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Chapter Directory 288 Autumn Water ...
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Fleeting Time is extremely fast.

     Soon, even Ye Ci didn't even react, and only saw the embrace that was holding him just now, and after an instant it turned into a bloodthirsty weapon in the world, generally running towards the autumn water not far away from the dust. Ye Ci was stunned. She could even feel the remaining body temperature on her body, as well as his breathing, but when she raised her eyes to see, Fleeting Time had already moved towards the autumn water like a light without dust.

     And the arrow in his hand was faster, and had already reached the edge of Qiu Shui without dust a step earlier than him.

     In fact, not only Ye Ci did not react, but even Qiu Shui did not stain the dust. He was clearly saying hello to Gongzi You in the last second, why the next second the man who rested on Gongzi You would pounce at him like a hungry wolf!

     An arrow shot relentlessly at Qiushui’s dust-free heart. Fortunately, Qiushui’s dust-free heart reacted quickly, so he avoided it for life, and then immediately raised his hand to add a magic shield to himself, otherwise If you do, I'm afraid that this arrow will kill more than half of my own blood.

     Today’s Bulletin is good.Qiu Shui is also in a good mood, because he sold a lot of potions to Black Plum Guild early this morning, and the price is very satisfactory to him. In fact, for Qiu Shui Wu Chen, it doesn't matter who he sells the potion to. The important thing is that the other party pays the money happily, and the price is satisfied with her, that would be great. He doesn't care whether it is the Black Plum Guild who bought the potion or the three major Guilds of Northern Continent who hunted him down.

     I counted the heavy gold coins in my hand, Qiu Shui Burenchen drew out a large part of it and turned it into cash and deposited it in his account, and only a small part of it became his own operating funds in the game. . Then, he ran towards the flight controller, today is the day to open the expansion.

     Of course, Qiu Shui Bu Dianchen did not forget to upgrade his level cap. Just kidding, he has accumulated a lot of experience, so he must quickly upgrade his level cap to explore more advanced maps and increase his pharmaceutical level by the way.

     With such a pure and clear purpose, Qiu Shui Burenchen handed over two gold coins to the flight controller, resisting his distress, sitting on the Griffin, and flew towards Hero City.

     After taking off and landing twice and feeling embarrassed to the extreme, the autumn water finally landed on the flight platform of Hero City. He pulled his cloak, shrouded himself in the gray cloak, and hurried towards the professional hall.He has always felt that today's weather is very good, and his mood is also very good. On the contrary, his luck should also be good. It just seems that this is not the case.

     For example, before he got off the flying platform, he was pushed by the crowd and staggered. In fact, for the overcrowded map, there is nothing great about stumbling like this, and Qiu Shui doesn't catch the dust and doesn't care, but after this stumbling, his face turns black.


     Qiu Shui Buranchen looked at the position he was stepping on, and roared like a wolf in his heart! He doesn't know if he has completely become at odds with the hunter profession after dealing with Gongzi You. First, after getting the kill order, he began to hunt down his players, regardless of his level or strength, he made a rough calculation and turned out to be the most hunter.

     Forget it, anyway, these little grasshoppers still want to kill him a bit overestimate one's capabilities. However, on the second day after the killing order came out, he was sadly reminded that he was accepted by a top hunter.

     Of course, this is the Fleeting Time of the Western Continent.After learning the news from the forum, Qiu Shui Burenchen really wanted to hold a handful of sad tears for herself, your sister. Why is it that Fleeting Time answered it if someone couldn't answer it! You must know that although his D gap, Sorcerer's chance of winning against the Hunter is only half-to-half. More importantly, after dealing with Gongzi You, he has completely disgusted with this profession. He doesn't want to fight with the Hunter. Well, the system directly sent him a big gift.

     It doesn't matter, since Fleeting Time is in the western continent, he is in the southern continent. As long as he doesn't run around, that guy will basically not come to the southern continent to find himself.

     With this idea in mind, Qiu Shui passed the last week before opening the expansion pack peacefully without staining the dust. Then he came to Hero City.

     This is a new beginning.

     However, Qiu Shui did not stain the dust, and he did not expect that his new beginning was cast a shadow by the hunter just after the griffon fell.

     The most powerful place for hunters is not their long-range attacks, but their shame. They are always two to deal with one. Of course, Warlock is also shameless on this issue, but the problem is that Warlock’s baby is not permanent. It has a time limit. It is not like a hunter’s baby. Just feed it. Yes, it will follow forever shamelessly.Moreover, hunters’ pets are basically animals, and they will eat as long as they are animals. And after eating it is bound to pull...

     Regarding this point, Qiu Shui is not stained with dust. I really admire Fate for doing too much detail. Because in the setting of Fate, the player did not follow the normal procedures of living creatures eating, drinking and pulling, but pets strictly abide by this rule.

     Hunter's pets have the need to eat and drink, as well as the need to urinate and urinate.

     You can't ask people to eat or not to eat, and to get in and out. It's not a drag, right? They have no occasional taboos when eating and drinking water, and of course, there are no occasional taboos when they urinate and urinate.

     Generally, the feces of hunters' pets will be refreshed by the system in about a minute or so after they are excreted. When in the wild, hunters generally don’t care when pets pull or urinate. However, if you are in the city, you have to test the observation power of each hunter. Hunters who always pay attention to the condition of their babies may be the first to excrete pets. It will appear within time, and then use the special items given by the system to clean up the excrement. However, if the hunter is not aware of the excretion of his pet, then these excrement can only wait for the system to automatically remove it.If you encounter such a situation, other players must be especially careful, otherwise, it is easy to step on these excrement. If other players step on these excrement, there is no way, they can only find a place with a water source to wash them away. Otherwise, the system will keep reminding you of course and also reminding players nearby to "stick to the player's feet." It is written with biological excrement".

     Although this setting is very close to reality, it is undeniable and very annoying.

     Especially players who can't find a water source to clean after stepping on their pets are well aware of the perversion of this setting.

     And now the autumn water is not stained with dust, so it is not dead in the first place,

     After being hit by someone, he stepped on a pile of fresh, hot, fresh stool. He could even see the hunter who hurriedly left with the cat. The girl didn't even notice that his pet was shit, so he left without looking back.

     The only thing left is Qiu Shui Burenchen standing in place with a face of grief and angrily, and the inner wailing and pain are incomparable. What is this TNND?

     From this, Qiu Shui is not stained with dust, it can be concluded that the profession of himself and the hunter is really quite at odds.Soon, the pile of pet excrement was flushed out by the system, but the things stuck to the shoes that did not stain the dust were still there, quietly waiting for the dust not to be processed by the autumn water.

     Qiu Shui Bu Yanchen looked down at the things on his feet, and he was really full of tears. As expected, even the awesome Chopin couldn't play his sadness at the moment. He stood on tiptoe, tried not to let the soles of his feet touch the ground, and limped towards the city, hoping to find a place with water in the city where he could take care of himself.

     Because Qiushui does not stain dust with a cloak, the system will not reveal his name when prompting nearby players. However, nearby players will still avoid him like a plague.

     Make Qiushui not stain the tears in Chen's heart, just like Dashui. He closed his cloak more tightly, hoping to cover himself more tightly, and it would be best to keep him from being seen for the rest of his life.

     After going around the city for most of the time, the autumn water does not stain the dust and finally I reached a place where there is water. The impatient rushed over and washed his shoes, which seemed to be exhilarating.

     After washing his hands vigorously, Qiu Shui Buchenchen confirmed that he no longer had the hapless gas equipment on his body, then straightened up, exhaled a long breath, and ran towards the professional hall.There were no more problems along the way, which made Qiu Shui not stained with dust. Although I stepped on a pile of shit today, it does not mean that I am in bad luck, does it? Anyway, this kind of thing is rarely encountered, and it may be considered good luck.

     Qiu Shui Burenchen is a person who is good at comforting himself and has an open heart, so even if he encounters such a thing, he will soon be relieved.

     Soon, Qiu Shui arrived at the gate of the Wisteria Garden without staining the dust.

     Before entering the garden, the autumn water will smell the unique fragrance of wisteria flowers with the breeze, quietly surrounding the nose, making people feel better.

     He walked into the wisteria garden, and suddenly stopped. I only saw countless wisteria petals dancing in the wind under the bright starlight, and dancing with them was the unique fragrance of wisteria flowers. In addition to such beautiful scenery in the wisteria garden, there are also floating in the wisteria garden. Beautiful music in the air.

     At this moment, Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen, a man without any romantic cells, also felt a bit strange, as if there was a soft but begin to stir feeling that was disturbing deep in his heart. He reached out and grabbed his head, put down the hood, and took a deep breath of the sweet feeling in the air, which made his whole body languid.In fact, playing games does not necessarily have to pay attention to level, equipment, and ability.

     If that's the case, wouldn't it be too disappointing for the game company's artists to make such a beautiful scene? No one's life can be tight, strike a balance between work and rest, relaxation is the longest solution.

     Probably the atmosphere here is too good. Qiu Shui Burenchen decided to abandon the idea of rushing to Concealment to learn skills in the white building in the Wisteria Garden. It would be unwise to run over at this time. This kind of time should be slowly strolling past.

     This is what Qiu Shui does not stain the dust, and of course he did so.

     While wandering in the picturesque scenery of the Wisteria Garden, he watched the actions of the surrounding players in the Wisteria Garden. They all slowed down like themselves, indulging in such beauty. There are also many female players here even posing for photos in various poses, or dancing with the sound of guqin of the troubadour. In short, it is wonderful.

     Among these players, there are alliances with their own continents, and of course there are also hostile continents. In the wisteria garden, it seems that everyone has given up the idea of hostility and is all immersed in such a rare scenery.

     Qiu Shui Buranchen raised his eyes and looked around. Now there are players who are embracing affectionately in this garden. They touched their noses intimately, turned their eyes, and continued to walk towards the hall.However, at the moment he turned his eyes away, he suddenly felt that he knew the women of the couple. Subconsciously turned his head back and looked at the couple carefully.

     I saw that the man was pressing the woman on the wisteria tree trunk, and it seemed that a more popular scene appeared. Qiu Shui Bu Dianchen was entangled in the contradiction between seeing or not for a second and decided to continue watching...

     However, it was clear that the sky was not what one wanted, and the man did not continue his actions, but hunched over and hugged the woman. Qiu Shui Burenchen is a man, and of course he knows what this action is about, he smiled unkindly.

     Oops, the feeling of burning one's body is quite bad. He understands, he understands very well.

     He estimated that this man should be very painful in a certain part now. When he thinks of this pain, Qiu Shui does not stain the dust and smiles even more take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     However, with this action, Qiu Shui Burenchen clearly saw the female face clearly.

     Actually, actually, it is Gongzi You! ! !

     He can't read it wrong!

     Qiu Shui Buranchen rubbed his eyes, it's really Gongzi You!

     Oh my God, that Gongzi You, who has a deadly face at all times, would actually kiss me and me with a man in this large public! ! ! This, this...

     The way he opened it must be wrong."Gongzi You? Is it really you? I thought I was wrong." Qiu Shui Buranchen looked at Gongzi You with an awkward smile.

     Immediately afterwards, the arrow that had been steadfastly flew towards him!

     by! What's going on! !