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Chapter Directory 295 I Also Go To Jail
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

After leaving the cell, the sunshine of Hero City fell on Fleeting Time. He took a deep breath. There was a warm feeling in the sunshine, which made the chill in his extremeities and bones disappear at this moment. Up. He stood in front of the cell and closed his eyes for a while before he calmed down his irritability.

     He looked at the players in the distance, with a faint smile on his lips. Just give up? No, of course not. His Fleeting Time is definitely not the kind of person who will say to give up, he is the kind of person who has to struggle even if there is a chance. This is true of everything, especially emotionally.

     He looked back at the cell, then at the pedestrians in the distance, with a confident smile on his lips, and walked towards the city center.

     When Bai Mo walked out of the cell, there was still Fleeting Time. This somewhat disappointed Bai Mo. In the dungeon, he clearly felt a strong hostility and murderous aura from Fleeting Time. However, he was quickly replaced by a kind of anxious loss. It seems that he was misled by himself. However, Bai Mo even now I don't want to explain when I meet Fleeting Time. Originally, he thought this man was strong enough, confident and domineering enough to take Ye Ci from his own hand, but now it seems like that.Without enough meticulousness, without enough patience, and without enough self-confidence, how can such a man be strong in the game? However, it is absolutely impossible for him to let this kind of man take Ye Ci away.

     Bai Mo exhaled, stretched his waist, smiled lightly, and said to himself: "1.

     Words, it seems that I will stay by my side for a long time. "Liu Dong even took off his cloak when he stood in the city center this time. He looked at the players coming and going, and the players who came and went were also looking at him. Everyone was muttering in their hearts, why is Fleting Time in this place? appear.

     Just as I was crossing the road, when my family was murmured in their hearts, they only heard Fleeting Time shouting: "Who wants me to kill ten thousand gold at a time, this is only one chance."

     The surrounding players stopped one after another, all showing surprise expressions at the words of Fleeting Time, and they didn't know what he meant. There are also courageous players who stepped forward and asked: "Fleeting Time, you said that you will kill 10,000 gold once, is it PK with you?"

     "Whatever you want, you can take it off and let me kill you. You can also die with me. You can die with ten thousand gold." Fleting Time's smile is as dazzling as the sunshine of Hero City.

     "Go to Arena?"

     "Not right here."Here!! This is a downtown area!!!" All the players who came up to ask questions looked at Fleeting Time with wide eyes, completely unable to understand what was thinking in his mind. Didn't he know that Gongzi You was taken away after he killed him just now? Also sentenced to three days in jail, wait! Etc., etc!

     It was Gongzi You who was taken away just now, and now Fleting Time is the player who stopped and whispered in their hearts, is this true? Is it the same as they thought? It seems that there is only one explanation that can explain why Fleeting Time has to do such a brain-dead thing.

     However, Fleeting Time does not give players indulge in flights of fancy any time to guess again. It just said to a few players who came forward to ask questions: "If you want to make ten thousand gold, hurry up. Just this time, I don’t have time. ."

     "I, I, and I!" did not finish the words of Fleeting Time. A Dwarf Warlock had initiated a transaction with Fleeting Time and then took off his clothes. Standing in front of Fleeting Time, he said very passionately: "I can die in Hunter God in my life. Fleeting Time’s hands, it’s really an honor! I didn’t think I could still become Fleeting Time’s opponent"

     Before he finished talking nonsense, he saw this Dwarf Warlock of Eastern Southern Continent roll his eyes and fell to the ground, and then a dialog box floated from his head, quietly saying: "This is too fast, too." , I'm not ready yet, I haven't even seen how you make the move..."In fact, not only did many players in the Dwarf Warlock field fail to see clearly how Fleeting Time shot, his hands and feet really only saw his figure drifting before and after Dwarf Warlock for a few times, and this guy slowly fell like this. Go down...

     When Fleeting Time heard the system prompt that he was about to be arrested, he put away the dagger very satisfied. Then he leaned against the fountain in the center of the square, quietly waiting for the arrival of the guards.

     There was not much time. The guards who guarded the city whizzed in. Fleeting Time raised a hand to the guards who took the lead and said, "I did it..." Take away.

     "It's not that I don't understand, the world is changing fast" sighed a nearby player who had witnessed the entire incident.

     "Fleeting Time spent 10,000 gold at the fountain in the center of the hero city to kill a person and was taken away by the policeman Shuqin." There have been players on the map channel and the world channel that have released this surprising news.

     In court.

     Fleeting Time admitted to all the allegations. The attitude was so good that the judge felt that it was not challenging. It was hard to meet two murderers of guilty of terrible crimes today. How could they have such a good attitude? So that I have nowhere to tremble..."My Honorable Judge, I confess all the crimes. With my frankness, can I fulfill my little wish?" Fleeting Time smiled at the judge before the sentence was pronounced.

     "What's your wish?" The judge touched his little beard.

     "I want to be locked up in a cell with Gongzi You?"

     "Why? Don't you want to escape from prison! Don't you know that the prisons in this Hero City are heavily guarded, and it is absolutely impossible to escape because you want to escape!" The judge immediately stared his eyes, and seemed to dismiss Fleeting. Time's proposal.

     "Of course not, my honorable judge, how dare I go to escape? The reason why I want to be locked in a cell with Gongzi You is because we still have an account that has not been settled." Fleeting Time smiled slightly and squinted. His eyes are like the most beautiful fox.

     The judge looked at Fleeting Time up and down for a long time, and finally agreed to Fleeting Time's request.

     After the sentence was pronounced, Fleeting Time was taken to the cell by guards.At the door of the cell, Fleeting Time met Bai Mo who was just about to leave. He gave Bai Mo a confident smile, but Bai Mo was stunned. I just heard that the system Guangyao Fleeting Time was also arrested and imprisoned for the murder. Bai Mo had not had time to digest the fact that he had seen Fleeting Time walking towards the cell surrounded by many guards. He was spirit trembling with excitement, in high spirits, without a trace of embarrassment at all. Even the smile on his face when he passed by was so proud and gorgeous.

     Bai Mo watched quietly as Nian was escorted into the cell. It took a while before he came back to his senses, and then he couldn't help but laugh. At first he just smiled slightly, then, he couldn't help laughing louder and louder, and finally laughed loudly. It seems that he also sometimes saw people wrong.

     That Fleeting Time, that home


     It really made him admire, and unexpectedly, he would use such a shameless and radical method to give himself the most advantageous counterattack. He had to admire this man. At least in some respects, he couldn't do the same as Fleeting Time.

     It’s just, Fleeting Time, so you want to take my sister away from me? This would be too light of me.Bai Mo touched the big sword behind him, with an unpredictable smile on his lips, turned and walked in the direction of the flying stone. You win this round, Fleeting Time, enjoy your victory. Next time, I don’t know if you can win...

     Ye Ci is waiting for Fleeting Time to be thrown into prison like a ghost!

     Since she heard someone in Guild discuss that Fleeting Time also killed someone, her eyelids have been jumping. She deceived herself to think that Guild's people were lying to her, but she didn't expect..., but she didn't expect...

     But a few minutes later, she actually saw the Fleeting Time that made her a headache in the prison.

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's wide-open eyes, and just by looking at that expression, he felt that he had already got the biggest answer by doing so!

     "You, why did you come in!!" Ye Ci didn't hide the surprise and weirdness in his voice at all, almost screaming.

     "I killed someone in the downtown area." Fleeting Time shrugged his shoulders, speaking in a very ordinary way, as if this incident was nothing extraordinary.

     "You, why did you kill in the downtown area"... Ye Ci pointed to Fleeting Time, with a cynical fierceness: "You don't know that killing someone in a downtown area will lead to jail! You don't know how it feels to be in jail!""Little childe, can I think you are caring about me?" Fleeting Time squinted his eyes, looked at Ye Ci's already a little distorted face, and smiled scornfully.

     Ye Ci's face burned all of a sudden, she angrily retracted her finger pointing at Fleeting Time, and then said: "I just think that you are really upset to see you so many times all day long. I don't want to meet you. I have already hid in the cell, how can you follow here with such a cheeky and the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed!, "Didn't I say? I will come to accompany you soon. "Fleeting Time still smiles very happily. It seems that Ye Ci's anger and unbridled words can't affect his good mood at this moment.

     Ye Ci was speechless for a while, and her face became even hotter. She moved the corners of her mouth, and then sat on the ground or the floor, humming and turning her head: "It's too late to hide from you, who wants you to accompany you!" Suddenly she realized again. To one thing: "There are so many empty cells here, why would you be with me!"

     "It is estimated that it was automatically assigned by the system." Fleeting Time shrugged his shoulders, behaving very innocently, and clearly stated from his expression that this matter has nothing to do with me.

     Ye Ci didn't doubt either, just turned his head away again, and threw his back proudly to Fleting Time."Fleeting Time!!! Do you want to die!!! Do you want to die!!! Say it as soon as possible!! Open your private chat to me!!!" Absalom furiously in Guild Shouted.

     Fleeting Time sighed, and as expected, the consequences of his own move immediately appeared. He opened the private chat and took in one of the consequences of Absalom's secret words: "What are you doing?"

     "Why! You are ashamed to ask me why!!! Are you trying to die?! If you want to die, tell me quickly, I'm not afraid to send you to the west right away, you guy! You this! Bitch!!!" Absalom was almost depressed by the world news just now! Today, he is preparing to organize a union to push Dungeon. This kind of pioneering starting lineup definitely has a place in Fleeting Time. However, he did not expect that this guy would kill someone in the downtown area and would be locked up for three days at once. Didn't it make Absalom crazy?

     "If you're not talking about things, I'll just talk about it in private if you fart." Fleeting Time didn't fear Absalom's anger at all, and continued to twist the tiger's beard lightly.

     "You, you, dare you to shut me down, me, me, me" Absalom frustrated, without a word, and said directly: "I'm looking for a white fairy tale to clean up you!"Fleeting Time's eyes narrowed slightly, and a trace of murderous intent flashed in his eyes: "Fang Congshu, it seems that you are tired of living." Fleeting Time rarely calls its own name by name and surname, and it has never been in the game. Having never called his real name, the sudden call made Absalom tremble unconsciously.

     It seems that there are certain things that can never be offended, and he feels very innocent. The white fairy tale is one of the characters that Fleeting Time is least willing to mention. Whenever she is mentioned in front of him, he is either unresponsive or extremely disgusted. It seems that he is really unlucky today.

     Absalom blinked and sighed: "Well, I was wrong, I shouldn't mention her..." "If you have something to say, turn off the voice when you have nothing to say. I just hear your voice. Worry." Fleeting Time was in a good mood because Absalom mentioned a person who shouldn't be mentioned, which made his mood sink.

     "Don't don't, Fleeting Time, you're locked in a cell, what do you want us to do if we open up wasteland tonight!!"

     "There are so many elites in Genesis, I will die if one is missing!!" Fleeting Time didn't care about Absalom's pitiful pretence.

     "But, I'm afraid. Not enough!!" Absalom really had his own worries."The time to test you has come, guild leader." Fleeting Time sneered a few times, then immediately hung up the conversation with Absalom, and closed the private chat again by the way.

     Absalom listened to the other party's beeping, cheeks streaming with tears. He watched the shallow singing and whispered: "Shallow singing, do I owe my previous life to the Fleting Time..." "I guess your previous life is a guilty man , And then took him ten times and eight times, and then in this life he was born to ruin you." Singing and humming made it clear that this matter has nothing to do with me, and I spit Absalom heartily: "Pigs know how little they are. Fleeting Time presupposes a white fairy tale, especially in that situation, you are inferior to a pig. Your existence is to lower the lower limit of our Guild IQ."

     "That kind of situation?"

     "Why do you think Fleeting Time is killing the nose prison?" Qian sang whispered and rolled his eyes, not wanting to talk to Absalom.