Ci. The suffocation of DEBUFF had little effect on him. Therefore, he did not walk as biased as Ye Ci. It's like being drunk. It’s just that the hands and feet were a bit unfavorable when walking at the beginning, but after a few steps, he had returned to normal, and after a few steps he caught up with Ye Ci, patted her arrow and said: "Hey, Gongzi You, you go Where to go!"

     Ye Ci walked faster without even looking back. In my heart, I read silently: "This is an auditory hallucination, this is definitely an auditory hallucination!"

     "Hey, hey, did you hear me talking, are you stupid?" Although the person opposite is Eastern Continent's SOLO king, in the eyes of Qiushui, he is also a woman. He thinks In this case, he has to do a bit of responsibility anyway, after all, this Quest is because of him, so he smiled.

     Sure enough, it was not a hallucination. Ye Ci sighed, turned his head and turned his face to be black and white, Qiu Shui did not stain the dust: "Disaster star, stay away from me. Since I met you, I haven't seen any good things."You don’t want to listen to these words.

     Ye Ci's face became darker, and she hummed coldly: "Then I didn't see how you ended up?"

     "You, your face, before they finished speaking, two people heard a loud howl again.

     The two looked at each other at the same time, and then began to run wildly, but while running, the two people's mouths were not idle, and they began to quarrel again: "Look, look, you said you are not a disaster star! It's not you, how could you meet this kind of monster hunting down! It's still twenty-four hours!

     If the autumn water is not stained with dust, you will admit it. You must have done too many sins in your previous life! "Gongzi You, I think you are the one who suffered a thousand swords!" Why did you come to Northern Continent? It's not good, why did you meet with me! "Do I still have to report to you when I go out?" Who do you think you are! I think you need to report to the public when you travel with such a bad star, so as not to meet you, you will be unlucky for three years without knowing why. You are simply a guy who installs yourself in a small black room all the time! ""You" Qiu Shui Burenchen is a man in the end. He is usually low-key. Even if he meets someone from his mainland, who is not polite to him, how can he have such an opportunity to scold others, and the other person is still a woman. Why can't he open his mouth, only you can't say the following words for a long time.

     Just when the two people were arguing fiercely, there was another huge explosion on the distant plain, and the small avalanche that had just stopped began to fall again because of the huge explosion. However, this time the avalanche was no longer as gentle as it was at the beginning. The entire Sanctuary Snow Mountain seemed to be completely angry. Then I don't know how many years of accumulated snow began to fall down quickly.

     The two people are actually at the foot of the Sanctuary Snow Mountain, right on the edge of the plain. They looked back at the avalanche posture, coupled with the chase of the guardian snowman, and immediately acted in a unified manner to make the most accurate Judging to escape.

     "Where is it now?", Qiu Shui Burenchen did not buy a map. It was the first time I came to Northern Continent, so I had to ask Ye Ci who owns the map.

     "Plain of Mojamir." Ye Ci replied. After that, she didn't see the system prompting the map for a long time, so she added two more words: "Maybe."Qiu Shui Buranchen rolled his eyes, and didn't have any thoughts to continue to ask, so he could only rush to the potion while following Ye Ci.

     Now he really couldn't care how much potion was worth, because behind them were not only the guardian snowman, but also the rumbling snow, and the ice and rocks that fell. No matter how fast they are, there is only human speed. Under this situation, I am afraid that it will not last long.

     "This is the plain. Can you find any obstructions? We can't run through the avalanche after running like this. If there are obstacles, it should be easier." Qiu Shui did not stain the dust while watching Ye Ci again. Ask her immediately after flipping the map. It is nothing to protect the snowman now. In the face of natural disasters, a small BOSS is really not a threat.

     Now two people can be regarded as having more lice and not itching, anyway, they are both dead, and their speech is much calmer.

     "When I was at the Fair Trade Market, I heard that the three major Guilds were attacking the deserted city." Ye Ci closed the map. In fact, the Mojamir Plain is really a plain. No. With no natural barriers like this, the only thing Ye Ci could think of was a human-shaped flesh shield.Although Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen is a low-key person, he can be called the SOLO King of the Southern Continent. This kind of person's mind is not necessarily pure, and this kind of person is not necessarily clean. He immediately understood Ye Ci's Ye Ci, and chuckled a few times: "Childe has a meticulous mind."

     Ye Ci said that Qiu Shui did not stain the dust, and put on a fake smile. He replied: "Mutual each other. The Great God of Qiu Shui is really in the same mind with me."

     Qiu Shui is not stained with the dust and does not care about the ridicule in Ye Ci's words because he thought of another question: "Is the explosion sound just now the sound of the gunpowder siege truck."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. It seemed that Qiu Shui Wu Dian was not a reborn person, but he was considered experienced and knowledgeable. Such things really couldn't be hidden from him.

     "Then I don't have any psychological burden. I originally thought that once the avalanche passed, the deaths of so many people were really a relatively unkind thing. But now it seems that it is really not enough to report the time." Qiu Shui Bu Ranchen nodded, it seemed that his mental construction was very strong, and he could find this reason.

     Just as two people fleeing on the plain in order to avoid the avalanche, the three big Guilds who were on the Mojamir plain to capture the deserted city of Tislow were also actively engaged in battle.

     Jiaberry Temple.Qing is standing on the chariot, which is located behind the entire battlefield. As the first leader of this chariot in the Temple of the Basket of Lights, Qing will naturally not charge on his own. He has been watching the entire battle closely. The situation, there is no time to be distracted by other things.

     The deserted city of Timan is located in the northwest and middle part of the Mojamir Plain. Behind it is a dense forest. Therefore, there are only three sides that can be attacked. The three sides are the southeast and the west. The three major Guilds are firmly one person and one side. Occupied.

     The east and west sides are both sides, and the south is the front of the city. As the first Guild to settle in the Mojamir Plain, the Jialan Temple, of course, occupy the best position first. They are paved on the front of the deserted city of Timan. After opening the battle and setting up the siege vehicle, the other two Guilds entered the plain of Mojamir. Although it was only two or three days before and after this incident, sometimes the advantage of war was established within two or three days.As the second star Guild stationed in the Mojamir Plain, although he lost the best attack surface, he also chose a better position, which is to raise the east side of the deserted city. Although this side is relatively narrow, it is the spy of the stars. We have confirmed that this place is the place where the foundation stone is relatively loose among the absolute three sides, so if you want to attack here, it should be easier than from the other two sides. However, because of the narrow area of the audience here, the stars did not spread the stalls like the Jialan Temple, but chose a very tight layout.

     This kind of formation has a lot of advantages over the loose formation of the Jialan Temple, at least in terms of concentrated firepower. However, the side is not as good as the front after all, even if the breach is opened, it is not easy to enter the deserted city of Tislow.

     As for the last west side, there is no suspense that it belongs to Guild.

     In terms of strength, Guild of Blood Rain is not as powerful as Jialan Temple and Stars, but this Guild is very low-key and has many long-range classes. Although it is slightly inferior to the other two Guilds, the lean Luoluo is bigger than a horse. At any rate, this is also a big Guild of ten thousand people. If you want to fight for strength, you will not lose.However, this time Withered Bone was obviously here to fight the autumn wind, so I did not buy a few of the siege vehicles, just pretending to be, and when the siege vehicles were throwing bombs in the deserted city, they were the ones who dropped the least bomb Guild, moreover, also controls the corners. Basically, they hit the front and west corners. This is not a foul, and it can take advantage of some of the Jialan Temple. I really have to say that this bone is very dry. It's a bit of a businessman's head.