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Chapter Directory 289 Very Lively (on)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The fastest career in Fate is Rogue, followed by Hunter.

     However, for hunters like Fleeting Time, looking at it, how many Rogues in the entire Fate can be faster than him? Fleeting Time's response is fast, and Fleeting Time's arrow is even faster.

     Ye Ci only had time to see his erratic back, and saw that his whole body had already rushed towards the autumn water without staining the dust.

     Qiu Shui is not stained with dust and is naturally not a vegetarian. Although until now he has no idea what kind of person he offended, but not knowing what happened does not mean that he has to figure it out before doing it. If that's the case, this person isn't that the water is not stained with dust, it's a second-hand.

     After encountering the Fleeting Time attack, Qiu Shui Bu Dian Dian immediately put on a magic shield for herself. The duration of this shield is ten minutes. Because there are only three levels, it can only absorb 30,000 points in total. Damage, when the damage value encountered exceeds 30,000, the shield will automatically shatter, and the CD time of the magic shield is one minute.According to this article, as long as Qiu Shui does not stain the dust and guarantees that he suffers less than 30,000 points of damage within a minute, then he can always fucking awesome invincible and guarantee that he will not die. This idea should be very easy to realize if faced with other people, but if this one is against a rogue who has just been angered, it may be a little bit difficult.

     Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen started his Ice Element skill and tried to slow down the speed of the Fleeting Time. On the one hand, he had to move, and the speed could not keep up with the hunter who had been known for speed. As a last resort, he fell into his mouth. A bottle of accelerator. Now his speed has improved significantly, and he doesn't have to run so hard in the process of dealing with Fleeting Time.

     It's just a pity that those Ice Element skills that kept running towards Fleeting Time from her hand, 90% of them were flashed by Fleeting Time, even if they hit Fleeting Time without flashing, they caused very little damage. , And the slow DEBUFF that Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen expected has never appeared. He couldn't help frowning. The bad news is that this guy must have been raised to the upper limit of his level, and now it is too bad for him to fight him.However, even so, Qiu Shui did not stain the dust and had no plans to give up or admit defeat. He continued to use the "S" type route to entangle the hunter. While taking advantage of the many corridors, trees, NPCs, and players in the Wisteria Garden, he was not as good as the opponent in terms of speed and level, but he still dragged the opponent down, and there was no way for the opponent to take him for a while.

     However, this guy is really good enough, who is he?

     Qiu Shui has a habit of not dusting the dust, that is, the channel of his own system is blocked, so when the opponent attacks him, he doesn't know it is Who. Now he is piercing the edges between players and NPCs. This is the opportunity, Qiu Shui Buddy opened the system channel that he had always blocked.

     As soon as he opened the system channel, Qiu Shui Burenchen immediately heard the prompt from the system channel: "Fleeting Time, a player from the Western Continent", is attacking you, you can fight back or remain silent. "

     As soon as I heard the name, Qiu Shui Wu Chen's brows knotted! Damn, it's Fleeting Time!He just said, how can this person be so powerful! If it weren't for running fast and drilling into the crowd, I'm afraid that now my eggshell (common name for magic shield) will be broken by this guy, and I would have been lying on the floor! How about he and the hunter are not at odds! The evil star he wants to hide every day will actually run into here, what kind of shit luck is this! ! !

     Qiu Shui Buranchen roared in Ran Xin for a while, he suddenly thought of another question, the person who was lying on Gongzi You just now seemed to be Fleting Time...

     So, what were they doing just now? By the way, are you discussing the esoteric subject of human mechanics in depth? This, this, this, he, he, he seems to have done something irritating, right?

     Fleeting Time only feels a lot of pain on my body.

     It was a pain that was difficult for him to speak out.

     He has always felt that he is a cold person, and he is indifferent to the so-called desires. In the past two decades of life, he has never seemed to be particularly interested in things or people that particularly make him desire desires. Although this attitude of being a human being has greatly restricted his exhibition of various contacts, but, Fortunately, he feels that he is lucky. Despite such annoying temperament, he still has a group of friends who can be handed over to life and death. It is enough to have these brothers as a man.Although they are all accustomed to their own temperament, when in the dead of night, Fleeting Time will also reflect on whether their alienated and indifferent personality and the ecology of people who are not interested in anything are a kind of personality. The flaws, and even a Fleeting Time has an urge to see a psychiatrist.

     Gongzi You is obviously an exception.

     Her appearance caught him off guard, just like drop from the sky, just like that, Baffling broke into his life. With her most magnificent and fierce gesture, he tore a deep hole in his indifferent life, and then disappeared. Then when he almost forgot about this person, she appeared in front of him again, carrying more ferocious ambitions, tearing the hole she brought to him even more, so that he would never forget it. too easy.

     Strictly speaking, there are not many opportunities and time for them to meet. And Fleeting Time himself is a person with a bad memory, but such a person actually carves too deep marks in his heart time and time again. Until now, when he looks back, he doesn’t even have a good memory. Know which one was carved for the first time and which one was carved most recently.

     There is no denying that Fleeting Time is interested in Gongzi You.This kind of interest was initially built on the strength of her evenly matched with herself, and then it was her ambition and her unwillingness to admit defeat. It is strange to say that Gongzi You has never shown sex in front of him. Even, he has blurred this concept.

     This is a rare thing.

     Looking back, in my more than 20 years of life, it seems that gender has always caused me too much trouble. Since childhood, Fleeting Time has known that he has a face that is too good-looking, and it is this face that will always cause endless troubles to himself. This also caused Fleeting Time to be very disgusted with doing the kind of work that needs to be "showing his face". Even when he originally participated in the competition, he had to cover himself with full arms. It seems that only in this way will everyone notice him instead of his face.

     As for feelings, this face has caused more trouble, and the biggest one is of course the white fairy tale.

     Fleeting Time even thought, if the day before the chance encounter between myself and the white fairy tale, if there was nothing to do, the woman would take a shower and cut her head, would that woman not haunt herself as sickly as she is now? Or is he the most suitable dress for him in this life is the sloppy king?The trouble this face caused him was not only in life, but also in games. Speaking of which, he regrets that he should choose to adjust his appearance and offline, but he chose random for all these things in order to experience the game quickly. As a result, he is now in the game, and people who are not familiar with him will ignore his ability and focus. To his face.

     Only Gongzi You is an exception.

     He will always remember that the first time he met her, he asked her: "There are so many hunters in Genesis, why do you have to choose me?" In fact, he was contemptuous at the time and looked down on him, thinking that it was another one who was aiming at himself. The mad bee wave butterfly rushing over with his face. But Gongzi You's answer shocked him for a long time. She said: "Because no one else is called Fleeting Time."

     This is the first stranger who only noticed himself and not that face.

     It is precisely because of this sentence that Fleeting Time, who has never accepted the challenge of others, chose to take action. He just wanted to see if this female hunter really coincided with her high-sounding reason. As a result, he was very satisfied, as expected. Although her operations at the time were relatively immature compared to now, she did not show a trace of feminine squeamishness from beginning to end. In the battle, her decisive action made Fleeting Time ignore her gender. Remember, this is a great hunter.This impression has been left until now, every time, every time she appeared, every time she confronted herself, never let herself down. It can even be said that in the struggle with her, more feelings have gone beyond PK, and have been sublimated to a kind of enjoyment from body to heart.

     However, this kind of enjoyment seems to be drugs, making him more and more addicted, more and more want to stop but can't.

     Unconsciously, he began to pay attention to everything related to her. At first, he just watched silently, but when he watched a lot, he always wanted to participate, so he would often say bad words, and when he is now more happy about his own words and the performance of the other party, he does not know why. You can't get out of this kind of boring game. For this performance, Absalom gave only two words "childish" in the evaluation.

     That's right, it's really naive, even Fleeting Time itself thinks so.

     But what can be naive? As long as he feels happy, even if he is naive, he is willing to lift up.

     What's more, he feels that Gongzi You doesn't seem to be really disgusted with his naivety, at best he is embarrassed and crazy. (Fleeting Time, in fact, you are not only very naive, but also very thick-skinned. You can tell if you are so shameless)

     This kind of happiness precipitated unconsciously and turned into a deep and fierce desire.It's just that he didn't show up until...just now.

     He knows that what he did just now may be unethical, but he has really struggled, but his willpower is not as tough as he imagined. In the face of a burst of desire, his willpower seems so ridiculous. So fragile, throw away your helmet and armor.

     He thought that if it weren't for systemic hindrance, maybe something might happen, he didn't know.

     Despite this, his heart was still uncomfortable, and his body was more like a First Squadron fire, and there was no way to extinguish it. This strange feeling made him a little strange at a loss to know what to do, and at this time he could choose just to be quiet, desperately restrained, and there seemed to be no other way.

     However, God always treats him well, and when he didn't know how long he was going to endure, he actually came to death with cannon fodder.

     At that moment, Fleeting Time felt that his whole person was burning, every cell and every blood vessel began to clamor, he needed to vent, completely vent. As for who the other party is, it is not within the scope of Fleeting Time's concern.

     That is a Sorcerer, with good technology.

     There are not many Sorcerers that can make him a good one, and the one in front of him is obviously one.Although Sorcerer is known for his broken leg, this guy didn't turn his slowness into his own shortcoming, but instead turned it into an advantage. All kinds of Control Skills and all kinds of dragging speed were thrown on him, even though he was punished by his level. He didn't succeed in the relationship, but he didn't give up. Anyway, he used the terrain of the entire map to sneak in desperately in places that were not conducive to his attack, so that he couldn't help him for a while.

     Fleeting Time cocked the corners of his mouth. This is a fun object.

     By the way, what is his name?

     Fleeting Time calmly opened the system channel while chasing behind the dustless autumn water, and then his eyes narrowed.

     It turned out that this guy is not stained with dust in autumn! well! Then your umbrella sky is bound to die!

     Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen ran out of breath, poured a bottle of medicine into his mouth, and then sent a message to Ye Ci: "Gongzi You, Sister Yaozi, Great God, Grandma, I was wrong! I shouldn't have been wrong just now. Do this kind of anger and resentment, you let me go..."

     Ye Ci leaned against the wisteria tree and watched Fleeting Time chasing the autumn water without staining the dust and running away. Until this time, she seemed to be able to exhale a long breath. She bent down, her hands on her knees, her face was hot, and he found that, worse than her face, her legs were weak.

     Nima, are you so unbelievable!Ye Ci cursed herself secretly in her heart, didn't she just give the man a kiss? It's necessary to behave like Mary Su! She gritted her back teeth vigorously, took a deep breath, propped up her whole body, and then glanced in the direction of Fleeting Time and Qiushui's dust-free disappearance, and then turned her head towards the other side without looking back. The exit on one side rushed.

     She doesn't know why, anyway, her only thought now is to get out of here quickly!

     "Hey, haven't you taken a screenshot?" Watching Gongzi You leave under the wisteria tree and ran away, a player poked his head out of the grass not far away, spookyly investigating, while asking another Players.

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