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Chapter Directory 287 Wisteria Garden
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The first floor of the professional hall is the largest. There are skill divisions of various professions. They are mainly used to upgrade their skills.

     In Fate, players’ skill learning mainly relies on skill books, and all upgrade skills rely on professional skill teachers. As long as the level requirements are met, you can find skill teachers of various professions to upgrade with enough gold coins. You don’t need to exercise so-called proficiency .

     In order to avoid the problem of too many players and not enough professional skill divisions, there are as many as seven skill divisions for each profession in the professional hall of Hero City to ease the crowded situation when players come to learn skills.

     There are fewer people in the second layer. Here are mainly NPCs with special Quests for various professions. Of course, these Quests require some special activation conditions. However, these activation conditions are not too difficult, so a huge part As long as the players refer to the game strategy, they can achieve it. It's just that there are fewer players who can meet the conditions now, so compared to the overcrowded first floor, it's much deserted.

     The least number of people is the third level.

     The third layer is the level-up skill division. Each time a new level cap is opened, these skill divisions are the busiest. However, due to the variable level of the players, there are not many NPCs here, only four name.And now there are only a few players who have reached level 60 in the entire Fate game. Naturally, there are very few people who come here to open the upper limit of the level. However, it is obvious that these players who have reached the upper limit of the level are not willing to let their faces be revealed by others, so the players on the third floor are without cloaks.

     Ye Ci is naturally not different. She wore a cloak and walked to the third floor, only to see that it was really deserted, and about a dozen players were sparsely surrounded in front of four NPCs. They all wear cloaks just like themselves. It seems that the entire third floor, except for the four NPCs, are people wearing cloaks, looking mysterious.

     Ye Ci randomly found an NPC that seemed to have a relatively small number of NPCs, and planned to increase his level limit. As he was lining up, he heard a few pleasant music sounds. This was an upgraded sound.

     Following her reputation, she saw a player in a cloak standing on the closest stairway lighting up a number of beams. Accompanied by the sound of the music, it must have risen several levels. It seems that there are still a lot of players who have reached level sixty long ago, and this guy also has a lot of experience.

     When she was watching the player thinking about how many levels he was up to, the NPC in front of her respectfully said to her: "A hero from afar, what can I do for you?"Ye Ci quickly came back to his senses, nodded facing the level skill teacher in front of him, and then smiled and said: "Yes, sir, can you help me increase my level cap?"

     The NPC groaned for a moment. It was obviously checking Ye Ci's level. After a while, he smiled and nodded and said, "Of course, the hero who came from afar, your level has reached the upper limit of the level, I am very happy. I'll do it for you." As he said, the First Squadron light ball rose in his hand, directly covering Ye Ci's body, and then Ye Ci heard the system's prompt: "Your level limit has reached level one. "

     What followed was the same upgrade music as the player just now. This time it stopped after six full sounds. Ye Ci couldn't help but smile. It seems that the road to upgrade from level sixty to level one is indeed very good. It's hard work. I have accumulated for so long, and all of them have strong experience in leapfrogging monsters. They are only enough to rise to the sixth level. It seems that the desire to rise to the first level in a short period of time is unlikely to be realized.

     Sixth childe, the upgrade is not bad! "Ye Ci was deciding where to upgrade next, when the best way to upgrade, was lightly tapped on the shoulder. Then a loud voice rang when she heard her.This voice really turned to ashes, Ye Ci would never forget it, even if she became a seven-year-old 80-year-old, she would never forget it. It was a magical sound piercing her ears, and it was a curse-like voice. She leaped back abruptly, looked up at the person behind, and saw that he had taken off the hood of the cloak, revealing a long silver head with bright light flowing in his black eyes, which made it hard to look at. .

     As long as the cloak's hood is not removed, the other party cannot confirm his identity. Therefore, when Ye Ci saw this peach-like face, he immediately buried his head, turned and ran downstairs.

     Damn, she shouldn't have anything to do with this guy! You know, this guy has also received the three major Guilds to chase him down, he is not only an old enemy but also a lot of gold coins in his hand. Although it is impossible to kill players from the hostile mainland in Hero City, hostile conflicts are not impossible. So Ye Ci doesn't want to stage a so-called Desperate World with this guy in Hero City. It's boring, it's really meaningless.Ye Ci's speed is faster, but Fleting Time's speed is faster. He caught Ye Ci in the wisteria garden with a half-and-half effort. He held his arms with both hands, blocked by a hippie smile, and covered his whole body in his cloak. Ye Ci said with a grin: "Little childe, we finally met, and we haven't recounted the old well, why are you running so fast?"

     "You admitted the wrong person." Ye Ci pulled his hat with a guilty conscience, hiding his whole body more secretly under the cloak, suppressing his voice, and roughly answered Fleting Time.

     "Oh?" Fleeting Time squinted his eyes and looked up and down at the guy who put his whole body in his cloak, with an imperceptible smile on his lips: "Are you wrong?"

     Ye Ci didn't say a word, just nodded and expressed his approval, hoping that this guy would let him go and stop pestering her, it was really unpleasant.

     "Okay, I'm really sorry." Although Fleeting Time said so, it didn't mean to apologize sincerely. "You and Lou know a person really alike. That woman really has no conscience and deceived my feelings. He left without looking back. I waited for so long and didn’t have a word to bring me back. Alas, I’m so pitiful.” When he said that, he even put on an act. I wiped the corner of my eyes, as if there were really hurt tears streaming down there.Ye Ci clenched his hand under the cloak tightly and then let it go. Her indifferent expression was mixed with a little anger, but it was quickly covered up. She kept saying to herself in her heart, don't pay attention to this rascal, what he said is beyond count, don't pay attention to him!

     After doing psychological construction for a while, Ye Ci said to Fleeting Time, who was still there expressing his sad feelings: "Can you give way?" "Ah? I'm actually blocking your way!" Fleeting Time seemed to have just reacted. He blinked and looked at his current position very cooperatively. That's right, he was standing in the middle of the road, and he blocked Ye Ci's path strictly. He sighed and apologized very sincerely, but didn't mean to let go: "I'm so sorry. , I saw someone who looked like that woman with no conscience, and I couldn’t help being sad for myself and blocking your way. I’m really sorry.” Ye Ci saw that Fleting Time was just talking nonsense, but didn’t want to leave. Meaning, can't help but exhale. Forget it, it doesn't matter if the mountain doesn't come, I'm just the mountain. Since Fleting Time won't let her, it doesn't mean that she can't make it through. She flashed slightly, flashed past Fleeting Time neatly, and immediately flung away and ran away.According to Ye Ci's understanding of Fleeting Time, this guy not only operates well, but also reacts quickly. The most important thing is that this guy is like a piece of brown candy. As long as he is the target, he will be killed if he is not chased. Makes peeling skin. So Ye Ci didn't even have a chance to summon Ol’ Four. After the Fleeting Time flashed, he immediately smeared the soles of his feet and disappeared.

     However, Ye Ci obviously overestimated his speed and underestimated the reaction of Fleeting Time.

     In fact, it should be said that from the time Fleeting Time started to intercept her, all the routes that she would be flashing had already been pre-judged and simulated, and corresponding considerations were made for these pre-judgments and simulations. In other words, when Fleeting Time was talking nonsense with her, she had already figured out what she would do if she wanted to run away for a while.

     Therefore, the moment Ye Ci crossed Fleeting Time's side, Fleeting Time actually stretched out her hand, pressed it on her shoulder, and then pressed it down hard.

     Ye Ci was hit by this sudden force a little no time to deal with it, her legs that had already stepped out had no time to take it back, so she was pressed and sank, if she didn’t stretch out her hand suddenly, If the pillar on the side is supported, it will be pressed to the ground by Fleeting Time.Fortunately, she reacted quickly. With the force of the pillar, she shook her shoulders slightly under Fleeting Time's palm, and then dodged dangerously under his palm, letting Fleeting Time grasp. It's empty.

     However, Fleeting Time is not so easy to deal with. He missed this moment, his hand dropped directly, and he squeezed Ye Ci's arm. Ye Ci had just used the flicker just now, so this time he couldn't avoid it anyway. , Was directly grabbed by Fleeting Time's arm, she only felt that a huge momentum threw herself towards the back.

     For a moment, Ye Ci remembered his fight with Fleeting Time in the Dungeon on the southern continent. This guy seemed to throw himself out like this at the time. Do you still want to repeat the same tricks now? Ye Ci has a faint sneer at the corner of his lips. If Fleeting Time really thinks so, then he looks down on himself too much. Ye Ci will definitely not fall twice on the same rock. She pretended to be suddenly thrown out by Fleeting Time, but the next moment, she bounced like a spring with the strength of Fleeting Time's hand, and shot at Fleeting Time like a sharp sword.

     She thought that Fleeting Time would panic, or at least dodge it, but when Ye Ci pushed towards Fleeting Time, there was a fascinating smile on this person's face.It was this smile that suddenly made Ye Ci's heart sink. What is this guy thinking?

     Ye Ci is suspicious.

     At this moment, it was just a moment of lightning and thunder, and her mind was constantly exchanging her own contradictions. Do you ignore that smile and attack Fleeting Time directly, or change your attack because of that smile and wait for the next chance?

     There were constant struggles and contradictions in her mind, but her body had already made a judgment when she was still so hesitant. Her right hand suddenly pulled out the dagger around her waist and changed the attack direction in mid-air. She was alive dozens of times away and stabled towards Fleeting Time's left arm.

     However, Fleeting Time jumped suddenly.

     Ye Ci didn't think much about it. The daggers and daggers in his hands were swung perfectly, and even a little water could not be poured in, so he moved quickly towards Fleeting Time. Her speed was almost irritated by Fleeting Time again this time, so the blades in her hands are all glitter like frost and snow, and every stroke is directed at the vital part and joints of Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time also drew a pair of daggers, and did not hesitate to face the battle. Their weapon contact only heard the sound of Ding and Ding Dangdang in the air. In this wisteria garden full of warmth and beauty,

     In this wisteria garden where the petals of wisteria flowers are scattered everywhere, the battle between the two does not appear inharmonious, on the contrary, there is a very elegant beauty.Probably the unique fragrance of wisteria flowers permeated the entire battle scene. Probably the unique elegance and softness of wisteria petals made the fighting murderous, which turned these two fierce battles into a beautiful picture at this moment. Fleeting Time does not take the initiative to attack, he just keeps retreating to make his body extremely light, as if to be blown away by the wind in the garden, beating like boneless in the garden, making Ye Ci sting no matter what. Not in.

     And Ye Ci was not in a hurry. Although she almost stabs Fleting Time every time, she did not fly into a rage out of humiliation. Instead, the calmer she calmed down. She was already thin, and she wore a large overall, chasing Behind Fleeting Time is not clumsy, but light and agile to the extreme.

     "Wow, do you think those two people are in PK?" Some players have already noticed this personal struggle, they stopped one after another, and were amazed by the shocking position and figure of the two people. Compliments.

     "No, isn't it because of the system settings. How can players move to this point." "This is too beautiful. I know for the first time. The original dagger confrontation can be so beautiful." "The bard seems to be for them. Accompaniment. This is too enjoyable."Although it seems to the players that the positions of these two people are so elegant and perfect, only Ye Ci and Fleeting Time know how murderous and thrilling between them is.

     Suddenly Fleeting Time slowed down slightly, his body leaned back like a soft feather, as if it was about to fall.

     But Ye Ci knew that Fleeting Time was definitely not going to fall, he must have a back move, so his wrist turned, and the dagger that was going straight forward changed his hand to a back stab.

     A person flashed backwards, and a person rushed forward. It was just that moment. Ye Ci obviously felt something was cut by her dagger, but she didn't have time to look at it, and the whole person was already floating in three or four. Outside the code.

     After falling, she immediately stood up and turned around to look around, but found that Fleeting Time had already stood up, even standing a step away from her. She just wanted to attack, but she only felt a slight cold on her neck, her brows frowned slightly, she was still a step slower, just now when Fleting Time fell down, she must have changed her footsteps and attacked her, but she It was a pity that I didn't see through it at that time."Oh, you are really annoying. You haven't finished speaking. Why did you start fighting and killing?" Fleting Time's lips curled slightly, and there was a frivolous smile in his voice. Ci Nasty words. On the side of his cheek, Ye Ci showed a blood stain. Although it was not deep, it also oozes a lot of blood.

     Although this is a game, I am not afraid of leaving scars, but with such a scar on a face as beautiful as a peach blossom, Ye Ci still has the pleasure of destroying the flowers by hand, especially if this flower is still Fleting. Time is so cool, so cool.

     Even if she has been constrained by Fleeting Time now, when she saw the face of Fleeting Time, she couldn't help but crack the corners of her mouth and smile. It's just that this person is not good or bad. If his speed is slower, Ye Ci thinks She will definitely brandish the peach blossom face of Fleeting Time with a small dagger, so that her mother can't see his original appearance.

     "Little childe, it seems that you are very happy to see my face?" Although Ye Ci wore a hood, she couldn't hide the smile on her lips. Fleeting Time looked at her smile, the smile on his own face became brighter, he scratched his head, and whispered softly in her ear.His voice was soft as if it were an ant swallowing honey, and he squirmed into Ye Ci's ears, as if he was going to make Ye Ci soft. She couldn't help feeling a little hot, and the warm breath of this man seemed to be burning with fire, burning her, her skin, and her blood. Ye Ci didn't think much about it. He raised his hand and pushed Fleeting Time away abruptly, saying in embarrassment, "You stay away from me."

     "You can't pretend that you don't know me." Fleeting Time took a step back following Ye Ci's strength, put away the dagger, folded his arms in front of his chest, half true and half false teasing.

     In fact, Ye Ci really wanted to not know this guy forever, but now it seems to be a bit too artificial to pretend to be. She simply put down her hood and looked at the Fleeting Time opposite with a somewhat provocative look: "I must confirm my identity and what to do? Do you want to fulfill your kill order here?"

     "Killing order?" Fleeting Time was taken aback for a moment. It seemed that he had forgotten about it, and it seemed that he had never done it before. The expression was so real that people couldn't be suspicious at all. But in Ye Ci's contemptuous white eyes, he suddenly realized that he patted his head and smiled: "Oh, childe, if you didn't remind me, I would have forgotten about it. Look at me and see You even forgot about making money, do you feel very proud?""Satisfied?" Ye Ci was baffling by Fleeting Time.

     "What are you proud of?" In fact, she felt that she and Fleeting Time seemed to be a bit mismatched, or that they weren't an object in a space. They could understand what the other party could understand, but when they got together, she didn't know what Fleeting Time was. What do you mean.

     "Of course I'm proud, you see that I even forgot to make money for you, how attractive you are, for your charm, should you buy me a glass of wine?" Fleeting Time said very naturally. He didn't feel that there was anything wrong with what he said, and his words were extremely neat.

     Ye Ci's face is dark on one side. This guy is too shameless. What and what is this


     "Little childe, when I came, I found that there was a very good pub in Hero City. Let's go there. Okay!" Fleeting Time saw that Ye Ci didn't say a word. Ye Ci immediately severely slapped it off, he grinned with pain, and blew on his paws again and again. "Okay, you have set a place, you can go wherever you want, and I will never make a decision without authorization anymore."Ye Ci rolled his eyes, this ruffian. This is not at all the point of the question, okay, the point of the question is that she doesn't want to see this guy at all, not at all, let alone drinking with him. I still ask him to drink. Is she so fucking? Spend money to do something that makes herself extremely uncomfortable.

     In any case, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time are still making a long Dungeon together. Therefore, you also understand the temperament of Fleeting Time. For this kind of person, the more you choke and fight with him , Then you can't take advantage of your tongue at all, and you can only achieve the best results when you deal with this kind of guy completely ignoring him. So I glanced horizontally at Fleeting Time, without saying a word, bypassing Fleeting Time and walked towards the outside of the wisteria.

     "Where does the little childe want to go?" "Go to a place without you." Ye Ci Harude.

     "Oh, it's so difficult." Fleeting Time didn't care at all. He looked down at Ye Ci's stiff face and smiled lightly.

     ... I suddenly decided, where the little childe is going, I will go there after...

     Ye Ci turned his head and let go of the shameless ruffian with a big roll of eyes, and asked incomprehensibly, "I said Fleeting Time, do you have nothing to do?"

     "Yes.""Then you can do your thing, OK, don't follow me, that's not good." Ye Ci sneered a few times.

     "What's wrong?" Fleeting Time blinked those peach blossom eyes, which seemed innocent, but Ye Ci can guarantee that the light flashing in those peach blossom eyes are all black-hearted and treacherous, and they are all cannibalism. The trick of not spitting out bones.

     "Do you think it is a good thing that two people from the hostile mainland have a good relationship?" "Ah, I don't know if two people from the hostile mainland are together, I don't know, anyway, I know, I stay with you If they are together, of course, there will be big photos." Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci shamelessly, and he bent down and moved towards Ye Ci: "This is a good thing."

     Ye Ci's mouth opened, and he couldn't close it for a long time, and he couldn't even say a word. She suddenly felt that she really didn't understand the guy opposite at all. What is he thinking in his mind? I was caught by the forum and discussed by the world. Is this a good thing?

     Why is it such a thing worth looking forward to from his mouth!

     Is the world too crazy, or is Fleting Time too shameless? Or is it too late to keep up with this era?"Hey hey hey, a fly flew into her mouth....Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci like that, and didn't want to tease her anymore, just stretched out her hand and gently lifted her chin, making her almost lost The closed jaw can work with the starting point. However, her chin is really slender, and the feeling of touching her fingers is not normal, and the soft lips exudes a unique brilliance under the starlight and moonlight. There is an irresistible urge to capture the brilliance, guard it tightly, and never let it go.

     Ye Ci only felt that Fleeting Time was approaching, and his breath was sprayed softly on his cheeks, sprayed on his lips, blending with his own nose, and burning like a prairie fire.

     she was……

     Should I react?

     Like pushing this guy away? For example, a few steps back? Another example is raising his hand severely and drawing on that peachy face to make his face full of peach blossoms? Ye Ci has been thinking about these issues in her mind, but her body seems to be stiff, and she will not move.

     This is a very strange and familiar feeling.It seems that far, far ago, before that time that Ye Ci didn't remember, there were people like this, and how did she react at that time? She forgot, she really forgot the paste of Ye Ci's mind First Squadron, just kept telling herself that she really should do something to react.

     Fleeting Time is an unfamiliar hot breath. This kind of breath makes Ye Ci only feel that it is dangerous and dangerous that she has an urge to escape.

     "Hey, can you not stare at me with great bitterness, deep hatred, it makes me very stressed." Flying Time raised his eyes slightly, looking at Ye Ci's still dead fish face, slightly amused. If he hadn't felt the slight trembling of her body, he would have been disappointed by this face. But now, he finds it very interesting.

     The wisteria garden is indeed a very good place.

     The stars here are brilliant, the moonlight here is soft and the fragrance of flowers is pleasant, the scenery here is beautiful, the music here washes everyone's soul like running water, and the most beautiful key lies in...

     Here is Fleeting Time, and here is Gongzi You.

     Ye Ci swallowed, she felt she should say something, in fact she did say something. It's just that she doesn't understand what she said.

     "I think this is not good. I think we are more in line with our character.I felt

     ..." She didn't finish her words, she fell into two pieces of softness, she stopped in time, she thought, she was crazy. At this time, shouldn't she draw her sword and face each other? But, The ruffian was not punished. Instead, he was doing some death-seeking things, but as a servant, she actually let him go, she was crazy.

     The moonlight is really beautiful.

     It's so good that Ye Ci's hard, cold and alienated heart seems to have a broken nose in a small corner, and it keeps beating softly.

     Boom,..., Bi...Boom...

     "But, I think it's good." Fleeting Time let go of the soft lips, with a warm smile on the corners of his mouth. He stretched out his thumb and gently rubbed the stiffness of Ye Ci's lips, and his voice seemed soft. It is water that can submerge everything and melt everything: "Very good, good."

     After that, he covered the corners of his lips again.

     He suddenly realized that he had always wanted to do this, and he didn't know when he had already wanted to do it. He didn't know what storms and rains were waiting for him after a while, nor what the stormy seas that would wait for him before, but he knew that the moment was too short to make up for the long wait. And look forward to. Even when he separated, he couldn't help but miss it again.This is really a wonderful feeling.

     This is obviously just a game, and it is obviously just a data connection, but at this moment, Fleeting Time can really feel the warmth of the other party. After staying on that peak for too long, he even forgot what kind of warmth it feels like, but how wonderful it is. Across the air and distance, he can clearly feel the warmth of this data called Gongzi You. No, it should be said that it is the warmth of the person behind Concealment after this data.

     It was the kind of warmth he longed for for a long, long time, and it was so warm that it made his whole person tired.

     I would rather time stop at this moment.

     It was an unfamiliar but seductive feeling. The softness on his lips gradually became stronger. His slender fingers stroked... across her head, across her back, just like this. The body was imprisoned in a generous and gentle armour, in that armour, she heard the same non-stop beating sound in her left chest cavity.

     咚,..., 咚... 咚...

     Their heartbeats are surprisingly consistent, so fast, so powerful, and so fascinating.

     I'm so dizzy, I can't think of anything.

     Ye Ci suddenly gave up on himself, what will happen to him in a while? whatever. What will be born tomorrow? whatever. What will happen in the future? whatever!At this moment, she suddenly fell in love with this embrace, in love with his generosity, and in love with his warmth.

     This kind of embrace is different from Bai Mo, and also different from Dad. He has the same sense of security as Bai Mo and Dad, but they are not hot, and the hot piping instantly drowns Ye Ci like lava. , So that she couldn't even let out the last cry, just indulged like this, caseless.

     Her lips overflowed with a sigh that she didn't even notice. She just felt the soft lips suddenly pause, and then slammed her again, sweeping all her thoughts like a storm, all everything of.

     "I want to find you." Fleeting Time let go of Ye Ci gently, and a word came out without thinking.

     "What?" Ye Ci's eyes were a little soft, unlike her usual. With such soft eyes, Fleeting Time felt that if he could say something, he would not be a normal man. He sighed, like succumbing to himself, and like succumbing to Ye Ci.

     "What did you just now?" Ye Ci didn't wait for the answer she wanted, and Wei Wei recovered some sanity, staring at Fleeting Time and asked.

     "Shut up." Fleeting Time has a rare male dominance towards Ye Ci. He raised his eyes to look at the wisteria tree behind him, and pressed Ye Ci to the trunk with one hand, leaving no regrets this time. Skin.Unfortunately……

     This is really a game.

     The so-called game must comply with many, many rules.

     Ah, for example, one of Fate's rules is about protecting women's rights.

     The general content inside is actually the same as the original other games. The game does not object to adult players doing things that adults can do, but you have to in sequence, step by step, do you have to achieve a good impression, or else, You are what you are, you are the guy who is going to be caught and go to prison!

     Therefore, just as the stinky rogue Fleeting Time was about to proceed further, his ears suddenly remembered the system warning: "The goodwill between you and Gongzi You is not enough to perform the following intimate behaviors. If you insist on doing it, you will A serious punishment! Please respect the women in the game!"

     Fleeting Time turned pale when he heard this prompt. This is like a man who is on passion, being kicked suddenly, the feeling is painful and painful.

     For the current Fleeting Time, the situation at this moment, no amount of eggs will hurt his current sadness.

     He slumped down his hand. Even if he is now forcing the next action, he will be banned by the system, and he will be thrown into jail immediately by the system for that or something.He severely knocked on the trunk and cursed lowly.

     Ye Ci didn’t understand. What was born just now, as if Fleeting Time touched her waist, and then he gave up like an electric shock, giving birth to something she didn’t know about "Fleeting Time..."

     "Don't talk." Fleeting Time bent over, arched, hugged her tightly in a posture that Ye Ci found strange, buried her face in Ye Ci's neck, panting heavily. There is a seductive hoarseness in the voice.

     Ye Ci rarely refuted. She watched Fleeting Time quietly. She looked up at the moonlight hidden in the rain of wisteria petals, with only one thought left in her mind.

     Crazy, she is really crazy.

     "Hey? Gongzi You! It's really you! I thought I was wrong!" A voice suddenly rang, interrupting the original beautiful, adulterous, affectionate scene, and abruptly intervened.

     Ye Ci's face went dark after following the reputation.

     This person is actually... Autumn water is not stained with dust.

     Fleeting Time also raised his head and turned to look. He squinted his eyes. I don’t know why. Ye Ci only felt that his whole body was burning immediately, and the action quickly pulled out the bow behind him and moved towards the autumn water without staining dust. Shoot to...