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Chapter Directory 290 Very Lively (below)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 87 is very lively (below)

     I have to say that this location is very hidden.

     This is in the second half of the entire wisteria garden. From here, there is no door leading directly to the professional hall, only a well-concealed small door can walk into the professional hall. But because it is too concealed, so far, no player has noticed it.

     Moreover, it is too quiet here, there are not many players, there are not many sparsely scattered on the road, and there is not a single person near the big wisteria tree where the two people are backed.

     It is precisely because of this that this surprised Ye Ci. How did the guy Qiushui Burenchen find this place? Is he lost, lost or lost!

     After tidying up his appearance, so that he doesn't look too embarrassed, Ye Ci pulled up the hood again and covered his hood. She looked around and confirmed that there were no other players here, and then rushed towards the other gate of the Wisteria Garden without looking back.

     It’s just that sometimes...

     "Cut it, cut it, haven't you recorded it?" Another player also stretched his head out of the grass and looked around.I'm so thankful that there are a lot of tall flowers and plants in their location, so that they can hide here, so that they won't be discovered by those two people who are immersed in fiery passion just now. Speaking of it, they were so lucky that they actually met Gongzi You and Fleeting Time on the way to the professional hall. Although the two were only playing against each other at first, they still did not hesitate to follow all the way.

     There is no other reason.

     There has never been a lack of adultery in this world, only the eyes for discovering adultery.

     Obviously, affected by the long moonlight, it seems that many players have discovered one thing. As long as Gongzi You and Fleeting Time appear at the same time, if you open your eyes, you will definitely find something. Isn't it? They soon discovered...

     It's so amazing!

     It's terrifying!

     Too unbearable!

     "It's a pity, it's too far apart. I don't know what they are talking about. It would be nice if I could hear what they said." The player who made the video obviously said that everything is fine except for one small defect in this silent video. Regrettably, he called up the video he had just made, watched it carefully, and sighed long by the way."You still want to hear what they say..." The player who took the screenshot obviously shivered and looked at each other with an incredulous look: "Why do I think you don't take experience and equipment so seriously? …Know that the two we secretly photographed are only hunters, top hunters, their perception is very terrifying, and we might be discovered if we get closer."

     "If you find it, you will find it. What's the fear? You don't know the most versatile offline **!" The player who took the video was still watching his own work, and his face was flushed with joy. "What's more, I don't think it would be great if it were discovered. Gongzi You will certainly get angry, but...Fleeting Time doesn't necessarily lose your temper..."

     "how do you know?"


     "Shit intuition." The player who took the screenshot waved his hand, indicating that he was not interested in the theory of the player who took the video: "I said we should hurry up and post a post, if this post can be listed as the hottest post on the forum this month For the top three, we can make a fortune!"

     "Well, also, don't leave again, in case someone comes back in a while, we will be unlucky." The player who took the video agreed with the comments made by his companions.What a hungry fox constantly dreams of is a chicken, but the 10-1 tails goes after hot babes.
So, just as Ye Ci felt that all this happened unconsciously, things had already moved in the direction she least wanted to see.

     There is a word called the unfulfilled wish of the sky.

     There is also a word called, if people don’t know what they can’t do.

     In short, when you are doing bad things, don’t think that no one knows. In this world, as long as you do something, no matter how good it is, it will eventually leave a trace. Even if no one knows it now, someone will know it sooner or later. .

     So, be careful, be careful.

     Ye Ci had just walked out of the wisteria garden, and hadn’t thought about where to go, and suddenly received a secret message from Qiu Shui Wu Dian: "Gongzi You, Sister Childe, Great God, Grandma, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have done it just now. This kind of anger and resentment, please let me go..."

     Ye Ci was baffling baffling by him: "What are you talking about?"

     "Let you adulterer, no no no, let your man let me go!"

     Ye Ci immediately raised her eyebrows, and her emotions that had just calmed down immediately became agitated again, and her face burned uncomfortably hot. If it weren't for the hood, many people would have seen the fair skin of a female elf burnt into steamed shrimp.She took a deep breath, as if she was about to exhaust all her strength, and yelled at the Qiu Shui Burenchen in the whisper channel: "He is not my man!! No!!! Did you hear that!!! No? !!!"

     Ye Ci angrily denied that it sounded nothing like that in Qiushui’s dust-free ears. He only regarded Ye Ci as embarrassed, so he replied, “It’s not your man, you can chew with him. In that way, do you think you are eating carrots?"

     Ye Ci felt that not only his face was burning, but his whole body was burning. This kind of thing is enough to prevent her from coming to the stage. Now that Qiu Shui Burenchen is still talking about gnawing carrots, she didn't know what she was going to do for a while, so she could only whisper desperately. The channel yelled: "Why don't you die if the autumn water is not dusted!"

     After a few seconds of silence on the Whisper Channel, the sad voice of Qiu Shui Bu Dian Dian sounded again: "Dead."

     "you deserve it!"

     After a while, Qiu Shui Burenchen sent a secret message: "Sister, I was wrong. Let your man spare me. Although I will not be arrested by the guards if I am killed in the wisteria garden, can you? Don't guard my body so seriously..."His voice did not fall, only a cold response from the system channel: "The player you called can no longer be contacted."

     Ye Ci has not hesitated to close his private chat channel, and abandoned Qiu Shui Wu Chen directly, what kind of friendship in the alliance mainland, what kind of comrade-in-arms from the cradle to the grave, on some issues, these are fundamental Things not worth mentioning.

     Qiu Shui Buranchen stood beside his corpse, looking at Fleeting Time, who was sitting beside his corpse, his face was full of cows. If it weren’t for the hostile mainland players who couldn’t communicate, let alone the corpse, he really wanted to say to this guy: “Big brother, I’m wrong. It’s a good thing that I don’t have the vision to bother you, so please let me be merciful and compassionate. I will never do anything like that of the eighteenth generation of dead ancestors..."

     Fleeting Time sat next to the dead body of Qiushui and rudely recruited the fifth child, and began to eat meat and drink, and did not give Qiushui on the ground any face. He is going to guard this guy today and even forget his last name, to let him know what he can do and what he cannot do.He knew that this guy must be hovering nearby now, so he let Old Wu patrol around in circles, as soon as this guy appeared, he immediately rushed up and let this guy pounce on the street until the end of time. Although Lao Wu didn’t know the small belly, chicken's gut in the inner world of Fleeting Time, but for the sake of food and wine, he was very happy to do this kind of patrol, so he spread out his huge wings and flew around Fleeting Time. , It’s very sāo bag to show everyone his beautiful body.

     Fleeting Time sat on the edge of the autumn water without staining the dust for a long time, and didn't see this guy resurrected. I knew in my heart that even if he went back now, Gongzi You would run away without a person. So I opened the map channel directly and sent a message in a common language that all four continents could understand.

     "Little childe came to Wisteria Garden 4237:1289:761. The scenery here is very good, better than the scenery we saw just now."

     In the map channel of Hero City, because everyone’s level is not high, there is no business advertisement, nor is there a call for Dungeon to support the team. It is more of a surprise discovery by the players about the new map, so , Most of the information is asking for directions or calling for a group photo. And the Fleeting Time information is not much noticeable.

     It's just that the person who sent the message is too noticeable.Fleeting Time, synonymous with top masters, mysterious synonym, it's lonely at the top synonymous. Let’s not talk about the meaning of the message itself, just the person who sent the message is enough to be eye-catching.

     Moreover, this information contains too much information.

     We have said that there is no shortage of adultery in the world, only the eyes to discover it. And the information in this sentence is really too much to blind the krypton alloy dog eyes that everyone just installed.

     According to the summary of the people of Everbright gossip, although there are many players called childe in Fate, the "little childe" referred to by Hunting Time in the Western Continent is only one person, and that is his gossip target-the hunter of Eastern Continent Gongzi You.

     According to the information released in this news, at least the majority of gossip people can find the following clues.

     First, the current location of Fleeting Time.

     Second, Fleeting Time will find Gongzi You again.

     Third, Fleeting Time was with Gongzi You just now.

     Fourth, what did Fleeting Time do with Gongzi You just now in the Wisteria Garden?

     Fifth, what reason did Fleeting Time separate from Gongzi You just now?

     ...After the message was sent by Fleeting Time, the map channel scrolled a few more insignificant messages, and then fell completely silent. It was like a card machine. After more than ten seconds, someone finally started talking on the map channel.

     "Taoist Master?"

     "Fleeting Time will find Gongzi You again? Really?"

     "It's been a long time since I saw the news of these two people. It's been a long time. It's not a fabrication."

     "Fleeting Time Fleeting Time, what were you doing with Gongzi You just now?"


     Information similar to this kind of information started to roll up quickly, and it can be seen that the broad masses of people love to hear and see such things as rape scandals. After Fleeting Time sent the message, the map channel, which was not too lively, suddenly became even more lively than the World Channel. Suddenly, various versions were flying in the sky, and everyone was starting to make various guesses about the news of Fleeting Time. . For a time, the main topic of the entire map channel changed from aimlessly to an unrestricted obscene fantasy for two people. There were even countless versions in just ten minutes, and even many people called witnesses jumped out and claimed that they had seen two people fall in love and kill each other again in Wisteria Garden just now.

     Ye Ci naturally saw these messages on the map channel.However, according to Ye Ci's personality, death will not be ignored. According to Ye Ci's idea, these unrealistic things, as long as you ignore him, you will naturally become indifferent. If you argue, the more and more enthusiasm of these people will be aroused, and in the end things will definitely develop beyond The step of cleaning up.

     Therefore, Ye Ci just didn't see it, and continued to walk in Hero City, planning to go to a small hidden shop in Hero City to buy something.

     Fleeting Time also anticipated that Gongzi You would not pay attention to him, so he continued to send another message: "I was wrong. I shouldn't let a lady run over. I should go and find you by myself."

     This piece of information makes the map channel that has already been hotly discussed even more crazy. It's like pour oil on the fire. In the map channel, there are constant screams and more cheering. There are even many female players who have been secretive about Fleeting Time and become jealous.

     There is always a word, and the map channel of Hero City has become more lively than ever before.

     When Ye Ci saw the words Fleeting Time, he felt a little bit in his heart, and his footsteps stopped abruptly. That guy won't be serious, won't he really come to her!Although Ye Ci didn’t know how Fleeting Time recognized himself in the class hall just now, but it is certain that this guy must have some special way to know the secrets under the cloak of the player wearing the cloak, otherwise, Fleeting How could Time identify himself at a glance.

     She looked around and confirmed that she was getting farther and farther away from the Wisteria Garden. Moreover, since the Hero City had just opened, Fleeting Time must not know how familiar with the terrain by herself, so after hesitating for a while, Ye Ci still definitely did not. Take care of Fleeting Time and move on directly to your destination.

     After walking a few steps, she received a carrier pigeon from Bai Mo: "Have you met Fleeting Time again?"

     Although Ci didn't want to admit it, it was clear that Bai Mo had already arrived in the Hero City. Even if she wanted to avoid it, she couldn't avoid it. Therefore, even if she was unwilling, Ye Ci responded.

     "What were you doing just now?" Bai Mo looked at the word that Ye Ci sent out with countless grief and anger, and smiled unkindly. He raised his hand and touched his chin, asking very inconspicuously."Fighting." Ye Ci thought for a while, and finally returned the word Bai Mo. She felt that she didn't lie. They were fighting just now, even if it changed a little in the end, but it was true at the beginning. of. What's more, no one found out just now...

     Hmm, autumn water is not stained with dust and it is not a human being.