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Chapter Directory 291 Unexpectedly
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Text] Chapter 88 Beyond expectation--

     Chapter 88 Beyond Expectation

     "Really?" Bai Mo made it clear that he didn't believe Ye Ci's statement at all. A joke, if it was really a fight, would Fleeting Time publish that kind of information on the channel? Suddenly Bai Mo felt that he had been h-n with Fruit Jelly for too long, and he actually started to become threesome and gossip.

     However, he was really excited.

     Other people's goals for gossip are great gods, top players, but for him, the center of gossip is his sister. That feeling was really strange. On the one hand, it was strange, and on the other hand, she was excited and hoped that she could get some news that others didn't know.

     This kind of entangled little mood is beyond the experience of experienced gossip people.

     Bai Mo wiped his face and felt that he was really competent. On the one hand, he had to worry about whether his sister would go astray. On the other hand, he was carrying the little gossip fire. Alas, he really should build a monument for himself.

     "Yes." Ye Ci took a breath and answered with a little lack of confidence. However, all the pigeons are used to convey text. Bai Mo can't see his expression or hear his own tone, let alone see the details. Therefore, Ye Ci is not afraid of what Bai Mo will know.Bai Mo smiled happily at the two monotonous words. He obviously didn't believe it, maybe even Ye Ci didn't notice it. She started from a young age, as long as she lied, she had a guilty conscience, she said very few words, usually one or two jumps, as long as someone who knows her a little bit, You can know from her reaction whether she has revealed all the facts.

     Of course this little secret can’t be kept from Bai Mo, but he didn’t order Ye Ci. He just nodded, slapped haha, and then changed the subject: "Your level limit has been opened now, when will you come back? ?"

     "After a while, I'm going to buy something. I found a very good shop in Hero City." Ye Ci was honestly speaking. Seeing Bai Mo changed the subject, she couldn't help but exhale. Wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, it finally flickered.

     "Well, then you go. Tonight we plan to open up the first Dungeon in the hot canyon. Can you come?" This is Bai Mo's most important purpose for finding Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci thought for a while: "Come on."

     "Okay, then you quickly resolve the matter over there, and then come back. See you in Red Lake City." Bai Mo didn't send any more messages after saying this. And Ye Ci was not imagining anything, and walked directly to the small shop of Concealment in the depths of Hero City.This shop is located deep in the tangled and complicated street in the North District of Hero City. It is famous for selling all kinds of rare and rare consumables. Every week, the things here will be refreshed, and the consumables sold are only a set of 20 items. If this time is sold out, you can only buy it again and wait for the next time. In the previous life, there were often high-level purchasers of Guild stationed here. Whenever something was refreshed, it was when they were rushing to buy something. At that time, it was faster than whose hand, whose eye was quicker, and even whose person was. Good product.

     However, in this life, this small shop is still a good wine and I am afraid that the alley is deep. In such a place, no one knows about it except Ye Ci.

     Hero City is a newly opened map, and most players are still exploring this map. At this stage, players seldom come to such hidden places to visit, and more places they go are lively business districts, as well as various notable buildings, or places with beautiful scenery.

     For Ye Ci, those places obviously no longer appeal to her. She just wants to make a fortune before everyone finds it.Although the small shop in the previous life was surrounded by many big Guilds, there was no chance for casual players like her to grab something from them, but it does not mean that Ye Ci is unfamiliar with this place. You know, she also belongs to the kind of people who often come to pick up the leaks, and sometimes if you are lucky, maybe you can put one or two good consumables on h-n, then it couldn't be better.

     Ye Ci walked into a small alley in circles. In the depths of the alley there was a small shop called David's Grocery Store.

     The m-n side of this small shop is not big, and the m-n board is also very old. The guy sitting at the counter is faint and sleepy with his head propped on his hands. And the objects displayed behind him are all ordinary things. If the person who saw these things at first sight would certainly not have any interest in this shop. After all, this kind of small grocery store can be described as many as the hair of the ox in big cities.

     However, if the player can go in and take a look, they will definitely be dazzled by the things here.

     However, judge sb by appearances has always been a major ill of mankind, and for these small shops, it is no exception at all.Ye Ci entered the shop. The guy was still dozing off. She gently tapped the table top with her hand. The guy opened his dim eyes and looked at Ye Ci. It is estimated that he has fallen asleep and looked at Ye Ci. After Ye Ci for a while, the guy yawned and asked, "What are you doing?"

     "I want to buy something."

     "Oh, if you go out of mn and go straight to the right, you will see a street sign. Follow the street sign to the commercial area. There are more grocery stores than mine." The guy said, yawning again, and he appeared to speak. Very unclear.

     If you meet other players, you might just make m-n like this. Originally, a store that is not even confident about the things in his store, and a store that allows you to find another job with one opening, are you interested in continuing to deal with him? Ye Ci even thought that if he hadn't been born again, even if he was the first to find this shop, he might turn his head and leave when he said so.

     "I want to buy something from you." Ye Ci smiled and shook his head, rejected the man's proposal, and stated his purpose.Ye Ci's words surprised the guy a bit. After he looked at Ye Ci up and down, he muttered, "What a weird person." He stood up and said to Ye Ci, "You will wait. I'll call the boss." He turned and walked into the back of the small shop. After a while, a Dwarf walked out of the back room. He was wearing a pair of thick glasses and his clothes were rather sloppy. On the street, such n must not attract any players' attention. And he is the owner of this store-David.

     "You want to buy something?"

     "Yes it is."

     Dwarf David caught the bald scoop that had become a Mediterranean, and said, "I don't sell ordinary groceries here."

     "I know." Ye Ci smiled. He came just because he knew. If he doesn't know, maybe she won't come.

     "Well, for your persistence, I will let you see the items we sell, but if you don't need it, get out as early as possible. I don't have any spare time to chat with you." David's The temper is obviously not very good, and there is no good tone for Ye Ci, the first customer to go to mn. After speaking, without waiting for Ye Ci to react, he turned his head and said to the guy: "Show her the inventory, I'm very busy, don't bother me if there is nothing serious!"The dude nodded repeatedly, and after watching the boss leave, he opened the item list for Ye Ci.

     The things inside are not cheap. Fortunately, Ye Ci can still afford it. Most of them are rare engineering items, but they are not as delicate as goblin engineering, and more are lethal weapons in general engineering items. For example, deep-water torpedoes, power grids, small time bombs, and so on.

     There are only twenty items of each item. If they are sold out this time, they can only be purchased at this time next week.

     Ye Ci took a look at his money, and then did not hesitate to buy a set of deep-water torpedoes, a set of power grids, a set of medium-sized time bombs, and a set of large time bombs. After purchasing these four sets of things, her money was left in single digits immediately. It seems that she will find Bai Mo for some money soon, and she will have a problem with even the minimum supply.

     Ye Ci bought so many things at once, and the guy was very surprised. He ignored David’s warning and ran into the inner room again, telling the matter to David who was working inside. . Not long after, David ran out again, and after looking up and down Ye Ci with his glasses, he was a lot more polite: "Elf, you know the goods!"Ye Ci nodded, agreeing with David's praise: "It's not me who knows the goods, it's your wine, so I am not afraid of the deep alley."

     Ye Ci's high hat obviously made David very useful. After he laughed a few times, he welcomed Ye Ci to come again next time. This made Ye Ci a little disappointed. She thought that as the first customer, she was such a generous customer. David would at least give her a discount in the future, but she didn't expect this guy to say anything. It seems , Dwarf is the least angry race in Fate, this sentence is not wrong at all.

     Out of David’s grocery store, Ye Ci recruited Ol’ Four and ran wildly around the city to find the flying stone in Hero City. Just open the flying stone and you won’t have to sit on the griffin in the future, but you can send it through the flying stone. If so, the price is twice as expensive as sitting on a griffin. Therefore, the business of the flight administrator will not fade away because the players open the flying stone, maybe it will get better and better.

     Ye Ci went to the vicinity of the flying rock and looked around the cautious and solemn first, and found no players wearing special cloaks. Then he got off the Ol’ Four and walked towards the flying rock.She had just opened the flying stone and was about to rub the city stone back to Red Lake City, when she was gently tapped on her shoulder, and then the voice that made Ye Ci dizzy and heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil, the The soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed passed: "Hey, little childe, we meet again."

     Ye Ci yelled subconsciously, and then immediately jumped away. The reading of Huichengshi was interrupted. He raised his head and stared at the shameless person who greeted her just now: "Fleeting Time, you How come you are in this place!"

     "I am here because of course you will be here, so I am here." Fleeting Time squinted at Ye Ci and smiled.

     "You..." Ye Ci glared at Fleeting Time, suddenly not knowing what to say.

     Unexpectedly, Fleeting Time put on a hood, bent down, and leaned close to Ye Ci's ear and said softly, "Don't look at me like this, it's dangerous."

     He was wearing a hood, and his voice was very soft. For a while, the surrounding players didn't notice what kind of undercurrent happened between the two players who were wearing cloaks.

     "Rogue!" Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth, but her face burned. Originally, she thought she could forget what happened in the Wisteria Garden, but the facts proved that as long as there is this stinky rascal, even if Ye Ci wants to deceive herself, it's nothing. Things that are too easy to do."Rogue?" Fleeting Time wasn't angry at all, but smiled happily. After he snorted for a while, he said, "I don't think I said too much, if the little childe said it because of my words. I'm a rascal, I can't help but guess, the little childe just thought of something..." He said he laughed twice.

     "You're looking for death!" Ye Ci was really angry this time, no matter whether it was flying into a rage out of humiliation or whatever, she was angry anyway. How could there be such a rogue man in the world! Fortunately, she felt that she cooperated well with him when she was in the Western Continent, and her impression of him changed a little. She didn't expect this shameless person to collapse so quickly. It is simply not enough for civilians not to kill! Her voice seemed to have ice in it, so cold that it could freeze the surrounding air, and the dagger in her hand was also angrily unsheathed, but in the blink of an eye, the dagger fell into the chest cavity of Fleeting Time.

     Ye Ci's body has already remembered all the fighting process, even if she doesn't want it in her mind, her body alone is enough to judge where the opponent's vital part is. For example, Ye Ci raised his hand and knife, but in the blink of an eye, the glitter like frost and snow dagger was already straight to Fleeting Time's left chest.

     That is the biggest vital part on the player's body-the heart.

     After being stabbed in the heart, it can basically be equivalent to a spike.However, when the dagger was in the heart of Fleeting Time, he did not dodge, which made Ye Ci a big surprise. According to Ye Ci's influence on Fleeting Time, in the face of such a close danger, he will definitely avoid it, and he must have avoided it, but he did not expect it to be such a result.

     Ye Ci froze for a while before saying: "Why don't you hide?"

     This time I really plunged into the vital part. Fleeting Time looked at the 90 blood volume that disappeared instantly, and the health bar that was constantly decreasing due to bleeding injuries, and smiled slightly, just whispering to Ye Ci's ear: " As long as you want to kill me, I will never fight back."

     "You idiot..." Ye Ci didn't finish her words, only seeing Fleeting Time fall in front of her. The system prompt sounded in due course: "Because you slaughtered innocents in the Hero City non-combat zone, you will be wanted by the Hero City Guards. Please do not make unnecessary resistance!"

     Ye Ci pointed at the corner of his mouth. What?